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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 26, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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"media buzz." check out our facebook page. hope you'll like it. we post a lot of digital content there, including our digital download series and check out our home page as well. we'll be back here next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. and we start with a fox news alert. it is a rare sunday session for senators on capitol hill. lawmakers right now looking to wrap up consideration of the highway funding bill ahead of the fast approaching july 31st deadline. two amendments one would reauthorize the export bank that is controversial and the other would repeal obamacare. if it passes to the house it will have an uncertain future. much more coming up on newscast. presidential campaigns hitting the campaign trail hard. republican hopefuls stumping throughout iowa and new
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hampshire today with the first presidential debate in less than two weeks from today. hello, everyone and welcome back to america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm molly lyon in for arthel neville. on democratic side hillary clinton could face a federal investigation into her personal e-mail server when she was secretary of state. the democrat denying those reports while campaigning this weekend. >> reporter: ahead of the republican debate candidates are looking to break away from a crowded field of 16. many of them finding a common theme capitalizing on the scandal surrounding former democratic secretary of state and front-runner. some saying government classified information had been shared used by hillary serving as secretary of state which goes against what the candidate has been saying for months. she told reporters she conducted no such sensitive business on
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that private server. >> it's absolutely crystal clear she broke the rules. it's chrystal clear that she has been engaged in a cover-up of lots of things benghazi the fact that she broke the rules. >> pretty damning that president obama's justice department has even brought this up. >> i don't even understand how she can skate by and act as if she really wasn't aware of the law. >> clinton did speak to reporters saturday refuting accusations of wrongdoing. she says the confusion surrounding the controversially is more about what details should or should not be made public now after the fact meaning the conversations were not classified at the time. >> i am confident that i never sent or received any information that was classified at the time that was sent and received and what i think you're seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion to some extent to disagreement among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly
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released. >> reporter: clinton camp also tackled another controversially making headlines this weekend announcing she will testify before a house committee investigating the benghazi terror attacks coming up in october. house republicans continue to pry for details regarding the state department's possible denied protections which may have prevented the attack and saved lives. those coming to her defense say it's a political hack job ahead of the election. the set date is october 22nd. it could certainly change because of ongoing negotiations with clinton's lawyers regarding the scope of the questioning. molly, back to you. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. and don't forget on august 6th fox news and facebook team up to bring you the first republican presidential debate of the 2016 campaign season live from cleveland. right now you can submit your questions. go to and tell us what you want to know. quite an event but meanwhile today there's no rest for the
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senate. lawmakers trying to get that highway bill passed before the looming deadline at the end of the house. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell bringing to a vote two amendments attached to the bill. one of the amendments getting a lot of response from within his own party. you know it's from senator ted cruz and kristen fisher is in washington with the very latest details on this. >> reporter: the senate is going to start voting in about three hours and on table are two procedural votes on amendments to the highway bill first up a vote to fully repeal obamacare. that's not expected to get the 60 votes to move forward and next up this is what everyone is going to be watching today, is a vote on the reauthorization of the export/import bank. it's a kwauz government bank that helps u.s. firms do business overseas and its future is really what's at stake today. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said he opposes to the bank but he's allowing this procedural vote today to reauthorize the bake because he believes it's the only way to guarantee passage of this highway bill. now that has infuriated senate
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conservatives. in fact, senator ted cruz went so far as to call his leader a liar on the senate floor on friday. >> for the majority leader to look a senator in the eyes and to look every republican senator in the eye and to say there is no deal when in fact what we saw this morning there was a deal and he has affirmatively jamming this through does real damage to how the senate operates. >> remember what's happening today are strictly procedural votes to break filibusters on those amendments so they are not votes to actually adopt the amendment so that would still need to happen and then if passed, the bill still needs to go to the house where so far it's received a very frosty reception, so we're still at least several days away from any potential passage of an actual highway bill. eric? >> we'll be following this event later on this afternoon. thank you. molly in. >> the community of lafayette, louisiana, coming together for a candlelight vigil in the wake of this week's deadly shooting rampage in a movie theater.
