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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 26, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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hi everyone. good morning. today is sunday 26th of july 2015. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. a hotel on the vegas strip goes up in flames. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. there's fire going on right outside my room. >> a massive fire at a rooftop thousands of tourists fleeing in fear. what we have learned about the cause of that fire. and then hillary clinton caught up in her e-mail scandal. she says there's nothing to see here. move along. >> i am can confident that i never sent nor received
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information of classified at the time it was sent and received. >> how did we know about this in the first place? the report of a leak at the doj investigation may have come from on high at the white house. that coming up. posting about your relationship on facebook could be the key to keeping your love. mornings are better. ♪ we're going to be searching for that last shaker of salt the next four hours. we're going to the beach y'all having a "fox & friends" beach day on the plaza. >> tell you how to make vacation inspired cocktails at home. we'll put up your beach pictures. we want you to send them to us.
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ed live from washington d.c. joining us on the couch. >> where's the salt? >> it's somewhere. >> that's going to be fun. never seen tucker serve. >> i have only in my suit. i'm willing to try it. >> your birthday suit? we'll get to that fun in a bit. we're going straight to these headlines. we have a fox news alert. a day at the amusement park turns to a disaster. eight are seriously hurt after a swing ride tipped over at kentucky's bench park. the jitterbug crashed over. workers rushed to free the children. they think uneven weight distributed to that accident. >> an inferno caught on fire at a hotel caught fire on the las vegas strip. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. there's fire going on right
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outside my room. >> hundreds of guests running for their lives after the pool deck on the 14th floor of the hotel caught fire. >> it was hot. it was 30 feet from us. >> two were treated for smoke inhalation. some witnesses think it was sparked by a discarded cigarette. days after the u.s. and world powers reach a nuke deal with iran, the leader is sending a dark message. a graphic of what appears to be president obama with a gun to his said. the picture saying iran opens no war and will not initiate but if there's war, the u.s. will lose. the twit rer account is not verified. it is widely believed to be his
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official page. and a dramatic ending to a dominating baseball game. >> he made the catch. 13th no hitter in philadelphia history. >> he made the catch. philadelphia phillies pitcher cole hamels throws a no hitter against the chicago cubs striking out 13 batters. this could be his last start with the team. baseball analysts expect him to be traded before the deadline on friday. your headlines. >> yes, there are. in washington, the scandal over hillary clinton's e-mails is not going away. the candidate addressed it on the campaign trail in iowa yesterday saying she didn't use personal e-mail to send anything classified at all. all a big misunderstanding. it rises out of public's failure
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to understand. here she is. >> i am confident i never sent or received any information classified at the time it was sent and received. >> this is all about my desire to have transparency and make the information public. i think there's so much confusion around this i understand why reporters and public are asking questions. the facts are pretty clear. i did not send nor receive anything classified at the time. >> so i'm so committed to transparency i've taken 30,000 e-mails and hid them from public view. >> she's talking about the 30,000 she turned over to the state department. 30,000 were deleted. on top of that the problem is it's no longer republican critics on the hill beating her up -- >> that's a good point. >> -- it's two inspector generals who are umpires in the government. one state department and one intelligence community saying
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there's and still classified information in the personal server of hers. in fairness intelligence community says there were no classification markings on the e-mails she sent and received in real time years ago. >> you would know what is sensitive information would you not? >> if you're secretary of state and receive it you know what's public information and what's not. what's in the newspapers what does the average person know? >> 10% of e-mails they looked at. >> four out of 40. there could be hundreds thousands i guess. >> exactly. the other thing is remember put side all the other noise. hillary clinton had the news conference in march and looked at reporters and american people in the eye and said there was no classified information there. now these unpartisan umpires saying actually there is. >> how do we know this?
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inspector general reports are supposed to be kept private. >> there are theories there's republicans on the hill. michael goodwin in the new york post says this. somebody very high in the food chain leaked the information. if this was jarrett, she would not do this against the president's wishes. this was not a robe operation, this was approved hit. he's saying this comes from the white house. >> we have no idea if that's true. here's what we know since we live in washington there's still hostility significant between the clinton and obama camp. >> i like goodwin, read his column.
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i think the idea is ridiculous. i was involved in reporting this. i can't get into with who i talked to. jarrett wasn't on my call list. >> where do you think this came from? >> more like hillary clinton's critics. not critics in the white house. this is exaggerated thing. jarrett sees hillary clinton, even if they're not best of friends, as the best chance to carry on obama care. >> that's true but someone within the administration leaked this information. no? >> well because it made its way to the justice department at some point. there's more on the campaign trail with donald trump now. his latest fight and spat is scott walker. it's getting interesting because you've got the fact that he's been going at it with john
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mccain and going at it with rick perry and other actual candidates. take a look at what he's saying about scott walker. >> finally i can attack. finally. finally. i would have never done this. i didn't know. i hear the only one beating me in iowa is scott walker and not by much. wisconsin is doing terribly. he's the only guy ahead of me. i can't believe he's in second place. folks, please p first place so i feel better. >> donald trump is saying gloves are off because apparently the fund-raiser of scott walker called him a dumb dumb. >> he said a dumb dumb from the walker camp. this schoolyard thing -- >> hilarious. please put me in first place. text your vote to 1900. he makes wisconsin sound like somalia. he goes on to say you don't want
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to live in wisconsin. it's h erksell over there. >> that's one of the reasons scott walker doing well in wisconsin. he's making his case saying he took on the the unions. >> it's a nice state. honestly it's a nice state. >> let's look at early voting state of iowa recent poll 22% walker 13% trump, 8% -- >> carson. >> there you go. there's not a lot of separation. it matches national polls as well. you can see trump maybe frustrated because in a lot of actual polls he's number one. he's saying iowa is a sticking point. he's doing well in new hampshire. >> i think trump is trying to say look the other early states are doing well. national polls he's doing well. let's get iowa too. if he can win iowa this in
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obviously. >> my favorite line of all was, i can finally attack. he knows what he's good at. pretty good. >> you know what's also good? rick. >> he's out there on the beach. 9:00 somewhere. >> who's taking hawaii? i don't know if they have voting in hahwaii. >> we've got the party guys here making drinks. nobody told me that was my job. i'm officially making drink this is morning. look at the weather map this morning. still hot across the plains. 80 degrees in kansas city if you're getting up early. it's hot and humid. heat advisories going on there. rain in parts of that area today. dealing with showers in florida.
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for the most part western shores of florida. some of those heavy at times today, tomorrow, next few days. a stubborn system is going to continue there. you see the rain dropping out of the central plains. that's going to playing us parts of the day today. a few downpours could cause a little flooding. here you go. it is hot. 91 billings 90 far go. get ready. that heat is moving toward the east coast. going to be with us most of the week. temperatures in the mid-90s. and drinks on the plaza. >> i like pina coladas and real pineapples. >> you can mix my drinks any time. thank you. we all know what happened the last time hillary clinton testified on capitol hill about benghazi. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> exciting. will she do something like that again? mark your calendars. former advisor to hillary
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clinton weighs in next. and a police officer going beyond. the heartwarming story behind this photograph ahead. ♪ ♪
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our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business. welcome back. the date is set. hillary clinton will be heading to capitol hill in october, i think the 22nd of that month to testify what she knew on the day of the ben kbazghazi attacks that killed four americans. >> former advisor to hillary clinton richard. good morning. i still there's still a dispute.
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gowdy fears they'll hold back on dates if they lock in on october 22nd. what can you say? >> i can't really say what gowdy is going to do. the investigation has taken more time than the warren commission and investigation into pearl harbor. could they stretch this to 2016 for political purposes? that's not a bad bet. obviously hillary would like top get this behind her. she wants to move on focuses on the campaign. it will take a while to prepare for this. she testified before the house committee of foreign affairs and foreign relations committee. rand paul was grilling her. she's under oath. this is not a novel thing. people are going to act like we're breaking new ground. we're not. >> both topics have b the
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conspiracy theory decades. it's getting to the bot state of mind of this. >> why don't we know what they were doing in benghazi in the first place? americans have a right to know this. shouldn't the former secretary of state have to explain why they were doing that? >> absolutely. when she testified before the house and senate if they had those questions you just posed to me why didn't they ask her that? i think they did and got answers. >> her answer was i have no idea. >> the house intelligence committee, a one time fox contributor, and other house committees have looked into questions around benghazi and issued reports there was no stand down order, she was never asked to supply more resources in benghazi. every question to her before and
3:19 am
now have been. i think everything since she testified has been a snooze. >> let's talk about the e-mails. it's not a snooze idea the umpires, inspector generals saying she had and still has classified information. she looked the american people in the eye in march and said there was no classified information. now we find out there was. is that not a problem? >> no. what the inspector general himself has said is nothing that hillary clinton e-mailed was marked classified. hillary clinton is smart, but she's not claire buoyant. she can't look at the state department and know what they'll
3:20 am
deem to be classified. >> there's tens of thousands of e-mails nobody has seen. do you believe federal officials should decide which e-mails are turned over to authorities and which aren't? is that a president you want us to get behind? >> i'll tell you this. it's a precedent we've had forever going back to presidents in material days. harry had a case go to the supreme court because he dough mated papers to congress making them unable to be released. whether powell hillary clinton or anybody else in the federal government it's law. it's their determination if it's public or private. >> kiss enjer did it so it's okay. i like that. coming up. these two women gunned down in cold blood. now a mission to make sure that
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. we've got your headline this is morning. overnight, a small plane crashes into i a suburb and burst into flames and unfortunately killed two on board the aircraft and one on the second floor of a house. flames spread to five other homes and two cars. five others hurt in the crash including two on the ground. the cause is still under investigation. ricky damon powell jr. is
3:25 am
recovering after he was shot by a drive-by attack. he was sitting down when men drove by and opened fire. the shooters have not been caught. tucker thank you so much. 24 minutes after the hour. it's a heart-warming story. triumph out of tragedy. two young women shot and kill at random last year three days apart apart. their families are coming together to make a mission to have the be a safer place. their fathers are with us. thank you for being with us on "fox & friends." so sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> krirkschris, your daughter christina was a college graduate wanted to become a probation officer, had plans to start a criminology masters degree. how do you remember her this morning? >> remembering her this morning i just say, you know always
3:26 am
vibrant, always that smile. with her education she was trying to accomplish her goals. >> similar story for page. david, tell me about her. she was a high school honor's student, planning to go tomedical school. how do you remember and honor her? >> all parents or grand parents think their kids are sensational, but she was. she tutored kids nanny for several families. she was loved by everybody. it was such a tragedy that both girls were killed in the same manner with ak-47 assault rifles. >> absolutely. two amazing lives cut way too short, just two days apart. why have you guys decided to join forces and what are you
3:27 am
trying to do? >> well our goal is to reach out to communities, make people aware of the safety. get the kids in school more knowledgeable about whereabouts, surroundings. our goal is to bring people together. bring the neighborhoods back together. have communities be able to walk and talk together. >> and you actually did have a walk together didn't you david? save our children of michigan walk. thousands turned out. tell me about that. >> we had 4,000 people that turned out for a walk. we call it a walk because to be a margins against something, this wasn't against anything. this was for something to bring neighborhoods together bring awareness. our main goal is education of children. what chris and i are working on
3:28 am
in the foundation primary thing, is to make it mandatory to have safety education for our children in the schools. not only in our neighborhood but throughout the state of michigan and we'd like to hope it's a grass roots to do it nationally. >> david and chris, we appreciate your time this morning. it's a nice thing you're doing getting together joining forces. if you'd like to donate save our children's fellas have a nice rest of your weekend. >> thank you. >> anna? >> yes. >> i'm sorry. are we still on? >> yes. do you have something else you want to say? >> we're going to have an event this weekend at the yacht club that's a fund-raiser but more awareness of bringing people together in the neighborhood. that's this thursday at 7:00.
