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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  July 17, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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this special edition of the factor. terror on the home front. the kelly file is ne please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. and breaking tonight u.s. marines murdered at home and a nation on edge as we are learning new details in the terror investigation into a muslim american. tonight we take a closer look at a growing and determined enemy that is attacking america from within. welcome to "the kelly file" special. i'm jenna lee. right now the country is on alert after a 24 year old fatally attacked soldiers marines and police in chattanooga, tennessee. we dig deep into the background of mohammad youssuf abdulazeez a kuwaity borne u.s. citizen. he was armed with an ak-47
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wearing tactical vest and less than two weeks ago the president made a rare visit to the pentagon briefed on the campaign against isis and that meeting after repeated warnings over the fourth of july. the president addressed the threat of home grown terrorists. >> but the threat of lone wolves or small cells is complex. it's harder to detect and harder to prevent, one of the most difficult challenges that we face and preventing these attacks will require sustained effort. >> the director of the fbi announcing that in the four to six weeks leading up to july 4th the fbi arrested more than ten isis followers. and said the fbi could not stop them all. >> we are stopping these things so far through tremendous hard work.
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it is incredibly difficult. i cannot see me stopping these indefinitely. >> a lot of motivation is still unclear. the threat from lone wolf terrorists is not. it pre-dates isis and may be growing. since rise of islamic state more than 60 individuals in 19 states have been arrested. congressman michael mccall, chairman of the house homeland security committee says the enemy is different and new. >> this is not bin laden. this is what the new threat of terrorism looks like. it comes from the internet. they don't have to travel to syria or iraq. they are already here. >> the contact matters. we take a closer look at threat of lone wolf terrorists. there have been more than 50 domestic terror attacks and that is nearly one every 50 days. a growing number are making
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headlines starting back in 2009. >> at this time the numbers that we are looking at are 12 dead and 31 wounded. >> we remember that november in 2009 ford hood texas major nidal hasan opening fire in the end killed 13 people. he was communicating with a terrorist master rer mind anwar al awlaki. we remember april 2013 boston tsarnaev brothers one u.s. citizen, one not blowing up pressure cookers at the crowded finish line killing three people and injuring nearly 300. >> he got to you and what happened next? >> he started slicing my neck. >> and that's megyn kelly speaking to the survivor of an attempted beheading in moore, oklahoma september last year. an ex-condisplaying obsession
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with islam. >> get back. go in the building. >> and this june garland, texas, two heavily armed men storming an event. one brave police officer stopped them. that brings us to today. our chief intelligence correspondent is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the investigation is expanding on two fronts. first dozens of tips are pouring in with the lead fbi investigator on the scene indicating law enforcement could take action locally and in other states. while no one else is publically tied to mohammad youssuf abdulazeez's plot the press conference this afternoon suggested investigators are exploring whether others could be in play. >> we have covered approximately 70 leads and as our team continues to develop additional information you may see or hear about fbi activity in other
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areas of the state and nation. >> fox news confirming counter terrorism investigators are scrutinizing the shooting suspects travelled into middle east last year including one trip to jordan and reportedly a possible trip to yemen. significantly investigators are reaching out to foreign intelligence agencies tonight just as they did after the boston bombing in 2013 to flesh out the travel history and network of contacts. >> we are exploring all travel he has done and asked our intelligence partners to provide us with any information they may have concerning his travel and/or activities while overseas. >> also tonight we are learning more about the weapons that abdulazeez had an ak-47 and the fbi says two long guns a handgun and a load bearing vest for multiple rounds of ammunition. >> thank you very much.
