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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 18, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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families mourn their loved ones while officials comb through the life of the chattanooga shooter looking for ties to islamic terrorism. this is "special report." >> welcome to washington. hundreds of federal agents are trying to find out why a young man described as a typical american suburbanite with no obvious ties to islamic terrorism gunned down four marines yesterday in chattanooga, tennessee. they are dissecting the life of mohammad youssuf abdulazeez who he was and where he went was important. we have fox team coverage.
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chief intelligence correspondent is here with what officials are looking at and finding but we begin with john roberts live in chattanooga with today's developments. >> reporter: to be clear, the fbi has not declared this to be an act of terrorism. it is treating it as one allowing the bureau a greater degree of money and manpower to investigate the how and why of this case. a convoy races up the interstate today carrying the bodies of the four slain marines to dover, delaware where they will be draped in flags and transferred to their families. ♪ >> reporter: here in chattanooga, an outpouring of grief for the dead and crime lab text work to trace the trajectory of every bullet fired in hatred. >> he did have at least two long guns which would be considered rifles or shotguns and he did have one handgun. >> reporter: today we learn
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names of the four victims. thomas sullivan 40-year-old purple heart recipient and veteran of two tours in iraq. skip squire wells from georgia who was honored as service member of the day at disney world last week. sergeant carson homequist who leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old son and staff sergeant david wyatt, a tennessee father of two, veteran of iraq and afghanistan. at this point the fbi's joint terrorism task force leading the investigation believes that mohammad youssuf abdulazeez acted alone. they also don't yet have a clear idea why he did what he did but the fbi today said he was ready to kill anyone that got in his way including heroic police officers who confronted him at the reserve center. >> these officers were under a tremendous amount of gunfire from this individual and yet they continued to move forward against this target and engage him and eliminate that threat saving numerous lives throughout this community.
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>> reporter: the suspected act of domestic terror has devastated what one magazine named last week the best town ever. residents gathered by the hundreds to wrestle with conflicting emotion. >> we're all struggling with the same issues. >> reporter: the fbi spent much of yesterday going through the shooter's residence. neighbors echoed a familiar theme in such tragedies describing abdulazeez as a normal guy. >> we were in the same grade and had same classes and same friends. everyone is shocked. we're just blown away to be honest. really you just can't believe it really. >> reporter: had police not taken down abdulazeez when they did, no telling how much worse this could have been. the fbi says while he was not wearing body armor, he was wearing a load bearing vest capable of carrying enormous amounts of extra ammunition. shannon? >> thank you very much john roberts. let's get more inside
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information on the investigation. chief intelligence correspondent working her sources all day. >> reporter: investigators are scrutinizing shooting suspect's mooemz mohammad youssuf abdulazeez travel middle east last year. a government official would not confirm reports the 24 year old may have traveled to yemen. >> we're exploring all travel that he's done and we've asked our intelligence partners throughout the world to provide us with any information they may have concerning his travel and/or activities while overseas. >> reporter: a law enforcement source confirmed investigators are combing through his computer files trying to determine a motive with a focus on propaganda expressing extremist ties. the chairman who was briefed on the case told reporters about the suspect's weapons. >> my understanding was that he was carrying an ak-47 with
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multiple rounds of ammunition and he had multiple weapons. >> reporter: while the investigation is ongoing and in the early stages a federal law enforcement source says no evidence so far has altered their focus. the u.s. attorney described their strategy. >> we're investigating it at a highest level of investigation and i wouldn't caught up in monikers about whether it's domestic international, this that. it's a terrorism investigation. >> reporter: the army's top officer general ray odierno says security will be reviewed but it's premature to say whether there should be security guards or other protective measures adding that arming troops could make matters worse. the white house resisted questions about whether the centers were left vulnerable during this heightened threat environment. >> the president believes it's appropriate for the department of defense to conduct a review like that and important for us to take necessary steps to ensure that our men and women in uniform are safe. particularly when it comes to our men and women in uniform
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here at home. >> reporter: late today the governor issued an executive order authorizing arming of some troops. governor mary fallon said it's painful when service members are killed overseas and they shouldn't be put at risk in their own communities. >> we'll talk about that and more with the panel. thank you. tonight, another slap at donald trump's legislatesy y legitimacy as a presidential candidate. trump is being taken seriously by potential voters and his gop rivals. chief political correspondent karl cameron has tonight's republican roundup. >> reporter: on the first state where he's led for months wisconsin governor scott walker found his announcement week overshadowed by questions about donald trump's comments on illegal immigrants. all walker says is trump speaks for himself.
