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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 20, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday. hope you are having a great monday. >> thank you for waking up this early with us. a war of words. donald trump not just refuse to go apologize but dounling down about -- doubling down on the comments. >> he is a war hero that wasn't captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> going after mccain as republican rivals are lining up to bash him. >> leland vittert is live with the latest on the political firestorm. a lot of people have a lot of opinions on this one. >> good monday morning with you. donald trump pulled a page from the old cold war page book. it meant nothing, deny everything and make counter accusations accusations. his op ed takes aim at the man that spent nearly 6 years getting beaten and tortured writing in part mccain has abandoned our veterans and i
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will fight for them. >> i am very upset with john mccain because he's done such a terrible job with the veterans. if you are a veteran you treatare treated like a third class citizen. >> his style was unstoppable. other gop hopefuls could only watch his poll numbers sore. in the hours after saying mccain was a war hero his competition pounced like a pack of wolves. >> until mr. trump apologizes directly to john mccain and also to the veterans of this country. i don't think he has the character or the temperament to hold athe highest position in this country. >> it is offensive and ridiculous. i think it is a disqualifier of commander-in-chief. >> the latest fox poll has trump on top although statistically tied with scott walk er and jeb
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bush. keep in mind the poll was taken before the mccain firestorm. whether this is a fire show or the end of trump's political parade is yet to be scene. >> i am sure we will see new polls this week. lee p land vittert thank you. >> he explains why it is imperative that trump apologize. >> because it demonstrates character. it demonstrates judgment. i have already had the opportunity to reach out to two separate veteran's organizations one a pow organization they told me they believe this will be significant. the idea of distinguishing those that are apcaptured and those that weren't is offensive to them. they believe he owes them an apology. >> if trump does not apologize his campaign is doomed. should trump apologize or should he drop out of the race? let us know on the fox and
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friends first facebook page there on twitter or you can e-mail us at five military members are dead after a gunman's really page in chattanooga, but the white house will not order flags to fly at half staff. so governors in individual states are making the calls themselves. dozen states deciding to lower their flags to honor the dead after the killer's parents are blaming depression and drugs for their son's deadly attack.>> good morning to you as well. the man who opened fire apparently suffered from depression and substance abuse issues that according to his family who are expressing mores for the heartbreak he caused. abdulal asbdulazeezabdulazeez.
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>> he killed the 25-year-old after he murdered five mill tear mreems. they are digging into his background looking for possible terror ties that includes an islamic verse he texted to a friend before the shooting saying, quote, whoever shows enemy to a friend of mine i have declared war against him. >> the fbi is currently doing a forensic examination on his computer, his cell phone, his travels to jordan which is priet across the border from syria. >> as the investigation continues people talking about the sorrow for the loss of marines. they rolled through chattanooga to hire him. only in the marines for a year he was texting his girlfriend who was planning to visit him
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with when the shooting occurred. he vowed to become a marine. >> always wanted to become a part of the marine corps and helped protect the country. he wanted to make a difference. >> a memorial service for wells is planned in atlanta tomorrow. funeral arrangements for the victims are soon being set. >> it is an immediate change to protect recruitment centers. recruiters have been relee indicated from store fronts to armor res. they will begin carrying personal hand guns. >> as commander-in-chief quite simply i will not permit our citizen soldiers to remain unable to defend themselves and our citizens around the state. we have 55 armor res across the state of florida. they will not be reopened until we are comfortable that our national guard members are safe.
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>> it is disturbing isis is targeting our military here and abroad. i don't want anything like what happened in tennessee to ever happen here. >> states including texas, louisiana arkansas and oklahoma are also taking similar action to arm guards men. >> he spent 17 years in prison for attempted murder. a haitian immigrant who should have been deported is accused of killing a woman in connecticut. jean jacques was released from prison after 1998. for some reason ice never got him out of the country. now he is charged with the murder of a 25-year-old woman in connecticut. a bachelorette party tragedy. a new york man pleading not guilty to driving drunk after plowing his truck into a limousine carrying 8 young women killing 4 of them. steven romeo is facing one misdemeanor charge. prosecutors say that will likely be upgraded.
