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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 13, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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off. thank you for starting with us always. public enemy number one outraged in disbelief after one of the world's most powerful drug lords escaped a maximum security prison in mexico for a second time. >> at this hour there is a massive manhunt underway for el chapo guzman. he used an under tunnel to break out of a prison. >> hard to believe the most powerful drug trafficker in the world broke out of prison saturday night. el chapo guzman worth more than a million dollars broke out. he charged with a cartel one of the most dangerous brutally environment in the world. he said to have taken 1,000 lives in mexico alone. he broke out hour and a half west of mexico city.
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when the guards went to check on him the only thing left was the hole near the shower that led to a ventilated tunnel that led to a house in nearby construction. they are known for their super tunnels. we have seen them along the border and the united states. guzman used them to evade law enforcement. many times the cartel will dig the tunnels by hand to avoid making noise. even if it happened here it is unlikely the tunnel could have been built without detection by the prison yards. this is the second time he broke out. back in 2001 he snuck into another prison. that time he got helped was convicted. at the time officials vowed he would not escape again. now authorities in merry christmas mexico and the united states on the hunt for el chapo. will carr fox news.
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some believe guzman may have inside help that is fuelling mistrust for the mexican government. >> mexico's biggest drug lord escaped from jail. unbelievable corruption and the usa paying the price. i told you so. >> big 2016 campaign today. scott walker set fob the 15 st. republican to enter the race for president as hillary clinton lays out the vision for the economy. a look at what we can expect a busy day on the political front. good morning, doug. >> perhaps, heather an unpredictable day for this already crowded gop field. scott walker is supposed to announce his run for president at 6:00 p.m. a premature tweet said scott is in are you? join our team today. it showed a tweet of the governor super imposed on it.
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the misfire may not have been the fault of the walker campaign. it was quickly deleted. the field he walks in is dramatically different open ended by the grass-roots popularity billionaire donald trump. trump's in your face style has rocketed him to a tie for first place in one poll on saturday in a speech in arizona he doubled down on his comments about illegal immigration. >> i respect mexico greatly as a country. but the problem we have is that their leaders are much smarter, sharper and more cunning than our leaders and they are killing us at the border and they are killing us. and trade. thou shall not criticize another republican with this jab at jeb bush. >> the polls just came out and i
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am tied with jeb bush and i said that's too bad. how can i be tied with this guy. he's terrible. he's terrible. he's weak on immigration. when they said mr. trump you are in first place. you are tied with jeb bush. i said that's not good. how could i beside with him. >> this is a big day for democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. she will layout the plans for boosting the economy. >> every where i went people seemed to love trump, though. thank you so much doug. >> donald trump continuing to revive the republican party inside the party. republican candidate lindsay graham haze trump is a threat to the republican's moral authority. >> i think he's crazy as a defining moem p meant. there are some that agree with donald trump that want to make him their vice president. some say he is speaking the truth. what i think he is doing is
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being a demagogue. i think he's uninformed about the situation regarding the illegal immigrant population. it what happened in san francisco does not represent the 1 # 1 men. i think he high backed the-- hijacked the debate. he's a wrecking ball and we need to push back. >> graham says the republican party should just reject trump's comments about mexicans. the woman who murdered a woman in the bathroom executed overnight. the 31-year-old terrorist stabbed and killed a kindergarten teacher, mother of two from colorado. this happened last december. the woman responsible for her murder also tried to bomb an egyptian american doctor's house there. the murderer was radicalized over the internet and wanted to kill foreigners. the leader of an al qaeda
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group is dead. mousesy and two other prems were taken out in a raid. they gunned down 28 people p and 24 others at the bar doe museum back in march. now they are they havewere heavily criticized for not protecting the tourist suspect now growing more desperate by the way in the state of kentucky. crystal rogers disappears. her family is not so sure. kelly wright joins us with the latest on this story. heather good morning to you. it's a case that has people going in circles and family members worried for their loved one's life. crystal rogers has been missing since july 3rdrd. police searched her home in erickcek kentucky and found her car with
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a flat tire parked on the side of the highway. during a weekend vigil crystal's relatives vow to keep searching for her and bring her home. >> she was a very lovely person. >> when there was no contact or nobody heard anything from her, they just knew something what happened. it's not her norm. she always was connected with her family. >> the last person to see crystal rogers alive. rogers sister questioned her boy friend. he told nancy grace and has to go nothing to do. >> i want to be honest. i am for everyone. i have been 100 percent cooperative and everything that has been asked of me.
