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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 23, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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bring the a game. >> the thing is dana is so cute. how can she lose? >> tomorrow i'm going to read all the tweets to juan about all the women from the republican party who said they will not vote for hillary just because she's a woman. >> yeah, juan. >> we have to say goodbye. "special report" on deck coming up now. fleeced and bam booze willed. tough words from senators telling the president's top diplomat that only the most naive people on earth think the iran nuclear deal is a good deal for the u.s. leading to some fireworks in the senate hearing room. this is "special report." >> geerngs well to washington. i'm bret baier. secretary of state john kerry says the idea the u.s. could have held out for a better deal with iran over its nuclear program is a fantasy. but critics of the deal grilled him today during the first congressional hearing into the agreement. chief washington correspondent james rosen has tonight's top story from the white house.
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>> members of a far left group applauded secretary of state john kerry but members of the senate foreign relations committee on both sides of the aisle had more pointed commentary on the iran nuclear deal. >> i believe you've been fleeced. >> you guys have been bamboozled. >> the equivalent of the fox guarding the chicken coop. >> kerry noted that the french, brits and germans all approved the deal, too. >> they're not dumb. >> responding to reports that inspectors from the international environmental agency will be inspecting in parchin. argued the iranians to get sanction relief will respect the chain of custody for critical nuclear evidence. >> they know that they must have and be able to articulate a process with integrity. >> kerry, however made some
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dedede de ded false statements. >> we knew it would hopefully help iran dismantle its nuclear program. >> he intimated that bush administration tide his hands. >> they had 19000 centrifuges, up from the 163 that they had back in 2003 when the prior administration was engaged with them on this very topic. >> in fact, iaea reports show 75% of iran's centrifuges were installed on mr. obama's watch. and lastly, there was this. about whether iran would face any time, anywhere inspections. >> i can tell you i never uttered the words "anywhere anytime" nor was it ever part of the discussion that we had with the iranians. >> in fact, such access was part of the u.s. negotiating posture as late as april of this year.
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>> under this deal, you will have anywhere anytime 24/7 access as it relates to the nuclear facilities that iran has. >> when senator corker told kerry he got fleeced by the iranians, democrat barbara boxer of california objected to that remark saying it insulted the intelligence of the secretary of state when to his very core as a human being. so corker later revised his remarks to say we were fleeced by the iranians. bret. >> james rosen live on the north lawn. james thank you. president obama's contention this week that there was no irs targeting of conservative groups is taking a big hit tonight. correspondent peter doocy tells us about a new report that basically states no one was minding the store at the tax agency. >> a watch dog told theirs ten months ago there are ten things they should do to make sure nobody is unfairly audited again. so far the irs has only
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implemented two of their suggestions. >> when i have a list of this many recommendations that still need to be done it's awfully hard for me to tell the people in myq district that yes, you can@1:f trust the irs. >> at 76-page-long government accountability report finds religious groups and pro-life groups are -- their forms are viewed without consulting bosses or leaving much of a paper trail, making it almost impossible to go back and figure out if a person or group actually deserved extra scrutiny or if they were singled out for their beliefs. >> imagine the taxpayer who decidesed he was going to miss four or five of the different sections in filing their tax form. part i just didn't feel like filling it out. if there's ever an agency that ought to be checking every box it's the irs. >> the irs commissioner admits that paperwork can be done
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better. and that some conservative groups were once treated poorly, but he can't say why. >> it's not in my realm of the information i have to determine that it was quote targeting or not. >> he is comfortable, however, boasting that his agency is now bias free. >> we're going to do a lot of audits. they're going to cover the entire political spectrum. cover people who go to church, people who don't go to church, people who went to political rallies, people who never do. >> where does that put the chances of an audit for planned parenthood? they've had tax-exempt status for a long time but also apparently been involved with a transfer if not sale of body parts from abortions. >> i'm looking at an organization right now planned parenthood with a 501-c-3 status and looking at the numbers and saying my god, do we really have a blind eye and a deaf ear to what's going on there? are these people ever going to be audited? >> any tax-exempt organization can have unrelated business income. they have to pay tax on it.
