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tv   Legends Lies The Real West  FOX News  July 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. coming up, the o'reilly factor. before that, a quick round up of news this hour. fbi is digging for answers in the shootings of our service members killed in the rampage in chattanooga. a many memorial is growing. friends and total strangers putting flowers to pay their respects. we learn the sailor who was wounded and survived a couple of days passed away. the fbi is taking the shooter's friend talking to him. that's the person that communicate add with the gunman, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez, by text before the shootings.
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also the victim's families starting to speak out now. father of skip wells said his son was exactly where he wanted to be. >> he volunteered for this duty. it was something that he -- like i said, he's always wanted to do and help out. he was more protective over his family like i am. he felt the service to his country was important. >> we are live from chattanooga, tennessee with john roberts. >> reporter: even though it's 8:00 on a sunday night, people from across tennessee, neighboring georgia and alabama coming to the strip mall to pay respects. we're hearing from the family of mohammad youssuf abdulazeez extending condolences to families of five slain victims saying in part, quote, the person who committed this horrible crime was not the son we knew and loved. they give us idea of his state
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of mind saying quote, for many years, our son suffered depression. it grieves us to know his pain found its expression in heinous act of violence. fbi is working diligently to answer why this happened. agents in jordan are trying to track abdulazeez's movements and contacts during a trip to jordan in 2014. did he meet with anyone who was radical islamist? meet with a terrorist group? the fbi is investigating a text message he sent to a friend wednesday, the day before the shooting, that linked to an islamic verse that said, i have declared war on him. the the man threceived the text said it was encouragement. the fbi is leaving no stone unturned in this investigation. >> john, one of the investigations of these beautiful, long summer nights is that people are still behind you, still have daylight. they've been out there for hours
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at memorial starting to take shape. >> reporter: there's been a constant flow of traffic since 8:00 this morning. earlier this evening, a procession of 100 motorcycle, harley davidsons, came in like a mini thunder rolling ride, to show their respects. let me show you this memorial. it started as a light standard. it's 200 feet. people writing things like land of the free because of the brave. over here, thank you for your service. praying for everyone. when we arrived, an impromptu church service was going on out in front of the strip mall. the man after distressing the crowd who calls himself the self-professed hill billy preacher was taking aim at the white house, administration and president saying they're not doing enough to pay respects for the dead let alone remedy for a solution. take a listen. >> why isn't the flag on half staff? why isn't the white house lit up
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red, white, blue? why ain't we doing something? >> reporter: clearly a lot of emotion around this. we should point out the fbi wrapped up the investigation at the strip mall. they'll open this back up. of course the people that own the businesses hoping chattanooga will show support comanage ac coming in doing business. fbi will likely be at the other scene where the four were killed the next few days if not the next week. >> the man you showed there, one of the things he wanted to know is if the white house will fly a flag at half staff. we have put in calls. or when might the white house do that. more on the men we lost including petty officer randall smith who survived the misiniti attack but has since died as we reported.
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let's go to jenn in washington. >> when smith came out of surgery, he gave his wife, the mother of his three daughters, thumbs up. he succumbed to injuries saturday leaving behind three daughters under the age of seven. an injury ended his baseball career prematurely. in the last two weeks, the sailor reenlisted in the navy. he spent three years on the assault ship that made navy history when the f-35 warplane landed on the desk for the first time. he became the fifth victim in the chattanooga attack along with four marines. more were killed in chattanooga this week than all of afghanistan this year. lance corporal wells was the youngest. he had been in the service a year. he was texting his girlfriend planning to visit him when the
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shooting occurred. one of his last texts, quote, can't wait anymore, wells texted. yes, you can honey. he then wrote active shooter. his father was asked what drove him to serve. >> it's with everything going on, he wanted to held out. being in the marine corp is where he thought he could do the most good. >> sergeant holmquist was married and had a son named wyatt. and in the service 18 years, survived truck bombs and the battle in the worst assault, two purple hearts, likely to receive a third.
