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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 28, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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heroes but purple heart is for war zone only. >> david tweets he was acting on behalf of terrorists whether he joined or not. they died fighting terror, give them med yals. >> could there be an exception to the purple heart rule? log on to the fox and friends facebook page right now for a live debate. thanks for watching. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it is tuesday july 28th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. they can survive for days as rescuers expand their desperate search at sea. there's new hope that the two missing teens may be alive. a live report for you straight ahead. and first ft. hood, now chattanooga. could the five heroes killed in cold blood be denied purple heart benefits because it's not been labeled a purple -- a terror attack. it was the baby or the bouquet. guess what she chose.
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>> 3, 2. >> oh, my goodness. the bouquet toss fail. taking the internet by storm. dropped the kid. grabbed the flowers. oh, my goodness. you got to wear a helmet to a wedding. >> we're always blaming the dads at the baseball game. >> dad usually make the catch and hold open to the kid. once again, mornings are better with friends and nothing has changed. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we have to do a car segment again after the last disaster, but so many people are buying used cars and getting hammered,
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they are making bad purchases. >> yesterday, chrysler fiat recall and huge fine. people wonder if they are getting a lemon or not. >> many people are going to be out there searching for another car. we want you to avoid buying a let me mob. >> i remember buying a honda prelude. plenty of rust. i remember saying to myself this thing runs great. i didn't know before i got there it burned oil and the guy before i got there went around the block like four times because once it starts going, it stops burning. as soon as i got it home, i turned it on, the whole block was blacked out. i got a new engine within six weeks of buying the car. >> that's a lemon. we begin with a fox news alert. >> crews desperately searching for two teenagers missing after a finishing -- fishing trip in
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florida. >> the coast guard is expanding the search area. it's the size of west virginia. but family members insist these boys have the skills to survive. >> ainsley has the latest. >> it's a race against time at this point. rescuers hunting for perry cohen and austin stephanos say they believe they could survive four or five days on the waters. the teenagers vanished on friday so the clock is ticking. the boys boat has been recovered but there was no sign of the teenagers. >> just confirmed, nobody is on board. trying to find any other gear. >> narnts their parents remaining hopeful. a life vest and a cooler is also missing. the coast guard is expanding its search area from southern florida where the boys did vanish all the way up to georgia. the search is centered around
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jacksonville, florida, based on the water currents. >> the coast guard dead indicates its best efforts to every search and rescue case. this case certainly hits home. i have a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old son at home, so this resonates obviously with me and i can empathize with the family. friends and strangers are using private boats and planes to assist in that search. a fisherman in their hometown says he did see the boys heading out into the stormy weather on friday but he says they looked prepared and they looked like they knew what they were doing. back to you guys. joe namath is involved. >> offering a reward. he lives right down the street. >> we're going to talk to two of the boys' close friends coming on the program later on today, also holding out hope of course. defending his comments. doubling and tripling down.
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who might i be talking about? governor mike huckabee with his comments regarding the president negotiating with iran which he believes could not be worse for israel. >> he's so naive, he would trust the iranians and he would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> those were his original comments. drawing commentary from the president of the united states, saying it's just so sad when someone speaks like this. the governor has been to israel more than many, you will say. he's taken maybe three or four trips there. he understand the people. it's close to his heart biblically. >> the president was asked about this, asked about huckabee, donald trump, ted cruz. mike huckabee did not take that standing down. here he is on o'reilly last night. >> the last time the world did
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not take the threats to jews, six million of them died and for us to pretend these are just empty threats. these are not woi would use or i think were appropriate. for him to say mike huckabee crossed the line here is interesting. i think it's also interesting that mike huckabee has taken a lesson from donald trump.
