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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 17, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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president obama said the dead served with great honor and called it heart breaking. the families have already given a lot to this country and now this. those families need our prayers night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we are conducting this as an act domestic terrorism. >> another terror attack. this one in tennessee. reports say a muslim american killed four marines, wounding another and a police officer. the man is then shot dead. tonight, we will have full coverage of what exactly happened and reaction from president obama, donald trump, mike huckabee, and a number of others as america once again faces the evil of terror. >> today is a nightmare for the city of chattanooga. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪
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♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a vicious attack in chattanooga, tennessee that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. now, throughout the evening things are breaking. information is coming in. so we have to be nimble here. we will give you the information as we get it. but, anything can happen at any time. it all began about 10 :45 this morning eastern time. police say 24-year-old mohammed abdulazeez opened fire on two military recruiting stations killing four marines wound ago female navy sailor police officer. the sailor is in the hospital tonight. the shooter did not enter the building, rather, he fired from outside. dozens of shots were heard. reports say adual la zeez was trapped in the woods after a chase. was killed by law enforcement. we are awaiting further details on that.
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it's pretty murky right now that's the initial report. here is what we know about the terrorist. he graduated from the university of tennessee he in 2012 with a degree in engineering. we believe is he an american citizen born in kuwait, not been confirmed yet. his father works for the city of chattanooga. his family middle class. on the victim front, we are awaiting the identities of the four murdered marines pending the notification of heir families. the fbi now in charge of the investigation and the associated press is reporting that authorities raided the shooter's house taking two women into custody. we are also awaiting more word on that situation. so you can see there is a a lot in play. earlier today, president obama said this: >> i would ask all americans to pray for the families who are grief-stricken at this point and i want everybody to understand that we will be thorough and prompt in
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figuring out exactly what happened. >> in just a few moments three fox news corptsd will report -- correspondents will report; even though not clear whether it's accurate, apparently a tweet from an isis-based source announced the terror action before it actually happened. catherine herridge is on that story and will join us shortly. if isis haven't involved, even indirectly, all hell is going to break loose in this country. for months those savages have been encouraging people on the net to attack americans. as you know, the obama administration's response to the growing menace of isis has been long term, not an urgent campaign. expect that to change in mohammed abdulazeez is linked to that group. there have been a number of terror attacks on american soil since 9/11 as you know. the shoe bomber in 2001, fort hood attack in 2009, boston marathon bombing 2013
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just to name the most infamous. but there has not been an attack by isis that has succeeded. on a night like this when the nation faces the fact that four marines were killed on american soil restraint, restraint is necessary the fbi will quickly gather the facts. after they are presented to the public then and only then should a calculated reaction take place. i firmly believe president obama is making a major mistake in the tentative nature of his response to isis and i have said that many times i hope mr. obama's strategy will change because isis is a direct threat to all americans even if it turns out they were not involved in the terror attack today. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's go to chattanooga tennessee, where fox news correspondent john roberts has the very latest. did i leave anything out john? >> you didn't leave a whole lot out. you have got most of it nailed bill. there are a few developments that have happened recently that we can tell you about. first of all outside of the
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navy operational support center which also develops as a marine reserve center, a number of light modules with generators just went in hauled in by a convoy of black suburbans. we assume these are fbi light units that will be used to illuminate the area. the investigation likely will continue well into the night. just a short time ago a marine in dress blues rolled up to the front gate here where police are diligently keeping anyone out and delivered a folded up flag to one of the officers who was standing guard there then hugged his wife and continued on with the family obviously wanting to show his respect. we are learning a lot more too about mohammed adual azees we understand that he here to the university of chattanooga got a bachelor's degree in the electrical engineering. the valley confirmed for me that he did in fact intern for a while 2009-2010. he was on the wrestling team in high school. enjoyed mixed martial arts and did some ceaj fighting
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for a while. additionally earlier this year he was arrested on a dui charge according to the files free press of chattanooga again the report carried in that newspaper which has a fay fay election. he wrote inside his picture quote: my name causes national security alerts. what does yours do? by looking further at the yarl photographs of the car as it sits in the parking lot outside of that reserve center bill, it's clear that abdulazeez crashed through the front gates because he carried those gates bent and twisted on the front of his car all the way into the parking lot where he stopped the car and that's where it appears he opened fire. now, what we have not been able to ascertain is if he did here, as he did at the recruiting center on lee highway, shoot from his car or if he actually exited from his vehicle, request he
