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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 17, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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shot dead by police. we were learning that he was not on the fbi radar. it was reported that his father was once being watched by the fbi during a terror investigation. and facilities on high alert across the country. we have more on this story, terror in tennessee. hi friends, good morning, today, is friday the 17th of july 2015. i'm anna kooiman, in for elisabeth hasselbeck and this is a fox news alert. terror in tennessee, four marines shot dead and this morning the face of terror revealed. we're getting our first look at the suspect live on the ground in chattanooga in moments. >> that suspect not apparently on any terror watch list but should he have been? his father was once on a watch list. and now new blog posts and his
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yearbook. >> and the sign right next to this says guns are banned. is it finally time to rethink the military gun-free zones. you report -- we report you decide. "fox & friends" live right now. we start this friday morning with a fox news alert. these are images out of chattanooga, tennessee, yesterday. terror in tennessee, four marines murdered when a gunman opened fire on two military centers in tennessee. >> this morning, the suspect is dead and a shattered community is wondering what prompted this attack. >> our own ainsley earhardt is live in chattanooga. >> this gunman we are being told this morning, was killed by law enforcement officers.
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they also say that he's responsible for shooting four marines yesterday dead and also injuring three others including a marine a sailor who is now in surgery this morning and a police officer. the fbi had a presser late last night, just a few hours ago. they say they don't have a motive here. they did not have the suspect on their radar. that this guy has no ties to terror overseas and that isis did encourage lone wolf attacks during the month of ramadan. they say he was a very religious person. at 10:45 yesterday morning, he drove here to the military recruitment center drives up opens fire multiple weapons they say and fired about two dozen rounds. that's when people inside hit the floor. they barricaded themselves. he continued to fire more shots through the glass. they say a total of 30 to 50 shots. somehow, thankfully no one was injured here at this facility. then the suspect continues on in
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his car, drives 15 minutes down the road to the navy and marine corps reserve center which is an industrial area. he drives through the entrance there. both of entrances to that facility were unmanned at the time. he gets out. he goes inside the facility and that's where the fbi says he took the lives of those four heroic marines. the governor reacting last night. take a listen. >> there's been some heroic action by the marines who lost their lives and some others there at the facility who did everything they could to minimize the damage. >> now, witnesses say that they heard pow, pow, pow, over and over and it wasn't too long after that when police swarmed in from every direction. this is what the witnesses said. >> someone drive by shot all through the windows of all the recruiting offices. so we went inside and the place was like something on tv furniture shut -- shot up tv.
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>> all i heard was the first shot boom and then heard shots, boom boom boom being he backed up and put another 10 or 20 in the window. >> this was the headline this morning as we were leaving the hotel. it says "nightmare for our city." you have people praying and the suspect who is dead this morning on the same page. very eerie and a nightmare for this city. >> in that picture of him, he's smirking. it's a mugshot of him when he was a driving under the influence charge in april. >> he was april -- he was arrested on april 20th. he had white residue on his face. he said he had snorted caffeine. that was the only time he was ever arrested. >> well, friends and families strangers are all coming
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together to remember the four marines who were killed. ♪ jesus is the answer ♪ for the world today ♪ >> looking above for strength. hundreds gathering for pay prayer vigil in chattanooga last night. >> the names are not being released yet. one was a decorated war hero who earned two purple hearts and the other was 19 years old. >> they were part of a reserve unit specializing in artillery. they served in iraq including the battle of fallujah. it also provided relief after hurricane katrina. >> the begun -- gun man is being called a lone wolf the president called him a lone gunman. right now, you look at the dots
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and it looks like it clear was terror. three days before this guy pulled up to these two centers in his silver mustang rental convertible, he updated his blog post and he wrote this "brothers and sisters, don't be fooled by your desires. this life is short and bitter and the opportunity to submit to allah may pass you by." >> also saying you'll be rewarded for plarybs that have not been seen trying to encourage others to fight. this blog only had two posts. he had been radicalized more extensively in the last two weeks. >> in his senior year he said my name causes national security alerts. what does your do? >> they saw that posting in the yearbook and they figured that was a joke. that was the mugshot, the only
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time he was arrested on 4/20 day for being under the influence. his father interestingly enough in the chattanooga area was appointed as a special policeman for the chattanooga division of special works. the father was investigated for donations to a terror group. that designation was removed and he was dropped from the watch list the father was. >> president obama was in oklahoma and came back to the white house. he weighed in. >> that appears to be a lone gunman carried out these attacks. we identified a name and at this point a full investigation is taking place. the fbi will be in the lead working closely with local law enforcement. >> so the president called him a
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lone gunman so many others have said he's a lone wolf. as we start to connect the dots and law enforcement has been reluctant to call it terrorism per se although the u.s. attorney did initially call it an act of domestic terror. you know what it's too early, let's say he was never on our radar. >> when you call someone a lone gunman rather than a lone wolf rather than naming your enemy to defeat your enemy, many feel the president sounds a bit tone deaf and that term lone gunman was way too neutral. >> you want the fbi to take the lead in the investigation and figure out what really happened. there's no evidence right now that isis was behind this. the question that they are looking at among others is was he inspired by isis when isis is out there saying friday being the end of the holy month of
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ramadan, launch more attacks, then this happens. we don't know that it's connected, but we know that's been out there. >> but some terror analysts are saying that there's no real distinction between inspired by isis and being, you know acting directly under the leadership of isis. ron hosko was on seen hannity's program last night and said this. >> the fbi has been warning this sort of thing for weeks now, if not months. this threat is far different than the threat of al qaeda 10 or 12 years ago. if you used the hockey analogy, al qaeda was working with a very big puck and they would pass it back and forth to each other before they score, the big puck was the grandiose strike on america. here you have people who are going to just put shots on goal.
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isis is looking for anyone who will listen to their message and move to action to fire to take action against the military against law enforcement. >> one other thing that we wanted to talk to you about this morning, the fact that the guy pulls up in the rental mustang convertible yesterday in that strip mall and right there because it's a soft target is this military recruiting center. if you look closely on the door and perhaps you've seen it and this is at the later site where he gunned down -- he was killed by local police officers right there, it's a sign that indicates that that particular facility military facility was a gun-free zone. so clearly the people inside could not defend themselves. what they did, they went into -- down by the floor posture because they knew what to do when you are in there and you don't have a gun. >> that didn't stop him from
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obviously using a gun, witnesses say he had multiple weapons to get 20 30 40 shots at that first stop. >> donald trump said as president i was make sure soldiers are armed and alert at military facilities. heather is following other stories making headlines. let's start out with new information coming out overnight. a massive explosion demolishing a home in st. louis, missouri. 80 firefighters standing in the rubble of that home. two men were pull out. that blast was considered so powerful that nearby homes also caught on fire. no word yet on what triggered that explosion. it is that time of year in the midwest. mother nature reek -- wreaking havoc in the heart land and a tornado so powerful it yanks
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power lines right out of the ground causing sparks to fly. watch that. search and rescue operations are under way at this hour as crews sift through the extensive damage. donald trump and rick perry traded blows this morning. perry tweeted this out about trump. donald trump-ism, not conservativism but a toxic mix of dem goingry and nonsense. and governor perry failed on the board are perrer. she should be forced to take an iq test before being allowed to enter the gop debate. the dilley texas hotel says it cost $290 per person per day. more than 2,000 people stay there every single night.