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people there mourning the loss of two beloved young women as investigators uncover new details in the motive of the shootings. >> reporter: three victims are still in the hospitals in this area, and as they continue to recover this, has been a weekend filled memorials. we saw that candlelight vigil last night. hundreds showing up to pair their respects and to offer kind words. it was a somber emotional evening. just about everybody who showed up knew one or both of the two innocent women who were shot and killed thursday night. there with a 33-year-old jillian johnson, an artist and musician and she made being from lafayette call and then 21-year-old mayci braux and after the vigil they went to a bar where a concert was dedicated to johnson who they
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called a close friend. >> the last thing she would want is for the music to not play so we decided that we will play music and celebrate in south louisiana. we'll celebrate her life and dedicate this whole show and every song and note to her and her spirit. >> some victims who survived say they have forgiven john russell houser who sat in the theater behind me watching a new comedy for 21 minutes before he decided to unload on the crowd. we've learned he has a history of mental issues and for making violented a hate-filled threats. in the last couple days he was desperate for money. we learned he went to a local church and said he was extremely depressed. what we don't know is exactly why he came to this theater in this city and shot 11 people. what we do know he purchased the gun legally last year at a pawnshop in alabama, the same state that actually denied him a conceal carry permit back in 2006. while police continue their investigation here on the ground, they have admitted
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several times there is a realistic possibility that we may never find out exactly what brought howser here and what caused him to shoot so many innocent people. moll? >> will carr thank you very much. >> the worst thing about parchin. what you guys agreed to was we can't even take samples there, ie iaea can't take samples there. they are going to be able to test by themselves. even the nfl wouldn't go along with this. how in the world can you have a nation like iran doing their own testing? >> that's idaho republican senator names risch splamg part of the iranian nuclear deal. it turns out iran will apparently provide the soil samples from its sitesed to the united states wechtiors. they wouldn't be getting it themselves so it tehran really be trusted to not cover anything else? ambassador john bolton joins us former ambassador to the united
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nations, fox news contributor and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. when the senators say the nfl drug testing program is tougher than this deal you know you've got trouble. >> i think senator risch is right. i think this negotiation on the iaea's ability to get to suspected weapons site particularly the parchin armor base is shut through with deficiencies from top to bottom. number one, it's not as second moniz the secretary of energy said last week at senate hearings just a question of being able to monitor iranian officials take the samples and protecting the chain of custody. the fact is real iaea inspectors on the ground would be looking for a lot of different kinds of things, not just taking swipes at baby wipes, using baby wipes or cosmetic removers that can then be analyzed later. that's number one. number two, the iranians have had extensive experience
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thwarting the iae from getting accurate environmental samples. when they were discovered early in the first term of george w. bush's administration trying to fake the situation at the electrical company where the iaea inspectors did uncover nuclear activity when they had trouble later at the lob o'zan site, they didn't paint the walls or put new walls in, they bulldozed the building and disrupted hundreds of thousands of rock and they didn't find any evidence of radioactivity. i could go on at some length here but the notion of watching the iranians take their own samples is sufficient would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous. >> well secretary of state kerry didn't want to talk about it. he says it's classified. do you think that they let something out of the bag by mistake and if indeed it's classified, why won't congress know about everything that's contemp plated in this deal?
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>> well number one, it can't be classified because iran knows about it, and i think, you know if we're willing to trust iran on this as apparently the president and secretary of state are, maybe we could trust the american people too. i think what we're talking about here is the kind of inspection protocol, these are the famous side deals that have not been made public that secretary kerry says he hasn't even seen yet between iran and the iaea. i think that they should be made public. now, the argument that the administration makes in response is well sometimes these kinds of agreements are treated as safeguards confidential by the iaea. well, that's true if the country involved is iceland or liechtenstein or switzerland. this is a country that for 25 years has been lying to the iyarks cheating on its nuclear obligation and you're going to treat them like a normal country. that's a basic fallacy that runs through this agreement, runs right through the heart of these provisions for iaea inspections.
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>> ambassador finally, would you trust a little thing of soil that they would give you? >> of course not. look, this is -- this is the kind of concession to the iranians that i think eadviceates this deal paragraph after paragraph. congress not let go of this, it insist on getting these two side deals and it's clear with the administration, we want all the side deals, we want them in writing, if they are verbal. we're not just going to focus on the agreement itself. we want to know everything else that you went through in vienna. >> those may be the questions that secretary of state kerry will be asked again on tuesday when he's back on the hill this time testifying in front of congress. john bolton ambassador to the u.n., always good to see you. thank you for your insight. >> thank you, erik. >> moll? >> well hillary clinton is sticking to her guns about the use of e-mail while secretary of state. what she has to say about this from the campaign trail. >> and did you see that massive fire at one of the big hotels one of the big luxury places in las vegas on the strip?
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it caught a lot of people offguard. coming up new details on what may have caused that blaze. >> we could feel the flames actually coming down through. you could feel the flames and the electrical fires going off. it was pretty traumatic. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. well, it was a scary scene more than a dozen stories above the las vegas strip. a fire broke out at swimming pool of the swanky cosmopolitan hotel. as you can see, the flames sending up huge plumes of smoke. >> all of a sudden everybody started screaming fire and i looked over right where our towels, something had erupted in fire. >> dropped off our bag, some breakfast, went up and took a nap and woke up to a fire alarm. >> i expected if i was ever on the strip naked i would be getting paid for it. >> sadly two people were treated for smoke inhalation. thankfully the fire never made it inside the hotel. the investigation continues.
