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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a seriously vintage baseball card could fetch as much as $50,000 at auction. it dates back to 1860. it features the brooklyn atlantics team. a burglary suspect runs through a cow pasture and a bull chases him. he hit a barbed wire fence and gave up. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" begins now. news happening right now. director of fbi reveals dozens of americans have fallen off the radar after communicating with isis. we're here to bring you the real story on that and much more. in the quarterly round table discussion with reporters and our own catherine herridge james comey, who you see right there, says the americans in question used encrypted communications to throw investigators off their trail. some were identified but other means and taken into custody before the fourth of july but comey also says that the u.s. thwarted plots by more than ten isis inspired people who were
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focused on fourth of july attacks. again, the headline here is that a lot of them we don't know where they are right now because they were able to get away using encrypted data. so what happens next? keep it right here on fox. meantime another alert to tell you about. there is a new warning on the greatest threat to our national security. top military officials say despite the terror fight in the middle east one area outside the region showing behavior he says is the most disturbing. >> what would you consider greatest threat to our national security? >> my assessment today, senator, is that russia presents the greatest threat to our national security. >> the warning comes as russian president vladimir putin meets with his counter parts to discuss strengthening negotiations between those nations. surprising remarks from the presumed next chair of the joint
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chiefs. with what else do he say about the greatest dangers he believes r facing the united states? >> it's interesting that he did not say that isis poses the greatest extension threat to the u.s. homeland right now. he ranked it number one, russia number two, china, number three, north korea, number four, isis. [ gunfire ] >> in russia we have a nuclear power, one that not only has the capability to violate the sovereignty of our allyies and do things inconsistent with our national interests but they're in the process of doing so. if you want to talk about a nation that could pose an extension threat to the united states i would have to point to russia. if you look at their behavior it's nothing short of alarming. >> the russian army is estimated to have around 285,000 troops. russia also has 2 million reserve troops. the russian president is meeting
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his chinese and indian counter parts and the president. >> so all of this comes on a day that the united states is announcing cuts to the armed forces. >> we've just got new details about which army bases will be hit the hardest, gretchen. these new cuts will take the army to the smallest size since 9 9/11. right now there are a little more than 490,000 soldiers in the u.s. army a decrease of 13% in the past five years alone. the army announced today it is cutting 40,000 more troops not just active duty service but 17,000 army civilians will also effectively be fired. the army's number two officer was asked this morning why they are making these cuts now. >> these aren't cuts the army wants to make. these are the cuts required by the budget environment in which we operate.
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>> brigade combat teams at fort benning, georgia, and in alaska will shrink. 365 troops will be reduced at fort carson in colorado among others, gretchen. >> jennifer griffin reporting live. thank you. a new day in south carolina. the move coming three weeks after nine people were gunned down at a historic african-american church. john is live there. they debated the bill until 1:00 a.m. in the morning. why did it take so long? >> yeah. it was a very long night. they debated well into the morning. it took so long because some law makers had presented dozens of proposed amendments. some of them were trying to ensure that if and when the confederate flag came down something was done in its place to honor those south carolinians who fought in the civil war. then a tearful speech from
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another law maker seemed to turn the tide. listen. >> i am a descendant of jefferson davis, okay but that does not matter. it's not about jenny horne! it's about the people of south carolina who have demanded that this symbol of hate come off of the state house grounds. >> republican jenny horne says any amendment to the senate bill could have dragged the process on for weeks. she says that would have disrespected the families of nine people killed during last month's shooting at an historic african-american church in charleston where the alleged gun man who posed with photos of the confederate banner. >> i didn't rehearse or write prepared remarks. i just felt like the debate was getting away from the issue at hand and why we were there in the first place, and that's because of the charleston tragedy.
