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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 13, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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with their expenses and support the cases kate loved. you can see it right there. that is in her memory. tune in tomorrow night we have a bring lin thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." tonight we're broadcasting where this crowd would like to call scott walkersure wisconsin. he will be our guest tonight. but first here's how it went down tonight. >> america's is a cando kind of country. we have a government in washington that can't seem to get the job done. it's not too late. we can turn things around. to do that we need new, fresh leadership. leadership with big bold ideas
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from outside of washington. the kind of leadership that knows how to get things done. i hear from people who say they're frustrated with politicians telling people what they're against and who they're against. let me tell you what i'm for. i'm for reform growth safety. my record shows that i know how to fight and win now more than ever. america needs a president who will fight and win for america. joining us now for a one hour interview, 2016 presidential candidate wisconsin governor scott walker. they officially wanted me to see say scott walker shah.
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>> they're on fire. >> you've got to welcome the very few candidates. you got reaction from hillary clinton. and you got reaction from the head of the cio who said scott walker is a national disgrace. hillary said you're stomping on workers' right. is this something you'd be proud of that the left is attacking you right out of the box? >> they recognize that we not only fight, we fight and win. we've won three times in four years if a purple if not blue state. we won on the issues. the reason they're upset, the reason hillary clinton said what she said was we took power out of the big hands union bosses and put it into the hands of the hardworking people. it's pro worker because we give them the freedom to choose. >> one of the things i think is emerging in this political campaign is people want boldness. you have not been afraid to take on some controversial issues. obviously what happened with the unions in this state that was a big issue.
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more importantly you now, for example, somebody wants to get welfare in the state of wisconsin, they have to have job training drug testing, you said you want to have an abortion you have to have an ultrasound. >> it's who i am. i'm a conservative. i'm a economic fiscal and social conservative. part of the reason why i've won three times, is because not only does the base come out for us. we won independents. i believe independents here and in other battle ground states across america they want someone to lead. they want you to look square in the eyes tell them what you're for and what you're going to do and go out and do it. >> you're the 15th entrant into the race. a lot of people before you. why -- i guess it's just a clix
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clixased question. >> the same reason why i decided to run for governor and for president, i want my children to grow up in a country greater than the one we inherited. i don't see it happening. i think it's too late. i think we can turn things around. it wasn't too late in wisconsin. >> i don't think it's too late. you said that in your speech earlier. my question is how bad do you think things are? >> i think it's really bad. considering how far we are past the recession, we should be recovering at a much greater rate. when you think about the power that's been amassed in washington. six of the top ten counties last year according to one wealthiest counties in america were in and around washington, d.c. that shows you the clinton and obama strategy of the world is to grow the economy by growing washington. i think growing states and communities all across the country. and we'll be talking some more about this, i'm sure. i look at the state of where we
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stand in the world. i can't tell you how many foreign leaders and others have told me here and abroad that the disengagement of america is hurtful. >> we're going to get into that. the line you used -- i guess there's a battle between the gubernatorial candidates and the senatoral candidates and donald trump as an outsider. you said washington can't seem to get the job done as you call it the 68 miles surrounded by reality. what do you think washington is so dysfunctional? even republicans seem to be disappointing conservatives a lot. >> one of the things i hear a lot of frustration and interest is someone who is outside of washington. we elucted a house, we elected a senate there's a lot of frustration, and angst out there. they're not getting serious about issues out there. i think people are hungry for leadership. what i've said is even beyond just washington there's two groups of candidates. there's a lot of great people a lot of people i admire.
