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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 24, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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e injured after a shooting in louisiana. that gunmen is also dead. >> the investigation just getting underway at the grand theater there. fox news kyle rothenberger joins us live with the latest. good morning, kyle. >> good morning, heather and heather. what looks and sounds to be quiet behind me in front of the grand theater in lafayette, just a couple hours ago it was anything but according to witnesses. police say a 58-year-old white male inside the theater behind me about 100 started opening fire 20 minutes into the movie. there are three people dead. one of them is the gunmen. there's an additional nine people that are injured. all of them were rushed to the hospital. one of them was rushed into a personal car police say. now there's a varying degree of conditioning that the people are in the hospital. police say some are in critical
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condition some are not life threatening. now this all began at 7:00 a regular thursday night people coming to the music at 100 people inside the theater when a white 58-year-old male in president back top started shooting people with a semiautomatic hand gun according to authorities. now witnesses, there's a lot of them. we have recordings of what they have to say. take a listen. here is one. >> we were buying popcorn at the concession and when a whole group of people teenagers running out telling everybody to run for their lives. i thought it was teenagers playing a little prank. then i see a whole other bigger group coming out saying the same thing. then we saw a lady with blood all over her legs. i grabbed my tub and we all ran. >> heather and heather, there's an ongoing investigation behind
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me police say. there's csi units in there, there's fbi, federal, state, local authorities all over. all eyes are on lafayette to find a reason. the question of why did this 58-year-old white male do what he did tonight. back to you. >> kyle can you tell us anything else about the shooter this morning? >> police say he's a 58-year-old white male. that's pretty much all they know. they know a little bit more detail. he dresses in different states across the con -- he has addresses in different states across the country. he has a criminal record but it isn't recent. they will not release his name. they know who he is but they won't release it because it's an ongoing investigation. >> interesting. the movie's star actress, is she
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making any statements regarding what happened there? >> the movie "train wreck" amy schumer the star of the movie tweets her heart is broken and her thoughts and her prayers go out to everyone in lafayette. the fbi all of the local authorities local and state level are trying to find out why this gunman allegedly did what he did. >> we will check in with you later. >> what happens next for police in the stays case? david clark said they have a long investigation ahead of them. >> shell casings, the weapons the you want to protect the weapon. you want to make sure people have fled panic sets in you want to make sure you can keep as many people adds you can at least in the area. they are all witnesses. i don't know how crowded the
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theater was but this is a pain staking investigation. my prayers are with the people in lafayette, the people in the theater, the first responders anding with d play at this point. >> the sheriff has a copycat event calling it simply the age we live in. >> this morning we are already starting to hear incredible stories of heroism out of this tragedy, including two schoolteachers who are being praised for their brave actions moments before the bullets started flying. we are live in dallas with more on the selfless acts. good morning, casey. >> heather, good morning to you. as always in trag disease like this you start to hear the tales of heroism emerging. organize nature ordinary people stepping to help. two schoolteachers had gone to the movies to enjoy their last few weeks of summer their night on the town before the school year started when the shooting
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happened. one teacher jumped in front of her colleague to shield her. the governor says had this woman not done that her colleague would have likely been shot in the head. so this morning that brave teacher is being credited with not only saving her fellow teacher, but what she did next likely helped even more victims get out of that theater. >> her friend literally jumped over her and in her account saved her life. if she hadn't done that her friend she believes the bullet hit her in the head. the second one even though she was shot in the leg she had the presence of mind to pull the fire alarm to help save other lives. >> pull the fire alarm. quick thinking there in an absolute scene of pandemonium. one of the teachers remains in the hospital this morning while the other is still iffing treated --
