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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a movie theater in lafayette, louisiana. two people killed nine others injured in that theater shooting. i'm jamie colby in for gretchen today. investigators are saying the gunman sat through about 20 minutes of the new film "train wreck" then said nothing. stood up and opened fire. he ended up killing himself as officers arrived on the scene. the police chief says this tragedy could have been much worse. >> the quick response by law enforcement is believed to have prevented further deaths. >> the shooter's been identified as this man. 59-year-old john russell houser said to be a drifter who was living in a motel nearby. his family revealing he suffered from mental illness as investigators try to figure out why he wanted to kill innocent people. will carr joining us live in lafayette, louisiana. will first of all tell us about the victims. what do we know about them? >> reporter: well jamie, we're learning a lot more about the victims. and at the same time we're
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understanding why this community feels ripped apart right now, especially when you learn about 33-year-old jillian johnson. she was a local musician. she says her best friend was her husband. she was a self-described book worm and a dog lover. she died at the hospital earlier today. her family issued a statement saying in part "their hearts are shattered." police also say that john russell houser also shot and killed 21-year-old maciboro while this community continues to mourn we're hearing about heroic acts particularly two teachers who sprang into action when the shots rang out. >> one teacher literally jumping over her friend potentially saving her life. second teacher thought that -- felt like that bullet would have hit her in the head if her friend hadn't jumped on her. the second teacher was shot in the leg. had the presence of mind to pull that fire alarm. who knows how many lives were saved just by that presence of mind. i think we're going to hear more and more stories like this where friends were looking out for
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each other. >> reporter: authorities completely agree with that. they say without pulling that alarm the rest of the people across the movie theater would not have known what was going on. nine people besides the two who were killed were injured as well. one remains in critical condition. jamie. >> we're going to check in with the hospital when they have a press conference. in this hour. but in the meantime what about the suspect, the shooter? the suspected shooter houser? what else do you know about him at this point? >> reporter: within the last hour authorities came out and said they're looking into his blogging history. they said they're also looking into his family history. we've learned, according to court documents, that back in 2008 his wife filed a protective order against him citing that she alleged that there was a history of violence. authorities also say they've learned he was staying at a motel 6 here. evidently they went to that hotel, went to his room today. they said they found wigs they found glasses, what they believe to be items for disguises. why he would have those they're not sure. they're still trying to look into that. they say that this investigation
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will be deliberately slow and methodical as they try to get more answers. jamie. >> all right, will thank you very much. what a tragic story. later in this hour we're going to talk to someone who knew the suspect. a local judge will be joining us. in the meantime investigators are just trying to get inside the mind of a killer someone who would do this. they're also looking for a possible motive in the deadly louisiana movie theater shooting. joining us now to take a look at that scott bond who's a criminologist and author. scott, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> unfortunately you have to deal with stories like this all the time. there's a lot out there today about houser and about some of the postings he had on social media. a lot of speculation. he does appear to be somebody who is angry, who was against government who was a gun owner, apparently. we don't know if those guns were obtained legally. but what stands out to you when you hear about an incident like this? copycat? >> no, i don't think it's a
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copycat. it is consistent with the profile of a lot of public shooters mass public shooters like this. they tend to be individuals who are estranged from their families i the margins of society. he's been described as a drifter, living in a motel, out of state. he's from alabama. and i suspect that this is an individual who was angry at the world and also hated himself. and this involved suicide as well. this was a mass murder but it was suicide. and there is a connection between these two. oftentimes it's a fatalistic individual who, pardon the pun, wants to go out with a bang. and basically say to the world, i existed after all. you ignored me in my life, but i'm going to leave a statement and you will remember me. >> why these people? why this movie theater? >> well you know it didn't escape me the irony that the title of the movie was "train wreck." it seems to be the train wreck could be the title of his life. he possibly even selected the movie "train wreck" because of
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that. james holmes out in colorado selected the batman movie because he was obsessed with the joker character. so it is conceivable that he saw this in a way as a metaphor for his life and chose that environment. a movie theater is of course a captive environment where you have a large number of targets at your disposal. so if you're a mass killer as he was, then it's a perfect environment for that. but i think the movie might have actually been almost a metaphor for his life. >> early reports are that there were some run-ins with the law, possibly assaults early on. but nothing for the last ten or 15 years. what sparks somebody who as you say may feel like a train wreck? we don't know if there is a connection. >> right. >> are those the people that admit that they have an issue and don't belong on this earth? >> i think this probably was a brooding process. it percolated and built up in him for a long time. contrary to mythology, most mass
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shooters don't just snap and kill. they usually think about it for a long time. i think that he planned not to go quietly, if he was confronted by the police he turned the gun on himself and killed himself. i think that was his exit strategy even though he would have escaped if he could. >> he tried. >> yes he did. >> according to authorities he went back into the theater to shoot himself, trying to leave with the crowd. >> he had his car waiting outside, apparently. but when it became apparent he could not escape he very quickly turned the gun on himself. i think that was his final statement to society, a statement to himself, that i didn't really exist in this life but you will still remember me. >> all right, well i'm going to ask you to stand by for a second. i want to hear what the hospital is saying. they're giving us an update on the folks from that theater that were taken to the hospital. let's listen. >> a lot of out of town guests. lafayette general medical center is a 365-staff bed facility.
