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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 15, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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unlike my other. >> your other kids are failures? >> i didn't say that. >> terrible. such a catholic. >> you never say that that's for us to decide next. president obama says the argument with iran defies logic. he challenges his critics to come up with alternatives. this is "special report." >> good evening, welcome to walk. i'm bret baier. it came down to a source between diplomacy and force. he says he chose the force. the arguments aghens the deal make nos sense and lose sight of that goal. the president launched a vigorous defense during a rare news conference all the while, opponents of the deal are not holding their fire in.
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we have not seen coverage tonight. bret hume looks at some of the president's arguments and finds some holes. we begin we white house and the president on the offensive. good evening, kevin. >> congrats to you, the president, as you pointed out, challenged his critics to come up with a plan better than his, which he says still offers the very best chance to keep iran nuclear weapon-free. it was a ro bust defense. for more than an hour president obama took aim at critics of the historic deal struck with iran on its nuclear program sample the deal is not contingent on iran changing its behavior. it's not contingent on iran suddenly operating like a liberal democracy. it solves one particular problem which makes sure they don't have a bomb. >> it criticized jerusalem and left many in washington with serious questions, like what are the fate of the americans currently held in iran? the president says tying
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hostages to the deal would have given iran more lever annual. >> the notion that i am content as i celebrate with american sids languishing in iranian jails, major, that's not a fact. and you should know better. >> on listening to the arms embargo, the president said this. >> we got five years in which under this new agreement arms coming in and out of iran is no evidence and we got eight years to expect a ballistic missile. >> what about the timing of inspections? the president said the regime couldn't avoid monitoring besides getting into secret facility i silts will take longer. >> for the fact that it may take 24 hour days to finally getting a is es to the site the nature of nuclear programs and
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facilities is such this is not like hiding in the closet. >> the president didn't argue the fact that the iranians would have more money but added -- >> do i think it's a game-changer for them? no. >> meanwhile, many lawmakers who have 60 days to review the agreement remain strong in their opposition to the deal. >> we have now made a third rate autocracy, a nuclear power. >> unfortunately, it's not as bad as we feared. it's actually much worse. >> in an effort to have 34 senators to protect the plan vice president joe biden made a rare trip to capitol hill and his presentation to house democrats lasted about 70 minutes or. so at least for the time being, the white house still has the numbers in both the house and the senate to enact this deal chris. >> kevin, thank you. let's get some analysis of the iran deal and the president's comments about it from senior political analyst bret hume. >> hi brett. >> the president keeps saying that the iran deal is fought
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based on trust, there is a good reason is to establish trust. remember senior members of congress have tried for the past four years to tighten u.s. sanctions on iran and were imposed by the obama administration -- opposed by the obama administration every step of the way. because of the banking system the u.s. enjoys considerable lever annual over other countries when it comes to economic sanctions but as recently as this year the president threatened to veto even a watered down nuclear sanctions which would have taken effect only in the nuclear talks conclude. keep this in mind when you hear the president say critics had no alternative short of war. yes, they did. cover sanctions with their bipartisanelieve would strengthen the bargaining position and lead to a better deal. mr. obama has been infatuated from the start with the idea that his outreach would lead to better relations with long-time u.s. adversaries.