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being treated. all victim the range in age of late teens to their early 60's. the shooter did not say a word when he opened fire. ironically as you know the shooting happened on the same day that a jury in colorado determined that james holmes is eligible for the death penalty. as you know holmes opened fire in the colorado movie theater in 2012 killing 12 people and injuring more than 70, heather. >> casey stegall, thank you. we will have more developments as they become available through out this morning. >> a high ranking commander killed in a u.s. air strikes in afghanistan. two other terrorists also killed. the terror leader is directly linked to plots against the u.s. this comes days after another key terrorist leader who knew about the september 11th attacks was killed by an american drone strike in syria. >> also developing new trouble
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for hillary clinton and the department of justice. a criminal investigation looking into whether the former secretary of state miss handled sensitive government information when she used her private e-mail. clinton has said repeatedly she never sent classified information through that account. but we are now learning that hundreds of messages may have contained privileged details. more on that as we get it. >> a staggering 87 percent of illegal immigrants will stay in the united states under president obama's new immigration policy. a brand new report by the migrations policy institute says the program will instead focus on deporting the 13 percent of the 11 million undocumented i am grants immigrants who have criminal records. it will reduce the overall number of deportations by as many as 24,000 a year. making a texas size flash of
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the mexico border. as he heads south new clashes with members of his own party. >> kristin fisher has more. >> he threatens to make a third party run if he doesn't get the nomination. good morning, kristin. >> one of the mesne reasons donald trump went to the border is because the border patrol had invited him, they wanted to honor him. shortly before his arrival the border union canceled. i will let trump explain why. >> the reason they invited me was because of the tremendous problem and tremendous crime and all of the things you are talking about. so they invited me and at the last moment we were virtually in the air they said we can't get involved. i heard they got those orders from washington. >> that cancellation did not stop donald trump from continuing his tour of the border border surrounded by a throng of media. they decided to pull out after communicating with members of the national council. trump's campaign put it more
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bluntly. the local chapter was totally silenced from superiors in washington. the comments he made earlier in the day to the newspaper where he threatened to mount an independent run for the white house if the republican party won't welcome him. he has been getting a lot of heat from republican opponents including jeb bush for what they say is toxic rhetoric that is hurting the party. >> he's a serious candidate and he's going to have a lot of money. he's tapping into people's angst that are legitimate but i don't think you win by denigrating people, i don't think you win by tearing us apart. you have to give concrete proposals to allow people to rise up. >> trump says he wants to run as a republican and thinks he will get the nomination but not ruling out an independent run. >> kristin fisher live for us this morning. thank you.
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kristin. >> fallen hero david wyatt will be wurburied with full honors. the public is invited to join the procession route. he is originally from russellville arkansas leaves behind a wife and two young children. he honorably served two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. why at was wyatt was one of four marines and a sailor killed when a gunman opened fire at a navy facility one week ago. >> check out the fast moving evacuation currently underway in california where there is a wildfire in napa county. flames shooting hundreds of feet into the sky. that fire breaking out on wednesday and already burned more than 7,000 acres. winds not making that easy to control. tourists in montana, they were sent running from hotels and campgrounds from glacier national park where another wildfire is burning there.
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>> let's check in with maria molina to see if the forecast is going to help the folks in the area at all. >> hi good morning. unfortunately we are not forecasting for much rain across those places in california and even up into parts of california. we anticipate dry conditions to remain in place there. in montana we have low relative humidity, 10 percent forecast for today. just where we meet the rain in the west where we are getting it is across portions of the plains. we have risk of severe weather in parts of wisconsin in kansas and nebraska. for the saturday we are looking at more storms possible in the area. we will keep you updated. in the plains we have excessive heat warnings. we have heat advisories in effect across iowa nebraska even parts of iowa and parts of mississippi. again pretty hot out here.
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we are seeing the values in the triple digits like you mentioned. actual high temperatures forecast to be in president 90's. 101 in the city of dallas. meanwhile in the east not bad at all. temperatures in the 80's from atlanta to new york city. let's head over to you. 12 minutes after the hour. do not pray and push for gun control it was sent out while the movie theater unfolded. it is causing a whole lot of controversy. >> let us know what you think about that. the we traded five taliban terrorists for bow burg beau bergdahl. what's he up to? he was caught up in a drug bust. >> is this on your beach? >> you know where that is? >> i do. we will tell you all of the details ahead.
