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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  July 25, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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degeneration. so many eye disorders can be treated if caught early. make a plan today to get your eyes checked. visit to learn more. it is a recipe for disaster. >> why do we even listen to him? >> and people are on the streets you talk to them, they're baffled. they're bewildered. >> i'm deeply disappointed in him as a person. >> should we be ready for something really crazy from him? ♪ >> >> thank you for not watching "american ninja warrior." tonight on the show, the crowd turns on trump over what he said about john mccain. are the poll numbers going to turn on him, too? i wonder.
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later, true detectives. why the season stinks and you should just quit now before causing yourself any further pain. first, you had me at mohammed. mohammed youssed abdul aziz murdered five servicemen in chattanooga. this happened after the son of a boston police captain was arrested on july 4 planning an isis-inspired attack on our turf. the department was full of bomb supplies and jihadi crap. just weeks ago, british stink bomb in a man bun blamed the tunisia terror attack that killed dozens not on terrorists, but on britain. medically speaking he's a [ bleep ]. but all this makes me wonder about terrorist spread as it relates to apologists. but the we have is not just fighting terrorists but those who create a romantic narrative for them.
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isis gets free pr from those distance from isis. what's our response to those who build evil's case. we report, but we don't counter. instead, our media disdiscovered from abis, or anything but islam nd one symptom -- asking moronic questions. >> were guns a big part of the activities, social or other activity? >> what? >> what about guns? did he hunt, did he shoot? was that just part of small town tennessee activity? >> actually, he wasn't one of the guys that i ever heard about going hunting. or he wasn't really that kind of guy. but he also didn't really tell a lot of people about his personal life. >> anything but islam syndrome. it's so infectious it presents itself before the victims are even buried. >> the majority of domestic terrorists are not islam or
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muslim related. they're white supremacy according to the southern poverty law center. >> thank you for that. not everyone launching terrorist attacks named no ham med are actually muslim. >> we don't know that it's a muslim name. we know it's an arabic name. we don't know what this individual is believing in and that's what they're going to be trying to determine. >> and so, of course, we hear stories that explain the shooter, as families of five young men bury the victims. their killer was young, good looking, affable. he was a boxer. we know his story, but not ours. in the past, we didn't need a story to explain america or ourselves. the success spoke for itself. now an industry of self-loathing from campus to media to entertainment diverts patriot m patriotism, egged on by a white house that finds such nationalistic language hurtful. identity is only to be lauded if it's your, but not ours. how can you fight for your
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country when you find your country at fault? you can't. until we rediscover our will and our way, our story won't have a happy ending, just a bloody one. >> joining me is a man so tough he bloszs with barbed wire. tony sheaffer, here's the thing that disturbs me about isis. this is a death call that has better pr than north america. it's as if charlie manson was represented by donald draper. is 24 new? >> the president said these were unfortunate circumstances. i don't remember the nazi occupation of europe was an unfortunate circumstance. it was something to be dealt with. this passive language the president uses continues to embolden these folks. the president is all worried
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about the symboligy representing the southern flag. you've got to define the enemy for who they are, radical islam. secondly, you have to put yourgs forward to show you're a force to be reckoned with. they are killing not only our way of life and if you don't sub jew gait yourself you're subhuman and you're going to be enslaved to do their bidding. it's totally insane. >> here's what i -- my big question to you is how do we counter this message? i feel -- and it's not just the white house's fault. we as a country are so ambivalent about who we are that we don't bother actually defending ourselves against
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these kind of new, radical movements. just for a rhetorical point of view. >> first thing's first, isis stands for everything we don't stand for. they're trying to sub jew gait people that don't believe the way we do. the liberal side defends this war on women. isis has a war against women. they rape them, do everything they can to make them chatle. and third, we just had a case about gay marriage. gays are thrown off of buildings to their death. so we have defined what we believe is part of a liberal democracy. secondly, on the military side, ralph and i were talking earlier this week over the weekend about the fact that you must go after their leadership, isis leadership with impunity. >> before i move on to the panel, who's ralph snf you were
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talking to ralph? >> ralph peters. sorry, i forget. ralph peters. >> you were toq're talk ralph a going ralph tells me -- >> he's right here behind me. >> i love him. he's a great guy. i want to bring in our guest here in studio, she's as tough unnails. it's amber smith, former helicopter pilot and adviser for concerned veterans for america. and he's so bright, i use him to treat my seasonal affective disorder. interesting hair cut and tie. she just woke up and thinks she's on "the view." >> i'm not? >> and over in another room, she's so tart, grapefruit has her for breakfast. okay, while i was talking to the colonel, michael, i saw you shaking your head so much i thought you were having a fit. >> it's kind of a stroke. >> first of all, i don't agree with his hillary position. let me put forward the