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yesterday's attack in chattanooga highlights the danger of what some refer to as self radicalization. a former danish gangster turned to radical islam and ended up joining al qaeda before becoming a cia informant. we are joined by brad thor. it's great to have you both on the program. brad we heard a lot of sound from a lot of different leaders of our country. we hear the same sort of tone. we can't stop them all when it comes to the lone wolf. why not? >> first of all, i'm not a big fan of the term lone wolf. how many lone wolves does it take to make a pack? there were the two tsarnaev brothers these guys are not self radicalizing. the internet is a global community. they are finding like minded people out there who are encouraging them to go to this fundamentalest interpretation of
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islam. this nation is not able to counter that threat unless we are ready to counter the ideology. >> how do we do that? >> we have to find what websites they are getting information from and they have to be tracked. it is very difficult when you say that it's lone wolf there aren't many people because they know people are watching them. they would like to get the information by themselves secretly and be able to carry out the attack for the possibilities of being successful. >> and so that brings up what james comey said if they are in their basements then there is no way to know where they are and when they are going to strike next. that sets ups up for failure. how do we get him? >> comey is right.
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what happened in chattanooga this man's family may not have known that he intended to do this. that was not necessarily preventable. we need to combat that ideology. i find it almost comical that the administration wants to use the term lone wolf when they know that isis has told these guys don't go online don't coordinate with other people think globally but act locally. al qaeda sympathizers get busts all the time because they look for help on the internet. isis is moving them to encrypted apps for phones and chat rooms saying keep it quiet, blend in. try not to look muslim. don't grow your beard long. isis is extremely sophisticated and these attacks will continue and we will see a lot more of them until we take the fight directly to isis and start killing as many as possible. >> that is the big question.
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one of the other things we continue to hear is this is a new enemy. we never faced this enemy before. you actually joined al qaeda. you know the enemy from the instd. how do we get more aggressive? >> well it seems like they are getting more organized and more sophisticated with media propaganda. it is something that did not exist during my time. that is something that encourage the people and seeing the creating that islamic state. we do not have that in the time of when i used to operate as a double agent. it's coming now and it's there to stay if we don't find it. it encourages other people to join them. >> that brings us back to the ideology that you have to go after the ideology. this is one of numerous conversations that we have had on this topic, so many years of talking about the ideology that fuels the attacks.
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what is the ideology that drives them and how do we counter it? >> let's stop saying these guys misunderstand islam. this is an engineering degree. we have seen high levels of sophistication so let's stop playing the game that they don't understand. this is a fundamentalest interpretation. if mohammed passed out trophies guys in isis would be at the top of the podium. we need good moderate muslims. instead of chasing people like the tea party let's have an agency devoted to combatting fundamentalest islamic ideology. >> do we need another agency? >> you ask your husband we should be putting money into combatting this because this terror will be with us for generations. if we don't stick it to them they are going to stick it to us. >> plenty people say we don't need another agency and need to
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let the guys take care of business. >> somebody has to work on the good muslims to help us. >> great to have you both. thank you very much. important conversation. much more on this. there is also angry fallout today after presidential candidate bobby jindal suggest liberals share blame for what happened in tennessee. >> you do hear candidates showing that they can act in a moment like this except bobby jindal who used the moment to attack president obama.
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td ameritrade. you got this. this week's lone wolf attack brought the issue of domestic terror to the forefront of the 2016 election. among them louisiana governor bobby jindal said this the shooting under scores the reality of the threat posed to us by radical islamic terrorism every day. it's time for the white house to wake up and tell the truth. this is grotesque. you cannot defeat evil until you admit that it exists. people didn't like that. critics wasted no time jumping
9:15 pm
on the republican contender. >> why would bobby jindal make such a stride at a time like this? politics what is the political calculation? bobby jindal is fighting to get in one of the ten spots in the republican presidential debate. >> i think for him to distinguish himself i think he has in a way that is unpresidential. i think he is making a play for religious bigotry as an attempt to get to that. >> joining me now governor of louisiana bobby jindal. you heard the critics, politically calculated. why do you believe they are wrong? >> the left always goes crazy whenever we tell the truth. the reality is we need a president who will stop being politicalally correct. after the fort hood shooting to this day the obama administration calls it work place violence. this is evil.