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>> so governor nikki haley is skej scheduled to sign the bill this afternoon. at 10:00 tomorrow morning a ceremony has been scheduled to remove the flag. >> thank you. jeb bush sparking a twitter debate telling a new hampshire newspaper this week people should work longer hours. former secretary of state hillary clinton responding by tweeting anyone who believes americans aren't working hard enough hasn't met enough american workers. also posting this graph from left-leaning economic policy institute showing hours worked rising over the years as wages remain stagnant. in response the former florida governor tweeting again, anyone who discounts 6.5 million people stuck in part-time work and seeking full-time jobs hasn't listened to working americans, @hillary clinton. mike gallagher is a fox news contributor. bernard whitman. former polster and ceo of
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whitman insight strategies. jeb bush is saying mike that he has misinterpreted the first time around. he says he was always talking about part-time workers need to find jobs in which they can find longer hours. >> i love the criticisms of the campaign trail as if jeb bush would purposely say people don't work hard enough. they need to work 30 hours a day. come on! it was in the context of saying we need greater worker productivity. what would dispute that? frankly, for mrs. clinton to take jeb bush to task i guess she is used to giving a speech or half an hour and making $250,000. doesn't take a lot of hours to do that. of all people -- >> isn't it right to pounce on the words? he was caught up in words when he was trying to explain his iraqi position as well. when you're running for president, words count, right? >> they do matter. i think hillary clinton was absolutely right to point out what jeb bush said. here are the facts.
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americans have never worked longer hours, number one. number two, corporate profits, all-time high. three, productivity at an all-time high. at the same time where wages have been stagnating for years. in fact the part-time workers that jeb bush was allegedly talking about, their wage growth has been flat for a decade. >> do you agree with what he was actually trying to say, that we need to find more work for part-time workers? >> i support that. the bigger issue is the fact that wages have not gone up commensurate with profits of corporations. people should be able to get decent pay for their work. >> that's beside the divide. this is the attack on the 1%, that we demand $15 an hour theme. they like the phony outrage about the workplace. gretchen it's logical to say if you are a part-time worker and you want a full-time opportunity, shouldn't it await you? that's what he was saying.
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>> donald trump confirming on twitter that he had a phone call with rnc chair and that he was told he hit a nerve with his immigration comments. but denying reports that the rnc chief told him to tone down his rhetoric. syndicated columnist charles heimer says this is playing into trump's favor. >> if you don't ignore him, you end up in what he wants, a conversation about him. complete waste of time. >> what do you say? >> the worst thing somebody doesn't like donald trump could do is criticize him. i don't know why these guys don't shrug him off. the candidates will have to learn how to deal with him. he's going to be on the debate stage. if they attack him, boy, you want to roll around in the mud with him? you're going to get dirty. he knows how to play tough. >> there is no doubt donald trump is a side show but he is a side show that the republicans have to be concerned about. why? he is leading or at the top of many of the polls.
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he is absolutely going to be on the debate stage. his comments about immigrants are so out of touch with basic fairness and equality and dignity that americans hold dear a, and, b, the vast majority of hard-working americans support a road map to citizenship, which most of the republicans don't. they've got a huge problem on their hands. >> i have to wrap it there, guys. thanks. tame for my take. like him or not, agree with him or not, donald trump adds spice to the 2016 presidential campaign. don't you want to see what he might just say on the debate stage? i know i do. call it good entertainment or call it whatever the last people who should be telling him to simmer down on his messaging are those who haven't yet figured out how to message. case number one. the republican party. fact. barack obama and his team outmessaged the gop in almost every way in 2008. in 2012 when the economy was down and obamacare was in no way popular, president obama pulled off another victory because his
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messaging worked. using simple buzz words like "pay your fair share," "fat cats on wall street," "hope and change." the gop needs to do serious soul-searching on messaging and fast before 2016. i don't think anyone should tell anyone they're not welcome just yet. how does the rnc know who is going to resonate with the american people when in my mind they haven't even figured out how to message yet. some good news. family waits to be reunited after three missing sisters found alive today. >> i'm just overwhelmed to think for what everybody is doing to support us. >> i hope that we can just have a really good ending to this very soon. i just really appreciate it. >> friend of the family joins us live with the details. a restaurant supervisor caught on camera pummelling a
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if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. fox news alert now because a big sigh of relief for the family of three sisters from the midwest missing since sunday after a three-day hike in wyoming. the sisters have been found now a search official says. cold and hungry but healthy. we're awaiting details. joining us from milwaukee the united methodist church of white fish bay who knows the sisters including the oldest who worked on her staff. great to be with you, pastor thanks for your time. >> it's great to be here especially with such wonderful news. >> when we were talking this morning, it was a totally different picture.