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you face a lot of heat for a controversial statement. trump has not backed down. trump continues to rise in the polls. mike huckabee far behind him, but huckabee is thinking i'm going to stand my ground. >> this is not anything knew for huckabee to stand strong with the people of israel. the president has not been a friend to israel, but jeb bush actually came out and this is interesting, because with everyone saying step it up with your comments as you suggest, ed, and the trump -- the trump-tactic. >> jeb bush says huckabee's comments maybe did go too far, watch. >> i think we need to tone down. the use of that kind of language is just wrong. this is not the way we're going to win elections. it's not how we solve problems. >> that's the way jeb bush is
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running his campaign. huckabee does have name recognition. hillary clinton as you said those are not appropriate words. in all seriousness, politics aside, this deal is coming up for a vote, if you feel as though and the american people feel the deal is bad for america and puts israel in jeopardy like many people feel it does, this is the time to speak up. you snow about the override of the veto that has to happen with 67 votes. this gets people talking about it. we wouldn't be talking about the deal right now if it wasn't for governor huckabee. >> is this a teaser? huckabee, trump, say controversial things, double down, not backing down. the republican base might not waind of thing. jeb bush keeps saying, let's tone this down, donald trump, and mike huckabee. will that back fire or will
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people say he's the grown-up in the room? we've got shawn spicer from the republican national committee coming up shortly. >> they are cutting them back from 20 to 9. you know chattanooga and the terrorist attack that's not been characterized as a terrorist attack, even though a muslim extremist made many trips over to jordan before the event. he took the lives of sergeant holmquist, sergeant thomas sullivan, lance squire wells, when he took david wyatt's life, you would think it would be a lay-up and you would think we could categorize these men has purple heart recipients. >> they must make ties between the shooters and a terrorist
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organization. new legislation might be required to ensure that these victims are eligible. right now, the fbi has only referred to the attacker as a home kbroen violent -- grown violent extremist. they have not ruled out ties. >> we saw it ft. hood, the heroes there took a long time. >> years. >> that's why lieutenant colonel schaefer last night on the kelly file is saying he thinks this might be a replay. >> this terrorist was not moetd -- moetd because -- motivated because someone pulled barney from pbs. his target was based on his radicalization and for goodness say it's been reported that he was considering jihad martyr dom as early as 2013. >> i would say this, so far,
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okay, let the fbi do their investigation, let them be thorough. if this goes weeks and months, we're going to continue to harp on it and make sure they get it categorized correctly. heather nauert joins us now with all new information for you are. good morning to you. i got some brand-new information coming in over night. four people are dead this morning after their small plane plunges out of the sky a burst into flames in a wisconsin field. everyone aboard this plane was killed. the faa is investigating that crash. in the meantime, there was a scare in the sky for hundreds on board a dallas-bound american airlines flight that was coming in from china. take a look at the nose of this plane. severe hail smashing the nose. >> none of the 220 people on board that plane were hurt, but certainly a scare for them. a tragic ending to bring you
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this morning, a case of a eight--year-old girl who was missing in california. her body was found in a dumpster. she vanished over the weekend while she was riding her brand-new scooter in a santa cruz apartment complex. a massive search and hundreds of volunteers and the fbi aiding in that. police not releasing information about the teenage suspect. a dramatic end to a wild chase. watch as a van tries to escape police. it flips over. and there you have it right there. pursuit spanned two states. it started in new jersey and ended hours later in philadelphia. police say that the driver took off when officers tried to question him about a robbery. amazingly, no one on that road was hurt and those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in 30 minutes. it's good to see you again. 12 minutes after the hour. coming up straight ahead, the
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well, a shocking comparison from a professor at rutgers university tweeting this. yes, isis is brutal, but the united states is more so. 1.3 million killed in iraq, afghanistan, and pakistan. #no to war. this from the same professor that blocked couldn't doll leeza rice from giving a commencement address last year. here with more is dr. sebastian gorga. when you read this tweet, you thought what? >> i thought here's another example of what's happened to american education in the last 30 years. she's an example of what we've seen in various tweets and various lectures, people who simply want to demolish of history of america and what they have done for other people. >> this is a professor at a
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university influencing the mind of young students. her quote, i can't get by it. yes, isis is brutal. but u.s. is more so. we are more brutal than isis? >> isis which is crucifying people, who has used detonation cords to behead prisoners, this is the rewriting of history we always see from the left, this is an individual who also has written that hamas should not be registered as a terrorist organization by the u.s. government. this is an organization that is affiliated with, is part of the muslim brotherhood and to her it's just a political party. >> the university has said nothing so far and the tweet went out i believe over the summer in august, right now, saying in the midst of summer such a quiet time for the university seems cowardly to me.