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conservative position. if your first priority and your order of business is genocide, i think we can do other thing before killing everyone. and we don't have to be bombing people in order to persuade him. if the president can't persuade half of america to agree with him, how he is going to be persuading people in iraq and syria? >> amber, what do you think of this clearly a communist on our -- >> my thing is, as to what you said, why do we not have our own propaganda pr machine going on our side? what i'm sick and tired of seeing out of the mainstream media is them almost doing isis propaganda for them. when they refuse to acknowledge it as radical islamic terrorism, when they refuse to say that this shooter that just killed five marines is muslim. like that's an absolute joke. can we quit saying these poor terrorists and making excuses for them as they had a bad
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upbringing and a bad child hoold anticipate they're poor. maybe they're why they're terrorists. >> so basically implying you don't think they're evil. >> in the same way we can give advice for women, don't go drunk and don't go down an alley way. you're not absolving women of responsibility. there's still easy people. there are things we can do. not every blood thirsty barbarian is suicide zal. >> i don't think not acknowledging the probable and continuing to push the passive society, as in we're just going to sit back while our american servicemen are being slaughtered and they can't defend themselves. they're not allow to arm thems on any u.s. military installation. >> that's an interesting point. it drives me crazy. we're sitting in a nice air conditioned studio. we can say whatever we want about gun control because we're
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surrounded by guys with guns. whereas these recruitment offices and military installations are sitting ducks, which is what we saw. >> it's definitely something that i think our administration needs to look at. and our administration also just needs to work on the words they're using. hillary clinton said recently, senseless act of violence. we're using domestic terrorism, but the thing is it's not sepsless to the people who did it. there was a very specific reason for them doing what they did. it's an ideology that's now infiltrating the country. >> it's more indicative of a societal problem than others. one might represent a broader racist culture after they committed a crime. however, one could be a lone wolf, an aberration. and you notice the media choose what is a lone wolf is and what isn't a lone wolf. and i find that equally disturbing.
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all right, this is a big story. we've got to take a break. did donald trump blow his presidential bid with his comments about john mccain? we're going to talk about it a lot next. sorry, just getting a quote on motorcycle insurance from progressive. yeah? yeah, they have safe rider discounts, and with total loss coverage, i get a new bike if mine's totaled. but how's their customer service? great. 24/7.
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now it is time for our >> and now it's time for our weekly bucket of trump. this week, like a mob witness floating in the east river, donald trump rose to the top of the polls among gop candidates. reportedly drew a crowd of 15,000 in arizona. but then arizona senator john mccain called that crowd a bunch of crazies. so donald trump did his thing when asked about john mccain this weekend in iowa. >> frank, frank, let me get to it. >> he's a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. he was a war hire roe because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. i hate to say it. >> he was a war hero because he was captured. perhaps he's a war hero, but right now he said some very bad things about a lot of people. >> gop candidates condemned trump's remarks on twitter so fast they almost broke the sound
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barrier. shortly after, he tweeted, captured or not, all our soldiers are heroes. i'm back with colonel sheaffer, amber smith, michael malice, joe yaen and cat and now we add joe devito. >> it's nice to be the tallest person on the panel. >> let's go to joanne because you'll be his future ex-wife. did he just destroy his chances? >> i think so. here's the thing, ir one thing i loved more than alimony payments is supporting our veterans. and he didn't. it's really awful. and coming off of obama who people said, i feel like he doesn't really support our military that much. he has never said anything like this. we cannot have a president who says something like this, even if he backtracks because it's out there. >> it's like almost a comedy central roast insult. like if senator mccain was being roasted on comedy central, that would be the joke that jeffrey
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ross would write. you're only a hero because you were captured. but you don't say it because he is a hero. colonel sheaffer, obviously you're a veteran. what's your initial response? >> john mccain was actually on a fire team fighting a fire on n a forest instead of putting his life on the line, going into a zone getting shot down. when i first met him in '03 in afghanistan, we were still in an area of afghanistan drawing fire. by all measures i'm aware of, he's a hero. >> you're a helicopter pilot, you're in afghanistan and iraq, am i right? >> i was. >> how do you think the troops are going to handle this kind of meant from donald trump? by the way, on facebook, he says he's a huge supporter of veterans and, you know, he feels that mccain let veterans down with the va and he's been d disrespectful to his crowd blah, blah, blah. >> this was pure ego right here. that's all that it was.
