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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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we have some fun greta talk. there are a lot of great ones. watch the ones i just posted and watch the whole history of them. they aren't dull. anyway, good night from washington, d.c. the o'reilly factor is up tonight. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> you are very naive person. >> research says that there are for immigrants on the whole create -- >> come on, try getting it out. >> i will get it out. >> donald trump hammering an nbc reporter who is challenging his take on illegal immigration. tonight, we will continue our reporting on the awful sanctuary city situation that led to the murder of kate steinle. >> the word sanctuary is an excuse for not enforcing the law it means we can break the law here in san francisco and elsewhere. >> now, san francisco authorities pointing the finger at each other as the rats jump off othe pier. we will take to you san francisco again tonight. also ahead had, i have
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departed from my usual analytical job and become advocate to keep criminal aliens out of the country. is that wrong? bernie goldberg will weigh in. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the funeral of kate steinle that is is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today, the steinle family buried their 32-year-old daughter in san francisco. the media was barred from the ceremony as it should have been. the situation is heart-breaking. imagine if kate were your daughter and her life was taken by the despicable criminal who had been deported to mexico five times. just imagine that. i have the same feeling i had when i heard that nine innocent people were gunned down by a racist in
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charleston. these things should never happen. in the united states of america. in the charleston situation americans came together condemning the blatant hatred. but in kate's situation americans have not come together, at least so far. that's because of politics. there is no question the uber liberal sanctuary city policy of san francisco directly led to the murder of kate steinle. if the city leaders had had any shame which they don't they would have resigned already. it struck me yesterday when jesse watters confronted the 11 san francisco supervisors how emotionalless they are. and, of course, none of them have the courage to address the situation. mayor ed lee blaming the hapless sheriff who is so incompetent it's painful. imagine a law enforcement officer allowing a seven-time felon out on the street when the feds directly asked him to keep the man in custody? the sheriff is a disgrace. but even more disgraceful is the nonaction out of washington.
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the alleged killer 45-year-old juan francisco sanchez is a drug pusher and addict. a low level thug who managed to enter america illegally six times. that means anyone in the world can sneak into this country. that low live he will liely crossed our border from mexico six times? we don't have border enforcement? does everybody understand that? now, i'm very proud of the more than 200,000 folks who have signed the petition on bill o' calling for kate's law which would incarcerate any deported
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. let me start by saying the san francisco policy is like every other policy in california. starts off sounding reasonable and progressive politicians decide that they are going to distort it and bend everything so that a policy that was supposed to help undocumented immigrants feel free to report crimes to the police has ended up
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shielding, you know, a repeat felon a guy with seven felony convictions. five deportations. he comes in to our system and he is let out. >> okay. >> it's wrong. it's crazy. >> you know the cliche, ms. sanders, wakeup call? you couldn't have a more vivid wakeup call than the death of this. >> it's not even the first. >> no, it isn't. it has happened before. but this one walking with her father on a tourist pier in the city and shot dead by this thug who should not have been on the street. and but i will tell you we looked at the eyes of the 11 city supervisors. they were dead eyes. they don't get it even today, ms. sonders. they don't care. >> mayor ed lee has finally decided that he is ready to talk to the feds and change the policy. but, let's face it, it tooks days of pressure and people angry and just baffled why
