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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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up next. martha: we'll see see you back here tomorrow, everybody. bill: bye-bye. ♪ ♪ jenna: a busy monday, we're waiting for hillary clinton to hit i the campaign trail in iowa as she tries to confront what some are calling an enthusiasm gap for her presidential campaign. hello everybody i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. democratic front runner hillary clinton set to speak about an hour from now in iowa. she came in third in the iowa caucuses the last time she ran for president, and mrs. clinton spent this weekend reminding audiences there that she's been a reliable warrior for democratic causes. with her favorability ratings taking a hit as senator bernie sanders gains on her in the polls and the of state's ongoing e-mail scandal may be to blame. joining us now, bret baier the anchor of "special report." they are talking about an enthusiasm gap in the hillary clinton candidacy, bret. what does that mean? >> well, it means she has
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looking at these poll numbers a couple to of real problems. one as you mentioned is the favorability rating. the newest polls out in iowa have her unfavorable 23 points different than her favorable n. new hampshire that gap is 20 points. that is not a good sign, and then you add that to honest and trustworthy numbers in several national polls, and she's underwater there as well. how much is this e-mil controversy back and forth affecting that? we don't know particularly, but we do know that it adds to what has been a growing issue for hillary clinton. and the question is who can capitalize on that, is it bernie sanders is it perhaps joe biden if he gets in this race come the end of summer? jon: yeah, in reference, apparently to bernie sanders she said that presidential politics is war and she said she knows how to fight and win those battles but she didn't
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win iowa last time around. i mean, that's one of the things that she's going to have to overcome this time. she cannot lose iowa this time and still go on, can she? or is that still possible? >> oh, it's always still possible, and we have a lot of, a lot of real estate to cover politically before we get to that point. and remember, you know, she ended up winning new hampshire last time and it was a long drawn-out primary and caucus battle with barack obama in 2008. but i will say this, that bernie sanders is tapping into that anger, that angst about anti-politician even though he is a longtime senator. he's still tapped into that on the left much like donald trump has tapped into that same kind of pushback against politicians on both parties in the republican party. and there is a real threat there. whether it's a threat to her in the nomination, we'll see. i think that these numbers are not good signs for the clinton
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campaign. jon: she leads bernie sanders in new hampshire by about 13 points but at one point her lead was way above 50. clearly, her campaign when it comes to those kinds of comparisons, is going in the wrong direction. >> yeah. and, listen, this e-mail thing cannot be overstated as far as it's if it goes forward this investigation. what she said over the weekend, that she did not e-mail classified information, send or receive on her personal e-mail server does fly in the face of what two inspectors general said about her e-mail, that they found classified material in the it, classified at the point of generation, not later. and that has to be rectified and it's up to the doj whether they're going to move forward or not to. and all of that factors in to her political standing. jon: and there seems to be a war going on between her side and the select benghazi committee. her side says she will appear on
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october 22nd. they've already said they will let her testify just one day and just about the benghazi attacks. the committee, apparently, hasn't agreed to that one day and they've also said that they want to talk to her about the e-mails. her side is saying, no, no e-mails. so there's an awful lot of fighting yet to be smoothed over here. >> oh, definitely. and there will be fighting probably until the fall on that issue. she has said that she's going to testify but you right, they have very -- you're right, they have very strict stipulations about what she's willing to do. trey gowdy and his committee are looking to expand that to figure out what exactly was in the e-mail server and whether that moves forward, we'll have to see. jon: yeah. seems like an awful lot of information to get to in just one day of testimony. bret baier, see you on "special report" tonight. thank you. >> thanks, jon. jenna: as we kick off of a monday we don't want to forget what's happening in the markets. take a look at the dow stocks
