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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 20, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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open. he did so in a four-hole playoff, closed at 6-under with a 66. jordan spieth will get another shot but american wins the british. i'm shepard smith in new york. see you back here if news breaks out. all right. it is not signed it not remotely delivered and right now a big pow-wow in new york city aimed at ending in and fast. we're talking bet the iran deal that now has the like outside john mccain, lindsey graham and joe lieberman all against this deal, saying that it sets a trap for us and for the world. now, they are meeting in new york city at something called the three west club, few blocks from here, and they're going to iron out really what is their big problem with this deal. but suffice to say that the division is growing amid report at that time after the united nations security council
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unanimously approved the deal to secretary of tate john kerry that is and it they take precedence over congress. if that is true that is news to scott brown, who joins us now to react to this. senator, what do you make of this? not only this growing discord about the deal, but the fact that john kerry is saying, the discord doesn't matter, the u.n. has unanimously approved it or the security council has shut up. what do you think? >> well, john kerry always been a big u.n. supporter. i depth agree with him. i abide by the united states constitution and the law as put forth by this country north by the united nations. that's number one. number two neil, we spoke about three or four months ago and i indicated, listen, lease going to do a deal any deal. he needs foreign policy and it will be a bad deal. this is a bad deal. and you know what chuck how manier and others will do? they'll wait until the very end and see how many of their colleagues break until there's enough to actually sustain -- to
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override the veto and then he is going to vote against it so he can save face, protected israel. this does nothing to protect israel or our ago lies or the united states of america. so i'm not sure -- i still haven't not quite figure out why the president and john kerry are -- and the united nations -- i know why they're doing it -- it moving forward. what are we get out of this dole exactly? >> the question also is, why cede that to the nun is it your understanding that the congress vote isn't important? secretary kerry had argued during the negotiations that congress should get first yea or nay vote on this and then credeed ceded that demand in the negotiations, not necessarily eclipsing the role of congress but now going so far as to say you don't even need congress. >> i said this a couple of weeks ago, they would go immediately to the u.n. basically undercut the united states congress. we had 60 days, i thought to
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review it and to actually vote on it and actually have hearing and make a . this is another slap in the face between the administration and congress, and to the american people and to the state of israel. this is a terrible deal, neil. we are basically giving them $150 billion prize to good out and export terrorism around the region and the world continuing to -- look it. you heard today that the u.n. representative from iran was once again degrading and yelling at the united states of america. almost like an abusive relationship where we have a partner who is always abusive to you. i.e. iran, death to america. we hate america yet the united states -- >> you're right. but by the same token some leaders clergy thug mullahs who are saying we're not that copacetic on this deal. we think we conceded too much. that could be just a gordoning ploy to help the president on this one albeit late. what do you make of the mixed
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messages out of iran? >> wink, wink, nod nod. this is a great deal for iran. they get their money. they get sanks lifted. they now get to grow -- continue with their nuclear development. they still get to enrich uranium. they still need -- they get everything they want. opposite again we didn't even get our prisoners outcome citizens back. in the dole. are you kidding me? this is outrageous. any democratic -- >> not critic of the deal has been donald trump. i mentioned donald trump i'd be re mice if i didn't mention john mccain mccain is month the the gentlemen meeting the forum at the west club in new york. he has said he is not going to talk about this hitch says he things that donald trump should apologize to veterans and prisoners of war more to the point. where do you stand on this? >> i've said it before. john mccain is a national hero. to think that -- i said that this morning said it yesterday. he needs to apologize to every prisoner of war to think that
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getting caught, they actual wanted to get caught. these are people doing their duty and doing it well -- >> do you think trump should still be running? a lot of your colleagues say that proves you shouldn't run. >> i think he absolutely needs to apologize. that's up to the voters and folks that are going to support him, whether they feel that's something that is going to obviously bring him down. but bottom line is, senator mccain is a friend, he actually did my pinning ceremony when i got promoted to colonel. i've seen what he does for veterans. i have seen how determined and efficient he is in the armedded services committee battling when he was the minority leader and now grilling members of the administration make us sure, holding everybody's feet to the fire and fight fog veterans, fight nor military -- >> would wow biz -- you be spies it if donald trump holds his own in the polls despite this? it would indicate people don't care as much as you then,
