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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  July 10, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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ones. watch the ones i just posted and watch the whole history of them. they aren't dull. anyway, good night from washington, d.c. the o'reilly factor is up tonight. good night. tonight on "red eye." is arellano grande an american-hating donut liquor? you haven't seen the footage that proves it. and did tom selek steal water during a drought? i miss the good old days where he was stealing my heart. and mtv has a new documentary titled "white people." what's that about? your guess is as good as mine. first, a news break. live from america's ns headquarters i'm will car. the confederate flag will be removed from the south carolina state capitol seven hours from now. the state lawmakers are voting
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to take it down 50 years after the flag was raised in protest of the civil rights movement. pressure had been mounting to ban its display following a shooting at a his historic black church where people were killed. and they say they stopped a potential terror attacked ahead of the fourth of july celebrations. they didn't specify any potential plot, but credit the arrest of 10 suspected it isis sympathizers. the fbi and the department of homeland security warned of an increased terror threat tied to the july 4th weekend. the obama administration is now revealing hackers got their hands on social security numbers for more than 21 million people. it happened during a breech of the computer system at the office of personnel management. most people affected applied for background investigations. they pointed fingers at the chinese government. greece is meeting a crucial deadline on thursday by sending euro zone creditors
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a new package with cuts and tax hikes in hopes it will lead to a $53 billion bailout package. the european union issued a stark ultimatum to make a deal with creditors by sunday or face bankruptcy. the new video just in of bruce or caitlin jenner's car accident. the former olympian plowed into a white lexus sending it into on coming traffic. it was hit by a hummer killing the woman behind the wheel. jenner is facing two lawsuits for his role in the crash. i'm will carr. "red eye" starts right now. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the news desk. >> welcome back, man.
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>> thanks. well -- >> did you go anywhere fun? >> well, i was -- what do you mean? i was here yesterday. >> you look like you got some color. did you take the family, wife and kids, or by yourself? >> i have been here every day. >> i'm glad you are back. the guy filling in, not so great. not so great, man. >> let's welcome our guests. she lives where she belongs. it is the kitchen, hell's hitchen. joanne nosuchunsky. did someone order a potassium-enriched snack? in i am serving up a camille. producer camille foster. she was born in russia and made a name for herself in the usa, but enough about my hero ian rand. she is a strategist, contributor julie raginski. and he writes, stars and produces his own tv show. that's right, he is trying to be like me. comedian and one of the stars of "friends of the people" on true tv, kevin barnette.
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let's start the show. as usual with the most important story of the day. police are now investigating the infamous incident in which ariana grande was caught on video allegedly licking and spiting on doughy treats at a southern california donut shop. the pop singer named after a large coffee was at wolfie's donuts on july 4th when she and her equally slaysy boyfriend -- classy boyfriend decided to spread their germs all over the pastries and donuts are not the only thing she spit on. >> what the [bleep] is that? >> the former nickelodeon star apologizes and claiming she was angry about the childhood oboes tee rates. but the local cops say they
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and county health inspectors are investigating and the shop's owner says the day after it happened the health rating was down graded from an a to a b. this is a scandal. julie, is this obama's fault or is this michelle's fault? pick one. >> it is malea and shasha's -- sasha's fault. they listen to the crap that made ariana grande famous which i just heard when joe did an impression. >> that's a fantastic answer. >> thank you. you know what i hate? i hate she is spiting on my donuts. >> that's the thing that is getting most americans angry is the i hate america. it is not that she was slobbering all over the donut. >> she can hate who she wants. just don't put your disgusting nickelodeon dna on my donut. >> i am not that familiar with her work, but i think she looks great.
