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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 27, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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bobby brown is dead. >> she passes away months after being found in a bathtub, a fate eerily similar to her mother. we have the breaking details. >> while an outpouring of condolences are being sent to the family of bobbi kristina brown questions remain about the circumstances that ultimately led to her arrest. her family releasing this statement finally in peace and in the arms of god. we want to thank everyone for their love and support during the last few months. ago bobbi kristina i could never do anything to process there has been nothing more incredible in my life than having her. the circumstances of brown's death were similar to her mother's. on january 31st she was found
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face down in the bathtub at her georgia home. she was never fully recovered and was put into a medical lee induced coma and in hospice care. her mother was found in a bathtub just before the grammy awards. houston died at the age of 48. following her shocking death brown struggled. she told oprah she felt her mother's presence. >> i can hear her voice in spirit talking to me telling me, i am right here. i got you. i can always feel it. i can always feel her with me. >> bobbi kristina's death can lead to criminal charges. bruises were found on her body. nick gordon is a person of interest in this. he is reportedly on suicide watch. investigation of the events of january 30th handed over to the district attorney's office in fulton county, georgia.
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>> kelly wright live for us in the studio. devastating news hitting hollywood pretty hard. outpouring of condolences from celebrities. paula abdul i was greatly saddened of the passing of bobbi kristina. i send my love and condolences to the brown and houston families. motherhood changes you, you don't live for you, you are living for your children. #rip bobbi kristina. >> dr. phil said deeply saddened by the bobbi kristina passing. love and prayers from all of us at dr. phil. the family hasn't announced any funeral plans. a final farewell for the two women fatally shot at the louisiana movie theater. this as we learn aboutt disturbing thoughts and the weeks leading up to the shooting. he talked about being severely
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depressed and in one sw conversation talks about wanting to kill animals. they are hoping to piece together a motive. >> a lot of wantiranting and ra. he had a motive. we need to find out what that was. >> grove and johnson will be laid to rest. grove was 21 years old. join' son 33. the man shot dead by a woman he attacked in west virginia might be a cereal kille -- sell killer. they are looking at the killings of 9 women in illinois and nevada. he was shot and killed by a woman he met on-line. >> i could tell that he had already done something. he wouldn't let me get any air. i grabbed my rake. when he laid the gun down to get the lake out of my hands i shot him. i just grabbed the gun and shot
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behind me. >> police found a machete, axes and other tools in his car. he also had the names aged ages of phone numbers of 10 other women. >> that's disturbing. a bullet ridden car is found 35 miles from where it slammed into the barriers of the final stretch of the tour defrance. opened fire on a car when it hit a taxi. the driver and his trhree passengers then took off. a massive manhunt continues at this hour. the race finished without further incident with cruz freu claiming the title for the second time. >> one of the most notorious crime bosses they are asking a federal appeals court to over turn the convictions based on what the lawyers call a constitutional error. al judge barred him from telling
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the jury about his claim a prosecutor promised him immunity for serving a crime. he is anticipated in 11 murders. he received a life sentence. another trump jump. the donald ahead in the gop pact in the head of two new poles. as his popularity gross the target gets bigger. we have the latest on that. >> good morning. so far donald trump appears to be enjoying have being a giant s eye on his back. he leads the republican pack with 18 percent. jeb bush behind 15 percent within the poll's margin of error. then scott walker at 10 percent. the polls know trump support jumped 15 percent since june while push and walker wasn't changed much. trump in first place among new
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hampshire primary republican voters. bush at 14 percent trump 21 and walker 12 percent. >> i can't say i am unhappy or anything. i am not that surprised because we are getting the biggest crowds and by far the ovations. these are great people. they want to see this country turned around. >> several of the opponents are recognizing they must go after trump. >> if you give any candidate 15 billion worth of free advertising they might do well. >> reality tv will gather a lot of interest and a lot of people enjoy the celebrity of that. for the last 15 years i have had to live in the real world and come up with real world solutions. that's what people in the country want out of the next president of the united states. >> lindsey graham says trump is
