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tv   Sunday Housecall  FOX News  July 26, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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it. that's all we have for today. be sure to send me your questions and any property stories at. i'm bob massi, the property man. i'll see you next week. ♪ this week on the editorial report, and then there were 16? as john kasich jumps into the republican race, we'll look at the state of the republican field, the current front runner and potential dark horses, the dephone ug issues of the campaign and the threat of a third party run. >> hillary clinton falters and what's behind ore slide in the pollance h polls and how are the democrats reacting? welcome to the journal editorial report. ohio governor john kasich announced his run for the white house this week rounding out at 16, the largest republican field
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in modern memory. the two-term governor and former house budget chairman is hoping his reform record will help him break throw the republican crowd. but does he pose a threat to any of the current front runners? here with a look at the state of the republican race is columnist jason riley. editorial board member and editorial board member mary kis l, host of american journal. so joe, you're too young to remember this, but this is the biggest field i can recall since 1988 when they had bob dole, george h.w. bush, jack kemp and pete dupont, among others. so very impressive. john kasich, number 16. is he getting in too late for this or do you think he actually could be a significant player? >> well i think the size of the field makes it a lot easier for some of these what we might think of as more marginal
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candidates right now to break into the top. so why not go for it. this is going to be a volatile long race. >> and jason, what do you think his strengths are as a candidate? >> he's got legislative experience, 18 years in congress. he's got executive experience in ohio where the economy has grown, unemployment is down. the economy is doing much better than the neighbors. >> including wisconsin. >> but i think his biggest selling point is his address. he's from ohio, a big swing state. if this next election is going to be decided by a dozen or so swing states, john kasich is going to say i can bring ohio. i just won reelection by 31 points last year. this is what he's going to be selling. >> good reform record, mary? he's a tax cutter in ohio cutting marginal income tax rates. and the state before he took over really hadn't grown in over a decade and now it's growing over 2%. >> you heard some of the members
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when he announced for president, they're very impressive. he took a billion dollar deficit and turned it into a $3 billion asset. some $5 billion in tax cuts. he has a lot to discuss. >> what about the weaknesses, joe. you followed john kasich and written some editorials about him. what would hold him back given the impressive credentials? >> he's a very'd sin cattic politician. anyone who watched his announcement sheet would notice. pretty much anything can happen when he's talking? >> i think he has the strength which he wants to broaden the appeal of the republican party. >> that's important. >> to some groups where traditionally they've not succeeded. but he can take that too far into kind of more -- he expanded
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medicare. >> chris christie did in new jersey, but scott walker or rick perry did not. >> he became the leading republican evangelist for why his colleagues should do so. >> he overrode his legislature. >> he bypassed the legislature and sort of barn stormed the country saying you need to do this. if you don't do it,e a person of bad faith. and so i think that's kind of a problem for him. he's got a brother -- the government is thigh brother's keeper with government programs are an emblem of your support. >> that won't work with the tea party. >> no, it won't work at all. look, i'm not sure who he challenges in this race yet because he's kind of among the marg
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margin, number nine, ten and 11 in the polls. >> and he has to be in the top ten to get in the debate. he's got to do it in new hampshire. he's got to break through against jeb bush, chris christie or marco rubio, scott walker. those are the main competitors. >> he doesn't have walker and rubio's youth. he doesn't have bush's name recognition and money. b but that's who he's got to compete with. >> do you agree with that in. >> he's going to run as a reform governor from the swing set that reaches across the aisle. he's got tough competition there in bush and walker who has made more of a national name for himself. kasich doesn't have the name recognition as these two guys yet. >> if he did have more name recognition -- which it's interesting because he had a show on fox so many years.
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but it goes to show if it was a few years ago, they forget you on tv. out of sight, out of mind. when we come back with less than two week to go with the first republican debate, we continue the look at the gop field. so will donald trump's immigration emphasis and the threat of a third party run do long term damage to the gop? our panel weighs in next. you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges. can you spot the difference? no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look.
