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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 28, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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people on board. the dream liern one of boeing's most highly anticipated jets in recent years. there are only 7 of them in the fleet. each one costing $224.6 million. this is not the first time hail has caused this kind of damage to a plane. last month you might remember the nose of this 747 also smashed in. in february hail cracking windshield of this pan-am airlines bus a 321. wildfires rage across the western united states. rising temperatures are about to complicate firefighter's efforts. thousands of people are being forced from their homes at close to 2 dozen separate fires burn across four states. flames in california forcing people near sacramento to pack up and leave.
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campsites are evacuated in the forest. containing the flames won't get any easier this week as firefighters get ready to battle the flames and temperatures nearing 100 degrees. at one high point rainy weather is helping firefighters in montana de dane flames from there. the coast guard>> th oo. >> this is a tough time for the families. they are parents are holding ohhen to hope. their sons will hold on to the deal. they used life jackets, the coast guard is now conducting search and rescue efforts in the navy air and water.
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even into parts of georgia it is a huge area. it is not uzi to spot the teens. >> we are not sure where they were on the boat. >> they were seen friday getting gas for the boat as they prepare to embark og on a fishing trip. they didn't hear from them on sunday the coast guard found their boat off the coast of san gust taw in florida but the boys were nowhere to be found. >> we located 19 foot flesh our craft that was capsized. we recalculated some of the searc searchs and now we are going north taking them into account. we will search aggressively and reevaluate every day as we go
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forward. >> where they live family and friends continue to pray for their safe return holding a vigil last night. their neighbor nfl hall of famer joe naamath is offering 100,000 dollar reward for their safe return. a social media speculating they may have been trying to make their way to the bahamas but their parents are insisting they wouldn't have gone out that far. >> hope they find them safe. >> oo her 15-year-old neighbor is now under arrest. middleton vanished over the weekend while sending a massive search with hundreds of volunteers and the fbi joining in. they haven't released information about the teenaged suspect. the man who was shot and killed as he attacked a woman in west
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virginia had contact with police all over the country apparently. investigators say feel falls interviewed or investigated at least 20 states. police say he was hearing a list of women's names and kill kits. he had axes a shovel and cleaning supplies when he was killed by a woman on-line. he may be linked to the murder or disappearance of 10 women. they helped two convicted killers break out of jail. joyce mitchell's lawyers are hoping for a plea deal. 51-year-old accused of providing hacksaw blades chisels and other tools to help these two guys richard matt and david sweat escape maximum security prison in up state new york. mitchell could face up to 8 years behind bars. a government in chaos. complete disarray in baltimore
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playor stephanie blakes in april. one comes from the city transportation chief freddie ray riot. johnson says this issue needs to be corrected unless i am the only person who finds this unacceptable. they show police were desperate for riots waiting to be delivered. turning to to 16 as the first gop debate quickly approaches. peter doocy live for us in washington took a look at the latest polls. good morning, peter. >> good morning. there are candidates whose poll numbers are high enough. they are likely to have a spot on stage as the political team starts spying a handful of national averages to hit the top 10. they are trump, bush, walker, rand paul, huckabee and carranza. but that's only the top 10 make the cut in cleveland. as many as 7 others are
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completing for the final spot. they are all big names as well. they are clumped very closely together. we look at the real politics average. kasi kasich, santorum christie and graham are all within striking distance. those contenders who don't want to be on the outside looking in are trying to make a splash the final days as voters are polled before it is too late. >> i have probably the most powerful governorship in america constitutionally. they are living ee normal authority. >> the president of the united states must speak with clarity. she must accept that some things are black-and-white and she must act with courage. >> there has been a lot of talk about trump running as a third
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party candidate. the team pointed out he's running for the republican nomination. right now she he's winning. >> what happens to the candidates who do not make the top 10. >> they are going to get face time earlier in at no time day at an hour long forum for the candidates who were not able to climb into the top 10 for the prime time debate. >> everybody gets a chance to speak their peace one way or another. >> all of the focus is on the republican candidates. but brit hume says gop leaders are very worried about the party's future. >> republicans have a problem. the disaffected wing the disillusioned wing is significantly large enough that if they are not back in the fold by the fall election next year the elections -- the republican's chance of winning
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the election may be out the window and we may have another 4, 8 years of a democrat in the white house. >> mike hubbickabee under fire. >> he was no naive he would take israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> taking a shot at former arkansas governor during a speech in ethiopia. >> you get rhetoric like this. maybe it gets attention. maybe it's an effort to push mr. trump out of the headlines. >> huckabee is bubbling down. >> the israeli government officials three different times has said we are going to create