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>> in the in the unresolved problems segment, america the vulnerable. terrorism analysts warned for years the u.s. is susceptible to attacks on so called soft targets and isis is trying to inspire such attacks. that led o'reilly to say this following the terrible chattanooga mass murderer. >> if isisolved even indirectly, all hell will break loose in this country. for months, those savages have been encouraging these attacks. the obama administration's response to the growing menace
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of isis has been long term. >> fox news strategic analyst and london center for research. bill predicts all hell breaks loose if this is traced to isis. do you agree? >> i have no doubt this is traced to islamic state. this is straight forward. as long as the caliphate exists in the middle east as inspiration to jihadists, there's going to be more. i got angry today. i'm listening to all cable news networks. i hear more as the administration type the administration about oh, you know, we've got to counter they're ideology. how are you going blabber about we've got to counter react.
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>> we are not facing a political ideology gone long. this is religious fanaticism. until we go on offensive, terror will not end. you have you want to stop terrorism here, obliterate the caliphate and show the jihadis. >> colonel schaefer, colonel peters says it's terrorism on meth. do we blanket carpet bomb the caliphate out of existence? that is an option. >> three things. completely correct. i'm tired of this. was it terror or not? this was terror. i'm with ralph. i think this guy was trained by them. this is mimicked the "charlie hebdo" attacks. come on. it's a clue. we have to do three things. we have to put forth the idea and image we're the strong
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horse. within the culture t strong horse is one everybody wants to follow. in a different metaphor, it's not meth, it's the strong horse. same difference. we have to show we're in it to win it. we have to go into the region to take out the leadership with complete inpecunia complete. i did a book about the heart of darkness, putting the fear of god in hem. then also we have to go about doing what we can to work with allies in the region. are there are others who are moderates -- >> but guys, stay here though. stay here on the home front, on our --backyards. colonel peters, this guy's father was on the watch list and taken off. he was going to make a donation to a pro terror group.
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he was taken off. this guy mohammad youssuf abdulazeez, travels to jordan and maybe yemen, maybe within the middle east. it's not watched? why was he not on a terror watch list? maybe importantly, maybe we wiretap every move he made. >> because we're more worried about civil liberties of terrorists than civil defense of the american people. we all loved lincoln. he suspended habeas corpus. we're in a debate. they're not interested in our counter arguments. until we unleash law enforcement. by the way, thank you snowden for convincing everybody government is prying in your lives. you're not going to stop them. certainly i agree with everything tony said. i say we compromise and call it a dark horse on meth.
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>> i can't tell you how many have called me and said i'm ticked off. we have wussies running this country. we've got to fight these guys. how do you do that? >> you have to decide who the enemy is. we have a radical islamic problem. we must define and move forward with a clear purpose of going into those communities. ralph is completely correct. eo 12333 talks about if you are affiliated or linked to a terrorist o you can be spied on. accept that in a matter of law and start doing it. we need to get -- it's not about nsa and bulk collection. that's a distraction. we need people like me undercover, into cyber chat rooms, in the pipeline of radicalization to map the network. that's the other thing we must do. better intelligence done through espionage, human intelligence. let the dogs unleashed to go do
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our jobs. >> i like that. >> we need to get into the sign atmosphere where we're operating one for one, going after them message wise. we're not doing it. >> unleash the dogs of war. colonel, thank you very much. appreciate your service. next on the run down, is the obama administration too soft on confronting islamic terrorism? that debate is coming up. ... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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in the impact segment, confronting terror. the obama administration is famous for refusing to use the term islamic terrorism. >> you know, you have the term islamic terrorism which the president refuses to use even though there seems to be quite a bit -- if you look around the world, certainly it's there. if we're going to fight elements that are causing tremendous
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problems, at least we have to start maybe being not so politically correct. >> does president obama's failure to define our enemies make it harder to fight them? joining us now from palm springs, california, former spokesman at the united nations and from washington simon rosenburg. simon, isn't the president's political correctness hurting our ability to stop the attacks and there by causing more american deaths? >> first of all my condolences to families of marines and that had -- and hats off to courageous officers in chattanooga. >> when you watch a baseball game on tv, the announcers don't talk about the baseball players on the field. they talk bt position. short stop, second base, center field. we have to use the most precise language possible to make sure
5:21 pm
we have effective strategies to defeat them. there's not just one islamic terrorist. there's groups. >> are they not terrorists? i think both of those adjectives describe what's going on. >> i think we can use more accurate terms. isis, iranian, american -- >> god forbid you say iranian terrorist. you know you're playing games here. >> no, i'm not. we're giving a true answer. i think we should use the most precise language possible for best understanding of how to defeat our enemy. >> is the obama administration making it difficult to define it and fight it? of course. this isn't baseball. the analogy is ridiculous. come on. we have now moved beyond partisan politics. you look at what's happening in israel, left and right. all of our arab allies, all
5:22 pm
agree obama is weak. what's happening now is obama is so weak, he's putting pressure on those people on the front lines trying to protect us. they have incoming targets at a higher ratio than ever. obama's weakness is inviting isis which has a country of at least 10 million people. it's no longer a movement. they have a country under obama. they created a country. that country is attacking us. we are trying to have a debate. colonel peters is right. this is a war in the a debate. this is not a baseball game. these are our front line protectors taking incoming fire at a higher ratio. isis smells weakness. we have to defeat them there and here. >> this shooter, this gunman went from one military insulation to another. clearly targeting americans and american military. i don't know can -- >> he's an islamic radical. look who he is.
