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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 14, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we have ted cruz tomorrow."the kelly file" with your comments. see you tomorrow. tonight. >> the united states together with our international partners has achieved something that decades of animosity has not. a comprehensive long term deal with iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> dick cheney joins us. >> the world is a much more dangerous place today than yesterday. >> our closest ally israel is betrayed. >> what a stunning historic mistake. >> mark stein and mark luvin weigh in on all the ramifications from this disastrous deal. >> this particular set of circumstances and the people
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involved the different agencies let us down. >> 2016 republican presidential candidate rand paul explains his plan to shut down sanctuary cities. and one of the world's most notorious drug lords escaped from a mexican prison and is threatening donald trump. "hannity" starts right here right now. welcome to "hannity" a nuclear deal has been reached with iran. the prime minister of israel he warned this deal is a massive mistake. >> the bottom line of this very bad deal is exactly what iran's president rouhani said today. the international community is removing the sanctions, and iran is keeping its nuclear program. israel is not bound by this deal with iran. because iran continues to seek our destruction. we will always defend ourselves. >> now israel has reason to
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worry and so should you. after a lot of tough talk the obama administration goal posts significantly administration officials told you that arms embargoes would not be softened as part of any nuclear deal. you may remember this. >> there's an arms embargo against iran. would the u.s. be supportive of an idea possibly of allowing iran to -- >> we are certainly not supportive of flouting any restrictions on iran or other countries. we believe these restrictions are in place for a reason because iran has done things that have necessitated them being in place. >> things like arms embargoes, ballistic missile sanctions those stay in place. >> according to reports we now learn the nuclear courts five years from now iran will in fact be able to buy and sell conventional arms on the international market. in eight years, it will be allowed to do the same with ballistic missiles. that's not all.
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just three months ago an obama advisor strongly emphasized iranian nuclear site inspections. you may remember this. >> under this deal you will have anywhere anytime 24/7 access as it relates to the nuclear facilities that iran has. >> today of course the administration is singing a much different tune with a senior official telling the jerusalem post we don't think anytime anywhere inspections are feasible. even president obama himself had tough words regarding a specific iranian nuclear facility. watch this. >> we know they don't need to have an underground fortified facility in order to have a peaceful nuclear program. >> we learned those remarks were meaningless. the associated press reported iran committed to convert its enrichment site dug deep into a mountainside into a research
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center. this nuclear deal was one that was struck with one of the leading state sponsors of terror and a country whose supreme leader calls for the annihilation of jews and the united states. joining us is former vice president dick cheney. a day that will live in infamy your thoughts? >> i can't help but shake my head sean at what we're seeing here. we've seen a repetition of the same kind of operation with respect to other issues. one thing that really disturbed me was when he said we have stopped the proliferation of nuclear weapons. that's a lie. the fact of the matter is that the situation we've got when iran ends up with a nuclear weapon that is bound to lead others in the region to protect themselves and to acquire their own capability. i think that was one of the biggest problems we had when we were in office that we were
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concerned about, nuclear proliferation. we hzad seen the iraqis in '81 with a reactor. the israelis took it out, we took it out in desert storm. kadafi gave up his materials. there's long history there. what obama has done has sanctioned the acquisition by iran of nuclear capability. it can be a few years down the road. it doesn't make any difference. it's a matter of months until we'll see a situation where other people feel they have to defend themselves by acquiring their own capability. that will in fact i think, put us closer to use of nuclear weapons than we've been at any time since huh roexema and nagasaki. >> you put the obama seal on the nuclear weapons. it's inevitable. anytime, anywhere apparently
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they have to give 24 days' notice. wouldn't that allow the iranians enough time to adapt and hide whatever they're really doing at these facilities? isn't that enough time for them to adjust and just do whatever they want the whole time? >> it certainly is. you also start with the proposition, i don't think we know everything there is to know about the nuclear program in iran. the fact of the matter is our capabilities have never been perfect in terms of being able to read other nations and what they were doing. usually we have historically under underestimated the nuclear efforts of others. this is a situation where we don't have the kind of access we need to be able to get in and know what is going on from a covert standpoint. they've had covert programs in the past. i wouldn't be at all surprised that they have things underway now that we don't know about. >> i think that's probably true. you know as the prime minister