11:16 am
the three girls had been missing, and of course everyone was fearing the worst as people continued to search for them. word came in just a few hours ago that they had been found. how did you hear? >> well i actually was doing a news interview when my assistant came into our chapel and she was waving her arms and had this huge smile on her face and said they were found. and it was an incredible relief and i know that there is lots of joy and thanksgiving from so many people in our congregation and the community. >> right. just last night you were having a vigil for them. 100 people showed up. now we're getting a response from the authorities out west. they're saying that the hikers were cold wet and hungry but otherwise healthy and they're crediting the fact that they had their tent with them. they had the proper clothing and each other. pastor, they were apparently found seven miles from where their suv was found a couple of
11:17 am
days ago. is that what you're hearing? >> yes. i've been hearing the same thing. and it doesn't surprise me that they were together and had the right clothing and were together in the tent. they are three incredibly smart and grounded young women who have good heads on their shoulders. >> meghan erin and kelsey they were doing some sort of a mission trip out west. but they were planning to go to switzerland and another country as well. i know that meghan had recently worked for you at the church right? what did she do? >> yes. meghan was our director of equipping ministry. and her primary responsibilities were identifying the spiritual gifts of people in the congregation and people who visited our congregation and then help connect them in the right service in the church and in the community using those gifts. >> i know that they have been reunited now with their father
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who apparently was on site out west there. some fantastic news to report on fox today that these three sisters, meghan erin and kelsey have been found safe. a lot of people will say that your prayers made a difference pastor. >> and i believe that they made a difference. the family are deeply religious people who believe in the power of prayer. people in our congregation believe in the power of prayer as i do and i believe our prayers made a difference. >> pastor susan patterson-sumwald. thank you for your time. glad to report the good news. >> you're welcome, thank you. at least one person has died dozens injured after a tornado swept through an area near venice italy of all places. cell phone video shows the twister carrying off the tops of trees and sending debris flying. one family driving in a storm could see the tornado approaching, whipping tiles off roofs and damaging a gas station. officials say the tornado had
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wind speeds up to 165 miles on hour. hillary clinton under fire for claiming she has never been subpoenaed for emails in the state department email investigation. regression trey doughty says he has evidence to the contrary. a top military official says russia is the greatest threat to u.s. security. russia. not isis. our question of the day is what do you think is the greatest threat to our security? tweet me or go to my facebook page and we'll try to read your comments coming up at the end of the show. greatest threat to the united states. that guy said isis was number four russia was number one. what do you think? listen up team i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active. come on pear
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welcome back to "the real story." all caught on camera. watch this fight. it breaks out at a restaurant here in new york city between a male manager and a female employee. not just a little slapping. you can see him hit the woman at least twice before witnesses break things up. it happened at a panera restaurant in manhattan yesterday. the customer who shot the video says the manager also threw the employee down a flight of stairs and right out the front door. panera says both of them no longer work there. an investigation is under way. politics. new controversy in the hillary clinton email scandal. it comes after her recent national tv interview where she tried to defend deleting thousands of emails saying secretary of states of state had done the same thing. when asked if other secretaries of state had been subpoenaed
11:24 am
here is what she said. >> you're starting with assumptions. i've never had a subpoena. let's take a deep breath here. >> not so says tray doughty. the house chair on benghazi. >> she had a failure of recollection saying she wasn't subpoenaed. she was subpoenaed in march. she was put on notice years ago that congress would investigate what happened in benghazi. >> he released the march 4th subpoena about her work-related emails. you can see it on your screen. her is her own attorney responding to that subpoena some three weeks later. joining me now guy benson fox news contributor and contributor at >> how does she get away with saying she hasn't been subpoenaed for her emails? >> i've never been subpoenaed. tray doughty says here is the subpoena.
