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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 16, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. two breaking stories right now. just outside denver the verdict is about to be read in the trial of the colorado theater gunman who killed 12 people and wounded 70 others three years ago. we will go live there in moments to hear that verdict. but we begin tonight in chattanooga, tennessee where federal officials say they are treating the murder of four marines this afternoon as an act of domestic terrorism. they say a lone gunman fatally shot the marines during attacks at the two separate military related facilities. the gunman was then also killed. john roberts is in a stunned
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chattanooga tonight. >> reporter:ed in it is a stunned chattanooga. people can't believe something like this would have happened here and it happened right behind me at the navy operational support center the marine corps reserve center which is just a short ways away from downtown chattanooga. here is what happened this morning as we know it because we're starting to piece together all of the little bits and pieces of the puzzle here. shortly before 11:00 this morning, this man abdulazeezmohammod youssuf abdulazeez allegedly arrived at an all branches recruiting center on lee highway which is about 7 1/2 miles from where we are in the parking lot in a convertible mustang with the top down began opening fire at the recruiting center. luckily no one inside was hit. in fact there was one man who was barely grazed and didn't even know it until later on. from there, he got in his car and with police starting to be in hot pursuit came down the road here and went into this
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navy operational support center where he got into the parking lot, we don't know a whole lot about it because officials aren't talking too much about it, but we can see from aerials that his car did make it into the parking lot where he again allegedly opened fire. he used the same method in the first location shooting from his car. the property manager where the shooting took place describes the scene. >> got the call about five minutes after the shooting had taken place and i understood someone drove by, shot all through the windows of all the recruiting offices. so it was like something on tv, fun chur furniture shot up tvs walls. there was what i thought a marine sitting on the sidewalk who had been injured in the leg. >> reporter: he adds that man as we understand it was likely there to actually sign up for the marine corps and in all of the days on and adrenalin pumping with all of the shots
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rang out didn't even realize until someone told him, hey, you're bleeding that he was shot in the leg. abdulazeez packed up out of there quickly and headed down the highway for this navy operational reserve support center where he made it into that parking lot the police in hot pursuit by that time after he had shot the four marine in the parking lot, he engaged police in a shoot-out. police will not say whether or not abdulazeez took his own life or police killed him, but it is believed police did fire the fatal shot. mayor berke had this to say about the incidents this morning. >> it is incomprehensible to see what happened and the way that individuals who proudly serve our country were treated. two different locations this individual went to. and as a city we will respond to this with every available
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resource that we have. >> reporter: most obviously across the street the scene is still an active crime scene. forensics teams are going through to try to put together the pieces of the puzzle. we're also told there is a lot of police activity about five miles that way just across the tennessee river on colonial way circle that apparentlywhere abdulazeez has been at a timelived. we don't know if he owned the house or rented. we understand a couple females were taken away from handcuffs and you can bet they're going through every square inch looking for any clues as to how and why this happened. >> john robert we'll head back for any breaking details. moments ago, president obama made a statement from the white house about the shootings in chattanooga chattanooga. >> we take all shootings very seriously. obviously when you have an attack on a u.s. military facility then we have to make
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sure that we have all the information necessary to make an assessment how this in fact took place and what precautions we can take in the future. >> also went on to say all indications are that it's a lone sgrn gunman. this case is being handled very differently. katherine harris is here with us to talk about that. the fbi took over right away. and the fbi director was briefing the president in the oval office this afternoon. >> that's right. and in the 14 years that i have covered this beat i have not seen the fbi move so quickly within the scope of six hours. the fbi director as you mentioned was in the oval office. they have confirmed that hundreds of agents will be on the ground. and they have publicly acknowledged that the starting point is this domestic act of terrorism until they see evidence that it's otherwise. >> and we're not linking it