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was shot dead if he shot dead or took his own life unclear at this point. we have heard reports that he was chased into the woods by police officers who were hot pursuit after he left that recruiting center location and may have been killed in the woods though the aerial photographs did show there was a body in the parking lot. that is still unclear. we understand bill killian the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of tennessee may hold a press conference later on this evening and may fill in some of those details. >> what kind of a gun did he use? do we know? >> we don't know the exact model of the gun but from eyewitness accounts, talking with military experts it, sounds like it may have been some sort of military-style rifle, simply because of the number of bullets that he was able to fire in rapid succession. people at the recruiting center about seven and a half miles away down on lee highway said that they heard 25 to 30 shots. as you can see in the pictures of the front of the recruiting centers there are a lot of little black cones that are marking where the
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brass, the shell casings landed. you can sometimes do a lot of good reporting by simply looking what's in front of you. it's clear he was very close to the front door because some of those shell casings land dollars at the foot of the sidewalk right outside of the front door. >> there was a sergeant who was in one the recruiting centers. there were two separate shootings, two. and what i have been told is that the marines were killed at the second. is that correct john? >> they were. they were killed at the location at the navy operational support center. >> and the navy sailor who is in surgery tonight she was there as well. and a police officer i guess, got shot in the leg and he was treated and released. >> we don't -- we don't know where -- we don't know where the sailor, a woman who is in surgery now according to pentagon officials was shot. we don't know if it was at the recruiting center or here. the police officer was shot
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here in that exchange of gunfire he received a minor wound to the ankle. the female sailor obviously wounded a lot more seriously. >> the first location is seven miles away from the seconds location where the marines were killed? >> it is. >> so he opens fire. >> and i was just going to say, bill, when you look at the locations compared to where it's believed he lived, which is about five miles that way as the crow flies in hixon tennessee on colonial circle, it looks like he could have exited his home in his neighborhood come down highway 153. got off 153 right near the recruiting center, opened fire there and then traveled the seven miles along the am nikola amnicola highway here to get to this reserve center. talked to a friend who said he was driving this way as the suspect was coming this way. the suspect nearly hit him as he made a high speed u-turn and ducked into the area here. now, this is an entrance to
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a park. an entrance to river park but the facility is kind of part of that property you have to go into the park to get to that facility. what's interesting is is the defense department told us at no time was the shooter on federal property but it's clear he was right in the parking lot so he was, in fact on federal property after crashing through the front gate. >> we will sort all that out. john i want you to stand by in case anything happens down there. thanks very much. next on the rundown isis tweet and also update on the victims
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we just got this. the "new york times" is reporting from an unidentified official that mohammed abdulazeez's father was on a terror watch list and under investigation by the federal authorities. subsequently he was taken off that list but that's what the "new york times" is reporting tonight.
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and, we have two correspondents joining us from washington. first, catherine herridge, who covers national security for us. so this isis tweet situation is fairly sensational report. do you think it's true? >> well, i just got off the phone, bill, with one of my counter terrorism who collects information. there is a celebratory tone on isis social media in arabic about tennessee and also indicated that there was a tweet late last night from a guy who uses the twitter handle al lee rigby style attack. that was the guy beheaded in britain. i'm not sure that is connected. some questions about the time stamp on one of the isis tweets earlier today but the bought line is that this group is celebrating what happened in tennessee today unfortunately. let's get to this tweet that was put out that said it had
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an isis guy with a knife it said that something big is going to happen or wherever. where did this show up? where did you first hear about this? i first saw it this afternoon. part of the social media that was circulating and the time stamp on the above its face 10:34. based on eastern time with the shooting would have appeared to be in advance. now some questions over whether that time stamp is real accurate. i would argue in this particular case it's an example of how these groups latch on to these events and celebrate them. >> it could be staged prop began darks absolutely could be. but the computer expert at the fbi should be able to get to that bottom of that very quickly. >> that's really important because if these people new about it in advance isis
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then it ges linked over to them. >> the bigger question the fbi is doing what they call forensic scrub on the suspect's electronics going through the phones and computers and building a network of contacts to understand the events and who they were in contact with. >> sure. leading up to this event. that's something the fbi unfortunately, has a lot of experience with now. >> okay. do we know anything about the two women who were taken into custody? >> i don't want to give you bad information. >> no no. we want you to absolutely tell us what you know and what you don't know. we're going from an a.p. report that there were two women taken out of the alleged terrorist's home and we don't know anything more than that thank you. >> you are welcome. of course. >> let's bring in jennifer griffin who covers the pentagon for fnc. any late word on the victims the marines and navy sailor, jennifer? >> we have learned a little bit more about the four marines who were killed.
