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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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those 67,000 fans react to brett favre coming home to lambeau? [cheers and applause] it worked. all is forgiven. the fans loved brett favre and he deeply loves them. go pacs. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. the o'reilly factor is on tonight: >> i'm not a fasten john mccain. he has done a terrible job for the vets. >> i think he mayo an apology to the families of those who may have sacrificed in conflict. >> the republican party under pressure over comments by donald trump. tonight, mr. trump will be on the factor. >> mccain has that old story, war hero that got captured. i don't want to vote for nobody that got captured. >> did donald trump take his cue from chris rock in criticizing john mccain's captivity in vietnam? brit hume has some thoughts. >> what is the thing that you like the most about
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america? >> the system is so good. >> you have never been on the long island railroad. >> watters talking to foreclosurers whether they like the u.s.a. >> good view from here on on. >> no kidding. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we will have the talking points memo a bit later on first an interview with donald trump. as you may know mr. trump has caused big trophy by criticizing john mccain. it all began after the senator described some trump supporters as crazies. that prompted mr. trump to describe mr. mccain as being soft on illegal immigration and not helping american veterans enough. mr. mccain is the chairman of the senate armed services committee.
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>> i see the vets. they come to me. these are powerful, wonderful people and they are crying. they don't know what to do. they are lost because of what we are doing. frankly, illegal immigrants get treated better than many of our vets. >> donald trump is also disenchanted with john mccain on the illegal imgrant front. those were the issues but then these got personal. >> i don't like heroes. >> he is he a war hero. >> sea war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured okay? >> and that's the comment that has caused the uproar. however, new "the washington post" poll just out this afternoon shows mr. trump surging 24% of republicans or g.o.p. leaders support him. that was taken before the mccain situation exploded. joining us now from his new york city headquarters is donald trump. so supporter of yours somebody likes you asked me yesterday why doesn't trump just stick to the issues
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pause some are resonating. why does he have to get personal? how do you answer that? >> well, when you get personal, if you look at what john mccain said, we had 15,000 incredible americans talking about illegal immigration bill and he called them crazies. that was a very insulting thing. they were all very insulted in phoenix the other day that was very insulting thing not good. is i see what's happening. i am making the round all across the country i see how badly our guys are treated. he is the guy. of he is supposed to be doing it i see him on television all the time. he is always talking talking but nothing gets done. these veterans are living in hell had bill. they are hurting and they are crying and you see these strong, powerful people and you see tears coming down their eyes. the veterans administration is a scandal. it's corrupt and what's going on is a disgrace. and, believe me, if i win if i become president that will end. the veterans will be treated properly. >> now i'm going to get to
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that issue in a moment. i also want to talk about the illegal immigration issue. but, you kind of dodged the question. you could have made the point that mr. mccain's characterization of your supporters is crazy is false and you could have just said what you said right now that the vets need better treatment and i, donald trump, am going to do that if elected. but then when asked about mccain you got into his war record i think you would admit that was a mistake because john mccain was a war hero and you know it? >> i haven't said anything different. sharyl attkisson annualized everything i said. she concluded a few minutes later news conference which everyone goes it to immediately and looked at it and said trump did absolutely nothing wrong he said the right things. he said war hero four times. >> wait, wait, wait, wait a wait. you can backtrack into that.
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but the fact of the matter is we just played the clip where you said he was captured and i like people who aren't captured. now, you know that that wasn't correct. he was on a bombing mission. he was shot down. he was tortured. he could have been released but he said no he wanted to stay with captured comrades. you know the way that came off wasn't correct. >> bill, no matter how you say it, what i said, including my remarks right afterwards right off the stage, if you look at it and sharyl attkisson is highly respected. she said it was very unfair how the media reported on me. >> unfair. you yourself and i know you for a long time and i want you to be honest. you do think john mccain is a hero. i know you do i do. i said it i actually said it four times and i said it immediately when i went off stage because i was asked that question.