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together yet, but there are pieces that are starting to come together. >> that's correct. >> a lot of look on social media and looking into tweets by specific isis accounts. >> that's right. they're doing a forensics scrub of the suspect's social media foot print and they're also be looking at the messages that are out there from isis. what we know this evening is that there are a series of messages with a very specific time stamp of 10:34. you see it right there. that's important because it came based on the time stamp is 1 111 minutes before the attack took place and it seems to have had foreknowledge of what was on come and that is a mirror image what have we saw earlier in garland, texas with the attack on the cartoon drawing contest. sort of foreknowledge by isis overseas that there was a plot inside the united states. >> and the investigation is ongoing. it's also important to point outrities were talking openly about their concerns
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about lone wolf attackers prior to the fourth of july. and that's where we got all of those warnings ahead of key arrests. >> just within the last week i've been in a briefing with the fbi director where he told us on the record that the threat had not passed just because the holiday was over. and it's no company inside incidence coincidence that within hours of the attack he was in the oval office briefing the president.inside coincidence that within hours of the attack he was in the oval office briefing the president. what struck me about the president's comments was the reference to the attack as a lone gunman an extremely neutral term but it seemed somewhat tone deaf to the information already out there and the specific targeting of the u.s. military which has been the call from terrorist groups like isis. >> so is there heightened alert in the wake of chattanooga, has the alert status changed from what we were prior to july 4th? >> the alert status is high, but
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it's key to note today that the homeland security secretary within hours put out a statement confirming that they were ramping up security at federal facilities. we now know based on the president's comments that that is really code for military facilities. and though homeland security says there is no credible threat i want to connect the doth dots for people. we had confirmation that this attack was not warned where in the with in the intelligence. >> loretta lynch just put out a statement saying on behalf of the justice department offering condolences to the families. i have directed the fbi to take the lead in this heinous attack. prosecutors are also involved. in dates ahead they will partner with law enforcement and the intelligence community. obviously a standard release. but you're saying that the way the fbi is handling this is
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different. >> the speed at which we saw the fbi take the helm of this investigation, sent hundreds of agents to be on the sgroupd,ground the briefing in the oval office, the public admission that they believe it's terrorism until they see otherwise, this is an extraordinary turn of events. >> and you're look at the shot there, the shot of the door where the gunshots were in this incident. and you say that tells us something. >> this is important from an investigative point of view. you see -- we can't see the whole front of the recruitment center but it's a clustering of the gunshots and this would indicate someone who had some kind of familiarity or even training with the weapon itself. because based on all the eyewitness accounts it was a heavy weapon and he had multiple firearms with him when he was killed. >>ing on. we will continue to follow it head back for any breaking details. up next we are just minutes
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away from hearing the verdict in the colorado movie theater shooting. you're looking live at the courtroom in centennial colorado. we will take you there live. greta van susteren will join us to digest this verdict as it comes in. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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this is another fox news alert. we are awaiting the verdict in the trial of the man who killed 12 and wounded 70 in a denver theater almost exactly three years ago. let's go live out to centennial colorado. >> reporter: the judge took the bench a little over ten minutes ago. the verdict form is what he's been going through over the last few minutes after he had the jury and alternates come in and hand over the verdict.
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one number that really sticks out is the number of pages in that verdict 658 pages. that's four pages for each count except for the one count for explosives which is two pages. james holmes is charged with 165 counts of first-degree murder and taepted murder and edattempted murder and possession of explosives. the jury just came in. the foreman interestingly is jury number 737. he is a columbine shooting massacre survivor. he also went to the columbine high school dance with one of the dead from that shooting an he was also friends with the two shooters from the combine massacre. so quite telling that it would come down to this. so we are waiting for the judge to look over the 658 pages, verify them and then we expect him to read before the courtroom there that is filled with family
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members of victims, with the juried with james holmes and his parents all awaiting this verdict. >> so you can see in our picture here live that the judge is actually going through the paperwork one by one up there on the stand where he is and the rest of the courtroom in there waiting for this verdict to be read. important to point out this jury is deciding whether james holmes was legally insane or not. the jurors indicate on written forms whether holmes is guilty or not guilty not guilty by means of insanity. and he's 27 holmes. former doctoral student. let's listen in. he's standing up now. let's go to the courtroom. >> murder in the first degree after deliberation we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. that's part a. part b is left unmarked.
