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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 16, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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map has killed four united states marines injured a law enforcement officer and twos and who was shot and exiled by authorities. our coverage will continue live throughout the afternoon and evening. "your world" is up next. stuart varney is in today. >> we are conducting this as an act of domestic terrorism. >> it's happened again. an attack on two military installations in tennessee. four marines shot and killed today in chattanooga. a lone gunman also killed, and this hour, still many unanswered questions. welcome everybody i'm in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." we know the fbi is expected to bring in several hundred investigators as they try to determine who is behind the shooting and what was the motive. it follows alerts that u.s. military personnel could be
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targets. witnesses reported hearing 30 to 50 gunshots. the front window of a recruiting station, peppered withbullletholes and now in new york city, they're beef up security at a recruiting station times square. we begin with john roberts. >> reporter: i'm at the training center in choate. officials held a press conference and released some details. we're learning a lot but still a lot we do not know. bill killon, the u.s. district attorney says they're pursuing this as an act of domestic terrorism, not ruling out any kind of nexus to isis or any other terrorist group but at the same time saying this does not rule out the fact that this could simply be a criminal act and not an act of terrorism. here's what we know so far about what happened. itself was 10:45 this morning that this lone gunman rolled up in front of this recruiting center on lee highway serves all branches of the military, as you were hearing lea gabrielle
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report just a short time ago from what is described as a open-top convertible silver mustang, lift what witnesses describeds a a big black gun and opened fire. and then hightailed out of there toward the amnicola naval reserve operations unit, not far from where i am. it is a unit of the third bat tallon of the 14th marines and artillery addition where we believe he opened fire in the parking lot or tried to gain access to the building. a police officer who was in pursuit, along with several a police officers, was wounded in the exchange of gunfire and that is where we're told by officials the four marines identity. the police officer received a minor wound. he is said 0 be doing okay. what we don't know is motive and that's what this investigation involving, according to ed reinhold, the special agent in charge for the fbi for the
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knoxville division. was this a lone wolf? was this a person who midnight have been ex-military. the fbi suggesting he was not. who had some sort of grudge, or was this in fact an act of domestic terrorism? the investigation here, as you can imagine is in its infancy. a lot of pieces of string to pull on here, to try to first of all unravel who this person was though a good chance the authorities already know who he was. what was his motive be in learn about all we're going to learn from the federal and local authorities but there will be another press conference at 10:00 tonight at the a police facility a few blocks from here. so we'll stay on top of this and bring you everything we can find as soon as we find out. >> thank you, john. what are the authorities doing to determine what this person did what he did? on the phone, rod wheeler former d.c. homicide detective. what are the authorities doing
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right no-no determine motive. >> exactly what is happening right now. this is a multifaceted investigation. that means you have not only the federal authorities such as the fbi and the atf but you also have the tennessee bureau of investigation, which is tbi anyway probably the lead agency to handle most of the forensic work. the atf is involved as well. they have several teams that have fans out across the state of tennessee and across the east coast to learn as much information as they can about who this shooter was or is, and in addition, what affiliations, if any does he have with known terrorist organizations or if he was just a lone wolf. we don't know that yet. this is stale very fluid investigation. hopefully over the next few hours we'll have more information. >> they must be swarming all over but they know the identity of the person. not released it. they must be swarming all over that person's computer, his home his social metwork
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postings, they must be all over that as we speak. rod wheeler i'll be back to you shortly. i have a statement here from the department of defers on the shoot -- department of defense. >> we can confirm that four department of defense service members were tragically killed and one wounded in two separate shootings in chattanooga tennessee, today. the shootings took place at a network operations support center, operated by the u.s. navy and at an armed forces recruiting center. names of the deceased will be released following next of kin notification. we're working with local and federal authorities and will provide additional information it becomes available. on the phone with us now, early mccormick who is in chattanooga. what can you add to our story. >> thank you for having me on. i can just add that we have a great home town in chattanooga. but this is a very sad day and