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thrust the ill set with cuba and now the nuclear deal with iran. the president is clear, iran's nuclear program is less a threat to u.s. security than an obstacle to a new and closer relationship with tehran. brett. >> your thoughts about cbs white house correspondent major garrett, used to be here. our viewers will remember him. the phraseing of that question to the president. the president's reaction to the hostages. >> he suggested in his message that the mr. president was content in celebrating the deal that left these four hostages languishing in prison. it was an edgy question. it was a legitimate question and the president reacted in a thin skin and personal way. i always think it's not a good idea for a president to do that because it you know it takes away from the force of his argue and it in a sense diminishes his dignitary. but there it is. >> on the substance of the question about why the hostages are not a part of this. >> well the president makes a
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point which i think has some validity in the sense that if you bring, if you are doing a negotiation on a particular issue and you bring in something else you want that the other guy could give you, you give him another card to play in the negotiations. the president kind of made that argument against doing this. the problem is that the president, himself, and his team allowed the question of conventional weapons and the embargo on them to be brought into the negotiations on the last minute and they gave ground on that which can be potentially a harm for the president to stand up. >> it's hard to believe that they wouldn't get relief soon but we'll see. >> iran may do it as a good will jessture i wouldn't be surprised. >> the president's rationalization for the iran deal is fought going over well with many folks who wish to take his place in 2017. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in annapolis, maryland where chris christie made his feelings known and checked in with other gop
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candidates trying to get ahead of the pack. >> don't lie to the american people. >> kristi's tee says the president is falsely claiming the u.s. will have access to iran's nuclear program because iran gets advanced notice in the deal and up to 24 hour days of arbitration before a decision. >> carl how is that any time anywhere? >> it sounds like if you like your doctor you can keep him. >> it's not true. so if he needs to sell the deal. i understand that. but he should sell it based upon the truth. not based on what he would like it to be. >> the latest polls are mixed for christie. donald trump leads jeb bush albeit the margin of error. christie is in 9th place. aids say, trump filed the disclosure forms. he claims the net worth in excess of $10 billion on income olast year of $352 billion across 500 business 91% of which he owns entirely. four others have filed their
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disclosures so far. five candidates have asked for and received extensions including ted cruz who met with trump today and has repeatedly placed him for drawing attention to illegal immigration. bush and others meantime have rebuked trump for claiming the mexican government is sending rapists and murders into the u.s. >> we live in the dangerous times in the world. he's a wrecking ball. >> we will never win if we are a grievance party. >> reporter: christie was in the blue state of maryland today, winning the endorsement of larry hogan. last week the gop governor of maine routinely proceeds off questions of rhetoric. >> every time i get in front of you, you ask me about remarks that trump made weeks ago. >> reporter: he says he is tired of filling the billionaire's attention. one thing is to call the commander in chief a liar over and over again. >> charles, thanks. coming up at the bottom of the hour our presidential
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contender's feature on jeb bush. you can see the 18 other contenders profile pieces we have done on our home page. up next hillary clinton's latest attempt to silence her critics about private e-mail addresses and servers. fox 13 in tampa is the daughter of a lakeland florida church pastor falls to her death at a summer camp in north carolina. 15-year-old olivia grimes fell more than 100 feet from a giant roach swing t. camp manager says he does not yet know how it happened. fox 2 in san francisco with the latest on the kidnapping case as originally dubbed a hoax of which the fbi now says was real. attorneys for denise huskens want an apology from the police who dismissed the incident after she turned out unharmed before ransoms with paid. this is a live look from boston the end of boston's
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75-foot tower of snow. the mayor says the last of it melted yesterday. leaving behind only trash picked up with the snow. more than 110 inches of snow fell in bun. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special reports. we'll be right back. .
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. hillary clinton's latest attempt to put an end to e-mail practices as secretary of state is actually having the opposite effect. correspondent ed henry tells e tells us new questions keep coming. at the state department today, spokesman john kirby was impressed on more e-mails that should be turned over to the house select committee on benghazi have been held back. since none already released include any notes at all between then secretary of state hillary clinton and u.n. ambassador chris stevens who was killed in the attack. >> i can't rule out there may