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>> but planned parenthood insists they do not profit from these sales. if the irs does decide to audit, we may never know because those things are normally kept confidential. bret? >> peter, thank you. hillary clinton has made her first comments about the planned parenthood scandal. like some of her democratic colleagues she's trying to shift the blame to the group producing the undercover videos. >> i think it is unfortunate that planned parenthood has been the object of such a concerted attack for so many years. and it's really an attack against a woman's right to choose, to make the most personal, difficult decisions that any woman would face. >> also today, house minority leader nancy pelosi said she wants an investigation into the organization behind the undercover videos. a federal appeals court says the state of washington can require a pharmacy to dispense medicine even if the store's owner has a religious objection.
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the decision overturns a lower court ruling that struck down the law. the case involves pharmacists who objected to selling emergency contraceptives. the head of the fbi says when it comes to terror groups the junior varsity is now better than the varsity. the comment comes as the pentagon's head man makes a surprise visit to a place where the next battle in the war against terror will be fought. correspondent doug mcelway is traveling with the defense secretary and reports tonight from baghdad. >> reporter: today's iraq visit was held secret until secretary of defense ash carter's c 17 was on the ground in baghdad. testament that this war-torn country remains a very dangerous place 25 years after the first gulf war. he vowed in meetings with prime minister abhadi the outcome of this layer war is urn uncertain. >> we will beat daesh because civilization always wins over barbarians. >> reporter: his iraq stop capped a difficult week.
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israel remains openly disdainful of the iran deal while beneath diplomatic nice tis, gulf region arab allies remain deeply skeptical of im. a jordanian official overheard on wednesday expressing a concern during a benign photo op with a reporter. db sometimes it's difficult for us to [ inaudible ] -- >> reporter: here in baghdad carter found some encouragement. 3,000 coalition-trained iraqi troops have now joined the battle to remake ramadi and have shown courage according to u.s. advisers. one unit advancing six kilometers towards ramadi in 24 hours despite numerous road side bombs planted by isis. they're circled the city, starving isis of supplies. carter is also demonstrating an affinity for the troops. they appeared to sense that on two stops this week at an air base in jordan and here in baghdad. soldiers asked not about the isis threat and theater but at home. their instincts apparently similar to those of the fbi director who differs from president obama's view of isis
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18 months ago as the j.v. team. >> isil is not your parent's al qaeda. it's a very different model. by virtue of that model it's currently the threat we're worrying about in the homeland most of all. >> reporter: a bigger test will come when iraqis launch a full-fledged assault to retake ramadi. >> they're going to have to restore their territory. >> the iraqis cannot do it themselves. that's why they're losing. >> reporter: whatever the result, this is a country that cannot stand much more hardship. the united nations says that isis's advances in iraq have led to one of the largest humanitarian cry crises in the world. 8.2 million iraqis are in need of humanitarian assistance. 3.1 million have fled their homes. 4.4 million are said to be food insecure. traveling with the the secretary of defense in baghdad, doug mcelway, fox news. up next, donald trump makes a run to the border and takes a whole bunch of people along for the ride. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 31 in denver as jurors in
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the trial of convicted theater shooter james holmes unanimously agree that the death penalty would be a just response. next up the defense will contend holmes mental illness makes it wrong to execute him. fox 2 in san francisco with a napa county wildfire that officials say is spreading rapidly. cal fire says the blaze has burned about 6,000 acres so far and is only about 5% contained. it began after a vehicle crashed yesterday. and this is a live look at milwaukee from our affiliate fox 6. the big story there tonight the search for what witnesses say is a lion on the loose on the city's north side. there is brief and sketchy cell phone video of something. tuesday a man shot what he thought was a lion, but it turned out to be a dog. one expert says she thinks it's a male cougar that is someone's pet. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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republican presidential candidate donald trump has gone to, as he sees it, the scene of the crime. trump, who's catapulted to the top of several polls on the strength of his comments about immigration, today visited the southern border. senior political correspondent mike emanuel shows us what happened. >> reporter: after hammering the issue of illegal immigration for weeks, republican presidential candidate donald trump flew in his branded plane to laredo, texas to see the issue at the border for himself and thanked law enforcement. >> i don't think that people understand the danger that you're under and the talent that you have. >> reporter: although the local border patrol union after inviting trump bailed on the visit saying they didn't want to appear to be giving an endorsement, president hector garza saying today "it has been decided by local 2455 to pull out of all events involving donald trump." trump was greeted by a huge media presence and law
