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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 9, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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terrorists with weapons. dick says the current threat is the current political climate that is tearing us apart from within and that's the only way to take down a great country. lynn says the threat is cyber security. something we have been talking about. shotout to matt and chris in maine. great radio interview about my book. thank you for being part of "the real story." >> waiting for word on an iranian nuclear deal. john kerry pretty much just told the world to chill. >> we will not rush and we will not be rushed. >> no rushing. got it. but what about tonight's deadline? also how twizzlers and rice krispy treats my be playing a partner nuclear talks. >> the confederate flag finally coming down in south carolina after an extraordinary and emotional debate. today you'll hear from the republican lawmaker, a descendent of jefferson davis who is now getting lots of
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credit for helping her colleagues make up their minds. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful. >> they found a heart. and part of it came from her. we'll hear the important parts of that and the governor now set to make it official in less than an hour. except now the controversial has spread to washington. >> previous question -- >> mr. speaker mr. speaker. >> how about that? it's a new fight over the flag in washington. and why john boehner says nancy pelosi is trying to pull a cheap political stunt. let's get to it. >> it's thursday already and first from the fox news deck. a critical deadline for an iran deal is just hours away. what's the her? that's the message for the
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secretary of state john kerry taking the edge of expectations a deal could be done soon. negotiations focus on limiting iran's nuclear production. in exchange for lifting economic punishments on the country. secretary kerry says there are still big issues to iron out but secretary kerry also seemed to be warning that iran is testing his team's patience. >> we are not going to sit at the negotiating table forever. we also recognize that we shouldn't get up and leave simply because the clock strikes midnight. >> if midnight does come and go without a deal, the analysts say it makes things a lot tougher for the obama administration. the reason? missing tonight's critical third deadline would double the amount of time congress gets to review the deal. potentially giving republican critics, for example time to build up opposition. but it's not just the white house pushing for the deal. it's a team of diplomats from the united states, great britain, germany france, china
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and russia all working around the clock. now we're learning what has been fueling them during those late nights. here's more on that over here at bat 4. they're not paying attention to first lady's guide of what guess to eat and what is not. >> instead of relying on coffee or energy drink the u.s. representatives have been eating snacks a lot of snacks. 15 members of the u.s. delegation. we're told since june they've eaten 20-pounds of string cheese -- >> string cheese. they love string cheese. >> everybody love string cheese. and ten points of strawberry advertisers. this is a one-point family bag so ten of those dish they've eaten more than 200 rice crispie treats. >> how many of them?
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>> 15. >> that's sounds very david. >> a lot. >> it's a great diet. >> that and the college donor. meantime in d.c., lawmakers today held hearings on a potential for a deal with iran, republican critics suggest that no agreement will go far enough. it's not enough. iran cannot be trusted. >> the obama administration has discounted the fundamental nature of the regime in iran. death to america isn't domestic spin in iran. it's the regime's rallying cry. >> if we just wore it, then. for his part, president obama has promised to reject any agreement if he doesn't think it's a good deal. we have live team fox coverage. we have lea gabrielle but first mike emanuel. rowdy up through today on capitol hill.
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>> e some democrats expressing concern that a deal with iran could end up boosting their economy by lifting sanctions without guaranteeing that inspectors would have full access to do their job. today some outside party ands toll us there are reasons to be worried. >> even if all the issues are in dispute are resolved on favor able terms to the united states, this is stale bad deal. >> the condense of deal will not be maximum but greater tension and riecks of war that could draw in the united states. >> in see en newscast. secretary of state john kerry insist the talks are making real progress. he says negotiators won't rush because the work is incredibly technical and the stakes are high. key republicans are calling on the secretary of state the president, and negotiators to stand strong. meanwhile, nancy pelosi says she is confident if the president brings a deal to congress it witness be sustained by lawmake ares. at the white house josh earnest
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says patience is wearing thins and the talks could go either way. >> either iran will live up to the political commitments that were width in switzerland in april and sign an agreement that reflects they parameters of that commitment that would prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon or they won't. >> if talk goes beyond today which sounds likely, that would give lawmakers a full 60 days to review any deal and then vote on lifting sanctions against the regime. >> all right. iran for its part is accusing western media outlets of psychological warfare. that's according to iran's state-run news agency. i reports one iranian official claims the nuclear talks have created a quote hot market for rumors and that 90% of western reports on the negotiations are false. things that don't surprise me. lea gabrielle has more.
