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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> should have one in studio. >> one in the office. >> why not? >> thanks for joining us everybody. >> "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts now. thanks very much guys. so we're going to show you brand new video of the capsized boat as the desperate search growing for the two teenage boys who vanished off the coast of florida. plus the head of the rnc calling on all republican candidates to pledge that they won't run as a third-party candidate and hillary clinton breaking her silence on the e-mail scandal. hi everyone. hope you had a great weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now. family and friends are holding out hope as the u.s. navy now joins the search for those two teens who vanished during a fishing adventure. brand new video just coming into fox here it is of their capsized boat found 70 miles off the coast of the state of florida. 14-year-olds perry cohen and austin stephanos were last seen
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friday before heading out to sea. since then crews have scoured more than 25,000 square miles of water. that's an area roughly the size of the state of indiana. football hall of famer joe nathat the, who is a neighbor also contributing to the $100,000 reward. >> so fine these two young fellows. we just keep on praying, man. it's hard. it's so hard. >> well besides the overturned boat there have been no signs of the two young boys. phil keating live for us in jupiter inlet florida. what can you tell us about the growing search efforts that are happening now this afternoon? >> reporter: gretchen it is substantial, in the air, on the ocean and now along the beaches where friends and family members are now walking the sand and the coast of florida looking for any sort of a clue that can help lead to finding these missing 14-year-olds and most importantly find them alive. they haven't been seen since friday when they filled up their
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boat with $100 in gas and presumably went out right here took the boat out into the atlantic ocean through the jupiter inlet through a fun day of fishing and the weather on friday turned south, very very fast with 40-mile-an-hour winds and an increasing chop out in the water. the coast guard still categorizing this major operation as a search and rescue one use planes helicopters and boats as well as vessels from the navy and customs and border protection. the 14-year-olds' boat still floating today upside down as it was found yesterday about 70 miles offshore of jacksonville, due east and that's where the current search and rescue zone is right now. the step-father of one of the boys, perry cohen, shared this this afternoon. >> we don't give up you know. this is about our children and we believe in them. we know that people have been out there longer. people have survived. we have to keep going.t is right now, it's three days since the boys
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were last seen and if they are floating out there and moving north with the gulf stream certainly hypothermia is going to be a major factor. >> no doubt. what more can you tell us about these young boys? >> reporter: well, their parents say look they may be just 14 years old, but they are very good outdoorsmen, boaters. very adept at fishing. in fact a couple of the poise reportedly worked at a local bait and tackle shop and were very well known in the fishing community here in jupiter, loved nature, loved to be outside and one of the dads did say though they were not allowed to go out the jupiter inlet cut out into the ocean. if they were going to go fishing on that boat they were supposed to stay in florida's inner coastal. the nfl hall of famer and legendary quarterback joe namath, neighbor and friends with these families and has even known the boys for several years. he's kicking in money for this
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reward and information, anything that will lead to the kids and they go to schools in the jupiter area and last night standing room only crowd. hundreds packing the auditorium of one of the boy's school for a vigil and prayers and really showing as much love and support for these families as possible but the search continues and hope remains strong. >> all right. phil keating live for us as we continue to think about those two boys. thank you, sir. let's talk politics now because donald trump riding away out in front of several recent polls now. republican party hoping to keep him in the fold after billionaire businessman, well he hinted he might run as a third-party candidate. >> certainly i think our candidates should pledge not to run as a third-party candidate. i don't see that happening. i think everyone understands that if hillary clinton is going to get beat she's going to get beat by a republican and most people that run for president run to win, and if our