11:25 am
oh, that subpoena. oops! it's so interesting and fitting, gretchen that this mistake and controversy arose from an interview in which she also said -- really just asserted -- that the american people should and do trust her. so when she was pressed on the clinton foundation questions on tens of millions of dollars in unvetted and non-disclosed foreign donations, she declined to comment. on her emails she uncorked a litany of verifiably false statements including this one pertaining to the subpoenas. >> so here are the pinocchios that she got on that interview. three of them. while she claims everything i did was permitted she appears to not have complied with her requirement to turn over business related emails before leaving government service. that's a major misstep that she has not acknowledged. we wavered between two and three pinocchios. clinton's excessive spin finally tipped us toward three. so you know even the newspaper
11:26 am
that does the pinocchios saying yeah we had to give her three. >> not only did she not live up to the requirements when it comes to keeping particular records and archiving records, she went out and said i have gone above and beyond what was required of me which is just absolutely laughably false. so i guess that tipped the "washington post" to three pinocchios. she also said i only used one mobile device cell phone, which is why i concocted the whole email server in the first place. we know that isn't true. maybe most importantly, gretchen she keeps saying i have released all of the emails related to my work and we know now that there were more than 30,000 emails that were unilaterally deleted by her team without any supervision or oversight and there is now clear evidence that at least 15 of the emails that were withheld and destroyed pertain to her private -- not private -- public work her business. >> right. >> and that's what she says never happened. we have proved that that's not
11:27 am
true. she just keeps on saying it. >> i want to remind our viewers that in 2011 she sent this cable. it was the secretary of state clinton cable. it said avoid conducting official department business from your personal email accounts. she sent that out to her staff. >> that's right. so not only did she do that. she set up an entire separate server an entire separate private server to conduct all her business. we've heard from it and national security experts who have gone through and said it is absolutely basically a fact that foreign governments and intelligence agencies were able to penetrate those emails because it was an under-secured server. every rule in the book she broke and she is pretending she went above and beyond. not true. >> very interesting. all coming from just one sit-down previous. guy benson great to see you. see you next week. the family and friends of kathryn steinle gathering together to put her to rest now,
11:28 am
remembering the life of a woman that they loved. as we take a close look at just how her accused killer was able to slip into the country again and again. wall street. humming right now. after yesterday's bizarre shutdown. what really caused the outrage and the outage? just why you should be concerned.
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bottom of the hour. some headlines for you today.
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iraqi fighters gaining ground on isis. advancing in positions north of bagdad that the terrorists seized last summer. southwest airlines flight aborted takeoff. midway international airport in chicago because of mechanical issues. airlines says emergency crews met the boston-bound plane but no one was injured. no serious injuries of today's run of the bulls in spain. five runners treated for bruises. four people were gored in the first run of the festival earlier in the week. it's been business as usual on wall street after yesterday's technical glitch. trading coming to a halt for nearly four hours. many wondering if the problem was a cyber attack. but new york stock exchange officials saying the problem was internal and, quote, a configuration error in the system. fox business network's adam shapiro joins us live from the new york stock exchange. what's a configuration error? >> we were joking about that. it is something to do with kim
11:33 am
kardashian. what they're saying is is that the software had a code problem and wasn't allowing the gateway to talk to -- you see that right over there? you go through the gateway so you can talk to the specialist who represents the stock you want to buy. they couldn't talk to each other. that was the problem. an update to the software failed. the press release makes no sense. they say they'd loaded the correct erringsversion of the software but the opening to the gateway added the communication problems. bottom line they have it fixed. we're trading right now. no running of the bulls. up 29 points but we're pulling back. blame china. we can talk about that another day. >> yeah. the chinese economy not doing so well right now. down huge percentages. okay. adam thank you so much. officials saying yesterday's glitch was not due to malicious activity.