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>> in fact iran says there are only two to three small issues that are left to be worked out at this point and today iran's foreign minister tweeted saying quote we're working hard but not rushed to get the job done. mark my words you can't change horses in the middle of a stream, whatever that means help made news in iran this week when the european union foreign policy chief warned that she might leave the talks. he said, quote never threaten an iranian. that phrase now a battle cry for his supporters, tweeting it as a hash tag. iran's are president met with vladimir putin. he did say the talks have entered their final stages and quote, western powers have accepted its impossible to stop iraq's scientific progress, and in fact while iran denies the program is for military purposes and says its religious obligations have distanced iran from developing a nuclear
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weapon iran pointed out 20,000 centrifuges. >> thank you very much. let's bring in pj crowley and live with us from the d.c. bureau. gate to see you again. >> hello. >> feels like all the talking heads or talking about something we don't know anything about again and all of this has come down on partisan lines and both sides in the negotiation are speaking for the home crowd. is there more to it than that? >> i think there are considerable politics on both sides of this. you're talking about 35 years of distrust. and that has a political constituency in the united states and in tehran. so at this stage it could go either way. you could see an agreement in the next 24 hours. i don't know that you'll see a collapse of the process since so much has happened, so much work has been done, but you could
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easily see a capturing of the progress made, a suspension and come back to it six months or a year from now and see if the circumstances have improved. >> critics will say that gives them more time to delay. all their about is delay anyway so they have time to get closer to their goal. >> well, my personal view is that iran knows how to build a nuclear weapon but has not chosen to do that. part of what this is about is to try to keep iran on one side of the line, and not give it's reason to cross over and become a nuclear power with a nuclear weapon much like north korea. they would view as a regime survival weaponon. i think that's the basis behind obama strategy to try to engage iran constructively and overa window of ten or 15 years see if you can change the direction -- not necessarily the character but at least the direction of iran and turn it into a more constructive actor. there's a lot of aspirations in
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that policy, but i think it's a rome one. >> what you have said makes a lot of sense i've heard it before but never officially from anybody. if they know how to do this, they haven't done is, because that's their last chit to play and that makes them relevant. >> i don't know if i agree with that. iran will be a factor in the middle east. it has a view of its own history and its own place in the middle east and it has become much more assertive in the middle east despite all of the sanctions and political isolation. the real question is, can you do with iran what the united states has done successfully over decades with the likes of china or soviet union or russia, engage in construct -- find common ground where it exists, fighting the islamic state is one and -- what the
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administration has done here is regardless of the outcome in the next 24 hours we have seen the able for the first time -- say the american context -- for the first time in 35 years the united states and iran have engaged in a detailed, respectful conversation about nuclear issues, and the broader world. that has value going forward regardless of what happens with the agreement in the next 24 hours. >> love hearing that. great to see you. thank you. more than half century ago the confederate flag rose at the south carolina state house. a banner commemorating the civil war and silently protesting civil rights. bit tomorrow afternoon it will at long last come down, and in just a few minutes you'll see and hear the extraordinary plea from one south carolina woman. one that the locals say may have helped make it all possible. and a wild debate in washington over the flag's future there. want to hear them yell at each
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make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. south carolina's cop fed rat battle nation coming down. celebrations on the house floor there took some 13 hours of debate, but in the end lawmakers voted to remove the controversial flag from the state house grounds. the final tally 93-27. came just after 1:00 a.m. here in the east.
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supporters of the bill say the flag has become a symbol of hatred. opponents say the state is trying to change its history. south carolina's senate had passed the bill earlier this week. if the house had made any changes, the flag -- the fight might have gone on for week or months but those who wanted the flag gone right now were having none of it and that included the republican representative jenny horne, who blasted her fellow republicans for stalling the debate. she also spoke about the family of her former colleague senator clementa pinckney, the senator was a pastor and died during the shooting at a historic black church last month. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful, such as take a symbol of hate, off
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these grounds on friday. and if any of you vote to amend you are ensuring this flag will fly beyond friday, and for the widow of senator pinckney and his two young daughters that would be adding insult to injury. and i will not be a part of it. and for all of these reasons i will not vote to amend this bill today. we may visit this another session. another year. but if we amend this bill, we are telling the people of charleston we don't care. about you. we do not care that someone used this symbol of hate to slay eight innocent people who were worshiping their god.