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right? >> i'd be a little surprised. a lot of folk is talked to up here in new hampshire, they're very disappointed at what he said about senator mccain. like senator mccain or not the service to his country is above and beyond what really most any peep have ever done in the history of our country. >> senator, always good seeing you. thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> you hear a lot about this magic number 67. that is what would override a presidential veto if one were to come. inside let's sale the senate votes to reject the deal, which seems likely, the iranian deal. that would go back to at the president. the president would almost certainly veto that because the deal makes sense to him. an override, to get that you need 67 votes. at that time once seemed impossible. to the's bob cusack on how he sees this playing out. bob, not looking so impossible right now. >> it's an uphill climb for republicans but this is a tough vote for a lot of democrats as
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senator brown mentioned, senator chuck schumer facing one of the biggest decisions of his political career, whether he will side with the are not. the longer this guy the republican feels they can divide the dem cretes. as far as democrats saying on the record absolutely they're going to oppose this, they're holding their fire. they're saying we are reviewing the dealment we have 60 days. look for the vote to happen in september. >> in that time, because of the 60-day clock starts today to review this and ultimately vote on this, you do have time for doubt tore rates the doubts, right? to bring up the stuff they're raising in new york city, with this bipartisan group that clouds joe lieberman on serious issues national and world security issues with this arrangement and are going to make a big deal out of this. does that give them to affect
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the outcome? >> yes. that's why you saw the urn vote happen so quickly because they don't want this hanging out there. the obama administration did not want to have congress reef view this deal initially but then there were enough votes for congress to approve or at least review the deal. democrats said we should have a role here. now they're having a role. we saw the u.n. act before congress has delved in, but certainly the longer this goes the more trouble it is for proponents of the deal. >> wondered about john kerries remarks -- man i took them out of context and if so shame on me. i think what i read into that, when the united nations security council voted unanimously for this deal, that kind of superseded congress, that congress can go through the motions and argue all it wants but even if it were rejected in congress -- and i guess by extension was able to override a presidential veto, too little too late. u.n. passed on it, said it's
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okay. they global bit body assumes preference over our national body. is that right? >> i think there's some p.r. game here, neil, where you have john kerry saying, this deal is now official. so it doesn't matter what congress does, how you vote. i think that's at the directly aimed at dem cretes who are on the fence on how they're going to vote. i think it's a p.r. element of this -- >> to what end though? to what end? if it's a p.r. move and maybe a way to join the democrats you are essentially using a your selling point the u.n. okayed it so i will. >> yes. that's right. that's why john kerry was on the sunday shows and why president obama had a big press conference because they know that there are many critics of this deal and as more details couple out republicans are seizing on it that now know they have to be out there making arguments, certainly remember, at least a few democrats in congress who said, no, the congress should have voted before the u.n.
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democrats, not republicans. >> bob a pleasure, thank you very much. we were just waiting to get confirmation a tease outside the nasdaq, closing out another all-time high. ninth record close of year, appear a being contributor google quicken moving forward on the belief that technology is going to be on -- going to be evidenced in numbers due out this week, first with apple tomorrow at this time. we'll get details on a report that at least apple investors were bidding up strongly convictioned that apple has -- even if it didn't sell as many apple watches it sold enough iphones to more than compensation. who knows. but obvious the street pouncing on that and then changing to color blind. now, look can what is going on outside d.c., when is this last time you saw something like
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this? >> try around dwight eisenhower's time because a cuban flag is flying in washington, dc. normalized relations now has a cuban flag flying in the district of columbia and an american flag flying in havana. we're told that secretary of state kerry will himself be doing the honors later this summer. in cuba. so take a look at that. that is a shot to record and remember. in the meantime, the big debate right now over what to do then, as we normalize relations, fifth cowboy back everything it wants? cuba wants a lot of money and we're always a very rich country and we give it. but they also want something else. gitmo. all of it. everything. would we give. the that? after this. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24.