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i have shot asked for any kind of legal advice or assistance or an attorney of any nature. i am 100 percent completely innocent in this. >> by the way he took a polygraph test it was inclon inconclusive inconclusive. there's a 71,000 dollar reward for information leading to and finding chris cal rogers. we have more of this coming up. when crystal rogers mother and her sister. new overnight greece and other creditors coming undi der agreement it gaifls country. international predators will seep an the con he true will not believing the euro after all. >> it could be the end of nuclear negotiations with iran. it imposes long-term limits on
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programs for weapons. in return they would get billions of dollars in sanctions relief. the june 30th deadline for the deal has been extended for three months so far. we will be watching this through out the morning. lightning led to a spark. the fire that burned this church to the grounds this church completely gutted in the blaze and over removal heavy train. roadways and homes are surrounded by water. in roseville, minnesota, streets littered with trees as rains continue to fall. foreign does have been reported. more extreme weather through out the midwest today. affecting up to 25 million americans. >> for the second year in a row dkovich bettered federer. the shots come so fast. a roar of victory coming from
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djokovic won his third wimbledon. >> he had a lightening fast serve. it shows how fast the ball is going to cross the net. >> that could have won would the john deere classic if it wasn't for some pesky pranksters. (explosion) >> there's a boat on the rock river that was in his back swing. >> it was a passing boat right as he was to take his shot. it sent him into the air and he lost that shot and the playoff. nothing that a golfer doesn't like more than noise, right? >> the queen has been crowned in your 2015 miss usa winner is... >> oklahoma. >> a 26-year-old olivia jordan
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is the winner at the miss usa competition in baton rouge, louisiana. >> not at the event co-owner donald trump he was attending his presidential campaign. they dropped the pageant after trump made the controversial pageant about mexicans last month. >> there was a beach blast that sent a woman right out of her chair. now for the first time she is explaining the horror she felt. >> i remember reading my book and we watched a gentlemen ready to go scuba diving. >> the explosion that had a bomb squad baffled. minor charge for a major crash. what investigators revealed about the deadly crash involving caitlyn jern. >> it is cheaper than a commercial flight. >> first a look at your weather
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> good morning. it is 15 minutes past the hour. the connecticut woman sent flying through the air by a mysterious blast at a rhode island bleach now speaking out for the first time. >> the last thing i remember was reading my book and we watched a gentlemen get ready to go scuba diving. he was putting on his scuba diving gear and that's the last thing i remember. >> kathleen denise is recovering at home from a concussion a few broken ribs and bruises. it also sent a foundpound of sand up her nose and into her ears her family says. the family described the moment.
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>> i saw her scream and get up get up. the same time i am screaming the sandy rock through my sister from there face down unconscious. they baffled officials after they found no evidence of explosive devices. there's no gas lines there. the beach has been reopened to tourists who aren't really concerned. >> i am not going to change our plans never. >> this is where we always stay. we have been here six years now and never really had a problem. we are not too shower whature what happened.#] >> we sit by the rocks and enjoy ourselves. >> don't mess with their spot. it could have been a natural gas explosion. >> find out what happened there. >> a thrill seeker is getting an unexpected adventure when
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skydiving. they make an unusual landing. >> here's what happened. three people learning to sky dive. they were on board the plane along with a pilot and instructor. investigators say it lost power after taking off in southern new jersey and had to touchdown in the grassy medium. the diving instructor has cuts on one arm but no one else was injured. a little drone causing a big problem in a wildfire fight. fire crews in van bernardino county. the aircraft was spotted too close to the blaze they say. the planes were grounded over fears of a collision. this is the fourth time a drone has stopped efforts to fight wildfires. the wal-mart version of fight has just reignited this morning.
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our sister network is here with the details. loren? >> good morning usa today is warning wal-mart will offer a black friday type of sale this wednesday to rifleval the sale amazon is giving. wal-mart is daring you to compare the prices and said they match or are lower than amazon. the shipping order will drop from $35 for 50. chipolte finally has a new pork spiter. they will use krkcarra. it will look for a domestic supplier that is up to par. don't think it will be too expensive. there are ways to get a jet for $150. that's less than a coach ticket.