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taking a hit on the heels of a huge selloff in china. adam shapiro with the fox business network joins us now. >> good morning jenna. yeah our 401(k)s are not happy this monday it's continuing today and as you mentionbe mentioned, a lot of this has to do with what happened in china. the index fell the most it's fallen in eight years down 85. the dow right now in the united states down. we were down triple digits, close to 130 points off. let's take a look at where we stand year to date. the dow year to date is down about 2% the s&p 500 is still up barely half a percent, but the nasdaq, you know, some people were worried about a tech bubble, nasdaq hit some new all-time highs last week and the week before. it's up roughly 6 a little bit over 6.5% although all three indexes today are down. part of the news we got today had to do with durable goods orders they are up for the month of june, up 3.4%, a lot of that, though, was aircraft
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orders. boeing had a good month at the paris air show. you can always watch what's happening at and fox business news, fox business network. but right now dow off 79 points. jenna? jenna: adam, thank you. jon: right now the sentencing phase in the trial of james holmes is entering a critical period. defense attorneys are making their case that holmes should get life in prison for the deadly attack inside a colorado movie theater. and they're expected to call his mother to the stand. alicia acuna live outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado. alicia? >> reporter: hi, jon. yes, james holmes' defense team has said it could wrap up the mitigation phase in the next day or two which means some of their most critical witnesses will likely take the stand soon including the likely possibility the theater shooter's mother will be on the stand. the defense team told the judge that arlene holmes wanted to testify during victim impact, but that was denied the judge
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telling them, she is not a victim here. remember she wrote a book about the case, and his parents also gave a newspaper interview in an apparent effort to spare their son the death penalty. we expect a full day of witnesses who will continue to testify about the character of who james holmes was growing up. long before he walked into a midnight showing of a batman movie in aurora and began shooting. twelve people were killed that night and 70 were injured, some permanently. according to a new quinnipiac poll of colorado residents 63 percent say they believe holmes should get the death penalty, 32% say they do not. the defense is doing its best to humanize their client and show he was a sweet, normal kid before his supposed psychotic break as they continue to fight for his life. here is james holmes' fifth grade teacher. >> he's jimmy to me. he had it all. he was like a renaissance child. >> reporter: the prosecution says it does not plan any rebuttal witnesses.
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if that's the case, we go straight into jury instructions, then closings, and then the jury will deliberate again. if they cannot agree, holmes will get life in prison which could happen, jon as early as this week. one other note, the judge this morning is asking the jurors if they have had any media exposure to the theater shooting last week in louisiana. jon? jon: alicia acuna in centennial, colorado, thank you. jenna: well, we'll move overseas, turkey stepping up its role in the syrian civil war but reports that the country's military is targeting kurdish fighters who are battling isis with the help of the united states. john huddy's live with more on this one. john? >> yeah. well, jenna, turkey's foreign ministry says that the country is not intentionally attacking any kurdish forces on the ground, but the kurds maintain no turkey is intentionally attacking our ground forces essentially reigniting the violent feud between two old
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foes. now today turkey's border with syria remained relatively calm, but last night kurdish military leaders say kurdish tanks shelled a village controlled by the pkk or the kurdistan workers party and that also turkey launched airstrikes against the group as well. now some background the pkk is an organization that's been on the u.s. state department's foreign terror list since 1997 and has fought turkey's government for the past 30 years. but that nonetheless, has been fighting isis in northern syria alongside other kurdish forces and for the most part has been winning or at least holding isis off. but the hostility between the pkk and turkey threatens to really not only throw a wrench into the fight against isis, but also regional coordination. the u.s. has been helping those kurdish ground forces with ongoing airstrikes, and the u.s. has called on both turkey and the pkk to avoid violence, but the u.s. has also said that turkey has a right to defend itself against kurdish rebels.
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kurdish rebels that turkey said attacked one of its military outposts. so nato at this point jenna has scheduled an emergency meeting tomorrow to discuss this ongoing situation, a very complicated and dangerous situation indeed. jenna? jenna: and one to continue to watch. john, thank you. jon: a man accused of trying to kill his wife, not with a gun or a knife, what police say he used to try to take her out. plus, an nfl legend gets involved in the search for these two missing teenings. what joe namath just did we are live with the story. and we want to hear from you. is the mainstream media taking the hillary clinton e-mail story seriously enough? our live chat is up and running, go to and join the conversation.