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ocean views, great real estate, former u.s. prison of detainees. the cubans want gitmo. they want the real estate, lock, stock and barrel. to former pentagon spokesman who says no way even though, j.d., i'm hearing that secretary of state kerry has not unequivocally said no way. at this time he is stressing it is not part of the deal. >> i hope we don't give them gitmo. it's valuable to us. we have had it since 1903, and to break the lease both heads of state have to sign it. so i hope president obama doesn't do it. the white house says it didn't minute, to but the white house cut congress out completely when they negotiated the normalization of real estates in canada. pen rhodes from the national security committee was there in canada secretly negotiating with the cubans, so you can't trust anything that the white house says. >> i do wonder whether you're on the left or right on this issue we have normalized relations to the extent we're opening up
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embassies in each other countries country so it's not a big leap to start deciding facilities that are those of the united states versus those of cuba go back and forth. that's by extension just a logical extension of this deal. >> i think the normalization of relations is the mistake. cuba gets everything they want for little to nothing. gave up a few political prisoner this year, 50 or so earlier this year but they still have one of the most repress receive regime inside the planet -- >> let's say a republican gets elected. marco rube you said he would rescind an agreement. let's say the embassies are up and running it's normalized, whatever. how likely is it that a republican president would rescind that and good back to what we had before? >> i think that a republican president would have an national security council that is responsible and it doesn't negotiate in places like canada out of sight of the congress and out of sight of the american people to the nse to do that is
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incredible. can't trust the white house with what they saying they're doing or going to do. >> thank you very much. now we're learning a little built more about that chattanooga shooter last week who claimed five heroes' lives and it is disturbing. very disturbing. john roberts in chattanooga with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. the fbi still has no firm idea what caused this person to do this what his motive was. they have discovered at his home in hix hixson, tennessee a series of write not really a diary, more a collection of loose life papers with writes on them. a family said they were written when he was going to you depress receive episodes. a lot is almost gibberish but one righting done a year ago where he seemeds to have you'd suicidal ideations and remark about being a martyr. that's powerful islamic image
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and one that may lead fbi down some road to a motive of what happened here. though they're still not saying. the one thing they do for sure there is are no clear ties to any outside terrorist groups so far. now, clearly though,ing this guy did come to in sort of radical idea, even if he might have been suicidal as the family suggested. he did target the military so seem to be fighting some kind of war, even if the war was in his mind. what we're learning paints a pick tower of troubled man. suffered from depression, since the age of 12 or 13. he was on and off depressants drug and alcohol problems, facing a dui charge, supposed to go to court on the 30th of july. couldn't hold down a job also sent by his father to jordan for a time to get away from what the family believed were bad influences at home. and just want to point out at this memorial here, members of the army, a group of soldiers in formation, strode across the parking lot and re-opened the
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army recruiting center. i was undamaged. the marine, navy, airs for offices will remain closed. they were shot up. >> thank you very much. before i get to my next guess we can take a peek what is going on right now in new york. john mccain is speaking. he has been backed up and supported by his two colleagues there is, this us a sensibly express their rage but the donald trump comments came up and both colleagues defending the senator saying that is way over the top. john mccain himself has had little if anything to say on this, side from the fact that trump should be apologizing to veterans. not to him. we are monitoring. of course they're focusing on how bad the iran deal is. now back to what is going on with the revelations of this chattanooga attacker. we now know, ason john was saying, there were a number of red flagged raisedful including this travel and trips to jordan
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and elsewhere in the region, kuwait and other trips to former rye cia director james woolsey on what at the trips tell us. >> they tell us something about setting him aside from others and perhaps some add influence but generally speaking nobody need tuesday travel in order to become radical islamist jihadi these days. you can get it all from the internet, whether you're getting into classrooms or chat rooms or tweeting or whatever. this is not something that really requires travel and meetings. >> nevertheless, wouldn't that get your attention director? even if you cross-reference the people of muslim descent going back these countries and coming back that limits it rare than the omnibus search of 120 million americans' phone records. >> i think it doesn't really limit it. it's one indicator. travel to that part of the world