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kevin, obviously she should go to prison, but for life? >> shooy hospital get any punishment at all. she is 22. you are supposed to do stupid stuff like that. i know plenty of people who has done worse things. i have been 22 before. sometimes you go to a party and you pee in somebody's listerine bottle. >> do you mix the pee with the lister rein? >> you don't want them to know it is pee in the bottle. they have to use it for months afterwards. that's how you ruin somebody. >> he's right. i have been 22 for the past several years. >> that's the antics you get into? >> i never run out of listerine. >> if there is enough listerine in there it will kill the germs. >> but by volume, the liquid inside there, still came out of your body and so they are tasting you for months at a time. and they are freshening their breath. >> and it is green so the
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yellow mixes in. >> they are both being facetious. >> i am not. >> i will keep using the listerine even in kevin's apartment. she apologized but was it sen sear this. >> absolutely not. i can't think straight because i can't face the fact that she is 22. i looked at her and now i am adjusting my perspective. >> the what? adjusting the hole? >> all of the perspectives. >> that's creepy byway of being creepy. >> do you think she really licked the donuts? i saw a little tongue -- >> she definitely licked the donuts. >> how can you tell? >> it looked like she licked the donuts. it was the whole donut thing. i saw it. >> interesting. >> did you see her making out with the boyfriend? they did a little smooching.
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>> the boyfriend is the real problem here. i will always blame the boyfriend for everything. he is the one if you watch the whole video, he is making the gross tongue movement like lick it, lick it. it is the peer pressure. the girls will do what their boyfriends say and so they get a little smooch and it is cute. it is the peer pressure. >> why is that? why are the young gals so impressionable they are trying to impress their boyfriends with gross behavior? >> we want their love. she can't eat the donut. she says she is december gusted by donuts and obesity so what satiates her cravings? a kiss from the boyfriend. >> is anyone actually mad about this? i know you have done serious analysis. are people upset? >> they seem to be legitimately upset. what does it say about the culture. i wasn't joking when i said this is the most important story of the day. this is what everyone is talking about. why? >> the kids say other sarcastic things like "[bleep]
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my life. if you said that would everyone call suicide hotlines? >> i see. you think it is more of a metaphor? they don't really mean it? >> yeah, why not? it is almost certainly sarcasm. this is not "meet the press." >> i think the country ?up arms about it because most of us have had jobs in the food service industry. >> which we loved. >> ariana dwran day never -- grande never has because she has been performing with nickelodeon and music career. it is more we hate her because she never had to have a menial job and deal with customers like herself. >> this donut shop was down graded from an a to a b? you just lick donuts and you get a b? >> the donuts are out there exposed. i would give them a c for having them out. >> licking donuts will get you a b? what gets you a c? >> they didn't sell the ducked
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donuts -- the licked donuts and they got the benefit of the doubt. we will give uh b and move on. >> you can throw the donuts out. i think the rating shouldn't have gone out. you leave them out in the air though you are asking for them to get licked. >> which makes her the hero of the story now that she exposed the dangerous donuteers. >> wasn't that a brilliant answer about the childhood obesity? >> very good. >> she is young enough -- she is saying this stuff, i hate america and this and this and that and she doesn't even know where she's at. >> that's the answer. she don't even know where she's at. i was going to say that. on to the next story. and now for one of my first topics. >> mtv has released the trailer for the new documentary "white people." it follows pulitzer prized
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winner jose antonio vargas as he leads young honkies to topics like privilege, affirmative action and my favorite, khakis. for the first time on fox news, let's watch white people. >> we are doing a film for mtv on what it means to be young and white. >> okay. >> if you say the wrong thing, suddenly you are a racist. >> trying to be careful. >> i don't want to offend people. >> i feel like you guys are attacking me now. >> if i bring any sort of race issue with my parents they immediately assume they are demonizing them. >> how might your life be different if you weren't whriet? white? >> when you say white, what does that mean to you? >> we've never had to internal lies what white people have done in america, but here you
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can't escape that. >> it feels leak i am being discriminated against. >> you get this feeling that things belong to you. >> i am getting uncomfortable. >> this is great. let's get all uncomfortable together. joanne, why does everyone in this video talk like this? is it because of privilege they all talk like that this. >> yeah, so all of us white people got together and in the meetings we went over how you are supposed to sound when you talk. >> the film maker wasn't talking like that, but everyone had that same tone. do you think it is an l.a. thing? >> it was editing, really. it is interesting it is on mtv, little fact. >> music television. >> sure. back in 2013, the vma's there was no black artist who won. not a single one. 2013. two years ago. it was at the vma's. it is ironic that mtv is doing a documentary on white privilege.