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one of the marines killed today was a decorated war hero with two purple hearts. the youngest killed was a lance corporal artillery cannoniere just 19 years old. all reservist part of the third battalion 14th regiment of the reerches. we are also learning in addition to those four marines three people were injured with a female sailor who you mentioned still in surgery. we are told she was injured at the second site when those marines were killed. so she was at the second site when the gunman opened fire on those marines. the one marine and the police officer were released. they look like they are going to survive. the female from the navy, i'm told, is in very serious condition. the names of those killed are not be released from the primary next of kin notification is complete. >> what were all the marines and the saylor doing at that facility. do you know? >> yes. in fact, these are facilities that the marines and the navy have all across the country, they have 123
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of these somewhat soft targets. they are support operation centers. if you look at the aerial footage you can see that this was an artillery unit. they had had military hardware there and yet they had no guards there. they weren't armed. so the four marines who were killed they were outside in what looked like a parking lot where some of this military hardware was. what's confusing to us here at the pentagon is that early in june the head of northern command told all the bases across the country to raise their alert status, their threat status to bravo and that meant at bases across the country there was a raised security alert. but at these soft targets 123 of these operations centers, no raised security alert. no guards on hand. and it made them really sitting ducks. >> basically depots with some hardware there some pepper nell assigned to the depots some recruiting that goes on around them. is that accurate?
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>> no. the recruiting was taking place at the first location on lee highway. >> this was purely a depot. >> this was for reservists who were there they had hardware, part of their reserve duty they have to show up a few days a month. >> and train and things like that. i got it? >> exactly. >> jennifer, thank you. please stand by as well. directly ahead reaction from donald trump. then later how to fight lone wolf terror. is there any strategy at all? moments away.
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and in the impact seeing isment tonight, there is no question that terrorism will be a major campaign issue in the upcoming presidential race. a new fox news poll released today has donald trump
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leading the g.o.p. pack with 18%. scott walkner second. jeb bush third. joining us now on the phone from new hampshire where is he campaigning is donald trump. now, you asked me in the break whether the military installations that were attacked today by the terrorists were, quote: gun-free zones which means the military people that were in there were not allowed to carry guns. the answer is yes they were not allowed to carry guns in those zones. what is your reaction to the attack today? >> well, it's a lack of respect, bill, for our country, for our officials for our leaders. it's just total lack of respect. it's a breakdown and frankly, a gun-free zones. these are four great marines for from what everybody tells me, unbelievable people and that they are not allowed to carry guns is absolutely ridiculous. so what happens is this guy walks in, he has got a gun. they are just sitting there as targets. it's absolutely disgraceful. >> this is lone wolf situation, even if it's tied tos a guy who went out by himself and wanted to
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kill american military people and police. do you have any solution to lone wolf stuff? >> well, look, what we need in our country is better intelligence and if we can believe the previous report, the father wasn't exactly an angel. so he was under watch and he was under investigation and it looks like, you know, this is something that maybe goes from the father to the son. the father didn't look like an angel let's see i guess that's going to have to be determined. i mean, this guy we need better intelligence. how do you grow up and nobody in the area sees this. it seems inconceivable to me. we need stronger protection and better intelligence. >> what about the backlash against muslim americans? you know, we really haven't had had that many terror attacks since 9/11. we cited a few they have all been muslim generated except the charleston situation which was a racist kid.