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we're praying for the victims and their families and we're hanging together, and we appreciate the outpouring of support from the country. >> thank you congressman. stay right there i want to get more on what the authorities are doing get all over this person, whose identity the authorities now. bob strang is with me, former fbi -- >> dea actually. >> they know the identity of the shooter. they know that. they must now be all over this person's home, his computer, facebook postings and aeg else. >> they'll go to his residence look at his hard drive. take it to the fbi lab for testing. they'll pull all the contacts he has had and find out who else is involved in this, other people in chattanooga other people across the country? was he directly getting orders
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from isis? or some other sq)rorist organization? they're going to take fingerprints from the vehicle. they're going to take his phone apart. they'll look at every text, every communication, every phone call. right now you're looking at the labwork being done pro cannily more than anything else to make sure they can make sure this individual was by himself, he wasn't part of a conspiracy, part of a larger organization, whether in tennessee, new york, los angeles, or somewhere in europe, somewhere in another country. and these are the kind of things -- this is why win something like this happens you have investigators in new york, los angeles, suddenly everybody is on high alert. >> is there any -- with your experience any reason to suggest that it was -- there is no question in your mind that this was an act of terror? >> well, look, let's look at the things that have happened in the past. look at new york, hurt bay bomb years ago. right here at our recruiting center in times square. a recruiting center more or less in a country and it was hit
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directly. this wasn't even a real soft target. this was a u.s. military installation. we have been warned by isis, been told that they're going to target former law enforcement they're going to target military and law enforcement uniformed officers around the united states. this is exactly the kind of thing they said they were going to do and looks like they have done it. >> tess tuesday house majority leader, jerald mccormick in chattanooga on the phone with us. sir, this obviously would be a shock to any constituency anywhere in america. must be a serious blow to you and chattanooga. >> certainly, it was a shock and i've only had this confirmed secondhand so i don't want to come to conclusions too quickly but it's beginning to look like the worst worst-case scenario, and if sew, we need to track it down and stop this sort of activity, and first of all i'm thankful for the police officers who were on the scene who did such a
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great job. thank god for them. and i think it needs to be a wakeup call to the entire country. >> sir you said if it's the worst-case scenario. what do you is the worst-case scenario? >> well, the worst case worst-case scenario would be a terrorist attack. kbc i listen -- there was a press conference where the u.s. attorney didn't say exactly what had happened but he referred to domestic terrorism several times, which made me think that is what was on his mind. if that's the case, we need to treat it as such. and i've heard a person's name they have mentioned and if my information is accurate, it sounds like that could be the case. if so, we'll have to act accordingly. >> house majority liter in tennessee, gerald mccould mick, thank you for joining us, catherine herridge well be joining us after a short commercial break with more
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the authority thursday tennessee described this as an act of domestic terror. to catherine herridge in washington with the latest in breaking details on this. >> reporter: in the the years i've covered this beat it's unusual for the fbi to take a lead in the case less than four hours after the shooting and for hundreds of agents to dedispatched to the scene and the start of the investigation to be publicly announces as domestic terrorism unless the evidence shows otherwise. >> domestic terrorism rule out any link to possible isis? >> no. we are looking at every possible avenue whether it was terrorism, whether it was domestic international, or whether it was a simple criminal act. >> reporter: based on the evidence it's significant the shots fired tee recruitment center are clustered.
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so the same sheather traveled 15-miles to another site and was actively ebb gamessed with police. we are told this afternoon the suspect was heavily armed and no known connection to the u.s. military. at this hour the investigationes being held by the fbi and also includes homeland security and the atf. >> any prior indications there might be an attack today? >> no. we had no intelligence indicating there would be any type of attack today. >> reporter: we don't know the shooter's motivation at this time. isis online is already celebrating the attack using the hash tag chattanooga. separately we're looking at a name which would be consistent with the description at the news conference of domestic terrorterrorrism. >> one small point you. mentioned the significance of the approaching end of ramadan about two or three days away. what is the significance of that
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>> reporter: report in a conversation with a congressional source, as soon as this began today they were very uneasy about the timing. there was a call by isis, we don't know that isis was the motivating factor here but there was a call for attacks on law enforcement as well as the military to coincide with the holy month of ramadan. ramadan ends late tonight and friday morning so the concern is as they needer the close the holiday one would choose to act. again we don't know the motivation but it's extremely unusual in my experience for the fbi to take the lead and call it terrorism so quickly. they're clearly operating off of other evidence which has not become public, and the number of fbi agents on the scene indicates to me that they are concerned that there could be others or some kind of networkd&a operating in tennessee.