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enforcement, even if the union backed off. >> and then at the last moment, i mean, we were virtually in the air and they said we can't get involved. and i heard they got those orders from washington. >> reporter: he had been saying he favored building a wall between the u.s. and mexico, but after the laredo city manager says a wall isn't needed, trump changed his tune a bit. >> are you in favor of a wall? >> oh, yeah. in certain sections you have to have a wall. absolutely. >> reporter: several times in the past week trump has not ruled out running as a third party candidate but expressed confidence in gop voters today. >> look. i'm a republican. i'm a conservative. i'm running. i'm in first place by a lot, it seems, according to all the polls. i want to run as a republican. i think i'll get the nomination. >> reporter: in new hampshire, former florida governor jeb bush said despite the reality tv feel trump is connecting. >> he this he's a serious candidate and he's going to have a lot of money. he's tabbing into people's angst that are legitimate. but i don't think you win by den
3:16 pm
grating people. i don't think you win by tearing us apart. you have to offer concrete proposals to allow people to rise up. >> reporter: south carolina senator lindsey graham who has sparred with trump this week suggested the businessman's tone could damage the eventual gop nominee. >> he's become very toxic. some of the things that mr. trump has said is getting in the way of us winning the election. >> reporter: trump is publicly taunting the rnc, telling the hill newspaper that he'll decide on a third party run in part based on how the party brass treats him. he says if it isn't fair that would be a factor. bret? >> all right mike, thank you. what do you think? do you think trump has staying power in the presidential race? let me know @face baier. coming up at the bottom of the hour florida senator and republican presidential candidate marco rubio takes your questions and the panel's questions in our center seat. just a note, we have invited every candidate, republican and democrat, to appear in center
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seat with the panel. so far ten have appeared or committed to appear. tonight it's senator rubio. another down day on wall street. the dow lost 419 to go into the red for the year. the s&p 500 was off 12. the nasdaq fell 25. still ahead the latest on the texas traffic stop that turned into an alleged jailhouse suicide.
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we are learning more tonight about the woman who was found dead last week in a texas jail cell allegedly due to suicide. it began with a confrontation between a white state trooper and this african-american driver. correspondent casey stegall is in dallas again tonight with the latest. >> reporter: bret, good evening. a lot of this information comes
3:21 pm
from the jail booking document. sandra bland told officers when she was being processed into that facility that she was not feeling suicidal at the time. but if you look at another document provided by the jail she reportedly indicated to a guard that she did attempt suicide last year by taking pills after losing a baby. deputies say they found bland hanging in her cell by a plastic trash can liner three days after her arrest at the waller county jail near houston. but her family insists the 28-year-old would not have taken her own life and they are challenging the information about her alleged suicide attempt. now, the texas state trooper says he pulled over bland for not using her turn signal to change lanes. he says she later kicked him. and that is why he took her to jail. today the waller county district attorney's office discussing the autopsy findings in great detail with the media, the medical examiner has ruled the manner of death a suicide. prosecutors say there's no signs of trauma to her body.
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>> they also looked at the rest of her head, looked for any other injuries on her head, being consistent with a struggle with a police officer or being consistent with a struggle in the jail as a fight for her life. the medical examiner conducting the autopsy report determined that there were no injuries which were consistent with that sort of conduct. >> reporter: now, preliminary toxicology reports show a quote significant amount of marijuana in bland's system. her family has ordered their own autopsy, not trusting the findings of this one. bret. >> casey, thank you. before those autopsy findings came in, hillary clinton was on the campaign trail highlighting the sandra bland case to make a political point about the black lives matter movement. yet clinton is much less outspoken about another high-profile case involving a tragic death that has major political overtones. chief white house correspondent ed henry is covering the clinton
3:23 pm
campaign tonight and looks into the matter of emphasis. >> reporter: campaigning today in the key early state of south carolina where the african-american vote is critical, hillary clinton highlighted the death of sandra bland, a young black woman who was the subject of a controversial police stop in texas. >> it's heart-breaking to read about another death of a young woman sandra bland in texas, another young x african-american life cut short. and that's why i think it is essential that we all stand up and say loudly and clearly, yes, black lives matter. >> reporter: clinton was not quite as passionate when discussing the tragic death of kate steinle a young white woman killed by an illegal alien. when the candidate was asked about the case, the interviewer mentioned steinle by name but then focused the question on whether it changed clinton's support for sanctuary cities.