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not be an accident. some corners between former secretary clinton and ambassador stevens, because we just haven't gotten through that. but we're confident in the veracity and the authenticity of the 1300 we have already provided. >> that leaves the door open to the possibility of the thousands of e-mails they are sorting there could be more benghazi-related e-mails to be shared with the chairman of the committee just as the clinton campaign which has long dismissed the legitimacy of the e-mail controversy decided this wooic to post a long fact sheet about e-mails that suggest it's more of a campaign issue than they've acknowledged. the document arguing, in part, in a cnn interview clinton did not lie when she said this. >> i've never had a subpoena. >> clinton aides say she was not fudgeing about the subpoena for benghazi documents and was instead referring to the fact there was no subpoena for the
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st. department 2014 request for her to preserve official e-mails. they quickly noted the clinton fact sheet provided no explanation for what clinton confidante sydney blumenthal addressed to clinton that she did not share with the panel. today democrats on that panel led by congressman elijah cummings fired out a letter pointing out the committee has not followed on a promise that clinton did this year t. democrats declaring, quote, it appears much of the work has been shelved while republicans pursue every possible avenue of political attack against secretary clinton. his team responded they would not be investigating still if clinton had not kept them on a private server and wiped it clean. trouble on the streets of athens has greek lawmakers debate an us a territory deal that ensures years of economic hardship. police fired tear gas fighting
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back troops hurling molotov cocktails. they are facing stiff opposition on a deal that must be approved tonight in order to get a new bail jo ut to avoid a financial collapse. the markets were down after four straight days of gains. the dow lost 3. the s&p 500 was off one-and-a-half. the nasdaq gained 6. tonight we are getting a look at video of the world's most wanted criminals, beginning his escape from prison. under surveillance footages shows joachim el chapo guzman disappearing looind behind a shower privacy wall. guzman then traveled through sophisticated tunnel to freedom. u.s. intelligence officials say they warned mexico about an escape plan. still ahead, is jeb bush conservative enough to win the republican presidential nomination? first, republicans demanding answers after undercover video purports to show a planned parenthood official selling
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will republican presidential hopefuls support tou
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house speaker john boehner is calling for hearings on allegations that planned parenthood sells body parts from aborted fetuses for profit. the organization vehemently denies the charges, stemming from under cover video released yesterday. here's chief legal correspondent shannon brian. >> reporter: gop lawmakers say they want to know more about allegations involving planned parenthood and the transfer of organs and body parts harvested from aborted fetuses. >> we believe america has a right to know what is occurring and understand that which is legal is not necessarily moral and ethical. >> reporter: the allegations stem from an undercover video the center for medical progress
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rolled out as it launched its website on tuesday. the organization says the woman identified as a doctor, a senior director of medical services for planned parenthood. while posing as buyers for a tissue procurement company, at one point asking whether abortions can bedale tailored if the companies know what they want. >> i'd say a lot of people want liver and for that reason most providers will do this case under ul stra sound guidance so they'll know where they're supporting. >> chairs of the commerce committees announced they will launch investigation, planned parenthood responded, quote, these outrageous claims are flat-out untrue but that doesn't matter to politicians with a longstanding political agenda to ban abortion and defund planned parenthood. we do this with no financial benefit for planned parenthood.
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much like the graphic trial of philadelphia abortionist convicted of multiple counts of murder for killing babies who were alive following attempted abortions, this latest controversy is forcing political figures to take a public position nearly every 2016 gop contender denounced planned parenthood and none had issued a public we action including in response to our specific request to hillary clinton. >> thank you. a convicted sex offender has been indicted for the murder of two young maryland sisters 40 years ago. floyd michael welch is charged with taking katherine and sheila lions laejs 10 and 12 from a shopping mall and killing them. it triggered what was then the largest history investigation in the metropolitan area. when we come back our presidential
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contenders series continues. this evening, jeb bush.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. >> we continue with our presidential contenders series tonight with jeb bush. he's one of the top republican contenders in terms of name recognition, fund raising and organization. but he faces a lot of questions about where he sits on the
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political spectrum and whether the country wants or needs a third problem. jeb bush spends a lot of time in town halls defending his conservative credentials. >> you can appeal the people's anger and angst for so long. but you will not solve the problems that we face. and i like the path that republicans have taken in the past to win. >> explaining his immigration stance. >> i just learn to be who i am. that's kind of the right thing to do. >> that is why a month ago i told you. >> give me a hug. >> so when they said mr. trump, you're in 3rd place, that's good you're tied with jeb bush? i saidsh that's too bad, how could i be tied with this guy? he's terrible. he's terrible. >> for fending off the latest attack dozens of reporters