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>> there is no debate about john mccain's heroism, he is an american hero. let's' get on to the two issues. you know this is close to my heart because i have raised through the factor viewers tens of millions of dollars for the wounded vets to get the wheelchairs. i he shouldn't have to be doing that the government should do that that should come from the government but it doesn't. so you are right the government doesn't give the priority it should to the wounded vets you are right. mccain has done good work. all right? he was behind the veterans affair reform bill. he was behind the clay hunt suicide prevention act. you picked the wrong guy here i think. >> bill, regardless of work or not work. they are suffering. i'm all over the country. i see them all the time. >> they are suffering. so how can he be doing -- he is virtually the head person in washington. he is the head of the group that runs.
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i you mean, he is -- somebody is doing a bad job it's massive corruption. massive incompetence and the people are really being treated like third class citizens bill, who he is in charge. >> i think the v.a. is a disgrace generally speaking and i think president obama and bush the younger didn't do what they should have done, which is prioritize the best treatment on earth for anybody hit in iraq and afghanistan. i agree. i don't think mccain is the villain here. now, your disdain for the establishment is why you are leading in the "the washington post" poll. you would agree with that you are coming across as a guy who doesn't -- thinks all of these people are pinheads. the democrats and the republicans are just a bunch of mouth offs they don't get anything done. that's why you are popular; is that correct? >> i have great record. i built a great company. i have a wonderful company. in fact, i just released my financials and people were amazed at how good they are
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they are great. i did something know, i employ thousands of people i don't know if you saw nevada poll came out fantastic. tremendous victory for me. most importantly as far as i'm concerned, i won the hispanics by a tremendous margin. so, a lot of good polls north carolina just came out i'm way ahead in north carolina. >> you are ahead by walker is second in the "the washington post." i think he is is and you are at 24. the reason you are surging look governor walker did a decent job in wisconsin. kasich did a decent job in ohio. bush did a decent job in florida. perry did a decent job in texas. you did a good job with your company. the reason people are coming to you is you are the anti politician. but that's a double edged sword because you can't alien nate the establishment totally, can you? >> you know, the funny thing is that i would really not. if i win i will tell you i will get along with people.
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and you know me for a long time bill, do i get along with people. i deal with foreign countries. i made a lot of money dealing with china. i made a lot of money dealing with many other countries. i have a great relationship in a business week poll, they said who do you most prefer -- you know, they talked about the differential things that the chinese want. one of the things is anything trump. i mean, and i hit them very hard because their leaders are much smarter. more capable, much more competent than ours and they pete us all the time. i hit them hard and let people know that. >> you certainly hit them hard. >> they still like me which is sort of an amazing thing right? >> you got 45 seconds i want you to say something to senator mccain tonight man to man to him right now. >> i'm going to say this. >> i have respect for senator mccain i used to like him a lot. i supported him. i raised a lot of money for his campaign against president obama. certainly if there was a misunderstanding i would totally take that back. hopefully i said it correctly and certainly shortly thereafter i said it correctly.
5:10 pm
i would like him however to do something with the 15,000 people that were in phoenix about illegal, you know immigration. they are being disseminated. these people are are being disseminated. i would love to see him too a much better job taking care of the veterans, bill. >> all right. thanks for showing u tonight, donald, we preached it next on the rundown, brit hume has some thoughts about the trump candidacy. later, with the world focused on america because of the iranian nuke deal watters speaking with foreigners about how they see this country. up ahead. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again?
