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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 23, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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high seas. terrifying moments for passengers, thousands of them on board a caribbean cruise ship after a fire ignites. >> oh my god. >> you can see black smoke pouring from the upper deck of the freedom of the seas as the ship is docked in jamaica. passengers rush to go put on life jackets and packing evacuation stations. some snapping pictures while they waited. the smoke just a few feet away. one crew member suffers first degree burns. despite the charred aftermath they left jamaica late last night to continue the 7 night cruise expected to head to the cayman islands today. a united airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing when several passengers became sick on board, oxygens[!s masks dropped down carrying passengers from denver to los angeles. it was diverted to grand
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junction, colorado. at least one person on board passed out. >> there were a lot of people that were complaining of being light-headed, nauseous, sick. the person next to me seemed like he might be having a seizure when it started. >> one person was taken to the hospital. it is not clear what caused the sudden illness. security is tight after a veteran police officer is gunned down during a traffic stop. that suspect named mark estrada allegedly shooting the veteran when he pulled over. he then returned fire hitting the suspect. he took off but was later raised when he turned up at the hospital for medical treatment. officers giving a final salute to the 15 year veteran and father. a photographer caught carrying a loaded gun at joe
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biden avenues vent waking up in a jail this morning. a police found the loaded weapon inside the car. california law required firearms in vehicles to be unloaded and police don't think the man was planning to do anything. he's being held on 35,000 dollars bail. the case of kate steinle setting off a debate on capitol hill. they are holding a hearing on funding for sanctuary cities. they signed the bill calling it the donald trump act. we are live with the latest. >> that's right. the house is set to vote on the measure today. it would withhold federal law enforcement funds for state or local government that refused to cooperate with federal immigration agents. the gop measure comes in responds to kate stinly which is
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one of the sanctuary cities that don't work with the feds. killed five times with a long criminal history. steinly's father is scheduled to testify before a house committee. it is imposed to the public by sanctuary cities which refuses to cooperate with the federal requests. second time he has testified. they are calling the measure the donald trump act. they are trying to tie it to his comments about mexicans being criminals. there could be an eventually veto by the president. >> many of the pieces of the legislation were written and are supported by republicans who oppose comprehensive immigration reform. >> kate steinle's brother tells fox news the situation is not being taken seriously enough.
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>> we came to dc trying to make a change that we think is logical. it is a matter of keeping felons off the street. instead of tackling the problem i feel like there's a diversion and people aren't taking it seriously. >> the accused killer sat expressionless and said nothing during a court appearance yesterday. juan francisco sanchez has been charged with murder and will return to court next wednesday. >> robert gray thank you. the presidential hopefuls visiting the texas border today after hitting hard against our current immigration policy. kristin fisher is live for us in washington as former texas governor rick perry is hitting back hard against trump and his visit. can we keep it all straight? >> it never seems to stop right? here's the deal donald trump says he was invited to texas by the lower raid doearedo border patrol
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because they want to honor him. many of the opponents especially rick perry former texas governor believes it is those kind of comments and all of the republican in fighting is all that is actually hurting the party. >> let no one be mistaken, donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism and it must be quickly diagnosed, exercised and discarded. >> trump responded by posting this image of the two on instagram clearly during happy times. governor perry playing nice and begging for my support and money. hypocrite. this is one day after he gave out the personal phone number of another opponent lindsay graham on television. >> don't expect any apology. >> i don't regret it.