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we need a president who will say this. not only does islam have a problem he needs to say to muslim leaders they have to do more than condemn acts of violence. they need to condemn individual murderers. we have to get serious about this. we have to hunt them down and kill them. he went to the pentagon and said this is a generational conflict and we will win by changing hearts and minds. the same when they announced cut of 40,000 troops. if they said we are going to win world war ii through propaganda we are not going to win this war with words and propaganda. we have to win this war with guns. woo e >> let's talk solutions. one of the things at the beginning of the show it has been very confusing to define the ideology that drives the terrorism. what drives the ideology and how
9:17 pm
do you combat it? >> well in terms of practically one of the things the president can do today he talks about the power of the pen and the phone. he can go out today and allow our military recollect men and women to be armed. it is ridiculous to require them to be in gun free zones. let them protect themselves. >> that doesn't take care of the ideology being so difficult to articulate. just getting weapons to the military installations doesn't solve the fundamental issue. >> you are right. the fundamental problem is we are dealing with evil and radical islam and individuals who don't want others to have the same freedoms they demand for themselves and don't accept religious liberty. you are talking about terrorists who are murdering, raping beheading across the middle east including christians. they are not content to that overseas. they want to do that here in america. we have to kill them over there.
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this president talks about containing them. we need to hunt them down and kill them. we need to take political handcuffs off pentagon and say we want to defeat and wipe out this enemy. >> the department of homeland security had something to say in may about his strategy to combatting terror. i want to get your thoughts on it. let's play this down. >> it has to come from within the community and from the islamic leaders who frankly can talk the language better than the federal government can. >> secretary johnson says those out there can do this better than federal government. is that part of your solution your plan? >> absolutely. that's not instead of the military force. that's what we are not going to win this with guns. as commander in chief if he will say directly to muslim leaders
9:19 pm
islam has a problem. he won't say the words radical islamic terrorism. he is afraid of offending everybody. the commander in chief can say they have an obligation to denounce the murders. until they do that and make clear that within islam it is not acceptable for murders to feel like martyrs and they are not going to award in the after life i think the commander in chief can put pressure on clerics and others to specifically denounce not generic acts of violence. >> nice to have you in the program. thank you. >> thank you. governor jindal thinks liberals may share some of the blame others are focusing on the role the muslim community has. two leading muslim voices join us next. >> we will continue to investigate it as an act of
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not only does islam have a problem we need to say to muslim leaders they've got to do more than condemn acts of violence they need to condemn murders. >> that is governor bobby jindal suggesting that people need to startling the truth about islam and the faith itself to to blame for incidents this week. while no direct link has been established between this shooter and islamic directors directly one emam says this, it may be and
9:24 pm
>> let's continue to talk about solutions. doctor, first to you. what concrete measures can be taken within the muslim community to prevent violence waged in the name of islam? >> it's a time for muslims to respond with our duty to society. most have a duty to themselves their maker but their society. this is a rule not just muslim but individual muslims in america. all 4 million of us have to participate in exposing these behaviors which i term islamism. they're not islam but they're hiding amongst us it's not a matter only for the leadership. we know some british muslim terrorists whose children have become radicalized. there is american muslim terrorists have in hearings participated in two years ago
9:25 pm
this, is a role for all is limbs to be aware, to inform and relate to authorities. we also need a tremendous expansion and surveillance in places where muslims gather. >> what do you think is part of the solution? >> well as muslims who believe in the messiah, we have established ourselves in over 200 countries world wide through peace dialogue and servicing humanity. under the leadership of his holiness, the head of the muslim community we have demonstrated by engaging in service to humanity, we combat all forms of radicalization. >> do you think it's the same thing? do you think it's the same thing? >> i, my point is that
9:26 pm
radicalization is a human issue the way to combat that is to stand united against all forms of extremism. his holiness demonstrated that. this is why throughout our 125 year history we have tens of millions of members and not a single act of terrorism. and this is a model we can all learn from. >> doctor do you think the point is islam being unfairly blamed for this? >> i would say that that is true. and contest as individual muslims we have specific roles to play. whether we lobby or empower authorities to shed political correctness and examine islamism. these are what can be called islamism.