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candidates want to win then they will have to run as a republican. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry live in studio again. >> good to see you. >> ed what's the third party talk about? at the top of the polls? >> he doesn't have to run for a third party, may get the republican nomination. donald trump had this interview last week with "the hill" idea and threw out idea of a third-party run. the republican national committee is being really real nice to me because they don't want to upset him anymore, and what's interesting is donald trump, as you mentioned, climbing in the polls. he's been ahead in new hampshire and we'll get to that in a minute and is also climbing in iowa. scott walker has been on top of the heap there because of a neighboring governor from the neighboring state of wisconsin. over the weekend trump went after walker hard. watch this. >> wisconsin's doing terribly. it's, first of all, in turmoil. the roads are a disaster because they don't have any money to rebuild them. they are borrowing money like crazy. schools are a disaster and they
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are fighting like crazy because there's no money for schools. the hospitals and education is a disaster, and -- and he was totally in favor of common core. >> he almost makes it sound like wisconsin is beirut right now but these republican candidates don't know how to react so what are they doing? what set donald trump over the weekend? there was a fund-raising thing that scott walker's people put out and at one point it said governor walker is ahead of everyone not named dumbduck aka trump in the national polls an an outspoken member of the 99%, as opposed to someone pretending to be so, than will be a ksf in 2016. >> we've touched on that in the show. you can't go after him and call him dumbdumb and he'll eviscerate. >> ten days until the first republican debate that fox is hosting. no sleep until cleveland. everyone has to be in intense debate prep. >> let's look at the polls you
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were alluding to. trump topping the polls, iowa new hampshire and hillary clinton's image tilting in the negative territory so -- so iowa, he's on top and new hampshire still on top. >> 17% and walker at 19%, and within the margin of error for the first time. >> new hampshire, let's talk about that because he went down significantly and is still on top. >> trump came down from the mid to high 20s in new hampshire in this nbc/marist poll but he's still at 21%, still several points ahead of jeb bush and everyone else is in the middle of the pack and walker 12% so the very bottom line is on one hand donald trump still doing very well despite the comments over mccain and the mexican situation. hillary clinton there's a gallup poll that just came out for the first time since '07 i believe it is her unfavorability is higher than her favorability. i mean in many years, her -- she's now under water on the favorability question. put that underwater on being under water on the honest and trustworthy problems. she's got problems. >> talking about the e-mails,
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was talking about it over the weekend and basically saying you know that two inspectors general called on the justice department to launch a criminal investigation. she says that they were never classified. >> right and two independent umpires, as you say, say she's wrong and then you have the problem with over the weekend to try to pulled band-aid off, hillary clinton said okay i'm going to talk to trey gowdy on october 22nd, i'm willing to testify before the benghazi committee and trey gowdy is saying we want you more than once, want to talk about the e-mails. hillary clinton pushed back over the weekend and carly fiorina wouldn't take that answer. watch this. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received, and what i think you're seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion to some extent to disagreement among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly released. >> it's clear she broke the rules. absolutely crystal clear she broke the rules.
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it's crystal clare that she has been engaged in a cover-up of lots of things benghazi the fact that she broke the rules. i mean how amazing that she's had this server in her basement all this time and decides to wipe it clean two years after she leaves the state department and just before she gets ready to run for president. >> so that's a republican. look, a few moments ago i spoke to a democrat doug schoen and he was on with our friend stuart varney and still thinks clinton is going to be a nominee but for the first time her answers do not add up on the e-mail situation and for the first time there's a question in his mind is she going to get the nomination? a long way from her losing her but for a democrat like doug schoen saying i'm starting to pause, interesting. something to watch. >> nobody who supports her would really care about this whole e-mail storey. >> starting to care. >> not just donald trump or carly fiorina. doug schoen is starting to say
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it. >> thank you. new details on a major shift on the observe extra-administration's goal to close gitmo. their argument it was one thing before and now it's change together fact that it costs too much to keep gitmo open. chief intelligence officer catherine herridge joins us live from washington. what's the justification for the flip-flop. >> reporter: the white house counterterrorism adviser lisa monaco said president obama is drafting a new strategy for shutting down the prison camp citing the high cost and saying that had a high-cost republican is on board. >> the costs involved here and why senator mccain and some others believe we really should close guantanamo today, right now $3 million per detainee per year to house them in guantanamo. >> but critics charge that 3 million figure is grossly inflated and misleading based on an overall report.