3:28 pm
questions. >> whether donald trump or barak obama, their rhetoric of divisiveness is wrong. a republican will never win by striking fear in people's hearts. >> my job is to share my record. people don't know i reduced the st. government work force by 13,000 they reformed an education system that is a model of the country. we created 1 million jobs. i can share that story, the legacy an questions subside. >> when your brother says your biggest detriment to your campaign may be him? >> he's just being george he's just loving me like i love him. >> on the stump, you push back hard on the term modest and you point to as you just did here that you have a conservative record. but you also say that the republican party has drifted further right. which one is it is it bad that
3:29 pm
the party drifted further conservative to the right? >> i think it's the tone that is the problem. i am moderate in my tone just as ronald reagan was reagan never demonized people. he offered a set of proposals that were big and bold and conservative and rather than ran as a dpreev vans candidate. can you imagine ronald reagan in the environment that we are in today having to say how bad everybody is? he never did. that he talked about the things that he was for and that tone i think is how conservatives win. we need to win again. we can't be losing elections and winning everything else. imagine if we had a republican conservative with a conservative congress? i think we can fix these things and our country will rise up like nobody's business. >> the tea party, mostly good or mostly bad? >> i'd say mostly died as far as the eye can see, unsustainable
3:30 pm
deficits that we've abandoned constitutional principals that we have given way too much power to waulgdz, i think on by a big margin it's been a positive force. >> most analysts will tell you jeb bush's hard sell will fought be to the party leaders but to base voters. >> if you ask republican leaders behind the scenes who they really want to be the nominee, if they could appoint somebody who would it be? the vast majority is jeb bush and he was a two-time governor of florida and again florida is a critical state in the presidential election and governor bush speaks spanish fluently. his wife is of spanish dissent. there are lot of pluses. it's the excitement level. >> he's extremely bright and thoughtful and serious. >> but jeb bush has a few big problems his position on
3:31 pm
immigration and on common core are not exactly where the conservative wing of the republican party are. he is a bush and for some folks, republicans or non-republicans, the idea of another bush in the white house the republican nominee is disconcerting and troubling. >> in town halls, you hear about common core you hear about your support. are those people who are concerned about it in your view not understanding common core? do you think they're misguided? >> there is a lot of misinformation. people are getting information that may not be how i define common core. for me they're higher standards than we had before. they were voluntarily created. not when i was governor. after my governorship. there is nothing coercive about it. you can opt out as some states v. but my advocacy is for higher
3:32 pm
standards. the commonality of the standard is important. here's the problem, about a third to 40% of our kids other than two or three tiny countries are college or career ready. standards by themselves won't yield the kind of result we need to be prosperous in our country. low standards will definitely guarantee we maintain this mediocrity. >> you hear it? when those two words are mentioned. >> yes. >> you see it in the gop primary, the folks that you talk to? >> sure i do. i see it. >> how do you deal with it? >> how i'm not going to deal with it is by saying i will abandon what i believe. this is what campaigning should think i'll be able to convince people that high standards with school choice ro bust accountability is essential for our survival as a nation and it should be sacred and the federal government should encourage the kind of
3:33 pm
reforms we had in florida rather than dictate how it should be done. >> bush came out quickly to criticize president obama's nuclear deal with iran. >> we see a president that as we pull back and believes you can by the sheer force of your magnetism they will go quietly in the night, the despots will leave without any kind of pressure the iranian revolutionary guard which controls a significant part of the economy will just give it up. >> that naive thete and a bloo ev that people will change is naive and wrong and it is dangerous. >> what does a deal that a president jeb bush could sign look like? >> it would be the deal that the president aspired to when he started negotiations now six years ago and that would be prohibiting iran from having the capability of building a weapon and continuing to destabilize the region and if we could make sure that the eastern is not a
3:34 pm
nuclear threshold state, that would be a clear objective. those are faint memories. >> which school of foreign policy do you identify with? the realist like brent scowcroft and others would be in or the neocons which your brother and dig kane would be in? which basket do you find yourself in. >> it's never one or the other. my brother's first term compared to the second term there was a not so subtle change in policy. i think going forward the united states a, needs to leave. and we need to leave from a practical way. we can't be the world's policemen, but the lack of leadership has created voids that are filled by these huge asymmetric threats that didn't exist. i don't think there is one category. but clearly what we have seen in this administration in the obama, clinton, kerry, his foreign policy is as we pull back as we leave from hein as we create the red lines and