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but there are fighters a lot of those people are from washington. they are fighters who get the win the fights. there are winners, but have not consistently take on the fights. we've done both. we fought and won and people's lives are better. >> is this really about -- some people that got alected forget they're supposed to be public servants. i want to go about what you said about republicans. they voted 50 times to repeal obamacare. not this congress. i would argue they're symbolic votes. when they had the power of the purse they didn't use it. on executive amnesty they ended up funded it because they were afraid of being accused of shutting down the government. describe the republican party in washington. >> the opportunity i see is we're going to keep the house. i think there's a lot of key elections. we keep the senate. when i saw here in wisconsin is we came in and elected new majorities. everything was democrat. assembly senate and then a
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republican governor. and with the right leadership. the idea of going big and bold we brought along the kind of reforms. we worked together as a team. i think we can do that in washington. i have not given up in our republican in washington. they need a leader in the white house that's going to lead. >> you talked about three specific things. reform growth and safety. and then you went into detail. this seems to be a platform that you want to solve problems. okay. explain. >> to me i go around the country, i hear people all the time say i'm tired of politicians who just say what they're against and who they're against. i want to vote for someone. i have laid that out. to me when it comes to reform the fundamental essence of that i want to take power out of washington and send it back to our states and our local communities and. education, we'd be better off if you looked a the dollar, i said where would you rather spend this in washington or your child's school? most people would spend it at their children's school. we need those powers back in the state and local level.
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when i think of growth it's about repealing obamacare, reining in federal regulations. using the aboundance of all the energy supplies we have to fuel our nation's economic recovery. helping get the education skills they need. and lowering and reforming the tax code. those are things that will help us grow. >> we need a candidate that can win the midwest. i look at states that are out there but too far away. can't quite get them every election is pennsylvania going to be in play can republicans win ohio. wisconsin, michigan minnesota. if you become the nominee, can you deliver wisconsin, michigan? >> i think the path to a republican win in the presidency comes through the midwest. there's a lot of important steps. iowa iowa michigan wisconsin, pennsylvania i think those are industrial midwestern type states that we can do well with a nominee -- it's not
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geographically but comes from there and speaks the language and interener jz the base. the left claims they're for american workers and they got lame ideas. things like minimum wage. instead of focusing on they we need to talk about how we get people skills and qualifications they need to get jobs that go beyond minimum wage. >> you've been in politics since 1993. you obviously seem to think a lot about these issues. is that a good thing, is that a plus a minus? explain -- >> sometimes particularly places like "the new york times" and others like to critique republicans -- >> i don't read "the new york times" much anymore. >> the joke is they like to think folks like me are puppets. and then they wrote a piece last week about me being my own
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advisor. i know who i am. i'm not going to change to fit the times. i am who i am. that's why i got elected not just in a blue state, i got elected in milwaukee county. a county that went 2/3 for president obama. we'll get into specifics how can we get americans back to work. how can we balance the budget how we're going to deal with immigration. we'll talk about social issues iran isis we got it coming up. we're getting things started. governor scott walker will be our guest for the entire hour. we'll ask him how he plans to fix the economy and much more as we continue. straight ahead. >> we understand that true freedom and prosperity do not come from the mighty hand of the government. they come from empowering people to control their own lives.
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i'm kelly wright. in just a few hours, diplomats from vienna might be unveiling a nuclear deal with iran. iran and six major powers are scheduled to meet the headquarters soon for what is described as a comprehensive meeting. a deal would be announced in predawn hours. this follows months of difficult talks and four missed deadlines aimed at eliminating the threat of nuclear armed iran. new york city will pay out nearly $6 million to the family
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of a black mine who died after being placed in an officer's choke hold. eric garner was stopped outside after convenience store because cops thought he was selling untaxed cigarettes. he was heard gasping for air where losing consciousness. now back it "hannity." the top down government knows best approach that you hear from so many in washington we need to build the economy from a ground up from a way that's new and fresh that says as long as you don't violate the health and safety of your neighbor build your own business live your own life. >> that was governor scott walker earlier this evening when he announced he's running for president of the united states. he joins us for a exclusive interview.