3:19 am
the university says nothing. >> because this is the atmosphere we've created. i think it's very interesting, if you check, however, what her students think about her. i just checked rate my this morning. this is not a popular lady. she does not allow you to dissent. if you don't toe her line, this is an ideal logically individual that is shaping young minds. this is par for the course by liberals in america. >> the university should step up, should they not? what should they do? >> it's a state university, we have freedom of speech. but an the idea of an individual who condones hamas i think somebody should review this person's academic track, does
3:20 am
she have tenure? >> or what she does to silence the voices of students there who also have freedoms. struggling to find cash to send your kids to college. we're talking about universities now. just send them to prison. the new white house program to give couldn't -- convicts cash for college. what you need to know before you get behind the wheel. we'll tell it to you next. everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy.?
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and some quick headlines. hillary clinton spotted boarding a private jet just hours after unveiling her new plan to solve global warming through an aggressive carbon reducing program. and a terrifying scare at one of the biggest airports, authorities are trying to figure out how a 26-year-old man left his car at the terminal and slipped on to a plane without any ticket at all before finally being caught. it's time for a great car segment and fiat chrysler slapped with a fine. the auto maker must buy back 500,000 vehicles, including ram
3:25 am
trucks. before you hit the road, how can you avoid buying a lemon like this. see this junker. i paid $120 for her. transmission is shot. bumpers are falling off. what do i do with her, huh? i sell her! >> danny devito, he's genius. here to give some car tips is lauren. what did you bring with you today? >> i brought a 2001 crabrio. there's a lot of great things you can do to make smart decisions. >> find the vin number. >> all cars it's found where the dashboard meets the glass. this car is really easy to see. if you can't find it there, look at the registration, insurance number. >> if i'm going around the block to get a guy i kind of know to i take that vin number.
3:26 am
>> you can ask for the service department, they will tell you if it's a recall, technical service bulletin. >> we know it's not going to be a perfect car and no offense, is this what a 2001 should look like with 75,000 miles? it's not going to be brand-new. >> no, but this car is well maintained. she just happened a check engine light that turned on this morning. i brought a scan tool. it plugs in under the dash. the scan tool will give me a code. i look it up in the book, when i go to the service department to get it fixed, to find out what the cost is, especially on a used car, they will tell you so you know what the cost is. >> that's about $40. you know the place to plug it in under the dash. >> yes. every car has it from '96 and newer. >> and let's go under the hood an engine that is
3:27 am
not brand-new, but it shouldn't be. what am i looking for? >> first thing you want to look for is flood-damaged cars. if you see rust in odd places, that doesn't make sense on any car, that tells you right away out of the box this car has been some sort of water damage. you want to walk away from those. those are not good choices. safety systems don't work in accidents. whatever you see leaking or smelling, kind of sounds weird, doesn't look right, that's where you need an ase certified technician to check out the vehicle. >> if i'm going to buy a car from a person or family two blocks away, if i'm going to do that, should i go to a mechanic to have it checked out? >> absolutely. find an ase certified technician. they will give you a indication
3:28 am
of what you should do. i'm going to close this down. guys, back inside, talk about something else really important. now this coming up. >> this louisiana lieutenant has a message for one thief. >> i'm going to identify you, arrest you, and put you in a small cell. after that, i'm going to have a cheeseburger here with fries and a coke. >> after that, i'm going to have a cheeseburger. more from that tough talking law man next. and it was the baby or the bouquet. look closely. guess which one she chose. >> she wants to get married. >> she wants a husband. >> taking the internet by storm. >> ouch. >> oh, baby. mike kreeger, soccer player, 31 today. i'm gonna crack like nobody's watching
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we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. >> and donald trump called hillary clinton easily the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. when asked what he based that on? he said i heard me say it just now. so it's got to be true. >> it's just amazing. wherever you go, everyone is talking about donald trump. even you on the hillary clinton beat. >> even when they are slamming him, he's driving the conversation. >> donald trump does a show every month.