3:29 am
find the details on your website. >> yep, perfect. thanks again. >> thank you. coming up on "fox & friends," try to put up a statue on ten commandments on public property you'll get shouted down. put up a statue of satan, no problem. that's next. we're giving you the secret for holding the best summer bash. the cocktails to serve with friends and neighbors next. ♪ ♪ ♪ love ♪ in the nation, what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love is strange ♪ so when coverage really counts you can count on nationwide. we put members first.
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otezla. show more of you. here's a real count down. >> you think? here we go. >> oh my gosh. >> yeeha. we had a woman shoot herself out of a cannon yesterday live on the air. >> jennifer smith blew everyone's mind at the balloon festival in new jersey. >> she's a seconds generation projectile. her father is a former genius world record holder. >> he did survive his hot air
3:34 am
balloon yesterday. >> 2,000 feet he twoechblto. incredible. if you're on social media all the time what do you think of mushy stuff written about people's relationships. >> there's a study that show if you put your significant other online and they do the same for you, your relationship is cemented solid and you're going to last. >> it may be the secret to share more. a lot of people think the opposite. they say stop shar >> i don't share anything or participate in any of this. it makes sense. there's a reason people get married in front of a community of other people. the idea is the whole community ratifies and supports the relationship. >> have you ever been to a wedding it was just about the show and glitz and glamour? sometimes you see that on facebook where people are just gushing about their partner and
3:35 am
then two days later they break up. they're like she was a crazy you know what. >> so what. >> we want to get e-mails from you. >> are you putting pictures on facebook of you and your significant other? has it worked made your relationship better? send us your account. >> send us your pass word. >> not the password. we have stories. isis executioner jihadi john may be on the run. the mass killer reportedly abandoned the terror group weeks ago fearing they will kill him. he brutally beheaded two americans on camera if you remember. he has not been seen in a video nearly six months and may be trying to join another terror group in north africa. a case of extreme road rage
3:36 am
turns deadly. a man is gunned down in front of his family. doyle shot gonzalez after both confronted each other on the road. 911 calls from the shooter and victim's wildfire reveal a chaotic scene as doyle comes up on gonzalez to his home. gonzalez was shot and killed. police say doyle held gonzalez wife child, grandson at gunpoint until police arrived. he's charged with second degree murder and aggravated assault. a devil debut in detroit. a satanic statue. the sculptures cost more than $100,000. it features a goat head.
3:37 am
hundreds of people showed up for this including supporters and protestors. invitees were given a secret address where the statue is actually located. action from an office caught on camera. there's the officer sharing a meal with a homeless man. the sergeant brought him breakfast and decided to sit down and have a chat with him. the photos are going viral online. watch "fox & friends" tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. we'll talk to that general officer. >> those are your headlines. rick has a report from the natural world from our weather center. >> best kind of world if you ask me natural one. a look at weather map. central part of the country is where we have the heat. advisories omaha, nebraska down
3:38 am
through missouri and mississippi river valley. another hot and humid day. take a look at what happened throughout the day. parts of new england this morning. spotty showers move in with a light front that moves through. we start to see temperatures warm up for tomorrow. get ready for a warm week. down across the southeast, florida is our target spot for heavy rain. at times it's going to be very heavy. look at localized flooding. we'll continue to see the threat five to eight inches of rain. we have storms around kansas city. same for parts of iowa. we'll see a another batch move in later this afternoon and evening. western nebraska and colorado and areas of the southwest and west. few showers in the pacific west. the heat continues in parts of arizona. all right. you've got your hawaii shirts on for a party. >> in the plaza, this amazing setup and fun is thanks to hard
3:39 am
rock cancun resort and hotel. you can go to get away from it all and embrace your inner rock star. >> here to tell us about it and make you feel like you're on vacation with hard rock inspired cocktails. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about the cocktails and how he get you in the summer spirit. >> a cocktail makes everyone happy. our brand at all inclusive hard rock hotels drink as much as you want. it's included. >> i didn't know hard rock had inclusives. >> it started a year ago. inclusives go to bed at 9:30. we stay open later. >> when you say all inclusive, is there's a limit at some point? >> your own personal limit should tell you when to stop. >> walk us through. you have specific ones resorts,
3:40 am
rock stars. give us an idea. >> the classic rock mohito. can we do that first? >> that's one of our classics at the pool bar. you going to do it with me? >> yeah. >> mint first. throw limes in there. get them quick. they're cut up for you. one scoop of sugar. >> you may have come here earlier. want to muddle? >> i want to watch you. i'm on vacation. >> put some ice in there. the thank you. >> is this a shaking drink? >> no. by the pool bar, it's one of the
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drinks you may want to have. one of our programs is a rock program you learn to be a rock star. we teach you to be a star. that's how you do it. you'll be better on stage. throw a little rum in here. >> that's what we were waiting for, the rum. >> she was holding it the whole time. >> i was hiding it. >> a little bit of rum. okay. >> all right. rum and then anything else? >> shake the rum here. >> beautiful. >> that's all inclusive. >> pour it in there. >> top it off with a little club soda. >> beautiful. >> it's a little early to enjoy. we'll save for later. >> for sure. >> that's great. >> we're putting your recipes on >> thank you. >> all are included at our resorts. come on down. >> at the all inclusive hard rock ho the tell. tucker, you're going to help us
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there he found a comprehensive array of therapeutic options all under the same roof designed to fight his cancer boost his energy and help him maintain his strength during treatment. mike and his clinical team developed a plan just for him. this is integrative cancer care. this is how mike fincham fights cancer. cancer treatment centers of america. for more information go to appointments available now. some quick headlines. a tv anchor has been fired after using the drug marijuana. she was tested after a fender bender. she claimed she used pot days before the incident and and sober at the
3:46 am
recreational use is legal. the daily mail snapped pictures of hulk. he stopped for a photo and signed the back of a fan's t-shirt. he apologized for the racist outburst recorded back in 2007. tuck tucker? >> thanks ed. lives of four young women cut tragically short after the driver of a pickup truck slammed into a limo they were riding in on long island. the driver was initially charged with driving while intoxicated. he had a reading of .06. seems cut and dry but could he still face dwi charges? as a non lawyer this seems cut and dry. here's the standard.
3:47 am
he didn't meet it and can't been charged. >> i am a lawyer. it's still cut and dry. because it's such a tragedy, four lives lost four others badly injured. the prosecutor is not going to let go of the dwi charge. scientifically the prosecutor had a time to determine at the time of the accident an hour and 40 minutes before the test what was this truck driver's blood alcohol level? the defense attorney on the other side can say alcohol doesn't go one way. if you're going to claim my client's blood alcohol level was higher before you tested him, it's also possible he was still absorbing the alcohol and was at not .06 at the time of the accident. >> even reading this script is horrible story. prosecutors should charge people for what they.
3:48 am
>> he refused the breathalyzer which by the way has serious consequences on his driver's license. that's on the side. they drew blood an hour and 40 minutes after the accident. he's .66, relatively close to the .8 you describe. go back an hour 40 and say wait a minute. a toxicologist will say he was .9 an hour and 40 minutes ago. here's the thing, very important. he told law enforcement i drank a bunch of beers. that's going to help him or kill him. either they're going to micro manage when that was -- >> shouldn't it be clear to public people living under laws what laws are and what are the consequences. >> the law is clear. the standard is 08. if you're .06 or .07 you can't be charged with driving while intoxicated.
3:49 am
you're charged with driving while ability is impaired. >> he also did a field sobriety test. it's worth noting the alcohol level is not the only theory to charge drunk drive action. you can do common law drunk driving. >> anybody who take the test is also charged common law. you smash into a car and kill four people. you're in the hospital because you're injured. you can't stand on one leg and take a sobriety test. >> that's a good point. just take an uber. >> tragic story. >> for sure. coming up president obama made race relations a corner stone for his presidency. shocking new poll numbers show that's not the case at all. we'll tell you what they are. >> it's beach day on "fox & friends" plaza complete with sand. are you a heavy packer when it
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hey, friends. we are on summer vacation here on the "fox & friends" plaza, and before you head on your next trip there are some tech tips to make it stress-free. chris the cyber guy here this morning. thanks for bringing the cocktails. >> i didn't bring those. when you travel for summer there's new tools you can take along with you. one of the little tips people ask me how you bring along technology and the rest of your world. there's an app i'm about to show you. it's all about the medication in your family.
3:54 am
when you go traveling, the smart thing to do is i have now compressed what in essence our entire medicine cabinet at home with the entire family in one tiny little bag. it doesn't matter what bag you use, just so long you can trust it. you can put a clip inside. this clips inside your carry on luggage. we've taken all the pill cases and replace them with little bags. usually mom or dad is in charge of this. >> there's an app for this. >> there is an arm for your pharmacy. there's an app called the pharmacy. if someone doesn't feel well, it tells you if any of the medications help you out with that. >> we have all these devices but
3:55 am
they don't do us any good if they are not charged. we need to make sure we bring our cables. >> the worse thing is in your car, there is never enough plugs. all you got to do -- everybody in the family has got stuff they want to plug in. when you can go dual you can plug two things into one outlet. this one will help the whole family. you get a whole bunch of plug-ins. they are great. they are under $10. and great anti-boredom tool bring along an apple tv. most t -- hotels have flat tvs -- >> that way you are not spending 8 bucks on a movie. >> and there's a great new app it's call snap seed and it's a photo app. you and i can go take pictures.
3:56 am
i took this one right here and this one now lets us take great photos. you can edit all your photos. >> can it air brush? >> it can. that's a free app that used to be 5 bucks but it's free and we'll have it online. >> kurt the cyber guy, find him on social media. >> get all your cables in one plag. everything right here. so easy. >> tucker into you. coming up who are we dealing with in iran? take a look at this. the supreme leader has tweeted out this picture of the president's silhouette with a gun to his head. ladies is your office unbearably cold right now. you should be outraged. air conditioning is the new
3:57 am
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4:00 am
hi friends, and grng to you. it is sunday the 26th of july 2015. i'm anna kooiman with a fox news alert. a luxurious hotel right on the las vegas strip burst into a fire ball inferno. >> unblebl, unbelievable there's fire going on right outside my room. >> the massive fire sent thousands of tourists running for their lives. what we have learned about the cause. and look out, scott walker! donald trump has you in his sites. watch. >> i can't believe i'm in second place. i'm finally in second place in iowa. folks will you put me in first place so i feel better? >> text in your vote on that
4:01 am
one. we'll tell you the real reason trump is attacking walker this morning. stay tuned. ladies are you wearing a sweater in the office because it's too darn? apparently you should be outraged. ac is the new sexist controversy. straight ahead. morning are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you may be talking about sweat recognize but here on the fox and friends pla za no shoes, no shirt, no problem. we're having a beach party, you all! >> we're going to learn how to surf with possibly disastrous consequences. >> we want you to send us your pictures of you and the kids
4:02 am
playing, building sand castles, playing in the waves. >> by the way, ed henry, fox news white house correspondent joining us this morning. we're glad you here. >> especially in the summertime. >> we have a lot of white house stories. right now we're going to head to elizabeth prann. the comments regarding her emails while she was secretary of state. >> the former secretary of state told reporters the facts on the issue are, quote, pretty clear. saying she never sent or received classified information at the time of her tenure but at the inspectors general of the state department said they have found the emails to be classified. clinton says the confusion surrounding the controversy is more about what details should or should not be made public.
4:03 am
>> i'm confident that i never received or send any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received and what i think you are seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion to some extent to disagreement among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly released. >> the clinton camp announcing the same day hillary will testify before a house committee regarding the benghazi terror attacks this october, her critics argue that they are continuing to fight. those coming to her defense say it's a political hack job. >> it is not a novel thing. everyone is going to act like we're breaking new ground we're not. all of those emails sent out since she testified has been a snooze. >> there are ongoing negotiations with clinton's
4:04 am
lawyer with regard to rules. meanwhile, as hillary clinton deals with the email scandal that's shadowing hardware on the campaign trail, donald trump on the campaign speaking to a packed house and he goes on the attack against hillary clinton. here's part of what he said yesterday in iowa. >> first of all, hillary is now officially under investigation for the emails. if the prosecutors are honorable, and they may be, if they are fair, if they are just sadly, bad stuff has to happen because what she did is very criminal and very serious, and it's too bad. it's too bad. and i don't -- i don't know how a person with that cloud over their head actually can be running for the office of president. you know you wouldn't think so so we'll see what happens. it will be very interesting.