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>> the deadly movie theater shooting in louisiana. they piece together what may have led the shooter to open fire during the showing of a movie "train wreck killing two people before turning the gun on himself. police identifying the suspect. they have not released his name. we do know he's a 58-year-old white man with a criminal history. he was armed with a semiautomatic hand gun opening fire about 20 minutes into the movie. when he started firing people started rushing out. he was trying to leaf. he spotted the officers coming in, he turned around and went against the crowd and fired a single gunshot and that was on himself. >> nine people were hurt in the
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shooting. one person is in critical condition. >> an editor for buzz feed sent out a tweet that some were saying is pretty ill timed. a news editor tweeted don't pray push for gun control. when someone tweeted back asking giving the family respect if this were my family i would want any one screaming about gun control to any one who would listen. >> he was traded in the controversial prisoner swap for five high level taliban terrorists. now beau bergdahl is involved in a pot growing raid in california. a lot of people thought he was minding his p's and q's but now we know where he is. >> patricia stark has more. >> from a taliban prison to a california pot farm.
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bowe bergdahl who wandered off his space spotted during a drug task force raid at a california pot farm. they raided the farm located in the remote part of the state 120 miles north of san francisco. he was visiting friends at the farm when the task force arrived. several people were arrested and bergdahl was detained but eventually released. police now say he had no connection to the nearly 200 plant growing operation interestingly last month a former cia officer said bergdahl may have been high when he wandered off his base in june of 2009. >> an american sole dorr along with two or three afghan soldiers had been captured they were using the word (indiscernible) which in this case high on hash sheesh: >>
2:19 am
after five years in captivity he was traded for five taliban leaders in a move widely criticized congress. pentagon officials were notified about bergdahl's latest brush with the law but say he had a pass to be in california at the time. his military hearing is scheduled for september. heather? >> patricia thank you so much. a deadly brain eating ameba in found in the water once again. they are trying to figure out the source of that can contamination. in the meantime officials say it is safe to drink the water but you should not get into the water up to the nose or allow it to get in the nose while they are showering. three deaths have been reported in the last several years. that is how it gets into the brain. >> there is a brand new warning this morning for parents of a baby a popular brand.
2:20 am
they are now recalling 71,000 crews and vista strollers because of concerns the children could choke. >> you need to know about this if you are a parent. the company has gotten close to 2 dozen reports of children biting off pieces of the stroller's foam crossbar. >> kids like to chew. >> it is 20 minutes after the hour. this video is insane. it is a speeding train colliding with a limo stuck on the tracks. but the outcome is nothing short of a miracle. everyone survived. >> that is amazing. quick thinking there. >> is there life out there, the incredible new discovery from nasa. you have to hear about this.
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>> 23 minutes after the hour. take a look at this scene. two giant sharks scaring swimmers at a long island fweech. a lifeguard on long island first spotted the shark and ordered everybody out of the water there. a chopper over head scoping saying it was two 6 foot long sharks swimming 15 feet from the shoreline. a mother and baby shark were seen an hour later. 2,000 people on the beach were given the all clear to dive back in two hours later. >> a terrifying train crash caught on camera. take a look. >> it's not gonna stop. it's not gonna stop. >> oh no that limo was stuck on the train tracks was taking a bunch of teenagers to a sweet sixteen party. it skid across the tracks as the
2:25 am
train came to a stop eventually. the outcome nothing short of a miracle. everyone walking away without a scratch. not sure who the guy was but glaz glad everybody is okay. >> a sink hole opens up in a florida backyard taking a 15,000 pound truck right along with it. citrus well drilling was attempting to dig a well when a soft spot under ground gave way causing the collapse. amazingly no one injured here either. they had to use a crane to pull it out. no word yet if they succeeded. >> has earth found its twin? nasa discovered a planet 1400 light years away from the consolation signas similar to our earth. it is 60 percent larger than our earth and has a rocky terrain suitable for water.