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city hall would want to pass a measure that makes it more difficult to hand people, especially a guy like, this with this his criminal record over to ice. >> i was surprised when you told my producer that you opposed kate's law. why would you oppose it? >> well, just on the logistics of it california, for example, in the last few years under a state court mandate has been forced to release prisoners from jail. we have have got what is it, 420,000 people crossing the border almost on a yearly basis. 90,000 of which are juveniles. i mean, you are talking about -- and then you are talking about 170,000 people in federal custody today? you are talking about doubling the federal population almost every other two years. >> i'm talking about number one, california has nothing to do with it because this is a federal law, all right? and the feds would take it out of the hands of the locals and the states which they have to do and it's mandatory for any convicted felon who is deported and
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comes back. mandatory five. you come back ten. come back three times 20. you are going to sit there oppose it because there are too many people in prison? is that you are telling me? >> you are doubling the prison population every two years it's just not realistic. >> no, no, no. even if i had to double it i will double it because american lives. kate steinle's life is worth the price. but, once that got out and you must know this as a law enforcement person yourself, once word gets out you get a mandatory five you get out and you come back, that's going to cut that down, sir. >> okay. >> i want him to answer that once that law is on the the books, and the felons know they can't run wild, this guy said he wanted to come to your city, because he knew he wouldn't be kept in custody. he said it he admitted it
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and you are still sitting there trying to defend it? >> there are definitely failures in law enforcement in san francisco especially at the sheriff's office. but ice had had him in custody and ice him over. >> it doesn't matter. they asked for a hold on him and this idiot sheriff who i can't believe it still in there wouldn't do it. all right ms. sonders go ahead. >> i don't disagree with you on that one. >> the sheriff has got to get out of there. ms. son ders, go. >> sanchez just served four years again. i like the idea of really letting people know if they cross our borders they are going to have tough punishment. i think that's a great idea. but i will say it really just didn't seem to stop this guy. >> it didn't seem to stop him because -- >> -- it didn't stop him because he could get over the border again. >> if kate's law had been in place, ms. saunders, he would have been away for 20 years because he jumped it six times.
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20 years this guy would have done it. but i will tell you both and i'm going to give you the last word. i will tell you both. once congress passes this law and mandatories are in place, these thugs will not come back because they know they are going to do the hard time. go mr. vernoise wrap it up. >> there is no doubt we need consequences for commit crimes in the united states. those consequences shouldn't change if you are immigrant. we are all here immigrants. >> illegally traveling to the united states does make you a criminal. it's a misdemeanor. all right i have got to get out of here. thank you both. we appreciate the good debate. next on the run down, a chicago writer says the elites in both the u.s.a. and mexico don't care about stopping illegal immigration. very controversial opinion. and governor rick perry will be here. there were sanctuary cities on his watch in texas. he will explain it and the factor is coming right back.
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in the impact segment tonight the man igniting the criminal controversy is republican presidential contender donald trump. yesterday he talked with a reporter from nbc news. >> immigration is down. why is this such a big topic for you right now? >> immigration is a very big topic. take a look at all the crime that's being committed. go take a look -- >> research says crime does not match what you are saying. the pew research which is independent. >> don't be naive. you are a very naive person. >> pew research says that there are for -- immigrants on the whole create -- >> come on, try getting it out. try getting it out. >> i will get it out. >> i don't know if you are going to put this on television but you don't even know what you are talking about. >> joining us now from san diego reuben who recently wrote a column saying that some elites in mexico and
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the u.s.a. agree with mr. trump on some issues. define that for us, reuben. >> bill, great to be back with you. at the beginning of donald donald trump's anti-mexican creed was imprecise because it lumped together a bunch of people. the beginning of it began like this: mexico is not sending its best people. and what i am here to tell you and what i said in this piece if you happen to be in mexico city or monterrey or glad harrahs and one of the cities there and doctor, lawyer engineer you make good money and you have a lieu a vitton, you agree with donald trump because you think you are the best mexican god ever created and certainly mexico can't be sending its best people because you are still in mexico. that is the underlying point of agreement with a lot of mexican elites think donald trump is right. >> what kind of people are migrating to the united states illegally? the statistics say that most immigrants from mexico don't