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he calls me names you have to fight back. all of a sudden they are calling me names. i am trying to be nice. i am a nice person. lindsay graham what did he do? he responded with this video showing him destroying the phone saying this is for all of the veterans. >> you have to wonder how much negativity and name calling will have on voters. >> donald trump has quite the memory and record keeping for that matter. his financial disclosure records were made public yesterday by the fcc. what did we learn from those documents? >> this was a massive 92 page document. it details hundreds of investments and assets. trump lists at least 1.4 billion in assets and 255 million in liabilities. we learned a lot about that. one thing we did not learn about is his exact net worth. as you know in his own words, he is a very rich man in case you had any doubt. >> if you doubt it he will tell
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you all about it. thank you so much appreciate it. >> despite all of the controversy fox news contributor frank luntz explains why. >> he says what he thinks. the american people other than wanting genuine accountability from the next president, they want someone who tells it like it is. it is not about trump's background and not even about trump's policies because we don't know what they are, he says what comes to his mind. he doesn't sound rehearsed. and that 20 percent of america likes that. >> luntz referencing a recent abc news washington poll showing trump leading against the gop candidates with more than twice the support of his closest rival scott walker. >> the man accused of gunning down nine black workers is hit
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with hate crime charges. dylann roof is accused of opening fire at emanuel ame church. lower loretta lynch says the 21-year-old planned the massacre at the historically black church to spark racial hostility across america. >> 3-5 minutes of terror. the fbi revealing new details about the chattanooga shooting and response by our service members. one member of our military immediately is spot by abdulazeez, the gunmen walked into the building kill a sailor before killing four marines outside as others try to climb a fence to escape. several marines went room to room to get people to safety. and then they returned to confront that killer abdulazeez was eventually killed by police. a legal battle brewing in
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the lone star state. parents are suing the state for withholding birth certificates for american born children. texas is refusing to give certificates to 23 kids because parents cannot produce photo id. this violates the 14 st. amendment which guarantees citizenship to kids in the u.s. regardless of parent's status. all eyes to the skies as a rocket blasts off into space. >> an american among three astronauts now aboard the international space station. shell lindgrin a russian and japanese astronaut joined the existing crew including scott kelly spending a year in space. they will spend the next five months on board the iss. >> maybe the weather is better
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there. >> maria molina is tracking the severe weather threat for us. she joins us with more. >> good morning. good to see you both. space weather can get a little tricky out there and very dangerous. we have dangerous weather to talk about here across the nation. that's especially true across parts of the northern plains. we have a slight risk of severe weather in parts of the north and south dakotas. there are threats of isolated tornadoes. that will be something to watch out there. more storms forecast across parts of the gulf coast. that will be an issue there as well as localized flash flooding. tomorrow the severe threat continue i as cross parts of the midwest and also into the plains. the big story about parts of the eastern u.s. has been the heat. temperatures finally improving forecasting to reach 80's in places like memphis, atlanta and raleigh. temperatures in the upper 90's and triple bigdigits.
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>> the time 10 minutes after the top of the hour. an identity exposed. hackers releasing personal information from users of the on-line cheating site ashley madison. it is just the tip of the iceberg. >> lying on the lose the game of cat and house in one major city that has police scratching their heads. >> become a poker expert heather for free. ivy league college rolling the dice.
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it's covered by most health plans. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at oh >> extreme weather making a mess for tourists. that is blocking the entrance to yo semity national park. three-cars were trapped but everyone inside escaped injury. crews working to clear the road
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and hopefully helped tourists black back into the park. flames have charged 1,000 acres. they were forced to abandon their car to escape the area. hotels campgrounds and homes also evacuated at this hour. >> russian nuclear bombers got to the united states on the fourth of july. defense officials confirming the united states the fighter jets entering the team u 95 bombers 40 miles off the coast of california. one russian pilot relaying this. earlier that day the bombers were also spotted near alaska. the u.s. drone crashes into iraq while conducting a spy mission on isis. the pentagon confirming the
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disaster after the photos surfaced on-line the nearly $8 million aircraft went down last week after technical complications. the u.s. is working to recover the wreckage the drone had landed in a government controlled area and we are told that minimizes the risk heather? >> buyer beware. ikea making a major furniture safety warning. lauren simonetti with what you need to know this morning. >> good morning ladies. tough news to digest as we learn that ikea is recalling some 20 million chests dressers and million dressers and chests. one of the effective products is the molly chest it doesn't look like it can tip over but it has. ikea recommends mounting it to the wall and is offering free kits to do so. watch out amazon macy's is
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now expanding same day delivery for markets. macy's get customers their items as they order in 8 different cities. macy's thinks they can expand in a big way. wal-mart is ending its overnight hours at dozens of super centers next week. it will free up some workers so they can stock shelves and clean up stores instead. other workers might move their job as a result if they do not accept another job or relocate. they want to teach you poker for free. they are offering an on-line course this summer. it offers poker theory and analytics. the poker table can be applied to the business world. >> problem solved.