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part c, did the defendant use or possess and threaten to use a deadly weapon. answer yes. verdict form count two murder in the first degree after deliberation alexander boit. we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberations. part b is left unmarked. part c reads did the defendant use or possess and threaten the use of a deadly weapon. answer yes. verdict form count three, murder in the first degree after deliberation jesse childress, we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. part b is left unanswered. and part c is marked yes in response to the question that i mentioned a couple times
3:17 pm
already. verdict form count four murder in the first degree after deliberation gordon cowdon, we the jury find the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. part b left unanswered. part c marked yes. verdict form count five murder in the first degree after deliberation we the jury find james eganagan holmes guilty. part b left unanswered part c answered yes. verdict form count six, murder in the first degree after deliberation, john larrimer will we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. part b is left unanswered. the answer to part c is yes. verdict form count seven, murder
3:18 pm
in the first degree after deliberation matthew mcquinn we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. part b is left unanswered. the answer to the question on part c is yes. verdict form count eight, murder in the first degree after deliberation michaela medic, we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. part b is left unanswered. and the answer to part c is yes. verdict form count nine, murder in the first degree after deliberation, veronica mosier sullivan. we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. part b is left unanswered. and the answer on part c is yes.
3:19 pm
verdict form count 10 murder in the first degree after deliberation alex sullivan we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. part b is left unanswered. and the answer on part c is yes. verdict form count 11 murder in the first degree after deliberation alexander tease. we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. part b is left unanswered. and the answer on part c is yes. verdict form count 12, murder in the first degree after deliberation rebecca wengel we the jury find the defendant james gee began holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. part b is left unanswered. and the answer on part c is yes.
3:20 pm
verdict form count 13 murder in the first degree extreme indifference jonathan plunge.blunk. guilty. part b is left unanswered. and the answer on part c is yes. verdict form count 14 murder in the first degree extreme indifference alexander boit we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree extreme indifference, part b is left unanswered and the answer on part c is yes. verdict form count 16 murder in the first degree extreme indefinite jesse childress, we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree extreme indifference. part b is left unanswered.
3:21 pm
and the answer on part c is yes. verdict form count 16 murder in the first degree extreme indifference gordon cowdon, we the jury find the defendant james eagan holmes getity of murder in the first degree extreme indifference. part b is left unanswered. and the answer on part c is yes. verdict form count 17 murder in the first degree extreme indifference jessica gowy we the yir find the defendant james eagan holmes eagan holmes guilty. left b unanswered part c answered yes. verdict form count 18 murder in the first degree extreme in-difference, john larrimer, we the jury find the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree extreme in-difference. part b is left unanswered and
3:22 pm
the answer on part c is yes. or verdict form count 19, murder in the first degree extreme indifference matthew mcquinn, we the jury find the defendant -- >> on the 51st day of the trial, nine women, three men on this jury reached a decision after only 13 hours finding 27-year-old james holmes guilty of first-degree murder. as the judge continues to read the counts he faces 24 counts in all of first-degree murder 140 counts of attempted first degree murder you can, one count of possession of explosive device and one crime of violence. almost three years to the day where he went into a mid the night showing of the batman movie dark knight rising july 20th 2012, james holmes is now facing possible death sentence the same jury will decide his
3:23 pm
sentence after this session with this judge reading all of these counts. we want to bring in greta van susteren. more on this verdict as it's continuing. host of on the record. follow this is newscast. this could take a while. could go into your newscast. but your thought with all this. >> it could go into ours because there are 165 counts. it's interesting, i was in the courtroom when he made his first appearance a number of years ago. here is the thing. if he's guilty of one, we can expect he'll probably be guilty throughout the entire indictment. what i don't know though is since he raised the plea of not get guilty by reason of insanity insanity, i don't know the particularities of colorado what you and what the verdict form is like. i don't know if at the end there is a question about insanity or whether that is settled in the original counts as they go through it. so while i fully expect that he'll be guilty on all of them throughout i'm still wondering whether or not there is some provision about insanity that might come at the end where the
