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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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princess charlotte was christened. bill: well done. you should see my picture when i was 2. it's awful. i didn't have a photographer kneeling around 24 hours a day. we have got to go to radio. martha: see you around. have a great day. jenna: court action as an illegal immigrant convicted of seven other fell any and deported five times gets ready for a hearing in the shooting death of young woman. jon: so many people are wondering why. kate steinle gunned down as she walked along a san francisco tier with her father earlier this month. her murder shining spotlight on so-called sanctuary cities after
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francisco sanchez remained in the u.s. despite his rap sheet. claudia cowen is outside the san francisco hall of justice. what are we expecting today? >> the status update is focusing on the evidence. the prosecution needs to be absolutely methodical about sharing its evidence fit wants a conviction in this case to stick. the defendant francisco sanchez isn't expected to talk after his appearance in court. his lawyers say it was an accident. but as a convicted felon he was not allowed to own or pick up a gun. the defense could raise the issues of mental health. at his arraignment he appeared anxious and confused. >> we are hear something
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emotional testimony from the victim spms parents who are fighting for immigration reform. >> reporter: after initially avoiding the media spotlight kate's father jim testified on capitol hill until support of legislation named in honor of his daughter. kate's law would crack down on sanctuary cities. and kate's mother went on the record with gretta. >> we want our loss to be the last loss from a violent criminal. immigrant. we have enough of that here without them coming in wherever. and that's what we are here, to try to get legislation passed that kate will be the last person. >> reporter: bills have been
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proposed in the u.s. house and the senate. but city leaders have given no word that laws will change anytime soon. jon: claudia cowan thank you. jenna: we are awaiting a news conference from the u.s. attorney on the chattanooga shootings. the shooter's uncle is detained in jordan as part of the investigation into the shooter's visit. new details on the shooting of those five servicemen. fox news learning one other service member on the scene in chattanooga managed to shoot back at the gunman. the navy times reporting timothy
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white used his personal weapon to shoot back which raises questions over who actually killed the shooter. jon: prosecutors in italy say terrorists were planning an attack on the u.s. base. authorities say two men were arranging to travel to isis territory for military training. jenna: the secret service is scrambling to fix a breach of security. kenya shared information with local airlines about the exact time air force one will be flying overhead from nairobi.
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>> kenyan aviation authorities caused a major security breach. they sent top offices throughout emails stating the exact time air force one carrying president obama is due to land in nairobi. it's worrying for several reasons. the u.s. state department is saying the summit he's attending could become a terror target and it's on alert. and because the main terror group, al-shabaab is known to have surface-to-air missiles. kenya suffered a surface-to-air attack in 2002 when they tried to shoot down an israeli airliner but missed. a kenya official sent
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information made lined president obama's visit to kenya also giving the president's exact. >> i continuery. we understand the president will arrive in kenya at a different time. however, just when it looked like the schedule was safely under wraps. today a kenyan online newspaper published a new timetable for the president's arrival and departure also giving the exact time. jenna: thank you. jon: details coming to light in the death of sandra bland in texas. her death will be investigated as a homicide. this as recently released dash cam video shows the traffic stop and confrontation between blonde and an officer before her arrest. 72 hours later she would be found dead, hanged in her cell. police say the was suicide her
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family disagrees. casey stegall joins us from dallas. >> reporter: sandra blonde -- bland was pulled over because she did not use her turn signal to change lanes. >> i'm going to drag you out of here. >> you are going to drag me out of my own car? get to it now! >> reporter: the trooper says bland kicked him so he handcuffed her and took her to jail for assaulting a police officer. three days later they found the 28-year-old hanging in her cell. authorities say she committed suicide by hang herself with a plastic trash bag. the coroner's report is consistent with that.
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but her family believes there is a cover-up, saying blonde was injured during her arrest and she would never have taken her own life. her date sparked protests. those who say this is the latest instance after white police officer using unnecessary force on an african-american citizen. skeptics calling for a probe by the department of justice while her family has ordered an independent autopsy. >> there is a tragedy that happened regardless of who is at fault. a young lady lost her life. that's always a tragedy. every life matters. in texas we'll take careful steps so there is no rush to judgment. >> reporter: the prayer vigil was held at bland's college. she just accepted a job at the university. she just moved back to texas from chicago.