5:23 pm
he's an islamic radical. >> you tell us he might not be. go ahead. >> i didn't say. that i said i think it's important to distinguish between what he was isis and sunni related or involved in shia -- >> why? >> he's a killer. >> when there was conflict in northern a ireland, we didn't describe them as christian extremists? >> some did. >> we're talking about major element of -- >> there's sectarian violence. we need to do a better job as leaders in the country describing to american people -- >> i don't care if the killer is playing short stop or first base. the killer is coming here trying to get us. >> he didn't come here. the person in tennessee was an american citizen who went to high school here. he went to college here. >> let me tell you, he does not represent the american way.
5:24 pm
his belief came here from a different place. that is not the american way. we will not embrace that. >> i don't think there's debate about that. i think the point is he was brought to the united states rather than a home grown terrorism. >> you're making a ridiculous argument. >> simon, what is offensive about calling the man who killed four innocent marines at work one day -- what's -- they call themselves islamic. this man prayed at the islamic center of chattanooga. >> i'm not -- all i said was my preference -- and i'm not offended by the term. i'm saying my preference would be use more precise language to develop better strategies. >> your question -- >> i can't imagine getting more
5:25 pm
precise than islamic terrorist. >> you asked me whether the president's language was hurting our ability to conduct the war against terror -- >> i've got to go. thank you very much. plenty more as "the factor" moves along this evening. with the shooting in chattanooga brings the night and what happened. we'll have what went through their minds when they heard of that. we'll be back. need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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i'm harris faulkner. ash carter is in israel tonight. he does not expect to persuade them to drop negotiations with the iran nuclear deal. as well as that of our arab ale lies. carter meets israel's defense minister tomorrow and plans to meet netanyahu wednesday before going to saudi arabia and jordan. former president george h.w. bush is back home in maine. he was released from maine medical center earlier where he was treated for a fractured bone in his neck. doctors say he did not suffer nerve damage and expected to fully recover in three to four months. he's 19 years old, oldest living president. back to o'reilly factor
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special. in the personal story segment tonight on this o'reilly factor special t chattanooga shooting, did it reopen old would wounds from the victims of the 2009 fort hood attack? >> both men on the phone were shot multiple times when the shooter shot is and opened fire killing people and injuring 31 others. what went through your mind when you heard about chattanooga? >> oh, it was not again. complete anger. i was wondering when are we going to learn from lessons before to stop this from happening again. >> so let me go to sergeant manning. what have we learned sir? what have we learned in six years? >> i'm not sure we have learned
5:31 pm
anything. i mean, the white house and army still hasn't kocome out and sai it was a terrorist attack. they're dancing around it to this day. we're not able to recognize it, acknowledge it even exists. how are we going to try to prevent this. fbi obviously can't stop every plot. unfortunately i think this is going to continue to happen until they do that. >> tell us about that day in 2009. what were your feelings then? what happened? take us through it. >> obviously in 2009, i mean, i was sitting in the srp bidding in the medical center. i was getting ready to go to the medical processing. all of a sudden i heard someone yell. i look up and saw him shooting his weapon. immediately i was hit in the chest. went to the ground and then i was shot another five times before i was able to get out of
5:32 pm
the building and get to safety. >> and sergeant luns ford, when you were shot, was there instinct to look for your firearm? did you reach for it? tell us about that. >> well, instantously, that's instinct to reach for a firearm which we did not have. i think to miscreate this from happening again, we need to arm military personnel in the facilities they're working in, especially in duty uniforms. so at least we'll be able to fight back against a threat presented before us. >> and sergeant manning, you were trained to use your firearm. did you look for your firearm and want to have it on you? >> absolutely. it ran through my head so many times. if only we had a weapon or some way to defend ourselves trying to take down the shooter. people lost their lives doing so. maybe that wouldn't have happened. i'm sure people would have been