3:24 pm
jury decided, yes, he committed all these offenses but they will be a absolve him because he was insane at the time. assuming that the jury didn't find that he was insane the jury will then make a determination of whether or not he will get the death penalty or face life in prison. but this was a well thought out crime. the question is whether or not he appreciated the wrongfulness of his conduct when he did it. and that's always been a thorny issue in courtrooms. >> you make a great point. the jurors will first indicate on the forms whether holmes is guilty or not guilty on any count that they find him not guilty they must then write whether it was because they found him to be insane. the way we're told the colorado forms are listed. so the fact that they have at least so far found all of these first-degree murder counts and checked them guilty, the second box is not checked and therefore -- perhaps you're
3:25 pm
saying at the end there may be another -- >> and i don't know this but the way these are tried, when you're a defense lawyer, you say yes, he committed the crime but at the time he did it he was insane. so you don't try to say that he didn't do the crime, but if you do find he did do the crime, that he was insane. so it's really predictable that the defense would pretty much concede the issue of guilt throughout the inindictment. just the question of his state of mind. >> if we get to the point where at the end of this they say he is guilty and they reject his call for being legally insane the sentencing takes on a whole different part of this trial. >> yes, that's when they begin -- defense lawyers begin essentially, they will set a date for the hearing, but that's when the defense lawyers will beg for his life. he may even address the jury. sometimes in death penalty cases, the defendant will address the jury and beg for his life. there will be an appeal from
3:26 pm
this so one of the things lawyers don't want do is stand before the jury and beg for his life and look sane in front of the jury. so a lot of decisions to be made. but we first have to get through the verdict form and find out exactly what it is. >> and it's hundreds of pages long. greta, thank you very much. we'll have some fascinating results also in all of this breaking news today from chattanooga, tennessee to the verdict we just read in colorado. we also have new fox polls out tonight. when we come back we'll have those. more on the chattanooga marine murders with the panel. busy breaking news night.
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if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. this is a fox news alert. we're following the story out of chattanooga, tennessee. a gunman opened fire on a navy marine reserve center leaving four marines dead wounds several others including a recruiter and police officer. the gunman was also killed. law enforcement officials saying that his name is abdulazeezmohammod youssuf abdulazeez. they also say he had not been under investigation by the fbi, but that they are looking and combing through files and any possible evidence that he may have had ties to a foreign terrorist group. two shooting areas there as you take a look at the map. and there are some isis-related tweets that are a focus because of the time stamps and when they came out talking about this
3:31 pm
attack in chattanooga. some are drawing a line to the attack in garland, texas not too long ago that was also tied to an isis lone wolf. the president has spoken out about this, we will talk more about it with the panel. now politics believe it or not on this day and a first look at fresh fox news polls. donald trump continues to surprise everyone. the businessman and former reality tv star turned politician leads the way in the crowded republican presidential field while many others who expect better results are languishing it appears in low single digits. we have fox team coverage. ed renhenry is in new york but we begin with carl cameron here in washington. >> the first debate is three weeks tonight and the new fox polls show an increasingly tight race donald trump leading and scott walker getting an
3:32 pm
announcement bounce. trump is ahead with 18. walker surging at 15. jeb bush with 14 makes a virtual three-way tie. no one else reaches double digits. john kasich and rick sar tore rum santorum at 10%. from austin and far back in the pack perry, quote, what mr. trump is offering is not conservatism conservatism it is trumpism, a toxic mix of demagoguery and nonsense. a un any vision poll says 71% of hispanic voters in the u.s. have a negative opinion of trump. arriving in stillilicon valley skrebjeb bush was asked.