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jon: right now some crime stories we're following. police in santa cruz california, are searching for a missing 9-year-old girl. madison middleton, who's known as maddie disappeared yesterday
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while she was out on her scooter. she's four feet tall 48 pounds has blue eyes. anyone with information is asked to call police or dial 911. the trial begins today for a wyoming man accused of trying to kill his wife with his car. he hit her minivan, drove around the block and tried to run her over as she stood on a nearby lawn. notorious serial killer son of sam became the victim of an attack in prison nearly four decades ago. it was never prosecuted. now a former superintendent there has named a suspect in that crime saying william houser on the left of the screen here, a career criminal, slit david berkovitz's throat back in 1979 at the attica correctional facility. berkovitz refused to cooperate in the investigation, and houser was never charged. jenna: now to the desperate search for two teenagers missing at sea since friday off the coast of florida. the coast guard found their overturned boat this weekend but the boys, their families are
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still holding out hope that they will be found alive. this as an nfl legend announces a $100,000 reward in the search. phil keating is live at jupiter inlet, florida with more. >> reporter: jenna, the coast guard just announcing they are still considering this a search and rescue operation in the hopes that these two missing 14-year-olds will, in fact, be alive. there is a major search going on up above from the air and out on the atlantic for these missing boys last seen on friday as they left their boat marina on the florida intercoastal. and based on where their boat was discovered, it is believed that the two boys went right out the jupiter inlet here and out into the ocean for what was going to be a fun day of fishing. but i've got to tell you on friday afternoon, the weather turned very south, very fast up here with winds above 40 miles an hour. although they are just 14 years old austin and perry are describe canned by their parents as very experienced boaters and fishermen who had great respect
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for the ocean and the power of mother nature, did not take boating as a joke, in other words. but a bad sign yesterday the boys' 19-foot boat discovered by the coast guard floating capsized way up the coastline 70 miles offshore east of daytona beach with one life jacket onboard and no sign of the boys. ever since friday afternoon coast guard's been searching day and night for the kids with a c-130 plane helicopters and boats plotting winds and currents to hopefully find the boys and hopefully find them alive. moments ago the coast guard giving an update saying that the search area is now the same size as the state of indiana, and based on the gulf stream which goes north up the coastline of florida it's now the search area focusing east of jacksonville. now, the community here in palm beach county really coming together and offering hope and support to to to the families. hundreds attending a vigil last night standing room only at one of the boys' schools.
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joe ney math also stepping up -- may math stepping up in a huge way. he knows the boys, and he's offering $100,000 to anyone who can help solve this mystery. >> the love is there. we're all praying. we've got a lot of people out on the water and in the air looking. both families have been hard at work at this and praying, so let's just stay safe and we'll keep on looking til we find 'em. >> reporter: and this brand new missing poster was just released by friends and family members of the two missing boys within the past hour. updates the situation, and both families are saying they still believe the boys made floating devices when the boat capsized with the engine cover. they had a cooler onboard the boat to put their captured fish in there possibly, according to the coast guard, there could have been up to six life vests
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onboard, so strong hope still out here that these boys are somehow still float out there in the atlantic ocean and drifting north by the minute. jenna? jenna: hope they find them sometime soon. thank you so much. jon: very stiff penalties for fiat-chrysler how the feds are forcing the automaker to get what it calls unsafe cards off the road. plus, the case of a boston crime boss back in court today. why whitey bulger's lawyers say he should get a new murder trial.