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another holocaust. >> huckabee says he will not apologize for the comments. >> an idea that somehow it is utterly impermissible about invoking the holocaust in this case because there's some kind of wild analogy. iranians are obsessed with the holocaust. they had a cartoon contest to ridicule the holocaust because they contend it never occurred. yet the former president has described israel as a one-involved country meaning small compact, small population could be wiped out with a single nuclear weapon. they wipe israel off the map. it is in the process of acquiring the means of doing that. >> heartbroken bobby brown
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breaking his silence since the death of his daughter bobbi kristina. brown releasing the statement after the 22-year-old passed a way saying chrissy was and is an angel. my family must find a way to live with her in spirit and honor her memory. investigators trying to figure out how bobbi kristina died. they revealed she suffered no internal injuries. w she was found face down in a bathtub six months ago. joe jackson the father of the late michael jackson hospitalized in brazil after suffering a broke on his 87th birthday. he had an irregular heartbeat. god willing i should be able to make a quick recovery and travel back home soon. thank you all once again for your prayers and support. here's an extreme weather
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now. the threat of triple dig get heat numbers for millions of americans. >> we approach august. just the beginning, guys. maria molina is here with what we can expect today. >> good morning heather and ainsley. wither going to be feeling the summer heat across parts of the plains down into the gulf coast. it will be spreading into the eastern u.s. i want to focus on florida. in central florida close to a foot of rainfall out here. the frontal boundary has been producing a lot of rain in the forecast. we will watch central florida for more flooding. that will continue through out the day. across parts of the plains and midwest we have risk of severe storm, tornadoes will be possible. heads up from parts of candace into minnesota and also parts of wisconsin. here's a look at the temperature machlt take a look at some of
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the numbers. 90ed today, upper 80's in chicago. 98 in kansas city. in texas triple dig get heat in some of the areas. places like atlanta are going to feel a lot hotter than 95 degrees. heather and ainsley. >> stay inside and watch fox news. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. no hearts for the heroses. why the marines killed in the chattanooga shooting might not be getting honored for their flavor ry. two children hospitalized with horrible sunburns. why the daycare is to blame. >> consumer alert affecting more than a million people. what you need to know about what could be the biggest smart phone flaw ever. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number.
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>> a man accused of kidnapping a 6-year-old in charlotte is an illegal immigrant. ice confirming jose orlando garz yaw grabbed a little girl by the arm and forced her through a vacant apartment this weekend. amazing slifzable to escape. police found him in the area a short time later. garcia is expected to face a judge today. once he is done in the criminal justice system ice will handle his legal status. >> illegal immigrants now out number unemployed americans. that according to pew research. in 2014 there were 11.13 million illegal immigrants in our country compared to 9.6 million unemployed americans. of those illegals 8.1 million have jobs. that makes them 5 percent of the u.s. labor force. >> the oklahoma supreme court
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has spoken. the ten commandments must go. after an extended battle over privately funded memorial located on state capital grounds oklahoma highest court has reaffirmed the decision it must be removed. they argue the ten commandments monument is a religious symbol and violates the constitutional ban on private authority to benefit a religion. the four marines killed at a navy facility in chattanooga may not be awarded the purple heart. this according to the marine corps times. despite being killed on active duty they say the killer had ties to a terror organization. right now the fbi is considering him a home grown violent extremists. should there be a special exception? send us your comment on facebook, twitter to " a major consumer alert. a billion people at risk of being hacked from a simple text
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message. >> jolene kent from our sister network fox business with the details. good morning ladies. android devices can be infected by a virus by receiving a picture via text message according to the company. the mal wear file could effect 950 million phones worldwide. that's 95 percent of akty android devices. because your phone automatically processes a photo or video even before you technically open it your phone can be vulnerable. no fix has been issued yet by google. in light of the fiat chrysler recall they found an unnerving problem. it is illegal to sell cars with recall problems rentals can rent them to unsuspecting drivers. avis and dollar and hertz rent the out cars that have been recalled but not fixed. according to fema it shut down
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because it had a mott el better suited for items like groceries instead of typical consumer products. dr. seuss has a new book out. you heard that, right? a lost story is hitting book shelves today it is called "what pet should i get". it was found in a box after doctodr. seuss's death. tio find fox business netwok log on to >> warning for us women who use dry shampoo. too much spritzing can give you consequences such as sores and even bald patches. it can absorb too much of your natural oil that your hair needs and can clog your powers. you should be fine with a generous spray once a week. >> you have to wash your hair. it makes it smell better. >> to get a pot of brew it could
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protect women against breast cancer. researchers say five or more cups of coffee a day reduced women's risk by 19 percent because ant ox dapts protect from cell damage which leads to cancer. last week we said diabetes. drink your cup of coffee this morning. >> hillary clinton hits the trail to take on global warming but takes off in something far more renewable. the jaw dropping details about her huge private jet. proof that treasures can't stay hidden forever. the great story where a diver just struck gold.