4:05 am
>> you heard it. straight from trump. big, very big. >> karly fiorina says donald trump needs to stop coming after fellow republicans. >> apparently scott walker one of his fund-raisers called donald a dumb-dumb at some point. already all right. you've unlaeshed the dragon here's what he's saying about governor walker. >> finally, i can attack. finally. i would have never done this. i didn't know because i hear that the only one beating me in iowa is scott walker and not that much. wisconsin is doing terribly and i can't believe i'm in second place. he is next door but folks will you please put me in first place so i feel better. >> in the grand scheme of things that's not that bad, if that's
4:06 am
the worst of trump'sraz of you. >> i don't know how well trump is going do in wisconsin though because he within on to describe it as basically like burkina faso. it's a wasteland of smoldering ruins. >> it's a nice state. >> what voters appreciate about trump is his ability to crystallize things. his overall point about secretary of state clinton is a fair one. this is big. it's not a small thing when two inspectors general suggest you may have committed crimes in the way you handled classified information. >> the clinton camp pushed back saying the original "new york times" report was wrong saying she was under criminal investigation. the justice department could, it could lead to criminal charges,
4:07 am
but it might not. >> ask john deutsche who ran the cia, this is not ken starr doing the investigation, these are career government bureaucrats whose job is to keep government honor. >> it's also a chance for the democrats to say this is not just republican attacks. >> when you hear about this likely hoedown between hillary clinton and -- show down between hillary clinton and trey gowdy. >> how long before a smart republican ties it to the cyber attacks by china in our infrastructure? >> the government some of our largest companies, international corporations are under assault right now. and that's why the personal server might be a big issue. >> slated to testify in october but clinton is a mastermind at
4:08 am
kicking the can down the road. on other headlines, this is a fox news alert. it's a towering inferno. hundreds of tourists running for their lives after a hotel catches fire in las vegas. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. there's fire going on right outside my room. >> two people were treated for smoke inhalation the cause is under investigation. some witnesses think it may have been sparked by a discarded cigarette. the two victims of the lafayette theater shooting will be laid to rest tomorrow. both were killed thursday night when a gunman opened fire during the showing of the movie "trainwreck." he opened fire when people were
4:09 am
laughing at a wrist -- joke. congress is forced to bail out the va agency yet again. house republicans are expected to bring a vote this week to repurpose more than $3 billion to the va so its hospitals can stay open. the billions will be taken from another va program meant to help veterans get outside medical help. >> we told you about the story about inappropriate text messages. >> the husband is thanking the sisters, they passed him a note saying they had text messages
4:10 am
pictures of those notes. and with his latest dispatches from the natural world, our own rick reichmuth. >> i'm so glad there's a playground outside for the weather today. you are going to be on this it's a mechanical surf board. we'll see how it works. talk about the weather at the same time. take a look at the weather maps. it is hot across the plains. it's going to continue not only is it hot, it is humid, we're going to continue to see that throughout the day today and tomorrow and that heat will spread to the northeast this week. get ready for the warmest stretch that we will have seen so far this summer. down across parts of florida, very heavy rain again today especially across the shores in the afternoon. some big storms this morning in across nebraska indiana,
4:11 am
illinois. 95 today in kansas city. that's it. back to you inside. rick looking good out there. >> thank you, rick. the big sexist plot, the latest war on women here according to the washington post air conditioning is somehow sexist. >> here's what the post says all these women who actually dress for the season linens, sun dresses, flowy silk shirts short sleeve air conditioning is another big sexist plot. >> this is in a newspaper who broke watergate. she is really the worst.
4:12 am
but i have to say, she may have been joking a lot of people will take this seriously. >> i hope she was joking. you know who i feel bad for, when we're outside, at least we're comfortable. around new york city people are walking ten and 15 blocks in full suits when it's 95 degrees outside and the air is stagnant. >> my wife says i'm cold you should do what i do gain 40 pounds and you will never be cold. >> that that's easier. >> i'm fully insulated. >> we can always put on more clothes. there becomes a point where we have to stop taking them off. this is the man we're making deals with. he's the supreme leader of iran and this is the tweet he sent out yesterday, it's a picture of our president silhouetted with a gun to his hand. it's one more reason we shouldn't have made this deal in the first place. colonel west joins us live next.
4:13 am
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rawp's -- iran's supreme leader is sending a dark message, a tweet from ayatollah komeni if any war happens, the one who will emerge loser will be the aggressive and criminal u.s. it shows our president holding a gun to his head in a suicidal gesture. these are the people we are negotiating with us. joining us is lieutenant colonel allen west. colonel, it's great to see you this morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> really well. but also confused. this is the put ative leader of iran the white house has assured us they are bargaining in good faith, the deal is solid. what's the point of sending something like this out? >> well, the point is that this is all about the psychological
4:17 am
warfare of mocking the united states of america, mocking president obama and embarrassing our country. if you read in the past 48 hours, russia and iran is already looking at selling to iran about 100 aerial refueling tankers which means the rannian air force will be able to extend some 7,300 miles as far as their reach. guess who does not have aerial refueling tankers, that's israel. they would depend upon us. i don't think that benjamin netanyahu thinks that barack obama has his back on this while russia is stepping in. iran is going to be an economic and military power and this is supposedly a deal to make the middle east peaceful. >> of course europeans already lining up at the trough to make deals with them once them.
4:18 am
. isn't it self-sab ato come -- sap tajing -- sabotaging? >> you don't believe think. ths the sact scam -- exact same thing that adolph hitler thought. he continued to build his war machine. he took the right now land without firing a shot. this is exactly what we're seeing. history is repeating itself and we should have never gone into an agreement with iran but of course because the u.n. security council has unanimously endorsed this deal the european union has voted. it's afait accompli. it's one of reasons we're focused on ensuring we implement what is a very good deal preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon. how is this tweet showing the
4:19 am
president killing himself evidence that it's a very good deal? >> well, this is the political spin that comes out of the white house and especially ben rhodes a person that you cannot trust when you know about his complicity in the benghazi emails. what is happening in iran right now, they realize they have the green light. when you look at this agreement, it even says that the united states of america has to work to ensure that iran is not attacked. that's something that is un un ---ible to me. when you go back and understand the snackback sanctions, that's not going to happen. it takes the full committee as well as iran to sit down and talk about reinstating s sanctions. this is all over. it's just a facade it's smoke and mirrors and iran knows it's beaten the united states of america, mainly the obama
4:20 am
administration. coming up what do the tennessee terrorist, the boston marathon bombers and a 911 hijacker all have in common? it turns out they attended mosques run by the same group. we'll tell you where that group is and who they are. charles hayley tells african american rookies to act like white guys if they want to stay out of trouble. what does that mean? did he cross the line? we debate the meaning of those words. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna.
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4:23 am
♪ ♪ hi friends and happy sun. hope you are doing well. time for your news by the numbers now. first, 4.2, that's the magnitude
4:24 am
earthquake rocking southern california yesterday. it struck in fontana and was felt in los angeles and san bernardino. and next count, $12 that's how much bernie sanders will pay you hourly to intern for him. even though he's pushing a federal bill to push minimum wage to $15. and finally $1.5 million, that's how much this masterpiece painting is being sold at auction. he was found being used as a bulletin board at a london apartment. why don't you all act like the white guys? you never see them in the paper, getting high or hitting people. why don't you act like that? hayley says he made the statement for the shock value but did he go too far? here to debate is chris valeta
4:25 am
and tony richardson. >> chris, does what charles haley said does it frustrate you? >> it frustrates me because the emphasis is pointed in the wrong direction. his comments are deplorable that's easy to say. the focus should be about the character development of these players. i think that the character, the emotional intelligence the ability to translate their on field excellence to off field excellence is not an emphasis. it's being lost at the collegiate level and even earlier. more emphasis has to be put on the development of character. >> tell us a little for context and what do you think as a former african-american player in the lead? >> i was fortunate to play with charles haley, thinking you says you know it's going to be something that's going to be out of the box, so knowing that that this comment doesn't surprise me too much. for me it really didn't bother me too much from the standpoint
4:26 am
of saying that. when you are a locker room setting, it's a little bit different than when you said in corporate america. if he stood up and said this in a corporate setting, i would be highly offended. >> do you think black players in the league respond to that or recoil? act more like a white guy. >> they respond to it at all. i had charles as a rookie and really -- i was afraid of the guy, honestly. i was definitely afraid of him. what he was trying to say is find two or three guys in the locker room and model those guys that you know who aren't getting in trouble. that's really what he was trying to say. it didn't have anything to do with race. >> chris, how do you bl character to your original point if it's not through shock value like this? there are black players who get in trouble and white players who get in trouble. how do you build character? >> you got to find people who
4:27 am
are doing it the right way and i think that is what the nfl needs to focus on. the nfl came out of a very difficult year last year. a lot of issues with domestic violence child abuse, murder. it was a crazy year and they doubled down on changes to the conduct policies. you are going to see a lot of things being put in place this season. the issue with tom brady, case in point, heavy duty punishments coming down. but i think the emphasis needs to be put on character development at a young age. players now in pewee leagues are being taught the more you bench press, the more twitter followers you have. >> great message to bring to us this morning. chris and tony we appreciate you being here. coming up officers rush in to rescue a disabled man from his burning home with seconds to despair. [ sirens ]
4:28 am
>> those two illinois police officers heroes join us with quite an amazing story just ahead and it's a summertime party on the plaza this morning. do those family vacation photos always come out wrong? everything you need to know to make those photos pop on social media. ♪ ♪ ♪ for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. which meant she continued to have the means to live on even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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♪ ♪ >> here are are a few of the beach photos you've been sending us all morning long. >> angela september in this photo of her young daughter madeleine grace after hours and hours of swimming taking a rest. >> and eileen sent us picture of her beach vacation in sunny florida. >> keep them coming. i sent this this one, this is my dad and i at hilton head a few weeks ago. >> that's really awesome. >> i think i got a photo in there. that was not a few weeks ago. >> this was a long time ago in hawaii with my daughter, my son, and my nephew and i've got the t-shirt from the bachelor party, and that's my son in naples
4:33 am
florida and my daughter mila in hawaii way outside honolulu. >> you get around. >> i was with the president. so i was lucky. >> you bring your kids with you on your trips. >> they will never forget that. >> we're still looking for yours. apparently you wear a suit at the beach. not a suit but a suit suit. >> i wear a european bathing suit. >> those photos. it's very skimpy. in a few minutes, we're going to show you how to take the perfect beach photo. we're going to get to the -- >> we'll shoot a perfect picture on the beach every time. get a pen and paper. we're going to get to your sun morning headlines. what's the chattanooga shooter, boston marathon bomber and 9/11 hijacker have in common?
4:34 am
they attend mosque run by the same group, the north american islamic trust. federal judge ruled there is evidence tying them to hamas and the muslim brotherhood. a desperate oich -- search under way for two young boys who never returned from a fishing trip. the coast guard saying they were last seen buying $110 for fuel for their boat. their mothers are begging for their safe return. >> as a mother the worst feeling ever not knowing where your child is. is. >> we wholeheartedly believe that they are out there and alive. >> well, the search for the teenagers has already covered 6,200 square miles. we wish them well. wow. after blowing off two of his fingers with a firework over the fourth of july buccaneers
4:35 am
quarterback c.j. wilson is stepping away from the nfl. he needs to focus on healing and hopes to one day return to the game. it's likely he will miss the entirety of the 2015 season. he's a third year pro, he's one of two nfl players along with jane paul who hurt themselves with firework over the holiday. bye-bye bikini, a new type of swim suit is called the modest swim suit. that does not look modest. it looks something like something a jogger or surfer would wear she created the look for women with conservative religious beliefs. many of her customers prefer showing less skin. >> you hate to think of america
4:36 am
going backwards. >> sometimes smaller by can i anies -- bik kinneys isn't a good thing. >> named after the bikni atolls where we tested the atomic bomb. >> i'm going for the 1912 version. that's what i prefer. let's talk weather. a lot of people are going to want to be in those very large swimming suits this weekend because it's going to be hot, especially across the plains. you are going to be want to be at a pool and somewhere cool you want to check in with the elderly and get them to a cool place. up across the northeast, we're going to see a few showers and a few thunderstorms as well as those move through. heaviest rain is across florida today. temps not that bad because of the rain. it's going to be very sticky.