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can be something that folds you into focusing on an individual. but there's too much of that and too many people who will commit terrorism in the absence of travel. it's not a real sorting mechanism. >> would you sort through like, the chatter phone calls the texting back and forth what would you focus on? >> el, i think one thing we could do is the so-called met a data which would involve late see you have reason -- the government has reason to suspect that wasey has terrorist sympathies. they could back in the early part of the century keep track of letters i would write or i would get the outside of the letter, the address and so forth, but know open the letter and look on the inside. and the nsa was doing essentially that, with e-mails and the like, when they gotland down here about a month ago and they can't even do that anymore. has to be done, if at all by phone companies. so people who say they really
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are opposed to restrictions on the government in keeping track -- >> be careful what youish -- >> talking out of both side -- >> thank you very much. more after this. (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're
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you are looking live. this is three west club. just a couple of blocks from he, lindsey graham, john mccain, joe lieberman excoriating the deal with iran but the question of donald trump has come up and the comments he made about mccain he doesn't consider him a hero despite hit five and a half years in brutal imprisonment. he has not booked down and neither has a top fundraiser for donald trump who spoke to me on
1:26 pm
fox business, which if you don't get this, you should demand because you'll miss this. the fundraiser says this is not hurting the donald at all. take a listen. >> love for donald trump to drop out thereof race but donald trump is not going to drop -- >> how's running as an independent many say he could be very powerful and republicans might rue the day they were ripping him because he could suck a lot of republican votes away. >> he is sucking all the oxygens out of the room for everyone, and you know what? he is not going to run as an independent -- >> how do you know? has he told you that. >> no, no. he has not told me that. >> two things of if you're a billion area do you need a fundraise center i guess maybe you do. bottom line he is not concern about this, donald trump is not apologizing, and take a look at this poll. it's iowa, the latest poll. shows scott walker, sort of like a native son winning very well
1:27 pm
there look who is in second place. this period of question --l" sampling covered the period of donald trump's remarks. so if you think it's instantly damaging to him is to donald trump you might want to think again. we so, their view, guys, is everybody chill out about piling on donald trump. he is still attracting pouter and all these republicans should stuff it. >> look at the polls. this is kind of surprising -- >> that's what i just said. >> what you said is right and i think that what else is going to be happening is you don't want him to run as an independent. i dope think he is. if he loves america so much -- >> if think he would run as an independent in a minute. >> a lot of that is coming from pressure when you have the charm of the rnc saying we don't believe in what he is saying, which obviously we all don't believe that those are the
1:28 pm
statements that represent the rnc. but i think more and more pressure from someone like priebus is going the wrong way. >> ow don't pressure donald trump. >> no. >> that's lite taking you to do something. >> donald trump is a junk yard dog help came only of the new york tab employed culture. he survived it, thrives it. >> and is not taking back one word. >> he won't itch think he'll get 10% to 13% and a lot of crazies are in that. both parties have them. >> i think he registered with more than just crazies. >> maybe a few more but not a lot more. >> what do you think? >> have a couple of donors in new york city that have done business with him they know him and said, man this is -- they think it's funny this
1:29 pm
hilarious, one my donors said white be funny i'd like to send him a check for $5,000 dire jerk that's just vanity. >> they actually like the fact that he is standing up to the establishment because people are sick of the gentlemen on both sites. >> this is why he says damaging to the republican party. this guy just understands how to say -- hilt below the about the ways none of these guys do, and he is going to do it. >> i admire about him he never forgets a slight. someone -- >> oh no you say something on twitter and then you sea him in the hallway and the retweets and says charlie gasperino said something but he had to shake my hand. he is like that. this guy is just an amazing -- >> i think the establish dismisses him at their own peril. >> oh, yes. >> in huge 20-guy field 20-candidate field and one woman, yes but let's face it.
1:30 pm
if it was three people, you'd get ten percent of the vote and he would lose every -- >> spun is minimizing, just saying. >> you want to be on celebrity apprentice. >> truth be told. i like -- >> would you imagine what that debate will be. >> he is wanting to get to the debate and that the onlied a advantage he has -- >> he's a hater. if he wants an establish do. >> meese going to be doing that to jeb bush for two hours. >> that's mature. >> you know it's coming. twisting his nipples. did you hear about the ashley madison site? for couples who cheat on each other. 37 million use the site. the good news is you can keep cheating. the bad news the site has been hacked and the whole world knows. what are you going to do
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dating site for those who are cheating on their respective others. now god has come bang -- back to haunt you. life is karma and karma is a you know what but 37 million little dirty cheater, and you know who you are have been exposed. what now? and what are the legal obligations of the company that got everything exposed? what happened? to ashley madison. can users see? one attorney says yes one attorney says they cannot. ashley, why not. >> as long as they were doing everything in their power to control this breach, and to make sure it didn't happen, then the users can't sue. if the breach was foreseeable they might have an opportunity to sue but as long as this was a criminal act by someone who had absolutely nothing to do with the company, the users are out of luck, really. >> what do you think?