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jon: the feds force fiat-chrysler to get unsafe cars off the roads. safety regulators are ordering the company to offer to to buy back more than 500,000 ram pickup trucks and other vehicles from customers as part of a deal
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to settle legal problems in roughly two dozen recalls. the automaker also faces a record civil fine of up to $105 million. this settlement just the latest sign that auto safety regulators are taking a more aggressive approach with companies that do not conduct proper recalls. jenna: new information now on notorious crime boss and a once america's most wanted top name james "whitey" bulger. his lawyers arguing today in boston he should get a new trial. they say he wasn't allowed to tell jurors about an offer of immunity by a now-deceased prosecutor. bulger is now a convicted murderer. he's serving two life sentences in prison. joining us now criminal defense attorneys, jonna, as a defense attorney i'm curious what you think about this. do they have an argument here? >> unless whitey bulger is going to live to 110, this is probably an exercise in futility, but it is his right to file the this appeal and i do think he has a
8:23 am
point here. the sixth amendment guarantees you the right to prevent -- to present witnesses in your favor including yourself. this was a job for the jury to decide, not for a judge to shut down before he had a chance to testify on his own behalf. -and-a-half i'm sure our viewers are thinking heather okay so this criminal is saying this now-deceased prosecutor promised him some sort of protection. it sounds pretty shady but if you look at the case, a lot of the -- this is one of the criticisms of the case, that there were different prosecutors promising all sorts of things to affiliates of bulger. so perhaps this did happen. >> listen, it is definitely -- it has definitely been a huge problem for the fbi and for people in boston with regards to the investigators and different people making deals with whitey bulger. inin fact, the families have filed civil suits and the fbi has0aid out somewhere around $5 million or more, so this definitely is an issue. however, the question of immunity, jenna is one for the
8:24 am
judge before it even gets to the jury. if the judge were to decide there was immunity granted in this case, it would never go to trial. so it was for the judge to decide, and here the judge made that decision because not only did whitey have to prove there was a deal, but he also had to prove the prosecutor had the right to make that deal. even if there was a deal, which there may have well been given everything else we've seen about problems here, the prosecutors never had the right to make it, so this decision was correct. jenna: interesting. so jonna, if the judge which heather's arguing this is the judge's call then did the judge make the call and in the end it's not something that can be argued further? >> so heather is correct in that immunity is something you would argue from pretrial. obviously, i don't know whether that happened or not in this case. but if you're going to put whitey bulger on the stand to testify in his own defense and agreement with a prosecutor who wasn't going to go after me, it doesn't have been to a legit immunity defense, but it's his presentation of the facts that
8:25 am
the jury had a right to hear. but like i said before, he's 85 years old jenna. by the time this comes rolling around, he's going to be probably not with us anymore. jenna: sit in prison or maybe get a new trial and maybe have some time on the stand. it would certainly make things a little more interesting for him other than sitting behind bars. [laughter] that's motivation right? >> he desperately wants to tell his story. he desperately wants to tell everybody that the fbi was in on a lot of what he did. and that's a big part of his right. jonna is correct, he could have made this testimony and said that he was entrapped or that he was somehow, there's an argument of estoppel. there's a lot of things he could have argued. i don't think he's going to get a new trial about it because of this immunity part that's for the judge to decide. jenna: a few weeks ago he responded to a letter from some students who were asking him about his crimes. again, he looks like he's trying to reach out and set the record straight in his own mind, whatever that, the truth is. let me ask you about this other
8:26 am
case, this is really interesting. this happened over the weekend. here's the legal question can police shut down a concert when they deem a performer an unacceptable role model or is that a violation of first amendment rights? this happened in indiana. police stopped a concert when a hologram of a controversial rapper started performing. police say his presence even in a hologram, is a public safety risk. the p rapper says he's changed his ways that's why he wanted to perform at this stop the killing benefit concert outside of the city limits of chicago. jonna, the city of chicago said he couldn't perform. he also has warrants for his arrest because of child support but he raps about gang violence. he says he's changing his tune he wants to be productive. can police actually shut down a performance, number one and can they shut down a hold frame? i mean, we're -- a hologram? we're really in a new era. >> we certainly are a new