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when you took office unemployment was 9.6. >> now it's 4.6%. we balanced our budget. we went from $3.6 billion to balanced budgets and surpluses in each of the last four years. we cut property taxes. al. >> $2 billion. >> $2 billion total tax cuts property taxes lower than we started. >> that's a good story. unemployment cut more than half. you have a surplus. rainy day fund. >> 165 times bigger than when we took office. putting people to work getting them off welfare. >> unemployment becomes more people worthing in the state. >> the hundred thousand -- >> they said hi to me. >> they said public education was going to be devastated. we allows people to hire and fire based on merit, pay based
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on performance. >> that's a good story. if you become president you'll inherit $20 trillion in debt. $128 trillion in unfunded liabilities. you've got 50 million americans in poverty. 46 million americans on food stamps 93 million americans out of the labor force. a far more daunting problem. how do you fix that? >> i don't think it's too late. i came of age when ronald reagan became president. i was drawn to his optimism in the american people. i believe we are up to the challenge. not just as a president -- >> how doia get there? >> i talked about it tonight. reform growth and safety. particularly in those first two. reform i think big chunks for the federal government out of washington send it to states. medicaid medicaid transportation even education. >> you're talking about getting rid of the transportation education department -- >> take those dollars and send it back to the states. the states are more effective,
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more efficient more account toobl the american people. i believe been at the state and local level. i can attest to that. >> you're almost talking about a major restructuring of government. >> big time reform. that's what our founders intended. it's more visionary going forward. i think americans understand it's easier to talk to your town board member or state lawmakers than it is to not just someone in congress or someone in the federal bureaucracy. you do that, it starts with the defense our country. we have to up that budget. take into account social security. >> you would take the transportation budget and divvy it up among the states and let them handle it. education, too? >> paul ryan talked about medicaid. if you sent that back in many key areas it would be far more effective use of the dollars at the state and local levels. it's not about getting rid of
10:18 pm
those -- >> where you think it would be more efficient. you said you would end sequestration as someone who is looking at record debt to me it's the one area of fiscal discipline i've ever seen in washington. >> the key is why do they have to do that? >> no self-control. >> democrats in the united states senate and the president who was no way was going to be going down thoopath to a balanced budget. if you have republicans in the house and senate and not just a republican president, but a reform minded president, i think it is appropriate for our defense budget to be higher than it is currently. i think that is a primary responsibility of the federal government. and then you've got to have the responsibility then and the courage to go out and take on the other big changes. >> i guess my question is if you're going to have major reform and hand those things back to the states one question that keeps coming up is spending. we can't -- president obama will have doubled the debt accumulated as much debt as every other president before
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him. >> from george washington to george bush. >> how do you get their budget in balance -- >> you shift major portions. i thinking the left -- the problem is the left gives a free pass to government spending. sometimes those in our own party can't govern so much. they want to shrink it. the government is too big, too expansive and too much a part of our life. defense being a good example, we should make a work. it's not working effectively now. we're not giving our men and women in uniform the resources to keep us safe. we could do that better if we didn't have the enormous government. >> what about entitlements social security medicare both headed to bankruptcy, what would be the reforms there? >> we'll lay out a detailed plan soon. for me social security i'm not going to touch anybody that's currently or near retirement.
10:20 pm
for my generation -- >> you're talking about mine too. means testing? >> we'll lay out the specifics. there needs to be reasonable reforms. all of us know we need to protect the people who are near it. >> would you raise the retirement age? >> those will be parts of the plan. first day in i'll lay out detailed plans if the future. we need to do things with medicaid. it's something that should go back to the states. >> i know it's hard to give a less than one minute answer. what would be your solution or alternative to obamacare? >> it's something where you repeal it entirely. put patient and families in charge directly. portability, carry the plan from one state to another. deal over state lines. provide full tranceparency. if you get people skin in the game they will make wise decision. >> healthcare savings account? >> one of the first thing i did was remove the tax on health
10:21 pm
savings account right here. >> we'll come back. you guys enjoying yourself? [ applause ] >> what's the name of the town? >> walker shaw. we'll ask governor walker what his policy is going to be. he'll answer your questions later that you've been sending us on facebook and twitter. straight ahead. sadly, today, under the obama clinton doctrine america is leading from behind. and that has us headed towards a disaster. think about this. we got a president, a president who drew a line in the sand and allowed it to be crossed. a president who called isis the jv squad. yemen a success story. and iran a place we can do business with. ♪ it's a calling. a love affair.
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the greatest threat to future generations is radical islamic terrorism. we need to do something about it. we can start by lifting the political restrictions on our military personnel already in iraq. and empower them to help our kurds and sunni allies reclaim the territory taken by isis. you know what? on behalf of your children and mine i'd rather take the fight to them instead of wait till they bring the fight to us. as we continue we're joined by 2016 republican presidential candidate, the governor of the great state of wisconsin, governor scott walker. i look at the world's situation. let me start with the iranian deal. you have the number one state sponsor of terror has broken every nuclear agreement they've ever been involved in.
