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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 15, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

8:00 pm and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode because we miss you when you're not here. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. good evening this is a fox news alert. former president george hw bush is in the hospital tonight, falling in his vacation home in maine. we're told he broke a bone in his neck but he is in stable condition and will be in a neck brace. bush served from 1989 to 1 # 93 he usually spends his summer at their home in maine. again former president bush is in the hospital we're told he is in stable condition, expected to be okay.
8:01 pm
right now, on the phone we have bret baier in for a special report joins us. bret good evening. >> good evening. >> i know you covered him over the years can you talk about some of the health scares we've seen? >> he's the oldest living former president, he's nine is years old you may remember he was hospitalized in houston over christmas for shortness of breath and back in 2012 spent time in the hospital being treated for bronchitis. everything we're hearing about this is a fall at his house in maine. and not life threatening. and we have hadded a tweet by his spokesperson who said that he is in -- he's fine quote, he is fine. it will require a neck brace but he has broken a bone in his neck. he does have a lower body parkinsons which caused a loss of balance and used a wheelchair
8:02 pm
since 2011. so listen he's 91. but all indications are he is stable tonight. >> this former president here is definitely some would say a risk taker. he's been die diving for 20 years. he went sky-diving on his 90th birthday. this is a man who likes adventure. >> yes. and our own brit hume jumped out of a plane with him. hw bush did that jump as well. he has been on and off in good health, but he is been frail at times. and at 91 apparently had a fall today. and we don't know the extent of the break but the fact they say he's stable and quote, he is fine is a good good indication.
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>> that is a good indication they're saying he's in the hospital tonight. not expected to be there too long. will be in a neck brace for a short time. that is the good news. bret baier, we appreciate you being on the phone with us tonight and giving us your expert expertise there. just want to recap for anyone joining us now, former george hw bush fell in his home in maine earlier today. we're told he broke a vertebrae in his neck he's expected to be okay. in the hospital tonight. not expected to be there too long. will be in a neck brace for a little bit. his spokesperson there saying he's okay. shouldn't be too big of a problem but he is 91 years old. and at this point, we want to go to dr. mark seigel.
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doctor, thanks for joining us. >> good evening, thank you. >> i'm good. let's talk about this type of injury. to me that sounds pretty serious the spokesperson saying this is not too big of a deal. >> couple points on this. first of all, president bush has shown such courage and strength of will and strength of life. it's been a factor in the past of terms of his parkinsons. second point, we can infer from treatment he's getting that this is a minor structure. there are seven vertebrae in the neck. this is a compression fracture. the mildest kind. if more severe you'd be talking about traction or surgery the fact they're using a neck brace, these braces are hard they're rigid. they can be uncomfortable but
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this shows that the vertebrae are in good shape the bones in the spine are aligned properly that is he is not in risk of paralysis. you do this to allow the bones to heal for 2 or 3 months. it will limit the pain having this brace. it's good news and could have been worse. >> 2 to 3 months he's 91. how does his age play into that recovery process? had it been a younger person? >> that is a great question well. seen this happening with athletes and swimmers people that are jumping. you know, with president bush they're going to be cautious. and they can do another x ray. but again, alignment must be good. or they won't only treat this with a brace. they're going to be the ultimate
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in caution with him. >> he was last hospitalized in december, having problem was breathing there. now, he's in the hospital tonight. how long do you think he'll be in the hospital? >> i think they'd probably keep him for a couple days. just to make sure he's in good shape with his brace i don't expect for a long hospitalization with this. treatment at home they have to be careful in terms of his mobility and feeding him and everything when he is back home. this is a going to be more of an issue of discomfort than anything else. this is going to heal. >> we appreciate you joining us and shedding light on the 41 president he fill in his home and broke a vertebrae. we're told he is okay tonight, in stable condition. there, in the hospital expected to wear a neck brace. shouldn't be in the hospital too long. he expects the former president