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have high school educations and about half of them are on means tested welfare when they get here which means that's not social security or medicare, that's, you know, i'm not going to use the word handouts but that's safety net stuff. all right? >> right. >> so that the statistics say that it's a lower economic person coming here. would you agree with that? >> i would agree with that i would also say it's part of american history. the irish the italians were down on their luck, high on ambition and on omichelle and hard work. frankly i would much rather have somebody who comes here from many of these countries with nothing and makes something in the united states and indebted to us than somebody already ready made that came in and felt they didn't owe us anything. >> isn't it true that you have anarchy if you can't control who comes here and that's what we have now with the kate steinle situation. we have anarchy. so i don't disagree with you that immigrants historically
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have come to the united states in working class situations. laborers right? >> right. >> and we're the strongest country on earth because of those immigrants. my my ancestors your ancestors were in that category. however, you have a situation now where people are trying to justify illegal immigration the whole deal. >> right. >> by saying that. >> right. >> and you can't. you must regulate who comes in here. would you disagree with that? >> i agree with you completely. i have taken a lot of heat from the latino left and people who support immigration reform. i support using the frafs illegal immigrant they won't let me do that and i do it anyway. there is an attempt to minimize the offense. >> that's the open border crew it is also true that american elites want cheap labor to flow across the border unimpeded because it helps their profit line. >> not just the elites
5:17 pm
number one employer of immigrants are housekeepers, are thanes, are gardeners. >> you have to have money to employ the than i can't understand the gardner and the house painter. the americans who are affluent who pay their salaries so, but i don't think that they would object if these people had papers. they need the labor. they would hire them anyway. >> that's right. they just don't care that they have papers or not. you and i both lived in dallas texas. if you live in dallas at one point or phoenix or los angeles, can you make a middle class living and live an upper middle class lifestyle thanks to the ready, available labor that's there because of illegal immigrants. >> now, are you surprised -- you are a san diego-based guy, right? >> right. >> okay. are you surprised that san francisco is so callus toward kate steinle? i'm shocked. >> yeah. they could have handled this so much better before and even now and you are absolutely right to bring up some of these issues. the point that needs to be made is sanctuary city policy it was goes back to
5:18 pm
1989. it's been changed and modified over the years's years' it's not so lenient now. there is an attempt by the obama administration to get its hands as you see in this case on so many of the undocumented immigrants. much more of an attempt to roll back some of that sanctuary policy. you are absolutely right. they don't get it they are callus. they don't understand why people are outraged about this and another way they are detached. >> they are angry at me for bringing it up and making a big deal out of it just like some people are angry at you know mexican elites they agree with trump. so you get a lot of heat. anyway we have got to tell the truth. all right. rubben, thank you very much. governor rick perry there were sanctuary cities in texas when he ran the state. we will talk to him about that later bernie goldberg on my role as advocate and not an analyst in the criminal alien situation. upcoming. um. now with our most vitamin d three ever.
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austin san antonio, el paso publicly said they would not cooperate with the feds on some aspects of immigration law. joining us now from austin, because that's one of the cities is governor perry. >> what did you do when you heard el paso say look, i'm not going to do, this austin i'm not going to do that. what did you do? >> we sent a clear message in the the 2011 session of the legislature. i put it on the emergency call so that it wouldn't just be overlooked and it would be clearly focused on it passed one house it didn't pass the other one and we had a special session, i put it on the call for that special session. we didn't get it passed. >> when you say you didn't get it passed. what didn't you get passed?