3:33 am
clearly him and mark cue ban don't get along. this stunned me, elisabeth, to find this quote from mark cuban. >> it seems that mark kawbn -- cuban is supporting trump. i have to honestly say he is probably the best thing to happen in politics in a long, long time. i don't care what his positions are. i don't care if he says the wrong thing. he says what's on his mind. he gives honest answers than prepared answers. this is more important than anything any candidate has done in years. you got to give him credit for that. donald is changing the game. for that, he deserves credit. are these bulls instead of locking horns are going to be
3:34 am
buds? >> my sense is that donald trump would ignore it. we hear it. some republicans are panicking that he's destroying the brand. others are saying he's bringing interest for the 2016. others ig senator -- ignore. >> dltr donald trump was on hannity. >> we don't have law and order, our country is going to hell, and we don't have jobs because our jobs are going to china and so many other countries. i see this all happening and i said it's time to do something about it. >> keep in mind, though, mark cuban recently called donald trump a paper tiger. i don't know if they are going to play nice. >> i'm on cyber dust, it's excellent. although you got to be quick, you can't look up -- >> are you a duster?
3:35 am
why does that surprise you? >> brian has taken some kind of dust this morning. >> oh! >> and he's gone just like a cyber dust post. >> was it something we said? >> heather, bring us some headline. >> you guys can make up. i'll sure you'll be friends like donald trump and mark cuban in no time. >> when the dust settles, brian will be back. in the meantime, heather, you've got some -- >> i've got some serious news. 35 minutes after the hour. two little brothers are in the hospital this morning with these horrific sunburns. the family now blaming the daycare for running out of sunscreen. five and seven-year-old brothers from oklahoma have large painful blisters on their backs and shoulders after they took a trip to the waterpark. >> they were there for several hours. they didn't make connor or trey
3:36 am
keep their shirts on and they didn't have sunscreen. >> the children were told to cover up. five-year-olds listen. the brothers are expected to be in the hospital all week long. should taxpayers have to foot the bill for prisoners to get a college education? the obama administration is planning to restore federal funding for programs so inmates can take college courses while locked up. the plan will allow thousands of prisoners to apply for these grants. the last time the grants were allowed for prisoners was back in 1993, it cost taxpayers $34 million a year back then. spoerts say inmates who get an education are less likely to return to a life of crime. what do you think of that? crooks must be shaking in their boots this morning after this cop's report. listen. >> if you are the man that committed this felony. look at me, son.
3:37 am
i'm talking to you. the sheriffs like this restaurant and so do i. the food is good and the folks are friendly many we're going to identify you, arrest you and put you in a small cell. after that, i'm going to have a cheeseburger here with fries and a coke. >> i love him. that is lieutenant higgins from saint sandry crime stoppers. that post gets more than a million views on line. oh, boy. moms take a look at this and ladies too. some people will good to great lengths to catch the bride's bouquet. watch this. >> 3, 2. >> really? really! . that woman is holding a toddler. she let go of that child the moment the flowers soared over her head. that little girl is doing just
3:38 am
fine we're told. let's just hope that was an aunt and the no the mom. >> i'm sorry. did she catch it? >> no, it went over her head. >> she dropped the kid and missed the bouquet. >> it's one of most brutal moments of a wedding. that bouquet throw can go wrong all the time. now we just saw the very worst of it. >> the baby hit the ground. >> i have a bit of a temper too. >> are you okay? >> we're all good. i'm over it. i talk to my people. >> we are not over maria malina with the weather. good morning. hello, everybody at home. we want to talk about the heat because it really is building across the nation throughout the day today. take a look at some of the highs forecast. in kansas city, it's going to be 98 degrees. triple digits in texas and along the east coast, temperatures will reach the 90s in places like new york city. we're going to see the beginning of a heat wave across parts of
3:39 am
the east coast and the other concern is it's also very humid out there. heat index values should be climbing as high as 110 degrees out there. we have excessive heat warnings in effect and heat advisories as well. central florida, a stalled frontal boundary has been producing heavy rain. there's been a foot of rain across central florida and the forecast is to continue. i take you to the northern plains with another severe threat is on the move. there is a risk for some tornadoes throughout the day today in addition to damaging winds and large hail, so stay weather aware across the midwest. that's back inside. thanks a lot, maria. >> complicated weather pattern. the numbers are all shocking. the illegal immigrants outnumbering unemployed americans. are jobs on the line and is the white house running out of options at the border?