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to be in that neck brace and recovering for the next 2 to 3 months. a spokesperson says he is all right. and just a little bit of recovery time here in the next couple months to get him back to good. we're going to take a break. we'll return to o'reilly. thanks for watching. ♪ to steady betty. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting? i've got two. yeah we've gotta go. i gotta say it man this is a nice set-up. too soon. just kidding. nissan sentra. j.d. power's "highest ranked compact car in initial quality." now get 0% financing or a great lease on the nissan sentra. ♪
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? how the presidential contenders see kate's law. as you may know, we are encouraging congress to pass new legislation that would mandate that any illegal alien who has a felony conviction and is deported would be be sentenced to a mandatory five year federal prison term if that criminal comes back to the u.s.a. no willing room and if wiggle room. if the authorities refuse to arrest the felons they themselves would be
8:11 pm
arrested. we ask all presidential contenders if they would support the law those who said yes they would support kate's law senator ted cruz. senator lindsey graham. governor rick perry. governor bobby jindal, dr. ben carson and donald trump. senator rubio and jeb bush would not tell us if they would support kate's law. that surprised me. this is a vital issue and to sit it out doesn't seem to be in the interest of the public. if you oppose kate's law tell the folks why guys. to say nothing disturbing it me senator rand paul noncommittal saying he does not take a position on legislation not yet written. governor mike huckabee says he would support a law that would call for immediate deportation with illegal alien felons the problem with that governor, they come back as we have proven in the kate steinle murder. hillary clinton and bernie sanders ignored our request not unusual for mrs. clinton. on the senate side though, there is some very good
8:12 pm
news. senator chuck grassley chairman of the senate judiciary committee has scheduled a heerlg for illegal alien crimes next tuesday. parents of kate steinle have invited we are hoping they will attend. if congress cannot pass a law as simple as kate's law that would imprison illegal felons who come back after deportation. if congress can't do that, this country is in big trouble. joining us from tampa good win, jessica a democratic strategist. do you think kate's law will pass. >> i don't think it will pass. i think it will spark a ton of great discussion and i'm hopeful the democrats will come out in support of tougher rules for illegal aliens who are in this country and have been convicted of fell lones prior, i think the mandatory sentence and five years is going to be too harsh. >> too harsh? >> i do. i'm not justifying what has happened but i think the argument will go that we are lumping everyone together into one pod. >> he would lumping all the felons together into one pod.
8:13 pm
>> different levels of felonies we are dealing with here. >> of course there are there aren't levels of deportation. once you are deported and you come back and you are a felon you are in jail. >> absolutely. >> you say you don't think it's going to pass. republicans control the senate and the house you don't think most republicans are going to vote for this. >> we saw jeb bush and marco rubio aren't coming out about it right now. they don't want to alienate the hispanic population. >> do you think the think the hispanic population is going to be alienated by deporting criminal felons. >> i think some seeing isments of it will feel that there are variations within this pool and they will say there is a difference between someone like a francisco sanchez who did this terrible thing and. >> murder of kate steinle. >> exactly. and a mother deported for a felony but coming back to be with her children. >> there is special circumstance you can't have a carve out on a law like this. this is designed to protect americans on the street. how about you mr. goodman
8:14 pm
do you think it will pass. >> bill, thank you for leading this effort. let me begin by saying there is nothing intolerant by refusing to intolerate illegal immigration. it's wrong and people are getting hurt. travesty to imagine that the last three words that jim steinle will ever hear from his daughter kate are help me dad. we have got to do something about this. i think if congress does nothing else this year, to show they have conscience and resolve they pass kate's law. >> do you think they will? >> you know, washington works in very mysterious ways. the question is should they? the answer is absolutely. >> look, that isn't the question the logistical question is are there enough republican votes in the that the senate and the house to pass it? where we are judiciary committee in the senate is big and grassley is mind this is going to discuss it next tuesday and going to be a big hearing especially if kate steinle's parents show
8:15 pm