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pointed out bibi netanyahu. he said the world is a more dangerous place than it was. he pointed out, the iranians have never kept a deal they've made. it makes the world less safe. do you think countries like saudi arabia are going to move forward with their own nuclear programs? >> i'd be surprised if they didn't. the fact of the matter is once you get to the situation where you have iran with its threats to everybody else it's continued efforts to undermine and destabilize the governments in the region i don't think there's any question they are going to be others in the area a lot of them friends of ours who feel they have no choice. they can no slaunglonger trust the united states they have stood by and watched as obama has gone through all kinds of statements that turned out not to be true. and the notion at this point that they can rely upon the united states for protection or
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for coverage by an expanded u.s. military capability isn't credible anymore. for one thing we haven't kept our word to them in the past. we're dramatically reducing our own capabilities. obama keeps talking about getting rid of all nuclear weapons. he has already reduced our kpamts capabilities there. he's not man of his word. he's not a man that can be trusted. our allies who find their survival at question there isn't any way they're going to rely on barack obama for safety and security. they'll get their own. >> mr. vice president, four days ago they were chanting death to america. they did this all throughout the negotiations. which, to me is obscene that you would continue to negotiate with people that are burning your flag or chanting death to america. here is one of these incidents that occurred. this was in march.
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[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> that's the supreme leader chanting death to america. of course he says death to israel also. during these negotiations they said the destruction of israel is non-negotiable. i have video of them four days ago they were burning, you know the american flag the israeli flag. they have done this many times. this was just this past weekend. my question to you is why do you think this president -- how do you analyze his trust level with them? why does he trust them? because i don't. >> i certainly don't. one interesting thing in the agreement today, this is the
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last sentence of the first paragraph. it says iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will iran ever seek develop or acquire any nuclear weapons. who the heck believes that? it's just beyond me. i try to understand what it is barack obama thinks he's achieving here. he looks at the world in different light than anybody else does. he clearly does not understand or chooses to ignore reality. and that's going to cost us dearly as a nation. and it has put us in a position where our capacity of influence in that part of the world has been undermined. we are not only clearing the way for iran to have nuclear weapons. we will send them about $140 billion in cash. lift the sanctions. they'll be able to be more aggressive than they've ever been with respect to force. the agreement itself raises the sanctions, eliminates the sanctions on the force and on
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the irgc. one of the interesting things is the force was sanctioned originally for terrorist activity. go back and look at the treasury department press release when it was done in '07. it was because of their material support for terrorism in the form of the taliban. didn't have anything to do with a nuclear program. they are now being taken from the sanctions list as part of this overall agreement, which supposedly doesn't deal with terror. no it just provides a heck of a lot of money for the world's leading terrorist organization to go out and do more of what they've done in the past. >> the israeli ambassador actually analyzed the money. they'll be getting up to $150 billion. iran is $300 billion to $400 billion economy. $150 billion infusion cash into their coffers would be enormous. they'll continue to use it in
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the terror arena, wouldn't you? >> i would expect so. if we look at their track record over the years. i saw a piece today that estimates the iranians were responsible through proxies of the death of about 1,000 americans in the last ten years using their proxies, force, and others in order to attack our people overseas. i cannot -- you ask the key question sean and that is what the hell is the president thinking of when he thinks this is a great deal. i simply do not understand i haven't met anybody who can explain it to me. >> i have yet to meet anybody who can as well. do you see a new emerging coalition potentially, israel the jordanians the egyptians, the saudis that they may align together because they see this as a clear and present danger to their own existence? i could see that happening, your thoughts. >> i saw evidence of that the last time i was in the reasongion.
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i visited with a lot of old friends going back 25 years to desert storm. and whether it was israel or jordan or egypt, the saudis the emirates they all had a similar concern. they're number one concern was iran. number two was their concern about the united states and our misguided policies. but they were much closer to one another on the issues of the day than i'd ever seen them in the past. i think it may in fact lead them in that direction. if your israeli and you look at the situation, and you see a development that may drive others to seek nuclear weapons, obviously, you've dramatically changed israel's security situation. they may pay a terrible price for what barack obama has done here today. >> mr. vice president, thank you for being with us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, sean. coming up continuing coverage of the iran nuclear deal plus what about americans being held hostage by this rogue regime in tehran. why wasn't their release negotiated as part of the deal?