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>> a terrifying security scare at one of the world's buzz yeast airports. a 26-year-old man parked his car outside of the terminal and slipped past security on to a plane without a ticket. he was pulled off the plane and arrested. they are not identifying the man or which airline he boarded. >> hillary hip key. the presidential candidate spotted boarding a private jet hours after unveiling the new plan to solve global warming. the 19 seat jet burns up 150 gallons of fuel per hour. >> boston out as host of the 2024 summer olympic games. there was a lack of support from boston citizens. the mayor marty walsh refusing
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to sign a bill that would make taxpayers pick up the cost of the games. los angeles which hosted in 1984 is being considered. arizona cardinals making history in the off season. hiring the first female coach of any kind in nfl history. jen welter will be joining the cardinals as an inside linebacker coach during training camp. she played as a running back for texas indoor football league. tweeting this i am honored to be part of the bird gang. >> oo what happens when a drier stove and water heater race each other. >> down goes the dry ar. >> couple of kids dressed up as a minor league became dte energy relatively large appliance race.
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things got confused at one point bumping each other on purpose. >> very cute, yeah. >> ouch. >> oh. that's so adorable. >> the time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. the lion mystery can we told yo about this. it is deepening what happened i don't ever night that had them deepening the streets. it could soon upgrade customers to private jet. wouldn't that be nice. back in 1868 the 14th amendment was adopted addressing citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws. then in 1978 the movie animal house was released in theaters. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do?
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to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. >> a major scare in the air as a
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plane's nose gets bashed in. why it's proof even the highest price tag doesn't make the plane invincible. >> a desperate search at sea gets more desperate adds searchers search through the night to find the two teenaged fishermen. why the coast guard says they could still be alive. >> taking matters into his own arms. the store owner firing his rifle right at robbers. his message to all criminals. >> and good morning to you. welcome to fox and friends first. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. let's begin with the fox news alert. >> a scare for hundreds of passengers. >> a brand new dreamliner grounded when hail smashes the plane's nose right in. it hit the storm less than an hour after takeoff forcing it to
2:31 am
turn back with 222 people on board. the most highly anticipated jet in years. it caused $221.6 million. this isn't the first time hail caused this kind of damage to a plane. just last month the nose of this delta boeing 747 also smashed in. hail cracking the windshield of this air bus a 321. >> wildfires rage across the western parts of the united states the rising temperatures are really about to complicate the firefighter's efforts. >> thousands of people are being forced from their houses as close to 2 dozen separate fires burn across four states.
2:32 am
firefighters face temperatures close to 75 degrees. searching for two teenagers saying the young fisherman have the skills to survive 4-5 days on the water. why their family is holding out hope. >> the parents of the two teens are maintaining hope their sons will be found live and safe. the coast guard is stepping up efforts by air and by sea. the coast guard is aggressively searching for the two teenagers from georgia to jacksonville florida. it's a huge area and it is not an easy task to spot the teens. their sons could have made floatation devices afrom a coolr and life vest. >> it is hard to speculate what could be missing. >> they were last seen on friday getting gas for their boat. on sunday they found the boat
2:33 am
off the coast of saint august zein, throw -- ago steen florid the boat was nowhere to be found. this case certainly hits home. i have a 13-year-old and 14-year-old son at home. this resinates with me and i can empathize with the family. >> where they live family and friends pray for the safe return. joe naamath is offering a 100,000 dollar award. the two may have been trying to make their way to the bahamas but parents are insisting they wouldn't have gone out that far. >> turning now to 2016 with the first of the republican de late quickly approaching. they are doing all they can to rise in the polls. peter doocy is live with us in
2:34 am
washington with what we can expect. >> the first debate on fox will feature the candidate's top ten averages of national polls. we start to get an idea of where the candidates may be. trump, bush, walker, rubio, rand ball, cruz, huckabee and carson. not in the top 10 doesn't mean not invited to cleave lapped. there will be a forum during the day for candidates that don't make the cut. real clear politics average poll chrissy, kasich, santorum, jind jindal, fiorina and graham making last minute pitches that may be considered for entry on stage are calculated. >> i have probably the most powerful governorship in america constitutionally. the new jersey constitution gives the governor of new jersey