up it's going to be huge. everybody is going to get the message that hey something has got to be done about this. that's step number one. step number two is writing the law that's very specific that it doesn't punish low level people, just felons. a felony is a serious crime. all right? no matter what it is. and step number three is getting the votes and you still don't think, you know, that the republicans are going to rally around this? i would be stunned if they don't. >> well, i'm hopeful that they will rally around making changes to our system. i think and as i said before. >> they have to make specific changes. you can't do comprehensive immigration reform. >> i think this can be attached to comprehensive reform it? >> can't not in a campaign year it will not get done and then president obama has got to sign it then, mr. goodman. do you think he would sign a law like this if it gets passed? >> well thank god we have a presidential campaign. i think the focus now is really squarely on this issue. the biggest thing bill,
8:16 pm
that people are really angry about, upset about nothing seems to be working in america the right way anymore. >> it isn't working. >> immigration right now and you are right immigration is like exhibit a. >> the myth that the border is secure has just blown up by this murder in san francisco where the guy came back six times and another one in spokane nine times. so we all know he that. were you surprised when jeb bush marco rubio two serious contenders on the republican side wouldn't support kate's law when we asked them yes or no? they wouldn't say anything. were you surprised? >> i do think that both of them. every republican contend iter, bill is in favor of securing the border. >> that's not the question. >> i think they should. >> i understand your question. i think think should support kate's law. >> no, were you surprised? you are a floridaian there are from florida. were you surprised they didn't? yes i am surprised they didn't support. >> it so am i. if you were a congress
8:17 pm
person jessica, would you vote for kate's law? >> i would vote for some variation on it. >> there isn't going to be a variation. for five years i wouldn't vote for five years sentencing. >> that's too harsh. >> i think it is. >> let me get your thinking here a man or woman who comes from the united states from a foreign country doesn't have to be mexico. convicts a felon and is convicted which is not an easy thing to get conviction deported and then comes back again five years is too harsh? >> i think it depends on what they came back to do. >> they came back illegally. >> yes i understand they came back illegally and i totally respect that's the argument it is a crime to do that. but if they came here to be with their family and came here for opportunity. >> if they have family members here they can come legally. >> there is long procedures. >> oh so because it's a long procedure they can jump i'm trying to encourage legal immigration. >> did you see the interview with the steinles? >> i did. it was very moving. >> all right. this is going to happen again. it's going to happen again. unless congress does
8:18 pm
something it's going to happen again. we have very bad people in here from foreign countries who have committed felony after felony after felony and you wouldn't put them away? that frightens me. so he think it's going to pass. i'm going to be optimistic. it's a good debate you guys. we appreciate you coming. in brand new bill o' poll question for you. do you believe congress will pass kate's law? yes or no. bill o' directly ahead shocking undercover video showing a doctor working for planned parenthood discussing selling the organs of aborted babies. then later apawrnghtly mexico doesn't want america's help in finding escaped drug king pin guzman what does that tell i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.'
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unresolved problem tellingment tonight planned parenthood. the organization has been under fire for telling minors how to avoid statutory rape for pro-meeting questionable abortions, taking public funding when it advocates a strong pro-choice position. the group for center for medical progress a pro-life concern has been investigating planned parenthood for three years about a year ago they performed an under cover sting on dr. debra nukatola the medical director of medical services at planned parenthood. during the secretly taped conversation the doctor talked about selling the body parts of aborted babies. >> i would say a lot of other people want liver. and for that reason,
8:23 pm
joining us from los angeles a leader of the under cover investigation. first of all what was the premise of talking to the doctor? what were you trying to accomplish there? what did you tell her about why you wanted to spook with her? >> sure. so our investigators, and thanks for having me on the show bill. our investigators from cnp for posing as representatives of a middle man biotech company that was wanting to partner with planned parenthood clinics in order to purchase the body parts of the babies that they abort. in doing that we were modeling ourselves after real life middleman biotech.