8:27 am
digital age. i don't think whether it matters whether the performance is live or via hologram because you're still hearing the message, it's still the person's voice still the same content. i think the issue is did the city have a right -- did the performer have a first amendment right to say what he wanted to say, and if so, did the city have a right to shut it down anyway? i don't think the performer had a first amendment right, and the reason is one of the exceptions to the first amendment is incitement of violence. incitement words, things that incite violence like in this case, this rapper has a history of inciting violence against police officers, so -- jenna: but is that a leap, heather? there have been criminals that say, well, i was incited to, you know commit this crime because of this rap. is there that type of clear connection? >> you can't shut something down -- i this pushback against the first amendment is so frustrating to me. we've seen it with different things about mohamed, the cartoons of mohamed, and now we see it with this. a general threat to safety is not enough to violate someone's first amendment rights. you have to have a specific
8:28 am
threat. when it is just a general threat to safety with no specific threat, it is absolutely prohibited by the first amendment to shut it down. i think that if this organizers of this thing were to sue, they would absolutely win. their first amendment rights have absolutely been violetted. they've been discriminated against solely based on their views. jenna: interesting also, jonna that the concert -- again outside the city limits of chicago, this was in indiana -- the chicago police did it the previous week and the indiana police did it this weekend. the concert wasn't violent. there wasn't fights happening according to the reports, but when they shut it down, everyone did go home. so does that change things too because it wasn't a violent situation that they were trying to take care of? >> it wasn't a violent situation up to that point. the other half of this is the promoters for the concert lied to the city officials because they didn't want the city officials to know this was the rapper who was going to be the finale of the performance. so once you do that once you violet your contractual obligation with the city, they
8:29 am
have a right the shut it down on that alone. forget the first amendment. jenna: oh that's interesting. heather final thoughts on that? they misrepresented what the concert was going to be, and then this guy appears via hologram from california. >> right. so if it's contractual obligation, perhaps they could have been sued for having broken the contract, but to go into the first amendment argument that to violate someone's first amendment rights to speak their viewpoint even if the police and the city didn't agree with it, it is basic first amendment protections. slowly but surely, we are growing away from that in the united states, and we have to remember and protect that viewpoint even if we don't like it. jenna: i'm glad you're both here in person, by the way. i will speak to your holograms someday. [laughter] for now i'm really glad that you're both here. great to have you. thank you very much. >> thanks, jenna. jon: people escaping from theirxd homes as water rises around them. days of rain causing severe flooding. when will they see any relief? and are the media
8:30 am
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get crackin' while you still can. jon: now a quick look at what's still to come this hour of "happening now." just another day on the job for one skilled pilot who makes a pretty good landing out of some incredibly bad weather. flames and smoke rise at a massive casino on the famed vegas strip. the latest on the investigation into what may have sparked this fire. and this man is known simply as the iron cowboy. more on his amazing record-setting feat and what inspired him to push his body to its limit. jenna: days of heavy rain hitting central florida a river north of tampa overrunning its banks forcing advantage wakeses, and people there will have to wait for relief. there's more rain in the forecast. maria molina is in the fox weather center with more. >> reporter: hi, jenna. you know it's going to be a lot of rain when florida is flooding, and that's exactly what we've had occurring, and it's forecast to continue to
8:35 am
occurñr parts of central florida. we have this frontal system that ice basically parked over florida and it's pulling in a lot of moisture, a lot of rain across areas like tampa and also surrounding regions out there, especially along parts of the west coast of florida. that's really where we're seeing some of the worst flooding. we've already picked up locally more than six inches of rain in these areas and taking a look at the future ray darks you can see more rain is in the forecast, it's just going to continue not ondy through tomorrow, but potentially even a longer period of time. so this is an estimate as far as how much rainfall we've already seen across florida. you can see many areas across the west coast picking up more than four inches of rain, and some of that purple shading in there, that's locally over eight inches of rainfall and that's just within the past 48 hours, so a lot of moisture is what's really enhancing that rainfall threat. the ground already saturated so flooding will continue to be a threat. across parts of the northern plains there's a storm system exiting the rockies, pulling in a lot of warm, very humid air, and with this system we're seeing the risk for some severe