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we just built a brand-new emergency room that is over a 32,000 square feet. and we have 13 new state-of-the-art operating rooms. we see over 65,000 emergency room visits a year. and we also perform -- >> we're getting some information about the hospital. but let's set the scene. last night people go into this movie at 7:00 at night. this gentleman strolls in he's been living at a hotel for about a month. while we wait for the details of the patient, what does it mean to the fact that he was holed up in a motel for that period of time? >> well, it's indication he had sort of dropped out of society. he was from alabama, left came to louisiana. and i think that this was a planning process. he spent the month getting ready. he had these disguises that who knows what his alternate plans were whether he was going to come in disguise. but he had thought about this for awhile. this was premeditated. >> that's an interesting point. let's listen now. >> here at lafayette general, we certainly had many ties to the
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victims as well. macy bro, one of the victims, actually is an x-ray student. she was scheduled to begin radiology school here at lafayette general just in a few days. just two weeks ago toured the facility and met many of our staff. so this really it hurts. for our staff. jillian johnson also very well-known to our staff and our community, a very successful business owner, red arrow shop also a very talented musician that really touched many folks here in our community with her unbelievable talents. we're deeply saddened by the events that have transpired. but we're also very thankful for the unbelievable job that our
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local emergency response personnel, and ambulance, performed and also the tremendous job that our local police departments did in responding to this horrific incident. i also want to take time to thank the many hospitals, health systems throughout the country, that have reached out to us over the past few hours expressing their concern, also asking if there's anything that they can do to help in this situation. and so the hospital community throughout the country i certainly want to thank each and every one of you. lafayette general received a total of five patients three of those patients arrived via ems. and two of the patients were actually brought via private vehicles. all five of the patients were
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sustained actual gunshot wounds. three of those patients arrived and were under a level one trauma status at our facility. and another was classified as a level two trauma. now, as darrel mentioned, we are in the process of becoming a level two trauma center at our facility. and all the protocols that we put in place in preparation for that certification were absolutely put in place last evening. our staff responded very appropriately. our medical community, our physicians responded in an unbelievable way. we had certainly the situation well planned for, and it really goes to the wonderful work that our trauma team has been putting together over the past 12 months. a level one code trauma that i mentioned is called when a patient sustains a gunshot wound
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to the head neck or torso, or the extremities proximal to the knee of the elbow. two of the patients were treated and released last evening, while three patients were admitted to the hospital. one of the patients that were admitted here required surgery, and another required admittance to our intensive care unit. of the three patients that we have here at lafayette general are all now in stable condition. i want to now introduce to you dr. foster cordish, who serves as our e.r. trauma coordinator at the facility. he was one of our attending physicians in the emergency room last evening. thank you. foster. >> thank you. i'm dr. cordish. i'd like to take this opportunity just real quick to give some information out to
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people who maybe were affected by the event last night and haven't sought care yet. acadian area help serves this district is available to serve the community. that includes anybody who was affected by the trauma whose family was affected by the event or just as having difficulty with what's happened last night. they offer outpatient services, crisis intervention and psychiatric care. 337-262-4100. they are available 24/7. they also have a 1-877 number. 1-877-655-8241. i just want to start out by saying that i'm very proud and impressed by how our emergency room performed. at no point did we feel like we were overwhelmed. we are on a routine basis a very busy emergency room. and last night was no exception.