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i don't understand it all, and i don't think you should have to apologize for your circumstance. you should only ever apologize for your actions. so mtv might need to apologize for this show. >> that quote, you never have to apologize for your circumstance. they should use that in this white privilege video. that's a great quote. they can take that. camille, i think it is about time that white people got their own tv show, don't you? >> i am not a huge fan of race as some folks may know. i think any real conversation about race begins at the same point of saying that race is a silly, trite, nonsense cal, antiquated idea that doesn't tell us much about people at all. it suggests a uniformity of experience and personness. we should discard the idea. we shouldn't continue to we shouldn't be manufacturing idiotic shows that continue to
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exacerbate this idea that everyone who looks a particular way is experiencing the world in a particular fashion. it is just not true. the notion of collective shame and collective guilt or collective pride on the basis of race is idiotic. what white people have done to the world is a preposterous notion. >> every college would agree if you add except if you are white to the end of everything. >> my labors continue. >> what do you think? is he right? do you agree with him? >> to me the whole documentary is funny because it is like it is not anything new. we all know white people are sad and nervous. >> that's why we like the xanax so much. >> generalization exists and they suck a lot of times, but a lot of times they are fun. it is fun to say white people are sad and nervous. a lot of times it is true. a lot of times it is not. i don't care. i watch it because it is
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funny. >> wouldn't it be better if mtv did it as a comedy? it seems ernest and didactic and they want us to take lessons from it. what if they did a white man can't jump type of documentary where they showed white people doing funny white things and we could all laugh. wouldn't that be a better approach, and we could have a great time? >> that would bree great. >> they had that show. this is what pisses me off. it is called "jersey shore." if any black people pulled that [belief] they would be arrested and thrown out of town. this is what is upsetting about mtv. we have been there. white people are annoying. it is "jersey shore." they hookup with each other and lick each other owes dough -- each other's donuts and there is no way black people on earth would get away it and that is the real white privilege. >> you keep making interesting points for the left wing communist you are. >> i know. >> i disavow all of that.
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i don't know that all of that is true that all white people are licking donuts. >> have i been to the jersey shore and i can guarantee they are all doing it. >> i am from the jersey shore and she is right. >> that's right. you are from the jersey shore. what did you think of the show? it was an embarrassing show for the white folks, wasn't it? >> it was great for tourism and great for the shore. it made us more money, and it was entertaining. i think that's what you have to realize when you are watching a network like mtv. it is entertainment. >> virtually everyone who watched that show whether they would describe themselves as white or anything else, the experience of watching these people was totally alien. you don't bump into folks like this all the time. >> have you never been to new jersey? >> it is not their whiteness that makes them strange. it is whatever sub culture they are a member of. a black guy in harlem may have more in common with a white dude in the financial district than he does the guy who lives one neighborhood over in another part of harlem, and who also happens to be black. it is a silly way for us to
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think about ourselves. i wish stuff like this would go away. if it was just comedy, it would be fine. we take it seriously and ernestly. >> i know a lot about the hood because i watch a show called "the wire." i know what the real streets are like, but is it true -- i don't even know. is there any show that is like "jersey shore" but black -- i don't think there is a black" jersey shore." >> i believe there is a show like that in every demographic. people like this general to watch the world burn. you want to see chaos. that's why people like games like grand theft auto or whatever where you destroy stuff. that's what it is about. people want to see things get torn apart and that's what the show is "jersey shore." i was in college at the time and i saw the same stuff every day. people would talk to me like this is crazy and people doing this stuff. i was 21, 22 at the time and it was the same stuff happening. >> loving hip hop, basketball wise, all of these programs i have never, ever watched are
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all the same show. it is the same crap. it is people who are complete and utter disasters and you can watch them from the comfort of your home and laugh. >> camille has never watched those shows. >> no. >> kevin has probably never peed that mouth wash. we will go out with that. coming up, which star of "magnum pi" is stealing war during a california drought. if you said john hiller man, you are watching too much "magnum pi." record the new "red eye" with tom shillue. set it so you don't forget it. stick around.