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afeelippealing to the dark side politics. >> republican strategist navarro says he divided the republican field into 3. >> i think you can divide the republican field into 3 separate pockets those trying to be nice to him hoping they can pick up some of his crumbs if and when they need it. those who are silent and hoping to dodge his bullet and those that are standing up to him and saying he does not stand for republican families like rubio, jeb bush, chris christie, like lindsey graham. >> navarro says trump taps into what the voters are frustrated with about washington and that's why he is on top. >> it continues. it does. fee iat chrysler hit with a fine for issues, and they might
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have to buy your vehicle back. >> adam shapiro has more when what we ought to know. chrysler handling of 23 recalls on more than 11 vehicles. national transportation safety mitza says chrysler is fined for what it calls falling short on reporting defects and vehicles and using recall procedures which were inadequate. the agreement has 7 million in cash 20 million spent performing the recall bide lines and potential to buy back a few of the cars involved. >> we are going to talk about apple now. customers sounding off about the tirs feature without getting. the editor of the loop, jim
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dalerippel thought it was a nightmare he's going back to spotify. others call it unusable. critics are angry about the other issue you can't delete apple music. it takes up valuable space and memory that could be used for things like photos or other apps. >> if you sit coach on an airplane you might be getting first class treatment. >> only one airline. flying is plenty stressful. the flag ship airline multa the 9th smallest country. they are offering free massages to passengers in economy class on the airline flights out of london. it includes 10 hand and foot massages. hope they wash their hands after the foot ma jashs and 20 bucks in krcoupons before you take th flight. right now we are looking at futures indicating negative open
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when they start in new york. >> nice to have you here. kyle bush's pot streak showing no signs of cooling din. the nascar superstar winning four out of last five races. the brickyard 400 was no different. they are battling for first place at the indianapolis motor store speedway. the number 9 skittles car getting the checkered flag. it comes five months after he actually broke his leg and foot. that was at daytona. good for him. >> buys ball hall of fame has four new members randy johnson and pedro martinez taking over cooper's town to be inducted. it was martinez getting the people riled up including fans from his home country. giving randy johnson bunny heea on stage.
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>> the threat of severe weather. flooding is a big concern especially in the southeastern area of the country. maria molina is tracking it all. >> good morning. looks like we have issues. you mentioned flooding. that's true across parts of florida. we are looking at several inches of rainfall possible. not moving very pafast and continue to go produce a lot of heavy rain out there. across pashts of the plains we have a severe weather for risk. we have strong upper level flow there. that will be enhancing the risk for severe weather. there is the threat for tornadoes damaging winds. as we head into tomorrow it starts to shift east washed. the heat continues across parts of the mid south down into louisiana. heat index values between 100 and 110 degrees. >> we will check back with you shortly. >> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. a desperate search p on the high
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seas. two teenaged fishermen are missing. football legend joe naamath joining in on the search. >> we will keep looking in we find them. >> the coast guard ramps up that search. >> a wild search for a lion in the middle of a midwest neighborhood. >> there's a new twist in the roaring mystery that is shutting down streets. up up and away where a takeoff sends a fire jack straight up into the clouds. taking charge of
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>> their boat found off the coast of florida. >> jackie is live with the latest. jackie? >> good morning to you guys over there in new york. the coast guard found the boat 67 miles off ponce de leon inlet. they are names are stefan and perry. they were last seen friday in the jup perrier yaw buying fuel for their 19 foot boat. it was found yesterday morning capsized but neither boy was found in or around the boat. the coast caguard says the engi cover was missing and one life jacket was on board. parents say the teens fish all of the time. this is nothing new but initial reports were saying the two teens were on their way to the bahamas for a fishing trip but they did not pass enough food
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and water for those two-days. they are not accustomed to going too far off. that's why the coast guard has said they have expanded their search by water and air. nfl hall of famer joe naamath is offering 100,000 dollar reward in the search. let's hear from one of those moms. >> austin has been fishing forever. per reap and i -- perri and him bishing all of the time. these guys know what they are doing. >> we are all praying. we have a lot of people out on the water and in the air looking. we will keep on looking until at the find them. >> friends and family joined yesterday in a gathering when joe naamath was speaking there. they are offering help. am again they are offering that 100,000 dollar reward. again the coast guard says they will continue their search.