10:25 pm
they say they won't allow inspectors. we'll give them a bonus. death to america, death to israel. and the destruction of israel is non-negotiable non-negotiable. what do you make of obama getting this far with them? >> this is one of the biggest disasters of the obama clinton doctrine out there. as we saw earlier tonight, i had kevin herman with me. he was the youngest hostage of the 52 that were held for 442 days. he's from oak creek, wisconsin. i had asked him to come before this week. i wanted to make a point about how bad the iran deal is. iran is not a place we should do a business with. they are not different than the days when kevin and those other hostages were released. as president on my first day going forward, i would pull back and terminate that bad deal with iran completely onday one. i would put in place crippling economic sanctions. >> have you been able to decade
10:26 pm
the president and his inability to say radical islamic terrorism? why can't he say that? >> it's mind boggling. you can't fight the enemy unless you can identify it. this is radical islamic terrorism. it comes in many forms, be ittizeit isis or al qaeda. we need to recognize that. iraq is a good example. the iran backed shiite militias that are in there are a similar prab we face. we've seen it in the last few months. the president was calling yemen a success story. yemen with the muthhouthis, there that's not a place we should be doing business with. the enemy is radical islamic terrorism terrorism. >> the president came to town. you've been to israel and met with foreign ministers.
10:27 pm
and he said you need to bone up on foreign policy. what is your answer to the president? >> this from the guy who called isis the jv squad and yemen a success story. a lot of americans want to know what he's talking about. you see it there in the middle east. you see it in russia. putin operates under the principle that you probe with bibayianets. we need a foreign policy that stands up and puts steel in front of our enemies. >> how would you have dealt with crimea? >> look at it today going forward, we need to give lethal force assistance to ukraine. i don't want to be the world's policemen. i have a high standard in engaging middle engagement. i'm not going to put family members into harm's way unless there's a clear threat to our national security interest. there are many ways we can assist. in ukraine, that means giving lethal assistance and making
10:28 pm
sure we can get the wep squnzapons to then. you think about the bolicsaltics and poland poland. we need to work with nato to put troops on the eastern borders to make sure putin understands there steel there. i was there in 2008 with ambassador graver when he worked with the czech republic. incredible work to build local support region by region throughout those two countries. we had a graceeat missile defense system. the president gave it up. that's a grave mistake. putin responds to strength. we've been leading from behind under the obama clinton doctrine. >> you said at one point you wouldn't rule out boots on the ground in iraq. i know the question has been knowing what we know now, should we have gone to iraq.
10:29 pm
isn't the bigger question knowing what we know now that isis has taken over mosul and terete tikrit and fallujah -- >> first, any president knowing what they knew at the time would have make a similar decision. hillary clinton voted as a member of the united states senate for authorizing legislation. i don't get why that put that heap on. it's different now knowing something. today, we know today essentially what hillary clinton and president obama knew not too long ago when they made the decision to pull out early. even though many military and national security experts said that would lead to what we see today. that is the question. think about it. where in the world has hillary clinton had a roll that isn't more messed up today than it was before she and the president took office. >> how would you rate her time as secretary of state? or even all the time she was in the white house. can you point to any specific success? >> not only can i not point to it. i've seen many focus groups that go on tv i don't think a lot of
10:30 pm
her supporters cannot. for us that's part of the reason why i think i'm the best candidate to take on hillary clinton. we're a fresh face. she's someone from the past. i'm anti-washington as you can get. she is of washington. she lives there, worked there, been a part of it since her early days. most importantly, we've gotten things done. we have fought and won and people's lives are better because of it. compare that to her time as secretary of state and the united states senate. how do you compare? >> senator rubio says there's no way a governor can be ready on day one on foreign policy. i know you're friends with him. >> i like him allot but i fundamentally disagree with him. i believe the best president when it came to foreign policy was a governor from california. think about it under his leadership we built the military stood up for our allies. we stood up against our enemies. and most importantly we stood up
10:31 pm