12:17 pm
i'm sorry. i have heard enough. about heritage. i have a heritage. ifd6a lifelong south carolinian i'm a descendent of jefferson davis. okay? but that does not matter. it's not about jenny horne. it's about the people of south carolina who have demanded that this symbol of hate come off of the state house grounds. and i will tell you i do know, and i have it on good authority the world is watching this debate, and there is an economic development prospect in dorchester county that is in jeopardy because we refuse to act. we need to follow the example of the senate, remove this flag, and do it today. because this issue is not getting any better with age.
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thank you. [applause] >> south carolina's state representative jenny horne. last night in the state house. south carolina's republican governor nikki haley is set to sign the bill in 40 minute. so what happened, join thousand? >> reporter: the bill that was passed last night stipulate the confederate flag will be removed from the state house grounds within 24 ours of the governor signing it. nikki i haley's office announcing a special ceremony has been scheduled for 10:00 tomorrow morning. lawmakers have been assured the ceremony will be dignified and treat the flag with respect and the flag will be placed on display in the war museum. state lawmakers pledged to
12:19 pm
provide adequate funding for the display and care. >> jonathan, for a while it looked like there was a danger of this not passing without an amendment. >> just the fact the hearing went on past 1:00 a.m. this morning showses how contentious all of the debate in the house was. some legislators had proposed dozens of amendments. some were simply to make a point about all the other historical markers on the capitol grounds that might come under scrutiny, but other proposed amend's were to ensure if the nag came down, something else would done to honor south carolinaons who fought. >> allow to us honor those veterans who gave their life in defense of this state and let's move forward. >> reporter: but other lawmakes countered that while many south carolinians have relatives two
12:20 pm
fight and dive, many others' relatives were brought in chains. and their children taken and sold into slavery. a same of the intense emotions in the state house overnight. >> thank you very much. that emotion spilled over to the u.s. capital in a huge way. the debate of the flag took center stage the nation's capitol and it was not quiet at all. >> mr. speaker mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i -- >> that person you hear yelling,mer -- mr. peeker, was nancy pelosi. ers who what led to that. earlier today republicans dropped plans to vote on allowing confederate flags to be displayed at federal cemeteries in states that observe confederate memorial day0. g.o.p. leaders decided not to hold the vote. a little later leader pelosi pushed a measure to remove all state flags contain anything portion of a confederate nag
12:21 pm
from the house side of the capitol. for instance mississippi which has a rebel flag in the corner. analysts say republicans tabled that by voting to send it to committee. a spokesman for speaker boehner accused pelosi of a quote cheech political stunt. leader pelosi says she hopes the house will move ahead with the measure. a new study shows kind cybercrime is hurting more businesses an they ever and a remind are that no matter what they may say there's no evidence that anything yesterday was an attack of any kind. if that change wes'll let you now. between now and then, there's a lot of that. we'll be back. dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar
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wow, nothing but headaches for commutes in a major world city.
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millions and millions of people in london facing a day of travel chaos. the city's entire subway system shut done over a 24-hour strike. whenever they have strikes the weather is great. so it doesn't work too well for them. workers are seeking wages and better compensation for night shifts. london's tube is the oldest underground subway system in all the world. streets were packed with folks who were working today or trying to get there. they had the benefit of some pretty nice weather. but i love the way -- if you had a strike in new york, which we have had this is not how it would go. we don't queue up like this. we do not si on the staten island ferry with nobody in the aisles. we have chaos when there's a strike here. not the brits. look at this, that's the size of a crowd you would have in, say grand central station or penn station every day.
12:26 pm
look our honoredly they are -- orderly they are. asounding. it comes two days ago the city marked ten years since the attacks in britain. more than 50 people died. hundreds more hurt. here's the prime minister and the mayor of london marking the day at the memorial to those attacks. >> here at home a record number of companies reported cyber attacks ins in the last year, hackers are targeting large firms more and more. the key findings on our wall today, accord together the to study, large companies with 10,000 or more employees detected 28 more attacks last year compared to previous years. small companies reported a 5% drop in cyber breaches but overall a record 79% of firms reported attacks within the last year. rich edson is live in washington. hough bad this problem for businesses? >> nearly 80% of the companies that responded say they'd have had a cyber incident.