11:34 am
still, the trading halt bringing up concerns about cyber safety and how we actually can track hackers. technology experts saying recent breakdowns should be seens a wake-up call for companies to protect networks better. government officials admitting they have limitations. >> people watch tv and think the bureau can do lots of things. we cannot break strong encryption. if i get a court order under the fourth amendment to intercept the communication traveling over the wires i will get gobbledygook. the needle will remain dark to me. that's a big problem for us. >> more on this morgan wright. what really happened yesterday, morgan? >> gretchen i don't want to believe in conspiracy theories but look the way i explained it when one plane goes down it's a tragedy. when two planes go down it's a disaster. when three go down it's a conspiracy. weed three major events happen yesterday. four if you count china and five
11:35 am
if you count the anonymous tweet the day before. what happened yesterday, they're saying it was an outage. people have crossed the threshold to where they don't believe what you tell us. you need to prove it to us. we might think with the plane it's terrorism. with the networks we're thinking he it's a data breach a hacker. it's not the same as it was two years ago. >> when the government tells us one answer people shouldn't sit back and say, oh yeah that's what it is on many topics by the way. let's talk about the outdated software that many of these companies are facing. united airlines for example. >> right. >> i have read a bunch of stuff in the last 24 hours that they may be working with systems 10, 20 30 years old and it's not just united right? this is a crisis for american companies. >> throughout the -- actually throughout the industry. the critical infrastructure gretchen when the y2k bug was coming around i was in the
11:36 am
information security business. when we saw what the companies were using. languages i haven't heard since college. cobalt fortran. when that happens and it's out of date you can't apply the latest security measures and soft wawares softwares. opm's were so out of date they couldn't protect our files if they wanted to. this was a huge vulnerability. we'll have to pay a penalty for this in time. the chickens will come home to roost at some point. it won't be pretty when it does. >> to me there are two issues the outdatedness of the software and then the possibility of being able to hack into that. >> right. >> i want to read two quotes from two top senators when all this was going down yesterday. senator barbara mccullsky. i don't believe in coincidences. is the fbi investigating these as breaches? senator dianne feinstein,
11:37 am
democrat california homeland intelligence committee. she also said that she did not buy it that it was not a coincidence. what do you say to those two ladies? >> i add the third piece of that one, director comey said to that we don't love coincidences either. gretchen let me put it in perspective. it it was simply a glitch, why did it warrant the response of the white house, josh earnest and the president to say it's just a glitch. maybe it is a glitch. when i hear the director and senators talk about stuff like this you have to put stock behind it saying is it glitch or is it a dry run? if we're that close to being on the edge all a determined adversary has to do is give an extra nudge on the hardware or software and all these things will come crashing down at the time of their choosing. >> maybe we have been talking today with the greatest threats
11:38 am
to the united states. maybe we should be considering cyber security on the list as well. morgan. >> it's there. >> thank you so much. >> you bet, gretchen. family and friends of the california woman allegedly gunned down by an illegal immigrant on a san francisco pier preparing for her funeral today. kate steinle will be laid to rest 6:00 p.m. eastern time. the alleged killer juan sanchez, pleading not guilty, even though he said he did it to murder on tuesday. his criminal history in the u.s. dates back 24 years when he was sentenced to a month in prison for inhaling vapors in arizona. check out this time line. i want you to fast-forward to december of 1995. he was arrested for buying $20 worth of pot in san francisco. seven months later, sanchez was convicted of heroin possession for a fourth time in washington state, sentenced to a year in jail. 1997 to 2009 he served a total of nine years in prison and was deported four times for making repeated trips back into u.s.