5:33 pm
shot, but casualties wouldn't have been so bad if a few people were armed. makes no sense to not trust soldiers with weapons when you have to trust them overseas. if we can't trust a soldier with his weapon, he shouldn't be in the military. >> sergeant manning, how many people may have been saved had you had a firearm and if sergeant luns ford has his at the time? >> i would say half. hasan obviously whether you're able to shoot him right away. he would have been engaged in a fire fight with one of us rather than easily targeting people in that building that had no way of defending themselves. >> what about you sergeant, what do you want to say to people that say we should keep military insulations gun-free zones? >> they need to get their head out of four corner contact. that day, if we had firearms on us, we would have had him in crossfire.
5:34 pm
his attention would have been directed toward us instead of other victims who sustained gunshot wounds that day or were killed. i think those individual has don't believe we need to have service weapons on us in garris garrison, they need to understand in theater, everyone has a weapon on them. if you go back in history at a recruiting station at world war war 2 and vietnam, they had firearms on them. you can't rely on the people that are upon guard at the front door. everyone needs to have a firearm on their person to protect themselves and protect what we hold dear as our standard of living and constitution. >> let me stay with you for a second. do you agree military personnel are new islamic terrorist targets, another reason for you to be carrying your firearm? >> well, absolutely. if you look at years ago. couple years ago they killed the
5:35 pm
british soldier in england. when the guy was standing with his hands bloody, he said to united states that beware, your women and children are next. united states is next target. so we already told ahead of time this was going to happen. so yes, it's already been proven that the extremists have already said that all military personnel, retired or active duty, guard or reserve, we are targets. in uniform or out of uniform. we need to protect ourselves. >> thanks gentlemen. lone wolf attacks. what can be done to stop them? we have more coming up on this special. with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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watch out, piggies! child giggles doctor: symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free prescription offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. thanks for staying with us as we continue this special edition on the factor, terror on the home front. i'm in for bill o'reilly. in the follow up segment, hunting lone wolves. officials say isis is encouraging followers to carry out lone wolf attacks in the u.s. this summer. we're told the chattanooga shooter mohammad youssuf abdulazeez wasn't on the fed's radar before the attack. bill daily, former fbi investigator and in washington,
5:40 pm
national security analyst for the clarion project. bill, can authorities do anything to stop terrorists from operating on the home front? >> they can and i think they have. fbi has been effective. before fourth of july, there were arrests throughout the country of people they thought were on the verge of attacking or associating themes with terrorists. difficulty is it's more and more difficult to get information when people run below the radar. this individual doesn't appear to have a footprint on terror watch list, doesn't appear to jump off the page to authorities. >> why is that bill? if the father has been connected to maybe donating to a terror in the past. he's on a watch list. why isn't every one of his family members, everyone he calls and talks to on a watch? >> we need to merge more technology. we're not merging people traveling overseas against
5:41 pm
people using social media to communicate with groups. we're not matching up relatives in these investigations and offspring of them. >> do we have shot of stopping domestic terrorism? >> you can't eliminate it. you can build partners to provide you with the information you need. we need a public to identify extremism beyond picking up a gun going to shoot someone. we have to face the reality this radicalization process happens very quickly. you have to defeat this group overseas. isis' success overseas is interpreted by radicals as endorsement and that draws them to this group. if you want to secure the homeland, you have to push isis back overseas. >> okay. fair enough. you point out that maybe it's -- it needs to be -- do we profile?