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>> thanks. now, times square recruiting center on heightened alert. it did come under attack in 2008. our guestes john rafferty, former nypd officer on the force at that time. describing what happened become then. >> it was an attack that unfortunately you're not going to be able to stop. happens late at night. but it's still an individual with -- it's disturbing but the tacks you went be able to stop. you hope you can pre event as much damage as pop -- >> john, military place but can you also describe it as a soft tarring? i -- soft target. i don't believe there guns inside a recruiting of. >> absolutely. there should be no recruitment centers where we don't have armed military. its odd to give these young men and women the opportunity to fight for our country triseas
1:17 pm
and don't trust them to have weapons? makes no sense to me, especially how the world is evolving. >> the video you're watching is taken from march 2008. that is what happened back then. fast forward to today because within a coup of hours of the shooting in tennessee, extra guards extra police officers were placed in front of the times square recruiting center. it's a very prominent building. in the middle of times square, and it is indeed a soft target. now more heavily guarded than it was a couple of hours ago. bob strang is with me, former fbi special agent dea. if remember that. the soft target in the tennessee okay was the armed forces career center. that is the place that the gunman, the shooter first attacked. again, a soft target, correct? >> you think that we would probably have, as john said, a little more security when we look at our police stations, our military operations, especially when we have been warned by isis
1:18 pm
during this time frame that they plan on attacking us. so this isn't like walking into a hotel here in mid-town or even in tennessee, or walking into a restaurant or a mall. those are soft targets. this is a military operation that is set up in -- >> no guns on that property. >> so it seems to me that we have had attacks before in military operations, as you said in new jersey had attacks on police officers here in new york city. directly. so this is something that is becoming a trend. we're looking at things happening more often. >> almost impossible to protect the entire country from this lone wolf attack. for example can a military person walk in his or her uniform on the streaks of -- -- they have to. >> we see fleet week and people all over in uniform. the real issue here is the intelligence.
1:19 pm
we had about 12 arrests the week before the fourth of july, in the northeast part of the country and we had a lot of intelligence around the 12 arrests. they were communicating tweeting using social media. we gathered what was going on in our country and outside the country. this intelligence helps try to stop or prevent these things. that will save us. you're always going to have someone out of left field just like in tennessee, that's going to get between the lines squeeze by, not be arrested ahead of time, and this is the thing we worry about constantly. >> for the ben of it viewers who may not be familiar with what is going on. let me go through this, starting this morning in chattanooga tennessee. at the armedes forces career center in a trip mall, convertible pulled up. the driver did not get out of that convertible. he is described as a male. he shot from inside the car as it was sitting there.
1:20 pm
multiple shots. the front door of the recruiting center was riddled with gunfire. it lasted about 45 seconds. no one was injured there. that was peppered with gunshot. you can see it right there. 45 seconds it lasted. nobody injured or wounded in that part of the attack. the gunman then drove off. hek3do! drove seven miles away to the naval operational support center. witnesses say the shooting there lasted 20 -- maybe 15 to 20 minutes. four marines are dead and the gunman himself ills dead. a police officer was wounded. now, that's the sequence of events as they happened today. and you are convinced this was indeed an act of terror. correct? >> i think anybody that watches this -- you don't have to be a security expert to know that this was an act of terror. >> and as of right now the fbi the agents are swarming all over the shooter's home, and the
1:21 pm
labwork you say is most important. they're taking that to pieces. >> absolutely. they want to mike sure he was lone wolf. make>jé person in tennessee another individual in new york or l.a., someone that may cause harm. very often when you have an incident like this you also have multiple incidents especially if it's something that has been trained direct live by isis, if this was an individual who was trained by isis and came here, wasn't someone who was home grown. we don't know the details but you have to count that out. that's white everything was put in lockdown, schools hops -- >> intense situation hundreds of fbi people swarming to the scene. back in a moment with more on this developing story. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. ♪ ♪
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we have a name.