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what about the backlash against muslims? do you think that will happen? >> well, at some point it's probably going to happen. and you know you have the term islamic terrorism which the president refuses to use, even though there seems to be quite a bit of it. if you look around the world certainly it's there. there is something going on it seems so sad that a whole group of people have to be blamed. but it does seem to be happening a lot bill. whether it's here or in other countries it certainly is there. and there is a form of islamic terrorism. president obama refuses to use the term and nobody can quite understand why. >> well, i'm sure you have a theory on it, donald. >> well, i think i won't say my theory right now. but, he should certainly you know, if we're going to fight elements that are causing tremendous problems, at least we have to start being not so politically correct. it's this is happening. it's happening all over. it's happening outside of our country big league. it's going to get worse in
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our country. we better start fighting tougher than we are fighting right now bill. we are going in the wrong direction in some different ways. not just this. but in so many different ways. >> why do you think the terrorism in the united states is going to get worse? why? >> because i think they don't respect our law enforcement and they don't respect our country. and we are taking the power away from our police. we are taking the power away from the people who are supposed to be be protecting us. it's getting worse and worse all the time. whether it's islamic or anything else, it's getting worse. we are losing law and order. they don't respect. you look at what's happening in detroit. you look at what's happening in baltimore or chicago it's getting worse all the time. >> you can restore respect for the police? could a politician do that? >> i think you can. you have to give them back their strength. you have to give them back their power. you have to restore law and order. you have to have respect for -- they are not respecting the police anymore. i love the police. what they do is incredible.
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sure, you are going to have a couple of bad apples in any business, even in your business we have bad apples, right, bill. >> we have more than a few. >> you have too many in your business. you have to restore law and order and you have to be intelligent. you have to bring back the word intelligence. you have to bring it back. a thing like this shouldn't happen. >> you know, with these guys, they are all over the place. the police have their hands full with crime and everything else, it's hard but one speculative question and i don't like to ask these kind of questions but tonight with this isis tweet, if the fbi does show that this terrorist in chattanooga did have ties to isis is, that a game changer? >> i think it's a game changer. i think probably the answer in some form is yes anyway and think are doing it more and more. you know, the lone wolves as they call them they are doing it more and more. and there have to be people -- this guy didn't just grow up in a vacuum.
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i mean for the last year or two or three he was radicalized. i mean, people in his neighborhood must see it how does it happen? does he submit a room all day long? i don't think so. people must see it happenings. they have to be able to call law enforcement and find out what's going on and they are not doing it it's a very serious situation. we need intelligence. we don't have intelligence in this country in so many different forms bill. this is one of them. >> all right. you would reorganize all the intel agencies if you were president? you would reorganize them? >> i would certainly put people that are the smartest and the best. we don't have that right now. we vun believable law enforcement agencies and amazing people. some of our most amazing people but we are not letting them do their job bill. >> all right. donald trump, thank you very much as always. plenty more ahead. as the factor moves along this evening. governor mike huckabee has some thoughts on the murder of the four marines. he will be with us. and then fighting against lone wolf terror as mentioned. is there any way to do that? we will talk with two very
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savvy experts. and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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personal story segment tonight, putting terrible things in perspective. the savage who killed 12 people in the denver murder theater was convicted of miller. that was a mass killing not a political crime as it seems chattanooga is joining us now on the phone from georgia governor mike huckabee. so your reaction to the
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murders in tennessee today governor? >> bill, as soon as i heard of it, it reminded me so eerily of what happened on june 1st, 2009 in little rock. a young man carlos bledsoe who had converted to islam was going by the name of abdul akim mohammed opened fire on army recruiting station killing andy long a private and another individual who was very critically wounded and the result of that was that the shooter who was capture it add little while later immediately told people it was an act of jihad. he had gone to yemen been radicalized by al qaeda. the federal government refused to prosecute him as a terrorist. they said it was a state crime. he was convicted of capital murder but never terrorism. and andy long, the young private who who was killed, only on july 1st, less than a month ago finally received a purple heart and the act against him was
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considered terrorism. so at least in the tennessee shooting, they are not so slow to recognize that there are people, particularly young people who are being radicalized. they are engaging in horrific activities and bill the sad part about this these are not isolated. i would guess that there are hundreds if not thousands of sleeper cells across this country, people who have been radicalized who are waiting to be given the green light to do something like mohammed did in little rock like apparently this shooter did in chattanooga. and that's why this is so very frightening to every american. >> now in little rock, as you said, it wasn't a terror beef. and in fort hood, it wasn't a terror beef either. the president called it work place violence. do you remember that? >> right. oh absolutely. >> so you have got two situations where u.s. military people are killed on american soil by muslims
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who invoke allah as the reason they did it. you would think that would be terrorism but the feds say no. do you know the reason the feds don't want to describe it as terrorism? >> well, for reasons that make no sense to me, this administration has been consistent in wanting to do everything to protect the image of islam. i certainly want to protect the image of peaceful islam but we have to recognize that the radical elements of islam are out to kill us and it's the same kind of foolish strategy that struck a deal with the iranians this week. it's the same kind of foolish strategy that picked the wrong side in eequipped had an imaginary red line in syria. this administration, for reasons i cannot fully understand other than just knot wanting to offend muslims, has been so careful not to want to identify the real enemy an enemy that is murdering americans whenever it gets an opportunity.