8:36 am
weather across places like nebraska and also up into parts of the dakotas and each an enhanced risk across parts of the dakotas where we could be looking at very large-sized hail damaging winds and also some tornadoes that will be possible. and that even extends into parts of canada today. not too unusual this time of the year to see some severe weather out there, so this is something that we'll continue to track. heads up if you live in bismarck in rapid city, you do have a threat to see some nasty storms rolling through. jenna: what a way to start the week. maria, thank you. jon: new details now on hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. clinton saying she never sent or received any e-mails that were classified at the time. this comes as a pair of inspectors general asks the justice department to investigate all of this. now one prominent journalist is saying the media might be underestimating the impact of the controversy. listen. >> is it possible andrea that
8:37 am
the media analysts and others have underestimated the impact of this e-mail situation on hillary clinton's campaign? >> i think so. look, you have two inspectors general and they are referring to this to the justice department. you can try to confuse it, and there's been a lot of misdirection, there's been inaccurate reporting significantly on thursday night by "the new york times." it's not a criminal referral, it's not at this stage. it could become and it could become nothing. jon: andrea mitchell's been around washington a long time. alan colmes is host of the alan colmes show nationally syndicated, and tammy bruce is a fox news contributor. is it possible that the media underestimated, alan? >> no. [laughter] "the new york times" got the story totally wrong. himself was not the subjects of the investigation, of the referral. it's not even a criminal referral. they got the entire story wrong.
8:38 am
by the way "newsweek" takes the times apart on this, and this idea that somehow "the new york times," liberal media pro-clinton, this is an organization that they broke whitewater. they've not been a pro-clinton organ for a very, very long time. there's no news in that headline. jon: tammy? >> well, that's a nice distraction. he's grinning at me already. [laughter] that is a distraction. the fact of the matter is there's been a referral by two inspectors general to the doj. you don't refer things to the doj because you want to breakfast. you want to have breakfast. that's a criminal entity -- >> nothing criminal was -- >> but this is, but this is, there's a reason why you refer to the doj. separate from that you've got media, what you just heard it's fascinating to me that many of us -- this is not a surprise -- that her having the server in and of itself was the flag of such a lack of judgment that something was very wrong.
8:39 am
to hear andrea mitchell and mika brzezinski speak as though they've just been dropped from the planet mars, realizing hillary had done something is amusing. this has turned out the coverage on the weekend to the media covering themselves and the fact they wanted to ignore it, and now it's -- >> by the way -- jon: inspectors general, alan, are not prosecutors. >> right. jon: they're not going to be -- they themselves would not be filing indictments or bringing charges. but here is a line from their let or on friday. this classified information meaning, you know, hillary clinton's e-mails regarding the the state department, this classified information should never have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system. >> key to this story is that some of these pieces of so of ca alled class -- so-called classified information were not classified at the time hillary clinton transmitted them and that's been lost in all of this -- >> will but that's not the problem. >> and by the way, all the data
8:40 am
sent by hillary clinton was saved to a secure data system controlled by the state department. there's no there there. they're going to go after clinton -- >> we know there's some of the minutiae here. obviously; it had to first go through the bill clinton foundation router. whatever, look, this is all the e-mails from the secretary of state of the united states. the reason you have a secure system that when you send them out before anything is declared classified, because you're developing material at the time. you're moving -- we should presume that everything a secretary of state sends out is going to be classified. keep in mind the classified e-mails, they've determined was from a batch of 40. and they found four. that's 10%. extrapolate that over the dynamic but ultimately you've got to presume that somebody in that position is going to be sending classified information you know, from the moment she sits down to type it. jon: doesn't it -- >> that's quite a presumption,
8:41 am
