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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  July 24, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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using #greta. check out your screen right now. that's where the vavv֖ stands. thanks for voting. also tweet me at greta. good from washington. "the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> they will pay for the wall and mexico will start baching. >> donald trump on the mexican border today as illegal immigration is a centerpiece of his campaign. we will have a special report. >> >> how are the networks covering the planned parenthood continue controversy over the sale of organs harvested from dead babies. we will discuss it. the decline y clinton, if you believe the polls. and dana perino on sanctuary cities and the iranian nuke
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deal. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪= hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. abortion and the network news. tonight's talking points memo. many support abortion. so when the parenthood controversy erupted last week with. the network news organizations were put in a quandary. undercover tape taken by pro-life group was damning as two planned parenthood doctors talked cavalierly about harvesting and organs from dead babies. that's against the law. eight states are investigating planned parenthood. this is a big story, right? and the fox news channel, cnn, msnbc, gave it a lot of time. but not is so much on the network news.
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according to data from the media research center, a conservative watchdog group, minutes and 21 seconds on the story that includes evening news and cbs this morning. nbc 3 minutes, 4 seconds, including nightly news and "the today show." just 46 seconds. "world news tonight" and good morning america combined. that is truly amazing. now, when the susan coleman breast cancer charity cut ties ties with planned parenthood because the charity said it had a policy barring it from funding groups under congressional investigation which planned parenthood was at the time, the three broadcast networks covered the story extensively. spending a combined 31 minutes 48 seconds. and taking a generally he sympathetic stance towards planned parenthood. so you can see that planned parenthood as a victim was far more attractive to the network news than plan the parenthood as a possible law
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breaker. that is called media bias. in the latest gallup poll on abortion, 55% of americans say they want abortion legal in only a few circumstances or outlawed all together. only 29% want abortion legal in all circumstances, which is pretty much the position of planned parenthood which receives taxpayer funding. talking points has long known that the american media is generally unfair. and the data on how the networks covered the organ selling story basically proves that liberal philosophy dominates in tv news and that is what is being put forth to americans on a daily basis. and that's the memo. now for the top stories tonight. reaction: joining us from north carolina, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. and you say? >> well, at the networks, bill, where you and i both worked, decisions are mainly made about what gets on the air and what doesn't by people whose names the
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audience never heard, don't know. they are producers had who work behind the scenes. and since many of them or most of them or almost allnfm of them in this case live in new$rnk york, and as you correctly said in the talking points, they are mainly liberal, and they are mainly pro-choice, watching a film of a doctor, watching a video of a doctor who isew6 cavalierly sipping wine and eating salad while she is talking about this horrendous procedure is, let's call it, unsettling. it makes them feel uneasy because they know it makes their side look bad. their liberal biases kick in and they play down or ignore the story. okay. that's how that works. that's just plain liberal bias as you correctly say. there is one more reason though. the group that put out the video is an activist group. and you have to be very careful when you are dealing with activist groups because they leave stuff out when they want, and if it doesn't
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see the light of day. and as you reported last night, that's what happened in this case with one of the videos. >> all right. i'm glad you pointed that out. >> that's right. one reason is liberal bias. the other reason is more legitimate and that's a journalistic reason. >> there is more legitimacy networks covering the story because the plan the parenthood and "new york perfectly legal. we're just supplying tissue, fetal tissue. so that medical researchers can cure disease. that's their point of view. so, then you have two starkly different portrayals. now, you would think abc news, which has one of the best investigative reporters in the business, all right, would say okay, let's see which side is telling the truth. it is compelling. there is video. it has every element a television story needs. controversy, two sides, video content, undercover.
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46 seconds on abc news? >> no. it's outrageous, as you say. it's outrageous. you have to say why is this? that's because there is a culture at the networks. i argued of in my book, biased, that this stuff isn't intentional. they do go in an a room and sit around. >> it is. >> no, no theyj conspire to do it. it's worse than that. it is a frame of mind. it is group think. it is too many people who think the same way, on important social you. and on this important social issue, we all know that most of them think the same way. they don't want to touch this. >> they don't want to touch it because as you rightly said it makes their side look bad. >> it's embarrassing. >> let's give some credit to the "new york times," which is the most uber liberal proabortion crew in the country. they at least took the story and wrote a half page 06vmllacious, all right.