12:27 pm
the report says the real number is probably more as many cyber attacks are never detect. and while that's attacks are becoming more sophisticated a third of businesses say they'veband hit with a phishing attack. it potentially gives hackers access to sensitive company data and information about their -- >> while you were speaking this from the office of personnel management. sensitive information clegg surely suiter number of 21.5 million people was stolen from background investigation databases. in other words people who were looking for some sort of security clearance on any level 21.5 million people looking for security clearance they're sensitive data, including social security numbers, has been
12:28 pm
stolen. who stole it? well sounds kind of like china but that's the story for another day. rich today what can companies do to protect their information and ours, for that matter? >> well, company executive are becoming increasingly aware of cyber threats, and one expert says protecting the networks requires more than just throw money at the problem. >> what you have is a comeplex layer of technology that you -- companies are attempting to layer on top of that a security layer to be able to understand what is happening in the technology environment. so spending more in and of itself does not necessarily equate to higher security capability. >> there are also proposals in congress that would require businesses to share information with one another and the government about the attacks the proposals have been stuck over many issues the balance between protecting privacy and
12:29 pm
security. >> rich, thanks. officials in greece are racing to hand the their proposal for a bailout for the deadline tonight trying to safe their economy from a potential collapse. china is going through an economic nightmare of its own. the analysts warning about a ripple effect going around the world. the details on this comping up as way approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox news channel. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right?
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you see the thing is geico well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. headlines from the fox news deck. a tornado destroyed italian homes by venice. the storm picked up a car and slammed it to the ground and killed the driver. some 30 people hurt. cell phone video caught flames erupting from a sweater s -- southwest airlines jet.
12:32 pm
the pilot cancelled the takeoff. in los angeles investigators say a chain reaction started when a truck slammed into a fire hydrant. the gushing water causes a roof to collapse and floods trapped map inside. firefighters used chain saws to cut through a door and free him before crews him to the hospital. recapping the headlines. a fire on the plane so they canceled the takeoff. crazy.
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breaking thus now. word from iran's government-run media that nuclear talks are deadlocked, as we approach a very important deadline tonight according to iran's news agency the talks hit a wall over the united states refusal to accept iran's quote obvious rights. it reports the disagreement involving lifting the economic punishment nat the west slapped on iran and the report specifies the united states as the block to the deal.
12:35 pm
john kerry said his team will not rush in the negotiations but if they miss the deadline tonight it will double the amount of time that congress has to review the deal to 60 days. that could give republican critics time to build opposition. we're waiting for a response from the white house to the iranian report of a dead lock. the iranian reports are getting ahead of the cycle or attempting to do that. now to the stock market in china. stock market in china. what's our bat here? bat 5. all right. touch the screen. look at that. now we have a cycle. things that don't work perfectly? starring me. the stock market in china is in a meltdown, one that could be just in the beginning. that's according to self analysts who say it will likely have a ripple effect on economies around the world including here in the united states. take a look over in the big wall today. the past few weeks china's benchmark index has plunged 30% from a seven-year high that came in june. think about how it got there it
12:36 pm
got there very simply. chinese little people, not big rich billionaires but everyday is? s started borrowing money to buy stocks because it's the only place they can insist. so most of this is borrowed money. it sent the worth of all these companies through the stratosphere and they knew a rebound was coming. they knew it couldn't sustain itself. sure enough, it didn't, and analysts say the country's stock market now has lost the equivalent of -- look at this -- 3 trillion american dollars. that's a third of its total value. right now china is the second largest economy in the world. second to the united states and just ahead of japan. and china is catch upping quickly. some investors say their worried the turmoil could destabilize the global financial statement making an even bigger problem than ingrass adam shapiro is