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the four women killed all in their 20's part of a bachelorette party which had just toured a long island wine re. four others were injured including the bride who is still in serious condition. a oo new records in drought stricken california after a surprisingly wet and stormy weekend p. rain collapsed on a rage one of the major roads in phoenix. in ohio a pregnant mother and two of her children are killed when a trailer is swepted away by a torrential downpour there. maria molina is tracking the severe weather. >> good morning heather and ainsley. you mentioned out west parts of california dealing with extreme weather. it is forecast to continue out there. i want to take you east across the plains. we have a widespread area that could be looking at severe
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weather wichita, kansas city and cincinnati. you have risk of large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes with some of the storms that fire up later today. it will be a little bit of a lower risk for today but nonetheless a way to get the warnings. otherwise the heat will continue across parts of the south. still no relief for you across tennessee. mississippi alabama you are expecting to see the heat index values climbing into the triple digits from south carolina up into parts of new jersey. take a look at the numbers we are expecting later today. 105 in memphis it will feel like in vicksburg and across the east coast. feels like 102 in the city of dc. heather and ainsley. >> thank you maria. we will check back with you. new overnight back open for business after three weeks of closures banks are open again in grease. people are still only allowed to take out $65 a day.
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thursday parliament agreed to a third bailout and more emergency funds were given to greek banks. >> new overnight a 54 year holdover of the cold war officially ending. united states and cuba resfaebing diplomatic relations. the two countries opened embassies in teacheach other's capitols. later this morning secretary of state john kerry who raised an american flag in havana next month. former president george h.w. bush is recovering from a broken neck bone. he was released from the hospital after four-days of treatment. he fell in his summer home last week. he is expected to make a full recovery in three to four months. >> we had a chance to meet some of you our most dedicated fans for fox fan weekend. >> here is one of the biggest fans. his name is joseph. we know him as sparty on social
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media. >> orb fox fan caroline from long island. >> here we are walking our fan shades with the gang from "fox & friends". >> we got to chat with other loyal fox friends fans. >> just the two of us before the game started this was at the game sunday. >> it was so much fun p. thank you for coming in and participating in the area. >> we love all of the fans. >> thecoming up a death investigation after demi moore's house. what happened the night before and how the actress is responding this morning. >> a world champion surfer verses a shark. the near attack playing out on live tv. how he said he escaped. >> a dramatic drone video washed a dog away who came to his rescue with seconds to spare.
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>> good morning to you. welcome back to "fox & friends first". this is the video everyone is talking about. a surfer is lucky to be alive after he is attacked by a shark during a competition on live television. watch. >> look at that. that is really scary stuff. he was fighting off a huge shark in south africa after it dragged him under the water for what seemed like an eternity. crews race over to pull him out of the water and he emerges without a scratch. >> i felt something drab got
2:15 am
stuck in my leg. i instantly just jumped like away then it kept coming at my board. i was kicking and screaming. i punched it in the back. >> the surfer fanning was competing against getting emotional as he describes the moment of horror. >> sorry hee -- saw he got knocked off his board. i was like oh. he's gone under. >> the competition, it was swiftly canceled. they split the prize money. fanning saying he would be happy to never compete again. >> talk about hot wheels nascar driver alex bowman's tire catching fire during pit stops. he was able to get out unharmed. not clear what sparked the tire fire but track at the presentstemperatures
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reached 130 degrees. >> thanks heather. actress demi moore is in shock this morning after a man is found dead in her backyard pool of her los angeles house. a 21-year-old was pulled into the deep end after a party by her assistant. he slipped and fell into the pool. moore said i was out of the country travel to go meet my daughters for a birthday celebration when i got the devastating news. >> more dirty deeds landing ac/dc drummer bill rudd back mind bars. rudd facing a judge overnight in new zealand arrested for drinking alcohol. he was imprisoned for threatening to kill another man. he sent this message to the flurry of cameras outside. >> it is time to brew on this. a mother of two military sons in
2:17 am
a flag fight with her minnesota condo association. >> this is angie hildebrandt's house she was told to take down the american flag on her porch because it violated the rules. she put it up to honor these two sons she has one marines one army. it was on the flag part of the is not her personal part. agreeing to give her nine months to move out flying the flag until she leaves. should the american flag be the exception to rules and condos to the apartments? send us an email at we will share them later in the show. >> accessing income and credit card limit. >> let's explain how it all works. >> apple wants only the things
2:18 am
you can afford. the tech giant filing an application for technology that would only advertise a few based on your bank account and credit card limit. does it correlate to spending power. just because you have a zero balance on the credit card doesn't mean you are going to drop 1300 books on a match book. lockheed mart kin ain agreed to buy brak hawk helicopter. they reportedly plans to add the blackhawk helicopter. if you lived in a city that recently raised minimum wage pay attention to how much you are spending on your coffee. some coffee shops increased prices dramatically since they are paying baristas more money. it is turning out to be $0.50 or
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more. "antman" took the win over "mignons." it made $58 million. it stars paul rudd in the number one debut. >> lauren simonetti, thank you. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. illegals taking over the roads. the startling numbers of how many of them have been licensed in the last six months. >> a warning for any one taking off for a summer trip. the scam cheating people out of vacations.