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she had a few dust-ups with police in the past but she did have a fairly clean criminal record. jenna: signs of trouble for hillary clinton according to recent polls. "the washington post" report. a terrifying moment caught on camera when a store clerk comes face to face with a gunman. >> these guys are desperate they want their stuff. our investigators are working hard at that.
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jenna: police in texas are looking for two men in a violent robbery.
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the injured clerk wrestles with the gunman. this is the 6th robbery in four months at that store. officials say a suspect led deputies on a chase before bailing out along a highway. final two surrendering in a field. a man arrested in a car wash bombing in south carolina. he may be a suspect in similar incidents. after arresting jeffrey daily investigators say they found an ex closely device in his car. jon: polls show hillary clinton behind in three swing states. she trails three gop contenders
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in head-to-head matchups. she loses 36% to 44% against senator marco rubio, 42-36 against jeb bush and 45-37 against scott walker. joining us now a report from "the washington post." ed, do these poll numbers surprise you? >> they do because they suggest a downward tilt for mrs. clinton that haven't been there in recent you surveys. these may prove to be an anomaly. and it's more than a year before the general elect so these are near snapshots. but it shows there continues to be concern about their record as secretary of state. whether she has been totally
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forthcoming. and other issues perhaps the fact that she isn't frequently engaging reporters. all of that sort of add to suspicions and concerns people have had about her potential presidency. jon: the pollsters asked in iowa would you say hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy 33% say yes, 59% say no. almost 2-1 describing the former secretary of state as not honest and trustworthy and this is before much negative advertising from the candidate to ultimately going against her assuming she gets the nomination. that's not a good place to be if you want to become the standard bearer of your party.
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>> i suppose not. but two things to point out in that. several of the other republican candidates have similar numbers. it suggests it could be a problem for several people running for president. also she did not do well when she faced barack obama and john edwards. so she had issues with democrats in that state. that's why she'll be spending time there and not let bernie sanders chip away at the lead she has. it shows she has challenges in that state and several other states. quinnipiac looked at colorado and virginia that could be swing states depending on who the two nominees are. she has a lot of work to do despite being the front runner. jon: we had the numbers up how mrs. clinton stacks up against
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jeb bush, marco rubio and scott walker. bernie sanders also loses to those three but this numbers are better than hillary clinton's. again, is that a sign of trouble for her? >> i think that reactions and the poll bumps we are seeing from sanders and donald truck. small handful of others is a typical sort of year before the big year reaction people have. if we had gone with these kind of polls in 2007 or in 2012, we would -- or 2011 we would have president john edwards or john glenn, we have have had president mario komo. these types of polls so eventually the situation sorts itself out. despite the narrative that she is the frontrunner and despite
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the narrative that jeb bush or scott walker is leading the pack at the end of the day. right now a lot of people are concerned about how these things are shaking out. and that's why guys like bernie sanders and donald trump might end up at top of these polls. jon: her perceptions of her not not trustworthy those are persistent in a couple of important states, too. colorado and virginia among them. >> that's right. again i think she is separate from these perceptions across the country for quite some time. colorado and virginia could be critical in a close matchup with the republicans considering they have large swing vote populations in both of those states. part of the reason you hear chatter about clinton picking one of the two democratic senators as a running mate. they could make the difference
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in close elections. >> i want to touch on one other topic. i notice you have got a lapel pin on. it's been a year since your colleague was arrested and jailed in iran. his incarceration the longest by far for a western journalist since the 1979 revolution in iran. it must be a somber day there at "the washington post." >> certainly frustrating. today "the washington post" officially petitioned the u.n. human rights council. i would refer people to that for a fuller statement of how we feel about it. not a good day and we are hoping for the best. jon: thanks for being with us. ed o'keefe from "the washington post." jenna: support is growing in sweden to join nato and russia doesn't like that one bit.
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find out what they are threatening. an atm explodes but what caused that and what happened to the money inside. more on that next.