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in fact in addition to traumas we had yesterday we also were sending four medical patients to the intensive care unit. the work with our surgical services and all ancillary staff was phenomenal. the extra staff that came in was very appreciated and our whole medical community and family as a whole was very supportive and very helpful, something that happens not at a time when you [ inaudible ]. and i'll answer any questions after dr. istay our hospital trauma coordinator. >> thank you, dr. cordish. as previously stated we did receive five patients last night. two were immediately discharged and three were admitted into the hospital. two were admitted under stable condition, one was admitted under critical condition which has since been downgraded and
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will be in stable condition on the floor this afternoon. all of our patients are expected to have a full recovery soon and will soon be discharged from the hospital. i'd like to commend all of our e.r. physicians our staff and our fa sillcilities for the treatment and being ready and prepared to take care of these critically injured patients. i'm very proud personally in our community should definitely be proud of the trauma program that we brought from up scratch and that we have built to help better serve this community. and like dr. cordish, i'll stand up here and will answer any specific questions if you guys have any. thank you. >> thank you. we'll now take questions. >> did you have one patient that was critical that went to the hospital critical patient was here [ inaudible ] or other hospitals? >> so we really can only comment on the patients that we treated
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here. we do know that there were a total of nine patients at the scene that were transported by ems. and three patients were sent to each of the three hospitals in lafayette. and then we received two patients via private vehicles. >> doctor cordish, if you could speak to the number of wounds each of the victims received and extrapolate [ inaudible ]. >> extrapolating distance from muscle to wound is very poor unless it's very close range. i'll leave all of that to forensics and the police department and the coroners. >> [ inaudible ]. >> three of them were. >> [ inaudible ]. >> torso and limbs. >> no. just torso and limbs.
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>> [ inaudible ] discussing this incident? >> most of them could not give a clear picture of what happened. generally they painted a picture of confusion and panic. >> have they spoken since this morning? >> i see patients in the emergency room only. my care ends whenever they leave the emergency room unless something traumatic happens on the floor. dr. ishtay trauma surgical service takes care of the patients once they leave the emergency room. >> [ inaudible ]. >> 40 or 30 something to 80 something. >> and male-female? >> mix of each. one and four, three and two. >> so can you characterize the nature of these wounds? [ inaudible ]. >> most of them were extremity
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wounds. one person -- one patient had a torso wound. that's the abdomen. he had torso wounds. his wounds were in the torso in the large extremities. all the other patients had extremity wounds most prominently the lower extremities. >> legs? >> yes, sir. >> [ inaudible ] handgun? >> it's consistent with a gun. >> [ inaudible ] i know all the hospitals in the region go through training for these active shooter type events. did it just kick in and you all knew what you were supposed to do? and [ inaudible ] worked well last night when these patients came here in coordination with other hospitals? >> the coordination at the other hospitals was actually done at a higher level than with acadian or the paramedics on the scene. they dispersed the patients.
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as far as our end, the training you know training worked great. i mean this is what we do. this is why we're becoming a trauma center. it did not tax us in any way. now, if there was more patients then we certainly would have started to feel very uncomfortable. and certainly we didn't want a scene like that. but the nurses the techs, the ancillary staff, the consultants worked very well together. and no patient's care was delayed because of the volume of patients. and no patient who was otherwise in the emergency room was delayed as well. >> so in regard to that question i think the community, the hospital community responded unbelievably to this event. and certainly all that training that we do throughout the year i think played out. this is a community that has been certainly from a disaster standpoint you know we have
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hurricanes we have other events that have tested as a hospital community. and so we responded very well at all three of the facilities. i think the hospital response was equal to the unbelievable response we've seen from the police getting there within a minute and acadian there within six minutes after the event occurred. so i can't say enough about the way the hospitals have performed. i also wanted to mention, you know there's been a lot of examples of hereheroism that occurs in this event. and we at the hospital recognize folks are making a difference. and actually one of our employees, mr. ronald thomas who serves as our facilities and security director at our lafayette general surgical hospital he and his wife were at the theater actually getting popcorn as the shooting occurred.
11:20 am
and ronald and his wife actually transported one of the victims to the hospital last evening. and so i just want to personally recognize ronald and his wife for making a difference and doing the right thing in this incident. it certainly represents what the employees of lafayette general are all about. >> dr. cordish, you said that you [ inaudible ] at some point. is there any idea about how long that will take [ inaudible ]. >> so the question is how soon will they recover? everybody's treatment is different, depending on their type of injury. so i don't like to give a specific date. but i can tell you in the near future. within days. >> doctor, in terms of ability, did any of them suffer [ inaudible ].