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new american citizens can now skip a pledge to offend the united states. >> this has been part of the oath of allegiance since the 1950 quote. i will perform noncombatant service with the armed forces when required by law. new citizens can be exempt for religious reasons or conscientious objection. those people don't have to be long to a specific church either. they want feedback on the change until august 4th. >> is it part of our nation's framework? is send comments on facebook twitter or e-mail 18 minutes after the top of the hour. another state putting more money in the pockets of more workers. the shocking statistics will reveal if it will back fire.
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>> 22 minutes after the hour. call the new segment our animal segment. a lion on the lose may not be a lion after all. after taking a look at the terrifying video an exotic cat expert says she knows exactly what it is. >> i feel strongly it is a male queuing cougar. it is a very well fed cougar. she thinks the cougar is someone's escaped pet. pet or not, cougars are deadly.
2:23 am
doug gars are very dangerous with children, pets kids should be inside. if you have your dog outside bring them in the house. >> milwaukee police still hunting for the cat whatever it is. >> caught on camera an injured hammer head shark. a pearairer brothers noticed the shark had a few fishing hooks in the mouth. they dragged the character back into the ocean and it was able to swim away. >> heather what do you have? >> michael tammero will beat them every time. faument in our -- fault in our stars john green has ina new book. >> thumbs up or down? >> tough assignment.
2:24 am
i got a chance to stroll down at the red carpet with fans of the book and stars of the movie collide. >> hundreds of fans line up for a glimpse with the movie "paper town." this love story got turned upside down. >> i thought it was an amazing blend of mystery and adventure. it is a mystery and a romance and a comedy oo learning what love and friendship really means. >> we have to go. stopping like 1200 miles. >> just how does author john green connect with today's youth? >> he's a genius. i think he doesn't talk down to teenagers. >> he writes with his own heart and people respond to that. >> i didn't know much about what
2:25 am
it was like to be a teenager when i was a teenager. i try to take all of my characters seriously. >> not as weird as i look. >> still weird. >> the one question that has been on everyone's mind -- >> how do you pronounce your last name? >> it is karla dell la varna -- >> it is easy. kara delavene. >> paper town hits theaters tomorrow. as well as all of my celebrity interviews. log on to the fox or instagram@fox light michael. >> thank you so much michael. >> coming out thousands of hardened criminals back on the
2:26 am
streets free to rome. it is happening and the government is allowing it. what happens when a 6 foot man puts himself in a giant water balloon. haven't you always wondered that? you can figure out how this one did the video exploding. what in the world? >> what is going on? >> you have to stay tuned for that.
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seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. >> nightmare at sea one of the largest cruise ships in the world texas fire. what happened on board the sea. >> donald trump taking his will talk to immigration today. >> they are not allowed to do their jobs by the president essentially. they are not allowed to do their
2:30 am
job. >> the donald has the voter's attention. >> is this ruining your life? >> i am also going to need you to go ahead and come in on sunday, too. okay? >> sunday at 5:00 a.m. >> what it says about you and your job, heather. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. >> we love our job. and we love that you join us every single day. let's get right to the fox news alert. thousands of passengers on board a royal caribbean cruise ship after a fire ignites. >> oh my god. >> how frightening. you can see the black smoke pouring from the upper deck of
2:31 am
the freedom of the seas ship as it is docked in jamaica. passengers rushing to put on their life jackets and packing evacuation stations there. some snapping pictures while they waited for it to be rescued. the smoke a few feet away. one crew member has second degree burns. the ship left jamaica late last night to continue the 7 night cruise. it is expected to arrive in the cayman islands today. also new overnight united airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing when several passengers become sick. oxygen masks dropping down as the plane carrying 150 passengers from denver to los angeles was diverted to grand junction, california. one person on board passed out. >> a lot of people that were complaining of being light-headed, nauseous, sick. the man in front of me seemed he might be having a seizure when it started.
