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tv   Sunday Housecall  FOX News  July 19, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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we have more on our website, fox property man. be sure to send me your questions or property stories at property man at fox i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. this week on the journal editorial report a deal has finally been reached to put limits on iran's nuclear programs. how much good will it actually do? and what does it mean for the middle east. plus, hillary clinton rolled out her economic plan this week, all while throwing major punches at republican candidates. just as newly announced candidate scott walker enters the race for the republican nomination. welcome to the journal. editorial report. this week, diplomats from six countries including the united states completed an historic deal with a goal of preventing iran from developing nuclear
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weapons. in exchange, iran will receive billions of dollars in assets that had been previously frozen by other countries and allowed to resume selling oil to the world's market. but israeli prime minister netanyahu warns this landmark pack is nothing but smoke in mirrors and will eventually prove detrimental to the middle east. >> in a decade, this deal will give an unreformed unrepentant and far richer terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs n. fact, an entire nuclear arsenal with the means to deliver it. what a stunning historic mistake. >> joining the panel, wall street journal foreign affairs columnist brett stevens. and main street columnist bill mcgurn. brett, you didn't think this would go ahead because you thought the supreme leader of iran would not in the end agree to a deal on these inspections.
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why do you think he did. >> they made him an offer he couldn't refuse but not in the don corleony way. >> a good deal for iran. >> a superb deal for iran. what i thought was going to be the sticking point was the ballistic missile issue because the ayatollah had said clearly there was no way they were going to accept limits on their ballistic missile program. and by the way on the american side you had people like general dempsey the outgoing chairman of the joint chiefs of staff saying there was no way the united states could ever allow them to import ballistic missiles. >> in end they agreed to eight years of restrictions on the imparts for the technology of ballistic missiles. but only eight years. >> right. so in eight years iran can import state-of-the-art ballistic missiles beyond simply what they are doing in terms of their own domestic production. ballistic missiles are a key component of any nuclear program because that's the way you can most effectively deliver a bomb.
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>> what about the actual terms on the nuclear side of the bill? is there anything you like in here? the president said we didn't look at anything else of course all we were focused on was the nuclear deal. did he put enough restrictions on this? >> i think it's the wrong question to ask what restrictions iran has. if you look at this deal, the restrictions are all on us, who can inspect the plants, what the timetable is. the sanctions that are removed, they were put in place over years. and the idea that they are going to snap back if iran violates is just crazy. you can't -- you simply can't do it that fast. i think the real way to look at this deal is all the restrictions it puts on us. >> wait a minute. the president would say, and is saying this does put restrictions on iran. all of their current nuclear facilities must be -- are going to be inspect. they are going to have to shrink their stockpile of uranium. they are going to have to turn
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the facility into something that is just a research facility. originally it was to be set down. now just a research facility. but there are real restrictions on iran in this. >> yes, there are. but they go away after a certain period. >> ten or 15 years. >> right, after certain periods of time. in the meantime iran maintains all of -- almost or all of its nuclear infrastructure. it's allowed to do research and development on more advance center featured which it will be able to more quickly build and field after the restrictions apply. >> then you have the president's claim that this deal puts iran under this unprecedented verification and monitoring regime. >> first of all that's not true. we had a much tougher monitoring regime with iraq before the iraq war. but there is, there are all kinds of restrictions on what u.n. nuclear watch dogs can look for in terms of the undeclared
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facilities. we know what's in place. the reason you have inspections is because you have to find out if the they are doing something on the side that they shouldn't be doing. >> the restrictions themselves don't mean anything unless you can verify them. the operating philosophy has been distrust and verify. the question with all these details is can we really verify? it's very unclear. we probably all disagree on what they actually mean. the terms are very murky. that is in iran's benefit. >> what impact will this have on the middle east? what about the saudis. you heard benjamin netanyahu. but theis kraels, unless they decide to bomb -- they can only influence american politics, can't do much iran. what about the saudis. >> this is doing more than israeli arab unity than any other measure that has come out of this administration. they are on the same page.
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they worry about iran. that's not new. they have been worried for a long -- >> can they do anything about it? >> they can get their own weapons, right. >> this is exactly right. you heard prince turkey in march the former saudi intelligence minister say whatever this gives the iranians we will seek to have the same. we have had other saudi princes tell us about an arrangement they had with pakistan, meaning pakistan would provide them with off the shelf weapons. so the president is claiming that this deal stops proliferation throughout the middle east but it guarantees it. >> when we come back, the political effect of this nuclear deal and how congress is reacting to it. nd. nd. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit is it beating?over your heart. good!
