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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 17, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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great night. >> hi thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor", terror on the home front. three weeks ago we did a special called "the growing terror threat" warning of future home grown attacks and it didn't take long before it happened. an apparent radical muslim killed four marines. so tonight we'll deconstruct what's happening and talk about what we should be doing to keep this country safe. 24-year-old mohammed abdulazeez brought terror to the homeland
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in chattanooga, tennessee. he killed four marines and wounded three others before being shot deadly authorities on thursday the attack prompted a federal domestic terror investigation, renewing concerns about vulnerabilities to islamic terrorism. officials say he used several weapons in the attack. he had two long guns which would be considered rifles or shotguns. some were purchased legally and some may not have been. >> joining us now from washington, catherine herige and jennifer griffin. catherine, bring us up to the latest with the investigation. >> well a couple big headlines, eric on the investigation. perhaps first and fore most law enforcement source tells fox news so far there has been no
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evidence this caused them to change their focus on terrorism. that is significant. they continue to look at the shooting at the highest possible level in terms of investigative tools. number two, we're able to confirm they're looking at the suspect's travel in 2014 to the middle east including one stop in jordan our government contact would not confirm whether the trip included a stop in yemen. those locations are important because the two groups they're looking for any kind of link not established, but they're considering isis, which would be in syria, and iraq and al qaeda in yemen. >> is there a reason that anyone didn't mention to you why this suspect was not on a terror watch list given his father being on the list at one point? >> excellent question. i sense kind of a shift in the last 24 hours. and initially we're told there
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was no evidence he was on anyone's radar, that there was any advanced warning but it was emphasized to us today that they're still going through the government data bases, also the watch list is not like just entering a name into a computer. it's a very laborious task. i add international intelligence agencies are being asked to aid in the investigation on the suspect and his travel overseas. >> catherine, we noticed he had a blog and there is some i guess that would be maybe red flag as some of the things he was posting on his blog? >> yes. there is a blog. it's widely reported to be his, so the fbi is not independently confirming that. there are two posts in july.
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we don't understand the context of what was on the computer and phones and we understand that they have been brought here to washington, d.c. and fbi labs prefer to review them. we can get a good readout of what is on the electronics within 24 hours. now, let's bring in jennifer griffin. can you tell us about the brave servicemen? >> we know the names of all four marines killed in chattanooga. lance corporal squire skip wells and sargent holmequist. sargent waytt returned from his last tee employment in january. he and others served in the third battalion 14th marines fighting in the 2005 battle of
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abu ghraib. lance corporal wells was the youngest, age 21 graduated from high school in 2012. his mom was a single mother and drove a school bus he played clarinet in the marching band was a member of the orchestra in his church. sargent holmequist was living with his wife and 2-year-old son. he returned from a tour in afghanistan in july. and staff sargent david wyatt lived in chattanooga with his wife and their two children. he served in iraq and afghanistan. this was an artillery battery. the unit was named after the johnny cash song dark horse,
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firing more rounds since vietnam. members were activated three times, in 2005 they deployed to new orleans after providing relief to hurricane katrina and some deployed again in iraq in 2006. they were known for toys for tots drive every year. >> it's heart breaking looking at the pictures of those four heros shot down. young. 40, 21, 27, 37 years old do we have details as to where they together? just standing around? do we have that? >> we don't know what they were doing. but yes, they seemed to be in the same location. we can tell from some of the images that were released after the attacks i think what is important and notable is that these were young people but they had served multiple tours overseas in iraq and afghanistan. >> jennifer thank you. we are to leave it there. next on the run down how vulnerable is america to another
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>> in the unresolved problem segment, america the vulnerable. analysts warned for years the united states is susceptible to so called soft targets and isis is trying to inspire such attacks. >> if isis isn't involved indirectly, all hell is going to break loose in the country. those savages have been encouraging people to attack americans the obama administration's response to the growing menace of isis has been long term not an urgent campaign. i firmly believe president obama
8:11 pm
is making a mistake in the tentative nature to his response. >> and let me start with you, colonel peters bill predicts all hell will break loose if this is traced to isis do you agree? >> i have no doubt that it is traced to islamic state. >> this is straight forward. as long as the islamic state exists there are going to be larger attacks here. stop living in fear. make the terrorists afraid. and i got really angry today i'm listening to the news networks and i hear more of the administration about oh you know we've got to counter they're ideology. how are you going to do it dude? we're lying to our selves about the nature of the problem, still
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we're not facing a political ideology gone wrong. we're facing religious fan nat nattics. until we go on the offensive, the terror will not end. do you want to stop terrorism here? show the would be jihadis that allah doesn't have their backs. >> colonel shaefer, what do we do? do we blanket bombs and bomb them out of existence? >> this was terror. i don't care if isis is involved in that. this mimicked the charlie hebow attacks so it's a clue. so we have to do three things put forth the idea that we're
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the strong horse the strong horse is the one everybody wants to follow. so in a different metaphor. we've got to show we're in it to win it. secondly we arehave to take out the leadership with impunity. we went into syria just once we should be doing it on a weekly basis. i did a book called "operation dark heart" that is putting the fear of god in them. then we have to go about doing what we can to work with our allies in the region. there are others who are moder they are here on the home front. this father of the shooter was on the terror watch list taken off the terror watch list allegedly going to make a donation to a pro terror group. he's taken off.