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saying oh, no, planned parenthood is just doing this for the good of mankind, and they should be applauded. at least they recognize the story. the media blackout stuff is what really disturbs me and that's what the network news -- when the exception of cbs, they did the story a little -- i have got to ask you a personal question. you are a jewish man. raised in the jewish tradition. and i'm an irish catholic man, raised in the irish catholic tradition. we both understand that no matter what you think about abortion or reproductive rights and legality, this is horrendous. the harvesting of a liver. all right. the taking of organs. distroying it in a less crispy way. putting the foreseptember --
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forceps in a position to kill the baby and don't harm the so barbaric and shocking. 29% of americans that don't care at all. and that includes a lot of these very intelligent journalists. >> yeah. that's right. look, i would say that most people, whether they are liberal or conservative, are against certain kinds of abortions, late term abortion. >> 29% are not according to that gallup poll. >> that was my next point. >> 29%. >> there is a group of people that don't want any restrictions at all. and since you are asking basically -- you are this, i'm that, what did i think? what i found most offensive, i mean obviously the procedure is pretty horrific, but what i found most offensive about the video and i think i'm not alone in this, is the woman,
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the doctor is casually sipping wine, and eating a salad while she is talking about something that no matter what your position is on abortion, is a horrific thing. at least show the respect of not chewing on your salad and sipping wine while you are talking about this. >> the other one joking about a lamborghini. >> right. >> this is söb' upsetting, he think, to people who respect life, and it's off the chart. >> just -- bill, i haven't done a survey on this. but i'm pretty sure that even people who are pro-choice found those videos. >> some of them did but and 29% don't. that's a lot of folks. bernie, thank you as always. next on the rundown, donald trump heading to the border, the southern border, making illegal immigration the centerpiece of his campaign. we have a special report.
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and then later, bad poll numbers for hillary clinton in three key swing states. ed henry will anal
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impact segment tonight. donald trump down on the
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southern border. the republican presidential contender traveled to laredo, texas at the invitation of border patrol folks. controversy follows him everywhere. the national border patrol council which represents 18,000 agents was supposed to meetu7n> with trump today but cancelled. however, the donald got his point across. >> i employ thousands and thousands of hispanics. i love the people, the latinos, i love the people. they are great. they are workers, they are fantastic people and they want. these are people ilg"rk with, they want legal immigration. they don't want the illegal immigration with all the tremendouses1fç amount of crime that already even today i'm hearing about and people are saying oh, it's sope doing,u are mr. trump. it's so dangerous what you are doing. i have to do it. i have to do it. >> joining us now from washington to racket senator john mccain from arizona. first up, did you see my interview withvm mr. trump on monday? any thoughts oni:]w$rá? >> no. not really. except that i would point out
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service organization, especially people like the veterans of foreign wars and the concerned veterans of america and others,j4(p&c@ steadfastly reject his allegations about me and they are praising, of course, because the work that i have done on a range of veterans issues. the latest being that clay hunt suicide prevention act. they have 28 veterans who commit suicide every day, bill. and we have got to address that along with the other. >> you sponsor7 - pointed that out. i wanted to know if i covered you fairly. >> you covered me fairly and i'm most proud of the way that my fellow pows have come to-to-my defense. you love them so much and i am so grateful. >> he would putting this to bed now? >> sure. >> i challenged him. you said what you said. and it's to all right, now -- >> -- thank you. >> as you know, because you are a senator from arizona, the border remains not secured. after all these years, since
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ronald reagan's amnesty, i think it was 1986. all these years, and the kate steinle murder, the guy came back six times. six times. drug addict, drug dealer, is he, in he is out. all right, now, the american people want to know from you, senator mccain, why the border? why it remainsñ( unsecured. why? >> >> well, to start with barack obama, who promised border security and immigration reform would be top of his agenda the first two years5.yn÷ office. he had 60 votes in the senate overwhelming majority in the house did not act. we did act in the united states senate and that calls for six and a half billion dollars to be spent on border security. hiring of 20,000 additional border patrol agents. 90% effective control of the border. and 100% situational awareness. and we can do it with technology. unfortunately, the house of representatives did not act. second of all, when barack obama issued these executive orders, clearly unconstitutionally, inflamed
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everybody. it inflamed everybody. fumely, could i say it's not just securing the border, it's also a thing called everify where anyone who comes for a job in the united states of america, that does not have the proper documentation, and that employer hires them, that employer will pay a heavy penalty. >> okay. >> that's got to be part of it. >> you understand the frustration of the american voter. >> sure. >> andç6okm why mr. trump's message is resonating in some quarters is that you guys can't get it done. you can't get it done. all right. >> i agree. >> after all of decades it's still chaotic, it still isn't fair. people are being killed by criminal illegal aliens deported five times. americans are saying enough. a guy rises up in trump and he said to me, look, i'm going to make the mexicans pay for the wall, we are going to put this big wall up. i said mexico is not going to pay for it i said that to him. you can see why he is he resonating because people say we are tired of you pinheads in washington. we are tired of this stuff. we want action.