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reporting, back to you in the studio. >> jackie, thank you. our prayers certainly with that family. in other news a pilot is dead after plunging his small plane into a california neighborhood narrowly missing a home. flames engulf a backyard after a single beacraft crashed upside down. the pilot radioed about losing engine power. >> looking right outside into our backyard on to the patio you can see a large ball of flames. no one on the ground was injured. the pilot hasn't been identified. police armed with huge guns cornering a cat like animal in a ravine but then they lost sight of it. residents on edge after it was spotted roming aroue -- roaming. all of the lions at the
2:19 am
milwaukee zoo say they are ask theed for. >> taking care of a cub, though, apair p rently. >> it is time to brew on this. atheists take aim at a sheriff. >> in god we trust decals added to the back of the vehicles. the sheriff says there's no better time than now to show off that phrase. >> some support the department. will one writing we need to hear more and more of this. who cares about political correctness. i stand with god but not everyone agrees. >> another saying this. it is inappropriate, it's a violation of church and state. >> they bought the stickers with donated money not with tax dollars. >> is it an appropriate american motto or a violation of church and state. send us an e-mail at fox friema
2:20 am we will share comments later in the show. >> doug raider will be live with more on the decal debate. >> it is now 19 minutes after the top of the hour. kissing points. what investigators are revealing about an amusement park accident that sends kids flying to the ground. >> don't drink to that. why the 8 glasses of water recommendation could be totally wrong.
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>> tipping point. investigators revealing new information about amusement park accidents that sent kids flying to the ground. megan has the latest.
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>> from the top of this roller-coaster at beach ben park. js jj could see signs of trouble below. the swinging children's ride tipped over. >> it literally just fallen over like on to its side. but apparently it fell over while it was still moving. >> when the ride toppled over at least 12 people came crashing down with it. paramedics rushed to the scene and several people ended up going to the hospital. >> those in the park that dagen posting pictures on-line wondering whether or not workers evenly distributed rider's weight. the amusement remained over the rest of the weekend. employees refused to p comment on the incident but the kids who showed up did talk to us. >> i figured it was a freak accident. i didn't think it was too big of a deal. >> not one worry to one park goer but to another she got
2:25 am
nervous something else could happen. >> all rides have weird noises. in the back of my mind everything i heard something. >> it has been open since 1898. this is the first time something like this has ever happened. >> that was megan ohalarin reporting. no one is facing criminal charges so far. a man who confronted starbucks customers parking in sand capped spaces is now allowed back inside the chain. he was banned from all star bucks location after the company accused him of harassing customers in tampa. rowen encysts he was never disrespectful. he just wanted people to park legally. >> my son-in-law is in a power wheelchair. i have seen him so many times in a pinch trying to find parking spaces. >> a spokesman says rowen is
2:26 am
welcome in any store. the company is going to work to improve the parking situations. >> kids who spend half an hour on their ipad could be in a painful future. children who spend 30 minutes hunching over their devices can lead to bad habits and lead to back pain in life. under the age of 2 don't use those types of devices they recommend. . >> oo are you getting to read your first of 8 daily glasses of water? turns out that recommendation is not based on scientific research. according to a study are harvard health. ideally 4-6 eight ounce glasses of fluid a day. it doesn't have to be water. high fiber veggies and fruit can also give you h20 hydration. >> it is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. a barbecue battle fires up.