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>> i'll give you the same answer 50 more times. >> reporter: trump gets more visceral reactions from other. >> getting angry will not solve how we control the border. >> reporter: reporters have peppered jeb bush so often about trump's remarks, he addressed it in his stomp speech. >> why people aspiring to the greatest office in the land would prey on their fear and prey on their anger. that's what we shouldn't have. what we ought to do is say we can fix these things and aspire to a better life. >> reporter: today trump was removed from the political coverage on the huffington because trump has become a side show. trump's campaign has been nasty toward rivals tweeting that governor perry failed on the border and should be forced to take an iq test. he now blasts the immigration remarks as donald trumpism is a
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toxic mix of nonsense. and a tweet at john mccain for saying trump's immigration rhetoric fires up the crazies. john mccain should be defeated in the primaries. graduated last in his class. dummy. trump's remarks miss the mark. mccain was not last in his class at the naval academy. his grades weren't good but not the worst and he's not in the race. what he is the former 2008 gop presidential nominee, the current chairman of the powerful senate armed services committee and decorated war hero. shannon? >> another interesting day. thank you. it's one stop shopping tonight for democrats interested in the presidential sweepstakes. major declared players are in cedar rapids iowa. that's where mike emmanuel is as well. >> reporter: hillary clinton rallied her iowa staff and volunteers ahead of the first democratic 2016 cattle call. >> this fundamentally comes down
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to a campaign between the future and the past. that's the campaign i want to run. every election is about the future. >> reporter: the real clear politics average of recent iowa polls show clinton with a 34-point lead over vermont senator bernie sanders with vice president biden not a candidate third and then former maryland governor martin o'malley jim webb and lincoln chafee running far behind. it appears the liberal message is connecting. >> i will not nominate anyone to the united states supreme court who does not pass a litmus test that says loudly and clearly that he or she will overturn citizens united. >> reporter: on the campus of the university of iowa clinton lost here eight years ago finishing third but this cycle her campaign has invested
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heavily to make sure she doesn't suffer an opening upset. >> hillary clinton folks have a strong organization and are working to improve it. a lot of field staff here in the state. we still have to see that excitement and she hasn't been here as much as she's been slowly rolling out her campaign as the way they described it. >> o'malley made the case in des moines that comprehensive immigration reform would be smart for all. stated positively by getting 11 million of our neighbors out of the underground economy into the light of a fully participatory america. that will be good for wages. >> reporter: most expected toughest shots will be aimed at 2016 republicans and not each other tonight but with all five candidates there, you can expect plenty of analysis afterward about the level of enthusiasm for each of them. shannon? >> thanks mike. former president george h.w. bush is still in intensive care at a maine hospital tonight according to son, jeb, who made
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the comment today in nevada. doctors say the 91-year-old mr. bush suffered a fractured neck bone at a fall at his home wednesday and will have to wear a brace for a few months. who is playing attention to the planned parenthood fetal tissue scandal and who isn't. michael grimm was sentenced to eight months in prison for tax evasion. he pleaded guilty late last year. he won re-election in november but resigned after his guilty plea. fox 45 in baltimore, authorities are asking drivers who may have picked up that money that fell out of an armored truck wednesday night to bring it back or else. police are already running down some of the folks who made off with cash. the state's attorney says if you have any of the ill gotten game you have until saturday afternoon to turn it in without penalty. and this is a live look at boston from fox 25. they're covering the beginning of an extraordinary journey for a special hitchhiker.