12:37 pm
live at the new york stock exchange. who stands to lose here? >> the chinese consumer who wasn't have the same kind of cash to buy gods inch the united states we sold $123 billion worth of goods to china last year, and companies that counsel on the chinas to buy products, apple qualcomm, even cummins engine in indiana. apple was $30 billion in revenue. qualcomm 49% of their revenue and cummins 7% of their revenue. if the chinese market dries up you'll see a pullback and these stocks could take a hit. you talk about the moms and dads in china who own stock 80% overbore are borrowed to buy into the market and it's down and is going to keep falling
12:38 pm
accord together best analysts despite the blip today. >> adam. thank you very much. let's bring in a financial journeyist who as written for "the new york times" and reuters. this is the beginning. >> this could be massive problem if things spiral out of control. for now we're seeing market meltdown. our market won't mirror there's. >> think of all the products germany manufactures that china buys. if the economy starts to some rink -- >> that's the problem. china is a big global partner to us to other countries and other economies. it's financially linked to a lot of countries as well. it's a big player. the second largest right up there with the u.s. and japan. >> people who have read a lot about the way chinese invest their money know that for a while they were all investing in apartments, use yes, and then that went belly up. so what --
12:39 pm
>> now invest neglect stock market. >> they transferred their money interest the stock market. the average everyday investor put their mo in. borrowed money the market tanked so they had to sell investments to pay back loans now. what you might see -- this could be interesting in the u.s. -- as people take the money out of the market it could end up in the u.s. housing market. you look at the chinese investors in the housing major they're big buyers 30. billion last year. that could be a positive effect. >> the chinese government says it's doing all it conclude but wait, the beneficiary has been the very big agains. those have been propped up. the large stocks. the medium and smaller stocks, not at all and that's where everyday people had all their money. like they didn't know that. >> the smaller companies have now traded -- suspended trading as well. some of them.
12:40 pm
that's the problem with this. if you are in small cap what are you going to do? going to sell your blue chips because you want to minimize your risk, and then when trading resumes and you can sell your small caps you'll do so because there's a lot of panic spelling, herds move in the same direction >> yucky. it's deadline die in greece, and officials there are scrambling to put something together, last-minute bailout plan. thousands of people gathering in a proeurope job union rally in athens. mainly what they seem to do is stand there their food carts and the like. the stakes are high. without a deal, the economy faces the very real potential of collapse. this isn't some hocus-pocus thing. they've dough against money, the banks are going under and the economy is going collapse. nobody is denying this. greece could exit the eurozone and then we don't know. there's some who say they might not be so bad.
12:41 pm
they have to start over, go back to the drachma and start over, otherwise they'll bleed you dead. the greek prime minister meeting with cabinet members today. they were scheduled to hand in the details of their final proposal this afternoon. they're prompt missing tax and pension reforms in return for bailout money. people across the great country lining up at atms where some have apparently run out of cash. the stock market and banks have shut down and there's word stores have reported people panic buying, stocking up on appliances and refrigerator yates and hopefully save the value. there's a store of jewelry store executive who told "the new york times" he turned down a customer who wanted to buy more than a million dollars worth of jewels. take my euros. the juror felt safeer keeping the money in jewels. >> reporter: we have just heard that the greek bailout proposal
12:42 pm
has now been sent to the eu and creditors. there's a whole lot riding on it. the greek government of prime minister sib practices has been working on this. there are late reports it includes 14 bill in tax cuts and returns in return for 5 billions in loans from the eu and others. the costers even bigger than the ones tsipras and the voters reject just a short time ago. the sweetener is that the eu, including even chance la merkel and other others, will make some kind of moves to reschedule ago even forgiving some of greece's massive debt. >> a heavy show of security but no need. the pro european union rally might be noisy but it's small and peaceful. as the folks here wait and wonder about their future. >> i say europe.