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tom selek would never carry water for anyone, but he
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might steal it. the water district said a tanker truck stole water from a hydrant more than a dozen times and hauled that water to tom selek's 60 acre ranch. they found this out after hiring a private detective. probably james rockford. i am not surprised. seleck has been wasting water since the 70s in pursuit of that fresh, manly scent of his. >> safeguard is so effective you don't need heavy perfume. you can get naturally, clean smelling skin. >> you always smell so fresh. >> what about mooy? i use a deoderant soap. >> you smell like a deoderant soap. >> safeguard doesn't need heavy perfume to mask odor because it is so effective at removing the cause of per spir ration. >> good morning. >> you smell just the way a man should smell of the clean.
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>> well, if he is guilty he should be punished. there is nothing worse in the environment than water theft except flying in a private jet to lecture people on global warming. who would do that? >> did you how brilliantly i pulled that around to make it about hollywood hypocrisy? >> i think it is a test meant to the power of facial hair. i did not recognize tom selek in that video. he is still handsome. >> who rec cog thiedz -- recognized the two ladies who closed out the commercial? >> i was too phac neated by tom selek. >> famous ladies. >> pull it back. >> i don't know. tom selek is really handsome. >> tell me in my ear. >> we will leave it to the folks at home. they are two famous actresses. >> we were meme ma rised by tom selek. >> it was so famous that was my pick up line in like fourth grade. i would go up to the girls and say hey, what about me?
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i used a deoderant soap. >> how old are you? that was like in 1968. >> it was the 70s. julie, i will expect a full front of leonardo dicaprio. >> i thought it was al gore. oh. >> it was a set up for them. tom selek, a gun toting right winger should not be -- >> breaking fire hydrants. >> we are giving him grief for pulling a water plug when al gore has a house -- his house is like three miles long, isn't it? >> i have been there. it is seven miles long. >> and leo dicaprio goes around burning fossil fuels. >> supermodels. >> he set a supermodel on fire? >> >> blame tom selek. >> here is my question about
12:25 am
tom selek. he apparently busts fire hydrants and pulls up tankers? >> he has an avocado farm. he needs a lot of water. >> i am from new york so i am confused. he pulled up to a fire hydrant with a tanker? it is him and his wife. >> he had hired help. >> you have a guy who heists a fire hydrant? >> do you think it is the british guy on "magnum pi." >> you are making light of this. he reached a settlement with these folks as this story is breaking he reached a settle mentd. i -- settlement. i just got the news in my ear. he may be guilty, but hasn't "blue blood" done more to repair the relationship between the police and the black community? >> in any situation i will say i respect the hustle. it is a town you can only have this much water and he says
12:26 am
you can use the fountain over there. i can get whoever to drive up in the truck and i can feed my avocados the water. the past couple years i have been just getting in the avocados and they are dope. they will tell me i can't have the avocados in the yard. >> and he is providing avocados for all of us, isn't he? >> if the price of my guacamole goes up in chipotle, at least he tried to prevent that from happening. >> the man is arguably a hero. >> a wise man once said that celebrities are better than us. i believe this man was -- they are just better than us and we need to understand that they get special treatment. >> i want to show how young and out of touch joanne is. do we have that video of her announcing the tame of tom selek's tv show. >> from the show magnum pie.
12:27 am
>> she read the prompter. >> it is a show about large pastries. >> coming up, andy levey is back with half time. i can't wait, but have i to. can you guess the answer to today's trivia requesty? trivia request?