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that is hitchbot embarking on a cross-country tour of the u.s. it can't rely on its own. it relies on strangers to drive it from place to place. there are no rules limiting where travelers can take the robot or what they can do with it. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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[ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. a republican led house committee wants to hear from the planned parenthood official who was caught on video discussing the harvesting of fetal body parts. fox news media analyst and host of "media buzz," howard kurtz takes a look. >> reporter: when an undercover video was released tuesday, some media outlets treated it as news. >> startling revelations tonight that could put some in the abortion industry in theest estest
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estest -- the most uncomfortable position. >> reporter: planned ceo's director talked about killing fetuses. when john boehner demanded an investigation on wednesday, abc's "world news tonight" gave the story 30 seconds but cnn and cbs's evening news did full report. >> the camera set up the conversation recorded and now questions what planned parenthood does with aborted fetuses. can you trust what's played out in that video? >> house speaker john boehner called for an investigation into planned parenthood and handling of organs from aborted fetuses. >> msnbc touched on the story twice through yesterday. >> i think they have what they wanted here which is a really
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vivid description, demonstration of just the discomfort. >> reporter: "the washington post" on wednesday ran a front page piece and "the new york times" relegating the story to inside pages initially framed it this way. abortion opponents on tuesday renewed their campaign against planned parenthood with immediate impact among republicans in congress and the presidential race. conservative websites pounced on the story. it was called a hoax by right ring extremists but even the president couldn't defend what was caught on camera. >> this is unacceptable. i personally apologize for the staff member's tone and statements. >> reporter: there's a debate about whether the group unfairly accused planned parenthood on profiting on fetus parts. shannon? >> we'll stay on it with more videos to come. thanks howard. prosecutors say a top international soccer official arrived in the u.s. to face racketeering and bribery charges
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in a global corruption scandal. jeffrey webb is one of seven fifa executives detained in switzerland. the other six are still fighting extradition. more good news for greece today. german lawmakers voted in favor of opening detailed discussions on a new bailout package. eu officials say they arranged to get $8 billion in short-term cash to greece by monday. google stock had its largest one-day percentage gain since 2008. it surged more than 16% on the heels of strong second quarter earnings. the dow was down 34. the s&p 500 gained two. nasdaq led by google finished ahead 47 to a new record high. for the week the dow was up 1.45 percentage points. s&p jumped 2.4. nasdaq gained 4.25. a far out experience. new pictures and new realities from pluto. first, president obama tries to sell the iranian nuclear deal to some seriously skeptical arab leaders.
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president obama met today with one of the most concerned onlookers in the iran nuclear deal. the foreign minister of saudi arabia. correspondent kevin cork at the white house tonight on another tough sell for the president. >> reporter: the mood was somber as saudi officials arrived at the white house for a meeting with the president. his first was the key arab ally since reaching the iran deal. a white house readout of the conversation with saudi foreign minister said the saudis welcomed the deal. the two men discussed deepening defense ties and talked about ongoing instability in iraq yemen and syria. it won't stop iran's nuclear
1:23 am
program and the regime will go stronger. they warned tehran. >> we're committed that iran should cause mischief in the region, we'll address it resolutely. >> reporter: from the white house to cable tv they sold the merits of the deal. >> this makes the region safer and makes the united states safer and makes the world safer. >> secretary of state john kerry says site inspections will be thorough and faster 24-day period that's been reported. >> it could happen in two days. three days. immediately. >> meanwhile the fate of four american hostages in iran remains unclear even as the administration doubled down on its belief that making their release part of the deal would have been unwise. >> what the president and secretary kerry did was worked to keep them separate and to not allow american citizens to be used as bargaining chips in a nuclear discussion with iran. >> little consolation for the
1:24 am
wife of one of the men being held. >> i never wanted my husband as part of the deal. i did not want the u.s. or world to give up something for him but i think we could have even be forcing them to sit at the table and say release the americans you're holding hostage and then we'll talk. >> reporter: the meeting with the president and saudi foreign minister came after a phone call from saudi's king and i should also point out the fact that ash carter the defense secretary, is going to saudi arabia next week probably has a little bit to do with it as well. shannon? >> we'll talk about the continued efforts of selling the deal with the panel. thank you, kevin. reuters reports the death toll from a car bombing in iraq has grown to more than 100 people. the bomb went off at a busy market about 20 miles northeast of baghdad. it brought down several buildings crushing muslims celebrating the end of ramadan. this is a one-year anniversary of the downing of a malaysian airlines flight above