4:37 am
heat will continue across parts of the southern plains and we'll see more storms and flooding krool the central plains. >> it is summertime and a lot of people are taking pictures at the beach. anyone who hits the beach knows it can be tough to take good pictures so here with many tips to take perfect pictures and photos for all your vacation moments is matt. what have you got there? >> since i figured we would be doing a little under water, they told me we're going in the water, are we going in the water? this is a nighttime aw 1, it's an under water camera. >> it also works on dry land. >> it's a fabulous camera also on dry land. >> one of biggest problems taking pictures at the beach, there's so much sun, it's difficult to get a good picture here. we've got andy and avery here.
4:38 am
>> one of the things even outside is you want to use a flash, so people don't realize that because you think you are in bright light like you said you want to use a flash because there's shadows. even in lighting like this you want to use a flash. >> and a flash, does that only work at a certain distance? >> when you want to take a portrait it's going to work because you are going to get in close when you take a portrait to the distance will be good. we're going to get in much closer than that. >> i have a hard time you can't really see the monitor whether it's on your cell phone or iphone or your actual camera so was the best way to do it? do you need to look through the lens? >> most cameras today have a few finder and the reason they have is because of the sun because the screen does blank out with you. >> can we get a picture? >> one of things you want to do is get down low when you take a picture. how about a big smile for me. >> cheese!
4:39 am
>> so you get down low. you don't take the picture from above. >> let's come over to talk to you and sofia. what is your recommendation here? >> what you want to do is you have a picture of an adult and a child, it's good to have an adult lie down in the chair and have the child stand there because they are at the same height. you don't want to get the picture from far away here because the picture is all feet. you want to get in tight, see the father and daughter the same height. we can get in tight and take the picture. >> if you had this down here you would look like big foot. >> that's right. if i take it back like this i'll show you, this is going to be the bad picture, he's going to be all feet. let's go over to shawn and shawn's son rowan. >> you got some props here that can give us some idea of the wrong way to take pictures. >> the kayaks are colorful and they are really nice. what you want to do is you want to get the beach scene the feel
4:40 am
of it the way i would do it is get down low again, we don't want to shoot them and notice how i moved over here so the kayaks are in the background. if i get down low -- can i have a smile from you? >> look right here say cheese, say cheeseburger! >> and the other thing i did with them i put them in the left third of the frame and then i have the kayaks in the background. >> you also run the risk of this look looking like an extension of shawn's head here. >> when i get down low, it's not a bigger problem. if i take your picture here -- you see it's very nice blue in front of blue when i do this now, the kayak is coming out of . >> sometime you can't tell what you are looking at. i notice any time people are taking pictures of a landmark they think they have to go right up next to it. >> you can take the kayak down and put it down in front of you. it creates a three dimensional
4:41 am
effect. >> thank you very much. tucker and ed we'll send it back over to you guys. fantastic. check out this video, officers rush to rescue a disabled man with seconds to fire. they have seconds to save him. those fearless cops join us next with their amazing story. here they are. and nascar car ricky stenhouse is looking to take the flag today. just ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:42 am
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4:45 am
welcome back to our show. here's part of what's going on in the world. first up meet the other donald trump, doctor donald lmple trump was born in the same year as the donald trump running for president. the two did meet once in the 1980s to see they are related, but it turns out they are not. what are the odds of that? and uncle jesse is back, john stomos is out of rehab. he check in voluntarily to rehabilitation earlier this month after being arrested on suspicion in june of dui. we've got incredible dashcam footage that police officers rescue a disabled man from a burning home.
4:46 am
in less than a minute the police officers pulled the wheelchair bound man from the burning house. two officers from the police department who were part of the rescue officer luis rojandre tell us first, luis, how did you respond to this? . >> we responded to a fire. upon arrival we learned that there was an individual inside the house. from my point of view once i was able to get inside the window visibility was very low and i really couldn't see too much. >> and blake, tell us since you couldn't see very well inside how in the world did you get this disabled man out?
4:47 am
>> you know we all just came together acted completely on instinct. luis needed to get in the window so we boosted him up. >> our viewers who understand the fire started because a light bulb exploded. such a freak little accident could happen to anyone. luis how was the man? was he deeply concerned? was he in shock? what was happening as all this played out? >> i really wasn't getting too much from him. all i saw he was laying on a bed and i was trying to get his attention. he was -- he seemed a little out of it since he had been there for quite some time breathing in the smoke. >> it's interesting because, blake, you were the man holding as we can see in the video there, you were actually holding luis up so that he could get in and save the man. we've got about 30 seconds. tell us how you did that.
4:48 am
>> you know i don't know what came over me but he needed to get up in that window so i did what i had to boost him up there and keep his balance so he was able to reach the man and pull him toward the window so we could get him out. >> wow, both of you, luis blake, hero police officers doing your job, you hear this disable man is in there, you can barely see inside going above and beyond the call of duty. we hear so much about police officers doing wrong. it's great to hear both of you doing your job so right. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us. coming up is donald trump classy enough for the white house? fellow candidate marco rubio says no. >> you believe donald trump -- >> i don't think the way he's behaved over the last few weeks is dig nie fied or worthy of the office he seeks.
4:49 am
and ricky stenhouse, is he going to take the checkered flag today at the brick yard 400. rick goes along for the high octane ride next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here we're here and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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4:51 am
4:52 am
later today the brickyard 400 sprint car cup race is going on. >> nascar driver ricky stenhouse jr. >> and rick hung out with the sprint cup speed racer as he got
4:53 am
ready for the big race. >> yeah i hung out for a long time in the race car. that's what i asked sprint cup racer ricky stenhouse junior. apparently a love of speed is necessary, especially during interviews. i asked him about the track, all while racing at 140 miles an hour. >> that was 115? >> yeah it was only 115. >> 115 miles per hour isn't a big deal when you're used to driving 200 plus in some of nascar's biggest races. the sprint cup series driver ricky stenhouse junior has two rookie of the year awards and two xfinity series championships under his belt. and he shows no signs of slowing down. what keeps stenhouse flying on the track? his ambition. >> you want to kiss the the brick. >> his team. >> you can't just throw some people together and be really good. it takes a lot of hard work. >> and a love for the job.
4:54 am
>> how can you not love getting in cars and taking them as tags as you can. >> and that's what brings us to charlotte motor speedway where i got to see what brought about stenhouse's need for speed. >> people think oh you just drive around in circles. but there's a lot to it. >> ricky started his nascar training on two wheels instead of four. >> i started racing bmx bicycles when i was 3. i got my first dirt bike when i was 4 and started racing go-karts when i was 6. my dad taught me everything i know. he's always been my go-to guy. >> his advice helped him prep for the next race in indy one of 36 races in the sprint cup series. >> this track right here what do you race at? >> almost to 140 right there.
4:55 am
>> every racetrack is different. how do you prepare from one racetrack to the next? >> we'll make some mental notes of each racetrack that we go to. track is always changing and you're always doing something different every lap. i'm not like hey, got to use the brake. just got to this cone. let's go back to the gas here. >> not that kind of guy. >> translator: let's do one lap -- like let's do the last lap all out. >> okay here we go. >> holy [ bleep ]! [ laughter ] i am destroyed. >> better get him some fresh air. >> were you scared? >> yes, i was scared. but we also did the entire interview for like 30 minutes in the car. i was ready to puke.
4:56 am
and destroy the rest of the day. i don't know how they do it at faster speeds than that for so long. >> how fast was it? >> well 140. but we were just in a regular streetcar there. we weren't in one of their cars. >> and you're this close to the wall. >> yeah one hand on the road and he's turning and looking at me. >> you're back next hour with more. >> yes, we're going to talk about how they get their training. they start at a really early age. >> holy cow. coming up next the white house was behind the doj investigating hillary's handling of classified e-mails. that's the claim. we'll bring you details straight ahead. plus an 8-year-old boy's friend makes an amazing discovery. now he's on a mission to return the ring to the rightful owner. the little boy joins us live next hour as our beach party on the plaza rolls on.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. hello, friends. and good morning. today is sunday, the 26th of july 2016. i'm anna kooiman, a raging inferno off the las vegas strip. >> there's something going on. >> yeah listen guests forced to run for their lives as it ignites into flames at a hotel pool. what officials are saying may have caused the blame. >> flaming cabanas. and then hillary clinton caught up in the e-mail scandal that refuses to go way. it trails her on the campaign in iowa. yesterday he says nothing to see here. >> i am confident i never sent nor received any information classified at the time it was sent and received.
5:01 am
>> how do we know about this in the first place? a new report says it was a leak from the white house. is that true? we'll have new details on it coming up? and till death do us post. while the key to lasting love could be oversharing online. we explain ahead. mornings are better when you stair a on facebook. this is the fox & friends beach party under way right now. >> and speaking of oversharing, thank you for being here by the way. we are asking friends on facebook twitter and instagram. send us your beach photos or selfie pictures. courtesy of the all inclusive hard rock hotel.
5:02 am
>> and we are going to get on surfboards in juts a bit as well. >> you're not going to want to miss that. >> tragic results, though. >> first we're going to start with news headlines. this is a manhunt under way for the driver of the car who tried to drive through barricades at the tour de france. paris police shot the driver before he got away. so far it's not considered a terror incident. the final stage of the bicycle race will go through the square where it happened. the race will go on as scheduled. >> and caught on camera hundreds of terrified guests running for their lives after a fire erupted at a the popular vegas strip. >> no there's something serious going on. it's like igniting. >> blaze starting on the pool deck on the 14th floor of the cosmopolitan. the flames spreading fast fueled by artificial palm trees and furniture.
5:03 am
>> all the sudden everybody started screaming fire. i looked over. right behind where our towels were something erupted in fire. it was hot. i could feel the heat. it was about 30 feet from us. >> two people were treated for smoke i inhalation. the cause is under investigation. some witnesses think it was sparked by a cigarette. and the iran supreme leader is sending out a dark message. a graphic picture of what appears to be president obama with a gun to his head. the picture saying iran welcomes no war and will not initiate war, but if there is war, the united states will lose. lieutenant colonel allen west says it will only embolden iran to make more statements like this. >> what is happening with iran is they realize they have the green light. they realize they're going to get hundreds of billions of dollars. it says the united states of america has to work to ensure
5:04 am
that iran is not attacked. that is something unconscionable to me. >> now they tweeted the picture is not verified it is widely believed to be his official page. and it's the last day for pitcher cole hamels making it memorable. >> carrera is going back towards the wall. does he have it? he reaches down and me makes the catch. he made the catch! the 13th no hitter in philadelphia phillies franchise history. >> he made the catch. >> starting his first career no hitter against the chicago cubs striking out 13 combatbatters. baseball analysts expect him to be traded. >> his price tag just went up. hillary clinton meanwhile having trouble with timing. she claims the facts are clear. she told iowa voters yesterday she never sent confidential
5:05 am
information over her private e-mail service. we have the very latest. good morning, elizabeth. >> good morning. e-mails containing classified information was shared on a private e-mail account hillary clinton was using her tenure as secretary of state. which goes against what she was saying when she said she conducted no such sensitive business on the private server. she continued to say the confusion surrounding the controversy is more about what details should or should not be made public now after the fact. she also said she's cooperated in turning over thousands of e-mails. >> i turned over my 55,000 pages. i did so to help the state department. they asked all the former secretaries to please give any information, because they were having challenges with their recordkeeping. so i did. but then i said okay let's make it public.