2:32 am
>> one person is taken to the hospital. it is not clear what caused the sudden illness. >> accused killer under tight security in a hospital after a veteran police officer is gunned down during a traffic stop in oakland california. the suspect mark estrada shooting sergeant scott lunger after he was pulled over for swerving on the road. lunger's partner returned fire hitting the suspect but he took off. he was later raised when he turned up at a hospital for treatment. a fell fellow officers gave a final salute to the 15 year veteran and father when he died of his injuries. >> lawmakers say 10,000 federal inmates could be freed this year if president obama gets his way on prison reform. the president wants to reduce sentences for nonviolent conflicts. the lawmakers are concerned though that the plan will put public safety at risk. they want attorney general loretta lynch to tell them how
2:33 am
prisoners could be released and details of the crime. >> on capitol hill later today on the wake of kate stinly's murder -- kate steinle's murder. they would strip federal funding for cities that are sanctuary cities. democrats pouncing on the bill. robert gray is live for us with what we can expect today. good morning, robert. >> good morning, heather. the contentious republican proposal is aimed at the sanctuary cities local and state governments that refuse to work with state immigration officials. it would hold federal funds for law enforcement connected to the shooting of kate steinle of san francisco which is a democratic city. democrats calling it the donald trump act. they are trying to tie it to the presidential candidate's comments taking immigrants as criminals. a white house spokesman says president obama doesn't take the sanctuary city proposal
2:34 am
seriously. >> oo those pieces of legislations are written and supported by republicans who oppose immigration reform. >> when they raise concerns? about how it is working to keep the community safe they have no one to blame but themselve steinle's father is skylesed asked you'lled to -- scheduled to testify today. it will be the second time he has testified before a house panel this week. kate's brother brad steinle tells fox news people should take the issue more seriously. >> we came to dc and trying to make a change that we think is logical. it is a matter of keeping felons off the streets and instead of tackling the problem and being proactive i feel like there's a diversion. people aren't taking them seriously. >> steinle's accused killer sat
2:35 am
expression list and said nothing during a court hearing yesterday. he will return to court next wednesday. thank you, robert. >> donald trump's campaign heading to texas. the presidential hopeful going toward the border after making immigration a top campaign issue. not everyone is happy about his trip including former texas governor and fellow candidate rick perry. kristin fisher is live from washington with more on the ongoing foodeud and what happens next. >> it is hard to keep them all straight. john mccain jeb bush lindsayey graham. it started with trump talking about perry's glasses. >> i have been invited by the border patrols. they want to honor me actually
2:36 am
thousands of them because i am speaking up. these are tremendous people. they are tough people. they want to do their job but they are not allowed to do their job because of the president essentially. >> many of trump's opponents and all of the republican in fighting is you are the had gone the party. rick perry called him a cancer on conservatism and had this to say on trump's trip to the border. >> i hope he can find the border. i am not sure he has ever been there before but in all seriousness he owes an apology to the men and women of texas national guard. >> yesterday some financial disclosure records 90 pages were finally made public by the federal election commission. trump's assets are listed at 1.4 billion and liabilities 265 million. the records did not reveal his exact net worth. but heather, as we have all heard, we all know he is a very
2:37 am
rich man. >> what about trump said two-dayings ago gave out lindsey graham's personal phone number on live television. did he ever apologize? >> of course not. it is donald trump. yesterday he hasn't regretted it and acknowledged how much attention it got from the press. lindsey graham put out this video of him destroying the cell phone saying this is all of the veterans. he is making the most of this moment. you have to wonder what all of this negativity and name calling back and forth will have with the voters in the end. >> hopefully it will get us to focus on the issues at hand. i am not sure if that will work. >> kristin, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> not a good day at the beach in the gulf. heavy rain expected there. >> maria molina is life for us in the weather center and she is