3:24 pm
>> the city made a mistake not to deport someone that the federal government strongly felt should be deported. >> reporter: clinton advisers tell fox it's mixing apples and oranges. because in the case of bland the candidate is speaking out because it's another example for her about the need for criminal justice reform. while in the case of steinle, clinton believes the real issue is the story is less about sanctuary cities and more about passing comprehensive immigration reform to fix the system and prevent similar tragedies. what's also true though, is the black lives matter mantra which clinton first embraced in a speech last december is currently a major political tight rope for all of the democratic presidential candidates trying to woo the left. as candidate martin o'malley learned when he tried to assert that white lives also matter at the net roots nation convention last weekend in phoenix and later apologized for this. >> black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter. [ audience boos ] >> reporter: two days later in a facebook chat, clinton did not make the same mistake, declaring
3:25 pm
unequivocally quote black lives matter. everyone in this country should stand firmly behind that. >> now, the house today approved a bill penalizing sanctuary cities. if the senate passes it the white house has issued a veto threat. bret? >> ed, thank you. democratic prosecuting candidate martin o'malley is being ripped by republicans for something else, for attributing the rise of isis to climate change in the middle east. you can hear o'malley's rationale and the response it's getting in tonight's grapevine. you can see that by going to my blog. russian pirates either saluted or taunted their american counterparts on the fourth of july during bomber missions within miles of the u.s. west coast. an norad spokesman confirms to fox news that one radio message said "good morning american pilots. we are here to greet you on your fourth of july independent day." the government says the russian planes never actually entered u.s. pair air space. the incidents came around the same time russian president vladimir putin called president
3:26 pm
obama to wish him a happy fourth. florida senator and presidential candidate marco rubio seems to have appeal. but can he fire up the base? he's in our center seat next.
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welcome back to center seat. florida senator and republican presidential candidate marco rubio joins us tonight for center seat. also on the panel, syndicated columnist george will, charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post" and steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. before we get started, george, a little disclaimer >> yes. my wife, who was a colleague of senator rubio's in the '96 dole campaign is working for your rival scott walker. >> wanted to say that off the top before we get started. okay, senator today you spent a lot of time on capitol hill in that senate hearing on iran. questioning secretary kerry. a lot of questions about iran. we asked people to write in on twitter @kd golf says name three unacceptable terms of president obama's iran deal, and what is the marco rubio better deal? >> well there are more than three so three is easy. the first is we have iran now retained a much more
3:31 pm
sophisticated infrastructure of enrichment than what they have today. centrifuges that they have now are quite frankly ancient. as bob corker said today they're antiques. they will now have lots of them. the ones they have will be better and they'll continue to expand that capability for years to come. the other is this downpayment, immediate signing bonus they get that the administration said today would be about $50 billion. they think this money will be spent to rebuild the iranian economy. nothing in iran's track record suggests that. it suggests it will be spent on training and equipping their surrogates in lebanon and iraq and bahrain 14th of february movement or the huthis in yemen not to mention the other things the force does around the world. the third i tried to zero on today this ambiguity. there's this item in the third annex to the agreement that says that we are now obligated, we and all the partners are obligated to help iran protect its nuclear program from
3:32 pm
sabotage or from attack. and so i asked secretary kerry today does that mean that if israel, for example undertakes a campaign of sabotage against the iranian program, are we now under that provision required to assist them? he says no. but any plain reading of that is that yes we are now obligated to help iran protect itself from anybody who tries to sabotage their program. israel included. >> all right. so let's get past the vote on capitol hill and counting heads. there's a battle in the campaign between governor walker and governor bush about getting rid of the iran deal. can you get rid of it on day one? >> can and i'll tell you why. the sanctions on iran, u.s. sanctions, international sanctions you cannot get rid of or the reimposing the international sanctions are much harder to do because that involves other countries. the u.s. sanctions the american sanctions on iran are in our laws. a law passed by congress, signed by the president. although he tried to undermine those sanctions and objected to
3:33 pm
them. and those are still in in place. what the president is using is a national security waiver saying i'm using this waiver to prevent these sanctions from still being imposed. the next president could lift that with the stroke of a pen, lift that waiver and immediately reimpose sanctions. you can do that on day one first hour or first week of the presidency. i said so today at the hearing. >> jumping at russia in your campaign appearance you have been talking about putin having russia russia and the u.s. on the verge of another cold war. how would you counter him? >> military doctrine con templates the use of tactical nuclear weapons in the battlefield. talks about if there is a nato advance in order to stop it we would immediately deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield to at least stop their advance and slow them down. it's part of a bigger problem,