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live from "america's news hq" i'm jackie ibanez. deadly flooding sweeping through kentucky. three people are confirmed dead. emergency personnel of johnson county are struggling with debris and downed power lines as they search for trapped people. the governor of kentucky has declared a state of emergency. the fate of the suspected colorado theater shooter is now
7:17 pm
in the hand of the jury. they'll start deliberating tomorrow morning. james holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. in the 2012 shooting that killed 12 people and injured 70 others. if the jury agrees he was legally insane he'll be sent to a mental hospital. ff they disagree he could face life in prison or get the death penalty. i'm jackie ibanez now back to "hannity." welcome back. a nuclear deal has been reach would iran. it doesn't mean we should forget the rogue regime and what they have done in the past to americans and people in the middle east. back in 2010 iran paid the taliban 1,000 dollars for every american soldier that they killed. three americans, they're still being held captive in iran. one is missing. why wasn't their release negotiated as part of the deal? my next guest calls the
7:18 pm
agreement absolutely disgraceful and claims the president is delusional to think that he has stopped iran from getting a nuclear weapon. joining me now is steven hayes. we're almost paying them to build their nuclear weapons, build their infrastructure, the terrorist infrastructure. there is no weapons embargoes going to be lifted. we are creating marrying up a rogue regime. number one state sponsor of terror with nuclear weapons. how bad -- i don't think you would write a worse deal. your thoughts? >> you really can't. what was interesting is we knew based on the parameters of the deal that you and i have discussed before this was going to be a bad deal. i'm struck by the fact that when you get into the details of the deal it's worse than we would have thought. the arms embaegrgo comes out of nowhere. you have sanctions relief for
7:19 pm
the head of the force which was responsible for more than 1,000 u.s. troop deaths in iraq and afghanistan over the past decade by supplying these efp's to shiite militias working in iraq and supplying weapons to terrorists in afghanistan. the idea that he would ever see any kind of sanctions relief whether nuclear related or terror related is a total disgrace. it's shocking that this was in this deal. >> beyond shocking. thank you so much for being with us. i call him the great one, mark levin. your reaction? >> my reaction is barack obama has planted the seeds of world war 3. one day it will break out right here because of his actions today. to arm up the iranians regime, this terrorist regime in tehran obama likes to say that reagan and kennedy negotiated with the soviets
7:20 pm
soviets. the soviets had nukes. iran does not have nukes. thanks to him and kerry and the other ideologues they're going to get nukes. this is where world war three in my view will start. he has sealed the fate the adults who are listening to this program, your children and grandchildren, he has made the world much more dangerous as a result of what he's done. these inspections are phony. there are no real sanctions. the iranians can't be trusted. they have demonstrated that time and time again no less than the united nations has told us. the russians and chinese are thrilled by this because we'll be bogged down for decades. this is a calm pleatomplete disaster. let me tell you what the world wide threat assessment says tehran has made technical progress in a number of years including uranium enrichment and ballistic missiles from which it could draw.
7:21 pm
do you know they weren't even on the table? they didn't discuss them? they said these technical advances strengthen our assessment that iran has scientific technical and industrial capacity to produce nuclear. this whole thing is phony. what's happened is obama has surrendered there, he's surrendered in cuba and with the russians and in the south china sea. meanwhile, he's holoing out the united states military. this is a disaster and america is in incredible danger as a result of this deal. >> so is israel. let me talk about what republicans might be able to do. they were -- showed weakness in this deal as well. because they negotiated a way, mark their constitutional authority. they agreed to this 30 day, 60 day and the president saying
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this is not a treaty. what is your reaction to how they have handled it and what options they may have available to them? >> we're going to have a conga line of senate republicans decrying this deal. when they knew this deal was going to be a disaster from the leaks from the iranensians. they surrendered the treaty power under the constitution to obama. so now rather than needing 2/3 of the senators present to ratify a treaty all obama needs is one third of the senators. he said he's going to veto any changes that may come any challenges that may come. the reason the treaty provision is in the constitution -- alexander hamilton made it clear. it cannot be left to one man to engage the nation in such a historic and important and broad based global agreements without more than one man and one administration opining on it.