for american values. that's the kind of leadership people need. under his leadership that led to one of the most peaceful times in modern america history. >> knowing what we know about iran's ambitions and their centrifuges and building their missles up. they're telegraphing they want to destroy israel. do you think the time is coming that they're nuclear sites will need to be taken out? >> as i've said many times before. unlike this president i won't signal to any of our adversaries as to how far i'm willing to go. i think that is poor military strategy. people are going to know that we're not going to look to engage or wanting to be the world's policemen. when our national security interests are at risk -- i believe iran is a prime example. not just because they want to take our israel. they do. by the way, we need to affirm that israel is a strong ally to
10:32 pm
the united states. there can be no day light between our two countries. on top of that we believe they're in the process of developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that could be aimed on american soil. >> you didn't rule out boots on the ground again. >> no, i think right now if we were to lift the political restriction and empower the military personnel we have there today. we have spotters out there who could call in more with greater precision air strikes to be more effective at taking out the isis territory that they now have under control. in turn then allow our allies kurds and sunnis to be more effective. we could do that in a way that would allow us to reclaim victory without putting a -- >> we've got to take a break. we'll ask governor scott walker what he thinks about his 2016 republican rivals. we'll talk about immigration social issues. then we'll turn it over to you to ask the governor some
10:33 pm
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10:39 pm
leadership with big bold ideas from outside of washington to get things done. still with us for a interview we have the governor of wisconsin, scott walker. immigration, you once supported a path to citizenship. you don't any longer. >> nope. >> where do you stand? >> it's one where i actually listened to the american people. i went to the border and met with governors. i met with state and local and federal officials. i talked to others from across the country. we need to secure the border enforce the law. can't have amnesty. citizenship should have a high bar. when it comes to legal immigration going forward we should give priority to america workers -- >> as you secure the border first? >> many in the media want to go to the end of the equation and say you can't do it until you secure the border.
10:40 pm
you need to do it for reasons far greater than immigration. you've been there, i've been there. it's a huge problem. you have international criminal organizations penetrating our southern border. if was a water based port we'd be sending in the coast guard and navy. drugs firearms and human trafficking. >> let me ask you about something that's angered conservatives. it's come up in the news. he besmirches the republicans. did you pay attention to the criticisms? >> he doesn't work for me. by law, i can't tell any super pac. >> the sentinel said i might have been subpoenaed. did you see that? >> think about the irs and then think about on that of that we've seen in wisconsin the government accountability board was tied in with the same irs.
10:41 pm
no wonder they're going after conservatives. >> after the same-sex marriage ruling you said you want a constitutional amendment. explain it. >> well i believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. i believe t last 20 years. i voted in the legislature. i voted for it as a voter here in wisconsin. i defended it as governor. like a lot of folks i was frustrated with the supreme court decision. i point out the time that the only recourse at that point is to support a constitutional amendment that would allow the decision to go back to the states. and i think wisconsin, a lot of other states passed constitutional amendments to define marriage. it's a tough battle to have. the big focus going forward is we need to protect religious freedoms. >> you support public school vouchers. >> we expaendnded them state wide. >> you wrote a commercial you looked in the camera you did it yourself and you said you're going to leave the final
10:42 pm
decision to a woman and her doctor. >> let's be clear on that. the whole commercial says i'm prolife. i can only imagine how difficult the decision might be for someone to end up pregnant. i said i support giving a woman the information she needs, which was the ultrasound bill that i signed. the number one priority of wisconsin right to life. i said the law, not my position. the law still leaves the ultimate decision to a woman and her doctor. that's not my position on abortion. that's what the law does. i knew if you gave people the opportunity to see an ultrasound i believe that people are going to choose life over and over again when you can see that unborn child. >> you defunded planned parenthood. you said if somebody wants an abortion you require an ultrasound. >> i'm prolife 100%. >> you don't think -- you think it should be out lawed? >> to me, i believe that that -- when you think of an unborn
10:43 pm