2:26 am
some say it could be a step towards finding signs of life elsewhere in the universe. >> the time now 25 after the top of the hour. >> we are following a fox news alert. families forced to run for their lives as a man opens fire inside a movie theater. up next one of the first people on the scene to help the injured. he joins us live. >> the moment witnesses join cops and firefighters to free a woman with pins under her motorcycle. the amazing story coming up next.
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2:30 am
>> among that tragedy, heros already emerging this morning. we are learning about a pair of teachers who were enjoying the movie before they went back to school when one takes a bullet for another. >> one of the teachers jumped in front of the other and saved her life. >> trump goes to the border and brings the fire with them. >> we are talking about illegal immigration. that is a typical case of the press with miss interpretation. we are live in washington with more on the donald's trip to the south. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> terror inside a movie theater three people including the gunman are dead at a
2:31 am
shooting in louisiana. nine others are injured. >> it went on at the grand theater in lafayette. we are live with the latest details. good morning heather and heather. what looks and sounds like quiet back here behind me in front of the grand theater in lafayette. it was nothing but according to witnesses. police just a couple hours ago. three people are dead. nine are injured. some are critically injured. some just have according to police, not life threatening. it all started back at 7:00. it was a regular thursday night. people just going to the movies theater 14 right back here showing the movie "train wreck." 20-30 minutes in police say a white 58-year-old male started shooting from the back of the theater, just started shooting with a semi automatic gun a hand gun in his hand. nine people injured, three people are dead after he started spraying people in the theater,
2:32 am
police say he took a bullet and shot himself. we have a lot of video from witnesses explaining what happened. a lot of these witnesses walked up to the parking lot, a woman walked up to me tears down her face. just look at this. we have witness video. take a listen. >> it's not real. for a minute you are thinking how does the happiest place in the world produce somebody so full of hate and evil to just stand up in a movie theater and start shooting people. what provokes somebody to do that? >> federal, state and local authorities are here including the fbi, the atf. the police say this 58-year-old white male does have a criminal history but it goes back too far. it's not too relevant now. doesn't have a recent criminal history. in addition to that he has multiple addresses in different states.
2:33 am
they do know his name but because it is an ongoing investigation heather and heather they do not know his name. everyone is trying to figure out why did he do it? >> in lafayette, kyle shth thank you very much. >> we are starting had ato hear incredible stories. two schoolteachers are praised for their brave actions the moment the bullets started flying. >> casey stegall has more on their selfless acts. >> good morning to you as always in tragedies like this we hear the tales of ordinary people stepping in to help. last night two schoolteachers out for a night on the town going to see a movie together celebrating their last bit of summer before the return to the new school year when the shooting happened. louisiana governor bobby jindal says one teacher jumped in front of her doll league to shield her. the governors woman not done that her colleague would have likely been shot in
2:34 am
the head. what she did next likely helped even more victims get out. despite being shot in the leg she managed to pull the fire alarm. governor jindal also praising of the of course the first responders. >> they ran towards it not away from it. they do an amazing job protecting us every single day. i am grateful for their heroism. >> jindal says one of the teachers remains in the hospital this morning. the other has already been released. ironically the shooting happened on the very same day that a jury determined james holmes is eligible for the death penalty. remember holmes opened fire on a colorado movie theater back in
2:35 am
2012 killing 12 people and injuring more than 70. heather? >> casey stegall live for us. thank you, casey. one of the nine victims has been released from the hospital, pay apparent will he one of the teachers. when medics first arrived it was chaos. clay henry, thank you so much for taking time to join us this morning. clay can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> this is heather childers. thank you for joining us. can you tell us what was the scene like when you first got there last night? >> sure. when our ambulances arrived here it was a scene of a lot of chaos when our medics entered the theater. there were hundreds of people every where screaming. when they entered the theater where the shooting victims were the victims were in a lot of
2:36 am