1:25 am
eastern ukraine. services were held there, in the netherlands and eastern ukraine. they showed rebels wandering through wreckage and going through passenger luggage. the government and rebels blame each other for what experts believe was a missile strike. a mexican official says seven people have been arrested in relation to the daring prison escape of the world's top drug lord. others are still being questioned. one of the big histories concerns the head start that guzman had on authorities. we go to los angeles tonight. >> reporter: the manhunt is on throughout mexico which is where just about everyone investigating this case believes guzman remains. that's where his contacts are and drug cartel operates and it's where people have been paid handsomely to help him evade authorities and escape prison with an 18-minute head start. that escape and lead time can be determined when you look at the
1:26 am
surveillance video from the prison. the drug lord paces a few times and slips out through a hole behind a half wall. mexican lawmakers admit that no one was alerted that he disappeared from cameras for at least 18 minutes and one official says maybe 20. there wasn't a guard exclusively dedicated to monitoring guzman. one person watched two screens that show images from 20 cameras. those important minutes allow the drug lord to race down the mile-long tunnel on a mike rigged to two carts on rails and we've now learned the concrete in guzman's shower was just purch punched out because it was only two tour three inches thick and didn't contain rebar. they are investigating prison personnel to determine whether they were involved in the escape plan or caused a delay in issuing alert. as el chapo escaped a maximum security prison for the second
1:27 am
time this century. they offer help to mexican authorities but haven't been allowed to provide anything substantial. the mexican government was issued an award for his capture but that pales in comparison when you consider the dea believes the tunnel probably cost $5 million and the bribes likely many millions more. shannon? >> all right. thank you very much. millions of dollars spent in the fight against terrorism going to waste. the grapevine is next. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering
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and now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the phrase money well spent does not apply to the first story. a new government accountability report finds that hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent on equipment meant to help yemen fight al qaeda. however, eight years later 200 parcels of gear like night vision goggles and medical supplies remain unshipped in a private warehouse in virginia. they blame a series of contracting issues and instability within the yemeni government and some items have since expired and will require costly disposal because they are hazardous. earlier this year the irs warned americans that customer service would be bad and apparently that was an understatement. the head of the office created
1:32 am
to help taxpayers navigate filing say this past season was by far the worst in memory. the irs switchboard hung up on people nearly 9 million times. up from half million last year. over 37% of calls were answered and for those that got to talk to someone, the whole time averaged 23 minutes. for republican presidential candidate ted cruz better late than never. the book "a time for truth" is now on "the new york times" bestseller list as of today at number seven in hard cover nonfiction. they complained about the omission which the "times" chalked up to strategic bulk purposes and speaking of best sellers, a new trend sweeping the nation. coloring books not just for the preschool scene. adults say it's cheap, light weight and relaxing. if you want to share recent coloring art projects that you've done please drop us a
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tweet. we're getting new pictures tonight from pluto. the nasa probe is sending back images and information that has scientists rethinking what they thought they knew about our solar system's little brother. phil is in miami tonight. >> a spectacular week for nasa and for all earthings, a brand new book on pluto now featured in our first ever 3-d flyover. the newest discovery seen below the white shaped part on pluto's face two mountains and young frozen plains. have a look at the icy plains of pluto. who would have expected this kind of complexity. >> scientists suspect these plains are young and maybe 100 million years old and iceberg mountains lit up by our faint sun 3 billion miles away just as tall as a mountain range in our
1:34 am
colorado rockies. launched from florida nearly ten years ago, new horizons flew within 8,000 miles of pluto and there was a giant surprise near pluto's equator. surprising few impact craters and on its moon a puzzling mountain. you can see a dark depression and bright peak in the middle. it's also being called pluto's outy belly button. nasa showed the telescope view as it approached this year. new horizons is already 2.5 million miles beyond pluto and will continue sending backdata to to earth as it heads off into
1:35 am
space. >> thank you, phil. trying to find a reason for the chattanooga murders. we'll talk about the suspect and investigation and whether islamic terrorism is directly to blame. the panel joins us when we come back.