child that's a human life to me. in wisconsin, i called for and the legislature passed legislation that said at five months when that unborn child can feel pain, we should be protective of that life. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. what are your thoughts on her, do you think she'll be the nominee? >> i do. i think it's less certain than in the past. i think she'll be the nominee. i think it's a great contest. i think voters overwhelmingly if they get a chance to choose between someone new from the future versus someone from the past they'll choose someone new and fresh. she embodied washington. the problems of washington. the way she's handled the "clinton cash" issue. >> i'm going to mention names. one word answers. donald trump. >> he can speak for himself. >> that's a good answer. i don't think he has any trouble. barack obama. >> i think a failed president. >> talk about some of your
10:44 pm
competitors, rand paul. >> i appreciate his focus on trying to reduce the size and scope of the federal government. i share that. i don't share his beliefs when it comes to the defense of the country. >> rick perry? >> i love him. we ride harleys. >> you're the only two that ride harleys. >> my wife won't help me. maybe you can help me negotiate that deal. marco rubio? another friend? >> i like marco a lot. i have a preference towards governors. i like him a lot. >> john kasich? >> we're good friends. we like to have a challenge between ohio and wisconsin. >> if you had to pick a vice president today you won the nomination. >> who knows? >> what's wrong with that question? that's a fair question. >> i think it's a little presumptuous. i've got to earn my way. i'm going to word hard in iowa new hampshire, south carolina. all across the great country. >> you're going to do the 99
10:45 pm
city tour in iowa? >> i'm going to try to do it. i'm going to go through new hampshire all ten counties on my harley. >> the governor will answer some of your questions, those you've been sending us on facebook and twitter as we continue in wisconsin. we're glad you're with us. america is one of the few places left in the world where it doesn't matter what class you were born into or what your parents did for a living. in america, you can do and be anything you want. that's the america spirit. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel.
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poll show one afrt the other that 57% of the american people do not find her honest or trustworthy. do you find her honest and trustworthy? that's a loaded question. >> think about it. not just the ones people think about right now. there's a fair number of reports out there that suggest that even while she was leaning in to tell the father of one of the victims
10:51 pm
in benghazi if they were going to get the guy with the video she already knew it wasn't the video within the hour. >> what do you think of somebody that erases their e-mails and server. we have a records act. they didn't follow that. >> i talked about cyber security earlier in china. it may very well be that the government in china knows more about hillary clinton's e-mail server than -- >> i'm willing to buy it. i'm willing to raise money. i'd like to see it. >> are you prepared if you become the candidate for prepared, old verses young, black versus white. you want to poison the air and water. >> three times in four years. i took on something like $100
10:52 pm
million worth of attacks. and teacher's union asked me they threw everything they could at us. and she wrote what are your top thee priorities? >> a lot of great people. a lot of winners get the fight. what makes us different, will it be another bait and switch? >> right to work tax cuts to welfare reforms we've done it. pro life agenda. we've done things in wisconsin.
10:53 pm
>> if elected, do you support the current leadership in congress? >> best thing we can do is not just tell people what we're against, but what we're for. we found out in the first hundred days that is how we got things done. >> when we come back we'll continue right after the break from beautiful wisconsin, stay with us. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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10:59 pm
want people to vote for you. >> people want to see someone who can transfer power from washington to the hands of the taxpayers across the country and stand up and help grow the economy in a way everyone can live their dreams and someone going to protect our children and grandchildren from radical islamic terrorism and all of the threats in the so i'm your guy. are you off to vegas? then south carolina and new hampshire. and how many fried butter sticks are you going to have? >> i used to joke about deep fried butter they have in wisconsin. everybody had it died so i don't buy it. >> thank you governor thank you guys. >> thank you. see you tomorrow night.
11:00 pm
is he a billionaire and he is responsible for killing tens of thousands of americans. on the streets of chicago l.a., new york, milwaukee miami and no doubt right where you live. the most vicious and dangerous man coming out of a mexican prison and it's his second successful escape from a mexican maximum security prison. now a frantic international manhunt is underway. who is this evil man al chapel guzman. a notorious and very notorious gun smuggler kilos of drugs across the mexican border into the u.s. this is not his first escape. he had to have helped again. "on the record" has been on the case for years. and tonight new information on just