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consider a monthly membership. and at the box office for the weekend what a win for mignons. it had the second biggest opening for animated film from all times bringing 150 million in ticket sales. second to only shrek the third. inside jurassic world and inside out round out the top 3. it was packed at the movie theater. >> the lunch time rush what we learned about the food truck explosion in the i had elf a parking lot. i i>> the officers act of kindness has him united with the father for life.
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>> welcome back. the lunch time rush is in up flames whether a food truck explodes. >> a firefighter in greensburg north carolina whieflz working to put out a fire in the food truck when the engine sell der blew up. he is expected to be okay. he was knocked to the ground. other cars in the parking lot were also damaged. the blast shattered their windows. katelyn jenner likely avoided jail time. she may be charged with sri heck layer manslaughter. jenner was not paying attention when the black suv collided with
2:24 am
kim house car killing her after pushing her into the on coming lane of traffic. jenner has multiple lawsuits for the crash. >> the coach for the buffalo bills behind bars for allegedly attacking a boy. >> newly hired aaron chromer getting into a confrontation on a florida breech with three boys over the use of beach chairs. she pushed one of the boys to the ground and crushed him. he killed the boy's family as he called police. he is booked on a misdemeanor battery charge. the bills are looking into the situation. >> they bought diapers for a homeless person. she was desperate trying to steal diapers from a kansas wal-mart when she was caught. officer grovel arrived to investigate. heenededed en -- he ended up using
2:25 am
his own money to buy the family baby supplies. >> some people might view that as wrong but i think morally her heart is in the right place the will to survive and take care of your children. >> it was nice for him to do. he didn't have to do that. he could have taken me to jail. >> she was ticketed with theft but a bank has set up a fund to help the family. the officer will join us live on "fox & friends" at0 with an update on how the family is doing and to say thanks to him. >> 25 after the top of the hour. are you booking your next vacation the cheapest most expensive route that has been revealed. >> taking the page from tom hanks7éi> in 1939 frank sinatra made his first recording.
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live aid was held in philadelphia, london moscow and sidney to raise money for children starving in africa.
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want! mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal. >> good morning. it is monday july the 13th. we start off with a fox news alert. one of the most dangerous deadly men on the run. the dramatic details of the drug cartel's leader under ground escape. >> the search for a mother of five intensifying as family members point some fingers. >> she is watching us. it's not -- she is not out there to where -- if she is out there it's against her will. >> why they say her boyfriend is not telling the whole truth. >> danica patrick unleashes on dale ernhardt, jr. after this hit on the track. >> really?
2:30 am
>> the battle brewing between two of nascar's most popular racers. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. nice to be back with you. i am heather nauert in for ainsley earhardt. we begin with the ever growing race for the white house. wisconsin governor scott walker expected to throw his hat into the ring later today. >> hillary clinton may be trying to steal his thunder delivering a big speech of her own today. we have a look at what we can expect. >> good morning, doug. >> good morning, heather. this has been a busy and important day on the campaign trail with both parties nipping at her heels. they are unveiling her plan for increasing middle class wages. the real news comes today from
2:31 am
wisconsin governor scott walker set to formally announce his entrance into the gop field at 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight. it has gotten noticeably more crowded with donald trump swinging his sharp elbows at his competitors. he did it again this weekend at a speech in phoenix, arizona. in front of a big crowd the new york billionaire tied with jeb bush in one national poll took a hot at the -- shot at the former florida governor. a poll came out and i am tied with jeb bush. how can i be tied with this guy? he is terrible. he is terrible. he's weak on immigration when they said mr. trump you are in tirs place. you are tied with jeb bush. that's not good. how can how could i be tied with bush. >> analysts have real heartburn for party insiders as they trump
2:32 am
bomb blast painting him anti immigrant. fear he may take in leg gones of supporters with him for a third party run which could hand a tight race for the democratic party. >> heartburn. >> donald trump continues to divide the republican party carly fiorina won't say she will support him if she gets the bid. >> i think gone nald trump passed into an anchor that i hear every day. people are angry. common sense thing like securing the border or ending sanctuary cities is somehow considered extreme. at a professional pass of both parties talks a good game gives good speeches. somehow nothing ever changes. people are angry as well.