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this guy abdulazeez traveled to yemen and other places and he is not watched? why was he not on the list? maybe we wire tap every move he makes? >> because we're more worried about civil liberties of terrorists than we are about civil defense of the american people. terrorists don't have rights. get over it. we love lincoln. he suspended habeas corpus. islamic state isn't interested in our counter arguments. until we unleash law enforcement and thank you mr. snowden the nra is prying into your life. unless you're willing to turn assets loose you're not going to stop them. i agree with everything tony said and i say we should call it a dark horse on meth.
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>> i can't say how many people have called and said i am ticked off and done with this. we have a bunch of wussies running this country. >> we have a radical islamic problem. moving forward, what clear purpose of going into those communities? rob is correct. there is still that talks about if you, as a u.s. citizen are affiliated or linked to a terrorist organization you can be spied on. so it's time we accept that as matter of law and start doing it. it's not about nsa. that is a distraction well. need to put people like me uncover into cyber chat rooms and putting them into the pipeline to map the network. we must have better intelligence and do it through what we call espionage. human intelligence. let the dogs unleash and go do
8:16 pm
our job. we're being held back from doing that. >> i like that. >> we need to get into the cybersphere where we're going after them method wise. we're not doing it. >> unleash the dogs of war. thank you very much. i appreciate it next on the run down is the obama administration too soft on confronting islamic terrorism? the debate, coming up. utrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. in the impact segment, confronting terror. refusing to use the term islamic terrorism. >> you have the term islamic terrorism which the president refuses to use. if we're going to fight elements that are causing tremendous
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problems, at least we have to start maybe not being so politically correct. >> does president obama's failure make it harder to fight them? joining me now is rick renel and simon rosenberg. is the president's correctness hurting our ability to stop attacks and there by causing more american deaths? >> i want to say my condolences to families of the marines and those injured and hats off to the courageous officers in chattanooga. i don't like the term islamic extremism. is that when you watch a baseball game on tv announcers don't talk about the baseball players on the field they talk about them by position. short stop centerfield think we have to use the most precise language possible to describe our adversaries in order to make sure we have
8:21 pm
effective strategies to defeat them. there are different groups. >> is that an accurate term? >> we can use both of those adjectives to describe what is going on. >> we can say isis. it can be an iranian or american grown, there are more precise terms. >> god for bid you say iranian terrorists. >> we should use the most precise language possible so we have the best understanding of how to defeat our enemy. >> is it difficult to define it and fight it? >> of course. this isn't baseball. come on. we have now moved beyond partisan politics you look at what's happening in israel. the left and right, all arab allies, all agree obama is weak.
8:22 pm
what's happening now is that obama is putting pressure on people on the front lines, trying to protect us. because they have incoming targets in a higher ratio than they've had. obama's weakness is inviting isis now with a country of 10 million people. it's no longer a movement. they have a country. under obama, they created a country. that country is attacking us. and we're trying to have a debate. colonel peters is right. this is not a baseball game. these are front line protectors that are taking incoming fire at a higher ratio because isis smells weakness. we have to defeat them there and here. >> this shooter, this gunman went from one military installation to another. targeting americans and american military. i don't know why we have -- >> look at who he is. look at who he is.