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or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. this is a fox news alert. hello, everyone. we're at waiting a vote during a rare sunday session in the senate. lawmakers are trying to get the highway funding bill passed before a looming deadline of july 31st. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell bringing to vote two administratio amendments attached. bashar al assad is speaking
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about the turmoil in his country. more than half of syria is under the control of isis. assad vowing to crush his enemies but blaming the recent setbacks on a shortage of troops. assad's speech was his first in a year. i'll see you at the top of the hour with eric shaun for an hour of news. back to journal editorial report reports. i want to run as a republican. i think i'll get the nomination. we seal see soon enough. but we'll see soon enough. the best way for me to run is get the nomination and run probably against hillary. >> continuing now with our look at the republican field and the state of the gop race with less than two week to go until the first debate. that was donald trump at the texas border thursday continuing to push the issue of immigration. and not exactly backing off a threat from earlier in the week
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to launch a third party candidacy if his republican bid runs aground. we're back with jason riley and joe rago. so jason, before we get to trump, let's step back a bit and look at the whole republican field. who do you think is in the top tier as we get into the late summer in. >> i think it's still pretty much a three-man race with bush and walker and rubio leading the pack. >> those three are the front runners? >> i believe so. >> and i tend to agree with you. i think they have the broadest appeal to all of the republican factions. they can appeal -- bush, for example does really well with social conservatives. that surprises some people. they can appeal across the republican spectrum. >> yeah. the big difference in this race isn't between moderate and conservative. it's about political strategy. they're kind of united on policy in very broad terms.
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but it's between the quite unit en'and the dividers. they need to appeal to more voters or divide, does it need to follow the obama path of polarizing the country and driving out our core voters. >> and democrats think that's a good strategy because they feel there's a majority. polarize, that helps them. republicans have lost five of the last six popular elections. they need to expand the republican voting pool. >> their basic problem is they need more voters and the question is how to find them, whether it's through sympathy for more of the country trying to unite the country or just get out what they see is the republican base. >> and you put bush, rubio, rand paul, rick perry in that uniter category? it's still out. we still don't know where walker will fall in that divide.
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>> i don't think we know that yet. the other ones might be ted cruz, for example would be one of the polarizers. >> who do you think, dorothy, among the other candidates? who is sort of not in the frontier. who has the best chance to break out and be -- >> i have a hard time thinking about that. i don't think get that. cruz never had a chance to begin with and i think his comments on donald trump did not help. you know, the appeasing and all of the rest. but i really do think we are located without dark horses. if i had my way as a citizen, i would be happy to see lindsey graham in the top tier. >> you like him on foreign policy. >> a lot of people do but it's not going to happen. but i have to say, when you count walker in the top tier, the more i listen to him, the more i think this is going to be a problem. he announced for one thing his willingness last week, he said,
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to go -- were he president he would announce for having states vote on whether you could have one man, one woman. this is the kind of quote polarizing reach out that is not going to play well. >> jason, donald trump. how do you explain his surge in the polls? he's the one that has broken through so far, at least if you look at some of the surveys. >> he's a celebrity. he knows how to get attention. this is what he does. the press has played along. >> and democrats love him. they can't stop talking about him. >> and i think that explains the polls largely. i don't think it's going to last but i think it does explain why he has been able to get where he's gotten so far this early. >> one of the impacts of trump in the race has been he's really taken -- sucked all of the oxygen out, apart from the front runners that jason mentioned, the other candidates can't break through. people are having a hard time
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getting the media attention. so you saw rick perry this week attack cruz to partly get some attention and to also say he's a threat to conservatism if donald trump would get the nomination and defend his record on the texas border where he has done a lot. >> he is a threat to conservatism. he's a threat to the whole chances of the republican party. >> donald trump? >> yes, indeed he is. and it's largely because people bought into the notion that americans have found an angry voice. the delusion that americans are a great writhing mass waiting for one honest man to come along to help them out is simply ludicro ludicrous. >> how do you explain his surge? >> i explain the surge by the fact that this is a spectacle and people have bought into the spectacle. when you ask joe blow on the street. yeah, he's great.
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he's saying all of the great things. they go home and say they don't work that way, they don't vote that way. they do not vote for people. but it's good fun. it is not serious. but people are believing in all of the cliches of the american people leading which is the idea that everybody is angry at the government. no. they need their own lives. they go home. >> has trump peaked? >> i think he has. there have always been hucksters and cranks and populous who see a brief rise in politics going back to william jennings brine at the turn of the century. the politic has a way of expelling them. >> we're going to watch it. the republican field may not be the only one in turmoil. the new poll shows hillary clinton in trouble in some critical swing states. we'll take a look at what's behind her sliding numbers and how the democrats are responding next.