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the overall cost is $397 million by the lion's share goes to military personnel, operations and maintenance as well as military trials and those essentially are fixed costs whether there are 16 detainees there or 116 which is the case today gretchen. >> it's interesting because usually it would be republicans, you know talking about how things cost more money and not government spending. that's not something the democrats usually talk that much about. how are the republicans responding? >> two republicans on the house homeland security administration say the administration is effectively putting campaign pledge ahead of security and monoco made that statement on the same day two former guantanamo detainees were arrested in belgium on charges they had joined isis and these arrests were no surprised to some of the lawmakers. >> when you debrief them they say they want to go back and kill westerners. and we've seen it time and time again the fact that they have done that. the ones we have release have had gone and joined the fight to kill, you know americans.
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>> a number and members of the house homeland committee who served in the committee says the former detainees who were transferred out many went back to the fight more determined than before to strike western targets. >> we were often dealing with returnees from guantanamo bay that were on the battlefield and dealing with them joining back in the fight and being responsible for additional deaths and so this is a very serious business and what is left there is not a lot of options with what else to do with them. >> the president has threatened to veto the defense budget if the legislation continues to block the transfer of detainees to a super max facility here in the u.s. or a military base for trial, but this shift really essentially going from security and propaganda to cost i think is part of what they say is their closing argument to shut down the detention camps. gretchen. >> very interesting. you've spent a lot of time there. catherine herridge, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. a very important thing you need to know. if you own a pickup truck listen
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up. there's an historic settlement with one of the big three automakers including an offer to buy back hundred of thousands of the popular vehicles. details on whether yours is included coming up. . and a drone's eye view of a mavis warehouse fire after the flames are finally out, but it's still impacting residents. we'll tell you where that happened. amazing view.
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(announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade our passion is to power yours. welcome back to "the real story" for a monday. a massive warehouse burning for days in new jersey finally contained now. hundreds of people living nearby now returning home after getting the all clear. several hot spots and low-level smoke lingering over that area as you can see on the screen. it's forcing everyone to keep their distance until yesterday. now comes the big cleanup as folks wash away all that soot and dust. talk about that recall. fiat chrysler facing a record
11:17 am
fine and historic action from washington. the car parquemaker must offer to buy back thousands of vehicles involved in a recall. charles payne here. we've had a lot of recalls lately and the offer to buy back. >> and associated with a record million fine of $105 million. for the last couple of years it feels like we've woken up to a new massive recall to the point where you can't even keep track of it anymore and i think this is the government saying we're going to try to force this industry into taking more decisive action because, listen when you -- when you see these things, particularly when they involve deaths and to give you an example. >> takata air bags. >> also some of the older jeeps involved in this too, at least 75 people have crash-related
11:18 am
fires according to fiat chrysler and they maintain a safety record. we're getting into this area where the industry is it on an upswing and doing extraordinarily well but maybe some things have happened to meet demand. maybe some things have been overlooked and this is like a tough crackdown. it's tough that you don't hear about these things all the time but this is a record and certainly has gotten everyone's attention. >> it's ram pickup trucks and i'll also list on my facebook page all. models so that people can find out the effects. >> quite a few. >> amazon now worth more than the world's largest retailer, believe it or not, wall mar. the first time the online retail giant has come out on top. are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised, although it is absolutely amazing. we're talking old economy, new economy. they don't make as much money, nowhere close and where amazon is going and all the different things amazon can do absolutely mind-boggling. a company that's lived up to the hype and they will continue to
11:19 am
live up to the hype. it's reflected in the stock market. the move they made last week. at one point the stock was up on friday 100 points in one session alone. >> right. >> it's lived up to the highype, and it's really absolutely amazing. walmart makes money and it's not growing or moving the needle and meantime amazon is finding a way and now they are finally profitable. >> they keep doing things tip of the edge. sunday delivery and actual day of delivery in some states and then they were talking about the drones, so they are very on top of things. >> way ahead of the curve. >> very progressive. >> and i think they will open up a distribution center at my house and a way for them to save money and my wife to save money. >> i should be one of their best friends. i order spaghetti-o's and i thought about it for my kid. i should buy their stock. speaking of stock, lastly, what are charles payne's picks for this week's market?