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jenna: one of the future mean nations that doesn't belong nato is sweden. support is growing for that country to join nato. now the russian ambassador to sweden says there will be military measures including reorienting troops and missiles if sweden makes that choice. general scales, why is russia concerned about sweden. >> they are not. this is just part of vladimir
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putin's political warfare strategy. he threat earned war against is tone gentleman d against estonia. this is part after well thought out, very deliberate style of war that is uniquely russian where they are seeking to achieve their strategic goals through the application of diplomatic political media force in an attempt to get their way. so far they seem to be successful. i do think putin is sort of overreached in eastern ukraine. it takes 90,000 russian troops to maintain the presence in eastern ukraine and threaten maripol. it's beginning to strain his military resources because of the price of oil and the downturn in his economy. but his strategic instinct, his
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desire is to expand russia to its old imperial borders and he will continue to do it unless someone stepped up to stop him. jenna: the russians are expanding while we are shrinking our military. all the incoming leadership for the military, we'll have a new army chief of staff all of them say that russia is number of one on their list. >> isn't it interesting? i know both of these guys, joe dunnford is a good friend of mine. both of them do the classic war college equation, threat equals capability times intent. everybody knows the intent part of the equation has gone through the roof.
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everybody tbhees their capability is. they are the only country on the planet that can destroy the universities overnight. what happened over the last couple years is that increasingly our military is focusing on central europe and russia when the army is being reduced by 40,000 next year and 40,000 a couple years from now. it makes absolutely no sense. jenna: i want to go back to one point you made about russia destroy can the united states overnight. that's what how say your friend mark millie said in front of congress. saying russia is the only country that has the military capability to destroy the united states. you said russia is overextending themselves. we have the military identifying russia as a problem. where is the opportunity if russia is overextending? how do we take advantage of
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that? >> very simple. just amplify the military, the offensive and defensive military support we give to the ukrainian military. blankets and mres are fine. but it's time to give them rock oat launchers and communications equipment so they can take the fight to the separatists. jenna: do you think we'll do it under this new leadership or is that a question for this new administration? >> this administration has shown no enthusiasm for doing this. their focus is on the iran nuclear deal. anything else to deflect attention away from that they simply ignore. but milley and dunford have a point. puff continue is becoming less credible and somewhere along the way we'll have to face off
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against the russians before it won't happen during this administration. jon: we have a fox news exclusive. photos at the center of an investigation after man shot and killed by a woman he attacked in her home after meeting her online. police wonder if he's connected to a string of murders that could stretch across the country. there is also this. merely four years ago great britain abandoned its embassy in iran after a violent attack.
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it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! jenna: an atm heavily damaged in a massive explosion. a car rear ends a pickup truck causing a major accident. the entire situation played out on surveillance video. jenna: exclusive photos to show in the case after man who attacked a woman in her west virginia home.
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the victim was able to grab her attackers gun while he was trying to strangle her. she shot and killed him. police are not charging her. police search for ties between him and a series of mission and midded women in ohio. the car he was driving when he showed up at her house and some of the weapons used in his attack against the woman who said up a meeting through back page at the web phage frequently used by women who offer escort services. what do they know about this man, leslie? >> they know his name is neil falls and he's from the eugene, oregon area. as for a criminal record they haven't been able to find any
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next of kin to notify them that he has been killed. they are trying to reach out to the public to find out more information about him in hopes of retracing his steps and find out how he ended up here in that woman's kitchen and got shot and killed. jon: between charleston and in ohio the phone lines between the police department are on fire. apparently there are six murder or missing women there and they are wondering if they might be connected. >> reporter: residents believe a serial killer has been in that
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area. jon: leslie rubin from cwh television. we'll have more in the second hour of happen can now *. can -- more on "happening now." jenna: six global powers nail down a deal toll rethe strict iran's nuclear program. we are learning after blockbuster move by britain the reopening of their embassy in iran. secretary of state john kerry responds to that. >> i don't know how to interpret it except to take it at face value. but often comments are made publicly and things can evolve that are different. if it is the policy it's
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disturbing it's troubling and we'll have to wait and see. jenna: the british ambassador to the united states is our guest right now. peter, thank you so as much for the time. we are often referred to as the great satan. and britain has been referred to as the little satan by the iranians. you worked inside tehran. i'm curious about your reaction to the ayatollah's comments towards the west after this deal has been announced. >> there has been some powerful rhetoric from the iranian side. they have political reasons for saying there are problems with the west and the deal struck in vienna. the most important thing is to judge the iranians by their
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actions. of course, we don't like that kind of hostile rhetoric and we'll be monitoring in the years to come, iranian behavior before we can establish whether iran will become a responsible member of the international flame of nations. jenna: president rouhani talked about the potential reopening of the british embassy. according to reports that embassy will reopen by the end of the year. the beamsy closed down in 2011 because a mob attacked -- the embassy closed down in 2011 because it was attacked by a mob and looted. the british government believes the regime that still remains in power in iran was behind this attack. why consider reopening it now? >> that attack on our embassy nearly four years ago was of course completely unacceptable which may or may not have been
8:38 am
direct or encouraged by elements of the regime and which may or may not have gone beyond its brief. but what it did to my colleagues the am bass dorms personal effects was unacceptable. but we have had an ambassador. iranian regime is a government with which we often have disagreements. by the many important to talk to people and understand what's going on in that country so we remain committed to reopening our embassy if we can resolve a number of technical issues we are still discussing with the iranian authorities. they are things which we are working to resolve and the prime minister said after he spoke to president rouhani and as you accurately reported we are committed to reopening when we can. jenna: the question of reopening the embassy goes back to what you said about the ayatollah.