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know is, there anything wrong with that point of view? those people who think that way? >> there is nothing wrong with that point of view. there are ranchers in the southern part of my state that every night people are crossing their property. there are guides on mountain tops in arizona. guiding drug dealers and human trafficking across our border as well. there is no doubt they are incredibly frustrated and that frustration is justified. i am saying the solution is there. we passed it through the united states senate, and we need to act and act as rapidly as possible. so, the people in my state are more angry than anybody because we seem to get most of this trafficking. >> okay. >> or certainly a good percentage of it. >> now, one of the reasons that there was a controversy involving you and trump was your remark about crazies who are supporting trump do
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you regret making that remark and, if not, who are the crazies? who are they? >> it was meant in guest as you mentioned. i have town hall meetings all over arizona. a guy stands up and says you are crazy. i view it as a term of endeermt. look, everybody in my state is entitled to their views. a lot of them are from other places and he enjoy the give and take with them. if anybody was offended, then certainly i'm sorry, but the way -- we have a pretty rough and tumble game that we play in politics in arizona and i love every minute of it. >> all right. and there are crazy people. there is no doubt about it it but i wanted to get that clarified. >> they call me crazy and they are entitled to that view. >> me too. >> we are the poster boys for it you said going on this program was worse than being in captivity in north vietnam. do you remember saying that to me? >> that was a joke. >> i know it was a joke. >> what i said was i hadn't had so much fun since my
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last interrogation. >> i don't doubt it we always aappreciate you coming on, thank you. >> thank you, bill. >> freedom of information documents showing karl rove's organization targeted by the irs. mr. rove will be here. later, ed henry on how hillary clinton is reacting to the kate's law push. back in a moment. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ personal story segment tonight, the irs targeting conservative group story not going away. this week, president obama appeared with jon stewart. >> what happened with the irs? >> well, you got this back office and they are going after the tea party. well, it turned out no, congress has passed a -- a crummy law that didn't give people guidance in terms of what they were trying to do.