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a double room at the hilton a four-star hotel costs $169. and that is just one detention center. we've got them all over the place. >> we certainly do. coming up. here's what's next on the program, former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital this morning. we have more on his condition. and the shooter grew up in a middle class neighborhood. we're going to hear from a woman who lived a couple of doors down from that killer. does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not
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the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. we're learning more about the killer who carried out that horrific attack on two military installations in tennessee. the 24-year-old electrical engineer grew up just outside chattanooga. our next guest lived just a couple of doors down from him. joining us right now is his neighbor maggie marsh. good morning. >> hi there. >> what can you tell us about the family? >> honestly they were just another family in the neighborhood. they were just like everyone else. they talked with us. his mom and my mom used to be friends. they were -- they would play outside with my brother and the other boys in the neighborhood
3:18 am
when they were younger. they were just another all-american family. >> sure. and i understand they had lived in the neighborhood when you moved there. at one point you wound up baby-sitting with his sister right? >> yes, that's correct. >> so you knew the family pretty well. what about him? what about this alleged shooter, mohammed? what can you tell us about him? >> last time i saw him, we talked about how he recently graduated from utc. he seemed like an intelligent, nice boy. i never would have seen this coming from him, absolutely not. he was just another engineering major who graduated recently. >> and then he according to the local officials out there, he got involved in wrestling -- he had been a wrestler in high school and was involved with mixed martial arts and competed at some level. >> yes. >> what does this tell you, maggie though given the fact that you said from all
3:19 am
appearances, completely normal family on that street in attendance -- tennessee, and now you learn that he was the guy who pulled the trigger and killed all those marines? >> honestly it's the biggest shock i've ever gotten in my life. i pull in the neighborhood and one of the neighbors told me who had gone it they only had to say his first name there aren't that many mohammeds in the neighborhood. it was the biggest shot. >> why do you think he did it? i know it's speculation. you've known him for years. >> i don't know. maybe after he graduated school he started keeping to himself or he started getting involved with the wrong people. honestly i can't tell you how you go from being a normal college student to doing something as horrible as this. >> that's what people are waking up this morning on this friday trying to ask themselves what happened. maggie marsh, thank you for
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joining us. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. imagine being home alone and seeing this out of your front door. four guys with guns trying to break in. the terrifying moments caught on surveillance cam, home cam. then more on our top story. our next guest says muslims need to wake up because the hate for america is creating some monsters. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we're making hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. you don't have to be a member to buy their services directly at but members save more on special offers. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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hi friends, how are you feeling on your friday morning? hope you are doing well. some quick headlines and a fox news alert. guilty on all charges, james
3:24 am
holmes could be headed to death row. the jury just convicted him of 165 charges for killing people at a movie theater. and was he abducted? a frantic search for a two-year-old boy disappearing from a camp site. they believe he was abducted and no longer on the mountaineer idaho falls. 150 searchers continue to comb the area. ed over to you. fox news alert, four marines shot dead and officials identifying 24-year-old mohammed youssuf abdulazeez as the attacker who open fire on two military facilities. he was born in kuwait. what else do we know about him? helping us sort it out, dr. zudi
3:25 am
jasser. we appreciate you helping us try to dive a little bit deeper. what is your sense about what we should have been doing differently to try and stop some hateful crime like this. >> ed, on our biggest islamist holiday today, it's a solemn occasion to see these marines horrifically attacked by this terrorist. enough is enough already. when is america going to realize and our government especially that we can't predict this. yes, certainly, his blog was supremacist but there was nothing violent. if they are going to use the litmus test of violence to predict when this is going to be happen we're going to lose. we have to look at those who have a supremacist islamic mind
3:26 am
set, that believes in supremism, his blog talks about the establishment of islam. americans get this. it's time to enable muslim who are fighting against thee okay accuracy -- thxt tsh -- theocracy. >> he said troubling things such as brothers and sisters don't be fooled by your desires. this life is short and bitter and the opportunity to submit to allah may pass you by. his senior yearbook meanwhile went into some of this saying my name causes national security alerts. what does yours do almost boasting about the fact that he was setting off national security alerts but again did not say or suggest that he was going to move forward with tragic violence like this.
3:27 am
does the fbi has its hands tied right now because you have fact that they have a higher standard of going forward with surveillance? >> absolutely our hands are tied because they can't monitor -- remember the cold war, we even had immigration filters about allegiance to community parties, today we condition -- can't ask about islamist movement. muslim majority p countries under -- understand the threat. these individuals mock our victimization mantra. in the meantime we surrender to political correctness and we can't empower those who can push the identity of america.
3:28 am
they will strike and continue to strike until we have a strategy against the movement. >> given your background what is your sense that this is the likelihood that this was isis inspired if not a direct connection and what is your message to moderate muslims? what do they need to do and say at a time like this to stop the senseless violence? >> remember what isis represents. it represents an ideology that believes somewhere, somehow, everywhere it will establish the islamic state or sharia or islamic law. this is part of that social global movement. muslims today as we celebrate our holliest day, i hope after a month of atonement can stit down and say, it is time enough is enough. we have to tell our youth that we love america and we will not die for political islam and these movements that hate america and hate freedom. that's the only solution to defeat this. >> enough is enough.
3:29 am
some strong words this morning from dr. zhudi jasser. we appreciate your insight and analysis this morning. the chattanooga shooter was not on a terror watch this but his father once was. how did he re -- he slip through the cracks? this incredible moment a marine handing a folded american flag to a police officer. we're live from tennessee with more of those very moving images.
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ask your healthcare professional about prevnar 13® today. hat maker vincent brimble prospered in the town of hattington. never flashy, he only made the classic bowler. then suddenly the day's trend became preposterously tall. his raymond james financial advisor reminded him that focusing on the long term is always fashionable. the fad was indeed a passing one. his patience paid off, allowing him to one-day hang up his hat with confidence. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. we continue to track this morning's fox news alert, targeting the military four marines murdered when a gunman goes on a shooting rampage at two military centers across chattanooga. >> amid that awful tragedy, an
3:33 am
incredible moment when a marine arrives at the scene and in his dress blues, delivers to the police a folded american flag. >> ainsley earhardt is live in chattanooga, tennessee, with new details about the attack. what we are learning this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. this is what we know this morning. we just found out that it has been confirmed that the gunman was shot by law enforcement officials. they are telling us that he's responsible for the deaths of four marines yesterday and also injuring three others. one was a marine. one is a sailor who is in surgery right now, and the other is a police officer. the fbi, they are in charge of this investigation. they are saying they don't know what his motive was at this point. they are saying he doesn't have any ties to international terrorism. at least not yet. they are not ruling it out, though. they are saying he acted alone. however, isis has been encouraging on line these lone wolf attacks especially during the month of ramadan.
3:34 am
theers the timeline of what happened yesterday. at 10:45rk he drove here to the military recruiting center behind me. he opens fire. doesn't get out of his car. fires with multiple weapons. fires two dozen rounds. people inside they drop to the ground. they barricaded themselves and they heard more shots, a total of 30 to 50 shots one witness says. no one was injured here and here's the fbi speaking last night at the press conference about everything that unfolded here and then at the next location. take a listen. >> he started his shooting over at the recruitment center on lee highway. moved from there. we do not believe he exited his vehicle at lee highway. we believe he shot from inside the vehicle, moved over to the naval/marine corps center here about 15 miles away where he did enter the facility exited his vehicle and engaged in gunfire there.
3:35 am
>> that second facility it's an industrial area. we were told by one of the guys who brought us doughnuts here who lives here locally that there's a park there next door where all the kids play. there are two entrances there. both are unmanned and that's how he got through. that's where he took the lives of those four marines. people around here cannot believe it. we talked to an air force veteran who says this. >> i'm at a loss for words, why would you hurt your own protectors? it's senseless. >> now, anna ed, and steve, it is a nightmare for this community and that's exactly what the headline is this morning. you can see a gentleman here at the prayer service. someone holding up their hands. this lady has got her eyes closed. it's something that this community was never expecting. the folks here are so nice and
3:36 am
we talked to someone on "fox & friends" just little while ago and says she work in a movie theater. he came in with his family and they were very devout muslims. she said that their parents were friends and she never expected this. everyone is just in shock. >> ainsley earhardt, outside the strip mall where the shooting started yesterday morning in chattanooga. the big question on this friday morning, is it time to arm our military members at soft targets which are gun-free zones? >> good morning, jim, who joins us now. >> good to be with you. >> and many are saying that they were just sitting ducks where they were. would we have a different outcome if that gun-free zone was not posted in the window? >> well, as ainsley reported there were a whole lot of bullet holes right around that sign and yet no return fire.
3:37 am
our military the most highly trained people in using weapons that we have, were cow arering behind their desk because we disarmed them. that's a leadership failure. >> that goes back to the bill clinton administration i believe, when they started that. now, when you were special forces and you were at fort lewis, i understand that was a gun-free zone. you weren't having any of that. you actually were packing heat? >> well, i had a conceal carry permit from the state of washington that allowed me to carry a pistol anywhere in the state except fort lewis. now, that's absurd. at that point in time it was a dangerous place. i did carry. i'm not going to say i broke that rule. but i didn't allow an administrative law to disarm me. >> talk about the threat to our men and women in uniform all is
3:38 am
around the country now. if a lone wolf that's what it's believed to be right now, possibly inspired by isis or another terror group, what kind of threat is there to our men and women in the uniform all around the world? >> anywhere the u.s. military serves you base your force protection posture on the threat obviously, isis has brought the threat to america. the threat is heefer and the enemy lives among us, and you need to act accordingly. one of them should be armed to protect the rest at a minimum and that's a change president obama should make today. >> you say at least one armed guard there. this is an ugly face of terror that we're seeing this lone wolf-style gunman who came here on to the recruitment facility there. do you think our men and women in uniform need to be trained to fight enemies who are civilians,
3:39 am
not just why they are out deployed? >> at this point, anyone who has got a pistol or any other type of weapon pointing at our military stops being a civilian and starts being the enemy and they are already trained to do that. now, maybe some additional training for carrying weapons in a civilian environment would be helpful, but they know what to do if they have weapons and the enemy attacks. they do it in the battle fields around the world and they can certainly do that here and we need authorize them to do that. >> it's enough with gun-free zones on military installations. other news with heather a couple other things i want to talk about this morning. terrifying video that shows four armed men trying to break into a home in philadelphia. they start knocking on the front door. the 32-year-old man who lives there, eventually opens this door that's when these men run toward him immediately.