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well, some b well some bad news for the democrat front runner this week as a new poll shows hillary clinton trailing her top gop rivals in key battle ground states. for the first time she's lagging behind former florida governor jeb bush, wisconsin governor scott walker and florida senator marco rubio in colorado, iowa and va spra. while a majority of voters in all three of the states they don't think she's honest and trust worry. we' mary, how do you explain the polling numbers. they're precipitous fall. >> it certainly is. and i think it's easy to
12:51 pm
explain. the more you see her, the less you like her. it's really her favorability and unfavorability -- >> what's behind that? >> well, look. it's several things. she's scandal ridden. you have the e-mail scandal, the benghazi scandal, the clinton foundation scandal. and a job outside in the private sector. he's a hypocrite, she denounces banking and takes banker's money. >> that's popular in the democrat party. >> it is but when she gets in front of the camera, people simply don't like her. she doesn't have the political skills of bill. very hard to listen to. >> you don't think she's a very good candidate? >> that's right. for all of these facts that are quite relevant, the core political skill and the fact that this is a person not only who does not light up the room, a person who is difficult to listen to. i used to think if you wanted to extract information from terrorists all you had to do was
12:52 pm
put them in a room with hillary clinton and force them to listen to a speech. >> i don't think that's true on the republican base, dorothy. a lot of them like to listen to her. i mean the democrat base is what i meant. go ahead. >> the contrast between hillary clinton and those three front runners. it is not just a fantasy. these are serious candidates, the republican top three. they work very well, marco rubio and the rest. you cannot help but pose it to the american people. >> the favorability numbers, and the unfavorability, those are really high. >> yeah. that's what's blem. jumped out to the team, team clinton looking at that. and since we do have the drip drip drip of the scandals, the worry is that that those will only rise and now we have the news that the inspector general, department of justice -- >> two inspectors.
12:53 pm
>> two inspector generals at the state department -- >> at the request of the justice department. >> are looking into the e-mail scandal and whether or not we're going to get more of that coming up. >> now they requested an investigation at the justice department into the handling of the e-mail, which suggests not just her handling of it but the overall state department. how big is threat is that? >> i think it's a big threat and it's really a conundrum for the clinton campaign. what to you do? the more she's in front of the voters and have to confront the questions, the less she's like. on the other hand he can't maintain the bunker like campaign forever. >> she insists they released no classified information, she personally sent no classified information over e-mails. if this grows into the bowels of the justice department and they look at it and nothing happens sb it really that big of a threat? >> the big concern is going to be does she look vulnerable.
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the democratic party is of two minds about hillary clinton. the establishment wants to rally around her saying we want to decide on a candidate early. suck up. we're going to go with her. there's still the grass roots, bernie sanders. people looking for an alternative. the to the extent the vulnerabilities continue to rise, you might see a more serious candidate get into the race. >> bernie sanders is not going to be the president of the united states. >> no, he's not. but what's going to happen is there comes a time when the pot boils over, you're listening to hillary clinton, hear of these people with the ridiculous charges and all of the sudden people begin to see there's something to this. i think that is what is happening. you cannot listen to this grating voice saying over and over again what are they talking about, they are the republicans. >> but barney franks this week,
12:55 pm
former congress liberal said, democrats, let's get behind her because this is the only way we're going to prevent an entire republican government. >> no. i think there's really some panic going on on the left, to the far left, the media outlet said the numbers have fallen into gruesome territory and raised the alarm. >> we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us.
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learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit time now time now for the hits and misses of the week. mary, start us off. >> a president obama appeared on the daily show this week and said the irs's biggest problem is its lack of funding. what is it with this guy. he wants money for every regulatory agency. by the way, mr. president, the irs's biggest problem is it's a politicized vindictive agency that targeted conservative groups. the administration has slowed those investigations. that is the irs's problem.
12:59 pm
>> joe? >> paul, obama care is driving a wave of consolidation in the health care industry. it's a merger frency leading to much bigger hospitals and insurers. anthem announced a $48 billion tieup with cigna. in the last month the number of major health insurances dropped from three to five. leading to less consumer choice, less competition. and potentially higher costs. jason? >> new york city mayor bill de blasio has been trying to stop the car service uber from expand in the city. he favors the traditional cab companies that contribute to political campaigns. this week andrew cuomo stepped in on the side of uber. that's a hit for the governor and a win for consumers who love uber. >> i agree with that. thank you. as a consumer and somebody who needs to get around this city. and remember, if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to
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tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. we love hope to see you here ne week. fox news alert. a sunday showdown in the senate. lawmakers voting on amendments that are attached to a highway funding bill ahead of a fast approaching deadline at the end of the month. good afternoon and welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> the senate voting on two amendments this afternoon, one dealing with obama care. that went down in defeat. the other involves the controversial export-import. that vote could come any moment. kristen fisher is live in washington with the latest on th


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