9:27 pm
they're not my faith. they're not the cage of kusin but there is no escaping that now. we have to really expose this problem. and it will be unpleasant it will be difficult. >> how exactly, doctor. how do you do what you're saying? >> one of the methods is encouraging people in authority to not shy away from actually all factors that lead to radicalization. it is an ideology that submerged from 20th century egypt, pedalled as islam and many muslims young, rich poor, are seduced into this.
9:28 pm
>> what advice do you give our leaders had this country to deal with the radicalizaiton within the islamic community? >> we agree this is combatting an ideology of extremism. rather than giving some hypothetical solution what i'm offering you is the woerl's single largest muslim community united under un-imam, showing how we can train our youth to reject all forms of extremism, but to serve society. we don't need to have surveillance on every individual human being we need to work on giving our youth identity. and an ownership over serving their fellow brothers and sisters. this is why we've combatted
9:29 pm
radicalization. >> if those numbers are true we look forward to having you back to talk about what is working within your community, because sit in this instance. nice to have you on. thank you very much. >> pleasure. >> coming up the white house weighs in on thursday's tragedy in tennessee. what the president said and also importantly, what he didn't. next. >> i know the fbi made clear they're looking at a variety of possible motives including possibility of domestic terrorism. ♪ have you ever thought, "i could never do that"? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank? well - you do. because the courage is already inside.
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calibration this is a fox news alert. a wildfire across a california free. the flames destroying at least 20 vehicles but no reports of serious injuries.
9:33 pm
it happened on interstate 15 the main connector between southern california and las vegas a drone forced them to ground their choppers. some areas have been evacuated in the cajon pass area the so called north fire started this afternoon, and now approximately 3500 acres in size. fire officials say it's moving quickly. five homes have been destroyed. i'm patricia stark. now back to "the kelly file". for headlines log on to fox temperatures, updates throughout the night. i just received a briefing from fbi director comey as well as my white house team about the shooting in chattanooga today.
9:34 pm
we don't know yet all of the details. we know what appears to be a lone gunman carried out the attacks. >> president obama commenting on shootings in tennessee. it's what the president hasn't said that has some critics questioning whether the administration is taking a strong enough position on lone wolf attacks at home. joining me now fox news contributor and national syndicated radio host fowler. you have issues on how the president spoke the other day. >> he didn't call it terrorism. to this day he still has not called this an act of terror. today in chattanooga the u.s. attorney said i'm going to read you, the situation is being treated as a terrorist investigation, being led by fbi's joint terrorism act force and will continue to investigate as an act of terrorism. why can't president obama say that? >> let's ask richard. >> what gives? why not?
9:35 pm
>> here is the thing and this is where i disagree. i think the fbi is treating it as an act of terror and investigating as act of terror. what is the difference if the president says act of terror or not? >> what difference does it make? somebody said it in government president who caress? >> president's words don't matter? this is a part of a pattern. the fort hood shooting was work place violence. christmas day bomber was isolated extremist. isis is the j.v. team. this president cannot bring himself to identify terrorism as terrorism. >> richard, let me ask you about the leadership part of it. anybody can say it. when the president says it it means something especially if it is a terrorist attack on our soil. why not? anybody can say it. why not the president? >> when you think of severity of terrorist attacks you see what
9:36 pm
happened in 9/11 that was a terrorist attack and our country responded appropriately. these lone wolf attacks are awful and we have to restrict them. here lies the problem. i think you can talk about the president's words all you want. i want to talk about actions. since he has been president drone attacks have killed 2,400 terrorists and killed osama bin laden. >> we are talking about an attack that happened here. >> it is all radical islam. >> if the president is willing to call that terror overseas why not call this terror? >> this is what matters. i agree that actions matter. >> where are the actions? >> i agree that actions matter. the president's actions don't match his words. we have been talking about gun free zones. for our troops on the ground
9:37 pm
iraq is a gun free zone. they are -- >> let's talk about solutions. we have been confronting terrorism on our soil we can look at the past and wonder how it is setting precedent. we have this issue neither side has come up with a solution. that is pretty frusitating for the american people. where are the new ideas on this? let's leave the president aside. where are the new ideas? >> i think that's a good question. i think that's a question for our congress and leadership. where are the new ideas. what we can say is since 9/11 we have not seen such a terrorist attack on this country on the soil everything to do with george bush putting steps in place and barack obama following a lot of those steps including drone warfare. i think as a country we have to find a way to deal with it. we have to find a way to deal with radical islam. calling it terrorism doesn't necessarily solve the problem. >> you know that words matter.
