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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 26, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. we love tohope to see you here next week. fox news alert. a sunday showdown in the senate. lawmakers voting on amendments that are attached to a highway funding bill ahead of a fast approaching deadline at the end of the month. good afternoon and welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> the senate voting on two amendments this afternoon, one dealing with obama care. that went down in defeat. the other involves the controversial export-import. that vote could come any moment. kristen fisher is live in washington with the latest on the voting.
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>> what the senate is voting on are the amendments to the highway bill. the first vote was on a fuel repeal of the 0 bam mayor care. it did not pass. if second vote and this is what everyone is watching today is a vote on whether or not to reauthorize the export/import, the official export credit agency of the u.s. government basically offering loans to u.s. businesses to sell products overseas. right now as you can see the senate is still voting on it. but earlier let's take a listen to some of the debate on the senate floor from about an hour ago on both sides. >> the expert/import bank is a new deal relic that's outlived any usefulness it might have had. if the project is worthy the private banks will step in to finance it. and if it's not worthy we should deaf dmatly no bt producing it by putting the american
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taxpayers on the hook. >> congress a vote against reauthorization is nothing more than a shameless attempt to garner the affection of the koch brothers. >> so a vote on that amendment is expected any moment now. but remember this is strictly a procedural vote to break filibusters on those amendments. they're not votes to adopt the amendment. that needs to happen before the full bill can go to the house. >> it can be complicated. also there's a planned parenthood hidden video situation? >> right. >> a complete defunding of that organization. did that come up at all today with this vote in. >> it did. the senate majority leader filed a bill that would defund planned parenthood. it's on the callan der but it's unclear when it would be consider. this is clearly an effort by mitch mcconnell to stop senators like ted cruz filing this
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amendment. and they got to get this done fast. once passed the bill still needs to go to the house where its future is very uncertain. we're several days away from getting this highway bill through congress. and then you've got their august recess right around the corner. so you know they want to get it down tags. >> nothing like vacation to get congress to move. we'll be on top of the vote when it happens. kristen, thank you. >> you're welcome. turning now to the horrific shooting at the movie theater this week in lafayette, louisiana. we're getting new reaction as we learn more about the gunman and his history of mental illness. many people are questioning why he was able to legally purchase a handgun that he later used to kill two people and wound nine others. louisiana governor bobby jindal weighed in this morning. >> this man never should have been able to buy a gun. john there is evil in the world. aknow a lot of folks here are upset but also very angry that somebody would walk in and feel
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like he had the right to take away innocent lives. >> reporting live from lafayette, louisiana, will? >> reporter: still a lot of questions this week and the biggest is why did this gunman come out on thursday night and how was he able to legally purchase a handgun in alabama last year at a pawnshop when that's the same state that denied him a concealed carry permit. what we do know is that authorities say it was john russell houser who came to the theater on thursday night, he sat in the movie for 20 minutes. that's when she stood up and started firing at random. we've learned that he has a history of mental illness. we're learning more about his last days that he stayed at a local hotel. he appeared desperate, begging locals for money. went to a local church and told the pastor that he was severely depressed. authorities tell us they're
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looking at surveillance video from around town and other cities trying to put together a timeline a picture of exactly what brought houser to lafayette and to this theater. while they're still trying to investigate and figure out exactly what his motive was, three victims remain in the hospital today. as they recover it's been a weekend filled with memorial services. there was a candle light vigil last night in downtown. hundreds of people showed up to pay their respects. it was a somber emotional evening. just about everybody who showed up knew one or two of the women who were shot and killed. 31-year-old jillian johnson. one woman told me she made being from lafayette cool. then there was 21-year-old macy broe. after the vigil last night a number of people made their way over to an iconic bar and that's where they listened to the hub city all stars.