3:33 pm
>> i have a disagreement because of his tone and what he's saying because it's not accurate. off you go. i like rick perry a lot. he's running the kind of campaign that i respect. >> reporter: walker was in new hampshire a day after the wisconsin supreme court tossed out what he had long called the partisan political investigation into whether his 2012 recall campaign illegally coordinated with conservative groups. he dismisses trump. >> people tell me they are frustrated with politicians who just want to talk about what they're against and who they're against. americans i think want to vote for something and for someone. >> reporter: chris christie has been ignoring questions about trump. in camden he focused on criminal justice reform and saving communities that government has neglected by changing the war on judge to a war on addiction. >> that take as new set of tactics. instead of settling for jail, we need give people the chance to get help. all right >> reporter: huckabee released a video.
3:34 pm
>> we share schools and streets and lunch counters. >> reporter: sunday he addresses a black church in south carolina. late this afternoon, trump fired back at perry tweeting governor perry failed on the border. he should be forced to take an iq test before being allowed to enter the gop debate. top ten in an average of recent polls will qualify and it will get krutcut throw. throat. >> and hillary clinton is taking a hit when it comes to character issues. ed henry is covering her campaign. >> reporter: while hillary clinton continues to dominate new poll suggests trouble may still be brewing. she leads bernie sanders by 40 points but 50% say her national instincts lean toward hiding the truth, 33% say she leans toward telling the truth, which is why
3:35 pm
some democrats are demanding a stronger challenger to clinton as elizabeth warren was urged to get into the race. >> and it if we raise our voices together, we make change, we make progress. so i'm here to ask. >> clinton has struggled to generate similar excitement. she's raised over $47 million, but only one-fifth of that came from small donors excited by her campaign. and giving less than $200. >> she has looked defensive she has looked sheltered by her campaign up willing to engage with average voters and with the press. >> reporter: clinton is trying to combat that perception with a laser like focus on the middle class. today in new hampshire, pushing a tax credit to companies that share their profits to boost stagnant wages about. >> what i'm proposing is not left or right so much as it is
3:36 pm
forward or backward. >> reporter: yet a new poll found only 4 in 10 adults find clinton to be compassionate and only 3 in 10 believe she's honest as several voters at the progressive summit said there is energy around warren and they hope she julymps in. >> she's honest and genuine and talks about issues we care about. >> reporter: she made a direct contrast there by saying warren is honest. though warn did not warren has consistently said she won't get in the race. the dow up 70 s&p 500 gained nearly 17. nasdaq was up 64. when we come back was the murder of four marines in tennessee today islamic terrorism in the homeland? the feds are already on the case. we'll talk about it all with the panel after a break. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger.
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we had no intelligence indicating that there would be any type of attack today. >> domestic terrorism does that rule out any links to isis maybe? >> no. we're looking at everything possible avenue whether it was terrorism, whether it was domestic international or whether a simple criminal act. >> that is the fbi special agent in charge of the shooting today in chattanooga, tennessee. interesting that the fbi took control of the investigation almost right away. and soon there after, the fbi director was in the oval office briefing the president. now, you heard talk about isis there. there was the incident back in garland, texas you may remember that was tied to isis said to be anotherattack but like that at taking there was also twitter activity before this shooting in chat new today.taking, there was also twitter activity before this shooting in chat new today. it came out at 10:32.