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the justice department or sources at the justice department suggest that the -- say that the gunman has been identified as mohammad aziz. apparently this man has not been on the fbi radar or not on the fbi radar as it -- as the shooting occurred. the department of justice producer, our guy right there in the department of justice, says that name could be an alias. mohammad you receive abdul aziz, people are swarming all over his address and future ore to find out his backgrounds. the clear question is what was the motive for this man to do this shooting. on the phone representative chuck fleischman from tennessee. can you add anything to this? perhaps you can tell us how this news has been received in tennessee? shock, i premier. >> shocked and awe. i was on the house floor in washington on some votes when i
1:26 pm
first found out about the report of shootings in chattanooga and as the story unfolded, many of our members came up to me and said my gosh, it's a tragedy in chattanooga. i am back on the ground in my home city of chattanooga. this is a tragedy of monumental proportions. it's horrible. i just heard the news as you reported. and our whole city is in shock. my thoughts and prayers and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims. we live in a very, very dangerous world, and as you know i serve on the homeland security appropriations subcommittee. this is why we need to work to keep america safe and to fund what we do to make sure that we remain vigilant. this is a tragedy and i'm shocked. >> i want to repeat the name of this person, law enforcement
1:27 pm
sources say this person's name is mohammad yusef abdul aziz. we are -- there's a suggestion that name could be an alias but law enforcement sources revealed that name. the question now is, what was the motivation? was this man part of a broader conspiracy? and bob strang, that's what they're looking into, hundreds of fbi agents going to tennessee. they want to know was he part of a conspiracy? >> that's right. if this name has not surfaced before, wasn't close enough to make an arrest. someone that slipped off the radar screen. so they're going to look to see whether this is an alias whether -- going back to his commuters, back through his hard!nåñ drives and determine whether or not he communicated under any other name and put this
1:28 pm
together connect it with other individuals, make sure he was alone and today we had all the schools shut down, the airport was shut down, hospitals. that up to was virtually in lockdown, the reason is because initially you had your cctv, the cameras that point away from the actual location that could identify the car the license plate, a picture of the individual. that was the first piece of evidence that was there. then police officers respond it. they were able to get to the individual. but they still weren't sure whether he was alone and that's why the city was to lockdown, until they established he was dead and alone. >> joining us now from washington dc, sean henry. welcome to the program. i take it the fbi is sending these hundreds of agents to chattanooga, tennessee to get all over the identity and the possible motivation of this man. >> there's no doubt about that. stewart. as you know, leading up to the fourth of july there was a lot
1:29 pm
of information, the bureau was putting out. there was no specific information the fbi was talking to at the public been the concerns they had based on ramadan and the fours fourth of july holiday and chatter they were picking up. this my be a component of that chatter. what the fbi was doing early on in the last month or two were disruptions, going out and identifying people under surveillance, and even if they didn't have specific evidence that allowed them to arrest people on a terrorism charge. they wanted to get them off the street so they didn't pose a threat to citizens and they did that last week, and in this case of course they're looking feeling forward to identify other people, as other guests talked about. so as the first part was all
1:30 pm
about deterrence and disruption. at this point surging the fbi agents into the facility or chattanooga, they are absolutely looking for a wider conspiracy and will leave no stone unturned. >> i just statementb he says, closely monitoring the shooting in chattanooga supporting the fbi investigation. that means sean, the fbi is really taking the lead on this. this is your investigation. >> that's right. when they say the fbi it's the joint terrorism task force so that task force is made occupy of fbi but there will be agents from multiple federal agencies as well as the chattanooga police tennessee state police, a lot of people from multiple agencies because each organization have the able to reach in to different databases. they've have access to different pieces of intelligence. the fbi will be coordinating with foreign partners
1:31 pm
internationally, looking to see if there was anything picked up. ing in, when we heard that the agent in charge there said this was a domestic terrorism investigation. the fbi really characterizes terrorism two ways, domestic, which is typically home grope, not related to the jihadi cause if you will. international terrorism is the moniker used when we are talking about isis or al qaeda, et cetera. so perhaps that was a misstatement or perhaps the agent was referring to this being a home-grown jihadi if that's the case. but the fact that he said domestic terrorism really puts a different shade on this. >> sean, hold on for one second. the department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson said something further here. he says the u.s. is security at federal facilities out of an abundance of caution. that is what he is doing. that just in. more on the developing story in one moment. we will be back.