11:20 am
>> i know a lot of people from the show bought go-pro a huge move and took profits on under armour. the stocks made big moves up. take some money off the table and look at a couple called workday not a household name do resources software and shake shack, particularly on the east coast. stock all over the place. been a wild stock but i think it's ready to make a move to the upside. get a 15% to 25% move on that between now and the end of the year, maybe sooner. >> i'll put those on my facebook page because every time you do the stock picks and people e-mail me and say what did he say again? >> workday and shake shack. payne's picks and we'll watching you tonight on fbn. >> market upped a lot of pressure but i don't want people to panic. >> he posted a video online of his time at zoo and is now facing charges. we'll show you what the guy was petting that got him into a lot of trouble. plus, as tom brady awaits his deflategate fate say that ten times, the nfl has some new
11:21 am
rules for footballs now complete are random ball inspections. you're just waiting for that one weren't you, charles? wait until you hear that. o our question of the day. are more rules the answer to the defleetgate scandal about balls? tell us what you think. tweet me @gretchencarlson and use the #therealstory. feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. benny's the oldest dog in the shelter. he needed help all day so i adopted him. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong.
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11:25 am
details of his suspects. trace gallagher with more on the new rules. what did you find out. >> reporter: one former nfl referee said the best way to prevent another deflategate is check the footballs before the game and after the game to see if they were the same but that would be way too easy. the nfl decided the best way to do this is to implement a series of rules that really reads more like a manual for a brinks truck delivery than to play a football game. here's the way it goes. 2:15 before each game each thyme team will supply 24 game balls. every ball is numbered 12 primary and 12 secondary balls and then you have two officials that will inspect all of those polls to make sure the psi, the pounds per square inch is correct. the balls need between 12.5 and 13.5. if they fall out of that range the balls will all be reinflated to 13 psi. here's the big deal. al kicking ball coordinator then takes custody of all the balls
11:26 am
along with get this a security member from the nfl. when they hand the balls to the ballboy, if he drops one he's immediately tased. that's not true but you see where the whole thing is going. the teams then get the balls ten minutes before kickoff and that's the way the new rules read. after that the nfl will pick random games where the balls will also be checked at halftime and again after the game. some officials call this a big-time overreaction but that's kind of what the nfl does which is why nobody really fully understands the rules anymore. because of deflategate the patriots were find $1 million and lost a first round draft pick and tom brady was suspended for four games. he has appealed that suspension but commissioner roger goodell has not ruled on the appeal. the word is that ruling could happen sometime this week. will it be lessened to two, stay at four? we don't know but maybe wednesday we could find out. as for the rules, now you know. >> sounds like the tsa and kind
11:27 am
of the overreaction. >> you know. >> with the shoes and the water and all of that. >> yeah. >> i'm going to go back and watch the tape. how many time do you think you said balls? >> reporter: how many times did i say balls, like 20 times, 12 times, 24 times. >> we'll check the tape and get back to you. a ohio police charging a suspect with a misdemeanor count of trespassing all having to do with this a man jumping the fence at the chicago zoo and petting cougars and posting the video on youtube. the video is being called alarming. the suspect has been served with a summons to appear in court this wednesday. i call it stupid right? first 2016 republican presidential debate now only days away and each candidate is scrambling to earn a spot on that primetime stage. so is one of these governors knocking the other out of that
11:28 am
coveted spot? plus, new video of the desperate search playing out over thousands of miles of ocean for two missing teenage boys so is the weather hurting their efforts? we will let you know straight ahead. >> just to confirm, nobody is on board. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. planters. nutrition starts with nut. across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen.