9:38 pm
mark you know it too. it seems bad and i'm coming on the air as a critic of media, as well. we get on the air and really sad about this and heart broken if the loss. we are heart felt. there is very little allowance to be angry, enraged and bring the fight to the enemy, to really go after the problem from any leadership. where is the leadership on it? >> you're right. we have to go after this. the problem with it you cannot defend in all places against every possible technique. the only way to stop them -- >> we are the united states of america setting ourselves up for failure. we should just all go home. >> let me tell you what the solution is. the way you stop them here is by defeating them over there. the problem is we are not defeating them over there right now. we have been bombing isis in iraq for months and they are not only -- they are advancing. they appear to be strong. >> we have seen an increase in
9:39 pm
lone wolf attacks after destabilization of iraq. that's the truth. isis was created because of government -- >> it was u.s. withdrawal from iraq. >> we can't even agree about what actually is the cause of the issue. guys i don't know. >> the way you turn off the spigot is by taking away their caliphate. there will not be so many lone wolf terrorists. >> and dependency on foreign oil. >> richard, mark great to have you both. thank you. >> thanks. deadly tennessee terrorist attack is the latest lone wolf attack on american soil. the terrorism analyst will weigh in on whether this is the new normal for america.
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9:44 pm
commenting on the deadly attacks on two military facilities in tennessee. it's prompting questions about security at home and whether this is the new normal in america and if america can be compared to israel. and a former member of israel's counter terrorism unit. nice to have you both on this important topic. aaron. what can we learn from israel? >> and i think we can learn theo look at the threat for what it is. we've learned when it comes to terrorism you have to be changing your security. there is no right or wrong way to do it. it is evolves from total safety. in this case, i think israeli lesson is that isis is using the
9:45 pm
internet to say when a celebrity will use the internet to create a brand which enables the internet to become an extremely efficient tool. you don't need to go through turkey, into syria to get the northern iraq to get training. we now have millions of potential followers who when treated can get a weapon and open fire the second lesson would be military. and as the appropriate safeguards in place. whether he's arming them when they're not overseas operating. >> they have ability to be able to protect themselves. >> that we can expect something, and from other leaders as well as whether or not this policy is not allowing a military men and women to be armed. it is the right one. and aaron brings together two points
9:46 pm
when will these attacks happen? we turn to conversation about gun reforms, carrying more weapons or less weapons or we look at the form or have to focus on what do you think is the most important? what should be priority? >> well let's put this into perspective. in contemporary conflict adversaries make no distinction between front line and home front between combatants and noncombatants. therefore everything is a potential target. that is the reality. we've been largely successful in dealing with that. out of more than 60 jihadist plots since september 11th the authorities have uncovered and thwarted all but a handful. now, as a consequence, we're looking at chattanooga, at 20 deaths over this 14, 15 year
9:47 pm
period all of those tragic related to that conflict that we're in but that is a good success story. >> so i mean you bring up a fair point. it's in context for it. in your opinion is our current policy good enough? >> status quo is never going to be appropriate. we're dealing with a dynamic situation. the threat is evolving. and as the german from from -- gentlemen from ids says status quo is the way of losing. >> i'm sure when you walk around israel, you see idf carrying weapons around the streets you understand that as someone in israel you've seen from israelis they know they're targets but you don't feel paranoid walking around the streets you don't feel that way you feel safe. how do we establish that in the
9:48 pm