5:06 am
now if i just turned it over, we would not be having this conversation. >> the clinton camp also tackled another controversy making headlines this weekend. announcing she will testify before a house committee investigating the benghazi terror attacks coming up in october. house republicans continue to vie for information regarding the state department's possible denied protections that night. which may have either prevented the attack or saved lives. of course the set date is october 22nd. it could certainly change because of ongoing negotiations with clinton's lawyers in regards to the scope of the questioning. anna and tucker back to you guys. >> thanks elizabeth. >> it's getting harder for hillary clinton to say, hey, there's nothing to see here. she can't just say these are republican attacks. >> and the scope lisz beth is talking about is interesting. david kendall, her attorney he's been around a long time. and he's now saying to republicans on the hill, we just want to talk about benghazi. funny. they didn't want to talk about
5:07 am
benghazi earlier. meaning they don't want to all the about the e-mails. >> or thumb drive the e-mails. so how do we know all this in the first place. this is a very big deal that two inspector generals are looking into this. it's not supposed to be information that we would know about. these are supposed to be secret investigations. we do know how. michael goodwin, a new york post columnist has this theory. somebody very high on the food chain leaked the memos requesting the probe. my money is on valerie jarrett. she is known to despise clinton. if it was jarrett, she would not do this against the president's wishes. this was an approved hit. >> so saying that it came all the way from the top from the white house. was it an inside job? you have your paws on the story better than anybody else. >> i think michael goodwin just lost a lot of money. >> so where did it come from? >> i can't say but i would say
5:08 am
it wasn't the white house. i would think a lot of information is coming over there. they leaked to "the new york times" on thursday night. confirmed to others and us on friday. i think the bottom line is number one, the people who had this information it wasn't the the white house paying attention to it. it was the people who have been investigating the e-mail situation. >> yeah. >> and number two, i hear the stories all the time. about valerie jarrett wanting to take hillary clinton out. hey, who is left who are the democrats going to turn to if not hillary clinton. right now she has almost no competition in the race. bernie sanders is doing well in the poll. the white house, valerie jarrett and others are thinking hillary clinton is the best chance to keep hillary clinton alive. if the republican president is elected with a republican congress, they may repeal the law. >> for sure. and i trust your reporting
5:09 am
complicit complicitly. i am still struck by the idea that it could be true how few friends the obama people have. they are kind of at war with everybody. the biden people don't like them. the hillary people don't trust them. democrats in congress don't trust them. who are the friends? >> donald trump. he's been an island in the republican nomination. >> he's not trying to make any friends? if he wants to win the nomination you realize he's got to be a little bit nicer. you've seen him going after hillary clinton in the the last 24 hours instead of just attacking republicans. now he is going after scott walker a little bit. a little bit. >> finally i can attack. finally. finally. i would have never done this. i didn't know. because i hear the only one beating me in iowa is scott walker. and not by that much. wisconsin, he's doing terribly. and he's the only guy ahead of me. i can't believe i'm in second
5:10 am
place. i'm finally in second place in if iowa. but folk rs will you please put me in first place so i feel better? >> so his reason for saying hey, i'm rolling up my sleeves and heading for governor walker referring to him as a dumb-dumb in an e-mail. >> very high minded attack. >> exactly. >> they went after -- they drew first blood here. not just walker but his state. he described wisconsin like sudan. go find yourself after dark. i love he says finally i can attack. >> in all seriousness, i saw a little bit of a shift in what she was saying in the argument to voters. instead of giving out lindsey graham's phone number and attacking, he was saying come on folks, can you help me out? the lighter side of donald trump, instead of bam, bam, bam. i think he is maybe realizing he's still high up in the polls,
5:11 am
but i heard britney say this is last week on fox news sunday. and it's absolutely right. politics is about arithmetic and addition not subtraction. what donald trump was doing is subtracting people by attacking people. now you have to bring people into the tent to win the nomination. >> he's saying ted cruz and ben carson are doing a good job by not saying ill things about him. the saga will continue for sure. right now we'll hand it out to rick continuing our beach party. >> good morning, not just me. take a look at the crew here. really getting into it. come on over. how is that, guys? these are the best crew in morning tv. the strange thing is they told us to wear hawaiian shirts today. we all have the exact same one. that is bizarre. we all shop at the exact same place. take a look at the the weather maps as you're waking up this morning. here's the water temperature. if you're going down to the beach across parts of alabama, in towards mississippi and florida, take a look at your ocean temperature there.
5:12 am
it is nice. if you're heading to the caribbean. we're not having a hurricane season so much right now. and so water temperatures are great there as well. beautiful days out at the beach. rip currents across the northeast this weekend. be very careful. that's the case for much of the week as well. temperatures this mortgage very hot in the plains. that will continue. florida, not great beach weather the last few days. we're going to continue to see some of the rain showers, especially on the western shores. some of them will be heavy at times. big storms could cause localized flooding as well. all right, guys. get back out here as soon as you can with beach shirts and a bikini. >> we're coming. here's a question that may have occurred to you. is donald trump classy enough for a white house? the white house fellow candidate marco rubio says no. not classy enough. >> do you believe donald trump? >> i don't think the way he has behaved is either dignified or worthy of the office that he seeks. >> wow.
5:13 am
but does it really matter? we'll take a look at past presidents and tell you whether that's a valuable cry tier yar for the presidency. >> and so much for the timers. the soccer match interrupted by sprinklers. and get this. not the first time. but grandma, mommy says we don't have to wad to get clean. cause we use charmin ultra soft. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer and more absorbent and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice. book now at
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if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts,
5:16 am
or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. to conduct the presidency it has to be done in a dignified way. with a level of class. >> donald trump? >> i don't think the way he's behaved over the last few weeks is either dignified or worthy of the office he seeks. >> marco rubio does not think he's classy or dignified enough for the white house. but taking a look at history, is it really needed to have dignity
5:17 am
to be president or host a show brad i want to start with you, first, i find it somewhat ironic that marco rubio is suggesting maybe donald trump is not classy enough to be president. is it classy to say that about a fellow republican? we keep seeing this republican on republican violence? >> he's making an interesting point. americans want their president to be presidential. to act like a president. everything a parking light does what he says, where he says it. the matter in which he says it is all something that reflects not only on himself, but also the country. people want to respect and like his president. and i think marco rubio is right. donald trump has not acted presidential to date. >> what do you think about that? and as you go through history, as a historian? george washington and john adams had much different personalities. still could be quite effective at the job.
5:18 am
>> absolutely. in history there's no question that performance trumps dignity. i mean george washington was dignified in a very successful president. and ronald reagan was dignifyied, a very successful president. but andrew jackson was from the west people got drunk at his inaugural party. men urinated in the corners of the east room of the white house. but he was a great president. abraham lincoln dressed shabbily, he was uneducated. the charming stories we all love drove editors up the wall but he was a good president. and one last example. james buchanan dressed like a dandy. he was gallant, elegant. they say he took your breath away when he entered the room. he was a terrible president. >> i'm assuming you using the word trump as a verb there was coincidental. but i'll move on. i first met you, brad when you were working in the george w. bush administration. i don't think there was
5:19 am
urinating in the rose garden. but george bush had a much different -- i don't know if gruff is the right word but roll up the sleeve, towel snapping in the locker room. >> they certainly were. decorum and the way george w. bush projected himself, not only as a person but also a president, was in keeping with the ronald reagan and george h.w bush example. and that is you must dignify the office. you must understand that everything you do is a reflection on the office. and you know this ed he never entered the oval office and nobody did f you're a man without a jacket and tie. women dressed accordingly. everybody in the white house who came through the gates, who worked for the american people understood how that place was going to be operated. and it was going to be with decorum and respect. and we didn't represent republicans or democrats. we represented every american. the president made that clear
5:20 am
from day one. >> some very colorful analysis. t appreciate it this sunday morning from brad and doug. good to see you both. >> good to be here. >> let's see what the viewers think. do you need class to be president? coming up a terrifying scene at an amusement park when a swing full of people collapses, sending kids to the hospital. what happened and how are they this morning? developments ahead. plus an 8-year-old boy makes an amazing discovery. he found a u.s. air force ring. and now get this he's on a mission to return the ring to its rightful owner. that little boy joins us live with his mission next.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
and that is a perfect graphic for quick animal headlines. is there a lion on the loose in suburban milwaukee? police closed down the street after this lion like animal was caught on camera roaming around. it's not from the nearby zoo. officers have asked people to be on high alert for the big cat and a cub as well. and a man now facing charges for jumping a zoo fence to pet two cougars. >> come here kitty, kitty, kitty. that's a good kitty. it's a good kitty. it's a good kitty. >> do not try that at home. joshua newell sharing this video of him petting the cougars. now he's facing trespassing charges. the zoo calling the breach quite alarming. tucker? >> does this ring look familiar? it's an air force ring.
5:25 am
he's now on a rightful mission to find the rightful owner. >> and do we mention he's only 8 years old. good morning, guys. how are you, wyatt and michelle? >> good. >> good. >> michelle i'll get to you in just a second. but how did you find this? you're right along the river, and what was sticking out of the soil there? >> what drew your attention to it? a metal piece. >> you have sharp eyes. that's impressive. when wyatt came home with the ring how long did it take you to decide you were going to find the person who owned it? >> it was instand. we posted a picture on facebook. >> how did you know this was an important ring that the owner really would be missing and wasn't just something that was
5:26 am
out of a gum ball machine or something frivolous. it was something that this owner is probably really missing. how did you know that? >> because he worked hard for it. >> he certainly did. now can you tell us anything -- we're seeing photographs of it up on the screen now. is there anything inscribed inside of it? are there any details you can give us on the ring that we can't see? >> it has an eagle on both side. and it has a blue emerald on top. >> yes. >> it's a pretty ring. >> and there's initials engraved on the inside. >> what are the initials? is there anything to potentially make the owner know okay that's mine. >> there are initials on the inside. but we don't want to share that at this time.
5:27 am
we hope whoever comes forward will give us the initials. >> is this an air force academy ring, i'm assuming? >> we were just told it's not an academy ring. >> i see a latin date on the side of it. i don't know if that's the founding of the air force or when the ring was cast. >> i believe it is yep. >> so beyond going on this show and we're grateful that you are. how are you publicizing this ring? >> we just posted it on facebook. that's pretty much the only thing we've done. along with, we sent out some e-mails to the vfw in delano and the delano herald put it in the paper as well. >> good luck to both of you. it's a great thing we're doing. e-mail us with the subject line missing air force ring. and include the initials engraved in the ring. >> and we'll connect you with wyatt and michelle, who we are
5:28 am
grateful for joining us this morning. thanks a lot. >> yep, thank you. >> coming up, do you despise mushing facebook posts? do you have contempt? it turns out those pictures may strengthen relationships. we'll tell you how. and check out our beach party on the plaza. a full-on water fight. locked and loaded. straight ahead.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
welcome back. we have left the studio and we're on the beach here in new york. you've been sending us your beach photos all morning. me and my military sons enjoying the day at the beach after the youngest returned from deployment. proud military mom. we're proud of you as well. that's awesome. >> and lan da and tom from hanover, pennsylvania sent in this photo of their grandson having a good time at the beach. >> and me with my best friend robin at the beach. and just the weekend period. >> well we're asking people to share. sometimes you log onto facebook and people are oversharing. sharing too much.