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they did it poorly and [ laughter ] >> you really do have only a year left. that's unbelievable. >> now yesterday judicial watch released documents it obtained through the freedom of information act showing the group crossroads g.p.s., a conservative crew associated with with karl rove specifically referenced by irs officials for scrutiny. documents show that the irs wanted to crosscheck donors' lists, things like that. joining us now from austin, texas is karl rove. what was irs doing to g.p.s. exactly? >> not only did g.p.s. but also the u.s. chamber of commerce. what they were attempting to do was attempting to look at the individual donors to this 50 1 c 4 g.p.s. and the 501 c 6, the u.s. chamber and then subject those donors to a 35% tax on any gift that they gave to these
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two organizations. now, the problem was that in 1982, the united states supreme court disallowed this specific procedure that the irs was contemplating applying to the donors of our group and donors to the chamber. >> was that what president obama was referring to that congress passed a sloppy law? is that what he was referring to? >> the law governing 501 c 4s and 501 c 6s has been around for half a century. if he was referring to this particular incident, then he was condemning the congress of the united states, you know, half a century ago. no, no. the president of the united states was bloviating. let's be honest about it he didn't know what the heck he was talking about. when the scandal first broke irs should not be used to intimidate people of any persuasion, republican, democrat, liberal or conservative. now he has figured out that these were people working to do in his political enemies
12:24 am
then is he all warm and fuzzy about it and blaming it on the stupid congress and avoiding responsibility. >> it wasn't a whiff of scandal here, remember he said that to me in the super bowl at the white house. >> yeah. >> i have got to break this down so everybody standards it you have the crossroads group is a tax exempt foundation, right? you don't pay taxes, right? >> it's a tax exempt organization. itavaé not a foundation. >> u.s. chamber of commerce another tax exempt, right? >> right. >> so people give money to you. they can write that off on their taxes as a charitable contribution, right? >> no, no, no, no. that's a 501 c 3. we are a c 4. you do not get a tax deduction for contribution that you make to crossroads g.p.s. >> no tax deduction for that, correct? >> same thing. their rules. >> why would 35% were giving money to you and the chamber of commerce? >> because they wanted to penalize them and discourage them from contributing to conservative organizations. that's why.
12:25 am
now, there san important point here, bill. >> all right. >> who were these people exchanging the emails? they were people in the council's office. the general council's office at the irs. there are only two people at the irs appointed by the president of the unitedwí states. the commissioner of the internal revenue service and the general?úát council. so the question is, was the general council's office talking to somebody at treasury or somebody at the white house saying we're going after the u.s. chamber and we're going after crossroads g.p.s. because these are conservative, center right organizations that are critical of the president. >> we don't know that yet. >> we don't. it's an interesting question to ask now that we know who is exchanging these emails. we have to ask those people did you tell the treasury department, did you tell the white house that you were going after the u.s. chamber on crossroads g.p.s. >> hopefully congress will do that because the fbi won't. like the fbi won't investigate the hillary clinton email thing. we have a politicized fbi right now in some areas. all right. so we are going to stay on the story, mr. rogue. it's a little complicated but i think we got it, thanks very much. plenty more as the factor
12:26 am
moves along this evening. dana perino has selected the iraq deal and sanctuary cities as her two most important stories of the week. she will be here. hillary clinton on falling poll numbers and what thinks a
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in the did you know that segment tonight, very interesting woman. on the fox business network, kennedy hosts her own program 8:00 eastern time.
12:30 am
talks about pretty much anything she wants to talk about. kennedy is an interesting hire. because at one point she was mtv's most famous personality. a pop idol if you will. how did she get to fox? roll the tape. >> all right, so little lisa kennedy montgomery, you, raised in lake os would he go -- os;+oregon single mom you and two brothers. mom was from lithuania. >> came over on a boat. >> was she tough. >> she taught us to appreciate esthetics. definitely a family you were not allowed to run from your mistakes and you had to work really hard. >> i ask that question because you became a conservative kid. >> i was a teenage republican and, you know, i had fallen in love with reaganomics and deeply moved. i cried when he left office when i was in high school. it was very sad. and, but, you know, i got a job at mtv because i started
12:31 am
interning at a radio station in los angeles for community college extra credit. >> so there you are lisa kennedy montgomery at mtv then you changed it to kennedy to be cool and groovy. >> i wouldn't. >> you became a success at very young age, you are surrounded you are conservative&dlç by left wing loons. >> these were clintonites. >> way beyond that. >> baby boomer clintonites in love with their brand of socialism. i guess in a way i was kind of a unicorn. >> you were the only one who wasn't a left winger and had you to deal with nirvana and all these bands and these guys you know them. >> a bunch of comeys. filled from stem to stern. >> come to mommy, hi how are you. this is great. kennedy alternative nation. i'm back from jamaica. love you. >> you are soxóq8v successful. voted most hated dj on tv by rolling stones?