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hume zone seeing. reaction to the donald trump interview with us now brit hume. okay. you heard him. and you say? >> he did fine, did you fine. i noticed that he doesn't seem to buffalo you the way he does some other
5:14 pm
interviewers. maybe that's because he thinks you are a bigger buffalo than he is. he did fine. >> i don't think and i don't want to play psychologist here but i have known the man for a long time and i go to games with him, you know, and all too and we both get booed and cheered. i don't think he means half of what he says. he is a showman. he needs to get attention. i just don't -- i know he doesn't think john mccain -- i know he thinks he is a hero. >> you buy think that may well be true. i think what happens here is if he is criticized or his supporters are criticized by anybody in any way he reacts on a personal level. >> yes yes. >> so, you know, the criticism really was not of him. and, in fact, it was only of a possible subset of his supporters because he said that he had, you know, he had stirred up all the crazies. that didn't necessarily refer to the people who were there. it just mean that mccain thinks are crazy on
5:15 pm
immigration. a little disappointing to some extent. but it wasn't aimed at trump personally. so trump -- then, you know, frank luntle interviewing him says mccain is a war hero and trump's reflexive instinctive reaction to deny that first words out of his mouth he is not a war hero. adjusts he is a war hero because he was captured i like people who aren't captured. >> trump's world he can say whatever he wants because he runs the show. he can say it, he doesn't have to apologize it now he is not in trump's world any longer. is he running for president. here is where i think he got the mccain riff. and this is fascinating. roll the tape. mccain got that same story. got same [bleep] story for 44 years. he is a war hero. he a war hero that got
5:16 pm
captured. [ laughter ] there is a lot of guys in jail that got captured. [ laughter ] [bleep] [bleep]. i don't want to vote for nobody that got captured. i want for the [bleep] that got away. >> all right. now, funny rock is irreverent, didn't take any heat for that. that was 2008 when mccain was running against barack obama who chris rock liked. i think subliminally that's what that was all about. >> you have to ask trump about that i have no way of knowing what inspired that obviously it means it was said before and something similar said by al franken back in the day. this idea, you know, belittling mccain because he was captured has been around for a while and has not always emanated from the mouths of people you would like to be president of the united states. >> or you have any respect for at all. >> right. >> okay, now the republican party is kind of in disarray
5:17 pm
because of the. the debate three weeks away, good and bad. huge ratings on fox news because trump will be there. he can say anything or do anything. the other guys don't want to reply in kind. how do you see that right now? >> i don't know what's going to happen to the debate. i don't know how it would look to have trump being trump while the other guys are being the way they are. >> yeah. >> establishment. >> he may -- they may all look bad by comparison and they may look better. but, i think there is evidence tonight despite the trump surge in this "the washington post" poll that came out because most of the polling was done before. >> before as we pointed out. >> but but a -- some portion of those polled were polled after the remarks. and among those people, his support was way down. so, in the near term, at least, it appears to have done him some damage. whether that damage will persist or whether he will bounce back remains to be
5:18 pm
seen. >> fox news should have a poll out later this week that would encompass the days after and we will see. >> right. >> all right brit, as always, thank you very much. directly ahead the senate will it pass a tough new law against illegal alien felons. will it? big hearing tomorrow. kate stibly's father will testify. also a factor investigation. one of the men president obama is letting out of prison nonviolent offender is a drug king pin. wait until you hear what this guy did. moments away. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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factor follow up segment tent. kate's law, as you may know the factor is trying to get a new law passed that would man date a five year prison sentence for any illegal alien who commits a felony in the u.s.a. is deported, comes back. simple law that would save american lives. we did this because earlier this month 32-year-old kate
5:22 pm
steinle was murdered by an illegal alien criminal who had been deported five times. kate was shot in the back while walking with her father. >> we heard a shot and kate went down and the rest we all know what happened then. >> what did she say before she went down? >> help me, dad. >> and had you had no idea what was happening at that point? >> none whatsoever. we heard a pop. and sortly after that kate went down. >> now tomorrow mr. steinle will testify in front of the senate judiciary committee in washington as we promised when we interviewed the parents of kate last week. with us now the chairman of that committee senator chuck grassley from iowa. first of all, have you now written a law that we dubbed kate's law. and it's ago aggravated felony any illegal alien
5:23 pm