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they were friends with john on and community members tell us it with us a great way to honor both women's lives. >> it's such a tragedy. so upsetting. i just want to say that our prayers go out to their families and everyone affected. >> reporter: both macy breaux and julian johnson will be buried tomorrow. it is a somber day in georgia, family and friends gathering this afternoon to remember and honor 21-year-old lance corporal skip wells. his funeral being held in wood stock, georgia and he will be buried at the national cemetery in canton pep h. he was one of the five military officials killed when the gunman mohammad youssuf abdulazeez opened fire in chattanooga
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before being killed by police. new bloodshed in turkey a car bomb kills two soldiers and injuries two others. officials say kurdish militants detonated a roadside bomb and opened fire on troops in what is being call an ambush. the attack happening one day after turkey launched air attacks. also bombing the syrian border. conner erner erner powell the live with more on this. >> reporter: the pro-kurdish fighters are viewed as a key ally of the united states in the fight against isis. but in turkey they're really enemy number one because of their desire to have an independent kurdish state and for their attacks against the turkish government. but the united states really needs the kurds and the turks in order to defeat isis. in a fragile cease-fire seems to
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be crumbling. it appears today's attack in turkey is a kurdish response to the air strikes. now the pentagon had been hoping turkey would join the air campaign against isis this week. there had been some indications that in the past turkey had supported isis or at least turned a blind eye but they're willing to go after them. but instead turkey has really focused their fire power on the kurds. now publicly the pentagon has sort of stuck in a hard place between supporting nato allied turkey while privately upset and angry that the turks are not going after isis. and so the united states really stuck between the two groups the two allies that they really need an effort to fight and defeat isis. and most analysts say that regardless of what air strikes are done by the united states and even now turkey the real
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focus needs to be stopping the flow of fighters going from turkey into syria and joining the ranks of isis. it's good to finally are turkey on board on air strikes if they're going after the kushds or minimally going after isis, it's not going to make much of a difference in the fight against that insurgent group. >> connor powell thank you with the latest. we appreciate it. well isis is now more of a threat to americans than al qaeda. that stark warning from u.s. attorney general loretta lynch. social media is bolstering the recruiting. and it's making it a lot harder to spot the lone wolves like the one that hit the two recruiting centers in chattanooga. >> it's serious if not more serious a threat than al qaeda. that's got over 20,000 english
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language fighters. this is a different model from other terrorists groups. >> so how can we stop the terrorist model? republican senator dan sullivan of alaska joins us. he served in the marine corps and was in afghanistan and is a former u.s. assistant secretary of state. senator, we heard loretta lynch talk about the isis model, one by one the lone wolves. that's different than the horrible attack that al qaeda inflicted on us on 9/11. >> we need to make sure we are the intel to focus on them. but the other thing we need to do in terms of the recruiting is we need to be winning on the battlefield. the best way that isis brings recruits to the table is this view that they are winning and that that attracts recruits it's isis recruits whether it's lone wolves. and we need the make sure that
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we need to change the narrative that we are taking the night to them and indeed they're not winning and that is the biggest way they get recruits. this image of them always winning. >> the stunning remarks by outgoing chief of staff, he in effect blames the administration for potentially creating this situation for the islamic state. he says if we hadn't pulled out this wouldn't have happened. do you think that's right or unfair? >> well i think the president, you know, disregarded the advice of its military in terms of pulling out. but the other thing that we've been trying to do in the senate is get the administration to put together a strategy. you remember the president in the last year has admitted twice now that we don't have a strategy yet, that he's waiting for a strategy from the general. look. it's the white house that needs to put together a strategy and it's not just a military strategy. it's all instruments of american power. the attorney general talked about social media. we have economic, energy,
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finance instruments of power. we need to integrate all of those. the white house has not yet put together a strategy. the president admits that. we need to be serious. >> what happens? do you think that includes boots on the ground? >> we've been talking a lot about ways in which to bring more strength to the fighters who are fighting isis. one issue that's been discussed in the senate armed services is bringing what they call j tax, american special forces who know how to call in air strikes effectively. it's about 60% of all bombers who are going out with bombs to drop on isis are coming back without even releasing bombs. that's one way we need to look at increasing the military effectiveness on the ground. but there are other instruments of american power. financial sanctions, right? isis has a huge ability in terms of its economic capability. we need to bring economic and financial sanctions on them as well.