3:40 am
he slams the door and locks it. the suspect tries forcing the door they eventually take off. they are on the run. the philadelphia police should be able to catch these guys. a new warning for female drivers. car thieves are now targeting you in bender -- fender benders. they pull up at a stoplight and bump a woman's car. cops say if you feel like something is off, it probably is. two days after falling and fracturing a vertebra in his home in maine, former president george h.w. bush is in fair condition in hospital this morning and his mental health totally intact. >> he's in very good spirits. you can't keep a great man down like that for long. it's going to take some adjusting, but he's as tough as they come. >> they say he should heal on
3:41 am
his own in about three months and likely not need surgery. he just said the former president would have to wear one of those neck braces. >> he will be hopefully -- at 95 we'll see him jumping out of airplanes again. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. on this friday. how does this happen? that is a man stuck in a machine? the story you've got to hear about how he got in that pickle coming up. >> i got to hear that. then four marines are dead after an attack by a muslim on american soil. is president obama ignoring the reality and putting our nation at risk? colonel alan west with a message for our president next.
3:42 am
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good morning, 44 minutes after the hour. quick headlines now. a factory worker in california needed some help out of a tight spot. come look at this. his feet are poking out, he was hoisted out of a industrial machine. no word on how he got stuck in the first place. and a less than graceful landing outside a pub in ireland. it's a chopper trying to carefully land outside a bar when it suddenly tipped and smashed a 10-foot wide hole in the wall. both guys walked away but the pile was later arrest -- pilot was later arrested for wreckless end dargment. the murder of four u.s. marines in tennessee. >> many people are saying the policies of obama administration are opening attacks like this.
3:46 am
colonel allen west is joining us. >> good morning. >> you say the administration has a great deal of responsibility for this attack. how so? >> when you go back to june 2009 you no he about carlos bledsoe who attacked at a army recruiting station killing one and injuring another. and we had another shooting where 13 soldiers were killed and then we had this incident and in between that you had the vicious, barbaric attack of the british machine gunner and we've had plenty of instances to let us know that our men and women on military installations are in danger. it's a simple change of policy to be able to defend themselves. >> let's look forward as the
3:47 am
nation tries to sort through this awful tragedy which certainly looks like a terror attack. the fbi is trying to confirm exactly what went down. what would you do differently? give us two or three things that you think the president should do today in the oval office to change this and to protect this nation. >> well, first of all, i visited an army reserve center here in grand prairie texas, on april 18th and i was waved on by an unarmed female security contractor who did not check my i.d. card. we need to make sure they have armed security at entrance points. we need to make sure that our men and women on active duty military installations have a duty roster in unit areas so they can have armed security there within that unit. and those are very simple things that can happen.
3:48 am
then we need to go back and look at our recruiting stations and make sure that they have the proper ability to defend themselves and they have bulletproof glass and things of that nature. >> absolutely. when you think about it colonel, it's a little crazy to think there are many military installations in this country, you could drive by as this guy did yesterday, they are soft targets. they are sitting ducks in there. >> yeah you are absolutely right, and you know maybe in a different era that was okay but in an era today when we have the social media presence of a militant islamic group such as isis here in america, the ability to inspire individuals to go out and attack these soft targets, no military installation no matter how small should be a target for any type of islamic jihadist or any criminal activity. colonel west real quick. this president has taken a lot
3:49 am
of action against immigration, should he issue an executive order today, saying end these gun-free zones? >> he absolutely should. he's the commander in chief. how many have to lose their lives here in a place where they are supposed to have respite from a combat zone before he takes action? thank you. everyone wondering, is there an isis connection to this attack in tennessee? the fbi is trying to figure it out. our next guest says he has no doubt about it. it fits the profile. he will explain why next. a new lease on life takes flight. we're going to meet a disabled biker who found freedom flying drones and is now competing in
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hi everyone. good morning. search seven minutes before the top of the hour. the suspect's father had been on a terror watch list but removed. his son mohammod was not on the radar. how did he slip through the cracks? here to weigh in terror and tactical expert tim. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> what would cause an individual to be on this terror watch list and why on earth would they be dropped off? >> chances are the father may have been in direct or indirect
3:54 am
communications with someone who was a known terrorist entity a group or individual he may have communicated with. that may have been inadvertent. he may not have known the individual at if end of an e-mail or phone call was the subject of investigation. the father may have popped up on the radar in that regard and was looked at more closely which is why he may have been on the watch list or considered for a watch list happen lead could have dried up as there were no other further communications this guy was not believed to be part of terrorism. there's no reason to watch him, but it's very hard to do so beyond that point. >> certainly troubling when we see the outcome of four innocent americans being killed. >> exactly. >> you say once you heard about this incident you knew exactly what the profile would be. you're not allowed to profile muslims, are you? >> no we're not. that's the problem.
3:55 am
i admire my friends still in the fbi and intelligence community working very hard to try to develop the case around this situation and see if there's anybody else involved. i myself am the father of a young marine. four weeks ago i dropped my son off at a marine recruiting station. he's going through boot camp. this hits close to home. what bothers me is we look at this big blue thing above our heads with white puffy things floating around and don't call it the sky because we're afraid to make assumption. when we look at this case an individual during ramadan shooting at multimulti ---ible multiple
3:56 am
military recruitments. >> i wanted to hit on that. that piece was different from something we don't always see. he would be an engineering major. went to university of chattanooga, graduated with electrical engineering degree. why would that person fit the profile? >> if we go back to 9/11 initial 2001 attack. 19 hijackers, significant majority of those were individuals that had been studying or had degrees in hard sciences. the the reason hard sciences are so specifically looked at by radical jihadis is because individuals that study the sciences generally have very black and white outlooks on life. because science is either this is fact or isn't, there's not a lot of gray area. for an individual that is living a normal life especially west western educated that has that -- >> tim, i apologize.
3:57 am
we're up against a hard break. to average american, this seems barbaric what isis is doing. still ahead, much more on the tennessee terror incident that happened. the gunman murdered four marines. more on him coming up. save 33% on browning stalker gold baitcast combos. and bring the kids for free workshops activities crafts and more. yoplait greek 100. the protein-packed need something filling, taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it.
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4:00 am
. hi everyone. good morning. today is friday the 17th of july, 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. intense investigation underway now as the tennessee shooter who murdered four of our marines. what's on his computer? did he travel to middle east? the disturbing secrets from his past coming out today. the terror attack days after the terrifying warning from the fbi. >> it's incredibly difficult. i cannot see me stopping these indefinitely. >> will the president address the clear and present danger posed by islamic extremist? meanwhile the picture is heart warming and horrifying. windows of a military
4:01 am
recruitment center riddled with bullet holes. the sign there, yellow and white one, reads no guns s aallowed. isn't it time to change that? we'll talk about that and so much more. you're watching "fox & friends" live from new york city. we start this hour with a fox news alert. our top story. four marines murdered by a gunman on a rampage in choong chattanooga, tennessee. >> you can see a the bullet holes there in chattanooga. we're learning more. >> ainsley is live with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you anna. the sun has come up here in chattanooga, tennessee. you can see behind me military
4:02 am
recruiting center. here's one behind me that says national guard. yellow police tape police officers in the parking lot. you have the flags people have left, american flags, flowers, a cross, balloons that are the american flag and posters people have written remembering the four marines that died yesterday and three that were injured. the gunman we are learning this morning was killed by law enpors enforcement officers. four marines that are dead today were killed by the hands of this gunman that began here at 10:45, showed up in a gray mustang car. stayed in the fire and opened fire a barrage of bullets on people inside. thankfully they were able to get down barricaded inside. they heard a total to 30 to 50 shots. if you look closely at the glass behind me you can see the bullet holes left behind. then he drove 15 minutes away to the navy and marine corps
4:03 am
center. he went inside and shot the four marines dead. last night was a press conference. fbi is handling this investigation. they say there's no motive no ties to international terror. he think he acted alone. back to you anna steve, ed in the studio. >> ainsley, thank you. >> the chattanooga community is coming together to remember the four marines who were killed. watch. >> we lift up the name of jesus. >> gathering strength from above, hundreds coming together for a prayer vigilindividual individual el -- prayer vigil last night. >> we are learning more about the victims. one earned two purple hearts. another just 19 years old. >> they were part of a reserve unit specializing in artillery. they provided relief in new orleans after hurricane katrina
4:04 am
that. >> the first victim decorated war hero earning two purple hearts. only imagine what the individual went through while they were serving overseas potentially. >> then to come home and face this. >> face this from a civilian. you never expect it will happen on your homeland. >> in another community -- we said the names have not been released by the pentagon which is true. the families have been moifnotified. in one of the towns where families were notified a friend of one of those that died said there's no better friend than him. there were brave people working in the office yesterday. then the guy because it was a gun-free zone that was defenseless. he did shooting took off in his car, killed marines in another location. >> the property manager of the strip mall where the recruiting center is located. thanks for joining us.