different places. some were under the chairs still hiding for cover. it was a little chaotic at first. we had about a dozen ambulances out here they worked with first responders and got them outside of the theater into a triage area. >> can you estimate how many people you treated there in the triage area how many were transported and the types of injuries you were dealing with? >> we ended up transporting nine injuries to the hospital in lafayette. at the time there were two doa's on the scene. there was one patient who was having chest pains they fear might have been cardiac related. that patient ended up being okay and not needing transport to the hospital. we transported a total of 9. >> you mentioned two were dead at the scene so one died at the
2:37 am
hospital. can you tell us if that was one of the movie goers or if that was the suspect himself do you know? >> i am under the understanding that the shooter died inside the theater and it was one of the movie goers who later died at the hospital. >> thank you so much. we appreciate you joining us. the medics the first ones on the scene all of the first responders heros this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> this morning we are getting brand new information in on the death of sandra bland the woman found dead in texas in a prison there three-days after this traffic stop took place. the medical examiner is ruling her death a suicide saying she showed no signs of defensive wounds on her body. texas authorities say she hung herself inside a jail cell with
2:38 am
a plastic garbage bag. something they have vehemently denied. she had a significant amount of marijuana in her system. they are continuing to investigate. >> the hillary clinton e-mail scandal they asked them to open a criminal investigation to see if they miss handled government information when she this the private e-mail account. hundreds of messages may have contained privileged details. the clinton spokesman said she followed appropriate procedures. >> they used drones to attack crowds at sporting matches and music festivals. >> they have already tested exactly how much explosives the remote devices can carry. this comes as officials in
2:39 am
turkey are allowing the u.s. to use a key air base to launch attacks against isis. the move amid a surge of violence blamed on isis linked militants. >> turning now to 2016. donald trump making a texas size splash as he hits the u.s. mexico border. >> we are in great danger with the illegals we were discussing that but we have tremendous danger with illegals on the border coming in. >> he is ruffling even more feathers within his own party. kristin fisher is live in washington for us. >> a huge turnout. donald trump is saying he wants to run as a republican. he thinks he will get the nomination. but he's also not ruling out running as an independent if he can't get what he calls the support of the republican party.
2:40 am
>> they were always supportive. the rnc has been i think very foolish. i'll have to see how i'm being treated by the republicans. >> he travels to lower raid doe, texas at the border. he said he was invited by the border patrol. shortly before his arrival he cancel they canceled on him. he decidedthey say the local chapter was totally silenced by superior superiors in washington. the cancellation didn't stop trump from touring the border surrounded by media. he has been getting so much press for having so much beef with almost everyone. he has been getting a lot of heat from republicans who say hz toxic language is hurting the party. >> he's a serious candidate and he's going to have a lot of
2:41 am
money. he's tapping into people's angst that are legitimate. but i don't think you win by denigrating people. i don't think you win by tearing us apart. you have to offer concrete proposals to allow people to warm up. >> they have the coveted spots now less than two weeks away. if he does heather you know there's going to be some fireworks. >> certainly going to be interesting to say the very least. thank you so much kristen. appreciate it. >> let's get a look at the weather. let's check out the crazy video. the wind storm causes the umbrellas to go whipping around on a beach in maryland. >> a couple beach goers had to tuck for cover as the bier raj of blue moved toward them. they bounced and tumbled down toward a dune.
2:42 am
>> we have a whole bunch of news coming up including a recent -- excuse me. i am sorry. >> we have the rest of the weather for the weekend. >> if you are headed to florida you are checking out the beaches we are looking at roughly weather out there we have a lot of stormy weather across parts of florida heavy rain several inches of rainfall. i want to look at the planes now. out here looking at the threats of storms and portion of severe weather and isolated tornadoes possible not only today but into tomorrow. you are looking at heat advisories have been issued with heat index values at 100 degrees. 111 degrees is what it will feel like this afternoon. heat across parts of the plains. wheen while in the northeast not
2:43 am
impressive at all. 80's through the 60's coming up this afternoon. >> sorry maria. thank you so much. appreciate it. 43 minutes after the hour and we traded five taliban terrorists. cops just finding him during a massive pot raid in california. >> missing males it could be at the mailman's house. the worker caught hoarding thousands of letters.