with aggravated felony comes back. what's aggravated felony. >> aggravated felony can be anything from murder, rape, child pornography things of that nature. but a very violent crime. >> drug sales too right? narcotics? >> yes. >> so that's what this guy was into. he was a drug dealer. now, it seems to me, and i think almost everybody watching because hundreds of thousands have signed a petition that we are going to give you tomorrow. who would oppose this law? who would oppose that? >> well, you have got to remember, there is advocacy group just today said that we should not change public policy just based upon isolated incident of the steinle murder. >> but you are going to have people -- you are going to have a leaning of people -- >> -- five people testifying but, remember, since in the last five years, 121 people have been murdered by criminal aliens. >> but why would any advocacy group and you figure that they want to
5:24 pm
help the poor, say you shouldn't put a person who is deported and comes back, who is a felon aggravated felon, in prison? who -- that's insane. i'm just trying to get the logic of this. you have been around a long time. is there any logic to not doing what you want to do? >> not as far as i'm concerned, but there are some people so fearful of certain segments of our population, that you might call illegal aliens that anything to defend them, they are very reluctant to make changes. but, when there is a murder like, this a senseless murder, we have to take advantage of the opportunity not only because it's a one incident but because as i said, 121 people murdered. >> right. even if there were just two when you deport somebody and they come back, they should be punished. >> yeah. what is this? we are paying for all of this. now, i he must tell everybody that we're going to have the steinle's on tomorrow after they testify to your committee, all
5:25 pm
right, do you expect your democratic piers, on the committee, to give them a hard time? they can't possibly, they can't. >> i don't think so. but nothing is very predictable in the senate of the united states. >> i you think this is going to pass the senate. it's very well written. did you a great job writing this law. >> yeah. >> it's he very specific. it doesn't pick on law abiding illegal aliens who are just trying to make a living this and that. it is the hardest core that we want to put away. >> so i congratulate you senator, you acted quickly on this. you got the committee hearing. you got the steinles and others up to testify. this is the way our government should work. last word. >> we also have the witnesses that have murder in their family testifying first so we have have the immigration people from the administration that are going to testify afterwards. they usually like to go first as government people. >> they need to hear this. >> yes, you are absolutely right. >> they need to hear this.
5:26 pm
>> they better be there in the audience listening. sometimes they come in at the last minute. >> well, if they are not there, you tell me. >> i will tell. >> you we will put their picture right up on the screen here. good luck, senator. >> thank you very much. >> nice to have you here. one important footnote. today is the last day to sign a petition to support kate's law. 600,000 folks have signed it. we hope you will do. please go to our website bill o' plenty more. what does charles krauthammer think about the infighting in the republican party. charles will be here. watters asking foreign nationals if they like the u.s.a. or not. >> what is the thing that you like the most about america? >> politics. >> you like our politics? >> yes. >> really? you might be the only one. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. el it. get gas-x. it relieves bloating in minutes. plus that uncomfortable pressure. no wonder it's the #1 gas relief brand.
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bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. watters world segment tonight, all over the world people are refocused on america that's because the iranian nuke deal and our upcoming presidential race. we sent watters to the united nations to find out if folks from overseas like us or not. ♪ ♪ >> where are you from? >> i'm from -- >> we are from bangladesh. >> came here from new to visit. >> where are you.
5:31 pm
>> canada. >> i'm from chad. >> chad? >> africa. >> i like your hat. i'm not going to try to take it or anything. don't worry. >> what? what? >> nothing. >> now as a tabaguan. what is the thing you like most about america. >> the culture. freedom. >> freedom here. the people say whatever [bleep] they want. >> can you say whatever you want in saudi arabia? >> sure, i love saudi arabia. >> i like -- the system is so good. >> you like our transportation system? you have never been on the long island railroad. what is the thing that you like the most about america? >> politics. >> really you? might be the only one. you work at the u.n.? >> yes. >> a lot of meetings. >> a lot of meetings. >> meeting after meeting after meeting. do you ever get bored in the meetings? do you guys have a meeting about a meeting? >> follow-up to the meeting.
5:32 pm
>> and then nice lunch. >> all right girls. that's 30 minutes for lunch. >> [inaudible] >> do you like american women? american women or women from bangladesh. >> we like both. >> yeah. >> you don't know who i am, do you? >> huh? >> i'm kind of a big deal. >> are these your dogs? >> some countries eat dog at the u.n. you better be careful. do you ever eat freedom fries. >> >> no. >> can you help us out with isis a little bit more? it feels like we are doing a lot of the heavy lifting. >> will you say that again please? >> as a trinidadian and sibiguan what is the thing you like the least about america? >> the subway. >> the stinky people that are on it. >> you stink like beef and cheese. >> i blame de blasio. >> why? >> why?