4:05 am
>> thank you. >> describe how everything unfolded yesterday. >> well we got there about five minutes after the shooting had occurred. a marine was on the sidewalk been hit in the leg, gunfire, bullet holes sprayed all over the glass store fronts. went inside and took a look at offices, walls, tvs, furniture, gun bullet holes everywhere. just something like out of a tv picture. >> i bet it was. keith, you got there five minutes after the the shooting. you probably paused for a moment when you heard the news because your daughter works in that office? she might have been in there that day. your son was supposed to be there. tell us about that. >> well my daughter works in those offices three days a week. luckily yesterday was not her day to work.
4:06 am
we manage this property. my son was scheduled to do work there also. these people are here five to six days a week 15 to 20 in these offices. it's a miracle of all gunfire i saw all over offices that no one else was hurt. >> obviously a lot of us are waking up this morning and don't know the details in chattanooga and how the roads leading from one facility to the other, but we're all struggling with the fact that all of these bullets were just -- he opened fire in your strip mall and then full 30 minutes later was able to make it to the second military facility and kill marines. without getting into detail about the roads and whatnot, big picture here how in the world do you think he could have gone from one to the other without anyone stopping him? >> well it's just a quick jump
4:07 am
from where the shooter killed the four marines. jump on one highway, go a few exit jump on another highway, and you're there. >> keith wheatley the property manager in front of the strip mall where the shooting occurred. thank you. we're going to try to get inside the mind of this killer mohammad youssuf abdulazeez 24 years old. he had this cryptic blog post. he started this new blog. two posts were ever made. this is a part of it. brothers and sisters, don't be fooled by your desires. this life is short and bitter and the opportunity to submit to ala may pass you by. he says you'll be rewarded in ways you've never seen. obviously trying to recruit even more for his fight. >> well maybe. i don't know exactly what that means. >> we had an expert last hour saying the fbi has hands tied. unless in i a blog post you say
4:08 am
i'm going to kill people going to move forward with thoughts and unleash violence hands are tied in terms of stopping it. this blog post just three days ago wouldn't have tipped anything off. >> exactly. i don't know what it means. do you know what this means? in his senior yearbook his quote was, my name causes national security alerts. what does yours do? his name is mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. some of the kids in his class said we figured it was a joke. maybe it was. given what happened it is prophetic. also prophetic given the fact -- keep in mind ramadan is coming to a close. isis said during the period of ramadan for isis-inspired people do something. in fact just before the fourth of july, the fbi clamped down made a number of arrests. does this sound familiar? here's the director. >> we are stopping these things
4:09 am
so far through tremendous hard work use of sources, use of online undercovers. it's incredibly difficult. i cannot see me stopping these indefinitely. >> you can't watch everybody all the time. in fact this gunman's father at one time was on a watch list and removed. >> just a few days ago i talked to a senior u.s. government official telling me quietly, weekend of july 4th some of this got out in the media. there were intense preparations going on in new york city around the country for an attack like this or god forbid something worse. this official told me they sop stopped several of these types of things. it's chilling. >> it's so much more difficult because of internet. they put out, you don't have to contact us. do something in the name of isis.
4:10 am
that's exactly what happened in garland, texas not long ago. someone radicalized himself on twitter, facebook and whatnot. >> carnage may have been muted if it had not been a gun-free zone. we had a guest that said president obama needs to sign an executive order banning gun-free zone. >> he absolutely should. he's the commander-in-chief. how many more of soldiers sailors, airmen marines have to lose their lives here united states of america, the place they're supposed to be away from a combat zone before he takes action? >> that's a simple thing the president could do. that particular provision was enacted by bill clinton back in the 90s. it wouldn't be that hard to redo or undo that is to say, but then again, given the politics of things and where president obama stands on guns i don't think that's going to happen.
4:11 am
>> yeah. there may have been a good reason to have gun-free zones at one time. now maybe times have changed. we've got to deal with it. >> heather has headlines. >> good morning. i do. starting out in greece right now. it's a fox news alert. you're about to look live at athens greece where you can see smoke pouring over the city. there was a massive forest fire that erupted overnight. flames spreading fast fuelled by strong winds there. we are told the three villages are now evacuated. the coast guard is sending rescue boats to get people about 100 of them trapped on a beach trying to run from the fire and smoke. so far, no one has been hurt that we know of. we'll keep watching this story. new overnight, a massive explosion demolishing a home in st. louis. more than 80 firefighters in the rubble of what used to be a two story home. two men pulled out of that. they are now hospitalized in critical condition. the blast considered so powerful
4:12 am
that several nearby homes caught on fire as well. no word on what trigger had the explosion. then brand new images into "fox & friends." an egyptian naval ship explodes into a ball of fire. this happened off the coast. an affiliate of isis is claiming responsibility for this. we're told no one was killed. we know they've been focused on attacking egyptian soldiers and also police killing hundreds since the army toppled morsi two years ago. today's attack at sea is first of its kind. we'll say on the story and see what we get from folks in washington. mother nature wreaking havoc. a tornado in illinois so powerful it yanked power lines out of the ground causing the sparks to fly there. search and rescue operations underway as crews sift through the extensive damage there. it is that time of year weather
4:13 am
can be so vicious particularly in the midwest. those are headlines. a lot going on. >> tornado alley. thank you heather. breaking now. an emergency in outer space. astronauts on iss are scrambling to safety. we'll tell you what's going on. plus the governor of tennessee is sick over the tragedy in chattanooga. bill haslam will be here next with us. aha! cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
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4:17 am
a fox news alert. the front page of this morning chattanooga times free press says it all. nightmare for our city. the fbi investigators pour through evidence to try to figure out what inspired a lone gunman to murder four u.s. marines. the the governor of tennessee bill haslam joining us from the satellite truck in chattanooga, tennessee. governor the u.s. attorney initially said it was an act of domestic terrorism. then went back and kind of walked back and said you know it's too preliminary. what are they telling you that you can share with us? >> they're saying it's too preliminary to put a name on it. they're basically doing all the work they can to chase down the lead to understand what happened.
4:18 am
i've been impressed with the resources fbi flooded in here to literally make certain they know exactly what happened and find out everything they can about the motivation. >> you had a meeting with law en enforcement to figure out what was on top of this. this killer was not on everybody's radar. does that frustrate you? >> it obviously shows a sense of -- the heightened sense we all have to have about what could happen anywhere at my time. it makes it hard to predict it to make certain we're protected against it. something like this where evidently the shooter was not on anyone's radar no predict -- nothing helped us predict this. it makes you more concerned as a public official.
4:19 am
>> it was law enforcement that took the suspect down. there was discrepancies about whether he killed himself or police did that. fbi taking the lead on this investigation from the get go. what's the reason behind that? >> you begin with the fact four marines were killed four people out of the federal branch were killed. then you add to that, the fbi's commitment to make certain they find out everything they can about this and moe they can bring the resources to the table to do a comprehensive search like that. >> governor the recruiting facility behind you, on the door next to the bullet holes is a sign that says gun free zone. the president of the united states with executive order could end that policy that started with bill clinton. is it time -- would you call on the president to end that policy today? >> well again, i think what i would do -- apologize we have
4:20 am
background noise here. i think what i would always do in a situation, before you ask someone to end something, find out why they had it in place before. military has protocol in place about carrying weapons on these facilities. it's worked up through the chain of command. we'll all begin by saying help us understand on a day when that doesn't make much sense, help us understand why that policy is in place. >> governor haslam from chattanooga. we hope you know our prayers are with the people of tennessee this morning. >> we appreciate that. we have felt the prayers of the nation. we're grateful for that. >> you bet. >> arms are around you. 20 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends." they're the guys that took down bin laden. now they've been hacked. are they at risk of being outed?
4:21 am
that's next. and the hootshooting by this man in little rock. not that man. we didn't have his picture. gop presidential candidate mike huckabee says we have not learn learned from history. we'll explain. so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking
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4:24 am
quick headlines on this friday morning. more fallout from the massive office of personnel management hack. some of our nation's bravest heroes may have had information stolen. seal team six could be be among those that had information hacked earlier this year. are they at risk? that's the big question. hacking rewards.