3:40 am
judge andrew innapolitano next. and the backyard barbecue, it's sexist, what is happening to america? ♪ ♪
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3:44 am
that uncle jesse and becky's love wasn't forever. the actor posting this photo showing him and lori locking hands. up to 2,600 illegal immigrants could be set free after a federal judge gives a blow to an obama policy. what does this all mean? here to weigh in, judge andrew napolitano. is this a blow to the administration, short term or at least long term does it prove their point, this system is completely messed up and needs to be fixed? >> i think it's both. because the administration doesn't know what to do now and this federal judge who ruled on one case involving whether immigrants were appropriately being taken care of, the rule is
3:45 am
you can't separate children from both of their parents. these were children who were illegally. >> the flood that came in from central america. >> after the president announced if you come, we you out. they put these people in private detention centers. the federal judge said they were substandard and called them filthy. they violated a class action agreement -- here's a name out of the past -- in the janet reno days which she signed and bill clinton agreed to and it bound all the attorneys general afterward to keep immigrant children in certain situations. the judge found they violated the agreement. instead of sending them back to the country from which they came, she's going to release them into the united states of america. that is the problem the administration has. because this is just 2,600 people. there are many, many thousands in this situation. >> two quick points. one, you said the federal judge
3:46 am
noted many of these facilities are substandard. we have a full screen here showing. they are supposed to be good, taking care of these kids, soccer fields, flat screen tvs, play grounds, 24-hour snacks. we took a look. and one night's stay costs $231 a night for these kids. you want them to be treated well, but federal taxpayers, our viewers are paying $231 a night for what the judge says is disgusting and despicable. >> it's har to believe. these are not government-owned centers. these are private hotel like places. this is just to hold them there until the courts decide what to do with them. this is going to get worse for the obama administration. >> give us the bottom line here. the judge says the administration has 90 days to respond, otherwise, the judge is going to release these kids who were here illegally and maybe
3:47 am
their parents. >> here's what will happen. it's very typical politically. the administration will file an appeal. the effect of filing an appeal will stop the release of these children. the matter will be resolved probably after barack obama leaves off and it will start all over again under president fill in the blank because this is an intractable problem what to do with children but in this case the problem was caused by the president himself when he announced to those south of the border come here, bring your kids. we won't deport you. >> give us your bottom line. you hear both sides. you hear the republicans say we understand, kids should be treated well, but secure the border first. you hear the president, and you hear hillary clinton say it's not just about securing the border, you also have to have a path to citizenship. you studied this from a legal standpoint. you hear the politics on all sides. what do you do to fix this moving forward snnch you need a comprehensive change. whether you want to go in the donald trump direction or the
3:48 am
marco rubio direction. it doesn't work. when you have a president who thinks he can rewrite it alone, federal courts have decided on that and you complicate matters. >> you are talking about children. >> they are caught on the middle of this. >> on the other hand, there are laws and the president has to enforce the laws whether he agrees with them or not. >> we're long lost brothers. coming up, a reality tv star accused of fraud, the man behind the show "wicked tuna" says he cannot walk properly and filed for disability. why is he seen fishing? a hunt for a lion and a cub leaving one major city on edge and why hasn't he been captured?
3:49 am
jeff corwin will be here next. ♪ ♪ welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! advil is not only strong it's gentle on your body too. no wonder doctors and patients have trusted advil...
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3:52 am
>> police responding to dozens of sitings. some even say they have seen it with a cub and another report just last night that the cat was seen again.