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2:31 am
rules. why donald trump says clinton is a trill. >> up up and away. sent a fighter jet right up into the clouds. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you and your family. welcome to "fox & friends first". welcome. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> tragedy strikes a houston family again. bobbi kristina brown is dead. the 22-year-old passing away months after she was found face down in a bathtub. >> kelly wright is here with the heartbreaking details. >> good morning to you. prayer and condolences are being expressed to the family of bobbi kristina brown. they are deeply saddened by the news of her death. the family releasing the sament
2:32 am
she is finally in the peace and arnls of god. we want to thank you for your love and support during the last few months. the circumstances of brown's death were eerily similar to her mother's death. january 31st police were notified of a medical emergency at bobbi kristina's georgia home. >> we received a 911 call of a person unresponsive face down in a bathtub. >> paramedics were able to resuscitate her at that incident but she never fully recovered and was put in a medically reduced coma and later to hospice care. in 2012 her mother was also found unresponsive in a bathtub in california the grammy awards. she died at the age of 48. following her can shoing death brown struggled with dtremendou loss of her mother. she told oprah she heard her mother's presence. >> i can feel her in spirit
2:33 am
talking to me telling me i am right here. i got you. she is always with me. i can always feel her with me. >> bobbi kristina's death could possibly lead to criminal charges. it is alleged her boyfriend nick gordon would be the person of interest. there have been bruises on her body. they allege he took thousands of dollars from her without permission. a portion of that after she had been hospitalized. he's reportedly on suicide watch. the investigation of the events have been handed over to the district attorney's office. tragedy for the family. following the devastating news of christina's death celebrities took to social media to express their done dole lenses. vivica a fox tweeting this rip bob bobbi kristina. my deepest sympathies to her father bobby brown and grandma cissy houston. we will miss you for sure
2:34 am
darling. >> condolences for bobby brown and family. may god comfort and keep you. rip bobbi kristina. >> holly robinson peete tweeted this rest in heaven. you were loved. they have not announced funeral plans. a final farewell for two women fatally shot in a louisiana move the theater. 59-year-old john houser reportedly talked about being severally depressed. in one conversation he talks about wanting to kill animals. investigators are analyzing his entries hoping to find a motive. >> a lot of ranting and raving. the man was thinking. he had a motive and we need to p find out what that was. >> maisie breux and hilary johnson will be laid to rest. breau was 31 johnson 33.
2:35 am
>> police are looking into whether kneel falls is connected to the murder and disappearances of at least 9 women in ohio illinois and nevada. last week he was shot and killed by a woman he met on-line. i knew he was there to kill me. i could tell he had already done something. he wouldn't let me get any air in. i grabbed my rake. when he put the rake dogun down the rape i grabbed the gun and shot him. >> they found a machete and axes and other tools in his car. he had a list of names of 10 other women. the donald is surging. two new boles show donald trump is leading the pack and his gop rivals are none too pleased. >> at this point donald trump
2:36 am
appears to be enjoying his moment. in a new cnn poll he leads the pack of 16 candidates at 18 percent support. jeb bush is close behind at 15 percent within the poll's margin of error. scott walker at 10 percent. the poll knows trump supporters jumped 6 percent late june while bush walker wasn't moved much. trump in first place along new hampshire primary voters. he has 21 percent support bush 14 percent and walker 12 percent. >> the country is going -- i want to be nice by saying in the wrong direction. it is worst than that. i it bring it back and bring back jobs from china and other places that are ripping us ouf. i think that is what people want to see. >> rick perry says trump will be
2:37 am
required to layout solutions not just sound bytes. lindsey graham says trump is not qualified to be commander-in-chief he cannot win an el links republicans cannot afford to lose. >> i would ask them -- he's appealing to the dark side of american politics. he is not offering ol suingses to hard things. he is fuelling fear and prejudice. >> whatever trump is doing, so far it is working. >> mike emanuel live from washington. thank you. donald trump may have target on his back but he is taking aim at hillary clinton saying her use of a private e-mail server was quote criminal. clinton's unsecure situation may have governized the situation.