12:32 am
>> talk about comys did that hurt your feelings. >> i was scared for my job. i was worried that my kind boss who had plucked me out of obscurity when i was 18 to be a dj was going to kick me back to los angeles. >> your ratings are pretty good though, right? >> i guess. >> that's all that matters. >> more like name recognition and getting press and stuff like that back then. they didn't have social media and there was no corp. tuition for mtv. would people like scream when you showed up? were you a teen idol like these other bangs that you hung with? >> there were times i remember at red hot chilly pepper show almost being mobbed. i actually fear offed for my life because the crowd was closing in. >> what did they want? >> they wanted to be near you. >> they wanted to huff my essence. >> i couldn't let them near my flower. >> i thought that was one of the groups you were promoting. huff your essence. >> in a stunning turn of events, you leave mtv. you go back to college and
12:33 am
get a degree at ucla and you find your way to fox news and business. how on earth could that happen? >> really, i connected with roger ailes for the first time in 1993. i was so bad when i got on mtv that someone gave me his book and said please read this so you can learn how to be slightly roger are was watching and said i want you to move to new york and work for me. i said i just moved to seattle with my boyfriend. >> so i am responsible for your success as i am for so many people. >> that's absolutely right. >> this gott music thing. you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> a lot of people say this is a destructive force that this is, you know, the devil is good, i love satan and all of that what's your feeling about that? >> i think it's just there are horror films on sound tracks. >> now, are you still a conservative person? >> i'm a libertarian. >> so you want everyone to smoke pot and stuff. >> i want everyone to smoke pot and hire prostitutes.
12:34 am
>> yeah? >>. no i love freedom. i love freedom of expression. i love economic freedom. i don't want the government to tell me to do with my kids. i want everyone to leave me alone. >> some of your career, so far, has been, i think, the strangest story i have ever seen in the media. >> wow. >> all right? you go to l.a. out of nowhere you become an mtv star. you dump that. and you come to fox news. nobody has that resume. all right? and you would say the reason all this has+(hgb happened for you is? >> i think you if you work hard and you are a good person and you do what you love, good things will follow. >> thanks for beingu >> thanks, bill.- >> when we when we come right back. colorado, iowa, virginia. all polling poorly for hillary clinton. also, dana perino on sanctuary cities and the iranian nuke deal up ahead.
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thanks for staying with with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the campaign 2016 segment tonight. some new polling, not good news for hillary clinton. according to quinnipiac, voters in colorado, iowa, virginia, important swing states do not trust secretary clinton. also in head-to-head matchups with jeb bush, scott walker and marco rubio,c?lkxñ mrs. clinton losesn all three states to all three men. ed henryrwmb8ñ covering the clinton campaign.
12:39 am
the clinton people concerned about this quinnipiac poll or early polling at all? >> they insist to me they are not. they say this is a one off poll that there have been other polls showing that in head-to-head matchups with republicans she ispú winning comfortably. they think the quinnipiac poll is off. this is why we need to be skeptical of what they are saying on that. quinnipiac did the same poll in these battle grounds back in april. hillary clinton was already under water on the honesty and trustworthy question. it's gotten a little worse since then with the emails and clinton foundation. back then in april. she was still beating republicans handily in these kind of republican matchups. now she is not beating them. here is what you didn't see in the headline in that poll by the way. another nugget. bernie sanders, the socialist democrat, is doing as well or better than hillary clinton against those republicans. jeb bush, scott walker, and marco rubio in the key battleground states. that tells you that for someone that far on the left, is he getting the excitement, she is not.