4:25 am
united airlines granted 1 million airlines each to hackers that spotted security holes in their website. the company will gladly reward people that don't share found flaws online. it helps their cyber security. all right ed. a fox news alert and intense investigation underway this morning into the tennessee shooter. a muslim that murdered four u.s. marines and what inspired him to kill. yesterday 's shootings similar to this man. the government refused to call it a terror attack. why are governments so often so slow to identify islamic extremist and call it radical islam? former governor of arkansas presidential candidate, mike huckabee from iowa. good morning. i'm sure as soon as you heard
4:26 am
this awful tragedy yesterday in tennessee, it brought you back to a similar tragedy in little rock in 2009. there still haven't been charges some six later. >> never charged him with a federal crime. in fact it was about three weeks ago when andy long the man murdered in front of the army recruiting station, was finally awarded the purple heart. up until that time they didn't consider his death to be a military related. it was bizarre. by the way ed it took an act of congress. it wasn't that the administration ever relented or only did because congress acted and forced their hand. this tragedy was so eerie similar. the young man who did the little rock had gone to yemen radicalized, came back and had several failed attempts. he announced and said he was
4:27 am
jihad. there's a powerful story between the two fathers. far of andy long the army soldier and bledso the kid that grew up as a baptist in tennessee. these two got together. i urge any parent concerned about is my child capable of being radicalized. watch the documentary "losing our sons." it's a gut punch and how easy this can happen. >> let's move forward to what we're dealing with this morning. the tennessee shooter, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. he's on blog posts. see his picture there. blog post three days ago. didn't suggest violence was coming but makes all kinds of chilling references and whatnot. the fbi now investigating. you had local officials yesterday immediately saying let's call it what it is
4:28 am
domestic terror. you want to be commander in chief. if you were in the oval office what steps would you take to take on radical islam? >> first we let our military members be be armed when on duty when they're in military insulation. they're forbidden for carrying side arms. these are most heavily trained people in our country to handle firearms. it's ridiculous to make them check weapon at the door. they can't defend themselves. they're sitting ducks. it's the gun-free zones that are most dangerous places in america. i'd allocate resources. after 9/11 we put big focus on agencies to focus on terrorism. we've moved away from that. there's pressure but it's not the same intensity we once had. we need to recognize it's human intelligence old fashioned police work that ultimately
4:29 am
leads to catch these folks. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee current presidential candidate, we thank you for your intelligence on day. a chilling day that americans see as terror in chattanooga, many the heart land. >> thank you. other big stories making headlines including this. a cobra on the loose and entire town on edge. breaking news overnight. a dad was ordering food and his son saved him from getting whacked in the head with a foul ball. ♪ at audi we know one thing to be true. the proper footing... makes all the difference. that's why we're partnering with toms to help them give 55,000 pairs of shoes to children in need in the us during the summer of audi sales event. [engine revs]
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4:32 am
we've got a fox news alert for you. one of the victims of the 24-year-old muslim who killed four u.s. marines yesterday has been identified as this man right here. he is marine corps gunnery
4:33 am
sergeant thomas sullivan from springfield, massachusetts. he died in the shootout yesterday at the second of the two facilities. earlier in this program, i read you a quote we could not identify him at that point from one of his friends. fellow by josh parnell in chicago. he said of gunnery sergeant sullivan. quote, there's no marine you would want that was better in combat than him. >> although we couldn't give you the name of gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan earlier, of course we're looking at his social media. it's wild to look at in these awful situations where the comments go from where are you bud? are you okay? haven't heard from you. please reach out to us if you're all right to we love you and you served. >> all his friends on facebook this morning, many have changed their profile pictures to his picture, a tribute to him. >> the gunnery sergeant died
4:34 am
when 24-year-old mohammad youssuf abdulazeez muslim opened fire at the second of the two military centers. >> you know good news coming this morning. we've just gotten this breaking from jennifer griffin doing an outstanding job. she's saying the female sailor injured in this attack by the 24-year-old muslim has made it out of surgery. was seriously injured and doctors were concerned. sources tell us she made it through the night. we don't know how the next few hours go but they're feeling optimistic. >> we're pulling for her. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live in chattanooga, been there overnight. john yesterday the president referred to a lone gun man. they're trying to figure out was this isis inspired terrorism.
4:35 am
now we learn this was a muslim mohammad youssuf abdulazeez who pulled the trigger. >> fbi told us late last night they do not have motive yet. abdulazeez was not on the radar screen. they're going to spend the day going through crime scenes at the strip mall was the shooting was initiates and at the reserve center. there's so much to go through as they piece together what happened here and why. they're also going through a lot of material removed from the suspect's home in nearby hixson across the tennessee river, eight miles from where we are. police yesterday briefly detained a couple of woman at the home. that was for safety precautions. they do not have anyone currently in custody. special agents say the fbi will spend hours and days finding out everything they possibly can about abdulazeez. >> we're checking every possible place he could have resided, visited, where he shopped, where
4:36 am
he went to school who his friends were if he worked out at gym. every possible lead. we have information he's been in various locations. we'll each and every one of those. >> you've been talking this morning about the fact the military service members here at the recruiting center had no protection in terms of weapons. there's no protection in terms of security at this strip mall. a store front inviting place for people to come in and sign up for armed forces. meantime at the reserve center there's some security. a couple of chain link gates protected by jersey barriers. you have to do an s-turn to stop anyone from getting speed up to ram through the gate. that's what he did yesterday. look at the aerial photograph. that's the gate the fence of the gate in front of his car there. he mangled it as he went are through and carried it i 3030 or 40 yards into the parking lot where he engaged in the shooting
4:37 am
free where he killed the marines and severely wounded the female sailor. fbi has no possible connections to outside terror groups. they also say it's early in the investigation and they've got a lot today go through. >> john roberts from front of the strip mall where the shooting started yesterday in chattanooga. thank you. >> here to discuss this cia operations officer, mike baker. the fbi wants to be careful they go through every lead they have. do you believe this morning this was radical islam unleashing terror in america. >> absolutely. yeah from an investigative standpoint as the bureau pointed out, you've got to go through everything and look at every possibility. you've got that aspect. you don't want to wildly speculate. we've gotten to a stage in this country we have a very difficult
4:38 am
time just saying what is common sense. you know if you are talking about a kuwait born individual who goes out and attacks and kills four marines, following calls from isis out to the general public through social media, to attack u.s. military and law enforcement. that's a pretty good indication you've got muslim extremist-inspired terrorism. >> want to get your thoughts on state of surveillance here in the united states. the father of the gunman mohammad youssuf abdulazeez was on a watch list and then removed. also this is very eerie from a senior yearbook we have this quote he wrote. he said my name causes national security alerts. what does yours do? do you think increased security could have helped this situation and that this tragedy wouldn't have happened? >> no. again, this is early stages in this investigation.
4:39 am
they're tearing through everything he's got. they're looking at social media and includes. my gut feeling is that unless we adopted a security position that we just really wasn't to sustain, then we wouldn't have stopped this. there's a trade-off. you have to find that point on the spectrum between civil liberties, privacy. we're facing more and more threats as a result of rise of isis and capture of actual physical manifestation of caliphate. that is the primary reason why we're seeing increase in their ability, the extremist jihadist ability to reach out and influence people such as abdulazeez. >> when you look at what we know so far, and there's lots more dot connecting they've got to do -- fbi sent a couple hundred
4:40 am
agents to chattanooga. we know that this 24-year-old muslim killed these four marines at marine facilities. this wasn't a random drive by shooting at a hardware store or anything. clearly they were targeted. you told our producers earlier if we were in france they would have called it terrorism. >> right. we here in the u.s. get wrapped around the axle over terms. domestic terrorism used to refer to oklahoma city bombing or abortion clinic bombings or the charleston shootings. it was pretty cut and dry. now we're conflating between domestic and international terrorism. look, we've got muslim extremism out there calling for this kind of thing around the world. it wouldn't be a big step for authorities to go another shooting inspired by the efforts of isis. >> on the last day of ramadan.
4:41 am
>> absolutely. >> mike baker, former cia guy. thanks for joining us live. >> thank you. now to other stories making headlines. breaking news from outer space. heather joining us now. >> this is a story we're anxious to hear what is happening. breaking inging now. three astronauts including one american forced to hunker down inside when an old russian satellite came barrelling in the direction of the international space station. nasa usually spots these emergencies way in advance. they weren't able to for some reason this tie. scott kelly tweeted this. happy there was no impact. great coordination with international ground teams. excellent training. >> glad to hear they're okay. back here at home. a deadly snake on the loose in austin texas was found overnight. that's a good thing.
4:42 am
there was a search for this snake. the owner was found unresponsive in his car with puncture wounds on his wrist. he died a short time later. that snake was found not far from thompson's car. that snake may have killed him. that snake now dead himself. it was considered the catch of a lifetime that may have saved his father's life. take a look. >> take a look at the catch from the young fan here. >> so close. that's i a 10-year-old boy in california. he stops a foul ball from plowing into his dad's head. his dad was ordering food and taken his eyes off the the field. that's when the short stop hit a foul ball into the crowd seconds before it hit the father. junior reached his glove out and caught it. thank goodness. glad he saved his dad. >> i'm sure peter doocy would do
4:43 am
the same. >> wouldn't we all. >> eat hands that are one handed like a hot dog. nachos are hard to eat. >> thank you. coming up next. >> here's what's coming up on the run down. donald trump and rick perry trading were of words next. you know the importanc of words next. a of words next. s of words next. of words next. of words next. of words next. a of words next. d of words next. of words next. r of words next. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements ar e the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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4:46 am
fox news alert. new reports suggesting the tennessee gunman born in kuwait raised in jordan may have traveled back to middle east in the last couple years. this horning the focus of investigation turns to whether he had ties to any specific terror groups. we have the director of jihad joining us today. was this guy on a jihad? >> oh i don't think there's any doubt about that whatsoever. islam state made a call to people in the west to attack
4:47 am
military personnel. that's what he did. they make a call to devout muslims on basis of islamic principles and basis of grievances. they say they've done this and this to us. we have to strike back. this man put a grievance in his high school year book. that's the place to sum up who he is and what he's about. he puts up a complaint. that's the kind of complaint the islamic state uses to show devout muslims that commit jihad attacks. >> in his yearbook he put this up. my name causes national security alerts. what does yours do? three days before he apparently murdered the marines innen the tennessee, he updated the blog post by saying this. now, i look at that and don't know exactly what that means.