3:34 pm
that is that putin and the russian federation leadership legitimately believes that nato and the united states working through nato wants to keep russia isolated, poor and weak. they believe this. and as a result, they are now adjusting their tactics in that direction. we know that's not true. our intent is to quite frankly just not have putin invade his neighbors and take over crimea and countries of this nature. but they think our goal is to keep them weak and isolated. they legitimately believe it. they now have military doctrine that reflects that. >> what would you do to counter him. >> reinvigorateing nato is critical. over the last ten years what we have asked nato countries is to invest in programs and technologies and in training that makes them able to come to our assistance in afghanistan or in iraq or wherever nato might be deployed around the world in fact, in the 21st century nato must be now able to confront an eastern threat, a threat to a
3:35 pm
nato's own country. so it's good to see for example the baltic states are now beginning to invest in anti-tank weaponry which is the kind of weapon they would need in order to stop a russian incursion into estonia or latvia or other conditions countries immediately on the border. >> last week was the 70th anniversary of the dawn of the nuclear age. that means we're dealing with a 70-year-old technology. is it realistic to believe that a country with a lot of determination and a lot of money such as iran can be prevented if it really wants to from getting nuclear weapon. >> >> you can certainly set them back significantly their ability tone rich uranium, which is one of the things they need. president in the white house and secretary kerry keeps talking about they can't unlearn what they know. knowing how to build a weapon is not the biggest impediment. high school students potentially in america know how to do that. the biggest impediment do you have the infrastructure and the material that you need to build
3:36 pm
a weapon. and i think we can set back their enrichment and reprocessing capabilities. the other thing you need is a delivery system. they need a long-range rocket for example in order to threaten america. we can through sanctions and other measures slow down their ability to acquire a long-range rocket. ultimately the best we can do is give them a very clear choice. and that is you can either have an economy or you can have a nuclear program. but you cannot have both. that's what sanctions were allowing us to do. increased sanctions would allow us to do more of. getting rid of sanctions actually takes away. >> we'll have more with senator rubio when we come back. we'll start with chuck lane on domestic policy.
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make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. we are back with our panel talking to senator and republican presidential candidate marco rubio in our center center seat. >> senator you know there's a movement across the country to raise the minimum wage of $15 moving to new york and d.c. passing in seattle and san francisco and -- what do you think the issue of increasing rewards to work and incentives to work should be? >> that's a great question. i actually think $15 forget about minimum wage. $15 wages you can't raise a family or feed a family on that. i'm concerned about a minimum wage at $15 that would actually cost people employment. maybe not in a big company but
3:41 pm
in a small or mid-sized business that only has x amount of money. they have a very tight profit margin. if you raise their costs of employing, if you make employees more expensive they'll either have less employees or automate even quicker than they would. you're going to make a person more expensive than a machine. i'm worried about the people who may lose their jobs lose hours or may never even be hired because of a minimum wage increase. i think a better approach is two things. one is investing in a revolutionizing higher education. by that meaning making it more available to people to learn at their own pace, online, on week ends on nights. through a variety of different sources that allow them to package learning and receive the equivalent of a degree or a certificate on a competence method. i've outlined clear plans to do that. i have a wage enhancement proposal which says rather than staying at home and collecting the equivalent of $7 an hour at federal benefits we prefer you to work and make up the
3:42 pm
difference with wage enhancement the way a tax credit works deliver it to you in your paycheck once a year or on a monthly basis so that people are working. because when you are working and not sitting at home you're gaining experience and education, the sorts of things that make you more employable in the future. i think that's a much better approach than saying we're going to raise the wage to $15. you're seeing the impact for example in san francisco. where evenaw some big companies like chipotle has raised the prices and has reduced workforce in some places as a result of it. >> senator questions about your experience. you talked about your resume' a lot. your former florida colleague, jeb bush also had some things to say about that recently. >> does marco rubio have the experience to be president? >> i have more experience to be president. if you look at the kind of leadership that we now need to forge consensus we've had a president who was gift, who was charismatic. his name was barack obama. there was nothing in his past to
3:43 pm