5:23 pm
what? >> well we were banning sanctuary cities in the state of texas. i legalize that this was a problem back in 2006. we had a police officer killed in houston texas by an individual just like the one that killed kate. i mean an individual who multiple times had crossed back over, had multiple felons and this is an issue that we have got to address as this country. it has to take a federal piece of legislation. >> i cool that in a moment. i want to get the mind set. texas is a conservative state. you are a conservative brother. you introduce in legislation very very common sense stuff. you point to a police officer in houston who was gunned down by a guy with multiple felony convictions who was deported and came back multiple times and you had texans voting against it in the length later? what is the mind set? >> i have no idea why the lem later. >> didn't you ask them? didn't you challenge them? >> multiple times. and. >> what did they say to you governor? what did they say back? >> you know, they were basically talking about, you know there was a city's
5:24 pm
issue, cities need to take care of it and my point was listen, when we have people that are gunned down in our cities by individuals who are here illegally that's not a city's issue. that is a state issue. more importantly this goes back it to a federal government that has not secured our border. >> yeah, that's for sure. >> that's the real issue here. >> even though you wanted to do it it and texas is a conservative state you couldn't get it done because there are politicians in this country who don't give a hoot. now we have momentum here and unfortunately it's off the death of this lovely kate steinle. she has h. to die for our sins, all right. but now we have momentum and there is two tracks, kate's law which we just discussed putting the felons in prison mandatory judge noe judge discretion, no state discretion if they come back deportation and starving the sanctuary cities of federal money and you are involved in that, right? >> yep yep. absolutely. that's one of the things
5:25 pm
that i think can have as powerful impact and really get these legislator's attention. federal dollars going to it cities that basically have said they are going to be sanctuary cities. you cut off their federal dollars. these state criminal alien assistance programs dollars cut them off to those cities. proportionally cut off to a state if it has a city in there that doesn't agree to stopping these sanctuary cities. you are right bill, this has to stop. how many kate steinles does there have to be before we wise up. >> two in sacramento county earlier who were gunned down. your guy in houston. we have kate. we just this week in washington state a young mother and her 3-year-old son. it is -- it's sickening. you know what? this is america. and i'm going to go back to my original question. what is the mind set of politicians who will not right this wrong?
5:26 pm
we have president who will do executive order whether you like it or not. he mean, it's an order about law abiding people. but who doesn't take the lead on, this whose spokesperson won't even address it. all right? and then you have hillary clinton who is going to be nominated from the democratic party saying, telling me she is not going to stop sanctuary cities. what the hell is going on in this country? >> bill, and the question why a justice department for the lambes six and a half years, i mean, that has not addressed this issue at all. >> that's holder. >> this is beyond me. >> it is. it's beyond any logic at all. do you think now after all of this that congress is finally and we want it bipartisan. we don't want just republicans to pass it republicans will finally pass kate's law and your proposal that they cut off federal funding and sanctuary cities that don't cooperate. >> and find the will to secure that border. because that's the real root cause. >> that's what you have to do if you are the next president.
5:27 pm
obama is not requesting to do that. all right? >> we know how to do this. >> 18 more months of him. he is not going to do it no matter what you do or what congress says. will not do it. same thing about isis on the southern border. the next president has to secure the border. whether it's you or hillary clinton or whoever it is. i agree but let's get these things done now when the republicans are in control of congress. i don't think obama is going to veto kate's law. i don't think he is going to do that so but i understand what you are saying. but the big picture is down the road a little bit. last word. >> the big picture is down the road and no one on that stage is going to have more experience of dealing with this issue of border security than i have. i know how to do it. you put the personnel on the border. you have the strategic fencing in place. the thing that's really missing, bill, is the aviation assets flying from tijuana to brownsville day and night all kinds of weather looking down with the technology being able to identify where the activities whether they are suspicious or clearly illegal with quick response teams coming in and can you secure that border and if i
5:28 pm
am the president of the united states, that will start day one. >> all right. governor, we appreciate your time as always. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening as mentioned. president bush the younger did not secure the border. his former spokesperson dana perino will explain. also bernie goldberg on whether i am making a mistake becoming an advocate in order to control criminal aliens. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief.
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factor follow up segment tonight as we have been reporting the nation's largest city new york is now being run by perhaps the most liberal mayor the country has ever seen anywhere. in addition to being a sanctuary city at least in some areas. mayor de blasio has changed the city drastically in 18 months. de blasio has managed to alienate the entire new york city police force and preside over a declining environmental situation which is quickly reaching critical mass. with us now fred segal senior fellow at the manhattan institute. you know i come in the city every day i live along rhode island. traffic is paralyzed. you can't move. beggars everywhere. that is totally different change than from the bloomberg situation. they are wiping your windshields and following you down the street. violent crime going up, all right. regular crime declining still. but violent crime going um. what is the essential problem with de blasio. >> de blasio. de blasio during his campaign he would rhetorically promise to do all sorts of things. now his promise as a
5:33 pm
campaigner have trapped him as a mayor. he would eliminate homelessness. he brought in a guy to run homeless policies, an advocate for the homeless. what's followed has been stalemate. >> well, no. but there is more home ltz now according to the coalition for the homeless than there has ever been since the depression. >> he brought in a guy expert on this and the expert can't move. >> the expert can't do anything. he is incompetent. homelessness explodes. all right. crime, i think is because the new york city cops are going we are not going it put ourselves out there. this guy is going to throw us under the bus de blasio. >> the only thing keeping the state from real breakdown is bill bratton. >> the police commissioner? >> the great police commissioner. >> he is. god for bid if he was pushed aside or quit because he couldn't take any more nonsense from city council because they want to release felons. they are, they passed it.