2:38 am
tracking that. plus your travel forecast today. >> hi there. good morning and hello everybody at home. we are tracking areas of heavy rain across parts of the gulf coast. that is associated with the cold front that swept through parts of the northeast and mid atlantic and has shifted further southward. that would be the focus of the showers in parts of florida, georgia and alabama. the threat does continue as we head into tomorrow. temperatures in cleave lapped new york city they are in the 80s behind the front. temperatures heating up summer like out there. widespread across parts of texas, the plains even as far north as rapid city. 94 degrees for their high
2:39 am
temperature. let's head over to you. >> time almost 20 minutes before the top of the hour. president obama said we would degrade and destroy isis. is our strategy working? >> isil is not your parent's al qaeda. it is a very different model. it is the model that is a threat we arer worrying about after all. >> brand new warning from the fbi. >> hundreds of special olympics athletes forced to sleep on a gym floor? why did this happen? >> it wasn't the stop they were expecting but passengers treated to fresh lemonade. it is the sweetest story you will hear all
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. . >> back now 43 minutes after the hour. follow lowers of muslims stripped of sharia law to buy
2:43 am
houses. this new proposal will let lenders offer sharia compliant financing. that means paying no interest on loans. sharia prohibits the payments making it difficult for muslims to follow this to find mortgage options. the mayor endorsed the proep soezal but -- proposal saying it gives an advantage to specific groups. >> hackers targeting the affair making good on the promise to expose cheating users. the first names and private information just released. the first two users come from canada and massachusetts. one of them coming the day after val dine's day. the hackers offered to delete the accounts for a fee but doesn't scrub the information from the data base. >> glassyclassy, right? >> a bombshell investigation nearly $60 billion in tax payer
2:44 am
money lost in the fraud. >> good morning heather. once again medicare in the spotlight fake claims being paid by taxpayers. a new report from the government accountability office. more than 10 percent of medicare's budget was lost to frayed, waste abuse and i am proper payments. that's in the report. instead of doctors office and clinics and hospitals they found hamburger stands vacant lots and mailbox shops in more than 23,000 instances. senator tom copper of delaware asked them to look at the issue. we pay into the medicare trust fund. those of us who are working our employers pay into the medicare trust fund. a very controversial report. back to you. thank you so much. find the fox business network log on to slash channel finder.
2:45 am
>> sis sisisis more dangerous than al qaeda. the disturbing reasons why. >> this is the director of the fbi giving voice with a lot of people that isis is a bigger threat to the united states than al qaeda. fbi director james coney is saying that they target different recruits. >> there are people al qaeda would never use. >> why is that? >> they are often unstable drug users. they will vet an operative by tasking them. give them an assignment. go kill somebody as a way to check out they are a real person or informant of some kind.
2:46 am
>> they have examined the twitter handles associated with isis isis. we have found there are over 20,000 english language followers for the twitter handles around the world. heather and heather back to you. >> doug luzader live for us. very troubling. >> the time is 15 minutes before the top of the hour. an out of control trolley slamming intoen into an suv. >> wild ride caught on camera. >> what happens when a six-foot man is putting himself into a giant water balloon. this one did not end well. >> i want to know why. the look on your face says it all. >> coming up in 13 and a half
2:47 am
minutes going forward the government when you pledge to become an american citizen is not going to require you to say certain things. don't want to offend anybody. country legend larry, steve and rudy gatler here in studios. turns out it is a real thing. how can you avoid packing on five pounds after the first kid? we are here to explain. cooking with friends james dean and her husband join us with a fire department's special. we have three hours kicking off 12 minutes from now 12 minutes from now.