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i don't c think about john mccape's political career and what he's done. he was a prisoner of war for five years in vietnam. he's an american hero. he selflessly served his country honorably. and so for donald trump to come out and say he could have taken the higher road and said exactly what i just said, but instead he decided to go after him for his service to his country. and to me, all that shows is how donald trump really feels about america's veterans and our current military. and to me, that's not commander in chief material. >> i believe he defended john kerry when people were going after his military service saying that shouldn't even be discussed. then he does this to mccain. do you think it's just because trump has absolutely no filter? that is kind of a problem. >> he exists in a university where there's donald trump and everything else. he doesn't really relate to anything that's not donald trump too well. if he's so worried about who's
10:19 pm
taken prisoner during the war, maybe he shouldn't use photos of marching nazis in his promotional material there. this just shows that he's not ready for prime time. he's not going to be in charge of the galaxy. the fun show is over. >> let's show that again if we can. >> frank, frank, let me get to that. >> he's a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that wasn't captured, i hate to tell you. he was a war hero because he was captured. perhaps he's a war hero, but right now he said very bad things about a lot of people. >> michael, it reminds me of when a comedian steps over the line and you just lose the crowd. >> i'm glad that trump has gone back to the original position of defending them. i think he's ter fied of being in the polls because he just
10:20 pm
wants to be on tv. being in the white house would be a step down from his mansion. >> i thought he was going to get a tv show after this, but maybe not. i have a theory that this has something to do with donald trump, whenever anybody criticizes him, he takes it as disloyalty. and so he surrounds himself with people who always agree with him and then he ends up in thf position. >> i'm kind of disappointed because there's one thing i still want to know from him, which is how do you get that kind of delusional self-esteem, right? that must make life so fun. ho uh would you ever be sad? i would lue to walk around, feeling so good about myself that i thought that i could make fun of or slam someone saying they're not good enough of a war veteran because they were captured when the only battle i've ever been involved in was one to sell the best tie. >> two student deferments,
10:21 pm
ultimately declared ineligible. >> no matter what happens to trump, he's never going to be sad. and i think that he should change and become a therapist for people with low self-esteem and teach them how to believe in themselves at a delusional level so they can walk around smiling. >> we're making fun of trump because we thought he indicated more than other politicians. but he really isn't. he might be a little too honest and reckless. i don't see how he gets out of this. >> i think that's what people liked about trump. he says what everyone else is thinking. that's what we like about him. he tells it like it is. don't go after america's veterans. it's political suicide right there. >> by the way, we taped this show. what time did we tape this
10:22 pm
saturday evening. there might have been some changes since then. if this sounds remarkably dated, it's because it is. that's what happens when you tape a show. the rnc statement if i can read it without my glasses, senator mccain sacrificed more than most can imagine. period. there's no place in our party or country for comments that disparage those who served honorably. i take this to mean donald trump finally gave the rnc the open door to come in and say enough. it could be interesting to see hard core conservatives defending this guy when there would be no way they would defend millry clinton or anyone from occupy wall street. you can not walk away from this and say oh, it's no big deal. coming up, while you're wasting your time with "true detective." hat maker vincent brimble
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time for tonight's debate or what i like to call -- >> you're about to lose. >> the rules are simple. >> fi >> it's simple. i win the debate. they lose. if you want to win, get your own show, cis says capitalism is
10:27 pm
the dung of the devil and keeps people in poverty. thanks to capitalism, line spak spaens have inclined. yet he says materialism is destroying the planet. prop francis wouldn't come here to debate me. he was busy. joining me is father jonathan morris. good friend of mine. i understand i'm talking art your bos, which sun comfortable, but he'll been railing against capitalism, progress, technology, when it's given millions hope and dinner. >> the pope did not come -- the reason why pope francis did not come tonight for this was not because he was busy, but he was terrified. >> he should be. >> of you. >> he knew that i don't mind losing because i'm humble. and therefore that i would come in his place. right?