2:38 am
clinton continues to defend their action. >> i am kong fip dent i never received information classified at the time it was sent or received. >> a new batch of e-mails is scheduled to be release the later this week. >> one of hillary clinton challenge carly fiorina. was it involved in a coverup. >> it is clear she broke the rules. it is chris cal clear she has been engaged in a cover up of lots of things. benghazi, the fact that she broke the rules. i mean how amazing that she has had this server in her basement all of too time and decides to wipe it clean two hours before the state department before she is ready to run for public. >> what starts as a normal takeoff for a fire jet will
2:39 am
quickly blow your mind. look. >> that is incredible. russian made fighter jet. it turns into a rocket ship as you can see right after takeoff. it can reach top speeds of 1500 miles an hour. a polish airport pilot was behind the controls at the air tattoo. >> millions of americans are in the bath of extreme weather today. >> tornados in the midwest, flooding in the southeast. maria is in the tracking center with it all. >> we have a lot of unsettled weather across the nation. one of those areas across parts of the plains. we have a storm system bringing risk of severe weather with large hail damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes
2:40 am
possible. we will continue to produce heavy rain out there. to the south excessive heat advisory with heat index values. let's head over to you. 20 minutes after the hour he said he was kidnapped and robert allenby what his former cat tee. befo what you need to know before you log on to our weightless. >> watch your words at work. one person's negativity could be making your whole office miserable. omes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...
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oh oo he claims he was drugd and kidnapped back in january might have made things up. allenby's former caddie says the golfer probably got drunk hit hid head and made up the story. he fired the caddie on the tour last week. >> new rules for the nfl may be in the air following last season's black eye that was deflate gate. the league is implementing new game ball rules. the most notable change has teams preparing double the amount of footballs in addition to random testing of the game ball. daredevil greg god gree lands his name in the record books once again. >> oh my word. >> he jumped the truck 1 # 6
2:45 am
feet at evel knievel days in montana. that crushes the old jump record of 62 feet. unbelievable. how in the world do you do that? >> something in a movie. >> thank you, ainsley. that's amazing. >> summer is in full swing. with it summer scams. adam shapiro from fox business with how to protect yourself. >> good morning, adam. these are good advice to listen to. adam levin warns everybody to be on alert for these particular scams. the contractor takes off never finishes. you could get a definite start of completion date in a written contract after calling references and reviewing the contractor on-line. front desk scam never give your credit card number out at a over the telephone. if they call and say we need your number. confirmed they call you before
2:46 am
you tell anybody your number before the over. >> the summer job plan don't give your social security number unless you have been to their office and confirmed they are going to hire you. wi-fi scam. hotel says it's free wi-fi but confirm that with the front desk before you log on. those wi-fi network can be hacked when you check your financial data so you may wish to do that over your own secured network. the concert ticket scam. make sure you buy tickets on-line from well-known reputable dealers. we all know who bought the tickets for the price that was too good to be true. >> ythey were so cheap. >> and you got to stand outside of the stadium and hear them. >> log on to foxbusiness.c >> 46 minutes after the top of the hour. a real life hollywood tragedy. bob de christina brown dies over
2:47 am
night in georgia. we are there live for what her family is now saying. >> it is not just the neon lights firing up. what caused this inferno to send a sin city hotel a blaze. >> good morning to you. coming up on "fox & friends" donald trump surging in new polls across the country. bret baier here with reaction. oo 10-year-old girl saves her grandfather's life from what she remembered with her science fair project. she didn't even come in first place. then a new trend that says modest bathing suits are making a big splash. could be the end of the bikini. say it ain't so. we are going to prove it's not. we are going to learn how to surf. is it still raining? flsh flu a busy three hours kicks off 12 minutes from now on your channel for news. and it turned on everywhere else. but that's exactly how traditional