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their sun suffered from depression and offering condolences. they also say they are cooperating with law enforcement. investigators are searching for a motive. in other news, former president george h.w. bush has been released from the hospital after breaking a bone in his neck. he fell in his summer home in maine. mr. bush is 91 years old. doctors say the injury did not lead to neurological problems and is expected to make a full recovery in three to four months. i'll soo you at the top of the hours. we have much to talk about. 4:00 eastern right here on fox. lts, go to fox for all the latest headlines. and stay tuned. the journal editorial report continues. it is catastrophic, if it goes through it will result in funding terrorism, it will endanger the lives of americans, it will endanger israeli.
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>> this will result in a nuclear arms race in the middle east. >> i predicted in their desperation the president and john kerry would make a bad deal. it looks very much like they made a worse deal than each we had feared. >> reaction from several lawmakers to the highly controversial nuclear deal with iran. a congressional vote on the accord is not expected until september but senate foreign relgszs chairman bob corker says they will begin reviewing the agreement next week. so will this nuclear deal actually see the light of day? joining the panel is columnist kim strawser. kim, do you think the proesiden is going to get a majority of the house and congress to support his deal? >> i do in the end. there is a big fight right now. the republicans are likely to introduce a resolution of disapprov disapproval. they hate this deal. >> kim, will he get a majority of the members in both houses? not to approve this, will he get more than 50% to agree with him
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to approve the deal? >> absolutely not. no. >> oh, okay. >>. no. no. let's be clear. all the republicans are going oppose this in the end. the only question is going to be, can he hold back enough democrats from joining with republicans to put forward a filibuster or an override of his veto. so the majority of congress is not going to prove of this. and he is going to be out there on his own. >> all he needs is 34 senate votes to uphold a veto in order to let this go forward. so, bill, what do you think? >> i think he is going to get enough because it only requires a third of the senate to do it. the interesting thing is, if you look at the polls, the polls show most americans pretty consistently have favored a deal. but they also show most americans don't trust iran. >> right. >> and i think that the president is playing to that. so far we've heard a pretty
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one-sided picture from the president. now that we have a deal and people are talking about the terms, i think it's going to drop those numbers. and it's telling that the republicans are pretty united. it's not like same sex marriage or some other issue where a lot of people are wavering. the republicans don't seem to be fearing public opinion. >> there are democrats who are going to vote against this deal. >> how many in the senate, do you think? >> i think probably seven or eight will have to see. some will vote against the deal because they have constituents who expect them to vote against the deal and they know it won't cost the president in the end because he will be override on the bench veto. the point here is not whether this congress can stop this deal. >> that's unlikely. >> i think that's highly unlikely. the question is, do you lay the political predicate of making this deal toxic for the presidential candidates and for the next president. >> kim, on what point, what about hillary clinton? she is saying i support this
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deal but i don't trust iran. so she is exactly right where bill said the polls r. imagine that. but republicans in the presidential race on the other hand are all uniformly, so far as i've seen, against it. >> yeah, and you hear a lot of democrats out there making the argument that hillary is playing the smart card here, that this is setting up republicans to look like the war party prince. but if you go back, again, to bill's point about the polls, i don't really buy. that i think there are a lot of americans who are anxious about this deal. and you put it in the context of their mistrust of the president's handling the foreign policy in general and also the fact that i mean a lot of americans understand that we have hostages being held by iran at the moment. they are not happy about. that the president is getting tough questions on that. i'm not sure this is a slam dunk for hillary clinton to simply jump on this and suggest it is a political winner. >> the split i've seen among the republican presidential
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candidate spread is those who said i'll repudiate it on day one if i'm inaugust your ated. and those who are saying they oppose the deal but they are not making that commitment. >> the truth is that the next president is going to have a hard time walking away because this deal binds us and ties us down. >> and it's the u.n. commitments that we are making which you can't just do if you are the president unionlily. >> the president is going to have a make a major policy break if he is going to walk away from this deal. that's going to spaik take intense tinl fortitude. >> he needs the left wing of his party to be the next democratically. >> in israel, both parties are against this deal, right. >> left and right, right. >> and you can bet that chuck shumer is going to come out for
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democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton unveiled her economic agenda this week saying it would boost the american incomes and push companies to share profit with employees. during her speech cli during her speech clinton also took aim at her republican opponents, including scott walker who jump into the race this week claiming he made husband name by stopping on public worker rights. here to tis cussjoe rego, james freeman and back with us pa tom mack watch columnist, kim stras
12:50 pm
l. more bill clinton going back to the 1990s were more barack obama for something different? >> i think she's running for a third term and it's not her husband's. mrs. clinton is running as obama plus. >> what do you mean by that? >> she's saying i'm going to defend and consolidate all of the economic policies that the president has achieved other the last eight years and then i'm going to add other things. i'm going to add a right to childcare, potentially a higher minimum wage, employee profit sharing and so forth. the contradiction is that she says, well, wages aren't rising fast enough. >> she concedes that. >> sh concedes that. the economy isn't growing fast enough. investment is slow. she's saying the soup is terrible and the portions are small. she's saying we need more of the policies that have failed. >> we need more of it? >> exactly. >> is that going to fly? >> well, she may have been
12:51 pm
feeling the burn, the threat for bernie sanders on her left flank feeling she needed to address that. we were talking on the show last week wondering which way she was going to go. she's decided to turn left. now does she mean it? with the clintons do they mean it is always a big question. but i think in terms of what she's staked out on policy, she is going to have a very strong taste to hold on to the left wing of the democratic party. it is obama plus as we were mentioning. a lot manufactuore regulation o workplace. >> is this also the real hillary clinton, the hillary clinton this used to be before hill cli care blew up, went into hibernation.