5:34 pm
no bail. >> vetoed by the mayor. he can be vetoed by the mayor? i mean, you are going to have a flood of criminals coming out of the system right now in the next six months that we have never seen in the city again. >> well, you know, one of the things that's going to be effectively decriminalized is bicycle theft. on one hand, de blasio wants people to ride bicycles. on the other hand o, we're going to have more bicycles. >> you steal a bicycle, you are not going to be held accountable and you won't be prosecuted. what i'm looking at here and i'm tieing it into the san francisco thing an arcky. bad guys know they can commit so-called nonviolent low level crimes and nothing will happen to them. >> it's a slow motion breakdown. it's not anarchy yet but it could end up there. >> we are going there? >> yes. >> de blasio is a social justice socialist. all right? and but here's the mail i get. new york city elected him. you deserve what you got. >> you have got to be careful with that, bill. the turn out was the lowest
5:35 pm
turn out since women had the right to vote. despite the "new york times" talking about a landslide. this was a tiny, tiny turnout. that's number one. number two, some of these problems are de blasio's own creation. >> of course they are. of course they are. there is beggars everywhere because he doesn't tell the police as the other two mayors did we can't have that. you have to move them along or take them to shelters. you can't have them descending on the population. last word? >> also he doesn't want to send them to rikers island. >> rikers is the local prison he hasn't made it better. de blasio we don't want to send them to prison and put them back out on the street to do what they do. thank you very much we appreciate it it when we come right back, bernie goldberg on whether i am making mistake on getting specific legislation passed to stop criminal aliens coming back to america. bernie is next.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. as you may have noticed i have stepped out of my role as an analyst and taken on an advocacy position this week. the position on bill o' for kate's law calls for legislation that
5:40 pm
would mandate felons return to the u.s.a. five years and second 10 years. second part come back after deportation would be punished as well. misdemeanors as well. advocacy position not analysis. joining us from north carolina, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. am i still doing my job or have i stepped away? >> well, bill, this is an opinion show. it's not a hard news show. it's not the cbs evening news, and i think what you did, by advocating for that law was well within the boundaries of opinion journalism. but, advocacy can go too far and in my opinion last night you crossed the line. you went too far. having jesse watters go before the city council in san francisco and make a sanctimonious speech about the evils of sanctuary cities crosses the line. >> why? >> because. >> his only forum was, so i
5:41 pm
can explain he and others who were there had an opportunity to tell the city supervisors of san francisco how they felt, so, he was doing what their format dictated. >> if he went as a private citizen i would say fine. if he goes as a representative it of fox news, as he did and he announced that. >> yes. >> it's wrong. it's just as wrong as if msnbc sent somebody out to a city council some place in america and advocated for something that you and i don't agree with. we would say what a bunch of clowns. you just don't do that. that crosses the line. and, look, i will tell you this. i was sitting at home watching that and sitting on my couch and inwas embarrassed watching it. >> i wasn't. i you thought watters did a good job because he asked questions. they obviously weren't going to answer them. >> you don't ask it in that forum. you and i simply disagree on this. i thought it was wrong. i thought it crossed the
5:42 pm
line. >> if i would have been there, i would have done it differently. i would have been tougher than watters and i would called them out by name. all down the line. >> it's one thing to stick a microphone in their face and ask those tough questions. it's another to stand as a representative of fox news at the podium at a public hearing and make a speech. that is just -- look. even opinion journalism has rules and that was broke the rules. >> again that was the forum that he had but okay. i got your point. i think he did a decent job. >> okay. >> it's all about me, bernie, you know that it's always all about me. >> there is a bulletin, right? [ laughter ] so now i -- you know, i said this on the hemmer program this morning. i have to do this because they are not going to do it in congress or unless they -- there is someone like me with the forum that i have, all right to put pressure on them to pass this kate's law which i