11:39 am
sanchez resurfaced in texas in september 2009 claiming to be of course a u.s. citizen and got another four years in the slammer. this past march he was released to the san francisco sheriff's department on a 1995 drug charge. a day later i.c.e. put a 48-hour detainer on him before the city's d.a. decides to release him three weeks later because it was an old case and a so-called minor offense. on july 1st kate steinle was gunned down. sanchez saying in a television interview he was high on sleeping pills and pot. espn coming to its own defense on a football insider's report on records. showing a lineman deciding to get his finger amputated. espn saying health privacy laws do not apply to news organizations. jason pierre-paul hasn't met
11:40 am
with his team. it's not clear how long it's going to take him to recover, if he can. tampa bay bucs quarterback c.j. wilson lost two fingers lost weekend. ronnie lott had half his left pinky amputated after a game in 1996. rashad johnson lost the top of his middle finger in a game in september, 2013. who knew all these fingers were being lost in professional sports in football. checking in with shepherd smith. i hear you're upset with jpp. >> what giant fan is not upset? the unit was 27th in the league last year. without him, what are we? playing with fireworks. good grief. what else? >> i think that's it. that's plenty. no. it's not just critics and congress getting fired up over a potential nuclear deal with iran. some people in iran seem just as skeptical about making deals with the united states. which is understandable given the history. we'll tell you about their battle cry that's trending now
11:41 am
on twitter. that's as the clock ticks down to tonight's critical deadline one that could make it tougher to get congress on board. we'll explain why this iran nuclear deadline is so important even after missing the first two. as for the chances for a deal check out this reporter's question and secretary of state john kerry's answer or lack of answer. >> less than 50-50 that you get a deal. >> thank you all very much. appreciate it. thanks. >> we'll get into negotiations and how president obama's critics in congress are responding. top of the hour on shepherd smith reporting. see you then. are americans throwing in the towels? my friend at fox seems to think the answer is yep. what he says a successful presidential candidate must do to win voters and get america back on track. a bank executive forced to steal from his own branch in what police are calling a family kidnapping turned bank robbery.
11:42 am
the brazen suspects, still on the loose. >> crying really bad, shaking. i told her like -- we tried to open the door. she didn't know how to open the door. >> she is extremely brave. i don't know what i would do in that situation. i don't want to think about it. we will ray have tohave to give them a lot of support. [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick.
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it's what you do. ahhhhhhhh! what'd you say? uh-oh! kelly! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. rick. don't walk away from me. ahhhhhhhh!
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... ... ...
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on regularly on mondays. this is your first time as my friend. >> i know. i know. >> you have to have like a beat. something that has you fired up. >> nothing has me more fired up than so many people throwing in the towel on the american dream, gretchen. it is amazing. i have friends who like are rabbits -- far right, far left. i know people who are very very rich and very very poor. what do they all have in common? they've thrown in they do not believe in the american dream. >> why? >> they all have their own various reasons. and this is what bothers me is that there are so many different excuses or reasons for not
11:47 am
believing we can be great again. whether you believe capitalism is unfair whether you believe that too many people are too lazy. whatever it is. whatever point you are. the fact is what they all have in common they don't think we can turn it around. that's what bothers me. listen i know we're on the wrong path. we're not greasy yet. we're still $17.5 trillion economy. the heart beat of the world. we're innovative. certain things are in our dna. it's fading but it's still there to remain on top and rekindle what we're starting to fade away. >> i'm totally 100% with you. and i looked a the recent polls, though about the american dream. for the first time ever in the last ten years or so fewer people believe in it than they did before. so you're on to something here. what can we do to make people feel better about it? i think for maybe you and me it's innate within me. i'm like i'm not giving up on that! i'm going to keep trying! how do we get other people to feel that way? >> if we look at it from our government for instance
11:48 am
because i think a lot of it emanates from confusion, lack of leadership. it doesn't matter which party you believe it. we need something to spark us and say, a champion of america, a champion that we are the best and can continue to be the best so let's move government out of the way. move out the regulations. the onerous penalties for starting businesses the high taxes. let people keep more of the money that they earn. this way they may go out and buy a house or go out and start a business. by the way, it applies to businesses as well. we've got $2 trillion sitting offshore. $2 trillion. no other nation charges companies to bring money back home. can you imagine how dumb is that? you have $2 trillion but can't bring it back unless we shake you down. >> we've been talking about this for years. it never changes. >> never changes. also we can't pay people not to work. a couple days ago chicago issued this program, they're going to let people have a bike for five bucks if they're low income. you can't keep giving everything
11:49 am
away out of the so-called notion of compassion. there is an inflection point where it's not compassion. you enter into the point where people don't have incentive to change their lives. >> you're proof of the american dream, my friend. >> so are you. blonde or brunette. >> you've worked incredibly hard. >> when you come on as my friend at fox you have to give us a prize. #tellmemore. what's one thing you don't know about you. >> i have three grandkids. >> what? already? >> that's the newest one right there. samantha colette. my wife is a heart recipient and they named her after the donor. she is about ten days old. so she is the newest addition to the family. >> you're a grandpa? what do they call you? >> they're all 2 or under so they're mumbling at me right now and pointing. >> i just didn't know if it had set in yet that you're actually a grandpa.