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law enforcement officers identified the shooter mohammed
1:36 pm
yusef abdul aziz. catherinecatherinecatherine herridge we have been able to confirm that the suspect goes by that name and at this point the ap is reporting that he is from kuwait, though we have not independently confirmed that. we have had a statement from the secretary of homeland security. jeh johnson, who has also advised that the department will be ramping up security as federal facilities out of an abundance of caution and the lath investigative thread is that we're taking a hard look at a twitter account an isis linked twitter account that seemed to have foreknowledge of the shooting. the 2008 went out at 1:34 with the hash tag chattanooga referring to american dogs and a likely shooting. this, of course, was about 15 minutes before the shooting took place. so this may be significant but at least at this time we know
1:37 pm
the identity of the shooter and that homeland security at this hour is taking action to ramp up security as federal federal facilities. this sounds like a sleep are activated by a tweet from isis. he then goes out and does this shooting. that's what it sounds like from your description. but let me go back a little further. you mentioned that there's a possibility this man is a kuwaiti, foreign national can. >> reporter: yes. the "associated press" is reporting the individual is from kuwait. we don't have that independently. this will be a central part of the investigation if it's a american citizen dual national or someone who came to the country from overseas. i don't want to get ahead of the reporting at this time, but what you would be considering as an investigator is clearly a terrorism connection to a connection to+se blamed for the "charlie hebdo"
1:38 pm
attack. >> again catherine, want to good over this again because this is of extreme importance, there is a possibility here, it is worth considering kuwaiti comes to the united states, sleeper gained of guy, and then is activated by tweet from isis. and 15 minutes later he is shooting up an armed forces career center. that is something that has to be considered. not speculating but has to be considered. >> reporter: what is not speculation is what we heard at the news conference, where they said there was no intelligence indicating that an attack was imminent. that would be consistent with your hypothesis of a sleeper who was somehow activated, but we don't want to get too far ahead of the investigation but we know with confidence is the fbi did not have foreknowledge of the attack, and we also know with confidence is that homeland security is increasing security
1:39 pm
at federal facilities and in my 14 years covering this beat, that is an indicator that they are not confident at this time that they have wrapped up all of the individuals who are associated with the suspect. >> very important material. thank you very. we'll be back to you shortly. jonathan gilliam is with me. jonathan we have to consider the possibility that this is part of a broader conspiracy. that is why jeh johnson ordinaries the hardening of federal facilities all across the country. i say hardening. that's not the right word but extra appropriation height end alert at federal facilities. there's the possibility here of a broader conspiracy. possibility only. not speculating here. >> a very good possibility. when you look at the fact that he -- this individual hit two federal facilities. you have to remember, a recruitment station is a federal facility and it's ]uú very specific because he hit there and then went to a reserve center and hit there.
1:40 pm
whenever you have that type of an attack, you automatically know that a couple things are possible. this person obviously had some type of a hatred of the military but the potential is that it is terror just related. because it sends a signal. you're right in assuming this mail be the hype moth sis may be the case. didn't like when we have this -- the press conn)wq and all these individuals came out and said, it's this, it's this. by the end of the press conference nobody knew what is was and it causes confusion in the community. the other thing i saw was they said the shooting is over, when they announce that, the sew tight, the citizens take a deep breath and relax. >> well, federal facilities on heightened alert. let's go to jennifer griffin in
1:41 pm