10:28 pm
when we say that profit is forcing our live, then yes, is that's going to destroy society but our lives personally. when we put money at the very center of our lives, when we say that that is who i want to be -- you know what it is, you watch too many movie, father. people don't walk around and go, i need money.
10:29 pm
>> can i tell you what he did say? >> then i will correct you and i will lose. >> i will destroy you, father. what you're saying is the pope really opposes materialism and greed. which i think everybody -- but that's not what he's saying. >> breaking news, breaking news. >> he went beyond that. he said, and i'm quoting him, he wanted to restrict progress and innovation, the period of irrational confidence in human abilities. meaning the fact that humans could create and innovate so much kind of bothered him. he was talking about enlightenment. he did not like enlightenment because it's somehow disconnected church from the population. and also the worst thing, father -- >> that's not a quote. >> what else he did, because he sensed that most human beings aren't scared of god anymore, he used green lingo, green rhetoric to scare them.
10:30 pm
instead of making it about god, he made it about the planet. i would not use the same lauch, he's an argentinian. he's an argentinian that's not used to capitalism, but crony capitalism. crony capitalism in which keeps the poor poor without opportunities to become -- >> unlike crony socialism which killed millions. >> they asked if you're against cronyism. he laughed and said no. he said this, communism has stolen from christianity the banner of charity. >> right. >> in other words, charity is a christian thing, but capitalism has stolen it and said take money from the rich and give it to the poor. >> you mean communism.
10:31 pm
>> excuse me, stolen the banner of charity. that's not christianity. >> so he's just a socialist. >> his attack on air conditi conditioni conditioning is ironic when -- >> that's italian. they don't like air conditioning. any italian will say air conditioning is bad for you. you'll get a kink in your neck. right? >> headaches. >> all right, well, you know what before i say that i won. >> greg, you won the debate, now stop doing that other thing we talked about.
10:32 pm
>> in the end you lost. >> maybe i did. >> because god spoke to you. >> i didn't lose, i was just humiliated in front of my friends and family. >> what he was talking about is sleeping in. it wasn't any other kind of weird behavior. coming up, what happened to "true detective" and can it be saved. but first, a word from our sponsor. winter is several months ago. you do it anyway. thanks to dudes who wear wool hats in the summertime. what to do when you're stranded in a city and you need a last minute hotel? a priceline tonight only deal! stuck out on the range? nowhere to rest your beard? choose from thousands of hand-picked hotel deals at the very last minute. only on your phone. only from priceline.