8:39 am
looking at the actions of iran rather than just the rhetoric. embassies signal the opening of diplomacy for open conversations to take place. i wonde opening the british embassy quickly legitimizes the regime that we know is a state sponsor of terror and we are waiting to see if their actions support what they say they are going to do in the iran nuclear deal. so why rush top open the embassy before you see the behavior coming out of iran? >> we didn't break diplomatic relations. we closed the embassy. we withdraw our ambassador. so it's not quite such an issue as restoring diplomatic relations after a break of decades. it would nevertheless be a significant step. i think we have a number of bilateral issues we need to discuss with iran.
8:40 am
we have interests in iran just like the united states and every other country has interests in iran. so we need to see whether we can establish a dialogue on a number of different issues. the deal we struck in vienna is about a nuclear program. we need to have those channels which are open. i think the idea of getting our embassy open makes perfectly good sense as long as we docket on terms that are in our own national security interests and international agreements. we would like to talk to iranians on a number of subjects not just the nuclear issue which we do believe we have an agreement that blocks the path to nuclear weapons. jenna: why do you believe your people will can safe in rwanda? >> one of the things we'll say to the iranians is we want to be very sure we have adequate assurances our people will be properly protected in accordance
8:41 am
with international law. can i give an absolute guarantee some mob won't do something again? no because that's not the way life is. but we'll be clear that we are not reopening unless we have those assurances and unless we can operate in he cordans with the way diplomacy and diplomatic embassies normally do. what we are hoping is that the iranian government will want to reingang with the international community on the back of that agreement and behave properly. so we'll have to judge them by their actions. jenna: we have a great partnership, our two countries. there is still a big looming question mark ahead of congress whether our legislation -- our legislative branch will approve this deal and what that will do to it. if congress doesn't approve the deal what will be the actions of the british government and
8:42 am
what would potentially be the actions of british companies even ganging in business with iran. >> we are hoping this is something which congress will approve and it will stand. because i think that if it is destroyed, if you like, by one of the negotiating parties after everybody else concluded it's a good enough agreement that's bad message in the terms of the realm of diplomacy. the other thing it does is it takes the constraints off the iranians both in the exist is interim agreement. which will block the road to iranian nuclear weapons. if you remove those con he straints the iranian authorities will have the ability to build the bomb.
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we have a plan "a" and we want to make sure it works. jenna: thank you. we appreciate you being on the program. we look forward to having you back on the program. thank you. jon: a california woman allegedly killed by an illegal immigrant who never should have been free on the streets of this country. how her far it and a political leader are joining forces to try to make sure this tragedy never happens again. also a man is sent flying from his vehicle following an accident on a bridge. the amazing video that shows it all unfold.