5:33 am
public display of affection. >> it's a real sign of the times when you're talking about pda online. there's a new study that says if you're posting pictures of your significant other, your relationship is more likely to last. >> sure. because you're confirming in front of other people you're committed. i never posted anything on facebook in my life and i doubt i ever will. but i get this idea. >> you mention about the wedding. you're doing this in front of people. it's all about the marriage. haven't you been to a wedding where it's all about the party and all about the the dress and all about the flowers and not all about the couple? zbr and we asked people to weigh in on it. >> it's better to brag about your spouse in front of her and her family. this cements your love to those who count the most. trust and km itment are key. facebook has nothing to do with lasting relationships. >> and maria on twitter. nope a lot of people are
5:34 am
posting one month and broken up the next. or i've seen days before. >> we love kevin. he's a great guy. president obama wrapping up his visit to kenya. i think we have him live. >> yeah. and they're going to be taking off in less than an hour. kevin cork is live right now. what's happening right now, kevin? >> reporter: hey guys i got to tell you, the president delivered a rousing address to the people today. he praised kenya for advances both economically and politically. but i thought he also went to length to remind people in the homeland of his father to fight against corruption and to resist the temptation to hang onto the messages o f the past. talking about old traditions. but there's no doubt that security cooperation is always going to be a very important issue here in east africa and in particular here in kenya, and
5:35 am
the president doubled down in his support for kenya as it continues to fight terrorism. >> we're proud of the efforts we're making to strengthen kenya's capability through the new security governance initiative. we're going to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the fight against terrorism for as long as it takes. >> kenya has been ravaged by al shabaab. so counter terrorism is a major issue here in kenya. i should ams point out he takes particular delight in something the president addressed. including the marginalization of women. >> those are traditions. free treating girls as second class citizens those are bad traditions. they need to change. they're holding you back. he made such an important
5:36 am
point there. there's so many women entrepreneurs. the president speaking yesterday. making sure they're part of the growth and explosive development here in east africa. of course later today the president heads to ethiopia where he will continue his tour and focus on counter terrorism. zbr >> thanks a lot, kevin. live from nairobi, kenya. >> onto other headlines on your sunday morning. a day at the amusement park turn into a serious disaster. the jitterbug ride as it's called somehow malfunctioned, causing it to crash. rescuers took the children to a nearby hospital. officials think uneven weight distribution may to be blame. and democratic party leaders in connecticut and georgia are voting this week to rename their jefferson jackson fund raising
5:37 am
dinners because thomas jefferson and andrew jackson owned slaves. this comes as communities removed statues and flags following last mon's church shooting in south carolina. and a major league soccer match was delayed for some manmade weather. >> hope the sprinklers don't keep going off. >> yeah once they turn off, we'll start the second half for you. >> a game between the houston dynamo and galaxy coming to a wet and screeching halt. the sprinkler system coming on after halftime. workers trying to turn off the water and keep his job. this is the second time a game has been interrupted by the sprinklers in one month. somebody is in the dog house. >> well hey, it is beach day. and thanks to the all inclusive hard rock hotel to set this up. what would a day at the beach be
5:38 am
without beach gear? >> sand, high heels, this is the best beach party ever. >> makes for a good day. >> it's not a beach day without bocce, which we were discussing earlier. we have bocce. we have lawn darts. >> lawn darts? >> come on! >> this is perfect. >> so you put a ring out some place, and then you -- >> easy to set up. easy to carry. you can get these -- come on. come on. >> there you go. and bocce ball. >> and you can get these all at you can get 25% off the bocce ball set. beautiful, easy to carry around. >> or you can get rocks and make up your own game. >> you could do that but then why would i be here? >> all right, and go over to anna. she has the other tools for the kids. >> we have the fabulous tent blocking out all the uva and uvb
5:39 am
rays. it blocks out the rays and it's super easy to set up. it's really light and easy to carry. and i have you covered with your music with with the iphone wireless speaker. it's durable. it's water proof. it's $99. but again, you'll be able to hang onto it and it's not going to get messed up at the beach. and then we also have a really fun, if you have a swimming pool the swim line out rigger pool float. it comes with these really fun paddles. it's like a banana boat. it's really big. and had i had enough hot air, i would have brought it up for you. and then i don't know what we have going on over here. but tucker looks like he's about to spray someone. >> hot air. so we have all this amazing stuff.
5:40 am
nerf has great water guns. >> i was trying to shoot a price producer. zbr can you hold it for him? if you want to try that, i'm fine with it? zbr and you were saying you should be wearing a suit when you're on 2 beach. perfect for beach day. >> twister with a built-in counter. nerf has amazing water guns. and you know and for the younger kids we have the stack and stow set over there. which is great. you can throw it in a stroller and purse and keep everybody busy at the beach. >> you can't overstate how many hours of fun the little kids can can have. >> they can dig with limb and do whatever you want. >> and they can go pound sand and enjoy it. >> literally pound sand. >> in the meantime we'll figure out how to use the water gun. zblf it's unbelievable.
5:41 am
>> he's a fun guy. >> there. there. >> i love it. >> thank you for the kids helping us out this morning. we really appreciate it. stay tuned all morning for more fun on the beach. coming up, how will we fare on a surfboard. we get a lesson from a pro. don't miss that. it's going to be terrifying. how that driver may have saved his own life and others next. and being struck by lightning seems like a low risk danger but it happens more often than you think. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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5:45 am
monday now. motogp world champion launched from his bike during a high speed crash in japan. he rides right off the track. he's suffering broken bones in his shoulder and shin. and a truck slammed into a car trailer causing it to explode. well the other car was swerving to avoid oncoming traffic in australia. both vehicles damaged, but neither driver injured. >> of course it's australia. tough people. according to the national weather service, just this year, just this year so for20 people were killed in the country by like lightning strikes like this one. one. >> if you're a dangerous situation like that what should you do in fred thank you so much for being here this
5:46 am
morning. >> thanks for having me. ful pleasure. >> first, let's go over tips. if we're outside and stuck in a storm and see the clouds rolling in what do you do? >> try not to be outside during a lightning storm. that's the biggest thing you can do. if you're outside already, there's no place that's really safe. and you don't want to be high. you don't want to be pointy. you don't want to be isolated. >> and you say avoid open fields as well. >> i would avoid being outdoors. don't want to be under a tree. a tree will -- a tree is tall and pointy. it will attract the lightning. >> certain trees are more dangerous than others? >> no. they're all dangerous. >> huh. >> a lot of weather apps keep track of that. you may not initially know that the big lightning is coming. >> yeah. the you're hiking or at the beach or somewhere where you're
5:47 am
outdoors all day, keep track of the weather. >> if you think of a thunderstorm outside, i doesn't have to be a thunderstorm right where you are. and this is really important. lightning can strike if the storm is very far away. >> right, you hear thunder, and, well it's not raining, so i'm safe but lightning has struck many miles from where the rain and the actual storm is happening. it's scary. >> what kind of tips should people have indoors in the summertime? >> well don't stand at the window and look out at the lightning. you're more vulnerable there. if plumbing and electrical wires conduct electricity, so don't take a shower you know. don't talk on a cell phone that's not cordless. >> water conducts electricity. pipes conduct electricity. so if you get a strike on plumbing. you could seemingly be fried. >> wow. >> so you say don't use electricity at all during a storm. >> well you know.
5:48 am
i'll watch television. but i wouldn't get too close to anything. don't hold a corded phone. >> cleaning your geters on a metal ladder that's out. >> probably not a good idea. >> anywhere it would thunder, mom had us unplugging the tv. >> to protect the tv, yeah. lightning is off the scale in terms of how much electricity millions of volts, tens of thousands of amps. like a car battery is nothing compared to a lightning strike. >> what's the truth about cars? are you safe or not during a lightning storm? >> it's a convertible, no. if it's a covered car, the metal will help you because if you can get a strike. it's a better conductor than you are.
5:49 am
>> thanks fred. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up new video just? . a manhunt under way for a driver who tried to ram the finish line of the tour de france hours ago. the french take bicycling very seriously. more details coming up. >> and ever wonder how nascar's drivers got their start. rick had the same question. he decided to get some answers. he's going to bring them to us next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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5:52 am
later today the the brick yard 400 race is going on. >> hoping to kiss those, ricky
5:53 am
stenhouse junior. >> and rick hung out with the sprint cup speed racer, and learned a lot about it. >> yeah. it's so true. this is an amazing thing. last hour i got this scoop on being a nascar driver from ricky stenhouse junior. and it's a good thing. he showed me moves more when it was my turn to get on the track. but not just any track. where the youngest drivers start to figure out the entire sport and how to get on the road to nascar.look. >> ricky stenhouse junior started at the track. but for joey logano it started like this. >> you might think this is funny. >> they're legend cars modeled after the cars from the the '30s and '40s. and they're driven by kids as young as 8. >> how young were you when you
5:54 am
started? >> i was 8. >> how old are you now? >> i was 13. >> do you have a driver's license? i do not. i have a driver's perm. >> this is no child's play. >> how fast does this go? >> it depends. maybe 115, 120. >> 115 or 120. >> they have their own championships championships. they have real crashes. they have their own sponsors. these little racers have big dreams. >> maybe even nascar. >> maybe nascar. sprint cup levels. ultimate goal. >> and it's not far off. >> guys like dale earnhardt junior kurt and kyle busch. they have raced these cars. >> and now it's my turn to take to the track at charlotte moerlttor speedway.
5:55 am
do you do this all the time racing these cars right? >> yes, sir. i've been running about the enyears now. >> we're going out on the track. >> yeah. >> and see if i can take you. >> yeah we'll see if you can take me. >> i'm feeling confident. ♪ >> you can find out more about the awesome racers at good luck to ricky later today and thank you for the ride of my lifetime 30 minutes in a car with ricky was incredible. but these kids i tell you what they are cocky. they're tough. they're entitled. and they are going to be the next generation of nascar. >> the next reality show possibly. >> maybe that as well. >> not too many demure race car drivers. >> they are not. once you meet a 10-year-old kit
5:56 am
that are learning with a team around them supporting them all the time from that age, i mean these kids grow up with one purpose. they're born to it. >> thanks, rick. >> coming up you're donald trump's newest target. >> i can't believe i'm in second place. i finally am in second place in iowa. but folks, will you please put me in first place so i feel better sfl. >> the real reason trump is attacking the wisconsin governor this morning. and hello kate upton. the newest trend in ladies beachwear is showing less skin. and more. nt bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and wiggle, giggle swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves. so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. get your free pair and valuable coupons
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6:00 am
morning. today is sunday the 26th of july 2015. this is a fox news alert. a luxurious hotel on the vegas strip bursts into an out of control blaze. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. there's a fire going on right outside my room. zblf the massive fire sent thousands of tourists running for their lives. what we just learned about the cause. >> and then look out, scott walker. you are now in the crosshairs of mr. donald trump. >> wisconsin is doing terribly. first of all, it's in turmoil. the roads are a disaster because they don't have money to rebuild them. they're borrowing money like crazy. wisconsin is basically somalia. we'll tell you why trump is attacking walker this morning. hello, kate upton. bye-bye bikinis. the new etch beachwear is showing a lot less less skin.
6:01 am
mornings are better with skin. ♪ >> and a mechanic kl surfboard. >> we're happy you're tuning in. new york city is turning into surf city this morning at 48th and 5th. we're going to try this out. >> yeah this is exciting. all morning long courtesy of all inclusive hard rock hotel. we've turned part of the streets of manhattan into a beach here. having a little bit of if un. >> and if you're used to seeing ed henry in the white house briefing room asking questions to officials. you're about to see him standing on a surfboard. >> send all your salty and sandy pictures. >> but first, the campaign for president. hillary clinton on the road in iowa yesterday. he was asked many questions
6:02 am
about the e-mail scandal that engulfed her campaign. meanwhile, in the same state, it is big enough for both of them mr. donald trump letting loose on scott walker governor, of course, of nearby wisconsin. here's part of what he said. >> i said oh finally i can attack. finally, i would have never done this. i hear the only one beating me in iowa is scott walk. and not by much. wisconsin is doing terribly. he's the only guy i head of me. i can't believe i'm in second place. he is next door but folks, will you please put me in first place so i feel better? >> and in similar fashion to when he started attacking senator mccain for not being a war hero. the reason he launched those attacks is because mccain called the people that came to the rally crazy. the time he says walker drew the first blood because a fund-raiser sent out invitation that called him a dumb dumb.