11:50 am
>> i hope they don't call me things that my kids call me. >> me too on that one. charms charles, great to see you. >> happy to be your friend. >> we'll watch you tonight. >> thanks a lot. bank forced to rob his own bank. the thief may be tied to another robbery. the plot thickens.
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whoa what are you doing? putting on a movie. i'm trying to watch the game here. look i need this right now ok? come on i don't want to watch that. too bad this is happening. fine, what if i just put up the x1 sports app right here. ah jeez it's so close. he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ bizarre story. a los angeles man recovering after a semi truck hit a fire hydrant. water power from the hide transplant so strong it took down the roof of a nearby business trapping the machine mad. firefighters using a chain saw to cut a door to free him. he is listed in stable condition. two suspects now on the loose after a bold kind of a robbery.
11:54 am
tennessee police say the gunman kid indianed a bank executive and his family, including an infant, from their home. trace gallagher is live. >> reporter: the suspects were carrying two hand gucks and a rifle when they broke into the family's home near knocks veil. putting hoods over the house wife and baby's head and then forced them into the car. they then drove the car to bank where the husband works and told him to rob in the bank while they held the family at gunpoint. so the house went into the bank and got the money. police tent tell us how. when he came back to the car and gave the suspects the cash they told him to stay in the parking lot and then took off with his wife and child the suspects drove to a nearby intersection and left the mom and her baby with their hoods still on. a witness picks it up from there. >> crying really bad and shaking. we tried to open the door. she didn't know how to open the door. i had to reach inside the car
11:55 am
and open the door. >> he popped the door. the mom then ran to a nearby business to call 9-1-1. none of the family was hurt and don't believe they had any ties to the suspect who are still on the run. investigators do believe this case is connected to another abduction that happened about 25 miles away where three suspects held the ceo of a federal credit union and his family hostage while they attempted to extort money from the credit union. the plot failed and didn't get cash but have not been caught. cops warning bank employees in eastern tennessee to be on the alert. >> that family is so lucky. actor tom celek thief? what his accusers say he stole. why some say the alleged crime is particularly outrageous. the man who may be our incoming joint chiefs chair says
11:56 am
russia is the greatest threat facing our country greater than isis? a state department spokesman speak, not sure about that. what you said is our greatest threat. i'll read your comments next. >> russia certainly represents significant security challenges to not just u.s. national interests about the national interests of our allies and partners in europe. steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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aha! cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! you can say actor tom selleck is in hot water. he is accused of stealing truckloads of water from a public hydrant for his ranch where he froze avocados. this at california undergoes a drought. >> this general says russia is the biggest threat to the u.s. and isis is number four. what do you think? janet agrees saying russia is behind a lot of problems, supplying other countries and
12:00 pm
terrorists with weapons. dick says the current threat is the current political climate that is tearing us apart from within and that's the only way to take down a great country. lynn says the threat is cyber security. something we have been talking about. shotout to matt and chris in maine. great radio interview about my book. thank you for being part of "the real story." >> waiting for word on an iranian nuclear deal. john kerry pretty much just told the world to chill. >> we will not rush and we will not be rushed. >> no rushing. got it. but what about tonight's deadline? also how twizzlers and rice krispy treats my be playing a partner nuclear talks. >> the confederate flag finally coming down in south carolina after an extraordinary and emotional debate. today you'll hear from the republican lawmaker, a descendent of jefferson davis who is


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