2:33 am
it is a double standard in the media. >> they may have divided republicans but they said the second prison escape of a drug kingpin proves his point. a massive manhunt sn der way for chap ma goose man. he used a mile long under ground system to break free outside of mexico city. he entered it from a small opening in a shower cell. they claim a tunnel was built without detection of authorities. some say guzman had inside help. the biggest drug lords escapes from jail unbelievable corruption and usa is paying the price. i told you so. dozen prison employees are being questioned. he was raised back in 1993. he escaped in 2001. he was on the run until his capture in neb last year.
2:34 am
>> another illegal immigrant has now been accused of a frightening crime at home. hernandez gomez is accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl from her home last week in florida. police found him with that girl several days later in michigan. he sexually assaulted her during that time. child protective services plans to return that little girl to her parents as soon as possible. >> the search for a missing mother of five growing more desperate by the way in kentucky. crystal rogers disappeared more than a week ago. he took a lie detector test t. his story doesn't add up. kelly wright joins us with the latest on this search. >> gone without a trace. the massive search for chris cal rogers grows this morning. 71,000 dollars going to any one who can lead police in the right direction. crystal rogers the mother of
2:35 am
five children vanished. they found her car with a flat tire parked on the side of a highway. her purse, keys and uncharged cell phone was still inside. the last person to see crystal rogers alive was her boyfriend who says he woke up and rogers was gone. he tells nancy grace he's innocent and has nothing to do with her disappearance. >> i have been 100 percent completely honest with never one. i have been 100 percent cooperative. everything that has been asked of me i am not asked for any kind of legal advice or assistance or attorney of any nature. i am 100 percent completely innocent in this. >> her mother said her daughter would never disappear like that and was likely taken. >> if she is watching us she is
2:36 am
not out there to where she can contact us. if she is out there it's against her will. >> he took a polygraph test but it was inconclusive. rogers family are asking him to take another one. they believe there is no way she would ever leave her children alone. >> hope they find her. we will have more on the store rei. i don't have "fox & friends". >> let's head over haes. grease coming to an agreement that saves the company from natural disaster. it comes from eep economic reforms and cuts. that brings greece back from the brinks. they will not believing the euro
2:37 am
after all. david cameron is asking military leaders to invest in more drones and lead truth to counter the islamic extremists. u.s. drones are already being useded. they are pushing for more missions in syria. a british teenager who ran away to join isis is now a jihadi bride. she entered in an unholy union with ginger jihadi. he has become a major poster boy of sorts you could say for isis. the 16-year-old girl fled her london home and family back in february with two other girls. >> oh my. best wishes to the couple. house speaker john boehner goes to trial. he is accused of threatening.
2:38 am
point was fired from his job in october and went on to blame boehner for his personal problems. he was found fit for trial but has a history of men cal illness.ill -- mental illness. >> lightning believed to have sparked the fire that burned this indiana church to the ground. the church completely gutted in the blaze. also in indiana streets turned into lakes as heavy rain found more though. forcing several people out of their homes because of the blooding. brand new video this morning out of avon minnesota. strong winds and rain blowing around street signs. tornadoes have been reported in the state. more extreme weather through out the midwest today. >> danica patrick unleashing on fellow racer dale ernhardt jr. >> did he hit me? >> he said he didn't have any
2:39 am
brakes. go (bleep) your self. i mean really? >> ernhardt bumped into the back of patrick's car sending her into a wall. he was having brake troubles and says he shouldn't have been driving so close and so hard next to her. she gave him a little tap of her own as they pulled into the pit for repairs. they will meet again this weekend into new hampshire. it will be interesting to hear what they have to say to one another. he's a forrest gump fan from michigan. >> i decided to go for a little run. i ran to the end of the road. when i got there, i thought maybe i would run to the end of town. >> don't you love that movie. barclay is running from los angeles to maine raising money for a charity that fights poverty. he is sit hitting the road at 6:00 a.m. covering 30 miles each
2:40 am
day. that journey will take him through 14 states. >> you want to try, heather? >> good luck to him. i think desiree might want to meet that guy. >> quite the splash. >> run number 7. >> the man jumping face first into the water at the park to retrove the home run ball hit by joe panic. they tossed him a life saver and pulled had i am to safety. >> he really wanted that ball huh? >> yes, he did. >> the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. a pizza shop worker becomes a life saver. >> man keeps on looking at me. little boy. little boy was scared. i was like no that's not him.