3:53 am
what's going on here? >> joining us now is wildlife biolo gist jeff corewin. >> i don't know, guys. it's amazing, in this age of incredible electronic voyeurism, i can't pick your nose without it ending up on google earth, we get this 1950s grainy big foot footage. i don't know. it seems like a lion to me. >> does it move like a lion? >> it has a bit of a swagger. >> it does have a bit of a swagger. if it was a large dog, i would expect to see a tail wagging at the end of this. it does have a feline-shaped head to this. this is not impossible for them to happen. there are hundreds of thousands
3:54 am
of large predatoriy pets kept illegal i, if i lived in milwaukee and had an illegal lion, i would be living under the radar. >> how can you keep one as a pet? >> we had a case in new york city where a gentleman a few years ago where a gentleman had a pet tiger has a pet. there are hundreds of people, especially places like texas and other regions that has these animals. >> how do you actually catch him? if it is a lion. a couple of years ago, i had a fox in my backyard, it took a couple of weeks for us to figure out who would catch it. you've got to go out and hire someone to do and pay a few hundred bucks. a lion is more complicated.
3:55 am
>> yeah. incredibly complex and potentially dangerous. we live in a time where we have urban sprawl and many animals, large native wild animals like coyotes and bobcats can adapt to an urban environment. in los angeles, there are large mountain lyons that live in that city community. it's no impossible. something like a true african cat, a predatory animal like a lion that escapes, this is a very dangerous situation, this is an animal that doesn't have the skill set to survive in the wild. it's going to be quite a challenge to secure this animal safely both for its protection and for the people who live in this community. >> if anyone sees it, what do you recommend someone do if there's another siting? >> 1-800-lion on the loose. >> you rattle your keys
3:56 am
and say you must smell my kitty at home or something like that. i think you want to be incredibly careful. this is an animal that will engage a fight or flight response. basically, it's going to try to disappear. it's going to get hungry, going to need water, going to need shelter. if it truly was an animal that lived in captivity, it relied on humans to provide the resource to it. eventually if this is a wild lion and not some hoax, it will materialize. they'll have to manage the situation. >> it was the 70s cuomo and per convin kins. now we call you. thanks. a sunken treasured
3:57 am
discovered. one family finds a half million dollars in gold sitting in just 15 feet of water. that remark bable story coming your way ahead. the police waging war on summer barbecues. a man cooked outside grilled, and feels guilty. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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4:00 am
good morning to you. it is tuesday, july 28. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert for you. they could still be alive as rescuers expands the desperate search at sea for two missing boys. a new sighting, a new hope they could be found exists. a live update from the coast guard this hour. and first fort hood, now chattanooga. could the five american heroes killed in cold blood be denied purple heart benefits because this is not labeled a terrorist attack? we'll take a closer look. guys, we need to unite. close the grill down.
4:01 am
turns out the bbq is sexist. the claim from the police and feminist behind the argument is a dude. mornings are better when steve doocy is not here. ♪ >> oh my goodness. yes, you are to believe your eyes. celebrating national sandwich month early with a 15 foot blt on our plaza. we all want to dig in. >> it's not grilled. >> it's not grilled. apparently if you grill, are you sexist. >> by the way, i love steve doocy, he's great. that was a joke. >> that was in the prompter. that's not your fault. >> we love steve. >> great to see you brian. >> thank you very much. great to see you. good news is this is something like doing a hero that big is
4:02 am
not something you do on a special report. >> this is a "fox & friends" kind of thing. >> "fox & friends" kind of sandwich. >> it will be gone. we thank you for joining us this hour. we have this for you. a race against time. rescuers searching for two missing florida boys say the young fishermen have the skills to survive four to five days on the water. >> the coast guard expanding the search area for the 14-year-olds. the fisherman came forward to say he saw the boys just before they vanished. brand new details just breaking this morning. >> that's right. >> families for two missing boys are holding out hope as the coast guard continues aggressive hunt for 14-year-olds. austin and perry vanished friday. a fisherman thinks he saw them friday as they sat out toward stormy weather. he said they looked prepareprep.
4:03 am
their boat was found over the weekend but boys nowhere to be found. >> families are not giving up hope. they believe they're still out there on the water somewhere on a float they may have made out of life vests and a cooler. the coast guard says it is possible. >> these weren't your typical 14-year-olds. they had experience on the water. >> searchers say the boys could survive four or five days out there. they have expanded the search area. look at. that it is now the size of west virginia with a focus off the coast of jacksonville because of currents. a $100,000 reward is offered for their safe return. if you have an area, have a boat go out and help look for them. >> one of the things they say, since there was nothing around the boat, flotation devices or anything involved, they think the kids may have done it themselves.