suggest that he could fix the things that were broken. in fact, he's made them worse. so i think the practical experience of being a governor for eight years and being on my life journey is one that is -- is better for the country right now. >> he says he says that not disparaging you but as i heard it he was comparing you to barack obama. >> well, a couple of points. the first thing is barack obama has failed as president because his ideas don't work. they've never worked. they wouldn't have worked had he served 50 years in the u.s. senate. the ideas of big government, the ideas of american retreat on the global stage. these are bad ideas no matter how much experience you have with them. the second point i would make, it is true there are people running for president that have lived longer than i have. but no one running for president has more experience on the real issues our nation confronts right now today in a 21st century dramatically different from the 20th century than i have on those issues. it is true there are people running for president that have more experience on the issues our country might have faced 18 years ago or 10 years ago. but the world is changing. and no one who's running for president has a more experience
3:44 pm
than i do on the issues confronting our country right now. >> what about an executive or a former executive of a state? why is that person not better positioned than you are? >> the presidency of the united states is a unique office. it's not like being a senator. but it's not like being a governor, either. in fact the most fundamental challenge any president will face is the national security challenge. presidents don't create jobs. they proposal -- they put forth policies that create an environment conducive to job creation. but the people who believe that government creates jobs is in the other party. the most important challenge that the president faces is on national security. i am very confident in not just my knowledge but my history of making judgements and decisions on the national security issues before america at this moment where we face multiple threats. whether it's china in the asia pacific region, russia and europe which we've covered, spread of radical jihadists across multiple different groups through north africa, middle east and even into southeast asia in some places, the risk
3:45 pm
that iran now poses as a result of this deal. and those are issues i deal with on a daily basis for 4 1/2 years now. >> steve. >> i was with you last friday in council bluffs covering your appearance there in iowa. you got a very colorful question from a local resident who wanted to know -- who comparedoa progressives to termites and wanted to know if you would play the role of the orkin man. you didn't really answer his question. but you volunteered in your answer a long speech about the need for entitlement reform. >> yeah. >> isn't that crazy? to volunteer to talk about entitlement reform? >> i heard that in this very room by the way, in 2010 when i was running for the u.s. senate for the state of florida. a state that has a significant number of people on medicare and social security. one of them being my mother. and i don't want to change anything for people like my mother who are on those programs now. but i understand that people like me will never see those programs and our country will be bankrupt unless we reform those programs for future generations.
3:46 pm
so i don't believe it's crazy. i think people understand that this is a reality. and the sooner we act, the less disruptive the changes will be. and the more of it we'll be able to fix. the bottom line is medicare and social security as you were reminded again this week will be bankrupt. they will bankrupt our country. and they will trigger a debt crisis. i want those programs to exist for my generation and people younger than me. but that will require those programs to be different for my generation than their right now for my :j9ñrmom. >> all right. more with senator rubio. some of your questions and the panel after a quick break. up, because we're here we're here and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and wiggle, giggle swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves. so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always
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test test test. test test test. test test test. test test test.ç3 sspp@g>e#$íd!
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3:49 pm
we're back with senator marco rubio in our center seat. george. >> a short question and a long one. short question, do you believe the republican party ought to
3:50 pm
stipulate to be eligible to participate in a debate you have to pledge that you will support the nominee of the republican party? >> i'd love to see everybody stipulate to that. obviously there's one person running that won't. we know who that is. but i think that's an issue that will come up in the debates and voters will take that into account. i hope they will, anyway, in their decision decision-making. >> march 15th is the florida primary winner take all. 95 delegates or something like that. is it make or break for bush or rubio. >> i think it's hard to be president of the united states if you can't win the primary of your own state. there is a long way to go between then and now a lot of votes to be passed and a lot of caucuses to be held. these things have a way of working themselves out. so we will see. >> we almost made it through three panels withoutca mentioning donald trump. but we will ask about him now. you were asked about him the other day. you criticized him for add homonymbxq attacks the campaign trail. then you said something that got a lot of response. take a listen. >> we already have a president now that has no
3:51 pm
class. >> you know, that's the kind of slur, that's not a political charge. that's the slur against a man, against a president. this sleazy comment that he has no class. whats to that mean? i'm get him under sodium pentothal. buster, what do you mean by no class and find out what he does mean? it's a cheap slur that works with the cheap seats in the republican party. >> all right. so we don't have sodium ben alcohol and i'm not going to call you buster. what about that? >> i think it's important for the president of the united states to be someone that can conduct and be engaged in a public debate on an issue without demonizing their opponents that can hold his speech where you don't invite paul ryan, sit him in the front row of the speech and lamb bas him and attack him in front of everybody knowing he can't respond. it's important for the office the presidency to be be someone that is capable of doing those things. i have said repeatedly barack obama is a great husband and great father. but i do believe the way he has conducted his presidency has been divisive. i think he unnecessarily