8:23 pm
he's an islamic radical. >> simon is going to tell us he might not be. >> i didn't say that. i think it's important to distinguish whether is isis and sunni related? or shia. >> why? why? listen. when there is conflict in northern ireland we didn't describe them as christian extremist. we describe them as catholic and protestant. >> this is not about -- >> we need to do a better job describing to the american people. >> i don't care if the killer is playing short stop or first base. he's coming to get us. >> he was an american. the person in tennessee was an american citizen who went to high school here college here. >> let me tell you. he does not represent the american way. >> the point is he came here
8:24 pm
from a different place. that is not the american way and we will not embrace that. >> i don't think there is debate about that. i think it's important to understand whether or not he was an iranian agent brought into the united states versus a home grown terrorist understood for us to develop strategies. >> give me a second. >> you're making a ridiculous argument. what is offensive about a man who killed four innocent marines on the way to work killed four -- what about calling them islamic terrorists? they call themselves islamic. this man prayed at the islamic center of chattanooga. >> all i said is my preference, again, i'm not offended by the term. i'm saying my preference would be to use more precise language so we can develop better strategies. you asked me at the beginning
8:25 pm
whether or not the way the president was using language was hurting our ability to actually conduct the war against terrorists. >> it's a hot topic but i've got to go. thank you very much. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening with the shooting in chattanooga comes a dark reminder of what happened in 2009. two survivors tell us what went through their minds. new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name.
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>> is a fox news alert. a fast moving wildfire jumping across a california freeway. burning cars and forcing motorists to run to safety. the flames destroying 20 vehicles but there are no reports of any serious injuries. it happened on interstate 15 which is the main connector between southern california and las vegas. firefighters ran into trouble fighting flames when a drone in the area forced them to ground their choppers. some areas have been evacuated in the cajon pass area. the so called north fire started this afternoon, approximately 3500 acres in size. fire officials say it's moving quickly, five homes have been destroyed. i'm patricia stark and now back to the o'reilly factor. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel.
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>> it's a personal story segment. the chattanooga shooting did it reopen wounds? on the phone from tacoma washington shawn manning. both shot multiple times when a gunman opened fire let's start with you sargent lunzford. what went through your mind when you heard about chattanooga? >> anger. and i was wondering when are we going to learn from lessons from before so we can stop this from happening again? >> so let me say, go to sargent manning. what have we learned sir? in six years? >> i'm not sure if we have learned anything. i mean, the white house and the
8:31 pm
army still hasn't come out and said the fort hood shooting was a terrorist attack. they dance around the issue to this day. which i think hinders us and our ability to come bat this. we're not able to recognize that it exists. how are we going to try to prevent this? the fbi knows it can't stop every plot. i mean, unfortunately, this is i think going to continue to happen until they do that. >> sargent manning tell us about that day in 2009. what happened to take us through it? >> in 2009, i mean i was sitting in the srp building in the medical center. and i was getting ready to go to the medical processing and all of a sudden i heard someone yell "allah akbar" and i saw him shooting and was hit in the chest. i went to the then he shot me another five times
8:32 pm
before i was able to get to safety. >> and sargent lunsford was there an instinct to look for your firearm? tell us about that. >> well it's just instinct. we did not have. to prevent this from happening again we need to arm our military personnel in facilities they're working in. especially when in uniform so that at least we'll be able to fight back against a threat that is presented before us. >> and sargent manning you were trained to use a firearm. did you want to have it on you? >> absolutely. i mean it ran through my head so many times, if only we had a way to defend ourselves other than chairs and trying to take down the shooter which people lost their lives in doing so. maybe that won't have been so bad, i
8:33 pm
think if a few people were armed. and makes more sense to not soldier was weapons than when you have to trust them overseas i mean if we can't trust a soldier with a weapon they shouldn't be in the military. >> sargent manning how many people could have been saved had you had a firearm? and sargent lunsford could have been saved? >> at least half. hassan able to shoot him right away. rather than targeting emin that building with no way of defending themselves. >> what about you sargent lunsford. do you think -- what do you want to say to people who suggest we should keep military installations gun free doenzones >> they need to get their head out of their four corner contact. we would have had a cross fire. his attention would have been
8:34 pm
directed towards us instead other victim who's sustained gunshot wounds that they were killed. and i think those individuals that don't believe we need to have service weapons they need to understand we're in a theater everyone has a weapon on them. if you go back in history, and recruiting stations during world war ii and vietnam recruiters had firearms on their person. all federal government buildings you can't rely on the people that are on guard at the front door. everyone needs to protect themselves and what we hold dear our constitution. >> and sargent lunsford do you agree military personnel are new targets so that another reason for you to be carrying a fire warm? >> well absolutely. if you look at years ago, a couple years ago they killed a british soldier in england.