7:23 pm
obama is disgusted by our system of government. he wants nothing to do with congress. and bob corker and lindsey graham and all the rest of them surrendered this power to obama. they knew better. the only church hill who voted against this one, was tom cotton. that was it. >> let me ask you this last question. i think this is important. republicans caved. they wouldn't use their constitutional authority and power of the purse as it relates to obamacare. they wouldn't use the power of the purse when it came to the president's illegal executive action on immigration. so what good are they at this point? they seem timid, weak no spine, no backbone no principles. they won't stand up on these issues. what are they going to stand up for? >> they're not going to stand for anything. the new republican parties.
7:24 pm
reagan said it in the 70s. they're busy attacking conservatives and their base. i've never seen such disgraceful conduct. the republican party has no purpose. it doesn't even stop obama. do you know obama in over six and a half years has had to veto four bills? that's a historic low. do you know why, sean? because whatever bills the republicans send to obama he likes them. he signs them. they're funding every bit of obamacare. they're funding every bit of amnesty. they are raising the debt ceiling. they are working behind the scenes with obama and he with them. still it's not enough. the republican party needs new leadership conservative leadership or this is going to continue. >> i agree. i see your nee book over your shoulder there. i got my first copy. it's coming out in august. plunter and deceit. thank you for being with us. coming up, mark stein weighs
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on the deal. why hasn't the president voiced outrage over kate steinle's murder? rand paul explains why he introduced legislation to crack down on sanctuary cities. ♪ we all feel the calling to build something great. ♪ no artificial flavors, colors sweeteners
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get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us. the settlement of the sheck losluvaccian problem which has now been achieved is in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all europe may find peace. >> this deal demonstrates that american diplomacy can bring about real and meaningful change. change that makes our country
7:28 pm
and the world safer and more secure. >> may the agreements signed last night and the anglogerman agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again. >> the peaceful resolution of conflict. leads to more immigration into the global economy. more engagement with the international community. and the ability of the iranian people to prosper and thrive. >> we are determined to continue our efforts to remove possible sources of difference and thus to contribute to assure the peace of europe. >> today's announcement marks one more chapter in this pursuit of a safer and more helpful, more hopeful world. >> peace with honor, peace in our time. do you remember that september 30th, 1938. the president sounding very similar today. neville chamber ln of course. is this analogy appropriate? joining us mark stein.
7:29 pm
is that a good analogy? >> i think actually that's rather unfair to neville chamber ln sean. he got the central question of the 1930's wrong but he was an honorable man who believed he was acting in the interests of his country and the british empire which he loved. when churchhill became prime minister he kept chamberlain on and had him chair the war cabinet in his absence. churchhill wept over chamberlain chamberlain's funeral casket and claimed he was an honorable man. i don't think you can say that about obama. what obama did is significantly worse than what neville chamberlain did. i don't think obama was negotiating on behalf of the united states. i think what happened at these talks is that he and the iranians were in a sense negotiating together to anoint iran as the regional power in
7:30 pm
the middle east and to facilitate iran's reentry, the biggest planetary sponsor of terrorism, to facilitate its reentry into the global community. that's what obama was there doing. >> in the last century, mark we lost 100 million souls. if you look at more mass murder, america defeating terrorism and communism and fascism and naziism and tojo's japan. look at man's inhumanity to man in world war 2. this president seems incapable of recognizing evil. these are people who are fighting a proxy war. sworn to the destruction of the israel and the united states and the president makes the deal. what is the missing chip? >> well i think that's the other difference between obama and chamberlain.