2:44 am
test test test. test test test test test test. test test test test test test.
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>> we traded high level taliban terrorists for bowe bergdahl this after he walked off his base in afghanistan. now he's involved in a pot
2:47 am
growing raid in california. >> patricia stark joins us live in the studio. a lot of people with this one. bowe bergdahl the american soldier who wandered off his base spotted during a drug task force raid at a northern california pot farm. it was located in the part of the state north of san francisco. he was visiting friends at the farm when the task force arrived. several people were arrested bergdahl was detained eventually released. he had no connections with nearly 200 plant growing operations. a former cia officer maysay he may have been high when he walked off the base in june 2009. american soldier along with 2 or
2:48 am
3 afghan soldiers were captured. they in this case had been high on hashees. >> he is awaiting court-martial for allegations of desertion. after five years in captivity the army sergeant was traded for five top taliban leaders in a move widely criticized congress. they were notified with the latest brush in the law who say he had a to be here on time. thank you so much. the controversy surrounding now forcing that organization to pull the names of corporate sponsors off his web site. all three say they would not donate and would not match
2:49 am
employee's gifts to the organization. he knowingly sifted out salmonella peanut butter nationwide. he faces a life sentence for the crime. he was found guilty last year selling truckloads of tainted peanut butter. he knew about it. nine people died as a result of that. others were sickened by the products. >> unbelievable. the time is 10 minutes to the top of the hour. watch your back. the masked man stalking teenagers. >> they join cops and firefighters to save a woman pinned under a mowstorcycle. >> let's check in with steve doocy doocy. >> the latest on the tragedy in lafayette louisiana.
2:50 am
governor bobby jindal will join us live. then donald trump faces off with members of the media on his trip to the texas border. told somebody to pipe down his time was up. all american summer told somebody to pipe down. his time was up. we have a busy three hours, exactly ten minutes from now. on "fox & friends." and get a free movie ticket when you spend $10. need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries.
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atm users in florida on high alert. deputies say this masked man has been hiding behind cars of people using drive-up atms. he springs out and runs off with their cash. police offering a $3,000 reward if you have any information.
2:54 am
an incredible act of harrowism as witnesses join emergency responders to lift a car to save a trapped motorcyclist. that woman was pinned after she was involved in a crash in dallas. rescuers first tried to use a jack to get the car off the victim but it didn't work. they decided to rely on their own strength instead of relying on waiting for equipment. she was treated for minor injuries and is going to be okay. chris pratt is back heather? >> hey what did i say? >> the actor will bring back his role as owen grady in a jurassic world sequel. >> i love that movie. it took a chomp out of the movie
2:55 am
market this summer. the time now is about six minutes until the top of the hour. we're following the fox news alert for you. families forced to run for their lives as a man opened fire inside a packed movie theater. what you do need to know before you leave the house, up next. cops just busted out this bank robber. it turns out that she was one of them. the insane arrest you've got to hear. ♪ ♪
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before you leave the house, a gunman opening fire inside a louisiana movie theater. killed 3, injuring 9, before killing himself. his name has not released. and fallen hero staff sergeant david wyatt will be laid to rest at a chattanooga national semesterry today. why it was one of five u.s. servicemen killed. time now for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. a show of support for a teacher battling breast cancer. ♪ ♪ the staten island elementary school singing i'm going to love you through it. and the bad, a postman caught
3:00 am
with 23,000 pieces of mail. the ugly, a bank robber arrested a former l.a. p.d. detective. his family tipped officers off to his crimes. >> no kidding? "fox & friends" starts now. good morning, today is friday july 24th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. horror at the movies. families running for their lives when a shooter opens fire inside a crowded theater. >> we saw a lady with blood all over her leg. i just grabbed my child. we just all ran. >> this morning, three people are dead. many more hurt. we are live on the ground with breaking news. meanwhile, in other news donald trump makes a texas-sized splash at the u.s. border in laredo taking on a reporter the only way he


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