4:04 am
>> they say they're experienced on the water. families do believe heir out there using life vests to stay float in the water. we're hoping and praying. >> keeping our prayers going for that family. thank you for that. how about this. denying hero families benefits they deserve. we're talking the tennessee terror victims. they may not receive purple heart packages right now. the marine corps confirmed they prepared the purple heart pack ans for marines killed last week. sullivan, holmquist, wyatt and wells. the fbi must declare ties between the shooter and former terrorist organization before the claim can move forward. >> here's the original report. the fbi basically said this guy, looking at him now, was acting
4:05 am
alone. >> he had downloaded, according to reports, basically calling for a domestic attack against americans. he had blog posts before the attack comparing life in prison. >> they arrested the uncle who spent time in jordan the next day after this took place. >> this may be a replay of what happened in fort hood. >> took time, but they eventually got it. took five days to lower the flags. wondering how many days it takes for this. if you do not survive a shooting at war, your family gets the benefits from the state and federal government. their lives aren't on hold. they have needs right now. >> lieutenant colonel schaefer says there's no doubt this should be labeled a terrorist act. >> there's no doubt. there's absolutely no doubt this terrorist -- he was not
4:06 am
motivated because somebody pulled barney the dinosaur from pbs. he did not attack them because they were grocery clerks at a store. they were representative of the u.s. government. for goodness sake, it's reported he was considering jihad martym. >> now they'll hopefully qualify and receive the benefits they so deserve. >> could be college tuition for kids of survivors. meanwhile, what do you say about this? here's an e-mail from a navy vet named sam. >> larry on twitter says makes sense. there are thousands killed every
4:07 am
year by accidents and acts of violence outside combat. >> it's disturbing there has to be such a comprehensive investigation to give someone a purple heart. clearly these things add up. we're a country under terror attack since 2001. really since the mid-90s. now it's home, sadly not going to end. you think there may be a crisp way to evaluate these. >> without a doubt. thank you. now heather is here with breaking news coming in overnight. >> good morning. coming in from the midwest. brand new overnight, four are dead after their small plane plunges out of the sky and burst into flames in a wisconsin field in western wisconsin. everyone on board the plane was killed. faa is now investigating. we'll bring you more on that. in the meantime, a scare in the skies for hundreds on board an american airline flight coming in from china. take a look at the nose of this
4:08 am
plane. hail smashed the dream liner's nose and forced it to turn back less than an hour after takeoff. month one was hurt. a man was shot and killed as he attacked and shot a woman in west virginia. he had contact with police all over the country. investigators believe he may be a serial killer. they say hah neil was stopped, interviewed, or investigated in at least 20 states. police say that talls was carrying the list of women's names and also what they call a kill kit. it included actions, shovel, cleaning supplies. they found that in his car when he was killed by that woman in west virginia that he met online. he may be linked and disappearances of ten women, investigators believe. you've seen him hauling in huge fish on the reality show "wicked." now he's indicted on charges of
4:09 am
fraud. he supposedly received tax benefits. cameras on tv don't lie. and millions found off the coast in just 15 feet. take a listen. >> oh man. >> a family of treasure hunters discover $1 million worth of gold coins from a spanish fleet that ship wrecked nearly 300 years ago. it's the biggest haul so far from this location. it includes 51 coins and 41 feet worth of gold chains. they found it with a metal detector. usually they get beer cans. this time they got the gold. >> could you imagine? right in fort pearce. >> i'm pro finding gold in the ocean. i bet a lot of people are
4:10 am
getting snorkels. >> i wonder if spain has word of this? is this rightfully spain's gold? >> we'll get on. that. the war on the summer barbecue continues. yesterday in florida we had the great video a man is barbecuing. a local official basically comes up and says smoke is going past your property on others. we can smell the barbecue. this is a problem. >> got to stop the barbecue. now a feminist pins an article on twitter. >> here's what jacob wrote. it bears the stain of unintentional masculine cliche. gathered around the coals with beer, we're all the myth of
4:11 am