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the company has delete your profile. >> youers are able to pay $19 for a full delete, full erase feature where all of their information is supposed to be wiped from the system. >> when? >> after they bay $19. in 2014, avid life media the parent company collected $1.7 million in revenue and they were supposed to erase all of the users' data. some of the data was posted and these users completely have a breach of contract claim against avid life media. >> ashley put out a statement here, we are working with law enforcement agencies which are investigating this criminal act. any and all parties responsible for the act of cyber terrorism will be held responsible. ashley, is that enough? >> no, it's not. what they're doing is they're saying that it's a criminal act. this is a criminal act. they're deflecting, saying this is a criminal act. that not foreseeable. any crime is what is called an
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intervening cause which means that the act was not foreseeable, and this breach was not foreseeable. were you got judge and put your information in a public forum there's a chan that inflammation will stay out there forever. there's no way to complete delete. so just by paying $19 to delete your information, avid media may have deleted certain information put that doesn't mean all the information is not available -- >> they didn't delete it or they wouldn't be in this position. we know they didn't delete it and years entered into a contract -- >> you sound like you're taking the side of fill fill -- phil janitors. it is weird all of a sudden these guys who are trying to do everything on the sly have been revealed by hackers who are going to expose them. >> absolutely. this whole topic is very unique. >> ashley, is it unique to you or just sinful? >> i think it's very
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john mccain, lindsey gray ham and joe lieberman. mccain left but that leaves lip si graham and lieberman to carry the water. they fear the iran deal has all but guarant they don't want that and are arguing the case against that happening. nebraska run senator agrees with these gentleman and worries what is being set by design here. first, senator always good to have you. >> thanks, neil. >> john kerry indicated today that the u.n. security council has voted for this unanimously. so the congress thing is just a side drama. this is a done deal. by that measure. do you agree? >> no, it's obviously not a done deal. but even by the low standards of washington this is a condescending way to treat the people, because what we should be doing is having the administration make a long-term argument about u.s. national security to the american people, and instead they're more preoccupied with russian and chinese bureaucrats.
1:43 pm
it's disappointing. >> use due make much of the confusion we're getting oust iran? some mullahs thinking the yawn negotiate you'res ceded to much to the americans and others are ripping the united states and the old death to israel thing and all that stuff. we're getting mixed signals. what do you make of that and what that pore tens for approval in the united states? >> well, i mean, if the negotiations started here and here the u.s. gave and gave and gave and gave, and then the iranian decided they could ask for even more if if you look at the agreemented a the administration was sketching the framework on april 2nd and i'm just coming now -- i'm been reading the classified afflecks of the document. by the administration's own standards they didn't get very much of what they said they were going to get in april and what they were striving for in april was too little for to the long term security of the american people and allies in the middle east. >> real quickly john mccain's name comes up and the donald
1:44 pm
trump remarks. he has refused to apologize says he doesn't have to. what do you think? >> none of that is of a lot of concern to people in nebraska but i'm grateful for john mccain and for all the pows out there and all the men and women who have worn the uniform. we should be saluting these heroes. >> if donald trump were to emerge as the republican knock fee for president, could you would you back him? >> people in my state are interested in the iranian deal and at love owes these things are side shows. so we're not paying attention to them to. was hope automatic weekend and now we're back in washington and need to tackle the era of crowd source domestic terrorism. >> so let's go to this one off issue about the the latest terrorist incident in chattanooga. i if it's a one-off there are more and more offer them. how do define them? do you connect them? i guess what authorities are saying each is unique and you can't connect them.
1:45 pm
you say what? >> i think unfortunately the administration and most of the national media is now complicit in just denying the era that we're in. it's an era of digital prop began and online recruit independent the global jihadi movement. of course there's a lot we don't know about chattanooga. but we don't fight just wars against state actors. we have nonstate actors, and isis and al qaeda organizations like that are going to continue to evolve, and the administration pretends if there's not a work order that gives a specific terrorist a specific target at a specific moment, that maybe it's not connected to the globe jihadi movement. your listeners should look at the inspire magazine online and see the way these organizations are shifting toward awareness of soft targets and directing people to self-radicalize and attack. there's a lot we don't know about chattanooga yet but what we do know is that the era we're entering is going to have loot
1:46 pm
more -- a lot more of this where soft targets are exploited by people who believe in killing in the name of religion and the administration shouldn't be looking for a smoking gun theory before they tell the truth about the nature of the battle we now face. >> real quickly, we have the cuban flag flying in washington right now. do you think if a republican is elected, marco rubio says that comes down, that nonsense stops. it would be too late by that time? >> neil, i'm sorry. there was some noise here. i can't hear the first half of the question. >> the cuban flag in washington and marco rubio saying this has to come down. >> the people in my state don't spend a ton of time on symbolic issues but let's he clear who the castro brothers are brutal dictators who oppressed people who are made to be free. we shouldn't be having the cuban flag flying. the more important thing is the u.s. should have a long-term
1:47 pm
foreign policy about being a beacon of freedom for the world and shouldn't be compromising with dictators. >> thank you very much, senator very good to have you. >> thank you. >> i have my buddy janice dean coming up on thes the weather but she she has a new book out. this would have been a friendly interview, come on in. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
1:48 pm
test test test test
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1:50 pm
all right. look at me. look next to me. you see all those triple digits? she's got some stupid book out,
1:51 pm
which we're going to get into. >> we have to talk about the weather first. >> what the heck is going on? >> how many books have you written, sir? >> we'll get into that, but what is going on with all this heat? >> it's summertime. >> this is summer in mercury. >> i've been saying i have -- >> look at those temperatures. >> remember when i was outside just a few months ago when it was really cold? >> you know how much i was pushing our producer to get you outside -- >> as much as possible. >> as much as possible. >> i saved a snowball from this year's snowmageddon. >> this is like lava hot. >> you have to be careful. if you have kids if you have pets you want to stay indoors. >> if you have pets or kids. >> write that down.