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>> jihad that's for sure. because i don't know why they do it. but, it's absolutely a fact they do do it. they down play the terror aspect. donald trump just said we need better intelligence. you know, i'm saying to myself what more could the intel agencies do if you have a guy in little rock in 2009 that, you know, attacked the military installation, if you have the guy today in chattanooga. i mean, how do you know that unless the guy brags about it or puts it out on the net. i don't know what more intel can do with lone wolves. >> the guy today apparently had not given some clues. the guy in little rock had given repeated clues. he had gone to yemen. he had been arrested there. he had clearly indicated he was joining jihad. as soon as he was arrested, he made every effort to make sure that people knew of the various attempts, failed attempts, by the way that he had made to have other terrorist attacks that
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didn't turn out there. were so many different signs and i do think that we're going to have to put more manpower more human intelligence. i fear sometimes bill, that we have put so much money on the wiz bang technology of metadata collections that we forget that the most effective intelligence-gathering is not necessarily something done by a robot or a machine. it's done by old fashioned gum shoe police work. and we have made it much more difficult for the human intelligence factor to operate effectively. that has to change. >> all right governor. we appreciate your time tonight. the governor is in an airport, which is why you heard a little background noise on his way to iowa. when we come right back, two thugs in boston commit terrorism. one killer are in fort hood as mentioned does the same thing. now the chattanooga deal. is there anything that we americans can do about this? right back with that report.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, lone wolf terrorism. turns out abdulazeez kill people i could be wrong. here in new york city jonathan guilliams former fbi agent. you told me this act of the terror today is the most important situation in connection with to 9/11. >> correct. >> why? >> first off he was able to carry it out and this is -- there hasn't really been many attacks like this have been carried out. and secondly it just shows that the federal government has not realized what soft targets are recruitment centers, reserve centers. those are very, very soft targets. what we saw today were marines ducking for cover and running to hide instead
1:42 am
of being able to arm themselves and prepare for an attack. >> gun-free zones are going to end you would assume after today. >> i would hope so. >> who imposes that? who imposes the gun-free zones. >> military, they don't allow these individuals the marines and other soldiers and sailors to carry weapons because that's the policy set down by the dod. that's who sets those zones. >> so the department of defense has to do with the posse -- that you don't have u.s. military armed and patrolling the streets. >> the streets that doesn't have anything to do with the bases. >> with protecting themselves if they are on their own property. >> that's correct. >> so you think that this gun-free zone thing that's going to stop, the dod is going to be forced to change that policy? >> we would think that i don't know whether you have a president that doesn't admit that something is terrorism, which this happens over and over again. >> he have to admit this is terrorism. how do you see this? do you see this as mr. guilliams does as defining moment in american terrorism? >> i do, bill. there there is t. serns me
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this is talk lone gunman on domestic terrorism. this is a probable isis attack against the united states. more precisely a probable attack by the global jihad movement. this idea that we don't know whether this gunman was inspired or directed by isis that's a distinction without a difference. we know right now isis's strategy is to promote the global jihad movement by inspiring or directing these attacks. this guy is isis inspired. >> what if it turns out the fbi is scrubbing his machines, finding out who he was in contact with what he posted, what he said. what if it turns out like the boston marathon bombers that it's two -- this guy is 25. they were young men as well. just fanatical jihadists who get it in their mind they are going to do this because allah wants them to? what if that's the way it