2:35 am
enormous authority. >> the next president of the united states must reestablish our leadership. she must speak with clarity. she must accept that some things are black-and-white and she must act with courage. >> there has been some talk about trump who is leading the field possibly running as a third party candidate. as he is quick to point out he's running and winning on the republican side right now. >> what about the democratic debates? when do they start? >> not until fall, ainsley. those will be very interesting. since hillary clinton has been getting so much of the attention in coverage about the democratic field. candidates like o'malley, chaffey, web and sanders a chance to be equal as many as six times. >> it is getting very exciting. can't wait to ch with a the debate. peter doocy live in washington. fox news digital cpolitic
2:36 am
editor says it is donald trump affecting the field the most. >> have every expectation he will stay in the top 10. wh what i mean is the chaos he creates has an effect on other candidates. if donald trump got stronger ted cruz might get weaker still. if donald trump collapsed one of the can bats like carly fiorina my rise. you squeeze one ear the other ear is going to get bigger. >> the candidates who need a spot in the debate the most is rick perry so he can show the voters that he is for real this time. we will see. going after the irs, congressman jason japheth chairman of the over site committee asking to fire john cost nin saying the head of the tax agency flat out lied to congress during probes into whether it targeted conservative
2:37 am
groups. >> mr. cost nin failed to testify truthfully. the statements he made are false. it is well documented but they are false. there are consequences for misleading congress. >> he adds if the president won't fire him congress could move to impeach the irs chief. >> ooeb administration destroying phone records of people during the monitoring program. five yeerdz of records gone. all of the data will be purged starting early next year. a limited system will start where analysts can request meta data on an as-needed basis. the heat is on for millions of americans today. >> we are talking about triple digits. extreme weather bringing nose temperatu
2:38 am
those temperatures all across the country. maria molina has what is ahead in the weather center. >> we are talking about extreme heat across a big chunk of the country. this is going to be continuing out here for several more days. we are looking at temperatures climbing into the triple tig di across texas and memphis. as we head further east we are reaching the 90's as well. when you factor in the humidity it will feel hotter than that. because of that we have a number of heat warnings and advisories in the mid south and further que west into the plains across kansas and oklahoma. heat index values 100 to 110 degrees. going to be a scorcher out there. until florida the surge is flooding. they are continuing to dump the rain out here especially in western parts of the coast of florida. that's where we have already received reports of close to a foot of rainfall. several more inches of rain are still in the forecast over the next few days.
2:39 am
meanwhile northern plains storm system exiting parts of the rockies and the northern plains moving into the midwest bringing the risk of severe weather damaging winds large hail and even tornadoes will be possible into tonight. heather and ainsley? >> we will be on the lookout. thaung thanks so much. >> the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up a serious story. look at these two children. they are hospitalized with horrible sunburns. why their parents say the daycare is to blame. >> proof that treasure can't stay hidden forever. where a diver made a million dollar discovery. hoops, dreams scattered for a former basketball star. why gilbert arenas is now banned from a county fair. taking charge of their type 2 diabetes...
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>> police swarming a neighborhood after another person reported seeing the big cat like creature. cops saw it, they confirmed they saw it in a ravine but that was a few days ago then they brought out the big guns in hopes of tranquilizing it but to no avail. no one knows from where it came. it was seen in a park with a cup last week. watch as a van comes crashing through the door of the clothing store. the owner grabs his rifle opened fire hitting at least one of the would be robbers. it was either him or them. >> i knew that they would have guns through the door. i don't have to work (indiscernible) >> didn't stop there.
2:44 am
he posted the video on the instagram page as a warning to any other criminals. >> i like that story. a normal modeling shoot on a miami beach gets video bombed by a group of immigrants running on the beach. >> the photographer thought it was a scuba they made a b line for the beach. border patrol is aware of the event. we responded to the maritime smuggling event in the same area. they are investigating the smuggling event with fellow dhs partners. it's the music that gets you. >> bet they didn't mind respond to go that scene. >> could be coming to an airport near you. >> look at me.