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>> a disturbing lesson for
2:23 am
children at isis training camp. every child given a sword and a doll and is told to chop the heads off. they are recruiting kids as young as the age of 8 to build a new generation of militants using cash gifts intimidation and brain washing. hundreds of children spend 8 to 10 hours a day training which includes learning about weapons and studying the qur'an. >> the french satire cal magazine charlie hebdo will no longer draw muhammad cartoons six months after they ambushed their office. 12 people were killed in this january attack. the magazine's he had tort who survived the attacks said it has nothing to do aboutwith the decision. they have done their job defending the rights to character and free speech. homeland security chairman
2:24 am
michael mccall explains why terror threats are so hard to track. >> the new threats that are out there over the internet is very hard to stop. we had 200,000 isis tweets per day in the united states. this is won the director talks about the chatter is so loud and the volume so high that it is a problem that is very hard to stop and disrupt in this country. unfortunately we saw it take place in chattanooga. if it can happen in chattanooga it can happen anywhere any time any place. that's our biggest fear. >> listen to this. disturbing numbers about illegals on the road. more than half of all new driver's licenses issued in california this year more than half have gone to illegal immigrants. anita vogel explains that it is all thanks to a brand new law.
2:25 am
>> no doubt the numbers are surprising and will likely outrage some people. like you said more than half of the licenses issued since january. almost 400,000 of the 759,000 issued were p granted to illegal immigrants. that's about 52 percent. when the applicants show up they have to prove their identity with a birth certificate, passport and they have to show evidence of current residency in the states. the dmz says the numbers prove the law is successful. >> i knew there were people out there driving. they had to get to work and get their kids to school. this is a great opportunity for people to not be scared behind the wheel. they have the license that driver privilege. >> critics say that is exactly what is wrong with it. driving is a privilege that should be earned and enjoyed by people in the country illegally. granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is simply dangerous. if for no other reason they
2:26 am
could be criminals with fraudulent paperwork. >> they are accepting hundreds of documents issued by foreign governments that are difficult to verify. >> in addition to the licenses issued this year 1.4 million more people have visited the dmz to ask about the special licenses. california is one of 10 states plus the district of columbia issuing licensing to illegal immigrants. ainsley and heather back to you. >> anita vogel, thank you. >> a presidential candidate confronted by an illegal immigrant on the campaign trail. >> that's my question. why are you trying to break my family apart? >> how governor scott walker responded that has everyone talking. a fun day of wakeboarding takes a dangerous turn. >> i shot out and -- >> what caused the blast that left this boat burning.
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most health plans.
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>> it is monday july 20th. political pressure on donald trump. his political rivals demanding he drop out of the race for saying john mccain is not a war hero. >> it is offensive and ridiculous. he is a disqualifier as commander-in-chief commander-in-chief. >> should he suspend his campaign? >> a video that is almost hard to believe. a world champion surfer fighting off this shark on live television. the dramatic mopements unfold and how the surfer says he survived. >> a beach blast sends some further running. >> what washed up ashore that had the bomb squad rushing in.
2:31 am
"fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. donald trump unapologetic and doubling down on his comments on john mccain. >> i like people that weren't captured. i hate to tell you. >> trump is out with a brand new op ed going after mccain again and republican rivals are there. >> the political firestorm. >> donald trump seems to have pulled a page from the old cold war play book. it meant nothing, deny everything and make counter accusations. his op ed takes aim at a man who spent six years getting beaten and tortured.
2:32 am
he writes during the entire business career i have made it top priority because they deserve the best for defending our freedom. he struck much the same cord yesterday on "fox & friends." >> john mccain should not be proud of his record with respect to taking veterans. >> for weeks it seemed like trump's bomb bass stick style was on stoppable. they could only watch his poll numbers sore hours after saying mccain wasn't a war hero his competition pounced like a pack of wolves. >> this is personal. john mc tancain ask an american hero. i will defend any veteran on this. i think we should be united in the end john mccain is indeed an american hero and donald trump owes him an apology. >> i don't understand his strategy of taking on -- a bullet that p went through john mccain and hit alove lot of us that
2:33 am
wore the uniform in the country. this is really offensive. >> the latest poll has trump on top statistically tied with scott walker and jeb bush in a position he has been touting day and night. keep in mind the poll was taken before the mccain firestorm. whether this is merely a side show or the end of trump's political parade is yet to be seen this week will tell us a lot. >> it will be interesting to see what happens. it is not just trump's republican rival taking a stand against him. bill kristol who a day before talked about his support fore trump. now says he's done with the donald. >> he jumped the tracks. he insulted every veteran who was a pow with these insane statements about it is your fault if you are captured or shot down. it is total lack of respect for john mccain and other military
2:34 am
service and sacrifice. i am finished with donald trump. i don't think he will give an apology. they are pro respect of military and he showed disrespect. >> the question is should donald trump apologize or drop out of the race? absolutely. donald trump should stand by his comments. why isn't the media asking john mccain to apologize for calling conservative republicans crazy. >> i like both of them but did not like what trump said. >> kristin said this no apology. the man spoke his opinion and he is entitled to it. >> the nation is mourning the lols of 5 mile terry members that were killed by gunmen in chattanooga. the white house won't order flags to be flown as half staff. dorn anothers taking action themselves. close to a dozen states are deciding to lower their flags to honor the fallen.