3:35 pm
nothing hams we see what the consequences of that. in restoring that by building our alliances, by rebuilding the military by making sure our intelligence and counterintelligence abilities are second to none all of that has to be done. >> you can't say your foreign policy is more like your father's than your brother's? >> i can't say that because in 2017 the world is radically different than it was in 1989. the world is very different and the challenges and threats that we face are very different as well. i admire the presidencys of both my brother and my dad and i admire ronald reagan's presidency. i think there are things done in presidencys to be admires, there are problems and errors and you learn to apply it to the future not to be mired in the past zplu said you want to run for president joyfully. >> yes. >> there was a new york article last month after your campaign shakeup. it quotes an ad advisor of yours
3:36 pm
saying the culture will be a picket charge campaign that will relentlessly a tack your republican opponents. true? >> not that i'm aware of. look, when that shakeup took place, i was in germany, pom land and estonia, talking to world leaders, learning along the way about the united states in europe and the world. my focus as a candidate is to express views that will give people confident i can sit behind a big desk. i can lead this sunt. >> does marco rubio has enough experience to be president? >> i have more experience. he's a great guy, a good friend very charismatic. but having my life journey, including living oversea, starting a business and growing it to the largest of its kind in south florida, being governor for eight years, serving as secretary of commerce in 1980s, being involved in all sorts of things traveling the world and in a lot of different ways i think my experience is the best one amongst the 75 people
3:37 pm
running for president. >> 75. >> in 2012 i said that he should have been mitt romney's pick for vp? >> look he's a talent. you will never hear me discourage marco rubio. i'm a huge friend of his. if you look at the leadership we now lead to forge consensus, we've had a president who was gift who was charismatic. his name was barak obama. there was nothing in his past that suggests he could fix the things that were broken. in fact he's made them worse. >> okay in 2012 you said he certainly got the slebltual acan you men and fortitude to be a good president. >> i do i don't think he's as qualified as i am. it's not a slight to him. i am tooting my own horn i have learned if i don't toot it no one will. >> his response to gay marriage. >> your faith suggests that gay marriage is not successful.
3:38 pm
>> ply faith says we shouldn't discriminate against people people in long-term relationships should be respected. i think that tension needs to be resolved the way america always has. my concern about the supreme court decision was that it took away that process that is always the time honored way that we solve problems in our country and i wish they had decided otherwise, but they haven't so now we have to focus on how dough with have an environment with non-discrimination and protect religious liberty and religious conscience? and i believe this great country can do that. >> is your family into this? >> they are. my wife is not a political spouse. right now as we speak, she's campaigning in new hampshire and seal play a constructive role. the most important role she can play is to keep me sane. >> she's okay with getting out on the trip? >> she is. she s. it's not her first choice to do. we love each other.
3:39 pm
we have been married 41 years. when i met her when i was 17-years-old it was the most transformative thing in my life. it took her longer to have the same feelings she does and it's a relationship that keeps me centered. so she is all in my kids are happy to campaign. my parents are involved and active and happy about it. my mom turned around from her position. she went from no to neutral to enthusiastically yes. so life's good. >> you can watch our entire contenders series 19 of them so far on our website fox report. when we come back president obama on the offense and defense over his iran deal. we'll get the panel's reaction after a quick break.
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no one can suggest the deal for iran's neighbors or the world, moreover realizing the promise of the deal will require many years of implementation and hard work. it will require vigilance and execution, but this deal is our best means of assuring that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. i challenge those who are objecting to this agreement, number one to read the agreement before they comment on it. number two, to explain specifically where it is that they think this agreement does not prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> president obama defending the iran deal speaking to reporters for more than an hour today at the white house. let's bring in charles lane opinion writer for the washington post. radio talk show host of a new website and syndicated columnist. >> okay. chuck. >> well you know i think having had the chance to review all this and everything i think
3:44 pm
the best you can say for this agreement is that it kicks the can down the road. for 10 to 15 possibly 15 years, if everything goes according to plan iran will be prevented from getting up to the pressure to the breakout stage of a nuclear weapon. in the meantime it will get $150 billion of sanctions relief it can spend pretty much however it wants. of course while all that is going oranges president obama will no longer be president. all of this will be up to his successors to implement and all that hard work and village lance and monitoring verification that he's talking about will be the job of future president. so this is the legacy that he is leaving to whoever his saysor is to make work that president obama can put in place. >> last night, senator me we never