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live from america's news
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headquarters i'm will carr. barricades are in front of south carolina's state house in anticipation of a historic event later this morning. at 10:00 a.m. the confederate flag will be lowered from the capitol grounds where it has flown for 50 years. governor nikki haley signed a bill yesterday abolishing the banner from the state house. she was surrounded by families of the nine black victims killed in a charleston church last month. that masacre lead to the new law because the alleged gunman posed with the flag in several pictures. a standoff in kentucky between the governor and the elected county clerk over the issue of gay marriages. the clerk hasn't issued any marriage licenses until the court legalized same-sex marriages. davis is standing firm and citing religious objections. at this hour it appears unlikely that the negotiators in vienna will meet the friday deadline by completing the deal with iran. the talks are calling for a
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lifting of sanctions. john kerry says the u.s. will not be rushed. >> we are not going to sit at the negotiating table forever. we also recognize that we shouldn't get up and leave when the clock strikes midnight. >> and new york city kicks off a huge celebration today for the u.s. women's soccer team to commemorate their world cup victory. gotham will honor them with a ticker tape parade. some 50 tons of confetti will shower the girls as they are carried through the legendary canyon of heros. the city's mayor promises it will be a magical event and boy do they deserve it. i'm will carr and now let's get you back to "red eye." >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we
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got wrok and -- wrong and what we missed from andy levey. hello, andy. >> hello, thomas. let's start with ariana grande. tom, you said she is named after a large coffee. >> yes. >> in fact ariana is of greek origin and usually means very holy. i don't know where you got the coffee thing from. >> a large cup of coffee is very holy, isn't it this god bless it. >> julie, kudos for admitting it is sasha and malea's fault. >> i am taking them on. i'm tired of them. they are no bush twins. enough america. >> kevin, first of all, remind me to never invite you to a party. you said she's 22, and young people do stupid things. i would like to point out that she is hypoglycemic. so it is possible that she licked the donuts because she was crashing and needed
12:34 am
sugar. >> wow. makes 100% sense then. >> i try. camille you said you are adjusting your perspective on ariana after finding out she is 22. >> she looked young. i thought she was a child. i was not going to judge her too harshly because she was a child. >> this was not about her appearance or your feelings about her appearance? >> yep. >> you're sticking with that story sph. >> yes. >> you also asked camille if anybody is legitimately upset about this. i don't care about her anti-american comments. she was making a joke along the lines of this is why they hate us or now i understand isis which is what they say when they see something stupid. spiting on and licking food is disgusting. >> but she did it in the service of stoping the restaurant from putting donuts out. if anyone is gonna lick my food though it should be her. >> tom, i am also with you. i am not entirely sure she did it based on the video.
12:35 am
>> that's the whole thing. it is funnier if you don't do it and if you are joking with your friends and get really close. >> you blame this on the boy friend saying it was the peer pressure that caused her to do this. >> yes. >> it sounds like you rehearsed that line and maybe you used it with the authority before. >> yep. >> by the way, i am renaming you and julie the insky twins. >> clever. >> very nice. >> i don't know if it is clever. >> did it take a long time? >> it took me 74 minutes. by the way, the store's owner says that in addition to the rating dropping from an a to a b, the good news is his business has tripled since the video was made public. >> wow. >> clearly the whole thing was faked by him to drum up business. >> good for business. >> mtv's white people show. you referred to the host as an illegal immigrant.
12:36 am
just a reminder that we are not supposed to call people who imigrated to america illegal immigrants. >> is that the words i used? >> yes. >> i just read the prompter. don't think i have anything to do with this show. >> i'm aware. you said white people. >> white people? >> why? why the h in front of white? >> there is an h in white, is there not? >> after the w and not before. >> we will talk about this for a long while. >> a whole cool whip thing going on. jono, you said at the 2013 vma's no black people won. >> that's what wikipedia told me. >> mclemore won. he is not black. kevin said you know -- we all know white people are sad and nervous. for the record, i am not nervous.
12:37 am
>> are you sure? search your soul. >> what do you mean by that? >> exactly what i said. >> sounds like a threat. >> sliewlly, you said -- julie you said they had a show called "jersey shore" because if they acted the way they were acting on the show they would be run out of town. our producer wanted us to say they would have been shot. >> by thugs at the jersey shore. >> why bring up the irish? >> i am wearing green and feeling leprechauny. >> and lucky. >> i am lucky. >> good for you. when he says things in my ear i take them as my own. >> i was nervous about that one. >> tom selek accused of stealing water. as joanne knows tom selek is a good friend of lou daabs.