2:45 am
look at me. >> positive for howard marks. >> eye scanners could soon become a part of boarding your flight for real. cheryl casone from our sister network fox business here with more on pilot programs airlines are now testing. good morning, cheryl. >> seems like science fiction but iris and finger print scanners could be coming to an airline with you. they quietly pulled out this they are ditching paper passes and smart phones well say cheese. alaska is trying it out as one airport but where else would they try it out? san jose, california. alaska had tried it in their airport lounges. travel experts liked it there. but they warn it isn't quite foolproof. >> they will give elite frequent
2:46 am
flyers to upgrade to a private jet flight. costs 3-800 bucks now medallion members can take a seat on a private flight to the same destination. delta already operated 6 of the aircraft at delta private jet service. they are hoping some of their medallion members once they flight private won't want to go back to flying commercial planes. why would you want to? >> thank you so much, cheryl. to find fox business network log on to >> it is 46 minutes after the top of the hour. no hearts for our heros. the marines killed in the chattanooga shooting may not be honored for their bravery. your e-mails are pouring in. >> trapped for days a vietnam veteran survives. >> if any one can turn on their instincts he must survive this. >> how his military background
2:47 am
likely saved his life. >> first brian kilmeade has what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> great to see you. we will be building on the purple heart story. they lost their lives fighting off a terrorist. why there's a holdup i don't know. huckabee is being attacked by the president. fellow republicans will be reviewed. shawn spicer joining us live. plus laura ingram will be here. frank luntz all in separate segments over the next three hours. massive recall hitting the roads. what you need to buy before buying a used car. i am going to be doing that segment because the last one went so well. a dog missing for two years is reunited with his owner after traveling 2,000 miles return home. a 15 foot blt for national sandwich lunch. why? because we can. these two oil rigs look the same.
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two brothers are in the hospital with horrific sunburns, their family now blaming their daycare for running out of sunscreen. the five and seven-year-olds have large painful blisters on their backs and shoulders after a waterpark trip. >> they were there for several hours. they didn't macon nor or trey keep their shirts on and she didn't have sun kreen for them. >> the children were told to cover up. the brothers have second and third degree burns. they are expected to be in the hospital all week. a vietnam veteran lucky to be alive after surviving being trapped under a tree for a week. he left the veterans home in the middle of the night last week. and never returned.
2:52 am
it wasn't until yesterday when someone walking saw him trapped in the woods. >> if someone can turn on their survival instincts on eight, seven days in the woods, he must have survived it. >> they credit his survival so his military training. it's hard to believe that anyone could survive a 5,000 tree falling on her bed. a young woman was sleeping on her side. she was pinned underneath the tree for two hours after it fell. she's still recovering. her family thought that they would never see their cat again, but after 19 months and a whole lot of traveling, bogey is safe at home. the siamese went missing from
2:53 am
the honolulu airport when her family moved to detroit. an animal volunteer found bogey and scanned her for a microchip and tracked her family down. she is at home in michigan. >> seven minutes until the top of the hour. the search expands off the florida coast where the coast guard is now looking right now for these two teenage fishermen that have been missing since friday. and a bouquet toss like no other. the dance floor drop that you have to see to believe. >> uh-oh. ♪ ♪ ♪
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pookie's what you call your? my dog. yes, we can do that. real help from real people. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. it is 3 minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. the prison worker helping two prisoners break out of jail in upstate new york will be arraigned. joyce mitchell's lawyers are hoping for a plea deal. she faces eight years behind bars. and the search for it two missing teenagers expands. families of the 14-year-olds believe that they are surviving on a float. and pro life activists in more than 50 cities rallying against planned parenthood after video surfaced showing the doctors discussing their
2:58 am
controversial abortion practices. time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. a $1 million secret just found 15 feet off the florida coast. >> oh, man! >> the family of treasure hunters discovering $1 million worth of gold coins from a spanish fleet that was ship wrecked nearly 300 years ago. it's the biggest haul from the site so far. former star gilbert arenas is band from the fair. look at all that he won. he proves he's still got that hot hand. and finally the ugly, some people go to great lengths to catch the bride's bouquet. >> 3, 2 -- >> look at the lady with the baby. that one mom let go of that
2:59 am
child the moment the flowers soared over her head. not to worry, the baby is okay this morning. >> that's a gooding this. she really wanted that bouquet. time now for your brew on this responses, the service members killed in the chattanooga shooting earlier this month may not be awarded the purple heart despite being killed while on active duty. authorities must prove that the killer, mohammed yoef abdulazeez had ties to a terror organization. right now, the fbi is considering him a home grown violent extremist. do you want to -- do you think there should be a special exception? don says they died while they were serving and cog their assign duties by the marine corps. >> no. peacetime injuries have never been purple heart. not demeaning the death of these
3:00 am
heroes but purple heart is for war zone only. >> david tweets he was acting on behalf of terrorists whether he joined or not. they died fighting terror, give them med yals. >> could there be an exception to the purple heart rule? log on to the fox and friends facebook page right now for a live debate. thanks for watching. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it is tuesday july 28th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. they can survive for days as rescuers expand their desperate search at sea. there's new hope that the two missing teens may be alive. a live report for you straight ahead. and first ft. hood, now chattanooga. could the five heroes killed in cold blood be denied purple heart benefits because it's not been labeled a purple -- a terror attack. it was the baby or the bouqt.


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