3:52 pm
demonizes his opponents on policy issues. not just disagreement on policies. he wants to convince people that you are a bad person that you don't care with the disabled or children or women or someone who is being hurt. i think that's bad for the country. i truly believe that sort of activity and is he not alone in it but i do believe that sort of activity is not what we need from a president the. >> so you stand by that statement that the president has no class. >> i think the way he was conducted himself on the presidency on the major issues of our time he has not conducted himself of the dignity of worthy of that was o. demonization of political opponents and divisions driven in america which have made it harder for us to solve our problems and have poisoned the political environment as a result. >>k steve? >> several times, wisconsin governor scott walker has mentioned you as a potential running mate. what do you -- how do you respond to that and would you consider him as a potential running mate if you were the nominee. >> we have a talented field running. i say that all the time. we are fortunate to have so
3:53 pm
many good people on the republican side to run for president. the democrats can't come up with one good candidate a testament to the strength of the republican party. from the field the next vice president is going to come from there as far as governor walker is concerned, there may be a ticket within him and i on it together. i'm hoping it will be in alphabetical order. [. >> another one of your rivals senator ted cruz held a hearing the other day. the theme was the lawless supreme court and what he had in mind with the rulings that just came down on obamacare and gay marriage. do you agree with him that the court is lawless and out of control and tell us about your approach to nominating new justices on the court. >> i'm a big believer in the separation of powers. i believe the judiciary is an important part of that i think, unfortunately we have on some cases, five justices, the majority of that supreme court that do not understand the proper role of the court. and the proper role of the court is to interpret and apply the constitution, not to reinterpret. not to expand it or to creatively come up with ways that they can expand it to
3:54 pm
reach a policy conclusion that they want. in the particular recent decision on the definition of marriage i believe they overreached and other decisions revolving obamacare last year and again this term, the same is true. and my view is the next president must nominate supreme court justices who understand the proper role of the judiciary. >> i want to get to one poll that's out this week pew research has support for reestablishing relations with cuba, rising to 73% of americans. that's 56% republicans, 83% democrats. 75% independents. are you on the wrong side of this debate? >> i'm on the right side of history when it comes to this debate. here is my position. i have no problem with reestablishing relations with cuba. cuba democracy, when cuba human rights and respects the dignity of all the people living on the island. when they allow the people of cuba to have free and unfettered access on the internet and around the world the world. if you are going to give
3:55 pm
them diplomatic recognition and more economic activity there should be be something in return that benefits the people of cuba in terms of a democratic opening and ultimately it behooves us in our national interest not to have anti-american communist dictatorship 90 miles from our shores. i want to see american foreign policy towards cuba used in a way that lefertion our influence and power to support democracy and freedom. that's why i have taken the position i have on cuba. i know when i explain those details to people, many of them agree. because it's not in a vacuum. >> senator, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> stick around if you would for just a minute. stay tuned to find out which newspaper' is getting a lesson in reporting, apparently from, a late night host. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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finally tonight, endorsements have begun for 2016 mostly from political lawmakers from experience. late night host is backing up one candidate's driving record. >> the "new york times" ran a story about senatorçiéa rubio's parking tickets and his traffic history. >> since 1997 the couple has amassed 17 citations. most of thosevh49ñ tickets, 13 in all, were given to jennette rubio. >> marco rubio got four tickets. [ laughter ] in 17 years. >> i assume the "new york times" obtained this damning information from marco rubio's plaque in the hall of best miami drivers ever. [ laughter ] >> is there anything else we should know? >> well, i wish i had known a few weeks ago my excuse would have been my car got hacked like that guy that got his car yesterday. >> senator, thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special
4:00 pm
report," fair balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now.yo'+ ♪ ♪ presidentia)ry candidate donald trump storming the border. the presidential candidate touching down in his personal boeing 757 in la laredo texas to see the border with mexico. >> mexico is booming. jesus the city manager have done an amazing job right here. a lot of what is happening here is the fact that mexico is doing so well. it's just doing beyond beyond what anybody ever thought. and i don't know if that's good for the united states but it's good for mexico. anybody have any questions? i think i will win the hispanic vote. i have