12:43 pm
>> stay in europe. >> are you hopeful? >> i am. >> why. >> we do not have many chances. >> i'm hopeful but not too much. don't rest. >> still nervous? >> yes. >> just in time, really, the lines we saw at the banks were the worst that we have seen in two years remember, the banks stay open if there's a deal. they close and then some if there is no deal. this weekend headlines with the u. european union ministers and we're hearing it's by no means a done deal but looking like a real possibility that it could be done. back to you. >> greg palkot in athens. have you seen the tmz video of arianna grande licking donates and hating americans. don't blame her for the doughnut licking. you can plame the shot for
12:44 pm
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insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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now we know. who nfl players have lost a total of at least three fingers after playing with fireworks on the fourth of july like spoiled children. one player is a tampa bay buck nears quarterback cj wilson. his father said he tried to set off fireworks when they exploded in his hand, ripped off his fingers. team officials say they're worried about his long-term health. espn and the "new york post" are reporting fireworks burned the hands of giants defensive end jason pierre-paul forcing doctors to remove his index finger. his pointer is gone. espn reports the all-pro lineman
12:48 pm
could miss training. giants doctors went to see him and he wouldn't let them see him. this is we're if you're a giants fan. enough to do 12 hours of radio sports per day on one topic and it's a mace, and it sucks. also employs say they're investigating a video that apparently shows the pop singer arianna grand day licking doughnuts at a shop in southern california. you have to have seen this. fox news cannot independently confirm whether her tongue made contact. it's difficult. you can judge for yourself here. anyway, it reportedly went down just outside los angeles at wolf doughnuts. "the los angeles times" says officials are investigating the store you for allowing it to happen, but they're not indicating -- investigatey air -- arab na grande at all. they're investigating the store for putting the doughnuts too close to the tongue. trace gallagher in los angeles
12:49 pm
for us this afternoon. how come the doughnut shop is in trouble but she did the licking. allegedly. >> reporter: the health depth lowered the doughnut's shop grade from a. to b. but a even though she maliciously licked the don't doughnut, the shop broke the laws because they left them on the counter. she asked the doughnut shop employee if he had any fresh doughnuts in the back, and while he was in the process of swapping the old ones for the new one grand day and her friend decide tote give them a lack or two. the owner of the doughnut shop turned the video too the sheriff and filed a police. now he is in trouble. all the doughnuts sold out. so it looks like someone ate the doughnuts that were licked by arianna grande. no complaints from those who it's those doughnuts. >> at least that's didn't charge them extra. we left out the part about her hating on america.
12:50 pm
>> reporter: after she licked the doughnuts and kissed her boyfriend the doughnut came occupy with frequenter doughnut, instead of being happy she said this listen. >> what [bleep]? >> reporter: now arianna grande issued a statement saying i'm proud to be an american and i've always made it clear i love my country. what i said in a private moment was taken out of context and i'm sorry for not using more discretion with the choice of words and she was not taken out of context because that was the context. she claims she was venting on how fat americans are and why we don't think before doing things like shoving a bunch of doughnuts in our pie hole. that was her real intent of the ran. >> or maybe licking them there. i she said clearly i hate america and i hate americans. we all say that in private moments.
12:51 pm
>> because we're fat apparently. >> it's a problem. sayre you you ahead americans. everybody who doesn't heat americans raise your hand. everybody hates them. stick to the singing and being hot.
12:52 pm
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12:55 pm
in november he gave order to kill the architect of a new terminal at the peril because it didn't meet his standards. a little girl was just trying to make people happy until someone stoled her lemonade stan out of her front yard. the girl and her father say they spent hours building the stand together. now they say they hope somebody will come forward and return it. >> my daughter is eight years old. i mean, they stole her lemonade stand. >> since i don't have my lemonade stand anymore i can't make people happy. >> oh, little girl says she is not letting the setback sauer her dreams. she and daddy started building a new stand planning to get back to business. people who steal little girl's lemonade stands don't do well on the other side of the pearly gates. think about it. we'll be back with a nod at this day in history. g-acting insulin at night.
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you are looking live columbia, south carolina, where the republican governor there nikki haley is set to sign the bill into law in just minutes from now that will effectively remove the confederate battle flag from the ground offed the state capitol effective tomorrow. neil cavuto will have coverage when the ceremony begins in the next minute or so. before we go on this dayin' 1981 nintendo released the game donkey kong. i starred a character called jumpman you know him better as mario. he had to leap over barrels orem with hammers to rescue this girlfriend from an angry gorilla. mario became the super mario after nintendo changed gaming forever, 34 years ago today. this is still on my long island
1:00 pm
basement. it is very fun and if we play it i will beat you. that is all. the stock market, not so bad today. neil cavuto is coming right up and you'll have nikki haley the governor of south carolina, live seconds from now. >> all right. after half a century some history in the making, south carolina governor nikki healey about to bring down the confederate flag with the stroke of a pen. the governor set to sign the bill any moment. jonathan surrey is outside of the state house. >> reporter: the governor has declared quote it is a new day in south carolina. the governor expected to sign a bill momentarily authorizing the removal of the confederate battle flag from the state house ground here in columny, south carolina. in