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>> and finally, what do you feel will happen if we keep on going down this road. you're right the president twice has said there isn't a strategy they're trying to come up with one and deal with one. but it apparently isn't working. isis is growing. >> well look it's not only growing, they're in some ways different from al qaeda because they are a terrorist organization actually own territory setting up government has revenues has the ability to plan. and of course what we need to focus on is making sure they don't hit the homeland. we've got to take the fight to them. we need a strategy. and that has to be led by the white house. in congress we eesh lessing them on it. we need an integrated strategy. that's the biggest concern. >> and sadly apparently without one there may be more of the lone wolf attacks that we have seen. thank you so much for joining us
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this afternoon and thank you for your service in the marine corps all these years. a major news now out of washington, d.c. i want to get right to the capitol hill producer. he's been covering a rare sunday session there. we're keeping an eye on the developments around the highway funding bill. chad what's the latest? >> well the senate has just crossed a major procedural hurdle here. this is called invoking closure or ending a filibuster to get to the export-import bank renewal. this is a bank that helps u.s. businesses do their stuff overseas. this expired at the end of june. this is a procedural vote that needed 60 votes. the choate was 67-26 in favor of ending debate on this. what this will mean in the next couple of days is inef toably a renewal of the import-export bank. this will be attached on to the
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highway bill when the senate passes this sometime in the next couple of days. the real question will be what happens in the house of representatives. the house passed an interim highway bill a couple of weeks ago to run through december 18th. the house republican leadership has been coy about this and pretty frosy in their reception about attaching the export-import bank on to a bill and here and amgs doing anything other than the five. month bill which they passed in the house. if this passes in the senate in the next couple of days the overall highway bill which has to be passed by the end of july the question becomes can the house accommodate it. now what the senate is voting on right now, very busy rare day in the united states senate is a procedural vote regarding senator ted cruz. on friday you might remember there was a dustup between him and the senator majority leader mitch mcconnell extraordinary
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scene on the floor where cruz called mcconnell a liar. you just don't have that happen very often. and certainly taking on the majority leader. and so cruz tried to get an amendment made in order at that point on iran to you know withhold sanctions on iran until u.s. prisoners being held in iran are released and also until they recognize the state of israel. because senate majority leader mick mcconnell set up the other votes today that wasn't in order and right now that's what they're considering right now. >> chad program, our capitol hill producer. incredible work out there. what an incredible busy sunday it has been. we'll be keeping an eye on this. thanks chad. >> anytime. donald trump is making his voice heard as only he can. so how is this all impacting with the voters? we've got latest poll numbers on the race and mr. trump coming
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up. plus a massive fire at a hotel on the las vegas strip that caught many visitors off guard. dramatic reaction from the folks on the ground. the coast guard is searching desperately for these two teenage boys. they went off on their poet and have now gone missing off the coast of south florida. we'll have the latest on the search. >> we're concerned what is happening and what they're ding and all of the resources that are being put out to bring our boys home. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment.
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republican presidential candidate donald trump surnling in the polls in two major battleground stauts. making gains on republican scott walker. one poll showing walker still on top with 19% but that's only two points ahead of trump who has 17%. it's a different story in new hampshire where trump holds a solid lead ahead of scott walker and jeb bush ahead of the whole field carrying 21% of the state's republican primary electorate. joining me now, fox news contributor and senior political strategist. ladies thank you for being here js thank for having us. >> we have been talking about
1:22 pm
donald trump for a while nop. he's great at getting media attention. he's been out there and talking about the big issues in the campaign. he's leading in the polls. does that have a may jr. impact at this point in time in the race jessica? >> i think yeah obviously. the fact that we're talking about him, big impact. but also i think there is chance he could win the early primaries. he's raising real issues for real americans. it's time not to start taking him serious as a competitor. he's not going to be the president of america. but for other candidates to say he's raising it inartfully but he's raising these issues and we should get on them in a constructive way. >> he's been pig in the media spotlight and jessica says he won't be president. >> that's up to the voters. >> absolutely. >> that will play out. but listen i think donald trump has turned d.c. insider politics
1:23 pm
on its head, turned i upside down. he's the disrupter. he's the uber of what uber is doing to the taxi today and there are a lot of people who are not happy about it and they don't like it. he's talking about issues making americans focus on really important issues that are facing our country, especially immigration and sanctuary cities. >> interesting point there when you say he's the disrupter. a lot of republicans have come out in the past about things that he's said, saying this doesn't represent us or our party. do you think he is a disrupter for the gop? >> absolutely. he certainly doesn't fit the mold. americans over 85% of americans have been saying consistently in polls for years that they want an outsider in politics. we have other out ciders like ben carson or carly fern reena. thaw they're not talking in the same way. it's not a nice way to talk. but the straight talk and the end of the pc talk is an end.