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dear hbo, dear hbo, i'm writing to you about the latest season of "true detective." what the hell happened. i watched three episodes. it was slow and grim. every character is miserable
10:37 pm
like a knitting circle of goth. i want my money back. here's why, because not only does the show suck, it made me realize that i suck, too. or rather, that i'm a sucker because "true detective" exposed my silly need to complete things. because i'm halfway through the thing, i feel like i've got to finish even though i feel like i must do something better like eating lightbulbs. >> ahhh! die! die! >> so we fear a sense of failure if we quit, or else those last three hours were a waste. but that is wrong. think of it like driving the wrong way on a freeway, turning around is not an admission of loss, it's a life-saving correction. so step it up, "true detective"
10:38 pm
is bad. but i'm bad for watching it, so i can share the blame. you can make it up for me if i'm eastbound and down. >> the only person i know who watched this show besides me is joanne. >> i don't know what you're talking about. the second season is amaze. matthew mcconaughey is unrecognizable. his character work growing that dark moustache. i'm all for it. i'm excited to continue watching. >> father, do you watch any of this filth on hbo? or do you stick to the 700 club? >> hbo. >> those are the types of things that i bing on. >> your life is a soap opera. you need to watch story lines. you just listen to people's horrible secret. >> you think you're the worst in the world but you're not. >> it was exactly like the two
10:39 pm
of you. >> i came here for my family. thank you, father. >> you can't talk about the one before. i learned that when i pretended to be a freeh priest for a few years. do you bing watch anything, do you watch anything that you feel you must watch even though it's terrible. >> they're really not too particular about who wanders in. >> yeah. well, i like the real crime shows. but i don't feel like they go far enough. i like the first 48. i'm actually pitching a new one called the last 48. it's mostly paper work. so if you like to watch a cops sfabl, you get a real sense of closure. >> i love that clicking noise. i used to love cox because of the sound of the utility belt as they ran. i believe it's an actual fetish, but i actually enjoyed the sound. >> the heavy breathing, the jostling. michael, do you watch anything other than shows about loud ties? >> it's not loud.
10:40 pm
no, i bing watch intervention with a six pack. i always root for the people not to go and watch the families cry. so i am the worst person, like you said. >> we should talk. right? >> yeah. i'm beyond help, i think. >> katherine, anything to add to this ridiculous story? >> i watch "intervention", too but i always root for them to go to rehab. you still get to see them cry first. >> yeah. you should ultimately want them to turn their lives around. you are a terrible person. >> i love that. that's exactly it. that's the point. we should all want to turn our lives around and try to be better people. >> there's somebody good here. >> i love intervention when the person runs out and the family chases him down the street. i have to watch the film crew because they're usually about 50 pounds overweight. the film crew probably needs an intervention. they're always chain smoking somewhere and running with a came camera. then they run and and yell and scream.
10:41 pm
>> here's the latest edition of the millennial moment. >> national ice cream day. i love nationals day. but i don't celebrate enough of them. >> for america r america. let's finish these. >> national pet photo day. >> oh, that one better. i got a nice drawing here of america's drog jasper.
10:42 pm
>> thank you, chicken. >> it's good for you, right? it's so nice to be able to take a walk with you, dad. very important for us. >> let's do this. >> love national holidays. >> the best ones are where you get to drink. >> cheers. >> they're to for 1. >> do you have any drinks that taste like lasagne?
10:43 pm
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and now, it's time for -- >> and now it's time for -- >> the adventures of captain sensitive. >> when we last joined captain sensitive, he was battling his fierce archenemy, the press corps. all had been status quo until a brave young warrior named major garret -- that is his real name -- dared to rise and speak. >> can you tell the country, sir, why you are con tekt to leave the conscious of thf nation, the strength of this
10:48 pm
nation unaccounted for in relation to these four americans? >> that's nonsense, and you should know better. >> captain sensitive won't b stand for that sort of abuse, and many agree, he shouldn't have to. >> to put the question in that form, i was at home watching it going wait a minute, you know? it was a little out of -- >> when you look at the language the way it was loaded. capitulation, are you content? did you hang the joint chiefs of staff out to dry? there are different ways to ask questions. there's a fine line, especially maybe i'm old school standing in the east room, a fine line between asking a tough question and maybe crossing that line a little bit and being disrespe disrespectful. >> you watch the press just jump all over major garret. why would that be? is it simply because he was wrong or because it was obama and they lue obama? >> i have never been prouder of our president. and we all want to ourselves at
10:49 pm
one point tell the press to sit down and shut the hell up. can i say hell? i think it was perfectly warranted and i'm glad he kind of stood up for themself. >> no! no! that was a very valid question. you know who didn't think it was nonsense? the families of these four americans. you are ultimately negotiating with the enemy, with this deal. so all the terms are are then settled, those four americans are part of the terms. it's a part of the relationship. >> i couldn't agree more. what he's saying is that you're celebrating, mr. president. you're celebrating. therefore you have to have a certain contentment. how can you be content when there's prisoners right now who obviously don't deserve to be in prison and whose families are an outrage. >> i think you're right. what i find interesting, mr. devito, besides your beard, i think major garret, by using the
10:50 pm
word content was genius, because he was using the same kind of rhetorical device that the left uses on republicans. they attack your intent. it's like, it's not that you're wrong in your decision, but you're probably kind of evil. garret did that and nobody ever does that to obama. >> that was his major flaw. how dir a he ask the president a question at a press conference. i think the president is used to having someone stand up to him. the most powerful man in the world can't answer a question. >> exactly. to me, the press in this are babies. every day, conservatives are told how they hate the poor and how we want minorities to suffer. they always tell us we're the bad guy. he got a tiny taste of it and he's mad. >> he didn't seem mad. he seemed kind of trump style, you said i didn't handle this perfectly, nonsense! he's perfect. who are their therapists?