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." bobbi kristina brown, the daughter of the late whitney houston dead at 22, nearly six months after she was found facedown in a bathtub. our reporter is live at the medical examiner's office with the latest. good morning, mark. >> good morning. this certainly wasn't a surprise but still a sad moment especially for her family members and friends. as you mentioned, we are at the fulton county medical examiners office. this is where they brought the body of bobbi kristina brown where they try to determine exactly what caused all of this. as you mentioned, this started months ago in january. she was found in the bathtub, facedown, of her townhouse and ever since then they tried to do what they can to get her back,
2:52 am
but they have not been able to fully get her back functioning. she went through different hospitals and facilities. at one time, it looked like she was actually getting better, unfortunately she took a turn for the worst and about a month ago they put her in a hospice care facility in suburban atlanta. she remained at that location until she passed away yesterday. bobbi kristina brown, of course, the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown, music ledge enled, and because of that, there's been an awful lot of people following this. her family did put out a statement in which they said that bobbi kristina was now finally in the arms of god. they also thank everyone for their love, support, and prayers. there is a criminal investigation that is undergoing because of all of this and we'll have to see where that takes us. but for now, that's the latest here in atlanta. marc teichner in atlanta. decorative lights being
2:53 am
blamed for a massive fire at the cosmopolyton hotel on the las vegas strip. it was fueled by plastic foam used in artificial tree. two people suffered smoke inhalation. the pool has since been reopened. barbecue outlaws. bizarre video going viral of a florida man being told that the smoke from his grill is breaking the lawxt. >> i'm only here because -- you are allowed to have it smoke on your property, that doesn't count, but when i'm on the street -- >> you can't smell barbecue smoke on the street. >> i can. >> is that against the law? >> oh, my goodness. that's my response too. the county council official citing a new rule saying that commercial cookers violate the
2:54 am
law. >> it smells so good. i love the smell. >> the time now is eight minutes until the top of the year. coming up, atheists take aim. the sheriff's department shows it has god on its side. and why rapper snoop dogg won't ever go back to sweden again. ♪ ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice. book now at
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three minutes before the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today, bobbi kristina brown dead at the age of 22 months after being found facedown in a bathtub. no word yet on funeral plans. desperate search under way for two 14-year-olds who never returned home from a fishing trip. their boat was found capsized off the coast of florida. and bolger is serving a life sentence for allegedly participating in 11 murders and is appealing. time now for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good, rocky, the boxer reuniting with his family two years after missing from his home. a rescue organization scanning his microchip located the family. the bad, rapper snoop dogg
2:59 am
arrested on drug charges. he says he's never returning to sweden. workplace is returning to rudeness. >> why don't you take a letter opener and stick it in your stomach. >> a brand-new study finds that people who are surrounded by rude qoerkers are more likely to be mean themselves. it's time for your brew on this response. a missouri sheriff's department adding in god we trust on the back of their police cars. that decision, however, angering atheists. is this a violation or a violation of church and state? >> church and state is to keep the government from telling us how we worship. >> in god we trust is good enough for our currency but then good enough for our sheriff's vehicle. >> it has nothing to do with their jobs so not a problem. >> concern would be are there
3:00 am
atheist or ago gnostic officers who might be ostracized if they objected or opted not to have the sticker? >> let's talk about something a little different, donald trump this morning. he says he might run a third party candidate. how would that impact the gop chances at the white house? >> "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning, to you at home, it is monday, july 27th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. just months after being found facedown in a bathtub, whitney houston's 22-year-old daughter, bobby chris nina -- cristina brown has died. why her did he go has turn into a murder investigation. >> then lost at sea. the desperate search for these two 14-year-old boys who set sail off the florida coast and have not been heard from. hear from the parents holding out hope that the football superstar offering a reward f


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