1:24 pm
what wu saw is all lives matter and black lives matter. and martin o'malley apologizing. the culture has gone too far. that's something that donald trump is speaking directly to. >> the fellow republicans are speaking out that's damaging the brand. do you think he's damaging a brand? >> i think a lot of the republicans have damaged the law. mick mcconnell was caught in a lie last week by ted cruz. donald trump is filling the void filling the gap where our establishment, if you will senators have not been able to do. they haven't been able to stop president obama with his radical agenda. >> one other thing that trump has put out there, he's sort of danced with possibly is running as an independent. what do you think that would mean in this race? >> fantastic news for hillary. and i don't think he's going to do that. when you lack at what the polls are now, he could pull a few
1:25 pm
percentage points. the swing states showed that she was lagging behind. i don't think he's going to go for that. but more attention the better. >> as a third party candidate? >> it's not politics as usual. who knows what's going to happen. we'll find out. there are a lot of people that don't like the fact that donald trump is ahead in the polls and based on his bombastic attitude and how he addresses issues that's what they don't like. >> some of it is nasty. i just want to add that. >> it is politics. it is still politics. >> but you don't call -- you don't say what he said about john mccain, you don't say what you said about mexicans. >> he did come out and clarify. >> it's still his initial -- >> so many month to go. we're still early in the process. thank you so much for talking
1:26 pm
with us about trump today. it's not just the poll numbers that the campaigns are watching, a major political fundraiser is here to explain that what the real numbers will count are the numbers in the campaign. we'll break down who has raised what. we'll look at how the millennials are investing in their future with the decisions they're making right now.
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1:31 pm
perry cohen's neighborhood is offering a $100,000 reward in the search for these two teens. >> the love is there. we're all praying and nick actually wants the folks to know who are out there searching, be very careful. we've got a lot of people out on the water and in the air looking, both families have been hard at work at this praying. so let's just stay safe and we'll keep on looking until we find them. >> coast guard air and sea crews are expanding their search further north along the coast. eric? president obama has now arrived in ethiopia after wrapping up his historic visit to kenya. he's tackling issues there just like he did in kenya. kevin cork has more. >> reporter: hello from nairobi, kenya where for president obama this trip was part professional
1:32 pm
and personal as he spent a great deal of time connecting with friends and making a real bond with the people here in the homeland of his father. e was very busy touching on a numb were of slus, good governance and gay rights. the president told the kenyan people in a speech today that that would never change on his watch. >> we're proud of the effort that we're making to strengthen kenya's capability through our new security governance initiative. we're going to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this fight against terrorism for as long as it takes. >> this trip also included a solemn remembrance of the more than 200 people who died in the embassy bombing here over 4,000 were hurt in that attack. the president laying a wreath in honor of the fall listen. the crowd seemed to real lu enjoy the prth's speech where he called on kenyans to reject
1:33 pm
things that are not consistent with today's values. >> there is a tradition of repressing women and treating them differently. and not giving them the same opportunities. and husbands beating their wives. and children not being sent to school. those are traditions, treating women and girls as second class citizens. those are bad traditions. they need to change. they're holding you back. >> reporter: and in a light hearted moment that the kenyan people are sure to remember the president actually took part in a traditional dance. yep, that's the commander in chief right there cutting a rug at a dinner here in nairobi. next up for the president, a trip to have ethiopia where once again counter terrorism and security are expected to be high on his agenda. he's expected to talk a little
1:34 pm
bit about renewable energy. millennials now make up the largest share of the country's workforce, many trying to repay their college loans. and new numbers are showing that with a steady well-paying job 20-somethings are making the right decisions. joining us now, our senior business correspondent and the host of bulls & bears. thank you for being here. what are the news -- what is the news on the millennials. >> we hear one generation rolling their eyes at the next generation. how are they doing to their predecessors? >> they're doing quite well. about a quarter are of all millennials who do have a pretty well-paying job say that donating to their 401(k) contributing is a very important financial priority for them. now that's in opposition to the baby boomers who basically counted on social security. the millennials have the advantage that they know that's not going to be around for them. so they better start saving for they future and they are.
1:35 pm
they're paying down their student debt and contributing to their 401(k)s, they're saving for the future. all that is really good news. >> does some of that stem from the recession in they had to get through that to get going? >> i think that's a very important part of it. it was hard to find a job at that time. now it's easier. but in the last few years when the stock market has been on such a bull run, i think they can look at their 401(k) and see it growing and think it's always going to grow. over time it will and they're young enough that by the time they retire the stock market is a great place to be. if they had only been there during the recession, i thith it might be a different formula. >> there's a profes or of business saying they are self centered individuals looking for immediate gratification and it talks about businesses trying to hold on to their employees. when you're young and starting out, isn't that the time you should be selfish and try to figure out what you want to do.