5:42 pm
let me put t it out there. is it time to start profiling? >> you can profile behavior, iedology. it is something that needs to be taken into account. if someone is out there saying hamas is legitimate group despite suicide bombings orical fate is a wonderful, that's someone you should watch even if you can't prosecute them for that speech. >> what do you say bill? new york city did a fine job post 9/11. they got in the communities, put police officers, undercover, intel. they got into the areas that may now be considered off limits because of political correctness. should we go back to those aggressive police tactics? >> there's more we should be doing in that regard. people are running below the radar. radicalization happens quickly. it happens in a way that may not even mean they're connecting
5:43 pm
with someone or being ordered by someone overseas. they can watch media, reading things online and quickly become motivated to do things. >> you're saying hit them hard over there so it doesn't look like a group of kids, disgruntled kids or potential jihadists. they don't want to be part of that group if they're not winning over there? >> yeah. over there is the key thing. we need to find the people over there have tweeting to these want to be followers. we need to cut them down in the beginning overseas before they start influencing people here. >> ryan, let me ask you. the timing of this attack. very end of ramadan. did it have effect in chattanooga? >> we don't know for a complete fact, but it's likely so. what isis was saying is during the holy month of ramadan, your obligation to jihad issen t tens
5:44 pm
gra greater. if you die in that jihad, your reward is ten times higher. >> thank you both very much. quick housekeeping. don't forget to check out bill and dennis miller "don't be a pinhead" show this fall. they'll be in st. louis october 23, phoenix december 4th. cesars palace in las vegas saturday december 5th. tickets are going fast. details on bill o' straight ahead here, does america have a growing extremism problem? two muslim americans will be here with upcoming answers. h
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in the second unresolved problems segment tonight, growing concern in the united states over islamic terror. a new poll suggests that 53% of americans have a deep concern when it comes to islamic extremism. that's up from 32% in 2011. the poll also reveals 70% of americans are worried about isis. joining us now from california, author of the book "american muslims" and from cleveland, author of the book "a battle for the soul of islam." americans are concerned about isis. should they be? >> absolutely. what is pit going to take for us to identify a strategy to see a islam is a problem? as long as we identify violent extremism as a symptom, we're never going to reform. our commander in chief doesn't
5:49 pm
identify the problem. we're dealing with victim of violent extremism. because we don't identify it, americans are fearful. we need to channel that fear into a plan for a political movement against global political islam that inspires others. americans get it. they want to move forward from this. >> 70% of americans are concerned. should we be? >> well the same poll says that muslim majority countries, particularly ones in the arab world have higher percentages of concern also about isis than the american response just above 50%. of course we should be. we're living in a time sickness and criminality and all sorts of ideologies. american, white supremacist racism and muslim understandi s understandings.
5:50 pm
>> i want to stay on this chattanooga shooting. it seems to me groups like care and other islamic groups will come in and clean up the mess after the blood is already spilled rather than coming forward and saying you know what guys, we're mod ral merate musl. here's a group, keep your eye on them. why is it always aftermath of bloodshed instead of in front? >> that's unfair. the vast majority of institutions in muslim america including care are very proactive working with muslims around the country to condemn, education, enhance the literacy of young people in being able the to push back against these terrorists ideologies. terroris. i think american muslim reality needs us absent our greatest tool to confront this, which i legitimate american contribution that is sourced in a muslim
5:51 pm
identi identity. >> am i wrong here? am i being unfair? >> absolutely not. enoughis already. whenen k.a.r.e. put on a press release this morning, they said it was about american citizens being attacked, we condemn the act. they didn't mention these were marines. the reason they don't, the intox can'ts that creates the radicals is a sense that america is not a source for good, negativism towards our military, towards this country and a sense that demonizes america and creates the pathway of radicalization. >> i agree with what you're saying. i think you are so out of touch that you are not understanding that actually is not the american reality. what you are saying is true. >> i'm out of touch?ay america is seeing our community completely an anesthetized as are being killed. there is no strategy to -- this guy was writing on facebook on his blog about the negativity of america.