united states? is priority making sure our military men and women have weapons? could that be number one? >> in israel you're very safe the reason why our soldiers are afforded the privilege is out of concern. and and the internet twitter, istagram, it's working for isis. if we can allow our soldiers to be able to carry arms in operating areas toing after america's enemies overseas they're more than capable of being able to be armed in uniform here in this country. i i think it means making sure the training for active shooters again there are specific for training for what happened today
9:49 pm
at that depot. that is an active shooter that went to a specific place for a specific reason to kill a certain type of person. so combined with appropriate level of escalation training. and local law enforcement. and let's get the weapons in there. it's got a big deal. >> here is why our military receives the best weapons training in the world. we'll see if we get movement. gentlemen we're going to have it there. thank you. >> this is not the first time a recruiting center has come under attack and there are more than 100 others out there with no security to speak of. or very little. that part of our next story. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim.
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why somebod why somebody would take innocent lives for no reason, regardless whatever his motive is. regardless if it was a religious belief of some sort, taking a life, you know, you got -- you don't have a heart when you do something like that. >> that was a long time friend of one of the four marines that died defending their country on thursday. sadly on their own soil and while their families friends and communities mourn the loss of these remarkable men, we're not only learning more about the incredible lives that they led, and why they were unable to defend themselves when confronted with the unthinkable. national correspondent jennifer griffin has the story. >> jenna, they were all members of mike battery third battalion 14th marines. a legendary artillery unit. lance corporal squire "skip"
9:54 pm
wells, staff sergeant david wyatt and sergeant carson home holmquist. wells was the youngest. he graduated high school in 2012. his mom was a single mother and drove the school bus. he played the clarinet in the marching band and was a member of the orchestra at his church. he arrived on sunday for a two week reserve assignment. the last text he sent his girlfriend read "active shooter." sergeant holmquist lived in jacksonville florida with his wife jasmine and 2-year-old son wyatt. he was the battery motor transport chief. he returned from a lengthy tour in afghanistan last july. staff sergeant wyatt lived in hickson, tennessee, not far from the shooter's home with his wife lori and their two children. he served in iraq and afghanistan. gunny sullivan was 40 from springfield, massachusetts. he joined the marines in 1997. he graduated from cathedral high school. he had two siblings and returned from his last deployment in
9:55 pm
january. he fought in the 2005 battle of abu ghraib where he earned a combat action ribbon. he received two purple hearts. the marines were not killed in the recruiting center which is a no gun center. and has been according to chief odierno who warned against arming them that are typically in shopping malls. quote, we have to be careful about overarming ourselves. things like accidental discharges and everything else that goes along with having weapons that are loaded that can cause injuries. meanwhile, defense secretary ash carter ordered enhanced protection in the wake of the shooting and has asked for recommendations from his service chiefs about how to further protect service members by the end of next week. late today, oklahoma governor, mary fallon authorized full-time military members to arm themselves at military
9:56 pm
installations in her state like the reserve acenter attack thursday. the navy has 123 of these reserve centers across the u.s. all of them soft targets right now. >> thank you, jennifer. we'll be right back.
9:57 pm
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thanks for watching the kelly file "lone wolf." i'm jenna lee. welcome to "hannity." the notorious drug kingpin, joaquin "el chapo" guzman is on the run after brazenly escaping from a mexican prison. fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera he traveled all the way to mexico to cover this daring escape and to search for him. geraldo? >> you know sean i think this was the most extraordinary escape from a maximum security prison this century at least. it was an act of engineering marvel. it was something that took well over a year of construction to


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