by the way. jon: why alan? this is the nation's top diplomat. she did not use apparently ever -- >> i've said all i long, she needs to explain why she used a privacy server. and i've said -- >> they'll say because she's paranoid. >> i would really like to see her address this asap. >> but it's been years now. >> the times got the story -- >> the times' story that's going to be another -- they haven't even explained why they responded so quickly to her complaints. that's another issue entirely. what you can't -- >> they knew they were wrong. >> what you can't obscure is that this is a referral not to the international house of pancakes but to the department of justice. >> oh my god. the department of justice. it's called a referral by two inspectors general. it is not an indictment, and it is not a determination -- >> it is a request but it is a -- noting that this kind of classified information was sent, this goes right back to the whole hillary issue of drama all the time, scandal all the time and a lack of judgment that makes this conversation even
8:42 am
necessary. jon: doesn't it seem more than a little implausible that a woman who spent four years as secretary of state can say i never sent anything via e-mail that was classified? >> no. i would presume that if she knew she was dealing with classified information, she would not have done it on ore private server. and you're saying it may have been done after the fact n hindsight, which i don't think is fair to say well, hillary clinton therefore, lied -- >> that allows her to say that doesn't it? if we don't say everything that a sec -- secretary of state sends out on e-mail is classified, it allows her to say nothing i sent was classified. >> and who leaked this to the times? >> he keeps screaming shiny scwierl. >> you don't like squirrels? i'm calling peter right now. jon: we're going to have to leave it there. tammy grooves, alan colmes thank you both. jenna: a pool in las vegas is
8:43 am
open for business again following a massive fire and quite the pictures coming from that. how investigators are trying to learn the cause of this blaze. plus, why lawmakers are pushing to cut federal funding for planned parenthood. right now on, check out our taxpayer calculator to see how much of your hard-earned money goes to planned parenthood. shannon bream on this story, next.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. sandra and andrea. >> less than two weeks to the first gop presidential debate and in new polls show a lot of movement across the crowded field of 16 candidates. who's up, who's down and why? >> plus, a judge deals a huge blow to the president's immigration policy, leaving the administration on just days to decide what to do with nearly 2,000 illegal immigrant women and kids. >> and if in god we trust is on our money, why is a sheriff taking such heat for putting it on patrol cars? >> we'll ask our #oneluckyguy
8:47 am
for the first time, finally judge andrew napolitano, the man who seems to know everything. >> we're excited. jon: that's going to be a hot one. thank you. >> thank you. jenna: a hotel swimming pool in vegas is back open following a massive fire at the cos no to poll tan in -- cosmopolitan in vegas. the bamboo pool, as it's called is now open with full service except for its west bar. that area affected by the fire still walled off by the fire department. investigators are looking through surveillance videos as they try to figure out what exactly happened here. jon: planned parenthood under fire from lawmakers in washington after undercover videos uncovered employees bargaining for the fees over using fetal tissue in research. planned parenthood receives about half a billion in taxpayer money every year. shannon bream live in washington with more on that. >> reporter: well, jon, there are efforts by gop lawmakers in
8:48 am
both the house and senate, but don't expect democrats to get onboard. rand paul is leading the charge in the senate and says after seeing the two undercover videos showing doctors discussing the transfer of fetal body parts and organs, all americans should be asking questions. >> i really think the time has come in our country to debate do people want their taxpayer dollars going to this kind of plead your? -- procedure? >> reporter: and on sunday, planned parenthood's president cecile richards, says her organization has done nothing illegal and wants the group behind the videos the center for medical progress, to be investigated. >> the folks behind this, in fact, are part of the most militant wing of the anti-abortion movement that has been behind, you know, the bombing of clinics, the murder of doctors in their homes and in their churches and that's what actually needs to be -- >> but you -- >> reporter: over the past ten years it's estimated planned parenthood has received more than $4 billion in federal and
8:49 am
state government funding. here's a look at what you the taxpayer, have contributed based on your income level. to get a more specific look at how many of your tax dollars have gone to planned parenthood over the last decade, go to right now, you can click on the taxpayer calculator. by the way, at the state level a number of agencies have launched investigations into planned parenthood but in california the attorney general is vowing to look into the group behind the videos to see whether it violated any state laws there. jon? jon: plenty of shoes yet to drop it seems. shannon bream, thank you. jenna: well a passenger jet rocking violently from side to side. what caused it, and how did this shaky landing come out? jon scott, i'm sure, has some thoughts on that. and an american city with a high crime rate now using prison inmates to help solve a growing problem. other cities may follow its lead. we're going to be live with the details on this project next.