12:38 am
i will not trash any friend of lou daabs. celebrities are better people than us and should not beheld to the same standard. if tom selek wants more water he should get more water. the muss stash will not -- the mustache will not clean itself joanne, i want you to know i turned down the opportunity of seeing you saying magnum pie. i said why do i want to do that to joanne? >> that's nice of you, andy. >> lastly, tom, i believe you said you were not familiar with ariana grande's work. >> i got my hands on video that it looks like it was from your office maybe earlier today. can we play that?
12:39 am
>> tom, what do you have to say for yourself now? tom it is time to take a break. tom will hopefully be back with tony award-winning actress.
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she is an actress, producer and arsonist. i didn't know that. joining me is katie huffman. she is -- get me off that panel said katie huffman. what a diva. i want to ask you in "the producer" matthew broderick and nathan lane, who was the biggest diva? >> between the two of them 1234* you assume -- you assume one of them? >> not that there maybe wasn't another person -- >> look at that. there is the photo. who is that? that's matthew broderick? he looks tall and lanky. those two guys were the big
12:44 am
stars, the big names, but look at that poster and you tell me who is the one selling tickets? can you imagine a poster of two guys in tuxedos? it wouldn't sell. >> that's just in a random magazine actually. he really didn't do it. >> it was those guys. >> the first poster was just the door which was the best. >> you're right. >> it was awesome. >> and then it sold tickets, right? >> there goes my theory. >> get over yourself, right? >> but you were the attraction, right? >> i was the biggest? is that what you were going to say? you were the biggest on stage? >> you moved a lot of seats. >> thank you. >> was it -- helen, helen swanson. >> that's hard. we think we can do the swedish accent, but it is not easy. >> no, the weirdest thing is
12:45 am
singing with the accent. it is hard on the voice, to be perfectly honest. >> do they real do that? really do that? the foreigners when they sing they sound english. >> and the swedes have the most beautiful accent ever. she said your swedish accent is so beautiful and i'm like, oh my god. she is a lovely, you know, beautiful -- i had to go to nova scotia to find a swedish accent. >> they are wonderful people, aren't they, the swedes? tony award for "the producers"? that's not the only one. will rogers follies? >> some people think i won for that, but i was nome knitted. i lost to an 11-year-old. >> you did? that's not right. >> no. >> i am not kidding. i don't think children should get awards. >> right? >> it seems silly, but i don't think it is good. you know your life as an
12:46 am
actress, right? imagine if your pinnacle was when you were young. that's rough on a person's psyche, is it not? >> i think they do very funky things with those awards. they used to give the tiny oscars to people like judy garland and andy rooney. you know, a special children's oscar rather than put them up against grown-ups. >> exactly. >> and the weird thing with the -- this is terrible because it is my business, but the three billies winning, you are sending a strange message when you start to make concessions. >> it is awful. you're with me. no children should get awards. >> any awards. >> it is stressful. this is why people watch, i think. they scan the crowd, and when you are up for an award they want to see your face and they want to see the fake clapping. can we do something about that? >> i don't want to, are you kidding? there is some awesome moments. oh man.
12:47 am
>> what did you do? what did you do to prepare for that? you must have thought of it. >> listen, tom. the thing is on that day everyone has done a matinee. you are tired. you have 45 minutes to get ready to get to radio city music hall. you are not thinking of anything . several times -- a couple times i have actually gone from my matinee, changed and had to perform first thing. there is no realtime to think about it. >> interesting. >> less stress than you think, right? >> for me it is just like, well, i am happy to be here. >> you are happy just to be nominated, isn't that what they say? >> happy that you won. you won the big prize. >> let's reach in and get a question. it is the random question of the day. >> is that like a reach around a? a reach around? >> it is, but every question has a stranded island. has a happy ending. you are on a stranded island.