1:52 pm
you have that down? a cold front is on the way. >> what's cold? >> wednesday, temperatures will be more seasonal average like 80 degrees. is that okay? >> that's fine. >> how about we do your show from a pool somewhere? >> let's go on to your book. this is a frog right? >> yes, you know this book. this is the third book. >> yeah but you've got like what bill o'reilly has with a series. >> no. >> you don't want to kill freddy off. >> no we want freddy to continue to hop. >> freddy is helping kids understand in this case hurricanes. >> thunderstorms the first one, blizzards the second one, hurricanes the third one. >> who is the readership for this? >> anywhere from 5 years to old to neil cavuto's age. you could learn something from this. >> you know what i learned? i learned those who were plugging it were bill o'reilly
1:53 pm
bret baier, elizabeth hasselbeck, megyn kelly. >> i'm saving the best for last. >> i don't see neil cavuto. there's no neil cavuto here. are you on their shows? later? >> there's going to be more. if freddy becomes a cartoon, guess who i'm going to ask to narrate? >> don't humor me. you know what i do like about this in all seriousness? is you make it familiar to everybody. do your own kids ask about weather? i don't have time to explain weather and the doppler radar. >> that's why there's freddy. >> but they're 12 and 13. >> they can still learn about the categories of hurricanes.
1:54 pm
noaa has endorsed freddy. freddy is a spy. >> freddy the spy touted by everyone but neil cavuto. you can go now. when we come back a guest who respects the anchor of this show. stick around. he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen.
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1:57 pm
every life matters, and that is why this issue is so important. black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter. >> listen. i spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and dignity dignity, but if you don't want me to be here that's okay. >> we want you to be here. >> i don't want to outscream people. >> wait wait. >> i know you're used to the media watching republicans eat their young and go after each other, but it's happening on the
1:58 pm
democrat side too, but think how much the democratic party has shifted to the left when on the left they're ripping bernie sanders and martin o'malley. that puts the republican battles to shame. >> welcome to crazy town. for the last four or five years, you have seen these lions of politicians in washington. nobody has been writing what we're seeing right here is how left the democratic party has moved. >> o'malley was dialing it back. what i don't understand about it is why that doesn't get attention. this stuff gets ignored. this is real serious infighting going on. >> they won't be able to ignore it for something like this happens at the convention the dnc convention. you're not going to be able to avoid that.
1:59 pm
how bad will that be for the democratic party if you have this type of disruption and you have a speaker on stage having to apologize for all lives matter? >> do you think cooler heads prevail by the time we get to a nominee, whoever it is? are they so headstrong and so strung out they'll kill it? >> i'm not sure this group can be placated. i went to their website and looked at what their list of demands are. these are traditional far, far left demands. they talk about black genocide in the united states. they want the release of political prisoners, whoever those are. i don't think you can placate this group. >> why would hillary clinton try to win them over if they're so extreme? >> she didn't show up. >> i know but she's echoing a lot of their positions. >> there are people who are upset with racial tensions in
2:00 pm
the country. she's trying to reach that group. i don't think she'll ever be able to placate this organization. >> you want to go after this stuff, by all means. we went after the republican stuff. that's the essence of fair and blarns balanced. hello, everyone. "the five." talk about being captured. >> john mccain goes oh boy, trump makes my life difficult. he had 15,000 crazies show up. he called them all crazy. he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> now maybe this is trash talk between rivals.


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