11:21 am
>> none. >> and the patient that is expected to be downgraded to stable what was the name [ inaudible ]. >> i think the details specifically for each patient we'll keep until all the investigation is done. >> so we've been listening to the hospital where the patients were taken from this tragic movie theater shooting. three patients two arriving in critical one arriving in stable, all patients expected thank goodness to make a full recovery. this is a level one trauma center. thank goodness they got there on time. it was all hands on deck. and they are saying that they had a close relationship to two of the patients one of whom was about to begin being an x-ray student there. we'll keep you apprised of their company and what else we learn about the suspected shooter who
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as we continue to get more information on the deadly theater shooting in louisiana, we are getting a clearer picture of how eerily similar it is to the aurora colorado theater rampage. for example, the shooter here waiting 20 minutes into the movie to open fire. that's what james holmes did in colorado. last night's shooting the same day a jury in colorado decides that holmes would be eligible for the death penalty. and this week is also the same as the 12 people were shot and killed while watching "the dark
11:26 am
knight returns" three years ago. alicia cooney live from the courthouse in centennial colorado where holmes hearing continues to take place. al al leash t /* /* -- has the jury gone home for the day? >> reporter: the attorneys agreed to let them go home and rest until monday. judge carlos allowing the defense to record testimony of mitigation witnesses who flew in for court today but the jurors will see next week. yesterday the jury heard from a front office clerk from holmes' elementary school. suzanne diaz said she remembers the boy she calls jimmy as normal and very popular. >> do you still care for that kid that you knew as jimmy? >> of course. >> are you here to support him? >> yes. yes. >> okay. >> in his opening, the defense told jurors it send its verdict of guilty. but now the most solemn decision lies ahead.
11:27 am
>> now, we are not going to ask you to forgive mr. holmes. but we are going to ask for your compassion and your understanding. we're going to ask for your mercy. >> reporter: in referring to the four psychiatrists who testified during trial that holmes suffered from schizophrenia, attorney rebecca higgs said quote we don't kill people for being sick. something the prosecution addressed. >> and yes we'll talk more about mental illness. and in the end, you'll be asked whether or not that outweighs the horror of the aggravators you found. and it will not. >> reporter: if the jury cannot agree on the death penalty, jamie, holmes will receive life in prison without parole. jamie. >> alysia you've been on it from the start. thanks. new details are also emerging in the case of an arizona woman who was charged with child abuse.
11:28 am
police say she left her toddler in a hot car while shopping at walmart. trace gallagher is live with more on that. and we're not just talking for a minute or two trace. >> reporter: no. this was in surprise arizona, jamie, where the temperatures in august are scorching to begin with. mom pulls into a walmart parking lot to do a little shopping but leaves her 2-year-old daughter in the car alone. according to surveillance cameras, mom had already been in the store for six or seven minutes when a passerby notices the child inside the car and calls 911, telling dispatch that not only is the baby in the car but the windows are rolled up and the baby is profusely sweating. now, a police officer shows up a few minutes later and smashes out the passenger window to unlock the door and get the baby girl out. eight minutes later, out walks mom, which means she was in the store for a total of 20 minutes. easily long enough for the heat to be fatal. the police officer then proceeds to tell her that the car was 117
11:29 am
degrees inside. going on to tell her what a bad decision she made. the baby was checked out and is fine. mom was arrested and booked for child abuse into the maricopa county jail. there have been ten deaths so far this year from kids being left in hot cars. on average, 37 kids a year die from heat strokes in cars. just last week remember this in kansas? the manager of a shoe store used a tire iron and a trailer hitch to bust open a car window because a child was inside covered in sweat. and when the child's aunt and uncle finally came out of the store, the first question they asked police is whether the broken window would be covered by insurance. ironically today, walmart started selling a new car seat with a notification system that alerts a driver when a child is left in the seat after the car has been turned off. that could have been useful in the past week alone. jamie. >> amazing that it has to come to that, though. trace, thank you.
11:30 am
hillary clinton back in the big apple. the democratic presidential frontrunner delivering the second economic speech of her campaign as her e-mail controversy is showing no signs of slowing down. >> thank you all very much. it can be hotter than death valley in your attic. i think she tried to kill us. are you kidding me? no, it's only 15 calories. with reddi wip fruit never sounded more delicious with 15 calories per serving and real cream the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen.