12:40 am
i will give you one other nugget that i haven't reported yet which i'm told inside the clinton camp that there is a one republican they are more nervous about than anyone else. previously people have reported that's marco rubio because of the hispanic vote. i'm hearing now it's changed, it's john kasich, the ohio governor. and here's why. in these kind of battlegrounds. like in iowa, like in colorado, he is that governor with the record. he has cut taxes. he has got the american values. he has got his own issues. sea little bit of a loose cannon. is he going to be able to stay on message? i'm not saying is he going to run away with the nomination. nobody knows what's going to happen from the republican side. i'm told in private john podesta and other top clinton officials are saying they are a little bit nervous about somebody like john kasich especially because if he can carry ohio the republicans do not win the white house, traditionally unless you carry ohio. >> okay. kasich very formidable but probably not going to be in the fox debate on august 6th. which is not going to be good for john kasich. because that's really the
12:41 am
break-out time. i estimate three people will break out in that debate. three republicans out of the 10 will make a positive impression that will help them in the polling. tough debate, three questioners, 10 people on the stage. very hard to separate from the pack. kasich won't be be there because is he polling, can't get up high enough for him to be on the stage. >> if he is not there. he won't be in the middle of the fray with donald trump trading insults and barbs. i'm not saying is he going to win because of that but maybe being outside of the first one, maybe he stays outside of some of that. >> find a way to raise money and to get into the upper echelon. but i agree that in a face-to-face match, hillary clinton might have trouble with a john kasich. but i think she would have trouble with some the others as well. kate's law should be up mrs. clinton's alley with war on women. shear a fatality. kate steinle. and a fatality that should never have happened, that a law could prevent from
12:42 am
happening. so where does hillary clinton stand on kate's law? >> she hasn't taken a stand. we have been asking. she was asked the case is a cnn interview. didn't say too much about kate steinle. today hillary clinton was in south carolina. obviously the african-american vote key in that primary. she came out and said very clearly black lives matter. specifically went after what she called police brutality and commented on the case of sandra bland, the young african-american woman who was tragically killed in texas this week. we don't know all the facts there yet. but she came out there and said this is@o we need to be all over this. and, yes, the facts need to come in the texas case, no one should ignore that it's quite interesting, speaking out on a case like that where she wants african-american vote turnout, but on the kate steinle case she hasn't said that much at all. >> you have askevpñr you ed henry, have asked the clinton campaign whats to she think of kate's law does she support it? what does she say to you?
12:43 am
>> i haven't gotten a clear answer on it yet. >> do they go -- >> there was that hearing you were all over this week. some democrats like dick durbin saying we don't need this law. hillary clinton hasn't said that to be fair. but she hasn't come out with a clear position. >> she obviously knows because i said it four times here we asked her and bernie sanders, they were disrespectful and didn't answer our question, very simple question. all right, stay on her. sooner or later, somebody is going to confront her with it so there you go. dana perino on deck. her two most important stories of the week, iranian nuke deal and sanctuary "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ i'm going my way... ♪i leave a story untold... he just keeps sending more pictures...
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the 110 cities and counties in this country that don't oppose immigration law. how did that go? >> trying to hold the administration's feet to the fire, they were able to vote on
12:48 am
a lot. they passed a lot of things that go to the senate and they would be held. you might actually see movement because there is the frustration about the sanctuary city. >> right. >> as well as kate's law. that could pass the house and unlike in years past, when the white house would try do a veto threat, harry reid would just block it. >> yeah. but just two separate tracks so you have to be very specific. cutting off money to the sanctuary cities and kate's law. duncan hunter, i understand the congressman from california, intercluesed the bill cutting off funding for sanctuary cities. which you would expect to pass in a ju dash yirry committee and in the full house, right? >> it is common sense to me. and you would think that henry in the segment that you had earlier that hillary clinton can't actually say this, that actually makes sense. if you want to be a federal office holder and swear to uphold the laws of the out of america to me sanctuary cities in a permissiveness in which mr.