6:03 am
>> iowa is one of the only states where trump is not in first place. scott walker is number one. trump second. then in the middle you see carson bush cruz and paul. >> and how are they going to handle themselveses in the debate? they talked about how they are going to be handling this. you have to stay on message. don't get off. don't gang up either on him. because then everybody will be feeling sorry for him. >> often the message is boring. i will say this about trump. he doesn't hold back. he didn't just go after scott walker -- >> marco rubio earlier went off on him. let's listen to this. >> to conduct the presidency it has has to be done in a big dignified way. i don't think the way he's behaved is classy.
6:04 am
>> no one in public life should use the term class except to refer to a room in which a teacher is presiding. a. b, of course dignity attaches to the office. but when is the last time we had a truly dignified president? i think reagan was dignified. roosevelt was dignified. but the office i do think -- >> we've been asking all morning, does class matter? becoming president, and charlie wrote in, who cares if some think he's not presidential. for many average joe blue collar americans like myself, he's the only hope. >> and the other says my concern for trump is the backtrack to play later during the cuban missile crisis, he won't get that chance. >> another says at least he's being honest. america needs a real person not a politician. i think that right there, what
6:05 am
danny wrote, crystallizes why trump is at the top of the polls. you may not agree. you pay think he's flakey. he's a man who is saying what he thinks? and you interviewed a historian on the program earlier who said let's think about abraham lincoln. he served his place in history as having dignity. but back in the day they were hating on the way he dressed. >> and how he looked. how he presented himself. donald trump is speaking directly to people. system some of the voters don't really care what the pundits are saying about him. other people may wonder is he going to get down in the mud when he starts will lindsey graham phone number? >> i think people are very tired of politicians who do have dignity screwing up the country. >> right. just don't get anything done. zbr all the dignified people made a mess of it. maybe we need someone who
6:06 am
doesn't pretend to have restraint. >> it's a hot topic. we want your comments to keep coming. right now we'll start with other stories making headlines. brand new videos in just in. a car trying to ram through barricades. a manhunt is under way for the driver of the car. paris police shot the driver before they got away. no officers were hurt. so far it is not considered a terror incident. the race will go on as scheduled with a final stage rolling through the square where that crash happened. and new overnight, a u.s. state employee in pakistan shot dead. gunmen murdered the man at his home. he worked for the u.s. drug enforcement agency. embassy officials are not commenting this morning. it's not yet clear what prompted that attack. and a towering inferno on the las vegas strip sends hundreds of terrified guests running for their lives after fire erupts at a popular hotel there. >> no there's something serious going on.
6:07 am
>> the blaze starting in the pool deck area on the 14th floor of the cosmopolitan. the flames spreading fast fueled by artificial palm trees and furniture. two people treated for smoke inhalation inhalation. some witnesses think it was sparked by a cigarette. and say good-bye to bikinis. the days of the skimpy swim suit could be numbered. it looks more like something a jogger or surfer would wear with leggings shirts and sleeves. come on let's show it. there we are. the founder says she creates the look for women with conservative religious beliefs, but many customers prefer just showing less skin. i think our producers did too. let's just look at kate upton. >> it's an ominous trend. i don't want to report on it for fear it will spread like ebola. >> we've been asking people to send in beach photos. maybe we just just flat out ask
6:08 am
for bikini photos. >> americans invented the bikini bikini along with the light bulb. >> and the first amendment. this is fancy on american innovation. >> some are some skinny you may not wear anything. the williams family having a blast using a selfie stick and go pro camera. there's the picture. >> mike and diana spencer, sandra lynn and joe showing their pride for america. >> yeah north carolina. brandy sends in this awesome photo of her six kids at the beach watching the sunrise. >> i have kid envy. here's sedona and kylie. >> and beach bums enjoying the summer fun on long island in new jersey. >> cuties. >> where is rick? >> i'm over here by the surfboard, guys.
6:09 am
take a look at sofia. she's doing amazing on this mechanical surfboard. if she can do it tucker i know you can do it. let's talk about the weather. take a look at the weather maps as you are waking up. it's hot across the plains and humid. you're there, you know it. everybody on twitter saying it is really really rough. that heat is going to spread. get ready for it. we have one batch of storms across new england and heavier rains across florida. it will be the case today. some will be heavy at times. big showers moving in across the central plains. we'll watch that and possibly a bit of localized flooding as well. temperature wise i want to show you what will happen in the next few days. very hot across the central plains. again tomorrow we'll flirt with 100 degrees in little rock. and then watch what happens toward the midatlantic and the northeast. we're going to watch the first real heat wave of the summer. getting to the mid 90s in new york by wednesday and thursday. that's the case to much of
6:10 am
southeast. it's the perfect day to plan a trip to the beach. >> can't walt. thank you, rick. coming up next president obama made race relations the centerpiece for the presidency. many people voted for him, hoping they would improve, but shocking new poll numbers show that is not what has happened. in fact just the opposite. a fair and balanced debate coming up. and also ladies is your office unbearably cold right now from the ac? you should be outraged because air-conditioning is a new sexist controversy. the cold war on women straight ahead. prep trauma unit 5. what've we got? bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!)
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6:13 am
president obama making it a point to address race in
6:14 am
america, most recently after the tragic shootings in south carolina. >> the fact that this took place in a black clurj obviously also raises questions about a dark part of our history. you know hatred across races and faith pose a particular threat to our democracy and our ideals. >> but a shocking new poll shows under his administration race relations have gotten worse with 60% of americans saying things are generally bad. so is the president's rhetoric to blame? joining us now to debate it fox news contributor david webb and brian benjamin. brian, i want to start with you first. >> sure. >> the president came to power with great hope there would be a new day in race relations in america. what happened? where did it go wrong? >> i don't think it went wrong. i don't think there is a better race relations. you look at that south carolina issue. the way those families responded, it was incredible. 20 years ago, that never would have happened. some of the issues we've had in
6:15 am
the country, we have come a long way. the issue is police and civilians. that is where the racial tension is. now we have smart phones cameras and different devices that we can see what's happening. we have white people protesting how cops are treating african-americans. so it's a new world. ch that's driving the numbers. >> david, you buy it that things are better? >> first of all, would you stop taking my initials and start talking. charleston south carolina reaction is actually i'm more reflective of the american response to an over and demonstrable act of racism. we responded as a community. it wasn't a black or white issue. this "new york times" poll paints a black and white picture, 300 are black. 700 are white and a mixture of others. and it's not reflective of america. . when you get outside of the wings of the country and the the urban centers and you look at the nation as i do as i travel in country, you see a country united on issues of evolving as
6:16 am
a nation of equality. we do have a problem, and the foundation is not always race. it's poverty. it's economic disparity. and nast not based on race. it is used by the obama progressives in the left to push an issue that raises an issue. and then you have the race and poverty pins. >> let me look real quick. we do have a racial issue, but it's more structural i think. even if you look at the racial dynamics between whites and blacks but that's always been here what's made it worse is that people are now seeing some of these that knave never saw before because of social media. ft. >> if you look at the polls, the new york time poll shows 60% of americans think race relations are generally bad. 40% thinkinging they're getting worse. 57% say bad. 37% said good. majorities of both black and white participants say race relations right now are poor. you said earlier, brian, you know this hasn't gotten worse
6:17 am
under president obama, so why are people looking at the media, looking at sandra bland in texas. she's switching lanes. next thing you know she's in jail. next thing you know she's dead. how do you get stopped for switching lanes? some of these issues are becoming huge national issues. they can't be getting better because you look at race. you think about the cops and you say, well would they do this to a young white woman? and most of us would say no. david, what about the daughter? are police officers being vilified? >> yes, they are and to his example about sandra bland. you can guess and sit there and go, would he stop a white woman? that by the way is not necessarily racism. the problem is the sound bites become racism first rather than the issue. michael brown, not racism but then you had an entire crowd, and i was there in ferguson they came and pushed us and
6:18 am
charged to the national action network. you have eric garner which was a criminal issue. but he happened to be black. if it happened to a white person it wouldn't be a story. deal with things like we did in charleston. to the of getting past this we have to fix the problems in the black community and every poor community. if they buy into the american life and their own future they'll look at what's important. my life my family, and my economic environment. >> we have to leave it right there. improving all lives. >> all lives do matter. >> appreciate both of you weighing in and adding perspective this morning. thank you. >> thank you. coming up the danger is not over yet for the neighborhood being terrorized by a lion like animal. where that giant cat showed up now. you won't believe it. and thousands fought and died for our country in vietnam, and now making sure they are not out. by tracking down their photos. the amazing story. an inspiring reason that you may
6:19 am
want to join the cause. that's coming up next.
6:20 am
6:21 am
6:22 am
welcome back. some quick headlines this morning. two funerals for the two lafayette, louisiana, theater shooting victims. they will be held tomorrow. one survivor says the gunman john houser opened fire while people were laughing at a riske joke. investigators are looking online to try to figure out a motive. and house republican ares
6:23 am
expected to vote to repurpose more than $3 billion for the veterans administration so the hospitals can stay open. >> thank you so much. 22 minutes after the hour friends. the wall of faces is an online memorial dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives during an the vietnam war. but one indiana man is trying to change that. gabe thanks for being with us on "fox & friends weekend." >> thank you for the opportunity to be here. >> tell me about the mission of wall of faces. >> it's actually because of the plans of the vietnam memorial funds. in 2009 they made a concerted effort to go out. they want to collect a photo for every name that's on the wall.
6:24 am
there's 58,307 names on the wall. they want to make sure to put a face with each name. and they want to hear about the stories of all of those we lost in vietnam. >> and why do you think it's important to tell these stories. and you want the legacy to live on. why is that important? why is that important? >> being in the military i was in for 20 years. whether you're in for 4 years or 20 years, you continue to remember those that served before you, with you, and those currently serving now. we can't afford to forget the sacrifices that every man and woman made when they paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. and a memorial fund project to find a photo of each of these men and women is just another way of doing that. they were called to serve and paid the ultimate sacrifice. they lost their lives.
6:25 am
>> we can't forget what that does to families as well. so this is helping them to feel dignified in all of it too. you were able to find a photograph here's an example of james robert warren. the only photo his widow has left. all the others were destroyed when his home was burned. describe what that was like. >> this came about by someone knowing the family. i tried to put articles in papers and different things. so a friend of the family saw that. she contacted the widow. and they sent it to me. and then i found out, lightning strike hit her home several years ago. the only thing she had -- was able to save from the house was the wedding photo and the flag that drapes his casket. >> and you said you feel so fortunate when you joined the forces, you were sent to europe instead of vietnam. so many of these people weren't able to sigh their children grow up. some of the heros you're looking for.