8:24 pm
real ones that are part ofnerred with planned parenthood. biocompanies need body parts for research and the body parts in question were exclusively going to be taken from babies or fetuses depending on your point of view which were aborted but they would have had to have been aborted late term because the body parts aren't formed until the third time messster. isn't that correct. >> most of the body parts are there in the first trimester. the reason the requests come in for late trimester patrol car tipping call it's a lot easier to identify the body parts when the baby is bigger. >> that's what i'm getting at. it's not of use to a biofirm unless they are defined and the body parts can be used. the doctor didn't say she would sell or planned parenthood would sell body parts, did she? >> that's not entirely correct.
8:25 pm
if you look at the full footage of the entire conversation she actually describes the current biohe tech company that the -- biotech company partnered with nova genics laboratories. planned parenthood in los angeles routinely has been supplying been supplying their aborted fetal parts to that company. >> is that legal to do? >> it is legal to donate human organs under current law it is not legal to sell human body parts whether they are adult or fetal any age. planned parenthood has been involved in selling the body parts of the babies that they abort for decades now at this point. >> are you saying they are doing something illegal? >> absolutely. >> you have reported this to the authorities? >> bringing our information in front of law enforcement was always a goal that cnp had from the beginning of this project. as we can see out of news in texas and louisiana in the past 24 hours the entire state governments of both of
8:26 pm
those states are taking this very seriously and have opened up their own investigations into planned parenthood sell of baby parts as have two congressional committees now. >> is that because of your information to texas and louisiana? >> my understanding is that it's a direct result of the video that we posted yesterday. >> okay. so you firmly believe that for years and these are your words planned parenthood has been violating the law and selling body parts to companies. >> is that what you firmly believe? >> absolutely. we spent three years with our actors and investigators undercover deeply embedded with planned parenthood affiliates and top level executives. we have heard from their own mouths many, many times over that they sell the body parts and that they make money off of doing so and they have the profit motive in doing so. >> is there a federal law against it or just state law? >> there is both federal and state laws against the trafficking of aborted fetal
8:27 pm
body parts. >> it's a big story. it? >> is a big story. >> this could destroy planned parenthood if true and if there are indictments coming from the justice department, which is always dicey but certainly the fbi should be involved and you say the states of louisiana and texas are now opening their investigations, correct? >> exactly. >> any other action being taken? any civil action? anything like that? >> not that i'm aware of. like i said, there are two state governments currently that have announced that they are investigating planned parenthood for sale of aborted fetal tissue and two congressional committees have now also announced today that they're taking the allegations very seriously and opening up their own investigation. >> all right keep us posted. we appreciate you appearing tonight. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. father in california saving his 12-year-old daughter from a sexual predator. frightening situation we will bring to your attention. also, why did a bill to ban
8:28 pm
sanctuary cities in texas a conservative state fail. why did the bill fail there? our truth serum correspondent is on the case. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
8:29 pm
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8:31 pm
truth serum segment tonight, two hot topics new york falling apart and the state of texas failing to pass a law banning sanctuary cities. with us now here in new york city eric shawn and from washington shannon bream both fox news correspondent.