8:35 pm
the gentleman, the guy was standing with his hands bloody said to the united states that your women and children are next. the united states is the next target. so we're told ahead of time this is going to happen. so yes. it's already been proven that they have said that all military personnel be it retired or active duty we're targets. and in uniform, out of uniform. we need to be able to protect ourselves >> we're going to leave it there. gentleman thank you very much. next lone wolf attacks what can be done to stop them? more analysis on this o'reilly factor special, up coming. save big at bass pro shops' summer of fun sale. like redhead rock bridge cargo shorts starting under $20.
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>> thanks for staying with us. as we continue this special edition of the factor. in the factor follow up segment, hunting lone wolfs. intelligence officials warned isis is encouraging followers to carry out so called lone wolf attacks in america this summer. and we're told he wasn't on the radar before the attack.
8:40 pm
can authorities do anything to stop terrorists? >> they can. and i think they have. the fbi has been effective if you look before the 4th of july there are a number of arrests conducted throughout the country of people they thought were on the verge of planning an attack or some way thinking of asserting themselves as terrorists. more and more because it's increasingly to get information we see this individual doesn't appear to have a jump off the page to authorities. >> why is that? if the father has been connected to maybe donating to a terror group in the past they put him on a watch list how come his family members, everyone he calls and e mails isn't on a watch? >> i believe we need to be doing more in terms of merging different technologies.
8:41 pm
we're not matching up people like you're suggesting who have relatives associated with maybe an investigation with these individuals who made these off spring. >> are we kidding ourselves? do we have a shot at stopping domestic terrorism? lone wolves? >> you can't eliminate it but you can build partners within the muslim community, you need an educated public beyond just picking up a gun, but we have to face reality, is that this radical process, this happens very very quickly. and that is why you have to defeat this group overseas because isis's success overseas is interpreted as an endorsement from allah. that draws them to this group. so you have to start pushing isis back overseas. >> okay. fair enough. you point out maybe, let me put
8:42 pm
it out there. is it time to start profile something >> you can profile behavior ideology, those are things that can't be prosecuted for. but it's something that needs to be taken into account. if someone is saying hamas is a legitimate group, or destroying israel is a wonderful thing, that should be taken as an indication that that is someone you should watch if you can't prosecute them for that speech. >> what do you say, bill? new york city did a fine job post september 11th. they did under cover, got intel, got into areas that may not be considered off limits because of political correctness. should we go back to those tactics? >> there is more that we can be doing. it happens quickly, in a way that may not mean that they're connecting with someone or being ordered by someone overseas.
8:43 pm
it could be the fact they're reading things online. and quickly, becoming motivated to do things. >> so you're saying hit them hard here so it doesn't look like the group of the kids these disgrunteled kids or potential terrorists don't want to be part of that group? if not winning there? >> yes. exactly. over there is also a key thing. is that we need to find out all of those people there who are tweeting and carrying out the media advices to people we need to be able to cut down them in the very beginning overseas. >> the timing of this attack. very end of ramadan. did it have an affect on chattanooga? >> it's likely so. that is because what isis is saying is that your obligation to engage in jihad is ten times
8:44 pm
greater and if you die in that jihad your reward is ten times greater. >> thank you very much. and some quick house keeping. check out bill and dennis miller's "don't be a pinhead" shows. tickets are going fast details on straight ahead here does america have a growing islamic extremism problem? two americans will be here with answers. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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a new poll suggests 53% of americans have a deep concern when it comes to islamic extremism. up from 23% and reveals 70% of americans are worried about isis. and now, dr. jasser. 70% concerned about isis. should they be? >> absolutely. what in god's name is going to take a strategy to engage muslims in a need to reform. we're never going to empower muslims to do reform so that fear is because our commander in chief doesn't identify the
8:49 pm
problem. and because we don't identify it americans are fearful. we need to channel fear into a plan for a political movement against global political islam, which inspires these abdulazeezs. >> 70% of americans are concerned. should we be? >> well the same poll said that muslim majority countryies have higher percentages of concern about isis than the american responses just above 50%. of course we should be. we're living in a team in which sickness and criminality associated with all kinds of ideologies, be it behind americans, white supremacist racism or islam. and muslim understandings of islam. >> i want to stay on this chattanooga shooting. it seems to me that groups like
8:50 pm