12:49 am
bam allowed it to happen, that is is a no-brainer for her. >> she needs the coalition of hispanics -- >> and the white house threatened to veto the bill. >> well, let him. let president obama veto legislation that the majority of american people and i do they feel this way, the majority, all right, let him. >> and that's good because in the six years previously when harry reid was in charge of senate president obama never had that take -- >> never today take it -- >> this might be different. >> is this different since mr. reid's bike beat him up, did his exercise bike beat him up? >> exercise band. i thought a band attached to the shower door. >> like a stephen king movie when the bicycle comes to life and attacks you. >> same i'm sorry that he's he hurt -- >> we are mocking him but perhaps we shouldn't. >> let's good to john kerry since i've known since the civil
12:50 am
war, he is in the house today trying to discuss the nuke deal. did he make my points? no partisan. did he make any solid points in his testimony? >> he faced a very skeptical audience and not just from republicans. have you a congress who is refrustrated. senators had to put themselves on the line last april to create bipartisan lengs lags it allow the deal to go forward on the promise that the obama administration as secretary kerry said, we will good to you first. that's not what happened this week, they didn't go to the united nations. he is very condescending. one of the things he said was we have 535 secretaries of state that can't deal with anybody. okay, 535 members in congress. >> soihillary clinton included that? >> i think he is it saying since she is no longer part of the cabinet. >> so he thinks the deal is
12:51 am
good, he negotiating it. but a you call him condescending. >> because they made the move to the go to the u.n. first, one thing that tennessee said is that obama and kerry in particular put a pa rya in the world -- >> and putting a stamp of approval on it so congress looks like pin heads if they didn't buy it. i must tell everybody i was on the fence until charle came on the programs and in two minutes said listen this strengthens iran with no down side to iran because they he can cheat and 48 days before they let anybody in there. they can cheat everybody all day long and we get nothing out of it other than winning war for short term. i thought it was a very eloquent argument. but you will never convince john kerry or president obama that it is a bad deal. >> but you could convince chuck
12:52 am
schumer. >> doesn't. >> it could because if they think he will vote behind it they could tuck in behind him. >> obama will veto anything. >> again, let him do that. i think charles's commentary on this show and his column is fantastic p. the the other thing that happened is the saudis meeting with hamas. this is what is happening and what charles schumer warned about. >> we have an interesting bill o'reilly poll for pu. do you think congress will pass kate's law? yes or no. we will give you the results on monday. the tip of the day, some very good news for the fox news channel. the tip, moments away .
12:53 am
12:54 am
12:55 am
tip of the day, good news for us, fnc, in a moment. first, the paul, british columbia canada, bill you say
12:56 am
president obama has little interest in enforcing immigration law. he does on this side. why so different? very powerful in the usa and crack done on southern border stuff impactss]ww democrats. plus you guys in canada have good enforcement on your side while mexico lets the people smugglers go wild so the northern boreder is more secure. in illinois, if case law passes do you think president obama will enforce it? he has to, dee. he swore to uphold the constitution. if a law is passed by congress and he he signed it he is compelled to support the uts attorneys who would be involved. i do think president obama would sign case law. as always, i could be wrong. lori, pineville, louisiana. every time i see the video of the planned parenthood doctors talking about body parts and babies for sale, i ask this question, are we supposed to believe this is not is human life we are talking about? they don't believe it is a human
12:57 am
life. though they believe human is present upon conception and vast majority of doctors shun abortion, they know the individual who supports abortion, they know when life begins. it is always puzzled me, this wisdom. how do they know when life is involved? the philosophy should always be, first do no harm. charlotte scarborough, nevada. i like your comment that san francisco is a beautiful town but crazy place. i'm a life-long democrat but find myself agreeing with you. i go way back to the days of amburg and kaip caine in the city by the bay. willie mays, i love the bay area all the way up to the coast of oregon. but folks there need a reality check. if kate steinly doesn't provide that, it is indeed hopeless. owe riley, careful when you come
12:58 am
to phoenix. 15,000 crazieses might show up. and we will love them can be dell. we will see efb everybody in the valley of the sun. st. louis, chicago, charlotte and south florida at the hard rock, those are the six shows left in the fall. don't be a pin head. tour details on mr. owe riley, i'm 7 1/2. i'm a big fan of yours. i appreciate you, sew fsophia. i'm sending you a back. read it with your mom and dad. i think you are smart enough for it. they need to be there to explain some things but i appreciate you watching the show. sms sometimes it is good to brag a little. especially if you work hard. when i was little i loved mohamuhammad ali and joe namath. i don't know what happened to me, i'm so brash. july 13th, fnc was the highest
12:59 am
rated prime time cable network in america. and canada. we beat the zombies, the sharks, the propagandas, the wrestler network. everybody. and we beat them pretty badly, as can you see. look at that. that's the chart that neilson puts out. fnc, number 1. it is important because fox ise often bashed by the elites in this country. but it is important know what is going on. fnc, the most watched prime time, thank you all. please check out the factor website which is different from word of the day, do not be teratoid. if you look up the word teratoid, you'll thank me. just a great word.
1:00 am
do not be teratoid. again, thanks for watching us, good night. ms. megyn warming up for the bullpen. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. because we are defi


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