1:36 pm
>> that's a great point. what 20-year-old do you know that is not selfish? and i think back on when i was 20. you're thinking about yourself thinking about you career. yes, there is that aspect to it. but they do look at work a little bit differently. they're not an organizationally focus pd employers are finding that to market and to hold on to them they have to have more flexible workstation, looking at contract employees because they're not sure they're going to be sticking around. but the age of staying with a company for 50 years is pretty much over. >> and you heard that back in the day people wanted that work-life separation. and now is it true that millennials want to have the blend where they can handle something personal from work and don't mind working at home a little bit. >> it always comes down to the devices i think. yes. they do want -- they work at home and at work they also are looking towards home. but they're more environmentally
1:37 pm
focused. they may u change the real estate market as well. they want greener homes and they want to understand how they impact the environment is important. a quarter are of america's population right now. they're going to have a profound impact on almost everything. >> it's only a matter of time before they take over. >> yes, as we say. >> i'm a generation x. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> and don't forget you can catch brenda of course on bulls & bears every saturday morning every saturday morning 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. there's a scary scene. more than a dozen stories above a las vegas strip. a nier broke out at the swanky cosmopolitan hotel. >> all of the sudden i looked over and right behind where your towels were something has erupted in fire.
1:38 pm
>> dropped off or bags had some breakfast, went up and took a nap, woke up to a fire alarm. >> well two people were treated for smoke inhalation. thankfully the fire never did make it inside the hotel. and the presidential race may seem like it's just begun but new fund-raising figures show that the candidates are already in the thick of it. who has raised how much next. plus there's this. >> there were clashes at one of the holiest sites? judaism. what sparks the protester to go out of control. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger.
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clashing between israeli border police and palestinian protesters at the western wall. israeli police entering the holy
1:43 pm
jerusalem site in order to prevent violence. tensions very high between protesters and police who were chanting "god is great" in arabic. presidential race may feel like it's just starting but according to the political fund-raising numbers ill it is well under way. hillary clinton leading the pack with $47.5 million. vermont senator bernie sanders have $15.2 million. the top gop fundraiser so far, ted cruz taking in $14.3 million, jeb bush at $11.4 million and ben carson with over $10.5 million. but what does this tell us about the race and who could eventual eventually win. a former new york city deputy mayor, and you're a democrat who
1:44 pm
supports jeb bush. everybody is looking at the polls. they're excited about trump. but you say the numbers important are the ones in march. why is that. >> the campaign is the marathon not a sprint. and everybody is going to have to go through the march period when there are 11 primaries, including some of the biggest states like florida. and then you have subsequent to that the state like california, you have new york, and the tate of california i think has 165 delegates. >> you really have to have the money and the offices in place. >> exactly. it takes organization. it takes money. and it takes savvy. you're have to register in all of the states have field operations in all of the states. >> that costs a lot of money.