8:32 pm
shannon to you. tell me about the proposed law in texas it. what did it say and why did it go down? >> bill, basically what it would have said and it got through committee, it would have said that local cities, local counties, they have to comply with federal immigration laws basically telling them they couldn't just decide they were going to be shangs area cities. the reason it didn't pass is because it couldn't even get to a vote on the texas senate floor and that's because two republicans joined all of the democrats in saying they wouldn't vote for it so they couldn't get it to the floor. those republicans had a lot of different reasons about why they took that path. >> tell me, i mean, there they are. >> senator estes and senator -- he is from wichita it falls. and kevin eltife. why did he vote against sanctuary cities? >> they said there was those that took away local
8:33 pm
control. they didn't want to tell localities what to do it's a not the state's role. >> houston austin, big cities, big concerns, they are saying blank you to the federal government. so these republicans bought into that? that's hard to believe. >> yeah, they said we don't want to put the extra cost on local police to have to do anything. >> the cost? >> we don't think we should support it we shouldn't tell localities what to do and make them pay for it there are a lot of accusations by democrats that the republicans were racist. public charges. of course there were the perception issues and other republicans who said listen, i don't think this is a good path for the party to go down. it doesn't help us with voters. they worried that it would be seen as specifically targeting latinos whether they were here illegally or not. >> all right. there you go. new york city, we have a terrible prison here rikers island, it's a local prison. it's an awful situation always has been. and the liberal mayor of the town de blasio doesn't like it. it hasn't been able to
8:34 pm
reform. he is a big talk guy. but now the city says they are not going to charge low level offenders with crimes and throw them over to rikers if they can't make bail right? >> they are not going to give them bail. there is a problem in rikers island. pee can't afford bail so they sit there for months and years. there is a tragic case of a 16-year-old man named khalif broader. he allegedly stole a backpack $3,000 bail. >> he he can't make. >> it the family can't make it he sits there bill, for three years, he is he beaten by some of the inmates puts in solitary. he gets out. the poor young man. >> because he stole a backpack. >> allegedly but the charges were dropped. they get dropped. >> set there for three months. >> committed suicide last month. tragedy. >> you can't justify that on any level, all right? but to react to that now no bail for who? >> well, they say it's dismeerns and low level. >> felons. >> nonviolent felonies. >> that means dope dealers.
8:35 pm
>> they don't say that. >> that's what it means. >> they say computer tampering, for example. >> that's not a felony though say that's what it is. nonviolent. >> you know what it is though. sean and i came up local news here reporting in new york city. i was on channel 2 he was on channel 5 you know what that. >> we worked at channel is 11 together. >> just for a brief time. we know the streets. >> yes sure. >> if you don't have a gun and you are selling heroin, you are a nonviolent offender. if you have a knife it's okay. because that's what obama is doing. we're going to have investigation tomorrow on who president obama is letting out of prison, who he is pardoning all big time drug dealers. they didn't weren't violent when apprehended. >> they don't say that. >> there is a pilot program they are starting and see how it goes. >> i know how it's going to go. more chaos. when we come right back, mexico doesn't want the u.s.a. to help catches escaped drug cartel leader joaquin guzman.
8:36 pm
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us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight as you may know mexico has been accused of being extremely corrupt.
8:40 pm
the video released by the mexican government shows joaquin guzman perhaps the biggest narcotics trafficker in the world escaping from a mexican prison last saturday night. there were cameras in guzman's cell but somehow prison authorities did not see him shimmering down into an elaborate underground tunnel. right now guzman remains at large. apparently the u.s.a. has offered to help mexico track him down but the mexicans have not responded. joining us now from tampa jessicaer lick democratic strategist and here in new york city andrea tantaros host of outnourished what do you think. >> politics. we don't have the greatest relationship with the mexican government. now, there is a lot of belief, i think in latin american countries especially mexico, that if you work with the u.s. you are seen as their lackey. i do. i think that there is inferiority complex that the
8:41 pm
mexican government has. look bill, this escape was so high profile and humiliating to the mexican government. >> particularly the president. >> that's right. the last thing they want to do is look like they are relying on the u.s. for help. >> if you catch him and americans help and they would help quietly i guess if you wanted to, with satellite imaging maybe drop a drone on this guy's head. >> if you read the reporting on this guy i think there is some cooperation behind the scenes. the mexican government does not want you to know that they do not want to see that they are the lackey of the united states. culturally this el chapo especially in mexican culture is viewed almost like a robin hood. >> thousands of people. >> they have different perception he creates jobs. "people" magazine robin hoodesque figure into society. >> that's how hitler got created. >> that's how americans look at him. mexican culture is slightly different. >> what do you say? do you think the mexican government is corrupt jessica?