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>> i did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time. >> do you want the justice department to investigate? >> this is what -- they can fight over it or just argue over it. that's up to them. can i tell you what the facts are and there's nothing contradictive in those facts that i'm telling you that anybody has said so far. >> that was hillary clinton talking to reporters yesterday. the presidential candidate denying reports that she sent or received classified information on her private information server so what kind of fallout could this situation cause? joining us now is jamie weinstein, the senior editor for "the daily caller." thank for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> this has been interesting and keeps coming the drip drip drip of this. secretary clinton has been out there campaigning, iowa, new hampshire later this week trying to get the focus to be on her economic plans, but is this drip, drip drip just making it impossible to get the kind of attention that she would like to get? >> no question about it and
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let's be clear here. what she said in the clip that you just showed is not true according to the reports that we have from the "wall street journal" out of the inspectors general. they are saying that she did receive or send classified information that was classified at the time, not information that was later deemed to be classified, but classified at the time whether it was labeled properly or not. so they are saying that without question she did send this and that's why they are referring it to the justice department so that is just not a true statement. she says there's nothing out there that contradicts what she's saying. the report itself couldn't digits what she sees saying and it's a serious problem because you don't want this hanging over your head if you're running for president. >> the inspector general isn't partisan, independent investigators referring this on to the justice department. seems pretty heavy. is this about trust essentially? >> oh i think this is all about trust, and obviously we've seen her poll numbers over the last several months since the e-mail scandal before we got to this part of it first arose when we learned she was using her
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private server instead of the state department server and her numbers have just kind of cratered since then and i imagine that this will only further weaken those numbers. if you say the unfavorable numbers in a lot of swing states over the past several weeks, her unfavorabilities are as low in some state as donald trump's are which are quite low and if i was joe biden i'd be looking at that and thinking wow, this is another reason for me to perhaps jump into this race because hillary might be in some trouble. >> here's something thaelgs she said while campaigning in iowa. >> what i think you're seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion to some extent disagreement, among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly released. >> now she kind of tries to make it sound almost like this is about bureaucrats rehashing something. how do you think that sounds to the voters?
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>> well i think that it just kind of undermines her credibility. as we mentioned they don't trust her to begin, so this is kind of clintonese talk. she makes it seem much more serious this whole ordeal that she let's on because she's refusing to admit what the inspectors general are reporting, not debating over what is classified or not classified. they are saying at the time it was sent or received it was classified. this is not retrospective so she is trying to change the subject from what the inspectors general are saying actually occurred. >> jamie, thank you so much senior editor for "the daily caller." appreciate your insight. >> syrian president bashar al assad is speaking out for the first time in a year. what he has to say about the war on the isis terrorists trying to take over his country, and there was a bizarre scene in paris where a driver tried to crash into a barricade right in the heart of paris at the tour de france.
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but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. police opened fire on a car near the finish line of the tour de france. the car striking a taxi before crashing through the barricades that. car with at least two people inside then fleeing the scene. authorities do not believe this was an act of terrorism but a massive man hunte is under way for the driver. one official says that he thinks the people in that car had left a nightclub that was nearby and that they were drunk. >> embattled syrian president bashar al assad has said the lack of manpower is impeding the fight in his country against isis. he says he does not have enough troops. he said that this in the first
9:25 am
speech in a year and add mitts the terrorist group is gaining more ground and the syrian army is deploying more resources to defend vital areas and. >> reporter: this was a rare an candid speech from president bashar al assad from a man who very, very rarely gives public speeches and when he does isn't very candid at all. now today in this speech he confirmed what many many military analysts had been saying, that the syrian government, those troops are losing ground and territory to syrian rebels including those from isis. now today's speech was televised and broadcast from the syrian capital of damascus one of the few government-controlled cities left. the site acknowledged the syrian army is under a lot of strain due to a shortage in manpower and equipment and says the government is not collapsing and vows to defeat syria's enemies
9:26 am
and expects great support from iran's and one of syria's key backers now that the sanctions have will be lifted as a result of the nuclear agreement. turkey has long turned a blind eye to the militant group because both isis and turkey are fighting against assad and in theory turkey will now start targeting isis fighters but so far what we've seen, eric is turkey is bombing pro-kurdish fighters who are pro-american and anti-isis because turkey views the kurds as an enemy because of their desire for independence. nothing in the syrian war, eric as you know, eric is simple. >> such a humanitarian catastrophe that sadly continues. conor powell reporting live from jerusalem, thank you for the details. straight ahead here on the fox news channel the doctors are here as they are every sunday. >> i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm molly lyon. and he of course is talking about "sunday housecall." that is coming up next.
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and he, of course, is talking
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hello. i'm eric shawn. time now for "sunday housecall." >> and i'm julie banderas. welcome everyone. joining us is dr. david samadi chairman and professor of urology at lennox hill hospital and surgery of robotics surgery. >> and dr. marc geel professor of medicine at langone medical center and author of "the inner pulse unlocking the secret of sickness and health." >> dock doctors calls it a sharp increase in requesting a double mastectomy, some dubbing it the angelina effect after the f


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