2:35 am
this as we learn the killer's parents are blaming depression and drugs for their son's deadly attack. kelly wright has been nolg the story for us. >> the man who opened fire on mill tear real military members was suffering from depression. a spokesperson for the family says muhammad youssef abdul asazeez alcohol and smoked marijuana. while police killed the 24-year-old after he killed five unarmed members of the military the fbi is digging into the background background to see if it was islamic inspired. he said whoever shows enmity to a friend of mine i have declared against him.
2:36 am
>> i think one of the scary things for all of us as americans is the chance -- a good chance this is a lone wolf out there operating on his own where we had no predictors of what he would do making it hard to think how do we protect ourselves in the future. >> the grieving mother of petty officer smith came one of the shooting signs to carry an american flag and a baseball mitt honoring his country and baseball. lance corporal squire wells is still coming to terms with what happened. >> the service people in harm's way. that tends to be what we worry about the most don't tend to worry so much when they are here at home. >> >> kelly wright.
2:37 am
thank you. appreciate it. >> 17 years in prison for an attempted murder. a haitian immigrant is charged with killing a woman in connecticut. he had been locked away since 1998. his prison file had him marked on deportation for release. ice never got him out of the country. now charged with stabbing a 25-year-old connecticut woman to death. scott walker confronted by an illegal immigrant. jose flores asked walker why he doesn't support president obama's immigration policy. >> we are a nation of laws. no man or woman is above the law. >> flores says he fears his family will be deported. he tells the family he sifrp fiezs with them. >> bachelorette party tragedy. a man pleading guilty to driving
2:38 am
drunk after plowing into a truck carrying 8 women killing four of them. he is facing one misdemeanor charge but that charge is expected to be upgraded. the four women killed all part of a bachelorette party. here are the pictures. they had toured a long island wine re. four others injured including the bride who is still in serious condition. actress demi moore is shocked after a man is found dead in the backyard pool of her la home. the 21-year-old was pulled from the deep end of the pool after a party hosted by moore's assistant. the victim who did not know how to swim slipped and fell down into the pool. moore releasing a statement saying i was out of the country for my birthday celebration with my daughters when i got the devastating news. >> new records and drought stricken california after a wet and stormy weekend. rain collapsed the ridge that
2:39 am
went to one of the major roads in phoenix. >> a pregnant mother and two of the children are killed when their trailer is wept away -- swept abay by torrential rain showers. >> i want to start off in california and nevada because we have had an ongoing drought out here. some of the worst categories we have in place out here. now we are looking at flooding being a concern. we have watches in effect through tuesday evening. the threat continues for several more days as the storm system pummels the area with moisture in the southwest. missouri, illinois parts of kentucky and southeastern indiana we have to prepare for flash flooding as well. watches are in effect as well. severe weather will be a threat from anywhere in parts of the central plains to mid atlantic damaging winds and isolated tornadoes is a concern. that continues into tomorrow. let's head over to you. >> thank you very much. appreciate it maria. >> 39 minutes after the top of
2:40 am
the hour. a stoenl car with a baby in the back seat. surveillance video spending a chill up parents' spines. the scam cheating customers out of a vacation. >> government gun grab who the administration is now targeting. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit >> it is a government. gun grab. the administration is trying to help people collecting social security from owning a gun. if they are unable to manage their own pension or disability patients. >> some who have trouble balancing a checkbook. >> airlines preventing you from booking cheap flights. lawmakers are calling for another federal investigation
2:44 am
into airlines with discount booking web sites like expedia. trip advisor or orbitz. some are accused of withholding ticket prices and flight information. a price that could cost travelers 6 billion a year. oh >> a booking scam cheating customers out of vacation. >> sharyl casone with how to protect themselves. >> it is the latest warning from the ftc. travel booking web sites that appear to be the hotel site for instance but instead they belong to bogus third party companies. the agency responding to consumer complaints such as arriving undisclosed fees or booking web site only to pay higher fees than the actual hotel would have charged them. many sites have become sophisticated putting the hotel url on them oh phone number and
2:45 am
others on them. these have the potential to steal your credit card data so consumers need to be careful. they are paying to be at the results top of the results page. there are third party companies and a lot of time you don't get karn de for protection like being able to cancel. thr 6.5 million hotel bookings a year. >> by the way happy birthday. congratulations on the triathlon. >> thank you. >> to find the fox business network log on to >> a piece of football history. given to a fan after the touchdown in the third quarter