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bottom of the hour. time now for our 2016 presidential power index where we look at who is up and who is down in the race for the white house. we always go to chris stir walt
11:32 am
also fox news digital editor and joins me live now from d.c. we have carly fiorina by your index up two spots to next six and donald trump down to one spot to number seven and john kasich up two spots to number eight so let's start with carly fiorina. why is she up? >> no one suffered more from donald trump's emergence as a top-tier candidate for the republican nomination other than carly fiorina, little known, filling a similar niche, tough-talking business person outsider et cetera. she suffered a lot but she found a way to fight back and listening to her talk about the planned parenthood controversy and the democratic party, it is clear that she knows how to not only throw a punch against hillary clinton but in dealing with donald trump and the things he's saying and doing she's demonstrating she's got the ability to do it so she gets a nice plus up this week for
11:33 am
surviving the donald storm. >> okay. let's move on to john kasich of course, the governor of ohio and he just announced last week so you would expect him to jump a little bit in the polls. is that the only reason that you put him up or do you think he has other steam behind him? >> well the steam that he's got is new hampshire. look, john kasich i don't know whether he told you this or not or whether he would, but his strategy, like chris christie depends entirely on upsetting jeb bush in new hampshire. he's got to have it and his super pac went on the air with ads above his announcement and his demonstration that he can be a player, a real contender in new hampshire which means so much in this nomination process says a lot. >> well won't it mean a tremendous amount though as well if he can get in on this debate in the top ten that will happen on fox next week? >> a lot of people would like to be in the debate, no question about that, but, remember there is a forum that will take place
11:34 am
earlier in the day that will give folks an opportunity to be seen by voters who haven't -- don't know them as household names yet, but, yes, the intensity of the fight there at the margins for the folks who are at 2% and 1.5% and knocking around down there for the tenth spot on the stage does intenseify and does cause people to throw hay-makers when they should maybe go for a jab. >> like the lingo. chris stir walt, can always depend on you. thanks. we'll see you again next week. an alert to tell you about because a texas district attorney releasing the toxicology report for sandra bland showing she had marijuana in her system when she died. the illinois woman was found dead in a jail cell days after being arrested during that traffic stop. her death ruled a suicide but her family says they simply don't believe it and now the report shows bland had more than three times the amount of marijuana legal for drivers in the state of colorado. the texas district attorney
11:35 am
says a review committee is being set up to examine evidence in this case. investigation could go to a grand jury next month. another fox news alert to tell you now because bobby brown says he feels completely numb after the death of his daughter bobbi christina brown. this as the autopsy finds no significant injuries. of course that's incredibly important news. it's the preliminary report but remember she was found in january. she was unconscious in a bathtub. now they are ruling there were no significant injuries. a lot of questions have been raised in this case so we will continue to follow that at fox. >> meantime progress being made in the wildfire fight near california's wine country where those flames are 70% contained and other fires still raging across that state. janice dean live at the fox weather center with a lot of heat going on across the country and fires, right janice? >> absolutely across the west
11:36 am
and it's been relentless. fires over the northwest. much cooler air moving in 15 to 25 degrees below average so the cooler temperatures will help. however the napa fire we're still dealing with extreme heat. temperatures in the 90s for the next several days. hot dry conditions will persist through the workweek. in terms of radar, we've got a little bit of moisture moving across the northwest and the northern plains but not getting into the areas that we really need it. gretchen, back to you. >> i want to go back to our top story and janice have you stick around because the navy u.s. coast guard, volunteers searching for two teenage boys who vanished during a fishing trip in florida on friday night, their boat overturned 70 miles offshore. janice, how does the weather play into the search now that the coast guard is trying to do $100,000 reward out there to try to find these boys? >> heart and prayers obviously to the families. you know being moms i can't even imagine what they are going through. in terms of weather, gretchen it has been really choppy over
11:37 am
the last couple of days. thunderstorms in the area, especially the west coast of florida but jupter is where we last saw the boys and then they saw the boat that was capsized off of daytona beach and looking at the potential for showers and thunderstorms, of course florida if you live there, daytime thunderstorms are always possible so later on this afternoon we'll look for the potential of showers and thunderstorms and then tuesday afternoon and wednesday afternoon, i mean fingers are crossed. we just hope for something over the next couple of hours. back to you, gretchen. >> no doubt, all thinking about both of those families. janice dean thank you so much. >> of course. >> time to check in with john scott in for shepard smith. >> we all know about the dangers of the islamic state and al qaeda, but today president obama is talking about another terror threat, the group targeting questions in africa, murdering innocents and forcing young girls into sexual slavery. we'll talk to a former top state department official who says this group is especially troubling.