care and other islamic groups will come and clean up the mess after the blood is spilled rather than saying do you know we're moderate muslims and worried about extremists let's call them out. here is a group. keep your eye on them. why is it after blood front of it? >> that is unfair. i think the vast majority of institutions in muslim america are very pro active in working with muslims around the country to condemn, educate and enhance literacy of young people in being able to push back against these terrorist ideologies. i think american muslim reality needs us absent our greatest tool to confront this which is an animaling thentic
8:51 pm
-- authentic identity. >> listen to this. when care put out a press release this morning they said it's about american citizens being attacked we condemn the attack. they didn't mention these are marines. bottom line is the sense that america is not a force for good a negativism towards our military and this country and a sense that creates a pathway of radical radical radical radicalization. >> what you're saying is true. but you're out of touch with american reality. >> i'm out of touch? our soldiers are being killed on a weekly basis. this guy is writing on his blog
8:52 pm
about the negativity of america. >> where you at the white house countering violent extremism? were you in the meeting with joe biden? >> no. were you in the navy 11 years? no you were not. this president does not identify the problem. >> what you're doing helps terrorists and does not help america. and it does not help americans. you're denial you don't want a reform. >> i have a phd in islamic reform. >> you won't, you know nothing to necessitate the reform necessary. >> i would like to see, and would be refreshing to see these muslim groups stepping up in front before the blood shed. >> go to their website. >> i will thank you very much. how are terrorist attacks affecting america?
8:53 pm
we'll be right back.
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>> and that is just a few of the recent attacks around the world. with us now from idaho, mike baker a former cia operations officer and from washington steve bucci, a national security expert. mike terrorist attacks overseas, do they create more danger on u.s. soil? if they do why? >> they do. whether it's a large scale
8:56 pm
attack like the resort attack or just a lone gunman and 1, 2 victims, we're in fact whether it's taking of another city or town by isis in syria and iraq it adds to this cumulative perception of the success and growth of this kalife that muslim extremists have been judging for. it emboldens and and it's their perspective it lifts up and they're looking for different factors. and looking to turn to their side. they're like rock stars and women who are traveling to go
8:57 pm
become wives and girlfriends of isis fighters. has the world gone crazy? >> no this, is not crazy behavior to these people every day that isis stands it's ground in iraq and syria, makes them more powerful. when they get blown away like in garland texas to a lot of folks that is a victory. someone struck a blow for islam. these guys have to be crushed. that is the only way you're going to eliminate the motivation of these terrorists all over the world. these wanna-bes, these one on one guys. you've got to crush isis. this administration is not willing to do it. >> so if we're pushing back in certain cities should we be doing what they're doing? putting it up on video saying look these are your rock star heros. here they are, dead we just took that city back? >> if at the point where we can
8:58 pm
have videos like that yeah. i'd be happy to show it. we need to make the message plain that this is not a winning theology or ideology. it has to be really old testament kind of destruction. we're not willing to do that. >> and mike we have an administration that is afraid to call it islamic extremists how are they going to be wanting to show up battlefield victory in bloody violent, black and white and red? >> right. we still have a hard time. we're the only ones here in the u.s. that are angst ridden over how we describe this. what do we call it? it's muslim extremism. the primary reason we've seen this surge, wherever it may be is because of the physical man festation of the kalife.
8:59 pm
we've got to go after social media efforts and worry about the communities and how to get them to self report more. any time there is a self radical radicalization. if we have this continuing stalemate strategy where the iraqi military is going to be able to do this on their own we're going to have sad, tragic conversations about more deadly incidents for a long time to come we have to take way their turf. >> if you go on the internet you can find what it is like to live amongst these fighters. and it ain't pretty and beautiful and women there wish they weren't there. i don't understand why we don't get efforts to the american youth so they don't aspire to be like them. guys i'm going to leave it there. that will do it for this special edition of the factor.
9:00 pm
terror on the home front. the kelly file is ne please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. and breaking tonight u.s. marines murdered at home and a nation on edge as we are learning new details in the terror investigation into a muslim american. tonight we take a closer look at a growing and determined enemy that is attacking america from within. welcome to "the kelly file" special. i'm jenna lee. right now the country is on alert after a 24 year old fatally attacked soldiers marines and police in chattanooga, tennessee. we dig deep into the background of mohammad youssuf abdulazeez a kuwaity borne u.s. citizen. he was