7:31 pm
the horrors of the -- what germany did were not known to neville chamber ln. in a sense the appeasers of the 1930's did so because of the horrors of the first world war and the lost generation. and they didn't want that to happen again. and it's because we know they got it wrong that history won't give us the same opt out card. we should have known better because it had happened before. i think what obama gets here i think it does come back to his classic marxist world view in which he sees america as the problem on the world's stage. if you look at everything he did, he's done sean what he did with iran fits into that context. whether you look at missile defense in eastern europe where he takes the side of russia over u.s. allies like poland and the czech relicpublic and the
7:32 pm
faulklands islands where he takes the side over our allies. he has taken the side of iran over allies like israel his central view is that america and american power is the problem in the world. and, therefore, american allies are part of that problem. and, therefore, what he does is in a sense withdraw from the world, and enhance the position of the enemies of american allies. that's what he's done in the middle east. it won't be confined to the middle east it will spread beyond that. >> let me shift gears and ask you about the rise of donald trump and the president. he's been quick to weigh in on trayvon martin michael brown, freddie gray but silence is deafening as it relates to this 32-year-old woman kathryn steinle. what do you make of immigration and its impact on the
7:33 pm
presidential campaign and trump's surge? >> well you should never ask a legal immigrant about what he makes of this fetishization of the political class of the illegal immigrants. one day all of us legal immigrants who paid all the fee and did all the paperwork and went through the system are going to have one almighty class action suit against the united states government to ask for our money back. it's quite disgraceful the murderer of kate steinle is a career criminal. if you're a foreigner and you commit one little rinky dink nothing little crime in america in 1964 1958 1943 they wouldn't let you set foot in this country again. there's like ancient hippies in canada who possess a couple of ounces of marijuana in 1964 and can't set foot in this country
7:34 pm
ever. my old boss, konrad black. he used to run the chicago sun times and a bunch of other newspapers. he committed a white caller crime. no one can explain in the english language and the supreme court threw out 19 of the 20 charges. he can't set foot in the united states. a violent career criminal officials collude with to let him have the run of this country and prey on americans. that's why donald trump has risen. because what happened to kate steinle, anyone who reads the local newspaper and looks at whacky little hit and run accidents that appear in the paper on monday morning, knows these kind of crimes go on every weekend all over the map. >> real quick, can trump win the nomination? >> i don't know whether he can win the nomination. if he keeps talking about this issue, in a sense he can win on this particular issue and put
7:35 pm
this issue in there. >> good to see you. coming up 2016 republican presidential candidate kentucky senator rand paul has introduced legislation that would crack down on sanctuary cities. he is here coming up next to explain. later, the notorious drug kingpin el chapo has escaped. how did this happen? we'll explain and more. coming up . unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia!
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit welcome back to "hannity," following the uproar over the death of the kate steinle, senator rand paul has now introduced legislation intend today crack down on sanctuary cities. joining us is now is the author of taking a stand moving beyond partisan politics 2016 republican presidential candidate kentucky senator raurlnd
7:41 pm
paul i read that your colleagues today voted down an attempt to put this in the education bill is that true? >> well i'm not aware of how they voted on it but i do know that what we do need to do is we need to tell cities like san francisco they have to obey the federal law. and immigration is a federal law. and states all the time obey this. if you're wanted to for shop lifting in ohio and you committed murder in michigan. they don't let you go on your way they release you to michigan. if you're wanted for a petit crime and immigration wants you, when you're released you should go to federal prison. >> republican leaders are blocking a vote on an amendment that would put an end to liberal cities thwarting immigration law. you want to end -- we have 296
7:42 pm
sanctuary cities, youpeople want to block it why? >> i'm not sure about this particular episode. we will attempts to get a vote. we're going to attempt to get a vote on this. i think there's a good chance we can pass it. because it makes so much sense. if someone is wanted for a federal crime and they're being held by a local jail when the local jail releases them they should be released into federal custody. this is something president obama changed. because it used to be that this was interpreted as being a mandatory hold on a prisoner. and president obama threw executive order and through executive interpretation has said it's voluntary. if you're wanted for a federal crime you should be held and not released to the general public. it's a real tragedy that this young woman lost her life because people in san francisco apparently don't care about whether or not they're releasing
7:43 pm