3:41 pm
by all accounts the shooting started at 10:45 a.m. obviously raising a lot of questions. we'll start there. let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, amy stoddard and charles drought krauthammer. >> indications of foreknowledge would be significant, suggest something else was involved or may have inspired the gunman. so that would be -- i would think if i were leading the investigation that would be the first thing i'm looking at is this isis-inspired, is this isis-related ties to al qaeda groups what have you. in a sense though this is yet another one of the attacks either inspired by sis orisis or ifs's a lone gunman that suggests this new paradigm that people have been warning with about for years is actually here. we have to be careful not
3:42 pm
shifting all of our resources in to trying to find these lone gunman but be mindful that there are still terrorist groups trying to carry out mass casualty attacks. >> new york police saying they are adding security at local military recruiting stations in new york after the chattanooga attack citing no specific threat but amy, this does not obviously happen in a vacuum. we had the warnings prior to the fourth of july, we've had -- we've been on heightened state of alert for this type of attack lone wolf attack. >> it didn't matter if they're lone wolf or not. they are if they're inspired by isis and we've known for months and months from that there is isis in 50 states. and we've also known that military families are under direct and constant threat from isis. and so military installations and facilities are, as well. we might not have put all our
3:43 pm
resources in it but at the some point we have too acknowledge that military installations and locations are under a specific threat probably chronically and need to be better protected. and that's going to take more than just the local police driving by. this is not going to end because a few plots with your stopped on july 4th. we'll find out if this person was inspired by isis or not. but whether one kid in high school or they came here from the middle east we need to respond to it quickly at the local level and especially at our military facilities. >> this man mohammod youssuf abdulazeez was born in kuwait we knee that he grewe know that he grew up in the area of tennessee near where these shootings took place. we don't know a lot about him other than the fbi was not tracking him. >> unless this is an unbelievable coincidence of a
3:44 pm
psychotic who happens to carry his name who went out of control, this is in all probability an example of radicalism at work. our familyemphasis on isis is a little overstated. shot up and killed 13 american shoot up on the table acting pre-isis. what isis does is i think it gives direction, organization and because of its command of the social media can actually activate people in a way that was more random before. but the general issue is radical islam. and unless we have a president who immediately says this is a lone gunman how did he know, in the absence -- >> talking to the recent pool after meeting with the fbi director this is president obama. >> we don't know yet all the
3:45 pm
details. we know that what appears to be a lone gunman carried out these attacks. we've identified a name. and at this point, a full investigation is taking place. the fbi will be in the lead working closely with local law enforcement. >> you were saying. >> when you say lone gun man, what you're doing subtly or unsubtly is disconnecting the dots. we when we had the understand wear bomber try to bring down a plane over detroit, obama immediately said that this was an isolated extremist. it wasn't. it turned out to be connected to al qaeda. so i think the whole 6 1/2 years of obama always wanting to err on the side of downplaying the threat. the threat is radical islam which he won't say. the war is generational. i think the isis part where it's concentrated and directed and more forecussedcussed is something
3:46 pm
that we can do something about, but that would require destroying them in their homeland. >> i want to be careful about the tweets to the isis-related account the. in garland, texas we know that it came out before the shooting, before that happened. in this case the time stamp does say 10:34, but we don't know if that's mountain time, eastern time so we have to be about it coming out before the shooting. the point is there are isis accounts pointing directly to this incident and touting it as one of their own. >> and this investigation, we may learn that, he may well end up being a lone gunman, but i think clarlsharles is right the president has a history of doing this, downplaying the attacks and suggesting they're not related to the broader fight that we're not really fighting. one final point on the military
3:47 pm
installations, it is re preposterous that these marines are not allowed to carry weapons. that is something the president could and should change right now. >> at this one recruiting site this guy just went into the parking lot essentially, never went into the actual building, but stood in the parking lot and shot through the door killing people inside. >> sounds from catherine herridge's reporting that it was really kind of well planned. there was bunch of weapons in the car. he had staked out his targets and he was unfortunately not caught before he got to the second one. >> we will follow this obviously throughout the night here on fox news channel and bring you any breaking news. next up, we want to turn to politics. we have the new fox polls. we'll get analysis. ♪ to steady betty. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪
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new fox polls out tonight. let's break them down. first of all in the g.o.p. race for the nomination, you can see then and now. june and now. donald trump is in the lead by 3 percentage points. obviously within the margin of error. walker trump bush really bunched together, paul, rubio, ben carson, ted cruz. mike huckabee, chris chris at the john kasich ties for tenth in this poll with rick santorum and carly fiorina and rick proximate resulty. when you look at this poll, what could you see? then and now you see the changes here, some story lines. >> yeah, i think trump is taking voter sheriff away from a little bit bush, a little bit rubio definitely you from ben carson.