11:38 am
so does he think president obama should consider putting american troops on the ground? that's coming up on "shepard smith reporting." >> thanks so much. dramatic moments on the senate floor. did you see this? it was during a rare sunday session yesterday with republicans pitted against each other. what was that all about with ted cruz? we're going to talk about that. plus bugs bunny celebrating a major milestone. just how long has the cartoon rabbit been asking what's up, doc?
11:39 am
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>> takes us back to our childhoods, right, so i want to show you what america is working on today. happy birthday to bugs bunny. cartoon character made his debut 75 years ago today and the iconic converse sneakers getting their first redesign in nearly half a century. new chuck taylors come out tomorrow and will reportedly be more comfortable. actor and director lavar burton looking to bring back "reading rainbow," remember that? meantime fans can catch episodes of the original show starting next month on netflix. back to politics now. secretary of state john kerry working overtime to try to set iran nuclear deal ahead of a vote in congress. well, now we're learning convicted israeli spy jonathan pal ard might get sprung from his life sentence. officials say his release is not tied to the nuclear deal. joining me now marjorie clifton, former consultant to the obama campaign and clifton consulting and mercedes schlapp, former
11:43 am
spokesperson for george w. bush. marjorie, let me start with you. do you think there's any tie-in suddenly the israeli spy being held here he served 30 years but he's going to get out early? does it have anything to try to do with trying to appease israel because the nuclear deal didn't do that? >> politics are super complicated and happening all the time. with pollard it was guaranteed by the u.s. if he served 30 years and did not have any violations while in prison he would be released so this i think is the united states upholding their deal. the timing of it yes, does obviously fall at the same time as we're looking at this iran nuclear deal and, look everything falls under the area of diplomacy. it's not a trade one for one but all of it serves a greater purpose and that is keeping peace, keeping alliances but also understanding where the line in the stand is and how the united states wants to deal in diplomacy. >> mercedes this is not going to change israel's stance on a
11:44 am
country like iran that says death to israel. >> that's right. >> by the way, why are we talking about releasing this prisoner, an israeli, but haven't heard much about the iran han hostages who are american being held? >> that's a great point to start. even if they do release pollard from the prison here what you're going to find is that you have both the right and left wing coalitions in israel coming out strongly united against this iranian nuclear deal. we just had the labor leader come out saying it's like letting a lion out of a cage referring to iran. i don't think in any way it was releasing or potentially releasing this spy is going to change israel's opinion on the iranian nuclear deal in any way, especially when we're dealing with these iranian hostages which as we know they are not part of the negotiations and it's very unfortunate. >> okay. so republican texas senator, to change gears now, ted cruz calling majority leader of his
11:45 am
own party a liar on friday leading to an incredible scene on the senate floor over the weekend ladies when the real drama came as senior republicans gave it right back to the texas senator. listen to this. >> squabbling and sanctimony may be tolerated in other venues or perhaps on the campaign trail, but they have no place among colleagues in the united states senate. >> i would note that it is entirely consistent with decorum and with the nature of this body traditionally as world's greatest deliberative body to speak the truth. speaking the truth about actions is entirely consistent with civility. >> all right, mercedes let me start with you first on this one s.ted cruz right or wrong to do this? >> i think he used strong words. i think whether he was right or wrong, you look from the grass roots activist perspective. they will say great, great job, senator cruz. you're going after the washington establishment. you're going after the
11:46 am
entrenched leadership. i think when you look at the senators, they are saying this is like a kindergarten class, you know. let's try to respect each other and get along but that's never been senator ted cruz's strategy. when he came in he wanted to run against washington and shake things up in the senate and that's exactly what he's doing. >> and also is running for president so some think this would get him more air time and attention especially with donald trump taking the wind out of his sails because they are similar candidates on certain issues. something i didn't know margery, he may have actually violated a senate rule against impugning the integrity of a fellow senator, huh? >> mm-hmm. >> yes, no there are written and unspoken rules of behavior and politeness on the senate floor and especially to one's own party and that's where most of the senators are saying hey, hey even senator john cornyn a fellow texan said he probably should have checked.