3:45 pm
tested whether dismantling iran's infrasure is possible because the sanctions were eeshlly pulled off. so that is what his opponents say he could have done. >> his whole argument is as perfect for the enemy of the good. it's this hot potato game he wanted to play today. you don't like what i'm proposing, you haven't read itsh what's your plan? to me that's an infan tile response to access chris christie noticed the notice you give iran when they're in vials of the deal. you feel like council on foreign relations, richard haase, at best i believe this is a feeling. it's not really a freeze on the program and iran can make still huge trouble for us in the region and undoubtedly will with all of this new cast it will have inpart courtesy of the united states of america. that's a lots of money, iranian
3:46 pm
oil coming back to the united states is that something we really want as well? >> so the only thing we can be certain from this deal is that the international sanctions regime which is developed painstakingly over ten years and that managed to give the europeans, the russian and the chinese to agree with us on huge around crippling sanctions on iran to make it stop enrichment and make it dismantle its program, that that entire regime is now dead as a result of this agreement. obama will now go to security council making totally irrelevant what congress does. they will go in with the u.n. and patch a resolution probably but nam, which is approving of the deal and part of that will be to can sell all previous resolutions on sanctions and declared illegality of the iranian programs. we have no idea if the
3:47 pm
inspections will work. they won't, they're ridiculous with almost one month of noted. we have no idea what's going to happen with the embargoes. we know one thing, the sanctions are done iron e ooirn is now freed. they will not be reimposed. and that is a huge success for iran. >> speak of the inspections, the negotiating point and the administration now selling deals to this astounding administration. >> we never thought in this negotiation the capacity for so-called any time anywhere where you can basically go anywhere in the country, look at whatever you wanted to do even if it had nothing to do with the nuclear program. first of all, under this deal you will have anywhere anytime, 24/7 access as it relates to the nuclear facilities iran has. >> he is not saying the same thing, anywhere any time. doesn't that mean anywhere any
3:48 pm
time? >> well i think what he would say is that the first statement in time. not the second one you showed. >> that we can go anywhere we want in their nuclear facilities. the other is we never promised you we could go anywhere in iran. it created an expectation not fulfilled by the second. i have to say, people may be taking their eyes off the ball. i think the real threat is iran complies. because for ten years then the united states will future trallize will have no reason to intervene, to come into conflict with eastern. it can get up to this other mischief we have been talking about the terrorism, the yemen. >> americans are held there. >> the president's reaction. >> i thought his reaction, bret hume summed it up was so unbecoming of a president. we have four americans being held by this regime. we don't know what was said
3:49 pm
behind doors, it might be released. >> that could happen. but still, his reaction to the question today i thought spoke volumes. at the very least -- >> did he say he would be content with leaving? >> he said no one is content with the situation, referring to american hostages he did say. that however, given all the money iran will get now and all the havoc and chaos it will create again in the middle east. at least he could have gotten those people out and say, okay you want to get to know the mullahs, we will do the obama style, unclinch your fist i'll grab your hand. you will release six people. i think that would have helped obama a lot. we'll see what happens in the coming weeks. maybe there is some secret deal. >> we'll talk more about this. take your questions as well. next up is planned parenthood selling aborted comboidbody parts? two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're
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...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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all right, back with the panel. final thoughts on this planned parenthood undercover video. >> the legal hangs on whether thets were sold or not. to me, that's almost beside the point. the main point is the reason that we are revolted by this is the idea that you tear apart a fetus and use the parts, that you turn a potential human anyway you want to describe it into a means to someone's end. we had this debate on stem cells for a decade. can you even use a tiny, tiny 64 cell and use its part. we decided you could go up to two weeks. after that never. here we are talking about a fetus. one day we are going to be talking about infants. it's an abomination. >> thanks for inviting us
4:00 pm
into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" in moments. "special report" online. remember that? it begins in three seconds. >> one word, wow! we now know how much money donald trump has and how much the apprentice show paid him. we're going to tell you. but developing right now "on the record" uncovering stunning new information about a kidnapping where police originally blamed the victim accusing her of a hoax. yes. this one is getting stranger by the minute. the suspect is a harvard law graduate and a brand new fbi complaint accuses him of putting goggles on his victims, using my divoil drug his victim's boyfriend get ready even stranger from there. the "on the record" legal panel takes you inside the evidence. but, first to california where san jose mercury news reporter julia joins us. you have been covering this case from the very beginning. it doesn't get