2:41 am
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social media challenge encouraging people to rip down confederate flags. >> people are posting videos of themselves taking down any confederate flag they see hanging in their community. they are going on to people's private prop territories or getting out in traffic to pull them off of vehicles. >> today ish2> deadline day for the oregon bakery that refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple for their wedding because it was for the religious beliefs. the owner of sweet cakes by melissa must pay a 135,000 dollar fine in full or the state could place a lean on his home. he didn't want to bake cakes for same sex couples. he will not back down he says.
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to new york onward. road warrior says scope out the deals early. >> thanks anyway. log on to >> stay inside and gamble. 10 minutes to the top of the hour. from hope to handcuffs. the legal trouble for the hardest towho created the famous obama campaign image. >> to prove you are never too old to achieve your dreams i love this one. the baseball fan throwing herself right into the record books. >> steve doocy on "fox & friends" this weekendmonday. 2016 gop presidential candidate chris christie is going ob tonight couch. greg abbott weighs in on the immigration debate and whether or not sanctuary city should receive federal money. plus the top family friendly
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. the connecticut woman sent flying through the air by a mystery blast at a rhode island beach speaking out for the first time. listen. >> the last thing i remember was reading my book and we watched a gentleman get ready to go scuba diving. he was putting on his gear and that's the last thing i remember. >> 60-year-old kathleen denne is
2:52 am
recovering from at home from a concussion the blast sending a pound of sand up her nose and into her ears. her sister described the terrifying moments. >> i actually seen the rocks scream and move get up get up they threw my sister in the air. facedown unconscious, ten feet away. >> can you imagine that? the blast baffling officials after they found no evidence of explosive devices and despite smelling some gas in the area the local utility company says there are no gas lines there. the beach is now reopened and tourists say that they are not too worried. investigators, though say it could have been a natural explosion. can you imagine that heather? >> really bizarre, certainly. you all remember those hope posters that popped up during
2:53 am
president obama's first run. that one right there. the graffiti artist is now in jail for vandalism in detroit. he was arrested in los angeles after he returned from a trip to europe. he's accused of vandalizing 14 buildings last month, including two buildings owned by the city. burgers and fries without a side of open carry. the texas restaurant what aburger bans guns. what aburger making the move after customers and employees said people carrying guns uncomfortable. private owners have the right to prohibit open carry. a cigarette break may have saved a little boy's life in texas. courtney best spotted a white
2:54 am
car that matched an amber alert on her phone. when i man stepped out with a little boy, she got suspicious. >> the man was in the walking parking lot. i was the only person out there. and the little boy looked scared. no that's not him. >> when she checked the license plate, she realized it was him. she called police. the cell phone video shows the moment the kidnapper was arrested and the little boy was saved. good for her. well for some viral video, hop on board a raft guide. rescues an abandoned bear cub struggling to reach the banks of a tennessee river. how cute. the five-month-old little cub was put open the boat and returned to safety. a young girl sees with glasses for the very first time. >> hi cutie.
2:55 am
>> the baby from cincinnati gazing aw struck at her mother. the daughter has always had weak eyeing sight. a massive manhunt is under way for a dangerous drug lord where investigators are looking for el chapo this morning. and backhoe ban ditz let's see how this one ends.
2:56 am
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is. one minute before the top of hour. here's what's happening today. a massive manhunt under way this hour for joaquin guzman. he used a tunnel to escape from a mexico prison. checkpoints are set up around the prison. crystal rogers vanished july 3rd and another piece of news to bring you right now. wisconsin governor scott walker set to enter the presidential race today. how do you feel it will impact the race? weigh in on our facebook page. and now the the good, the bad, and the ugly, a washington woman celebrates her 101 as it birthday. the bad, two men rip out a atm
3:00 am
bank used a backhoe. police catch with up with them shortly. and a space hits a wall not very good. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good monday morning to you, it's july 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. i'm filling in for elisabeth this morning. one of the world aes most dangerous drug king pins is on the run, the man they call the owesama bin laden from many mexico escaped from prison. why most people are saying at least it had to be an inside job. >> now he's on the outside. while donald trump dominates the 2016 race scott walker gets ready to jump in today. the wisconsin governor making his push for the oval


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