4:48 am
you look at this and study this. what does this mean to you? >> it sounds to me exactly like the appeals islamic state issued to muslims to attack military personal they will police and civilians in the west. it's exactly the same kind of language exactly same kind of loyalties to religion they try to play upon and say this is your religious duty. this is what you have to do to please ala. this is the only way as a matter of fact that you'll end up being admitted to paradise. it's not language that's just pie tisic. it's designed to lead to action that abdulazeez took. >> law enforcement saying if this guy was a terrorist, he was never on their radar. isn't that how isis is operating these days? find somebody with a clean record and radicalize through
4:49 am
twitter, facebook and everything else. >> absolutely. they have a manuel called "how to survive in the west." don't carry around a quran, don't give anybody indication you might be something that could do something like this. we see it again and again after attacks. all friends say this is the last guy i would have thought would have done this. that's exactly what isis wants. >> that's exactly what this guy's neighbors told us live on this program an hour ago. robert spencer, director of jihad thank you very much. >> thank you. all right. ten minutes before the top of the hour coming up, the sole survivor of a deadly plane crash. she's speaking out for the first time. wait until you hear what she has to say. pictures heart breaking and horrifying. windows of the military recruitment center riddled with bullet holes. that yellow and white sign there
4:50 am
says is it's a no-gun zone. is it time for the white house to change that policy? former navy seal scott taylor joins us live, next. does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! feeling intense knee pain? did you know it may be coming from being
4:51 am
on your feet all day? dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts are uniquely designed to provide immediate all day relief from knee pain.
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4:53 am
hi everyone. good morning. it's a fox news alert. did isis send him to the united states to kill? the fbi pouring over computer evidence of the kuwait born shooter in tennessee to determine if radical islamist inspired him to murder our marines. scott taylor joins us live. good morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. it's great to be with you. thoughts and prayers to the family and friends and all the other marines out there this morning. >> yep. all around. certainly. thanks for that. we're in a new era with lone
4:54 am
wolf style attacks. month longer are folks recruited and radicalized from far overseas. it's happening here in our backyard. what do we need to do differently to control the narrative online? >> overwhelming surveillance at expense is liberty is not the answer. we have people in the fbi work k working hard. just like there's a million justin bieber fans that works the same for isis. we have to control the narrative and stop the cancer from spreading and really overwhelm messaging so they don't hit the immediate needles in the haystack. >> are you suggesting taking down social media accounts? >> i'm not suggesting taking down accounts. twitter is working on that now.
4:55 am
fbi and agency folks sifting through looking for people that may be recruiting doing harm. we have to work together with the government who has a vested interest as well as the private sector to be able to create technology that seizes on hashtags or key words like that that are out there helping to radicalize and overwhelm the message so it stops the message from spreading. >> the president addressed this terror attack yesterday and called the gunman a lone gunman not a lone wolf. do words matter? was that strong enough? >> not only do words matter but leadership matters. there are millions of active duty military out there standing by looking for leadership. they want leadership and want it now. the report on active shooters
4:56 am
speaks about these gun-free zones. any politician out there talking about gun control best be talking about gun control better be about military members being able to protect himself and his family and others out there. the leadership should step up than issue. >> that facility was a gun-free zone. thank you scott taylor former navy seal. >> appreciate it. donald trump and rick perry trading blows. latest on war of words, top of the hour. and is political correctness hurting our chances of findsfinding these attackers before they get
4:57 am
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5:00 am
2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. it's a fox news alert. did muslim extremist inspire him to kill? the kuwait born shooter in tennessee. >> the first fallen hero identified. that man there. marine corps gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan. >> our military members are sitting ducks. why are they not allowed to arm themselves at recruiting stations? is it time to throw out what may be a ridiculous policy. we report you decide. "fox & friends" right now. breaking this morning. it's our top story. four military heroes murdered. the marines gunned down when a man goes on a military rampage
5:01 am
at two recruiting centers in chattanooga, tennessee. >> we learned the name of one of the victims, gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan from massachusetts. >> ainsley has the latest on this senseless crime. four marines shot dead by the 24-year-old muslim by the name of mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. >> reporter: yeah that's right steve. we have brand new information coming into fox news. they have identified one of those marines killed. we have his picture as well. his name was gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan from massachusetts. 40 years old. actually survived two tours of duty in iraq and earned a purple heart. his family says he died in domestic terror attack at the hands of a mad man. also we have an update on the surgery victim one of the sailors that was injured in yesterday's shooting. we had a marine injured, a police officer and sailor. the sailor did make it out of surgery. we reported she was in surgery when we started the show
5:02 am
earlier. she has serious injuries doctors are tells us. also last night, police were able to raid the suspect's house. they found a cryptic islam blog he had written three days before the shooting. on this blog as a muslim he wrote, quote brothers and sisters, don't be fooled by your desires. this life is short and bitter and the opportunity may pass you by. many sent these yearbook photo to local newspapers and his senior quote that is chilling my name causes national security alerts. what does yours do? his friends are also telling us he was a devout muslim. he prayed often. they didn't realize he was such an extremist until yesterday. he was a wrestler in high school,mma fighter. he was not on law enforcement's radar when all of this happened yesterday, however his father
5:03 am
was on the terror watch list at one point. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we should point out the u.s. attorney for that region initially labelled this as an act of domestic terror but then later said you know what it's too preliminary. we don't know exactly. president of the united states was issuing referring to this as a lone gunman not a lone wolf. when you add up what we know so far, a 24-year-old muslim born in kuwait raised in jordan then came to tennessee by the name of mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. mike baker, former cia guy can connect the dots. maybe the federal government isn't saying this but mike baker says we need to call it what it is terror. >> we've gotten to a stage in this country we have a very difficult time saying what is common sense. you know if you are talking about a kuwait-born individual who goes out and attacks and
5:04 am
kills four marines following calls from isis out to general public through social media to attack u.s. military and law enforcement, that's a pretty good indication you've got muslim extremist-inspired terrorism. >> we have a president tiptoeing around terror rather than calling him a lone wolf. we need to act immediately. >> mike baker not afraid to call it what it is. rudy giuliani going to join us in moments. i'm betting he'll call it what it is as well. >> also form ermarines gunned down yesterday at the strip mall where it started. that particular facility on the door next to the bullet holes
5:05 am
says it is a gun-free zone. of course this got started years ago. the men and women who work inside these facilities across the country where they are gun-free zones essentially are sitting ducks. should that change? should the president of the united states change that policy? it would be great if he did. we had two guests on earlier that weighed in on this subject. >> isis has brought the threat to america. the threat is here. our enemy lives among us. we need to act accordingly. any place military personnel gather in more than two or three, one of them should be armed to protect the rest at a minimum. that's a change president obama should make today. >> four weeks ago i dropped my son off at a marine recruiting station in virginia. he's in paris island wearing a marine uniform going through boot camp. this hits close to home. what bothers me we look at the
5:06 am
blue thing above our heads and don't call it sky because we're afraid to make it assumption. we find out he was born muslim raised in kuwait grew a beard, engineering student. these are the profile of typical radical jihadi in the western world. >> connect the dots there. think about what we heard earlier from colonel al llen west. he was at a facility in texas in april. he pulls up and there's one military member at the gate. does not check allen's i.d. he was not armed. >> that's right. >> if isis-inspired terrorists wanted to do this around america, around u.s. military insulations and around the world
5:07 am
world, god forbid. >> are these soft targets? we saw this yesterday. >> legislation needs to change that. silver lining to this bringing hope. an officer showing up to the area where the gunfire was going back and forth. bringing a folded american flag standing in solidarity with them. >> speaking of insolidarity people across the country and around the world are looking at images out of chattanooga, tennessee. what can you do when you're sitting at home? social media you can post things. a number of people posting the marine corps flag. >> there's one. we keep a navy flag and marine corps flag out front at our house. >> and another saying flying my husband's marine flag in honor, support, and remembrance for the four marines shot and killed in tennessee.
5:08 am
>> send it our way on fox and, tweet us or facebook as well. we're going to take a break from this for a moment. there are other headlines. couple of things to talk about. from terrorism on american soil to isis attacking overseas right now getting chilling images into "fox & friends." take a close look at this. that's an egyptian naval ship as it explodes into a ball of fire. this happened off the peninsula and affiliate of isis is claiming responsibility for striking that ship with a rocket. we're told no one was killed. when you look at images that's hard to imagine. terrorists have been focussing on attacking egyptians soldiers and cops killing hundreds since morsi ousted. we'll bring you more as we get it. breaking in outer space.