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>> my judgment and my experience is this was an isis inspired attack and it's been open as a
1:39 am
terrorism investigation by the fbi, which is significant. >> you guys confirming this was an isis inspired shooting? >> we're not confirming that. we're saying that is a possibility that we will explore like any other possibility and this time we have no indication this was inspired by or directed by anyone other than himself. >> some analysis on where we are in the investigation into the murders in chattanooga yesterday. let's bring in our panel to talk about it. all right. good friday to all of you. tucker i'll start with you. carefully choosing words talking about whether it's terrorism or linked to isis. still early on in the investigation. >> they ought to carefully choose their words. nothing worse than those who jump to conclusions in power and over time will figure it out. what i look at is the lack of an
1:40 am
adult conversation. the healthy country is not whether tragedies occur but they always do. i would like a noncrazy nonnative person to stand up and say is there a connection between a massive increase of immigration and attacks on our soil and do we have anything to learn from france and sweden and belgium in a way that doesn't demonize anybody that acts in everyone's interest. you won't hear that conversation. it's a shame. >> there are certain conversations that certain people don't want you to have. you can't have conversations and use certain words or discuss certain topics. >> it's interesting. when i was preparing for this i thought what you thought. i thought is there something we need to be looking at here. i think everyone knows i'm extremely pro-immigrant and bordering on borders type of person but there's something that needs to be looked at. doesn't mean that we know the
1:41 am
conclusion. the minute you say that then you are accused of being islam islamaphobe. this is a middle class person who everyone says was a nice person. something came in and radicalized him at some point. in terms of whether it's isis inspired or not, even if they don't find a smoking gun, we know that al qaeda and isis propels people to kill americans and these recruiting centers are unprotected and unarmed and so even if there's no smoking gun, it's clear he inspired some -- people doing this have been inspired to do this probably just by following what isis is saying. >> part of this conversation is the fact that we know that these are gun-free zones in most cases. we're just getting in late tonight from defense secretary
1:42 am
ash carter now talking about this saying that he's approved immediate steps taken by the armed services to enhance force protection in the wake of the shooting. he's also directed the services to examine additional steps that can be taken to ensure the safety of service members and civilians at military installations. he's asked for recommendations by the end of next week charles. >> this is obvious they know what the recommendation is going to be. to change the law that doesn't allow marines and soldiers to carry weapons in these recruiting centers. that, if it ever made sense 20 years ago before 9/11 and before islamic terrorism and before the targeting of these centers, it makes no sense now. it will be changed. that's two things we can do. one, there's a phobia about a targeted mosques as places where
1:43 am
we get information. that's exactly where you have to go. it's so politically correct. it's so insane not to do that because you would be afraid of a bias or prejudice. these shooters are not randomly chosen from the population. you don't have infinite resources. the second is what osama bin laden said. people will follow the strong horse. in the end, the only way you're going to counter this is by having islamic radicalism defeated in the field. and that will mean isis in syria the same way that the defeat of al qaeda in afghanistan at least for a time restrained the growth of the recruits. >> what we're being warned about is in the immediate future it will take 10 to 20 years to get a handle on some of those threats overseas.
1:44 am
this is not a short-term situation. this is long-term. >> it's generational. communism took 70 years before it was defeated. this could take equally as long perhaps even longer. >> tucker the point of going into mosques. a difficult conversation. when you talk about that you have all kinds of constitutional protections. these people are american citizens most of them and there's been great controversy in the past about going into mosques with the specific purpose of spying on conversations. >> you have two options. you can further militarize the country and push up against american citizens civil liberties or you can stop the problem before it starts with your immigration policy. nothing affects life in america more than a question of who we let in and yet there's no question over which the average american has less control. no one asks the average person who we ought to let in and in what number. there's no referendum on that. i have a view on this shut up
1:45 am
racists. they are told to get off the stage and go away. you're not smart enough to make that decision. that's a shame. >> oozethere's a practical issue, even if you stop immigration today, unless you want to deport the muslims, this problem will persist for generations. >> a bigger problem if there's 12 million. >> at the point we are now at 6 million which has produced recruits that have shot up a lot of marines and soldiers at this point you're going to have to decide whether you're going to go into the mosque and listen in or not and what's your answer? >> i think you ought to. the problem is getting worse and so why not stop the problem on our border and then we can deal with it within our borders as well. >> this idea you can't go into a mosque if we know there might be radicals in there. it's absurd. i'm a christian. if christians were routeinely going out in the name of jesus and killing people blowing up
1:46 am
abortion clinics for example, happening at the same level, i would say go in churches and do what you need to do. it has to be done in a constitutional way. you have to have a reasonable suspicion. you have to get a warrant. you have to do other things. the idea that this is supposed to be off-limits i don't agree with that. >> we'll discuss during the break. up next, the friday lightning round.