5:33 pm
because i want to. >> america is sometimes so much its power. >> we should surrender to people like you guys. [ laughter ] >> someone has to lead the world. who else is going to do it? >> why do we need a leader? >> when there is a natural disaster who comes and saves everybody? >> can you help. >> america. when there is a dictator running wild, who comes and kills them? america. when you guys need an iphone, where do you get it from? >> apple. [ laughter ] >> got him. >> it took us about two hours to get through the airport security and customs. >> does the tsa agents pat you down. >> yes actually. >> okay. >> gas prices, sure, it's so expensive here. >> how much is a gallon of gas in saudi arabia. >> quarter dollar. >> keep pumping that oil out of the ground i like to drive allot. >> keep going going into
5:34 pm
hyper active. >> what do you think about bill o'reilly? >> nice. >> you are probably thinking of the wrong guy. >> hello. >> so handsome. >> okay. >> thank you. ya man. >> no that's jamaican. >> you big dummy. >> here is watters. he i understand your family is turning against you now with all of these things. >> well, they have been against me. i said my latest thing i'm going to interview foreigners outside the u.n. and my mother says foreigners you can't say that word. >> you can't? >> outdated and defensive. >> who are they? >> i said mom, you are american right? people from a foreign country. and she said, jesse, we live in a global world now. you can't say that. >> you can't say the word foreigners. >> that's offensive. >> what about the rock group? what happened to them. >> i think that's okay. >> my parents do like that. >> giving you a hard time your parents. >> yes. >> you know why? they get scorned they walk out of the house. >> that's true. you don't have to be sympathetic. jesse watters, everybody we
5:35 pm
come right back, a factor investigation, one of the men president obama is letting out of prison, a pretty bad guy. wait until you see what we have uncovered. krauthammer on trump vs. mccain and the iranian deal. we'll be right back. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪
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thanks for being with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the factor investigation segment tonight releasing nonviolent offenders from prison. last week president obama told 46 convicted felons, some of whom serving life they would soon be free. the president did this after telling the nation the men were nonviolent offenders whose sentences did not fit the crime. apparently mr. obama believes the justice system is biased against minority individuals, especially in drug cases. and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. i firmly believe that selling hard drugs is, is a violent crime. those drugs have killed millions of americans and enslaved tens of millions over the years. 70% of all child abuse and neglect caused by patience who are substance abusers. anyone who sells poison is harming other human beings. enter 42-year-old marlon mcneely sentenced to life in prison 1993 for being involved in a major crack cocaine ring that terrorized the west coast of florida for years. mcneely's grandfather robert
5:40 pm
wonderman lee cartel. died in prison. crack operation took in millions of dollars a month and harmed thousands of people. mcneely is being classified as a nonviolent offender by the president and will soon be released after serving 22 years in prison. again, the man sold hard drugs for money. and the poison he pushed harmed and killed people. so should we feel compassion for marlon mcneely? you make the call. and that's the memo. now, last week i spoke with two very experienced attorneys on the subject of president obama's pardons. amy marion, civil rights attorney whose brother is currently in prison. and shannon guess ling, executive director of the southeastern legal foundation. why do you think ms. guess ling, president obama sees marlon mcneely as nonviolent. why? >> i couldn't possibly fathom how the president sees mcneely as nonviolent. they brought crack cocaine to southwest florida in the
5:41 pm
80's. they are the reason that there is addiction and violence with crack cocaine and cocaine in st. peters birg -- petersburg area. his grandfather went to prison for life. the next person in line went to prison for life. these people created violence in communities. they destroy entire communities. i can't understand how any person, including the president of the united states, could see this as nonviolent. it's the opposite of justice. it is justice uprooted. >> ms. marion, the reason i mentioned your brother was continue to form the audience that you have personal experience with incarceration. your brother was not a trafficker correct? he didn't deal? >> that's correct. >> he just got caught up in some situation. now, ms. guess ling makes a very compelling case that a guy like mcneily a drug king pin has harmed, thousands of people and yet is he letting him out saying he is a nonviolent offender and the punishment doesn't fit the crime. do you agree with that? >> i think the dialogue that the president is using is
5:42 pm
incorrect. that when the president said, you know, these people deserve second chances and when he says that these individuals are nonviolent, the legislation and the penal law takes into account whether or not individuals have violent paths. and that is actually used in commuting or in calculating sentences? >> he made the determination himself that mcnealy should get out. he is currently serving life. is he going to be out in november. in describing it to the american people, the president of the united states looked us in the eye and said he is a nonviolent offender. his punishment doesn't fit the crime. do you agree with that? >> i agree in the fact that the crime is a nonviolent crime. >> really? >> if his organization is killing people, all right killing people. he has enforcers, you know how it works. all right? they fight for turf. somebody doesn't pay. that's nonviolent? >> you indict individuals for that that's why, you know, when you have the mafia. >> he admitted. >> no, no.