d.c. who has just been briefed. >> reporter: well, stuart, what is interesting is this official said that the shooting started at 10:50 a.m. at the recruiting center on lee highway, and and at that location marine was shot in the leg. the other people inside the recruit center, the defense officials tell us, crawled out the back of the recruiting center to safety. so, we didn't know that detail up until now. they crawled to safety. the ma preen who -- marine who what shot in the leg at the first location has been treated and released from the hospital. the second incident occurred at 11:30 a.m. at the second spot which was on amnicola highway that was the facility known as the naval operations center and the marine reserve center. that is where we understand that members -- the four marines were killed. we're told the shooter was killed by law enforcement. we also got some details about
1:42 pm
how much time was spent at the amnicola location. we're told that the shooter never stepped on to federal property in either location, so that raises the question why is the fbi involved? and the answer was that they're now pursuing this domestic terrorism charge and now we know the identity of the shooter. there are details on the ap suggesting he was living in hix ton, tennessee across the river from the location where we was killed. and there were indications he hey have had connection to phoenix, arizona. that was the location the garland texas shooters. so we're learning more about the shooter. the pentagon is not commenting on the shooter and is not releasing at this time the names of the marines who are killed. they are going through a very
1:43 pm
time-honored next of kin notification and we'll we given their names 24 hours after the information of kin has been notified of their death. >> jennifer griffin in washington, dc. now, john roberts i believe is standing across the street from the shooting site. john, are you there? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. yes. the road blocks have been taken down on amnicola highway. apologize for the traffic noise. traffic is being allowed to go past the naval operations center marks recent corps reserve center. the police, though, are still very active here. this remains an active crime scene. police officer is block off the entrance here while forensic experts are working inside to piece together the pieces of the puzzle what happened today. interesting point here that we have learn this afternoon the original shooting site, down on lee highway seven miles from here, was recruitinger in for all four branches of a the u.s. military. here at this reserve center, not
1:44 pm
only does it houston the third battalion of the 14th marines and also a naval recruiting center inside this facility. so was this shooter this alleged shooter targeting specifically recruiting centers or was he just in general targeting military centers? we don't know that at this point. but bill killam, the i.s. attorney for the speedway district of tennessee said it all at a press conference down the street: this is being pursued as an act of domestic terrorism. not ruling out any possible ties to international terrorism. yet at the same time saying we don't know for sure if this was an act of terrorism or if it may have been a criminal act. but they are pursuing it with the mostóá"ñ3 severe of potential implications here, which is why ed ryanhold, the special agent in charge of theéé=ú fbi from the knoxville division, that very soon hundreds of fbi agents will be combing this area, looking for clues as to how this
1:45 pm
happened what were the motivations of the alleged gunman, why he did it. >> we'll find out. john rocks, thank you. joining me now on the phone an eye witness the shooting, bruce gams. which shooting are you talking about, the shooting at the armed forces career center or the naval operational support center? >> we were at our place of business on lee highway across from the recruiting station. >> what did you hear? >> well, we heard rapid fire. i mean, rab-tat tat, tat. and knew it was automatic weapons fire. >> how long did she shooting last? >> just a couple of minutes. but it was -- we knew it was automatic gunfire. >> did you stay inside or come outside. >> we had the back door to our business open. that's how we heard it and then -- >> did you good inside? >> then we went out in front of the building and saw police
1:46 pm
coming from all over. >> did you see a convertible driving away or had he already gone by the time you came outside? >> no. he was already gone. we did not see that. >> police were all over the police quickly. >> yes very quickly i-oo. >> would you describe that as a frightening experience in not always do we hear the rat atat-tat of the automatic weapons fire. >> we didn't know anything until my children started calling us and texting us and telling us what was going on. they immediately saw that it was on twitter or whatever they're doing. >> how do you feel now that you were a witness to certainly the audio portion of a domestic terror attack? >> well, it's not something we expect. it's not anything that we would expect to happen here, but it did.