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planned parenthood stands behind our work to help women and families donate tissue for medical research when they wish
1:50 am
to. it's always their decision. >> careful to reach in and actually crush the head of the child to kill the child in the womb to reserve the rest of the values because kidney has
1:51 am
suddenly they are talking about hearts and lungs and people are saying you're talking about crushing a baby and planned parenthood is saying it wasn't compassionate enough the way we speak about it. most people don't think there's a compassionate way to do this. there's no
1:52 am
aounced investigations. senate grassley sounds like senate judiciary is going to do that as well. he sent letters out to attorney general loretta lynch asking her to look into this as well. does anything concrete come from this conversation. >> i think people abortion fruitfully financed a series of ads that ran this tape all two and a half hours of it. the decent is not whether it's you will legal. lots of things are illegal. horrifying. no decent person who watches this can come away with any other viewvment half the congress, the democratic side is funded by the abortion industry. not a single democrat running for president has been forced to answer for this video. hillary clinton received award from planned parenthood. yes i take money from these people? >> we did reach out to her campaign and the others and no response from them on that. i want to talks about iran as well. the nuke deal the president continues to work on selling it here is a little bit on what we are hearing today as the president met with saudi
1:53 am
arabia's foreign minister to talk with them about the deal. >> okay. we don't have it but, you can imagine what was said. i will tell you. secretary kerry says i can assure you our intelligence community is completely comfortable that 24 days is not enough time for them to be able to evade our technical means our capacity to observe or ability to know what is happening. debate about whether these inspections are really if there is any teeth to them if you get it 24 days to hide stuff what do you make of that. >> he is delusional that the intelligence people don't care if instead of spot inspections, any time we're now going to get essentially a month's notice for iran and iran can dispute any requirement. this is a complete cave. in even if you get a resolution coming out of the u.n. where a committee including iran decides that you are going to have inspect, the idea that you can get snap back sanctions that all of a sudden are going to be automatically executed and the administration claims it's
1:54 am
extremely clever because it designed a mechanism or 00 chinese and the aren't going to have a veto they are never going to get the reimposition of sanctions. it is over as of the signing of this agreement. >> kirsten, a lot of push back bipartisan push back on the hill over the fact that it looks like the administration is going to go to the u.n. first for a vote on, this instead of letting congress vote first on its potential approval. that's if any democrats that the president is going to it need. >> i think the president's herb right now is going to be democrats. everybody is sort of all eyes on chuck schumer to see what he is going to do. i think they are trying to woo the democrats. they are going to need i don't-to-override a veto. secretary kerry did say today it's not necessarily a month. it could be two days. it could at a moment's notice. he says that that is being misconstrued. as for the u.n. thing i think that it makes no difference whether it goes to the u.n. first or not. it's not going to change the fact that the congress has to approve the deal. to me, it just seems like much to do about nothing.
1:55 am
>> democrats and republicans do think it makes a difference and they are speaking up and pushing back against the white house tucker? >> i don't know if they really think it does. i can't add much to what charles wrote on the brilliant column he wrote on this morning which i would urge all of our viewers to read other than to make the obvious point which is the president made a bad deal, we shouldn't be surprised. he has never shown any evidence of deal-making ability or even the desire to make a deal even on obvious things like helping americans being held in iran. taps disaster. of course it is. >> push back about major garrett a former colleague here at fox news asking that question. we heard from the wife of pastor saudi abedini being head in iran. administration says they did bring it up numerous times and it is still under discussion. we will continue to watch that as four americans remain missing and being held in iran. that is it for the panel. stay tuned to meet incredible woman who had a special visit with the commander and chief today.
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finally tonight big day for the oldest living veteran of world war ii. left michigan this morning on an honor flight bound for the nation's capitol where she met none other than the commentator and chief himself. born in 1905. she is 1010 years old. in 1943, at the age of 38, the mother of five signed up for the women's army auxiliary corps. president obama called meeting ms. didlake an honor. >> thank you for her service during world war ii. we are so grateful that she is here with us today and it's a great reminder of not only the sacrifices but the greatest generation made on our behalf but also the kind of trailblazing that our women veterans
2:00 am
african-american veterans who helped to integrate our armed services. >> we love the honor flight visits. big thanks to all of our veterans. thanks for watching "special report," i'm shannon bream. good night from was welcome to "hannity" the drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman is on the run after escape from a mexican prison. geraldo hivara went all the way to mexico to. >> this was, i think the most extraordinary escape from a maximum security prison this century at least. it was an act of engineering marvel. it was something that took well over a year of const