5:43 pm
>> then you indict those individuals. >> he admitted being part, a leader of this organization. which did these things. >> correct. >> you say he is nonviolent. >> he wasn't tried and convicted. we live in a democracy we don't live in a demagogue. >> individuals to be charged and tried trying to sell it in a dishonest way. ms. guess ling, look, ms. marion is right in the sense that this guy was not convicted, mcnealy of any violent offense like homicide or manslaughter. but we all know that he oversaw an operation that was violent. and that his product caused violence. but, president obama will not accept that as a violent offense. and it just drives me nuts. >> he doesn't -- i don't think anybody has a choice of where weather to accept it or not accept it you understood your point about
5:44 pm
changing the practices of sentencing and maybe there needs to be reform. but this isn't about reform. this is about the president of the united states being judge and jury after a judge and after a jury has made a decision and how the law is written about sentencing. >> that is right. he can do that. he has the power to do it. >> i understand. but he should be truthful with the american people. >> that's my beef. >> about who these people are. got to be truthful. >> not pot heads picked up in mississippi with a blunt in their glove compartment. these are terrible. >> right, they are not. >> terrible evil people who the president is trying to engender sympathy for and that's my beef. i don't feel sorry for mcnealy, he should never see the light of day. >> i do understand your beef. i think what the president has done is given you the talking points for the beef because i agree with you in that mcnealy is not the poster child that we want for sentencing reform. >> anybody else who can get
5:45 pm
pardoned. >> sentencing reform and guideline. i absolutely agree with you on that. >> i'm glad. because this dishonesty has to stop. has to stop and the president should next week say, you know what? i didn't describe this guy correctly. he is a violent offender. good debate, ladies. i appreciate it very much. krauthammer is on deck. trump, mccain and iranian nukes. charles is next.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
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. back of the book segment tonight. let's get to charles krauthammer who joins us from washington. i want to replay a sound bite and get your reaction to it. go. >> i see the vets. they come to me. these are powerful, wonderful people, and they are crying. they don't know what to do. they are lost because of
5:49 pm
what we're doing. frankly, illegal immigrants get treated better than many of our vets. >> and you know what? that sound bite is resonating among many, many americans because they don't like the illegal alien chaos. that's how today the border is still not secure under six and a half years under president obama. people still coming over at will, all right. and the veteran situation is still pretty bad. so is that a legitimate comparison that may be illegal aliens are treated better in this country than vets. is it valid? >> look, it's a dumb comparison. if we had zero illegal immigration in the country would that make one wit of a difference about the mistreatment of our vets and the v.a. system. one has nothing to do with the other. and secondly, by what criteria better off than, what, by the benefits they
5:50 pm
get, by the respect they are shown in the street, by the fact that they can get a discount on a car by their healthcare? there are a dozen criteria you could invoke. this is simply a way to harness one issue two another, artificially. they have nothing to do with one another. >> i agree with that. >> a way to inflame it. >> but i think you are missing something. >> rather than illuminated in any way. and he getting exactly what he wants. the attention and the oxygen. >> okay. but i think you're missing something. the perception is in many conservative circles, that's true. that the government in washington is going out of its way to pander if you want that word. i don't know. to illegal aliens while the veterans are being ignored. that is the perception. as you know in politics, perception is often reality.