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americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d. and a fox news alert and some new details on the surviving victims of the louisiana movie theater shooting. hospital officials are saying all of them are expected to make a full recovery.
11:34 am
all of them are currently in stable condition, including two who were initially hospitalized in critical condition. now, we're also hearing from some eyewitnesses. listen. >> at first i i had no idea what was happening. like i said we thought it was the movie. but then once we realized this is real like this guy is shooting everyone in the theater. and he was so close to us just panic. you kind of black out. everyone was just running down the stairs freaking out, climbing over chairs and people. and everyone was screaming. and it was awful. i'm just glad most everyone was saved. i'm very sorry for the victims and the families that were affected. but there's just crazy people out there. >> all those who got out lucky to be alive today. meanwhile police are digging into that shooter's past. they say 59-year-old john russell houser was a drifter and was staying at a motel in the area for about a month.
11:35 am
his family saying today that he suffered from mental illness. he killed two people and injured nine others before killing himself during a showing of the new film "train wreck." hillary clinton talking about the economy today, the second economic speech since she declared. but federal watchdogs are stepping on her message. they are calling now for a criminal investigation of her personal e-mails. chief white house correspondent ed henry is covering her campaign event here in manhattan. ed great to have you here. tell us how serious is this investigation we're learning about? could it lead to criminal charges? >> reporter: it could lead to criminal charges. but the clinton campaign is pushing back hard on the original "new york times" report and saying that it's not a foregone conclusion that this is a criminal investigation. as you noted, just to explain to everyone what is going on hillary clinton not far from where i'm standing right now wrapped up her remarks on the economy but is concerned about
11:36 am
these new question overshadowing what she wants the focus to be which is on the middle class and this economic plan. because as you noted, two big developments today. first of all the inspector general for the intelligence community revealing to congress today that they believe that at least four e-mails with classified information was sent by hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. that's a direct contradictions from what she had promised back in march at her news conference. meanwhile, a second inspector general as you noted at the state department joining that inspector general in saying as they review all this there could be hundreds of e-mails where classified information was contained. hillary clinton tried to push back on that a few minutes ago. listen to this. >> we all have a responsibility to get this right. i have released 55,000 pages of e-mails. i have said repeatedly that i will answer questions before the house committee. we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right.
11:37 am
>> now republican speaker of the house john boehner wasted no time putting out a statement saying he believes these new revelations suggest hillary clinton mishandled classified information. he went on to say quote her poor judgment has undermined our national security and it's time for her to finally do the right thing. what he's referring to there both he and trey gowdy chairman of the house benghazi committee believes she should finally turn over that private server to an independent umpire can look at this. >> commenting on the fact that the "new york times" changed their original story. >> reporter: right. the original story said that these two inspector generals these independent umpires, had suggested to the justice department there needs to be a criminal inquiry. the "new york times" has now sort of dialled back that original charge and is suggesting no, these independent umpires are just saying they believe there may have been hundreds of classified e-mails as i suggested. and they want the justice department and the fbi to look at this. they don't know where it's going to go. could it be criminal or something else? nick merrill clinton spokesman saying a short time ago this
11:38 am
report by the "new york times" is false and adding quote it has now been discredited by the justice department and top ranking member of the house intelligence committee. this shows the danger on relying on inaccurate leaks from partisan sources. her bottom line is the clinton camp is trying to turn this into a political fight. the republicans leaking to the "new york times" what may be the focus for her, though the problem for her politically, even if it's not a criminal probe in the end, is that these are new questions about whether she sent classified information she had said and promised the american people she had not, jamie. >> ed henry is live today for us in new york at nyu. stern school of business. thanks. for more on this love the graphics. we are going to talk to allen holmes the host of the allen colmes show and mike gallagher syndicated radio host. both are fox contributors. both are smiling right now even at each other. but wait great to see both of you. >> in talk shows there's a lot to cover here right? a lot of material. >> is it a game changer if two
11:39 am
inspectors general are going to take a look at this now? >> it's a huge story! i mean i don't understand the defense of former secretary clinton if she deleted e-mails and we're supposed to believe that none of that was classified? none of that was sensitive information? listen when she pushes back and says that the "new york times" is engaged in a partisan effort against her? kind of unlikely that the "new york times" would be in cahoots with republican operatives. this is the same publication that recently defended planned parenthood on the abortion issue. there's no way. it defies logic, allen. >> if there are these questions about hillary clinton, and if it becomes a criminal case even if it doesn't -- >> that's a big if. >> -- even if it doesn't. who else is there for your party other than hillary? >> i'm a liberal. i do not represent the democratic party. but look bernie sanders is doing really well. martin o'malley. the campaign is -- we're 16 months away from the election. one other thing about these
11:40 am
e-mails, by the way, it is said that apparently when she turned them over none of them were classified. the state department looks at them and then after the fact retroactively decides some of them need to be classified. >> so then she turns over the server and let's find out. >> let me finish. it turns out what she did turn over was not classified. now they're blaming her for what was retroactively declared classified which is like getting your girlfriend pregnant then not marrying her because she's not a virgin. >> so turn the server over and divulge that. >> how long did it take to come up with that one, allen? let me ask you this. this came up with the department of homeland security director who has some e-mails and a personal g. mail account and actually exchanged e-mails. he also said weren't classified. but people accidentally used his personal address when they sent him e-mails. if hillary clinton has e-mails that came to her that were classified on her personal account, separate and apart from what she sent out, are we entitled to look at those, too?