1:47 pm
>> bruce gams, eye witness to the first shooting where it started, at the armed forces career center. these are aerial shots. we're looking down on the scene of the shooting. is that correct? that is the -- the car is at the scene. that's what we're looking for here. would that be the car of the shooter? it is the car of the shooter. we're trying to focus down on the scene there. where we're looking to see the car, convertible that the shooter drove to the career center. made the shootup of the career center and drove away inch that's what we're looking for looking at in fact. the convertible car. a couple of1g developments. the authorities have released the name of the shooter. muhammad you receive abdul aziz. the "associated press" reports that he was from kuwait. our own catherine herridge reports a suspicious isis twitter account putting out an
1:48 pm
obscure tweet 15 minutes before the shooting actually began. the further piece of information, it is being reported that the shooter lived at least temporarily at an apartment or a dwelling of some sort in hixton tennessee. i'm not going to connect the dots because i'm not going to speculate this was a particular form of terrorism but the authorities have labeled it an act of domestic terror. you're shaking your head. why? >> there's nothing that -- domestic terrorism and international terrorism or two grift groups, two different ideaols and the person could be trained here or whatever but obviously you cannot rule out international terrorism so why would they announce they're looking at domestic terrorism? it's a terrorism case. >> that was two hours ago, 90 minutes ago they made that statement. an act of domestic terror. a lot more sincehat was a mistake during the press conference they made that. >> my point is --
1:49 pm
>> that is the car. you're looking now at the car that the gunman used. this is the car he drove up to the armed forces career center. this is near chattanooga help stayed in the car. used an automatic weapon to spray the front of the career center with automatic weapons fire. we understand that one marine was wounded in the leg at that career center. he is stayed in that car. he drove away. drove seven miles to in the naval operational support center where he opened fire on marines killing four marines. he himself again it was muhammad you receive an abdullah aziz. that is a live picture you're looking at right now. he was shot to death. we're told it is reported by local police officers. five dead in total. four marines and the shooter. muhammad you receive abdul aziz. i intented you. go. >> when you look at this kind of terrorism, look at the arrests
1:50 pm
that were made in the northeast last week, ten days ago. whether they're directly isis trained in the middle east, whether they're inspired by directly isis trained in the middle east whether they're inspired by isis here in the united states it's all isis. and we have to go after that particular group. because one way or the other they're going to get here. >> on the phone, i'm sorry to interrupt you, sir. congresswoman blackburn. what can you add to this? perhaps your own reaction. >> well of course there is dismay and concern for those that have lost their life anner that families. and i think this is why we are seeing the women begin to say, national security is the top issue. and as some of your guests prior to me and jennifer and katherine have both stated this is something that there was a twitter account, the tweet went
1:51 pm
out. this action has taken place and i will tell you hearing from some in tennessee, this just comes as a shock because they're having a difficult day and outside of a major metropolitan area and there is an occurrence like this and you have -- your mi recruiting stations under attack and tremendousl concerning and shows you why this threat of terrorism and terrorism on our soil is something that is a tremendous concern to individuals. they want to make certain that be aggressive and do something about it. >> domestic terrorism is now front and center. congresswoman blackburn, thank you for joining us. we were showing you live pictures that the shooter used to drive up to the armed forces career center. we had the pictures. they were swarming. they're swarming all over it.
1:52 pm
they want to know everything about this man. all kinds of connection. this is tape. this is not a live picture. but this was from literally moments ago. that is the car. it's a convertible. he drove up into the -- in that convertible. didn't get out of the car. stayed right there behind the wheel we understand and sprayed the armed forces career center with automatic weapons fire. if you take a look at the bullet holes, the front door was peppered with shots. we don't know how many shots were fired but a lot of them. back to with us now, fbi assistant director shawn henry. what can you add to what we already know? shawn, go. >> i think what you are talking about in terms of the investigation going forward, there's going to be a lot that's done both here in the united states as well as internationally. again, just checking with our partners foreign partners to look for any intelligence. this is an intelligence investigation now looking to see if there are future attacks
1:53 pm
coming co-conspirators in addition to putting this piece together. >> i have to ask you. what do you make of this ap report that says he was from kuwait? muhammad youssef abdulzeez was from kuwait and adds a new and intriguing element to the whole story, does it not? >> i mean if he is from kuwait i think the investigative avenue that would be pursued, of course is that this is an international terrorism case. this piece that comes up and i want to highlight this. it's important. i think when the agent in charge talking about domestic terrorism, whether an investigation is entitled domestic or international, it's based on the group that's inspiring the act. so if fact, it's isis inspired it's international. fit's a domestic terrorism group like the kkk or other groups here in the united states that would be labeled domestic.