5:52 pm
>> were you at the white house countering violence extremism? were in the meeting with joe biden? >> were you in the navy 11 years? this president does not identify the problem. >> what you're doing helps terrorists and does not help america an it does not help americans. >> your denial enables an obstacle against reform. obstacle against reform. >> you are actually the problem. >> we are going to leave it there. i just brought it up i would like to see you be refreshing for americans to see these groups, muslim groups stepping up in front of the bloodshed. >> go to their website. you will find them condemning. >> i promise you i will. thank you very much. up next, how are terrorist
5:53 pm
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in the back of the book segment the impact of terrorism overseas on america. in egypt hundreds have died in clashes between isis and the military. in tunisia on june 26 39 people most tourists were gunned down in an isis-inspired attack. in kuwait on june 26 sunni radicals stage a suicide bombing at a shiite mosque kimg more than two dozen. that's just a few of the recent attacks around the world. with us from boise, idaho, mike baker, former cia officer and from washington a national security expert at the heritage foundation. let me start with mike. do successful terror attacks overseas create more danger here on u.s. soil? and if they do, why? >> well, they do.
5:56 pm
whether it's a large scale attack like the tunesian resort attack or just a lone gunman and one or two victims or whether it is the taking of another city or town by isis in syria and iraq it all adds to this cumulative perception of the success and growth of the caliphate that the muslim extremists have been jonesing for for generations. every time there is one of these it emboldens and boosts morale of fighters on the ground for isis and importantly it lifts up sort of the individuals who they are looking for easily influenced, unemployed, all individuals they are looking to turn to their side. every attack adds to the mystique of the islamic state. >> they are like rock stars around the world. there are women who are
5:57 pm
traveling to go become wives and girlfriends of isis fighters. has the whole world gone crazy? >> the world hasn't gone crazy. this is not crazy behavior to these people. every day that isis stands its ground in iraq and syria makes them more powerful even when they get blown away like in garland, texas. to a lot of these folks that is a victory. someone struck a blow for islam. these guys have to be crushed. that's the only way to eliminate the motivation of these terrorists all over the world, these wanna-bes, these one-on-one guys. you have to crush isis and this administration is not willing to do it. >> even if we are pushing back in certain cities which the obama administration claims we are. shouldn't we be showing the world, putting it up on video and youtube saying these are your rock star heroes. here they are dead. we just took that city back.
5:58 pm
>> if we were at the point to have videos like that i would be happy to show it. we need to make the message plain that this is not a winning theology or ideology. it has to be really old testament kind of destruction. we're not willing to do that. >> we have an administration that is afraid to call islamic extremists islamic extremists. how will they be willing to show a battlefield victory in bloody violent black, white and red? >> we still have a hard time. we are the only ones here in the u.s. angst ridden over what to call it. it is muslim extremism. steve naks a very important point. the primary reason why we have seen this surge whether here or ottawa, paris, wherever it may be is because of this physical manifestation of the caliphate. their territory. we have to attack it on multiple
5:59 pm
fronts. we have to go after the social media efforts they engage in. we have to worry more about the communities and how do we get them to self-report more. but the primary issue here is if we have this continuing stalemate strategy where we are hoping for some happy day when the iraqi military will be able to do this on their own then we we will having these sad, tragic conversations for more deadly incidents for a long time to come. we have to remove that state. we have to take away their turf. >> you can find videos of what it is like to live among these isis fighters. and it ain't pretty and it ain't beautiful. the women that are there wish they weren't there anymore. i don't understand why we don't make a more concerted effort to get that front and center to the american people so that they don't aspire to be like them. i have to leave it right there. i say thank you to mike and steve. and that will do it for this special edition of "the factor."
6:00 pm
"the kelly file" is next. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. welcome to "hannity" the drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman is on welcome to "hannity" the drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman is on the run after escape from a mexican prison. geraldo rivera traveled all the way to mexico to cover this dangerous escape. geraldo? >> this was, i think the most extraordinary escape from a maximum security prison this century at least. it was an act of engineering marvel. it was something that took well over a year of construction to


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