11:41 am
>> yes. look i've said all along, everything else aside, she should never have used this private server. i don't know why she did that. she needs to explain that to the american people. >> when? >> as soon as possible. i would do it asap. get ahead of the story >> it is amazing to consider if there is culpability here she's not the nominee. we've just been under the mindset. >> allen disagrees on that one. yes or no i'm giving you the last word. >> it looks like she will be the nominee. >> you guys are still smiling. i don't know how i do it. >> because of you. >> thank you. great to see both of you. interesting discussion on that it's not going away either. meanwhile, how about this story? immigrants seeking american citizenship now no longer have to recite parts of the oath of allegiance. there are some new guidelines that came from the white house. candidates can fill out a waiver stating a moral or religious objection to opt out of phrases vowing to defend the u.s. or bear arms on its behalf.
11:42 am
let me let that soak in for a second. peter doocy can take it from there live from washington. peter, why are these changes being made? >> reporter: so that if somebody wants to become a u.s. citizen but they don't ever want to serve in the military then they don't have to. so the the way citizenship and immigration folks have laid out the oath it is now optional to recite the following pledges. first, that you will quote bear arms on behalf of the united states. then that you will quote perform noncombatant service in the armed services of the united states. this is an option for people with a religious or spiritual objection to military service. you don't need to belong to any specific religion to opt out. but you do have to provide some sort of proof that serving goes against your beliefs, jamie. >> peter, so let me ask you. what happens if the draft is reinstated for example? and all these new citizens are exempt? they didn't take the pledge? >> good question. there are some democrats, like congressman charlie rangel already calling for the draft to
11:43 am
be reinstated. he said back in march the quote arms conflict is unpredictable, chaotic and costly. when i served the entire nation shared the sacrifices through the draft and it increased taxes. today only a fraction of america shoulders the burden. if war is truly necessary we must all come together to support and defend our nation. there are other democrats who just don't think that changing the requirements to the oath is a good idea. this is why. >> i personally -- i think if anybody just like my father when he became a naturalized citizen, he took the oath and he said he would bear arms or some other ways of defending the country. defending the country is not only by bearing arms or another way. when you take the oath i think you need to say you're going to defend the united states one way or the other. >> and the way the white house sees it it's good governance to reach out to the nearly 9 million people who are here and eligible to be naturalized and tell them what they've got to do to become citizens. now, though that process just a little bit different than it used to be.
11:44 am
jamie? >> sound like it. peter, thank you so much. ever have a dispute with your neighbor? you may want to think twice. it could land you in prison. that story is next.
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. a maryland man is under arrest because police say he put his next-door neighbors through hell for years. listen to this. >> they have been putting up with an unbelievable amount of nightmares to include fences ripped down oil in pools, broken windshields, threats to animals. it's been just a nightmare. >> so that suspect is facing two years in prison. he was convicted of perjury as well and obstruction of justice. amid that long-running dispute with his neighbors. let's bring in eric guster criminal defense attorney. eric, this guy, he committed these acts. he's in custody right now. what happens next? >> well we already know this guy is a few fries short of a happy meal.