8:42 pm
>> i definitely think we are seeing a pattern of corruption that's going on. i don't know about a particular instance here but it just seems highly unlikely that this would have taken place if there wasn't corruption at the highest levels all the way down through the prison guards. >> there haven't been any arrests at the prison yet. >> right. >> really, i hate to do this but it is a joke. >> yes. >> but it's a dangerous joke. and thousands of people, mostly mexicans, are getting killed by el chapo okay? and the cartels down there which run the country the cartels run mexico. nieto doesn't run mexico. the drugs run mexico. that is the genesis of border problems. the products coming from el chapo's gang and all the people-smuggling run by the cartels as well. this all ties in. and the president is just like all the other mexican presidents powerless to stop
8:43 pm
it he is powerless to stop it okay, jessica, i want to ask you a couple questions here about the united states. obama economy, are you happy with the obama economy? >> i think we have definitely made improvements for sure. >> so we are improving, all right, in your opinion. >> yeah. >> and you would say that americans are prospering, most of us? they are prospering now after six and a half years of the president's tenure? are we prospering? >> i think he we are getting there but there is a lot more that needs to go on and certainly, you know. >> things are looking up here right? >> we haven't fully recovered. things are starting to look up. >> did you know that when president obama took office there were 32 million americans on food stamps. right now there are 46 million, 46 million. all right. that is an increase of 43%. and it has not declined in the improving economy. in fact, it's going up. can you explain that? >> yeah. i mean, i'm not surprised at all, actually.
8:44 pm
we have seen a small drop month over month in the past year. really what we are looking at is the problem that's been happening in terms of yes, we have had a few more jobs but the wages have remained stagnant. we have seen this hitting not only the middle class all the way down to the poorest. >> six and a half years isn't really good if wages are stagnant and this welfare state that we are setting up here. >> it's not a welfare state. you have corporations making record profits. so there are -- and the markets have been turning and making profits but the money is not making it down. wages have not increased. >> that's because competition, there is no competition. >> still holding on to the money. >> there needs to be more competition but there also needs to be a change in the fed in terms of the rate and companies start spending. >> that's what happens in a call -- capitalistic culture that hillary clinton and bernie sanders want to change. >> simplistic but may not be fair but i think that's what's going on. >> yeah. when you are dependent on
8:45 pm
the government, the government can control you even more and you can use that to get more votes. >> i totally. i have to disagree because -- >> -- let andrea. >> the food standpoint is very important because bill it's a key economic indicator that more people can't put food on their table. so even though you can talk about corporate profits, the poor are getting poorer and as the associated press reported. >> and rich get richer. >> under president obama. >> we're talking about -- we want to raise the minimum wage. >> make everything worse jessica: it would make everything worse. >> the cost of living has increased and they can't put food on the table. >> i'm for raising the minimum wage because i want people to work and not take the dole. however if you raise minimum wage the jobs will go down there, will be fewer jobs. thank you. martha mccallum on deck. a woman runs down another woman with her car. [shouting] >> we will tell you what happened in just a few moments.
8:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? we have two very disturbing situations. first one in southern california where a father noticed that his 12-year-old daughter disappeared from the house at 2:00 a.m. >> tim will he blanche happened to be up around 2:00 monday morning and noticed his 12-year-old's daughter's bedroom window home and she wasn't home. >> i was scared to death. everybody tells me that i'm overprotective and apparently i'm underprotective. >> tim and his older son looked around their neighborhood and found her nearby with a man she met on social media. >> well he had this door open about this wide right here and had his arm around my daughter and was kind of, you know, sweeping her in,
8:50 pm
putting her into the truck. i pulled up right here. >> the dad says he used self-defense to knock the man to the ground and took this photo. police later arrested 27-year-old scott photo. police arrested the 27-year-old man from san diego county. >> here to explain further. f how is the purp? >> scott stillwell. he told this girl he was 16 when talking to her online. she is 12 years old. they had a few words before he knocked him out and he said it was clear to him this man was about to take his child and never bring her back. >> does he have a record? >> he does not have a record but being held with $25,000 bail and three charges of a lewd act, intention to commit a lewd act and showing her bad material online. extraordinary other part of the story, if this man had one
8:51 pm
minute later -- >> if he didn't wake up and happens to see she is gone and happens to catch her on the corner. this is a good story in the end. one minute later and this could be a different story. >> the guy it is almost miraculous he woke up and checks on his daughter as he should. this social media business is out of control. everybody should know it is out of control. the children have access to this thing. no matter what the parents do. it's almost impossible unless you take machines away and ruin their social lives. this father knocked this guy out. again, he is not being charged with anything. >> he did everything right in my opinion. >> he's not being charged of anything. >> he says it was self defense. every parent should show this story to your child. you have to show these scary shows. >> that's why we do it. the culture is declining all throughout america. there is an under class being
8:52 pm
developed in bad neighborhoods. east st. louis is one of the worst in the united states. there was another girl fight there. this is what happened. roll the tape. >> police tell me a rage. watch as the impact sends four girls flying. police believe the person behind the wheel was 18-year-old moesha allen at lincoln park. after the collision the cars quickly left the scene. amazingly the four women weren't seriously hurt. police say allen and the women had an ongoing feud that led to a vicious fight at the park and the hit-and-run moments later. >> the girl who is charged is how old? >> 18 years old charged with mowing these people down. it's an assault charge with a vehicle. they have been in contact with her, the police. she says and her family says when she comes in they are going to hear a different story.
8:53 pm
there are two different video tapes of this. you have cell phones all over the place. it was caught by two angles. she needs to talk to the police and they are waiting for her to do that. >> she been charged? >> she hasn't been brought in yet. >> she is still at large. >> they want her -- >> why don't they just arrest her? >> they are waiting for her to -- >> they are waiting for her. >> she is going to show up. they spoke with her on the phone. >> the police are waiting for her to come in? you don't wait for someone if you have tape that shows an assault you arrest the alleged assailant. this is what this is coming to. the genesis is a feud between this girl and other girls. >> it moved to this area. they used mace and tasers before
8:54 pm
this girl according to this video used the car to plow into four of them. >> now we know why east st. louis is out of control. factor tip of the day, we received so many e-mails on kate steinle we have an extended mail segment which will be the tip moments away.
8:55 pm
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8:57 pm
i'm at a loss to explain the point of view. your questioning was clear. it is appalling that she condones felonious illegal aliens prowling the streets of america. we support kate's law. i love kirsten powers but i am disappointed she does not support kate's law. san francisco supervisor says fox naut real news. mr. weiner does not appear to be a real american. i want to sign kate's law petition but why do i have to provide my e-mail? because we don't want the petition slammed by special interest concerns. we want individual americans to weigh in out of conscious and not pressure. we are verifying signatures. more than a half million people have signed the petition so far.
8:58 pm
i am struck by inability of liberal commentator to acknowledge. the left does understand the pain of the situation, but it isn't enough to deter their desire. someone opened waters for political gain. some want no scrutiny on poor folks. i believe the system is a powerful thing and often overrides common sense. it is my job to point that out. o'reilly i have watched you for years and became a premium member because of your coverage of kate's murder. dozens have signed up for pm status. >> i am reading hitler's last days. he doesn't understand all the words but he is learning a lot. you are a good grand dad. hitler's last days building in sales currently number one in the category for kids 10 to 16. word of mouth extremely strong.
8:59 pm
bill i'm constantly amazed at the lack of knowledge some americans show during watters's world segments. the decline of public schools, rise of the machines contribute to this so does lazy. a happy birthday to those who turned 100 years old today. way to go guys. and that is it. please check out the factor website. also we would like you to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be an anathema when writing to the factor. we will probably deliver the petition to the committee hearing on tuesday. we'll be all over that.
9:00 pm
thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin this is a fox news alert. george hw bush has been hospitalized after falling in his vacation home in maine. we're told he broke a bone in his neck but it's not a life threatening injury. he's reported in fair condition. he is the nation's oldest living former president. he served from 1989 to 1993. he and his wife barbara were there this summer. bush who has a form of