10:51 pm
>> yes. i actually believe this was orchestrated, it was planned. >> really? >> yes. >> by who? >> major garret used to work for fox news. and that's the conspiracy which is obviously true. >> that's what they're already saying in comment section. >> i've seen him at the pool. he really is major garret. coming up, princess leia action figures, should they be taken off the shelves? but first, the love studio audience. thank you for being here, everyone. how many of you would prefer to see me do the rest of the show shirtless? shelves? how many of you would prefer to see me do the rest of the show shirtless? i got something to think about during the break and so do you. new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether.
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>> some parents are upset about
10:56 pm
an action figure from a movie three decades old. the toy features princess lei a's character in the skimpy gold bikini with the chain around her neck. the box describes it as a slave outfit. here's the dad discussing her daughter's reaction to the doll. >> she said dad, why does she have a chain around her neck? i didn't have any answers. >> i have never seen "return of the jedi" so let's take a look at the clip. >> "star wars" is awesome. you've never heard of this film. could something from 1983 could
10:57 pm
be appropriate then and not appropriate now? >> i think it's definitely appropriate. it's still appropriate. our kids haven't seen the film. none of these little children have seen "star wars" so they can't be offended by the doll. >> she just endorsed slavery, didn't she? >> yeah. well, return of the jedi once again, "return of the jedi" was the 50 shades of gray of the time. a welt thi gangster can do whatever he wants if he's wealthy enough. >> can you explain what the damn thing is about before you get outraged. >> why do people have to explain things to children now? when i was younger we just said shut up and move along. i'm not surprised this is a sexist action figure from a company called hasbro. it's not has sister. >> it should be has her.
10:58 pm
>> has empowerment. >> but then there's the transgender element. father, is there a point here that it just seems weird? all it has to be is appear weird. >> this is a problem from about, like, for 0.001 percenters. i'm in a church in the south bronx. the poorest congressional district in the united states. trust me, nobody is outraged at my parish out about this doll. they're outraged about real-life problems. >> this could be a real-life problem, especially if you're aroused by the doll, katherine, which could be an issue. thoughts? not on being arouse bud the doll in general. >> star wars people are kind of weird. i don't know, it's not really shocking to think they might be into something like this. nobody really knows because nobody's really trying to hook up with those people. >> the princess leia story is important because if you don't understand something and it's
10:59 pm
confusing, have someone explain it. >> right, yes. we all are born with brains and mouths. don't just get angry, have somebody explain it to you. i have a lot of thing explained to me every day. all right. i have had enough of everyone here. thanks to my guests. coming up, lou dobbs. i'm greg gutfeld. and i love you, america. dobbs. i'm great guttfeld, and i love you, america. hey, lou, what's going on? >> what do you want? >> well, i was just -- just checking to see -- i'm going away for a couple days. >> greg, what do you want? >> i just -- i could use a little something, you know, what i mean, something a little -- >> what do you want? you want an ounce? >> an ounce would be a start. i'm maybe gone for like three days so -- >> man, i'm -- what do you
11:00 pm
really need? >> two ounces? >> two ounces? >> yes two ounces. >> all right, two ounces it is. but i'm telling you this stuff stays with you. >> well, i'll try to take my time with it and tonight on "red eye." i am not sure it is the greatest and the movie fargo. and tonight's show is brought to you by tnt, dye know might, that is. we have proverbs and insight, but tiers, a news break.


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