5:51 pm
>> but perception is not reality. my argument is there is no connection whatsoever. the second part of this is look. this is donald trump. attempting to spin his way out of what was a disgraceful statement which you played which is undeniable. he is not a war hero. he is only a war hero because he was captured. i prefer people who -- i like people who were not captured. so instead of addressing that which he doesn't want to. instead he pre tends, this is all about his defense of the vets and john mccain's failing the vets. that's called spin bill. and this is supposed to be a no spin zone. >> all right. but i have to let people say what they want to say including you. on another topic, you have been unbelievably passionate about how bad this iranian nuke deal is in. two minutes, tell the world why
5:52 pm
you believe that. >> as of this afternoon, by the security council resolution that the administration managed to shoot through before congress could even speak on this. iran is no longer a pariah state. it will now be treated like any other state. open to commerce to business, within a couple of years, it will be able to import weapons, the highest developed weapons in the world. the economy is about to get $150 billion injection. it will be allowed to sell its oil, to triple its output to the tune of about $120 million a day. it will have an economic resurgence and it is dominating the region. threatening our allies. what have we gotten in return for all of this? a pathway that will guarantee that iran will not just be a nuclear arms state but have a large arsenal of nuclear weapons
5:53 pm
in about 10 to 15 years. assuming iran adheres to the treaty which i can assure you, it will not, in the best case scenario it creates iran as a threshold nuclear state of which obama himself said a couple of months ago, in years 12 13 14. there will be zero breakout time. meaning the distance it would have to travel from where it would be ledge it mated by the world, to being nuclear armed with a large arsenal. is absolutely disappearing. in other words, it would be on the threshold of becoming a nuclear state whenever it wants. this is worst deal since the munich deal of 1938. >> i'm glad we got you on the record with that charles, and appreciate it as always. back to the tip of the day. what do you do when a giant shark attacks you besides cry?
5:54 pm
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i'm very pleased with hitler's last days. children will be engaged if you can get the mnls out of their hands. why didn't the american flag fly half-staff on federal property after the five servicemen were killed in chattanooga? dennis why do you keep hammering mexico is corrupt when the u.s. has allowed millions of undocumented people into the country? mexico is. the drug cartel is allowed to do whatever it wants. while i support case law, there are problems with prison overcrowding and cost among them. right now we have anarchy.
5:57 pm
we have to build more facilities. monica meyers. up you would be stunned if congress doesn't pass kate's law. well prepared to be stunned. there are no real men in washington anymore. bloomfield hills, i worked hard to become an american. i don't understand why illegal aliens are given so much leniency. heavy emotion involve, not much rational discourse, the problem could be solved in a wear way but the southern border must be secured. congratulations on the emmy nomination for killing jesus. i thoroughly enjoyed it. we were very pleased the emmy folks saw the film. glad you liked it and the dvd is in the marketplace. i'm foregoing some luxuries in order to sign up as a bill
5:58 pm
o'reilly. the tariff is just $50 which you'll more than make up for. come on man. do the math. and on that note tickets going farther foft six remaining shows. details on bill o' we'll see miller on wednesday. he's back from vacation. the tip of the day. "sharknado" will be on wednesday. i have to admit i turned down a role but i can see these movies can be fun. however a serious shark situation happened yesterday off the coast of south africa when a surfer was attacked by a giant shark. >> i see a little splash. oh! [ bleep ]
5:59 pm
with the thumb up. he is okay. >> apparently australian mick fanning kicked the shark and it was a big one. when he was assaulted by it the beast went away. he did the right thing. he's spent a lot of time in the waters around the world. if a shark approaches you, you kick and hit it as hard as you can on the first pass. the shark is usually checking things out. here some stats. there have been 49 unprovoked shark attacks this year. 72 last year worldwide. nine fatality in addition year 1/2. you have more of a chance dying from lightning than from sharks. if you were one of the few confronted by a shark, give him a shot he'll never forget. that is it for us tonight. please check out a fox news website. also plenty to talk about it. word of the day, do not be impertinent.
6:00 pm
thanks for watching us. please always remember, the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. serious new questions for the xhanler in chief. as a growing number of americans want to know why the white house is not doing more to recognize the deaths the murders of four marines and u.s. one u.s. sailor killed in a possible terrorist act on american soil. welcome to "the kelly file." it is one of our most solemn symbols of mourning. flying the flag at half-staff signifying the country's loss. tonight, five days after a gunman ambushed marnls at two military facilities in chattanooga, and 72 hours after we learned that a fifth victim a sailor has died from his injuries the white house flag