1:44 am
turns out? >> they are fanatical jihadists because they are inspired by what's going on in iraq. and by the aggressive propaganda being pushed by isis through social media these things can't be separated and we need a strategy by the u.s. government to combat it. >> okay. do you have any ideas mr. flits, fleitz what that molly might be. >> my center forward. 12 co-authors, i'm one of them. commits the united states government to defining this threat, how the u.s. government has dealt with it and committing every element of government, diplomatic efforts economic efforts, military, intelligence, cyber to fight this threat just like president reagan fought the soviet union in the 1980s. i mean, the reason we have soldiers who are unarmed at these bases is because we don't have a strategy that recognizes it as a global threat. that's what has to be done
1:45 am
and needs to be done immediately. >> jihad is the global threat and your agency has developed a strategy to fight the jihad. do i have that right? >> we have a strategy to reorient the united states government to fight this threat the global jihad movement. >> okay. the global jihad movement. do you feel that's the case that the united states government does not have a general strategy to fight the jihad? >> we have no strategy. that's why we go over and we bomb buildings where nobody is at in syria. it doesn't make any sense. it's not going to stop anything. those are band eights that don't have a -- band-aids that don't have a cut to put it on. tiers how we with push back this ideology in the middle east effectively. we need to realize that we can stop recruiting here in the united states but the rest of the globe has to come on board with that online and help us stop that. >> you are never going to get that though. >> that's true. but what we can do is with a certain partners that we have we can actually come on, you get them to go online with us and help us
1:46 am
stop some of this stuff. first thing we have to do here at home the government has to admit that we are at war with islamic fundamentalism. >> now, as we heard with governor huckabee, mr. flits, president obama will not do that he will not say america is at war with the global jihad. do you know why the president will not say than? >> >> the president has always seen the global jihad movement as some type of regional problem. he doesn't recognize terrorist groups as a regional threat. and i -- i mean, why this is i frankly don't understand. >> you don't understand because i don't either. >> i don't understand because i think the evidence is pretty compelling. >> you can make speculation and trump wouldn't speculate tonight which is a first for him. but i think it's appropriate on a night when we lose four marines. do you have any idea why the president won't say you know look, the united states and other western nations are at war with the jihad and we are going to develop a comprehensive
1:47 am
strategy. do you have any idea. >> i'm not running for president and i will speculate. it's fake. that's a fake deal. nothing is going to come out of the deal. iranians will take until eternity to get a nuclear weapon. you have politics. politicians like obama, like the people that work in his national security branch that don't know what they are doing, they are not concerned with fixing this. i don't think they understand the reality of this problem. they are using it for political gain. >> how do they not gain politically by not declaring war on the jihad. >> it's they are not going to admit it's a big enough war in the united states. they don't want people to be scared but can be heroes by taking out usama bin laden or bombing people in syria. this whole strategy of politics has nothing to do with effective fighting and any war fighter or anybody who thinks tactically will tell you this is in disarray. there is nothing here that is effective in stopping this. >> all right gentlemen. very very interesting discussion. bret baier on deck. what's the politics of this
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tonight? then, there was some good news today about jesus. right back.
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. back of the book segment. let's bring in bret baier who like us has been watching this tennessee situation all day long. >> the investigation's still ongoing, but u.s. officials are now leaning toward abdul asooes not being directly told to pull off this attack but that he was inspired. they point to a social media post where he says he's ready for jihad.