5:09 am
three astronauts including one american forced to hunker down in a space capsule when an old russian satellite come barrelling in the correction of the space station. nasa can usually spot these but this time did not. scott kelly tweeted this. i bet they were happy. this woman has a new outlook on life. the 16-year-old girl that survived the plane crash in washington state is speaking out for the first time. awe dutch veatch hiked for help after the plane crash into the mountain with her step grandparents on board. she said the only thing on her mind was trying to rescue them. >> i got out. my face got burned and hands burning and
5:10 am
burning and stuff. my immediate response was go and try to help them. i couldn't do it. there was a lot of fire and i am a small person. >> autumn has struggled with depression in the past. she says she's never loved being alive more than she does now. political news to bring you now. donald trump and rick perry, boy are they trading blow this is morning. perry tweeted about donald trump and his remarks on the border. trump firing back saying this quote, governor perry failed on the border. he should be forced to take an iq test before being allowed to enter the republican debate. pretty harsh boardd words. hope that's not indication of how things go this year. >> you know it's been great having ed week.
5:11 am
normally his beat is the white house. combining your regular beat with what's going on in tennessee. yesterday the president referred to this 24-year-old muslim guy from tennessee as a lone gunman. a lot of people would like to hear him use more forceful words. maybe they're coming. how is he dealing today? >> he's in new york city a fund-raiser tonight. he took heat after the benghazi terror attacks, went ahead within 24 hours or so with a campaign rally in 2012 in vegas, as i recall. he's now coming to one in new york city tonight. we'll see if he cancels. it's not just 9,000 miles away anymore. our next guest says the global jihad movement has hit american shores. the doctor's message for the pentagon on how to fight the terror -- war on terror on american soil coming up next. >> that's right.
5:12 am
they killed owe osama bin laden. now the seal team is hacked? that's coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪ am i the only one with a meeting?\osama bin laden. now the seal team is hacked? that's coming up next on "fox & friends." now the seal team is hacked? that's coming up next on "fox & friends." yeah we've gotta go. i gotta say it man this is a nice set-up. too soon. just kidding. nissan sentra. j.d. power's "highest ranked compact car in initial quality." now get 0% financing or a great lease on the nissan sentra. ♪ americans. 83% try... eat healthy. yet up to 90% fall short in getting... ...key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. one a day men's.
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5:15 am
. as we investigate this deadly rampage on our nation's military and on our own soil
5:16 am
the threat of terror hits home for many americans. joining us with his reaction major general matthew horner distinguished chair at the u.s. marine corps university. thank you for joining us. what do you make of what happened in chattanooga? >> first, it's not what the secretary of defense called it which was a senseless act of violence violence. ash carter was wrong. this is a rational part of jihadi movement assault on america and everything that is good. if you look at the last few years, we've had attacks in sydney ottawa, paris, uk. this is the trend we have to get prepared for. the idea we can't protect ourselves, this is the front line. the events happening in isis territory 8,000 miles away is part of the story. the front line is here on
5:17 am
american soil as well. >> a lot of ways online too. how come after 14 years we haven't found a way to combat this thing online? what are we doing? how does it stack up? >> this is the heart of the matter. deploying forces or using air strikes in the region against isis that's a small part of the occasion. we're only going to win this war when we take down ideology. the from streets of paris to syria and iraq we haven't began to scratch the surface. the state department website turn back and look away 11,000 twitter followers. isis has 21,000 social media platforms, not just followers. so we in the 14th year of the war, it would be great to start attacking the ideology and saying we don't know what this is. could be terrorism, could be islamic. this is a 14-year-old war.
5:18 am
we have to start talking truthfully about it. >> we believe in freedom of speech. what do we do, take down platforms? >> use human intelligence. new york is such say big target. penetrate local communities. use people in communities to help identify potential radicals. all the stuff that de blasio has shut down in the last couple of years. that's how you win the war, by pushing the fight into the communities and identifying people before they go radical. >> dr. gorka to go deeper about what you're saying in social media. let's look at what the government is saying about these flat forms. from ash carter my thoughts and prayers, along with those of the men and women of the department of defense, are with families of those killed in senseless act of violence. the department will continue to work with local law enforcement as they investigate this heinous crime. a, it's not law enforcement.
5:19 am
it's fbi looking at this as domestic terror. number two, senseless act of violence. i remember the summit on active extremism. do these words matter. >> it's not active extremism. it's global extreme itch. imagine if in world war ii we're about to storm the normandy beaches and tell our troops don't say the word nazi because you could offend germans. that would be insane. you can't allow politics into the threat assessment intelligence sites. you have to talk truthfully or my children, grandchildren will be fighting jihadis 100 years from now unless we take the fight to where they're mobilizing these people like the 24-year-old jihadi. >> there are too many politics involved on this side of the
5:20 am
atlantic. dr. sebastion gorka, we thank you for joining us with your unique perspective. >> it's a pleasure thank you. would a local mosque help prevent another terror attack like we saw in tennessee? rudy giuliani said it worked in new york. will other cities finally buy in? he joins us live next. plus geraldo live on the hunt for el chapo. we'll join him live in mexico. stick around. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology
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5:23 am
hi everyone. 23 minutes after the hour on this friday morning. quick headlines now. mother nature wreaking havoc on the heart lands. a tornado in illinois yanking power lines out of the ground
5:24 am
causing sparks to fly. crews sifting through the damage this morning ch. a massive explosion reduces a two story home to a pile of rubble. fire crews pulled two men trapped in the debris. they're in the hospital. the powerful blast set nearby homes on fire. no word on what triggered that explosion. the young muslim man that murdered four u.s. marines in tennessee, not the only member of his family with terror ties. according to "the new york times," his father's name once appeared on the terror watch list. >> how can we stop ex triemtremeists before this happens again? rudy giuliani joins us from phoenix. i remember during your administration you kept an eye on what was going on in mosques and churches and elsewhere in illegal fashion. now, can't do that anymore.
5:25 am
>> yeah i started that program, reversed policy new york city had of not putting police in mosques and was criticized for it. we did it 20 years. de blasio stopped it a year and a half ago. i noticed your prior guest dr. gorka pointed out quite wisely one of the things that helped us. the reason we did it was simple steve. the 1993 bombing of the world trade center by islamic extremist terrorists was organized in a mosque in union city new jersey sentenced to 100 years in prison was in a mosque in new jersey. i can't imagine why you'd be offended by police being at a mosque church synagogue. you would probably want them there if you were practicing your religion in a way that was
5:26 am
peaceful beautiful, enlightening. i found the whole idea that you couldn't put police in mosques absurd. and that's only the beginning of it. i thought dr. gorka was right on point. this lone wolf thing is getting to be tired now. the lone wolf has become a pack of wolves. the pack of wolves have a common ideology called muslim extremist terrorists. that organizes them motivates them. if you don't recognize that ideology and you create political correctness as a barrier, you find it really hard the to find hemthem. the president and people working for him, including the secretary of defense, are doing something dangerous engaging in this youthism making it difficult for people focussing on what they
5:27 am
need to protect us. it's getting to absurdity that the president won't say islamic extremist terrorism. >> in your experience going after the mob, you say i'm italian, go to their social clubs and did old fashioned police work. >> profiling is good or bad -- if profiling is based on logic, intelligent investigating. if profiling is based on somebody's race religion with no reference to anything that they do wrong, then it's terrible and against the law. so when i prosecuted and investigated the mafia with the fbi and new york city police department we weren't going after a bunch of irish kids in brooklyn or jewish kids in orthotic. we were going after italian americans because that's the way the mafia organized itself. islamic extremist terrorism
5:28 am
surrounds itself with this. they go back to sayings of mohammad and life of mohammad and quran and all things i've read. they pick out passages that talk about slaughtering infidel. they talk about points mohammed killed 25 jews and buried them in a grave. they pick those out and use them. they don't give them any kind of interpretation. people buy into it. they may be doing it at a direct command from al qaeda or from the force or may be doing it to want the to join. it's a common ideology we're dealing with. >> mr. mayor, as america wakes up and deals with this face of islamic terror here in america, chattanooga, tennessee in the heart land, one of the images we've been chewing over all morning is incredible image, a
5:29 am
photo of the recruitment center there in chattanooga. it has a sign in the middle saying it's a gun-free zone riddled with bullet holes because the terrorist was able to spray it with bullets when our men and women in uniform were inside there huddled behind desks and what not because they're not allowed to have guns at these centers. is that a policy that should be reversed? are men and women in uniform sitting ducks? >> immediately today. who can we trust more to carry arms than the members of the united states marine corps? i mean they'd be among the most trustworthy people we can have. may be good for the safety of the entire community if they carry arms. i'd like to see our president get angry rather than the statement we got yesterday or absurd statement of the secretary of defense that this is a sense less act of violence. this is an act of violence that
5:30 am
is completely connected to an ideology that believes that they want to dominate us and take us over. >> mayor giuliani, so many other issues and angles we want to get to. do you mind sticking with us after this commercial break? >> not at all. happy to. >> more next on the shootings in tennessee. other news making headline this is morning including this. new details on the hunt for el chapo. geraldo explored the escape path. he'll be live from mex cocoaico next. ♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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5:33 am
. we have a fox news alert once again. we're continuing conversation about four marines being slaughtered yesterday by 24-year-old muslim man in chattanooga, tennessee by the name of mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. rudy giuliani continues the
5:34 am
conversation with us. there's his mug shot. apparently he was arrested on 4-20 for driving under the influence. apparently there was pot smoked in his car. mayor, we want to talk to you a little more. the recruiting center sign on the door said gun free zone. somebody from the administration needs to come out. there it is there. gun free zone sign. the windows are riddled with bullets. someone from the administration needs to come out and explain the rational why we should continue this policy where you can't have guns. white house is not a gun-free zone. local police departments are not, supreme court is not gun free congress not a gun free zone. somebody has to tell us why this policy still makes sense given what we have seen in tennessee and elsewhere. >> yeah i mean it makes no sense at all. in fact you're depriving the people that are probably the most trustworthy people to possess guns of having them.