11:47 am
most of the other senators in the room and everyone that's held accountable in the media and 55 other senators don't agree so the unfortunate thing is he doesn't have other republicans behind him in his claims and he broke the rule of politeness. i do agree. i think he's trying to take a play from donald trump's handbook and the more out there you can be you know giving out phone numbers, whatever it is it gets attention. it's working in the polls. >> when you're running for president, you've got to sometimes do whatever you can to get that media time. >> yeah. >> marjorie and mercedes double ms today, thanks so much today. >> thank you, gretchen. >> thanks. reality tv star turns up dead. her boyfriend is the one who called the police to report the crime but in a strange twist he is now under arrest for her murder. our legal panel is going to weigh in on that. plus a terrifying road rage incident escalates leaving one person dead and the family witnessed this guy getting killed. >> my gun's already out.
11:48 am
it's cocked and locked. i'm going i'm five minutes from my house.
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feet state. so. >> interesting case. >> a horrible case but we'll have to+++yñ "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪ we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile it is you.
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why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them.
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so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. final moments of one man's life caught on the 9-1-1 call during a road rage incident. listen to this. >> got a gun. >> going down right now. >> don't shoot! i got the phone. [ gunshots ]es. >> all happened in beverly hills, florida, that is. police say robert doyle, the man in the orange jump suit, was in his car with his wife while a man was driving a truck behind him with his wife and daughter and grandson. both cars stopped in front of doyle's home. doyle got out of his truck and
11:58 am
fired multiple shots. gonzales died at the scene. doyle's wife claims it's in self-defense but he is charged with second degree murder. >> while we wait for the nfl commissioner's decision on tom brady's "deflategate" appeal we're hearing about new rules. do you think more rules will make the game better? steve said, no more rules about the football. just make the league provide them for all games and let the referees controlled them. sounds like a good idea. larry says, though at least it will stop some cheaters maybe. teresa says more and more the nfl is become thing no-fun league, but terrance says it has to be done. ethics first. thanks everyone for writing. we had so many more responsibilities. we'll trite to get the other comments when we do our show tomorrow. so, now it's time for my take. over the weekend i was back in my home town in minnesota halloween capital of the world,
11:59 am
to attend the regrand opening live my parent's chevrolet car dealership and sign copies of my book. it's true what they say about minnesota nice, and did i learn that lesson and more from my parents growing up. they also taught me good midwestern values to always work hard and never give up. well six years ago i witnessed one of the greatest lessons of perseverance i'd ever seen, when my parents car dealership was taken away from them by general motors and the government. they fought tooth and nail to get it back. as my mom said afterwards, i never worked so hard to get back something i already owned. so when it comes right down to it we all lead busy lives. sometimes too much in overdrive. right? but going home to where i came from, always reminds me what truly matters to the most in life, and that is our families. so mom and dad, thank you for everything.
12:00 pm
and you can get my takes on my facebook page and at >> aid like to thank you for being part of "the real story" for a monday. now we'll head over to the next studio, because john scott is in for shep. >> the president versus those who want to be president. today president obama is firing back at some of the g.o.p. contenders, plus, new poll numbers both nationwide and in the all-important early voting states 'the president talking terrorism in africa. he is pledging some u.s. support for take on extremists, but he is warning african leaders this battle is theirs to fight. that's as we get rolling on the -- get the troubling word, i should say on the terror front. officials in one nation say they've busted more than a thousand suspected isis extremists in the past three days. now nato is set to hold an emergency meeting to talk strategy against the islamic state.


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