1:54 pm
the kuwaiti tie would be part of the investigation to determine what's occurred internationally, coming into the united states who he may have traveled with. if he was in the united states did he travel back to the middle east. those are the type of things that agents are looking at. and again, i keep harping upon the international connection with foreign partners. our allies will -- if this is international will have information to add. >> is this a possibility? which we have to consider. i'm going to state this out. the ap reports this man was from kuwait. katherine herrige an isis-linked twitter account tweeted out before the shooting began. are you prepared to connect the dots saying maybe this guy was a sleeper and that's what made him do this shooting? i don't want to speculate here but that has to be considered
1:55 pm
one of the possibilities, does it not? >> let me say two things stewart. director of the fbi is up on capitol hill and he's been very very public about this theory of going dark where the fbi and the intelligence community has lost visibility into communications of certain people that the fbi believes are involved in potential terrorist acts against the united states. the fact that there are people who are simp thet toik the jihadi cause, who may or may not be radicalized and under a barrage of social media to activate to go forward and act, that's absolutely a concern of the fbi. whether or not he saw a tweet and was activated, i don't know whether that's the case or not. however if in fact he was connected and somebody in isis knew and they may have tweeted that out just a very very short window in advance, so that they
1:56 pm
would be able to claim credit and have some credibility because it came out in advance of the attack that's also something they'll be looking at. >> shawn, moments ago our viewers were seeing a hoil shot looking down at what we believe was the place the suspect was looking at. where he was living. we saw s.w.a.t. team me believes all orr the suspect's house. that was moments ago. now the car i believe. the car in which, the convertible. there they are all around it. that's the convertible car that muhammad youssef ab dullazeez was droving and droeb ave away to location and killed the marines. that is the suspect's house we believe. now looking down on it. again, obviously, the fbi -- you'll confirm this you guys.
1:57 pm
you've worked with the fbi. they're inside there. they're going through it piece by piece and in particular looking at his phone and looking at his computer. that's what they're going after right now, jonathan. >> they're doing an autopsy on this guy and his life. i mean right now they're looking at everything. they're even going to be looking at the fact is that a sme automatic weapon or fully automatic weapon? only certain people get them legally legally. >> they want to know who he was talking to in the last 12 to 24 hours. they want to know if somebody out there going after another federal facility. cars ford mustang convertibles are huge in rental car areas and wondering if that's a rental car. then who rented it? you see, this is the way investigation works. they look at different pieces of the puzzle to put a picture together. sometimes they gate huge piece of the puzzle to give you so many more leads. >> jey johnson heightened the
1:58 pm
security at federal buildings across the land. go. >> who bought that house? what about his finances? >> sure. >> that's another part of the investigation. we'll be working our partners in the middle east taking a look at money transfers, other things. keep in mind that isis is known to give gifts, make promises. this is why they're so successful in recruiting new me believes of their group. >> they're looking for the game plan. >> they have the game plan. >> where did this guy come from? who put him up to this if anybody? was he acting totally alone? is this a conspiracy? what may happen next? they're all over that house. that phone, that computer. that's what they want to know. >> overall fundamental islamic muhammadism. what we see now is we're seeing tactics that have been honed overseas brought here. not the big planes crashing into buildings but looking at more and more of these things i think. this right sheer a perfect example of a well thought out
1:59 pm
plan. hitting the most soft targets that there are in the department of defense. that is a recruiting stations and a reserve unit because they're always right next to the road. always. >> i want to repeat three details, not exactly details. important points in the puzzle. the three points are, the man's name muhammad youssef abdul abdulazeez. comes from kuwait if that's accurate. number three, our reporter reports an isis twitter account tweeted out a suspicious message 15 -- the man 24 years old. just got that detail. 24 years old. isis twitter account tweets out an obscure and perhaps important tweet 15 minutes before the shooting began. did that set this man off? is that the signal that started him shooting?
2:00 pm
he's believed to be living or had lived in hicksdon tennessee. moments ago we showed all kind of pictures of the fbi looking at that home. and at that car. that's it from me. and now, let's continue our coverage with shepard smith. >> thanks. the five will not be seen today as we deal with breaking news and learning about the gunman who officials say opened fire on those two military centers in chattanooga. at least four marines are dead and the gunman is too. in the last hour law enforcement source confirmed to fox news the shooter's name is muhammad youssef abdulazeez. reports suggest the gunman was not on the fbi's radar at all before the shootings today. a u.s. official reports to the associated press the man was 24 years old and that he's believed that he was born in kuwait but it is not clear whether he was a u.s. citizen. the official told the associated press


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