12:48 am
who would you bring? >> there is somebody on the crew. what did you call them? a sporno sexual. i will take a sporno sexual please. >> fantastic. thank you for coming. you were too good for the panel. >> you're not kidding. >> we'll close things out with a bedtime story and to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" remi spencer. >> back when i was a kid there were only two kinds of delivery services, pizza and mail. pizza only if you were lucky. if you wanted a taco, you either had to go to a restaurant or make it yourself. taco bell is about to change all of that. the fast-food chain is rolling out a nationwide delivery service that will satiate the craving of cheap mexican today. while delivery is not available in new york i imagine it would go something like this. hi, yes, i would like five tacos and two chiloupa's.
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like that, so easy. in fact, why don't more businesses deliver? we can get movies, groceries booze without getting off the couch, but how about things like gasoline? gasoline, fill up my car while it is in the driveway. cell phones. i don't know how you would call for that. taco bell is on to something. so convenient. here comes amanda. thank goodness for interns. >> i am not sure i should tar take of the sacrament here. >> i don't want you ladies worrying about your teeth. camille, are you a health food nut or something? >> no, this is like a food-shaped laxative. >> by all means, dig in. >> we have two minutes for it to kick in and then we will
12:54 am
have a special closing segment. >> what is this? >> answer the first question. is this a smart idea by taco bell? >> it is terrific. it will save a lot of lives. taco bell is stoner food. if they are not on the road driving to pick it up and being delivered to them we are safer and better and they can get higher. >> this is very good. what is better than that? >> nothing. >> is that what this is? >> i love a beef taco. i wrap the hard shell in the soft shell. >> you can't mix those two. >> why haven't they done this before? we should get everything delivered? >> i am at the same point. stoner food and half the time you are drinking and it is causing accidents. people say i am willing to die for this baja burrito. >> it will save lives.
12:55 am
people are willing to drive and hold these between their legs, it is brilliant. >> i don't get the business model. all of this is like $2.99 so is there a delivery charge? >> there is probably a minimum and a delivery charge. >> it doesn't matter. you problem blow spend $10 to buy all of taco bell. >> it is delicious and so good, but no lettuce. stop putting lettuce in everything. >> i like the rabbit food. >> i can't believe we didn't invite you over here. >> you can have my -- >> take a seat. >> he doesn't even talk. >> joanne, they will not even have taco bells anymore. i can't think of the name. >> what is so nice about dwoing? >> remember going to blockbuster and walking up and down the aisle with your girlfriend and boyfriend and deciding -- what a drag. >> my boy trend would make me go get it. >> i worry about the job. all
12:56 am
of these people will get fired at the cash register. >> they will be delivering tacos. >> and that is so much better? >> it is. the open road. it is like a bruce springsteen song. >> what did you do to those? >> he licked them. >> oh my, andy. that is terrible. i think this is a great idea. i think it is what america is all about. i think all of the malls will be closing and in the future we will be at home and have everything driven to our door. >> there is no reason to leave your house. >> and it is not anti-american. this thing we are a lazy culture, it gives us more time -- if you're lazy and not getting enough exercise, it is not the fault of large corporations like taco bell. it is your own fault. >> why are you lecturing me? >> are you a left wing cradle to grade and you want us tied to the government.
12:57 am
i don't. i want freedom. freedom to have the chalupas delivered. >> that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. the insky, twinskyies. >> great. >> we got to go.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
we have four seconds lefts left. that's it for "the five" "special report" next. i'm bret baier in washington. remember all the terror warnings before the fourth of july? tonight federal authorities are filling in some details. fbi director james comey says the bureau stopped several potential terrorist attacks in the weeks before the fourth of july weekend. and comey says some of the suspects apprehended had been communicating on encrypted platforms. let's get more on this from chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tonight. good evening, kathryn. >> reporter: the confirmation from fbi director james comey that federal authorities disrupted a number of plots designed for the july fourth holiday shows there was a severe


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