5:35 am
with the reality that isis and also the iranian islamic republican are lick for years has been searching for our soldiers and using them as targets. we've prevented a lot of it. you would think we would have these people armed. you would think one of the corrective actions taken today would be to allow these people to carry arms. who could you possibly trust more? >> mayor, it was just over a year ago that the president was calling isis the jv squad. where are we on the war on terror? what do you think this president needs to do to step this up so we don't see radical islam continuing to spread violence here in america? >> the failure of this president to identify the enemy is leading to proliferation of striking
5:36 am
against us. going back to work place violence for fort hood which was an absurdity. his unwillingness to say islamic terrorism. the reality is he may not want to be at war against islamic extremist terrorism but somebody has got to clue him in we have been at war for 20 to 25 years. right now that war is at a fairly heavy pitch. we have a protector in chief who's not protecting us by not recognizing that natdszi or communists are our enemies or whatever we're facing. if you don't recognize the enemy, it becomes hard for people investigating them to use the tools for zoning in on them. you're afraid you're going to get in trouble. >> you know what mayor, this president has taken a look at the enemy. in some cases he's talked widely
5:37 am
about bad cops in this country. >> the president has gotten considerably more emotional and considerably angry at alleged police misconduct some turned out to be innocent some of which not than he did yesterday when he spoke about. i think if this were president reagan or president clinton, they'd been off the wall about the fact several of their marines were shot by muslim terrorists. there's stronger language and support for our military including changes in policy and recognizing the fact islamic extremism terrorism is at war against us this lone wolf thing is absurd. i said before no longer lone wolf. this is a large pack of wolves all of whom have a common ideology. you can go read it because it's online both from spewing out of
5:38 am
iran and coming from isis. >> you're right. it's a pack. rudy giuliani joining us from phoenix i believe. sir, thank you. >> thank you. all right. let's go to geraldo rivera. we dispatched him to cover the el chapo story. before we get to that, your re reaction to the murder in tennessee yesterday. >> you know steve, it broke our hearts here in mexico city to hear this news. we were in fallujah to have hero marines survive that bitter combat only to come home to chattanooga, tennessee of all places and get killed by one of these sunni muslim extremist terrorists want-to-be is almost too much to bear. condolences to families men and women in uniform. this is our future. major giuliani is absolutely right. you have a situation now in the united states. let's say there are 500,000
5:39 am
sunni muslim young men by the millennial generation. let's say five or ten of them heed the message they're reading that thousands and thousands are reading isis puts on social media everyday. five or ten, easy to get a weapon. easy to get those targets. they're sitting ducks. you go back to gun-free zones that were passed and hotly debated in tend of the george h.w. bush bill clinton administration. those were kept in place in the wake of the reagan assassination attempt et cetera. now they have to be rethought. priority may not be the everyday active duty gi killing himself everyday. we should have an armed guard at every one of our facilities. >> now to the reason you're south of the border el chapo guzman responsible for bringing
5:40 am
unbelievable amounts of dangerous drugs to our country. what's the reason he broke out of prison? >> to see the extent of his operation and how he managed to escape this super maximum prison most wanted man on earth probably at the time so difficult to swallow that he did it on his own. that it has disrupted this entire country. >> you went down into his double. >> this is a massive -- you should see it steve. it is three stories deep. there are intermediate levels. there's a massive generator, lighting air conditioning. it is a mile long. 2,000 tons of dirt removed. a rail system to transport the dirt that they needed for the excavation. it was -- then the canary to
5:41 am
make sure the air was good enough for el chapo to take the motorcycle through the mile long tunnel he dug under the noses of everybody and then surfaced here in mexico city. there's a generalized feeling that higher ups knew this was going on. we'll see a where el chapo surfaces if he ever does. >> geraldo rivera getting the story. stay tuned throughout the weekend as he is on top of the man hunt. more of today's headlines, including this. they're the guys that took down bin laden. seal team six was hacked. are they at risk of being outed? that important story is next. s! ahh! they're ready! make summer awesummer with totino's pizza rolls. and get a free movie ticket when you spend $10.
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5:45 am
they knocked. he realizes the door what's happening the fights back. the suspects try forcing it back open before taking off. oh my. they took down bin laden. word is seal team six has been hacked. arkansas senator john boozeman says members of the seal team could be part of the 22 million federal employees who's information was stolen during the office of personnel management hack earlier this year. their security could have been compromised. ed over to you. the names of the victim of the terrorist mohammad youssuf abdulazeez becomes known. what will americans do to honor their memories and make sure horrible events like this never happen again? joining us here on the couch, fox analyst. >> good morning. condolences to the families of
5:46 am
those lost and all injured in that incident. there's a few things we need to do beyond remembering the lives of those lost. the president needs to demonstrate the same anger and sadness we feel as americans. he didn't do that yesterday. he needs to do it today and do it going forward. number two, we need to change the policy. let's look at the department of defense directive. that goes back to 1992. that makes it clear that if there's a reasonable expectation that there's someone going to be injured or hurt that our military men and women have the capacity and right to bear arms at military insulations. that should be done and could be done by the secretary of defense today. that's a simple piece of paper that says we'll designate a security officer at every insulation. there will be firearms someone
5:47 am
there to stand up against the terrorists. >> there's a military institute in texas. he goes up and at the gate there's one military personnel. doesn't check his i.d. that personnel was not armed. >> it's outrageous. servicemen marines, sailors, coast guard, they're sitting ducks were terrorists. the other thing we need to do is come together as american. what i am so happy to see is the fact that the islamic society of greater chattanooga stepped out. this is what they said. we condemn this act. we condemn this act in the strongest possible terms as one of cowardice and hate. we are not a center of muslim
5:48 am
community. we haven't seen that from the muslim community in the past. that is wonderful. we need to come together all americans, stand up and stand out, speak out against this and be aware. let's have the president be as aware as we are and as hurt as we are. it hurts. >> it certainly can does. >> good to see you. 12 minutes before the top of the hour here's what's coming up. we're remembering the four marines killed with a special tribute. kelsey got her start in church. first song she ever sang was "amazing grace." she'll sing that coming up. >> appropriate tribute. good morning everybody from washington. we'll have the latest on the can killing of four marines in tennessee. the killer his american upbringing and the threat against america. katherine joins me with that. colonel oliver north and sergeant hatch weigh in today.
5:49 am
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5:52 am
well it is a friday in the summer. usually it's a time we have our full blown summer concert series. given the fact -- thank you very much. great to have you here. given the fact the turn of events in chattanooga, tennessee we have a different program today. our featured entertainer is kelsey. the pirsfirst song you learned how to play was -- >> amazing grace. >> you're from tennessee?
5:53 am
>> i am from very close to chattanooga. my heart goes out to their families. >> have posted the hashtag on social media #mnoogastrong. >> first song she learned to play ladies and gentlemen, kelsey ballarini. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪
5:54 am
♪ i once was lost but now i'm found ♪ ♪ was blind but now i see ♪ ♪ was grace that taught my heart to feel ♪ ♪ grace my fear relieved ♪ how precious did that grace appear ♪ ♪ the hour i first believed ♪
5:55 am
when we been there 10,000 years ♪ ♪ bright shining as the sun ♪ ♪ we know there's days to sing god's praise ♪ ♪ when we first begun ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you guys.
5:56 am
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5:59 am
fantastic version of amazing grace. it's not only close to your heart, it's close to your wrist, isn't it? >> it is. that's my first tattoo how sweet the sound. sorry mom. >> and the sweet sound thanks to guys in the band. would you like to introduce them? >> reid johnson, jacob simmons and scott jones. they're awesome. >> couple of you live in nashville. i assume you are thinking of tennessee this morning. >> absolutely. our hearts go out to them. >> what did do you want to say? >> in our thoughts and prayers. we love them. >> our hearts go out to them. >> sure do. >> a lot of people have been
6:00 am
expressing that to us this morning. you're part of the hashtag noogastrong. >> thanks very much for joining us. the news continues. martha: he took the lives of four u.s. marines and today authorities are scouring the background of muhammad youssef abdulazeez trying to find out if he had ties with others who may also pose threats to americans. gregg: while we are waiting to find out if the gunman had any ties to islamic groups. we


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