5:43 pm
think is a good shot of getting passed. but it should have been passed decades ago. i mean six times for this guy to come back? >> let me say two things. the first thing i already said which is you are well within the bounds of opinion journalism. no problem there. the second thing is a political statement: i think it's such a good idea that if the republican presidential candidates don't embrace it, they don't deserve to be elected. that's how good an idea i think it is. >> everyone that comes on is going -- and we are even going to go further than that. we are going to take our petition. we are hoping to get a half until to a million speakers. take it to john boehner and mitch mcconnell. give it to them and ask them for comments on it. we are going to shepard this thing through. but i kind of get depressed that i have to do it. i hearken back and i'm not comparing myself to edwin r. murrow he did this on television cbs. a show called harvest of
5:44 pm
shame where he showed the deplorable conditions that migrants and some americans as well were working under in the fields of this country. he embarrassed the government to pass certain labor laws to protect these poor people. he was way out top saying you guys are pinheads because you are allowing this to happen. it wasn't just like both sides of the story. again, i'm not comparing myself to murrow. but he was the first one and the congress responded to him. >> yes. here's the thing about the sainted and i don't mean that carcass stickily the sainted edward r. murrow. the great edward r. murrow. he started this whole thing. he started this thing where fact-based journalism collides with opinion journalism. he would do a documentary an hour documentary and for 55 minutes it would be well reported facts about migrants. about senator mccarthy, whatever it was.
5:45 pm
and then in the last few minutes, he would deliver a sermonette. he would tell us how he feels, even though he would probably masquerade it as analysis. it was really opinion. and he would be telling us how we, as decent americans should also feel. he started this whole thing. and we are seeing what he started on cable news every night of the week. i will add one thing. i'm going right up against the line here. i will add one small thing. fred friendly, how may know, who produced the late fred friendly who produced harvest of shame never sent edward r. murrow out to a city council meeting in florida to advocate for laws to protect migrant laborers. >> do you know why. >> i think i know why. it would be different from what you think. i think it would be because you just don't do it. >> no. he didn't think of it bernie. bernie goldberg, everybody. dana perino on deck.
5:46 pm
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funding pulled for sanctuary cities. they started with obama. i said look i don't want to hear politics on this. i just want to get it done. both republican and democratic pets have failed to secure that
5:50 pm
border. that's the truth and it should be acknowledged by everyone. why didn't your boss secure it? >> well i think that you had governor perry on earlier in the show and he was talking about the politics even in texas. it realty's pretty much easier po pass things in texas that is conservative p president bush got very close. he did some creative things along the way to try to secure the border while waiting for the bill to pass. one of them was the first president ever to send the national guard to try to help -- >> he sent a few because i remember that was my suggestion. i'm going to take credit for that. >> all right. >> i know you guys were listening. but the late tony snow who was the spokesperson before you, he knew they was advocating that but he only sent 2500 there, 1,000 here. pe didn't do it way that i suggest they back up the border
5:51 pm
patrol. i'm frustrated. president obama signs an executive order freezing deportations. why wouldn't president bush the young are, your boss sign an executive order saying no more illegal aliens are going to be allowed in here? ago, i was the spokesperson for the president. i was there seven and a half years. i was there when he give the first oval of office address. he was a border state gof nor. he understood and got about 40% of the -- >> but he didn't get it done. >> well i don't know what more he could have done. >> executive order. >> executive orders are not strong. look what president obama is going through. none of those things are going to last. >> but i would have put more national guard on the border and -- >> and how would you pay for it through executive order? congress gives you the money. congress controls the purse strings. it's not like you can wave a magic wand and and executive order is not going to do that.