dangerous criminals into the public. >> did you see that the escaped mexican drug lord el chapo that literally had his wife -- ordered his wife to give birth to their children in america so that they would be american citizens. so-called anchor babies. the ap reported on that. when is the practice going to end? >> we can't have a lawless nation. that's what we have now is a lawless border. people have talked a lot about what immigration reform or security measures are naershecessary. we need an enforcer. we haven't had anyone in the white house that wants to enforce immigration laws. we have a lawlessness when san francisco thinks they can thumb their nose and not obey the federal law. >> what is your reaction to this nuclear deal announced today? what do you think the senate and house can do to stop it if anything? >> i've been very skeptical of the iranians' intentions. i think anything that leaves them with a sufficient nuclear
7:44 pm
capacity to enrich is a problem. i think this agreement does that. i've also said over time i think the sanctions, if there was going to be sanction relief it should be delayed until we see sufficient iranian compliance. then the third thing about the agreement that bothers me is that it allows for sales of advance weapons like even ballistic missiles to iran. it would be a huge mistake for the world to begin selling advanced repenry to iran again. i won't be able to support the agreement. it doesn't address any of the things. i did vote for the corker bill. i think it is sometimes mischaracterized. the bill says the agreement has to come back and be voted on. the president objected to corker's bill and in the end it was passed and the president went along with it. the bill does have to come back and be voted on. there will be a chance -- >> but you didn't need the corker bill. it's in the constitution. you're a libertarian. you're a constitutional
7:45 pm
conservative. why did you need that bill when it's in the constitution as the senate -- needs 2/3 approval? >> here's the problem, let's say that i say it's a treaty. i do agree it's a treaty. i think it's a treaty. the president says it isn't a treaty. so what we is a -- >> take him to court. take it to court. don't give him -- don't reduce -- >> i know. but here's what happens. if we vote to say it's a treaty the president then vetoes it it would take 2/3 to override t. where we are with the corker bill it will take 2/3 to over ride the veto which is the same scenario we would have with a treaty. i think the bill is essentially the same on whether we vote on whether it's a treaty or not. we will have to overcome a presidential veto in either scenario. they're equivalent. >> it seems to me that congress is too willing to cede power. >> i couldn't agree with you more. it's the biggest problem facing
7:46 pm
our country. we've allowed the presidency to go so strong and the congress to go so small. we have given up authority to the president. >> let's see what the democrats do here. a number of them have said they don't like the talking points on the bill. when we get time to examine it more closely we'll see where they stand. sthar good to see you. a monan hunt underway in mexico after el chapo escaped from prison. the country is offering millions for his capture and why he's threatening donald trump.
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>> reports say he is taunting the authorities and the mexican government is offering $3.8 million for his capture. joining us for analysis a contributor for fox news latino. he visited the prison where el chapo was being detained. and also with us is the contributor editor and a former california senior intelligence analyst on border and drug trafficking in the security. welcome all of you.
7:52 pm
let me start with you. explain to me this particular individual. this is supposed to be the highest security prison they have. how could this have happened? >> well so far, everyone's assuming that chopappo's acapeescape was a result of -- such an operation takes so much man power it is almost impossible for him to have been able to execute it without help from the inside. in fact mexico's interior secretary assumed as much in a recent statement that there will probably be people inside the prison that helped him out. >> let me get your take on it, silvia. he's threatening donald trump. does donald trump have to worry? >> right now he probably doesn't have to worry. the mexican cartele drug lords
7:53 pm
have a history of threatening law enforcement agencies. someone like a vip like donald trump who has a decent amount of protection it's probably rhetoric. >> everyone thinks this one issue is a defining issue for the latino vote in america, do you agree with that? >> strarzi think it's bigger than that. to bring down the latino vote and just to call it a latino vote is a little overreaching. there are specific egments within the latino population that don't necessarily vote the same way. to say this is going to be a defining aspect of that i think is a little overreaching. >> i very much doubt it because first of all, these threats that
7:54 pm
were put against donald trump, it's aums impossible to ascertain whether they were real or not. it's impossible to ascertain whether there's any danger. i don't think there will be much difference. >> we'll watch it closely and we'll talk to donald trump on this program tomorrow night about it. thank you all for being with us. coming up we need your help. our question of the day is next. it has to do with neville chamberlain and barack obama. that's straight ahead.
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an episode because we miss you. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> are you upset that the president didn't reach out to the family? [inaudible] >> san francisco politicians standing by their sanctuary city policy that led that led to the death of indicate steinle. we will expose this terrible injustice even further. >> this deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction. we should seize it. >> this is the most dangerous, irresponsible step i have ever seen in the history of watching the middle east. >> president obama makes a deal with iran and says he will veto any opposition to it. you will hear both sides on


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