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special olympic athletes forced to sleep on a gym floor because of a loggistics nightmare. several flights in boston arriving late tuesday night stranding at least 1500 athletes in the los angeles area. they were taken to loyola marymount university for the night. they were provided blankets and water. special olympics expected to start saturday. and a trolley looses control. it's all caught on camera. look. horrified passengers hold on for dear life as the trolley barreled down a hill and slams into an suv. this happened in charlotte. no one was seriously hurt. transit operators say the driver simply forgot to flip the switch and lost control of the brake. well new york city is now the latest to get a boost of fast food workers.
2:52 am
employees of restaurant chains could make as much as $15 an hour over the next few hours. >> but a year after passing the highest minimum wage in the country, seattle is now grappling with unintended consequences of the law. dan springer has that story. >> the most dire prodictions for the opponents of the $15 wage are not coming yet. and we are seeing unexpected consequences. there's been a redistribution in parts of the restaurant industry. workers in the back of the restaurant are doing better, while servers who rely on are doing worse. some customers won't tip at all now that they know the employees are on their way to making 15 bucks an hour. others are being discouraged from restaurants adding a 15% surcharge to all bills. we've seen restaurants just close down. but maybe the most interesting development runs count tore one of the main arguments for $15 that it would lift people out of poverty. some workers who just got a big
2:53 am
raise in april are asking the bosses to cut the number of hours they work. turns out the raise is pushing them over the income threshold and out of welfare programs like subsidized food child care and rent. >> if you're that single mom and all of a sudden you make $1,000 too much and you're no longer eligible for food assistance. why in the world would you want to continue those hours? >> participants of los angeles, san francisco and just recently the county of los angeles has followed the leap into $15 a wage. and we're seeing businesses get creative in order to meet payroll. in a small comic bookstore in san francisco the owner is selling graphic novel club memberships which he admits is simply a donation to keep him afloat. all of this is happening while the obama administration is pushing congress to raise the federal minimum wake to just over $15 an hour. heather and heather.
2:54 am
>> thank you. new citizens can now skip an oath to take up arms to defend the freedom of the united states. is that okay? or is it part of the country's framework that continue your e-mails coming up next. and is your boss ruining your life? >> i almost forgot i'm also going to need you to go ahead and come in on sunday too. k? >> working for the weekend really says about you and your job. ♪ if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot.
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three minutes until the top of the hour before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. a royal caribbean cruise ship that caught fire with thousands of passengers on board set to arrive in the cayman islands. it was cleared to leave jamaica ten hours after a chemical problem ignited flames on the upper deck. a house bill aimed at stripping cities of their funding following the murder of kate steinle by a five-time illegal immigrant. and donald trump with a hot button issue during the campaign season. and trump, what do you think makes him so appealing to voters? join the conversations on "fox & friends" facebook page #keeptalking. it's time for the good the bad and the ugly the lemonade stand. a bus driver making an unscheduled stop to treat his six passengers to a cool drink on a hot day. the passengers didn't mind that
2:59 am
a single bit. and for the weekend, you probably hate your job. >> i don't know you. you do not exist. >> well researchers find that people who hate their jobs are only happy on the weekend. those who enjoy what they do have positive emotions but during the week and weekends. and the ugly watch what happens when a 6 foot tall man puts hills inside a six-foot water balloon. >> oh! oh! >> well the youtube duo. the guys already have 4 million views. i guess they don't have anything better to do. time for "brew on this" responses. new american citizens can skip a pledge to defend the united states. the government says they can be exempt for religiouses sreasons. we ask, can they skip this? john says if you want to be a part of this country and a
3:00 am
citizen you need to be willing to defend her in times of need. and pam says we have the right to do that skip it but it's not my call. and tina says it sure doesn't seem all right to me when i was in the army i was very proud. is have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning, it is thursday july 23rd 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with an absolute nightmare at sea. >> oh, my god. >> one of the largest crew ships in the world catches fire. we have the breaking details for you. some people might be changing their holiday plans. meanwhile the president still has not called kate steinle's parents but remember when he picked up the phone and called sandra


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