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jon: new information on the illegal immigrant charged with the murder of a california woman. he's due in court today. police say he shot and killed kate steinle earlier this month as she walked along a france
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pier with her father. the victim's father testified on capitol hill pushing for tougher laws keeping illegal immigrant off the streets. he had seven fell any and had been deported back to mexico five times. ashley merchant joins us from atlanta. also criminal defense attorneys join us from los angeles. it seems so simple that cities would be required to enforce and defend federal laws, but the sanctuary city thing makes san francisco and some other cities one of the aberrations are. is that likely to change as a result of this case? >> i do. i think it will definitely change. whether there is new legislation or local policies that are
8:48 am
changed, i do think something will happen in this case because this is such an extreme example. we have this person deported five times. his being here in this country is illegal. it's a federal crime to be hereafter he's been ordered deported. the fact that he was released on bond and release from custody is amazing to me. these different cities will have to take a close look at their policies. something like this happening will result in a change in the law. jon: one of the things that tells me something is rotten here is the finger pointing going on. the mayor is pointing fingers at the sheriff. the sheriff is pointing fingers at the feds. nobody want to take responsibility for the death of this young woman. >> this is inexcusable. i'm outranged how this has been hand. this local sanctuary law is in
8:49 am
conflict with the federal law. the federal immigration and custom law. therefore this local law should be shot down under what's called the supreme i clause. the -- the -- what's called the supremacy law. there is a directive issue bid the sheriff in march of this year specifically telling his deputies to not cooperate with the department of immigration. to me that indicates there is a personal feud between the sheriff's department and the federal government. they are in effect defying a request by immigration to have a phone call made to them to pick up sanchez. in my opinion that's a constitutional violation and this young lady's family should go after this sheriff's department for wrongful death case. jon: let's talk about that. my hat is off and my heart is
8:50 am
broken by her parents. they are so strong and so -- i don't know, resolute in the face of this terrible tragedy. they just buried their daughter three weeks ago and you don't hearsay tread in their voice you hear resolve. do they have a case, can they go after the city of france that let this guy out? >> it seems like they could pursue it because there is a couple things you have to have. it's got to be foreseeable. this guy merchandise a violent record. he has a history. so it's foreseeable he would get out and commit another crime. being it was foreseeable. was there some policy or practice on behalf of the sheriff's department that led to his death? yes, we have the policy where the sheriff is having a directive saying don't cooperate with the federal authorities. so if the sheriff hadn't had that then this tragedy could
8:51 am
have been avoided. jon: thank you both. jenna: new developments in the federal appeal of rod blagojevich's corruption conviction. what've we got? bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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jon: let's get a peek at what's coming up on "outnumbered." >> we are awaiting an update from the f.b.i. on the deadly chattanooga shootings as lawmakers push to arm military at military sites. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton would tie or lose the presidency against three republican hopefuls if the
8:55 am
election were held today in three key states. >> gop presidential candidate on "outnumbered" top of the hour. jenna: the court overturning some of the most sensational convictions against the former illinois governor rob blagojevich. >> reporter: you member the early days after blagojevich was arrested he said he will fight and he will fight and he will fight. his lawyer is advising him to keep doing that. the blagojevich legal team and the family are not happy with the appellate court ruling that vacated five of 18 convictions. they were hoping for a ruling that would vacate the ruling against the board. he's still in lock-up in colorado. the former first lady of
8:56 am
illinois said blagojevich should be home with his family. >> this has been a long road for our family. we waited a long time for this decision and we are very disappointed. >> reporter: the case has been sent back to the judge. the appellate judge independent kaiptd he thought the 14-year sentence was too harsh but not unlawfully stiff. he said all the bargaining he unlawfully tried to execute was part of the political game. the judge called it log rolling. it's unlike he says the swan of an official act for payment. the legal team of blagojevich says they are going after the remaining counts. jon: the coast guard pulls off a dangerous mission after a fishing boat takes on water. >> a massive allocator takes a dip at a local beach. why experts say he's there and
8:57 am
what they are telling the people.
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jenna: see you back here in an hour? jon: i'll be here. "outnumbered" begins right now. >> this is a fox news alert. the fbi holding a conference right now on the tennessee shootings as new details emerge including that a navy officer and one of the marines who was killed may have returned fire with their weapons. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tan taros. here is sandra smith, fox news contributor julie roginsky and #oneluckyguy, republican candidate former senator from the greatest state because i'm a little biased, pennsylvania senator rick santorum. he is outnumbered. >> thank you, sandra. >> we'll have fun this hour. >> from a state next to new jersey which makes it the second greatest state in the


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