11:48 am
he has to be nuts to treat his neighbors like this. this is like a real-life lake view terrorist episode. what's going on this neighbor is going to face prison time because of his conduct involving his neighbor. he used a bulldozerer to tear down his neighbor's fence, harassing these people destruction of property. and all those are criminal offenses. not only criminal offenses. he has civil liability as well. he could be sued for doing the damage to someone's property. >> is mental illness a defense? >> it could be. now, we all agree he's a little crazy. but the issue is whether or not his mental disease or defect actually rose to the point where he was not aware of his actions and not aware of the consequences which i doubt that would actually help him in this case. he's just a mean guy who is like anti-mr. rogers or something. >> well then how do you defend someone like that? >> if i defend someone like that this is a case especially if they have him on tape which technology gets a lot of people in trouble. they have him on tape. i would just try to plead with the court. please let him have probation.
11:49 am
he's an old, crotchetty man, a little angry, maybe had a bad day or two. just leave him alone. give him probation and give him some community service. >> can they force him to move by getting an injunction of some kind? >> that's a tough one. because everyone has their right to property. but an injunction would tell him he cannot cross a property line he can't go over to the neighbor's house, he can't shine lights in their windows at night. which i've had a couple of cases like this. people you never know who you're moving next to. this is a case who i'm sure these people wish they picked a new house. >> or a different neighbor. >> a different neighbor yeah. >> interesting case. >> we should be able to trade in neighbors like you trade in cars. >> good point. thank you so much. fallout for hopeamania. newly released audio. the tapes reveal even more distasteful details to a controversial tape featuring wrestler hulk hogan. what he says that has folks fuming!
11:50 am
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♪ dramatic video from the tampa, florida area, sinkhole swallowing this trudge workers were drilling a well outside them to when the ground started to giveway causing that 30-foot hole. there were people nearby but nobody was hurt. a scandal for 2009 biggest stars in wrestling. hulk hogan. the wwe firing hogan after new reports of the wrestler spewing racial slurs on an audiotape. trace gallagher is live with details. >> reporter: hulk hogan went on the racist tirade during a sense tape in 2008 the tape involved hogan and a woman who at the time was his best friend's wife. they were talking about hogan's daughter dating a black man.
11:54 am
the transcript claims hogan said the following quoting here: i'd rather have her marry an eight foot towel n-word worth $100 million like a basketball player. i guess we're all a little racist he says, blanking, n-word. he went on to use the slur several more times. world wrestling entertainment hoss now scrubbed hogan from the web site, removed trim from the online hall of fame and pulled all of his pictures and videos. hogan resigned from wwe but the organization says he was fired quote, wwe term -- terminated his contract. wwe is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers, and fans worldwide. hulk hogan has now apologized for the rant, saying he'll use the situation to improve as a person saying, quote eight years ago i used offensive language during a conversation. i was unacceptable for in the to
11:55 am
have used that offensive language. there is no excuse for it. and i apologize for having done it. this is not who i am. hogan is involved in a $100 million lawsuit with the web site, gawker, for posting part of his sex tape online and one of hogan's attorneys tells they believe gawker looked the racist rant as well. gawker so far has issued no statement at all. >> thank you. new details on the surviving victims of the louisiana movie theater shooting. hospital officials are saying all of them are expected to make a full recovery. all currently in stable condition, including would were initially in critical condition. we're also hearing his from the hospital. >> one of our employees mr. ronald thomas, who serves as our facilities and security director at our lafayette general surgical hospital, he and his wife were at the theater, actually getting
11:56 am
popcorn, as the shooting occurred. and ronald and his wife actually transported one of the victims to the hospital last evening and so i just want to personally recognize ronald and his wife. >> police are digging into the shooter's past today. they say 59 years john russell houser was a drifter. julie in for "shepard smith reporting" will have more on that at the top of the hour. minute hotel? a priceline tonight only deal! stuck out on the range? nowhere to rest your beard? choose from thousands of hand-picked hotel deals at the very last minute. only on your phone. only from priceline. i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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12:00 pm
need to. even ducklings. meanwhile, don't forget you can catch me on strange inhair tenant on the fobs business network, monday through friday. julie is up next for shep. >> turns out he lashed out at theaters before. brand new bombshell details on the drifter turned killer who opened fire at the movies. we'll talk live with someone who said he knew the shooter well, and how his hatred of porno theaters got him charged with arson. and then hillary clinton did indeed have classified info in their private e-mail. what could mean for her campaign. republicans facing bad news of their own. a new study finds the g.o.p.'s popularity plummeting with the biggest gap in favorability versus democrats than we have seen in years. news from the fox news deck right now.


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