6:26 am
matthew wood. we're going to put their names up there. how are you reaching out? how are you trying to get people to respond to this and bring in pictures? >> through any media communications we can do. many searches on facebook, white pages, james galey is the oldest casualty that does not have a photo. he was born in 1916. so his relatives and friends are still up in age, if there's any left. i'm sure there are. but we need to get the word out. there were 168 men that were born between 1909 and 1920 that died in vietnam. so these men not only served in vietnam, they also served in world war ii and korea. we owe it to them to make sure they're honored and remembered. >> we do and you're part of the process. a big, integral part. thank you for caring and being
6:27 am
so selfless in all of it. >> it's something we have to do. >> yeah, absolutely. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> have a nice weekend. 26 minutes after the hour. here's what's coming up on "fox & friends weekend." what do the tennessee terrorist, a boston marathoner and hijacker have in common? they all attended mosques run by the same group. details straight ahead. ladies is your office unbearably cold right now? well you should be outraged. air-conditioning is apparently the new sexist controversy. the cold war on women. do you buy this in is
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
. well we've asked you all morning to send us your beach photos and you have responded. boy have you. border collie robi having fun on the lake michigan beach. very fun. >> you can see the cold bear in his hand. country music song. always fun to bury the little ones in the sand. >> right before the tide comes in. and he writes this is as close as i've got on the the beach in
6:32 am
the last few months. good for you. >> this is for tucker. we're having fun. fun in the sun. she sent it for you in a bikini. >> the old fashioned all american bikini. not a communist cover-up. >> those things are despicable aren't they? >> they really are. >> not talking about her. she's beautiful. >> she's an american. is air-conditioning a big sexist plot? >> i don't think so at all. there's a new piece in the "washington post" that said all these people who dressed for the season. changing their wardrobes to fit the sweltering temperatures around them, and then there are the men. heaven forbid they make adjustment in what they wear. that's right, my friends. air-conditioning is a big, sexist plot. >> i can't believe you figured out they were trying to keep you down with ac. >> this is from the newspaper
6:33 am
that brought you watergate. she said this is not from the editorial pages. >> right. >> i this the favorite columnist ever written in english. and it's hard to know where parody stops and her opinions begin. they're all mixed together. but it's sexist. and if air-conditioning is sexist what isn't? >> what's the problem? just put on a sweater. >> dixie on twitter, where do these people come from? being cold is sexist? no it's just being cold. >> and another says i worked in an office where the ac was cranked up under the guise of cooling the computers instead of women having hot flashes. cindy says it's true, i need a blanket and space heater. my wife is the same way. i always say you want to be warmer gain 40 pounds. that's my secret. i'm never cold.
6:34 am
this is developing right now. the search teams are hunting for two 14-year-olds. they have covered 14,000 square miles. the friends were last scene friday after buying $110 worth of fuel for their boat. their family is desperate for answers. >> as a mother the worst feeling ever is not knowing where your child is. we wholeheartedly believe that they are out there. and alive. >> $60,000 reward is being offered for the safe return home. and cha do the chattanooga shooters, boston marathon bomber and hijacker have in common? they all attended the north american islamic trysterrorist group. a federal judge also ruled there is evidence tying them to hamas. the group has maintained
6:35 am
innocence. and new overnight. milwaukee police lock down the streets after a lion like creature spotted roaming the neighborhood for the second time in a week. officers say it's not from the nearby zoo. shair asking people to be on high alert. a big white pit bull was mistaken for the cat and someone shot his paw. he will be fine. and meet the other donald trump. dr. donald l. trump of virginia was born the same year as the trump we're all familiar with. he says he's learned to deal with the laughs and questions that come with your name. but they're not. >> there's only one donald trump, really. >> but i thought it looked like a leprechaun. maybe that's just me. rick keeps up all the time. he's in the weather center. how are you doing? >> we've moved the weather
6:36 am
center to a mechanical surfboard surfboard. it seems more accurate. are you ready for this? you're going to be on in a second. let's talk about the weather. take a look at the the weather maps as you're waking up. it is hot across the central plains today. heat advisories in effect. heat warnings sochlt. so make sure to check in on the elderly and your neighbors and people who don't have enough energy electricity going on. here's the forecast throughout the northeast. we'll watch a few showers as the cold front begins to move in. it's not going to cool it down that much. it happens. all right, down to the southeast, we're looking at rain in parts of florida again, a great day to baae at the beach. we will watch the eastern sea and be prepared for that. we'll watch for very hot temperatures and the threat for very strong storms that will be bringing isolated flooding with some of the rain showers to move through, especially across the
6:37 am
i-70 corridor and finally out across areas of the west. we're talking about another hot day across the southwest, and a few storms across new mexico. we'll see a few showers. temperatures a little bit lighter as well. tucker and ed are you maybe to do the next news report? >> we're in it. >> the camera wasn't on you. zble has a good senseover coordination. >> ladies and gentlemen. that's awesome. coming up he makes $6.4 million a year. this star says he needs more money. tough life right? and you know capitalism? hillary clinton says it's not working. >> it needs to be reinvented. it needs to be put back into balance. >> have we heard that before? what's her new plan? maria weighs in live next.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
hello, friends. happy sunday. now time for your news by the numbers. first, 21% donald trump grabbing the most potential gop primary votes in the latest nbc news poll. he's beating jeb bush and scott walker in new hampshire. next $6.9 million. that's how much money and l.a. clippers forward josh smith will be making this season. smith says it will be harder on his family because it's less than he made last season. finally, $1.5 million. that's how much this 1939 masterpiece painting could sell for at auction.
6:42 am
it was found being used ads a bulletin board at a london office. >> wow. check your bulletin boards ladies and gentlemen. it could be worth the wait in gold. during a speech to business students hillary clinton slammed america's economic policy presumably that of president obama's, too, saying it's time to reset the button on capitalism. here's part of what she said. >> it's clear the system is out of balance. the deck is stacked in too many ways. as we had to do in previous areas, it needs to be reinvented. it needs to be put back in balance. it needs to recognize we are all in this together. >> this is noted economist hillary clinton who i bet hasn't balanced her own checkbook since the carter administration. is somehow going to reinvent capitalism. >> critics saying she's trying to hit all the buzz words. that's what one report says
6:43 am
anyway. and yes, it's not fair, she says that big execs can make all the money while the employees are struggling. but there are other ways around it. we have finally dug out of the economic crisis. it's been slow but the recovery is coming. and she sees an opportunity here to figure out corporations are making a lot of money now. but there's a lot of criticism that she's tinkering with the market and capitalism. >> i think yould cow make the case that the system is out of whack. maria is joining us now. >> and it's that against the little guy. >> that's true. she is tied to wall street. a number of her big supporters are from wall street.
6:44 am
one of the people who adviseded her in terms of short term long term and applying higher taxes to those people who hold stocks is larry, the ceo of black rock. they're trying to advise her on what the modern economy looks like. but you have to ask yourself if these are the kinds of things you want regulated. if you're holding them she's talking about raising the tax rate to 40%. for two-year holding period, rather than six years. >> the economy take a hit? or does it absorb it? and it encourages people from investing in the stock market. no, no it's not.
6:45 am
i think this is more of the same. this is not very different from the left in general. she's playing to the left again. she's afraid of the elizabeth warrens of the world. >> is that really what it is? 25%, 30% in the polls whether it's iowa or new hampshire. hillary clinton is saying she has a deal with the left. >> that's right. that's why she's doing this. you know she's the candidate for the democratic party. >> right. even though bernie sanders is making all this noise and rising in the polls, she's got that already. i would think she would want to be more moderate and come to the middle. particularly her background with business and the relationships is she's got with business. >> i assume we're talking about the economy. hillary clinton's economic plan and the republican presidential primary. >> you have to ask yourself. the iran deal is just not changeable. right? we're going to talk about what, in fact congress can do. the picture you've been showing in terms of what was tweeted out
6:46 am
on president obama. i mean they're laughing at the u.s. and we just did a huge deal with them. maria is on every morning in the week. it's an excellent show. log onto and determine where it is on your dial. and sunday morning future starts in ten minutes. let you put your shoes back on. >> thank you very much for having me. >> thank you. welcoming up we're shredding the plaza, learning to surf right smack dab in the middle of the city. ♪
6:47 am
♪ whoa what are you doing? putting on a movie.
6:48 am
i'm trying to watch the game here. look i need this right now ok? come on i don't want to watch that. too bad this is happening. fine, what if i just put up the x1 sports app right here. ah jeez it's so close. he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪
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some quick dramatic video shows the moment two teens rescued an elderly couple after they drove off the road into a lake in belgium. the young men used a boat to get the car as water pours inside. they were able to get the couple out. nobody was hurt amazingly. skipping church this morning? soon you may not be able to get away with it. a company is bringing facial recognition software to churches to show who shows up. the ceo says most are using it without telling members in the tradition of the nsa. all right. all morning we have been embracing our inner beach bum. sand and all on the plaza. we want to thank hard rock hotel for that. >> it wouldn't be a day at the beach without a little time on
6:51 am
the waves. >> here to help give us surf lessons, c.j. hobgood. >> how are you? >> show us some moves. >> do you think tucker is dressed appropriately for surfing? >> anybody can surf in bathing trunks. it takes a man to surf in a suit. >> they started making wet suits, i swear that just look like suits. they were gaining steam. >> i can see that. >> can you show us some moves? >> body surfing and sufficient inging and such i got to take a lesson. >> i'm goofy, too. we were a minority. so we stick together quite close. >> you are left footed or something? >> you put your right foot forward. >> as opposed to left foot forward. i stay 30% goofy and the rest of
6:52 am
the 70% are regular foot. >> it's tough to get up on a small board as first. isn't it? >> yeah. as you get better and better your boards become smaller and smaller. >> wref to paddle out. >> what are we going to do? >> i don't have a surf board. >> you guys got it. >> you got to lay down. >> what's the first thing we need to know? >> i say the easy part is standing up. we stand up all our lives. the hard part is dealing with the ocean. the only way you can get good in the ocean is by spending a lot of time there. >> that's for sure. >> the ocean is in midtown manhattan. there's one over there. there's a couple over there as well. >> i was trying -- i thought had you to jump and just go -- you can take a knee first. >> you can do whatever feels
6:53 am
comfortable. >> show us. >> that's it. >> i got it right away. >> everyone has their own unique style, obviously. >> why don't you do one? >> here is how i get on. i jump off the boat and sit down like that. >> how cool is that? >> when you are on the wave once you got past the battle of standing up you have to keep your knees bent? >> yeah. i heard you talking about yoga. you never want to bend at the waist. the idea is get -- it would be harder to push me over if i was standing up. the higher you are, the easier to fall. >> i'm dieing to try. >> get as low as you can on that thing. >> how many times do you get on waves where they spin you around in circles like this? >> you >> should i just get on? >> how many times do you get on waves where they spin you around? >> it's normally late at night
6:54 am
and you dare a female to get on. that's what happens. she's good. >> give her tips right now. >> she's doing great. >> the easy part is standing up. >> wipeout. >> you know if you look good then everything is just -- you don't have to worry about anything else. right? >> that's okay. >> i guess it's like anything. you want to fall good. >> the first time i was going, i got bonked in the head. >> from the board? >> from the board. every time you fall you need to go like this. >> yeah. part of falling good. try not to hurt yourself. like i said the easy part is standing up. >> i've been doing it all morning. >> henry. >> yeah. >> the bigger you are, the harder you fall. right? >> are you calling him big? >> muscular.
6:55 am
that's why i'm -- >> give ed some tips here. >> you are good. you can see his style is closer together a knock knee which is quite appealing. he's got it. nice. he fell good, too. yeah. tucker. leave the shoes on. from california you would think i would be good at this. >> is this the kind of suit people wear? >> for sure. >> he is ready tore anything. >> last time i wore shoes in water, i sank. >> what are you doing? >> could you give us some terminology terminology? what's a double overhead? >> you are about six feet tall. if you see a wave -- oh watch this guy. he will try to take you out.
6:56 am
>> here we go, rick. >> double overhead is what? >> double over your head. double over -- you know, it's a good size for sure. >> rick has been practicing all morning for this moment. that's the trick to doing well. >> i have all this time to practice while you are talking. >> another thing, sometimes we say it's a double over boogie. if you are laying down it's double that. that means it's small. >> rick is doing well. >> and then -- wsl, there's an event i go to tomorrow. it starts on monday. you can watch all that stuff. >> we have more fun things after the break. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice. book now at
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6:59 am
we're going to get tucker into a bathing suit. you have to get out of these clothes.
7:00 am
>> are you kidding? >> tucker will be in a speedo. all inclusive hard rock hotel. good morning. a scathing message from iran's supreme leader highlights the mixed messages after finalizing a nuclear deal. secretary of state john kerry continues his defense of the deal this week as congress is set to begin its august recess. what if any impact will lawmakers have on the agreement. i will ask a texas congressman who served in the cia. plans on capitol hill to clamp down on sanctuary cities which do not cooperate with governments. a senator who crafted one of the bills explains how it will keep communit


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