2:46 am
of the championship game. the on-line auction house may be a little deflated themselves. it was expected to sell for 44,000 dollars. if you are hoping to see the soccer team play right here in the united states you are in luck. the world cup champions will be defending in new york city yankee stadium to play england in a match in november. he can land lost in the semis after a score on their own goal. this week we had a chance to meet some of you the most dedicated fans for fox friends weekend. >> we are rocking out with fox fan shades and kung fu panda. >> and new friends with loyal viewers. they had a great time. >> thank you to all of you who joined us. we will do it again next year. >> actually that fan right there
2:47 am
was there for two years in a row. all so sweet. >> the time is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. a world champion surfer how he walked away without a scratch. >> they came crashing down what caused a plunge from the sky. >> brian kilmeade on what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> they won in honor of us which is a special surprise with the 8 day homer. >> we will start here. geraldo rivera working with donald trump for about a year on apprentice. he will weigh in on his candidacy. he remind him of what happened in new york. what the administration needs to do now. we will show you the new update. you had to update your lemon
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it is the video that everyone is talking about, a surfer lucky to be alive after he's attacked by a shark during a competition on live television. look. there's something. this is so scary. surfing champion mick fanning fighting off a huge shark in
2:52 am
south africa after it dragged him under the water for what seems like an eternity crews race to pull him out of the water and he emerges without a scratch. >> all of a sudden i felt getting pulled under water and the thing came up and it was on my board, and it was right there, i saw the whole thing thrashing around and it was still there going and i was still attached to my board. >> the surfer fanning was competing against was very emotional as he describes the moment of horror. >> he got knocked of his board, and i was like he's going, he's gone under. i felt like i couldn't get there quick enough. >> the competition was canceled. fanning and wilson split the prize. fanning saying he would be happy to never compete again. a fun day on a florida lake takes a sudden turn when a boat
2:53 am
explodes sending six people flying into water. it all started when this boat took off at full throttle causing the engine to overheat. >> unexpected. we were having a good time. we heard a large explosion. it blew up and i shot out. >> two people suffered minor burns. the ocean washes up the very odd and potentially dangerous piece of war machinery on a florida beach. a bomb disposal team brought in to detonate the world war ii era photo flash bomb. people had to be evacuated from their beach front homes before that blast. no one was injured. dramatic drone video catching a moment that a dog is saved after getting swept off a hawaiian cliff after a huge wave. the owner jumping right into those rough waters he scoops
2:54 am
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2:58 am
to isis on the chattanooga gunman's computer and cell phone. mohammed youssufod youssuf abdulazeez his rampage left five u.s. service members dead. and donald trump refusing to apologize and doubling down on his comments ripping john mccain's military record. what does trump need to do? should he apologize or drop out? you can weigh in on the fox and friends facebook page. #keep talking. time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good nba steph curry's daughter stole the show during press conferences and now she's at it again. ♪ ♪ riley breaking it all down for the cameras to celebrate her third birthday.
2:59 am
and the bad, a small plane in michigan lands nose first in the sand. witnesses say it sounded like the engine failed. the pilot not seriously hurt. and the ugly a thief steals a car outside of a gas station in huge with a one-year-old girl in the backseat. the police used the gps system and found it. the child unharmed and the thief nowhere in sight. a minnesota mom told to remove the american flag from her porch. she put it up to honor her son and her condo association says it's outside of her personal property. >> i love the idea of flying our flag but condos have rules and it's a draw back for buying one.
3:00 am
>> pat is on the line here saying the association maybe could make a change to their rules to allow the american flag only but would exceptions stop there? >> coming up at 7:50 earn eastern on "fox & friends," we will speak with this military mom about the dispute. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning, to you, it is monday july 20th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. he will not be lectured. donald trump not backing down from his verbal assault on john mccain. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured okay? >> and this morning, the brand-new trump op-ed. what is he saying now? meanwhile, five service members killed by an islamic extremist in cold blood but the president hat not ordered the u.s. flag to be flown at half staff. why not? we report


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