8:50 am
put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. planters. nutrition starts with nut.
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jon: this is one of those land arings you'll be glad you were on the ground for, not onboard the plane. a very bumpy landing for this klm jet. rocking violently from side to side the pilot manages to get it stabilized just before it touched down there. you can hear the applause from out here. happened on a runway in amsterdam. gusts there reaching as high as 75 miles an hour those are said to be the strongest winds in a dutch summer since recordkeeping began. more than a hundred years ago. jenna: you know how i feel about flying. jon: i know you don't exactly love to fly. jenna: here's my two questions for this video should they have even been land anything this weather, and how good was that pilot -- jon: pilot did a good job. you know, when i fly a little plane there's something called a cross-wind component. i have to study the winds at the destination airport. if they're coming from the side
8:54 am
at too high -- ooh that's a little dicey there. if they're too strong from the side i am not suppose today land. i imagine they have something like that for jetliners i'll have to look into that. jenna: i'm just glad everything was all right. jon: you know those passengers were happy about that one. jenna: chicago is actually turning to criminals to solve a growing urban problem. as cook county inmates demolish abandoned houses and pick up some valuable skills in the process. mike tobin is live in chicago. >> reporter: that's just it, jenna. the sharp difference between this and the prison chain gangs is the guys on the chain gangs were no more employable when they got out. inmates who are chosen to be part of this demolition program are picking up job skills while getting rid of the abandoned houses. they're required to go through safety training and they come away with an osha certificate which says they're safe to work on a construction site. when possible the jail hooks them up with a job. >> we can look at these
8:55 am
businessmen and say listen we're going to give you someone that has training someone that has a desire, we'll vet 'em, we're not going to give you everybody and please, will you offer them an opportunity. >> reporter: only nonviolent offenders qualify to be a part of the program, and usually at the end of their sentence so there's not a lot of temptation to attempt a jailbreak. the program is new so the sheriff says there are no figures available recidivism. the inmates are not taking jobs away from people who have not broken the law because the municipalities targeted have no money in the budget for demolition. this is work that otherwise would not get done. the abandoned houses become magnets for squatters drug dealers, all sorts of crime, and they drive property value down. the mayor of dalton, illinois called the program a one/win. the biggest expense is hauling away the debris and the county reclaims some of the building supplies and reselling it. jenna: an interesting idea mike. thank you. jon: i like that story. now for some stories we're working on for the next hour of "happening now." fox news speaks exclusively with
8:56 am
defense secretary ash carter. his take on defending the nuclear deal with iran. plus, new promises to our allies in the middle east. we'll also have latest from out west on efforts to stop the spread of a dangerous wildfire.
8:57 am
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jenna: man known as iron cowboy setting a world record of epic proportions. saturday, james lawrence from utah completed his challenge to run 50 "iron man" triathlon courses. he did it in 50 days, in all 50 states. and he says that has a father of five young children he wanted to raise awareness about childhood obesity. set a good example for his own kids. 50 "iron man," 50 days, we have so many questions for him logistically but -- jon: how does your body survive
9:00 am
that kind of punishment? jenna: we hope he can join us on the show. quite an compliment cowboy. jon: good for him. jenna: we'll go get lunch. jon: see you in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." happy monday everyone. i'm sandra smith. here today is andrea tantaros, co-host of "fox & friends" first ainsley earhardt, democratic strategist and fox news contributor julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. welcome to the couch sir. you are outnumbered. >> so happy -- what do you mean i'm outnumbered? >> happy to be, right? >> thrilled, thank you. >> great to have you here. first time on the couch. >> yes. >> it is? >> yes it is. you had me remotely from studio and from


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