12:52 pm
can now express herself saying this is big government activist liberal hillary clinton that we knew and loved back in the '70s and '80s? >> i think that's right. she's very politically savvy. and her husband's politics hel helped get him reelected. but everyone knows she was the more liberal side of the team. hillary clinton knows her path to the white house or she believes her path to the white house is through the old obama coalition, younger voters, minorities, single women voters. but her problem is she's not barack obama. she does not have the ability to inspire and enthuse people in any way. she's kind of a doer speaker, just not him. she feels he has to do this through her ideas instead. >> the politics. >> she's doubling down on his policies trying to get the asen
12:53 pm
dent liberal wing of the party to put their trust in her. >> scott walker is out top tier among the republicans for sure. what are his strengths? >> he's got guts and he's gotten a lot done in wisconsin. obviously a talented field out there but a lot of them are talented politicians without a whole lot on the résume in terms of tangible achievements. >> what are his big achievements. >> act ten. despite great opposition managed to reform the state's public sector union laws or the laws affects them and it meant big savings for taxpayers. >> and you could decide whether to joint or not and pay dues. a big falloff in union membership. >> the teach ear membership in the united states has fallen 50%. what he has is a big victory under his belt in a normally democratic state and she's shown he has kbuts. and i think that's going to be
12:54 pm
appealing to a lot of republican primary voters. >> one challenge he has is to show that he can step from the state level on to the national stage and deal with all of the issues a presidential candidate has to do, foreign affairs and national tax economic policy. >> can he break out from being merely a regional candidate into a truly national figure. >> what would you be looking for on that front? >> i think he needs to release some new material to begin with. his announcement speech this week i thought was kind of a disappointment. we've heard it before invoking -- >> nothing new. >> -- the sale at kohl's on the sweater. it's kind of his story. can he break out from that and can he learn from other people? he has a reputation as kind of insular, his own speech writer, his own political strategist. can he kind of elevate himself beyond what he knows on to the
12:55 pm
national stage. >> all right. very good. thank you all. we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken, you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... time now for hits and misses of time now for hits and misses of the week. joe tart us off. >> this is a hit to the new horizon's mission to pluto which this week beamed back the first photos of the last planet in the solar system. it travel 3 billion miles over 9 years and it's an extraordinary testimony to human curiosity, to science and engineering and to the spirit of discovery. >> all right. kim? >> a hit to the wisconsin supreme court which this week called a unilateral halt to the witch hunt that i were conducting. prosecutors claimed that was about campaign finance
12:59 pm
violations. in fact this was just an attempt to harass and intimidate groups supporting governor scott walker during his recall election. the court blue the whistle, said the case was unsuspected in reason or law and this was a big victory for free speech. >> james? >> this is a miss to the irs. we know they target conservatives too. and they also grab pieces of our paycheck. but what they've also been doing is seizing whole bank knts belonging to people who have never been convicted of a crime. civil forfeiture. and even after they said they're going to stop doing it, they're still sitting on the money. fortunately the institute of justice is fighting back. big miss for the irs. thank you all. remember, if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and especially to all of you for
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watching. hope to see you right here next week. the iran nuclear deal is now in the hands of congress and under the microscope. hello, i'm julie ban der ras. and good afternoon and welcome to america's news head all righters >> i'm eric shawn. lawmakers reviewing the nuclear deal amid growing concerns whether iran could be trusted to hall its end of the bargain. plus anguish and heart break from the family of the chattanooga gunman as authorities try to figure out what drove him to open fire at two military facilities killing five service


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