3:52 pm
and he is obviously the center of gravity he is the center of this race. two groups of people one worried about getting the debate stage august the 6th and can't get any attention because of donald trump and ones that have to be on the stage with him and are planning this very moment how they are going to deal with that scenario. there is all sorts of theories will who of the frontrunners he is going to help and going to hurt. the conventional wisdom is he is going to help jeb bush if things go the way they are going now. and he takes voter share away he from scott walker eventually. but anything can happen we will expect that. >> that's exactly right. by the way we will get the answer to who son the stage august 4th. two days before the actual debate in cleveland. it's interesting to point out, if you took an average of state polls iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, you would not see that big of a change to the average of national polls.
3:53 pm
in fact, just one slot at the end of the top ten right now. >> that is interesting because you have had had many people argue for the inclusion of the early state polls to give them the weight that early states have had in the past. it's not just that anything can happen anything is happening right now. the person ha awe b. calls the center of gravity right now is a man, the leader of the republican party right now in this primary is a man who supported single payer healthcare, wants to raise taxes to confiscatory level. called george bush evil. given tons of money to liberals and praised and funded hillary clinton a likely democratic no ma'am he knee. so anything is happening. that's what's happening right now. >> here is an important question on donald trump. trump comments on mexico. is he basically right was the question that was asked. take a look at this. yes, he is. there you see all the respond dents. no he isn't. g.o.p. primary voters taken out, look at those numbers. >> well, basically right is
3:54 pm
a pretty vegas question. it could mean to somebody is illegal immigration a problem, a major issue? the answer could easily be yes. >> let's try a different question. >> okay. >> feelings on donald trump. admire him he has guts, or dismiss him, is he a loud mouth? and there you see the breakdown. >> look, all of the above. why not? look, let me remind you, in the last cycle around the same time, but three months later than this, leading the pack of the republican candidates, herman cain with 27% of the vote. and unless i'm mistaken we are not in the third year of a cain administration. the other thing you should note in the poll is that the margin of era encloses three candidates here. that trump and bush and walker are all within the margin of error. this is not to say that the trump phenomenon isn't a phenomenon. but i would guess that it will not be extremely
3:55 pm
long-lived. >> quickly let me tick through these democratic polls. obviously hillary clinton is still on the lead in the preference. and then hillary clinton's natural instincts lean toward and can you see all hiding the truth 58%. now, you see the breakdown on democratic primary voters. let me go to the a.p. quickly. favorable, unfavorable. 39% now in this poll fav unfav. quickly, a.b. >> there is a campaign buying into no one is paying attention it's not really a contest. no one will focus until she is a democratic nominee officially and has a republican opponent. i don't buy that democrats are looking at this race. they might think she is the only one who can win the primary. they are not enthused and they are saying terrible things to pollsters about it. i think he it sticks around. it becomes a narrative. it's hard for her to energize people with the general electric going in with this unfav numbers.
3:56 pm
>> much more to talk about. breaking news changes every everything and it did today on the show. next up ondate on our stories. because we're here we're here and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. sup jj? working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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updating two breaking news stories for tonight. we're getting our first look at the suspected shooter in the murder of four marines today in chattanooga tennessee. the suspect you see him here, who was also killed is identified as 24-year-old mohammed yousef abdullah. he is believed it to have been born in kuwait. unclear whether he was u.s. or kuwait citizen. federal authorities are investigating this crime as a case of domestic terrorism. and we're having breaking developments on this story really as we speak throughout the evening. so keep it here on fox. also in centennial, colorado, a jury has found james homes guilty of first degree murder for the 2012 shootings at a movie theater in suburban denver, 7 people died. 70 putter. jurors will next decide whether he should pay with
4:00 pm
his life. that starts right away. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. a different kind of night here on "special report." but still fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. the suspect mohammed yousef abdul azeez. you are looking at the man accused of killing four u.s. marines right here on american soil a young man born in kuwait and living in tennessee gunning down four u.s. marines all of them murdered in the united states it happened in thoog tennessee. and now new fears that domestic terrorism right here at home. at this hour that shooter is dead and the city of chattanooga, tennessee in a state of complete shock. "on the record" has live team coverage on the investigation of these brutal murders. just hours ago chattanooga's mayor, police chief u.s. attorney and fbi speaking to the media. >> today is a nightmare for the city of chattanooga.


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