5:52 pm
>> i can't answer you specifically but u would have found a way. i believe you when you say that he wanted to secure the border. but it's frustrating to me and every other american including the family of kate steinle today -- >> i think that's unfair to president bush to talk about something that happened last week comparing to something that happened eight years ago. president bush ended catch and release. he had the most corroboration between the local governments and the federal government. a program that president obama did away with. >> wouldn't you see that the southern border after 30 years, after ronald reagan had his an necessity is still today not secure? >> i think that is a problem but i also think -- >> 30 years. >> the fact that you could come back five times and not be deported that is not just at the border. that is the complete -- that is why you need a comprehensive -- >> he came across the southern border. >> and went to san francisco for a specific reason. >> that's right.
5:53 pm
san francisco. >> he wanted to do to a sank rir city. >> think about it. one problem, 30 years, what did we have regan, bush the ulder, clinton, bush the younger obama, five presidents can't secure the border. >> maybe you should run. >> the american people watching now have had it. they have had it. >> well then they should call their congressman. two presidents in awe row tried comprehensive reform. the democrats wanted the issue and not the problem. >> let's secure the border first. >> and now i think that the hougs republicans should try to do that now and send it to president obama and see -- >> this is their opportunity -- >> i agree. >> -- to get the felons and put them away. it's a damn shame, kate steinle's murder.
5:54 pm
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factor tip of the day. do you eat too much sugar, in a moment. first the mail gill from sacramento i am a police sergeant who was on duty when two sacramento police officers were murdered by a convicted felon previous youly devoted many times. please don't forget danny al very and michael davis. thank you for reminding us. a retired police detective from los angeles. i moved north for some peace. was i wrong. the entire bay area allows illegal alien criminal to run wild. robert i krptfully disagree that passing kate's law as a solution. why should taxpayers pay to house illegal aliens? perhaps to protect us from harm? john ward from virginia watching
5:57 pm
the disgusting reaction. spark may have signed the kate's law petition. now i plan to get off my laid zi butt and call my congressman. good for you, john. please go to bill o' and check it out. linda reynolds miller san francisco i came here during the summer of love 48 years ago. i'm sick over what happened to kate steinle but can tell you the terrible killing will not change the hearts and minds of our so-called leaders. so riley when did the factor turn into the ill liam immigrant show. keep placing immigrants in a negative light and you will give votes to hillary clinton. i report the truth, chris. i don't calculate politics when i do so. most persons will see what we're doing here is right and just. here's wishing jesse waters a happy birthday. he and i share july 9th. happy birthday to you both bob. waters does turn 17 years old today. just seems that way at times.
5:58 pm
denise hardy, stafford virginia i learned a great deal about world war ii by recalling killing patkill killingkill killing patent. but an investigation into his death should be reopened perhaps the next president will order that. love to get to the bottom of that. christine amsterdam, new york my liberal sister gave me ticket to see you and miller. to repay her abought hillary pant type suits we can wear to the show. i'm going to look for you christine. chicago to rose month, south florida to hard rock phoenix, vegas at caesar's palace about 80% sold out. if you want to see the "don't be a pin head show" in the fall, check it out on bill o'reilly o' the factor tip of the day, controlling your sugar intake. it's hard. just eat one oreo.
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i love that word. again thanks for watching to night. ms. megyn is next. breaking tonight, the young woman gunned down by an illegal immigrant in san francisco was just laid to rest. surrounded by friends and family. it does not appear at this hour that anyone from the obama administration was in attendance. welcome to the kelly file i'm megyn kelly. funeral services were held this evening for 32-year-old katherine steinle. remembering her as an avid traveller who loved connecting with people when her life was cut short. she was shot and killed while in her father's arms by this man, an ill deal immigrant who had been deported five times from this


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