1:45 pm
there's a hidden infromastructure that we don't hear about. >> there's something different about this year than past years. for the first time when you have this large a field of candidates it's unlikely that somebody is going to come out of the first four primaries as a giant killer and everybody will flock to that person with money and everything will coalesce. this is likely to go on longer march, could go on after that. so the candidates that are well-funded will be able to sustain the pace and the length of the primary. so so even if you're ahead now, you've got to have money in the bank. let's take a look at the super pac. the campaigns themselves. there's jeb bush away at $3 million, ted cruz at $38 million. two brothers in texas gave him $15 million. marco rubio, scott walker rick
1:46 pm
perry. but then hillary says she's going to spend $1 billion for the general election and what happens if donald trump with his supposed $10 billion, what if he self funds. how do you raise $1 billion? >> well you raise it two ways. the first way you mentioned is the super pac. the super pac is handled by outside people. the presidential candidates really can't have anything to say the way it's spent. so once that money is accumulated, that money is likely only to be used for television and advertising for super pacs is very expensive. it goes retail. and you know how much it costs. >> oh man. >> whereas the candidate individually he could buy at half that price generally on the television stays. when you get into the costly states like ohio florida, new york new jersey these markets
1:47 pm
are very expensive. so you have to be prepared. that's really what the super pacs will do and this is the first time in election history that the super pac are playing that big of a role. >> we're going to be flooded. you're not going to be able to turn on the tv with campaign commercials up the what zoo all the time. you had a fundraiser, a breakfast for jeb bush and the telling you to be careful about the cost of bagels? >> that's right. there's an input and an output. a campaign that's not professional and well-controlled and there are many that don't have that. you could have all of the money coming in being spent. and so it's very important -- and jeb bush has the most professional organization i've seen. they watch every penny going out. they put real restrictions on the people who are hosting him as to what they're going to have there, how much they're going to pay for the parking. everything is tightly controlled because they understand that this is a long haul and you got
1:48 pm
to watch the money. and it's also the tone of the campaign. jeb bush is very sparten in how he himself lives. and as a result that e those is on the campaign as well. >> did you serve the bagels? >> i finally persuaded him to let me serve bagels but that was it. >> with your advice that it's a marathon not a sprint. thank you for joining us. a wildfire causing evacuations as its burns thousands of acreheresacres. where this is happening and why investigators say they do not believe this issen a accident. police say they've tracked down the car that apparently ran through a barricade that was set up at the tour de france, what they know about what happened. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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>> time for a check of the headlines. a breach in the most secure hotel in somalia a suicide bomber rigged with explosives in the outer wall of the hotel killing eight people and wounding 20 peoples. >> a suicide bomber attacks
1:53 pm
popular night spot in the central african company of cameroon. 21 people were killed. another 63 people were injured. there is no immediate claim of responsibility. boko haram has been blamed for many attacks in the region this year. >> in the weather center there are new clues in the wildfire that now is consuming 4,000 acres in california. sadly, it is forcing people from their homes. authorities are looking for a vehicle of interest seen in the area yesterday afternoon. the wildfire burning near the community of alta causing evacuations. 600 firefighters are battling the place hoping for relief from the rain. will it come? janice has the news. >> we will see cooler temperatures in the area. france a little more rain will fall as we get later in the months of paul and winter. right new we will take the
1:54 pm
cooler temperatures. speaking of cooler air the west is seeing the cooler air. the rest of the cup two-thirds of the country is sweltering in incredible heat, high 90s here with the heat index dangerously hot feeling like well over 100 degrees for the central united states, across the mississippi river valley, and to the southeast. eventually the northeast again. heed at advisories for close to a dozen states where it will feel over 100 degrees oppressive heat, people are urged to stay inside, check on the elderly and your kids and bring the pets indoors. it will continue, this heat, over the next several days, well above average. i know it is summertime, we expect the heat but with the humidity it will be dangerous. watches and warnings in affect for parts of the plain states, the northern plains, the potential for large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornado with a tornado warning right here here in north dakota. also watching extreme rainfall,
1:55 pm
foured if, the next couple of days with a frontal boundary writing in all of the gulf moisture in and the potential for 6-8 and even 12 inches of rainfall for florida and well watch the potential for development of a tropical system later this week. watching the wildfires as we mentioned, dozens of wildfires in this area. the good news is for are the northwest cooler temperatures are on the way. back to you. >> maybe you can move the florida rain out west to help. >> wouldn't than great? i'm work on it. >> it certainly is warm. here is heat hitting the pavement and leave little to the imagination. why these vets are marching this their underwear.
1:56 pm
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. >> and police are searching for people inside a car that drove into the barricade near the finish line of the tour de france with police finding the car with the bullet holes not from from where they opened fire in the heart of paris. authorities say two men and two women were inside. they are investigating if they were simply drunk. it took place hours before the bicyclists were due to arrive at finish line. the race was not affected. and chris broom bicycling his way to victory. >> group of marines stripping down for a good cause the marines in california raising awareness for veterans issues by
2:00 pm
marching in their underwear kicking things off and in san diego they went 13 miles. not the same without a video. >> that does it for us. >> on the buzz beater this sunday, donald trump lead in new polls today. donald trump dominating the coverage. donald trump ripping iowa's top newspaper as some attack him dismiss him or struggle to figure out his appeal. >> some of the political media is great. and really honesty. even if they don't want to be, they are honest but subject percent or 70 percent of the political media is really, really dishonest. >> what this shows is donald trump is is not playing by the normal rules of political combat. he is not backing down here. he is not giving an inch. >> the people don't trust you. the people don't trust the


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