1:52 am
they also say the time being fall falls into the last davey of ramadan. and the targets themselves. the military targets being something that isis has called for in social media posts. so they are leaning towards inspired by but not directed by international terrorists either isis or al qaeda. >> do you me thisbelieve this is a game changer? number one, they'll be able to carry weapons, number two, that there will be more aggressive action to define the enemy at globalist jihad. do you believe that will happen? >> i do. it will be a folkcus of the campaign. bobby jindal the louisiana governor has already criticized the president for not talking more boldly about islamic terrorism, and i think you'll hear that from other
1:53 am
republicans. i think it also shifts the focus to national security and possible cells being inside the u.s. and that, obviously is in the factor but it's going to be more prevalent now, i think. >> you know what we asked hillary clinton and bernie sanders to come on because we wanted to do a little balance tonight. they didn't want to come on but the democratic matter supporting president obama's foreign policy may find itself in a lot of trouble if this isis connection to this guy is established at all. because they are the supporters of mr. obama's reticence to act boldly against isis. do you see that as a developing story? >> well i do think that shifts to foreign policy does not help hillary clinton. she's trying republicans are trying to tie her to the obama foreign policy in every way, shape, or form and this week she accepted and pushed the iran deal saying it's something democrats should support, and
1:54 am
obviously, she's tied to all kinds of decisions, back to benghazi and libya and all kinds of foreign policy decisions by the obama administration. if they portray her as a third obama term polls show that doesn't serve her very well. >> okay now the situation about president obama himself. not defining global jihad as a direct threat to us. avoiding the use of the term -- you heard governor huckabee in arkansas the ft. hood violence and on anden o enon and on. do you think the president himself will say, you know what? i'm changing a little bit here. do you foresee that? >> i think it may be slow. we've seen that evolution before remember the underwear bomber. and the evolution there. it took several days before the president moved off his one-of
1:55 am
this is a lone guy. he said today in the oval office that this was a lone gunman not that we're still investigating not that we're waiting, it looks like this is a lone gunman. that sends its own message. so i think the rhetoric will change. i'll just point out that the fbi has been busting up some of these plots and some of these cells. before july 4th they did. and they're aggressive. it's just a matter of whether they talk about it in the right way politically. >> you can't get them all. with our border and we've shown in the past two weeks anybody can sneak in here anytime they want. you just can't. you've got to give the fbi, the cia and the nsa a break. >> on that tweet that you brought up at the beginning, all indicationings are now that it came out after the attack. it was a pacific time time stamp. >> a bogus situation? >> yeah.
1:56 am
but nevertheless it was touting the attack as a success for isis. but it wasn't a preconceived thing. >> all right, we appreciate it. factor tip of the day. some good news. thank god! and what is it?
1:57 am
no mail tonight so we could spend the extra time covering the murder of the four marines.
1:58 am
but there was good news today. "killing jesus" received an emmy nomination for best television movie of the year. now this is important in our increasingly secular nation. hollywood recognizing the worthiness of an enterprise decides to introduce the world to the greatest man who ever lived. it's on dvd. anybody can watch. and whether we win the emmy or not, the nomination is a fine thing. we are all very proud of "killing jesus". congratulations to scott free the cast, which is fabulous, and i'm very very pleased tonight to tell you that. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. as always, we thank you for watching the factor. you can check out bill o' and remember that next week we have the hearings in the senate on the illegal alien violence. if you want to sign the petition bill o'reil
1:59 am
>> a fox news lart. terror in tennessee. four marines murdered in cold blood after a loan gunman targets two military installations. >> all i heard was two shots. then more shots boom boom boom. when he backed up he put another 10-20 in the window. >> the suspect is also dead. he was not on the fbi's radar ligs until it was too late. we are learning his family had possible terror ties. >> bulletings flying in gun free zones leaving the victims unable to fight back. we have team coverage. ainsley earhardt is on the ground and jackie ibanez.
2:00 am
>> ainsley is in chat knewing bau. what is the latest. >> nightmare for our city and a guy praying. the gunman is dead. police have not confirmed if they killed him or if he committed suicide. four marines shot and killed others wounded. there's no ties to international terrorism. they are not ruling it out. the gunman did act alone. isis is encouraging these lone wolf attacks during the month of ramadan. here's the time line t. started yesterday morning at 10:45 in the morning at the military recruitment center. the guy drives up in his gray ford mustang opens fire with multiple weapons. people inside the recruitment