american man telling a story in postures and poses. >> women are like thank goodness he's grilling. i don't have to cook. plus he looks cute walking in with the meat. everybody is happy with the grill. leave it alone. >> he went on to say it's sexist men get to go outside to cook and you stay in the kitchen. that's just wrong. >> you have to feel guilty about this. stop being okay with being a male. >> the magic about what people see, they don't get the sarcasm. he was kidding. i will say this. so this guy -- just to get this straight. he's a feminist writing in a confessional way about his enjoyment of bbqing because he's a man. >> #gender guilt. he's guilty of feeling manly on the grill. women have to stay away are from
4:12 am
the grill. >> there's one solution. we need a barbecue czar to crack down on smells? >> there isn't one? >> too many. >> my message eat out. don't worry about it. >> don't take the grill away. >> to him, jacob, eat out. >> for somebody that's been grilling the other republican candidates, donald trump will not rule out a third party run. what could that mean for other republicans? a warning from the republican national committee next. it's a game time tradition at this local baseball field. what happened this time around was nothing ordinary. the hilarious video you'll talk about all day. down goes the block. ♪ and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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there's no substitute for a piece of real. real cheese people believe every casserole deserves a shred of authenticity, every sandwich a slice of legit. natural cheese off-the-block, 100% real. sargento, we're real cheese people. mike huckabee this morning not backing down. actually double down after his controversial reference to the holocaust while criticizing the iran deal. >> the last time the world did not take seriously threats that someone was going to kill massive amounts of jews, we ended up seeing 6 million jews murdered. >> this as donald trump still
4:17 am
remains leading the polls. >> joining us chief strategist from the national committee. good morning sean. >> thanks for having me. >> i wonder if we can start with huckabee. you have former florida governor saying we shouldn't issue comments like that that divide people now. do you agree with what huckabee said? >> i don't think my job or job of rnc to decide what we agree with or don't. each candidate has to articulate the policies they have. in this case, all candidates agree the iran deal is not a good deal. how governor huckabee chooses to express that is up to him. >> is it appropriate to provoke the holocaust in this context? >> here, i'm not here as a huckabee spokesman, not here to call balls and strikes on how candidates describe particular positions. i will say the braise and use of the holocaust was invoked in
4:18 am
iran. that's a fact. i think whether or not governor huckabee is appropriate or not, he's standing by comments. that's a question for him. >> i'm surprised the president got a question traveling in africa now after the republican candidates and talked about how disappointed he was, to paraphrase, that this came out. >> i think the president has a lot on his plate. he should focus on that. there's a lot of disappointment in the democratic party he could focus time on. >> we read your comment yesterday about setting up series of debates from gop. you went from 23, 20 to nine. why? >> at the end of the day, most the candidates when we looked back at 2012 on what went right and wrong, when it came to debate, operatives said campaign spent too much time crossing country and not communicating
4:19 am
with voters. we made a schedule to allow more states to be part of this process, more people to be involved. >> we're nine days from the first debate on fox in cleveland. yesterday your boss came out and said donald trump and the rest of the republican field should pledge now they will not launch a third party bill. i'm intrigued weeks ago you said he called donald trump and told him to tone down the rhetoric in general. donald trump said that never happened and he encouraged him to keep going. what happened on that call? >> i'm excited about cleveland. it's going to be a great debate. fox has done a phenomenal job to insure top 16 candidates have voices heard. i think fox should be commended for going that extra step. second, with respect to conversation chairman has with mr. trump and other candidates,
4:20 am
those conversations are and remain private. >> you put out a statement saying you wanted the rhetoric to be toned down. did that not happen? >> to. we never issued a statement. we both confirmed on both ends. what they discussed is is something that remains between the two of them frankly ed -- we frankly have 16 top candidates running now. we speak often with all candidates and their staff. we want to make sure rnc is a place that's neutral, treats all candidates fairly and keeping our eye on the prize, making sure we take back the white house next year. >> we'll leave it there. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks guys. might be the craziest video you see all day. a model's photo shoot disrupted by illegal immigrants storming
4:21 am
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4:24 am
well, they say mom knows best. for brand new mom, a doctor's advice is crucial. doctors are actually giving little or conflicting advice to moms. 75% heard nothing about pacifier use. 50% heard nothing about where babies should sleep. 20% heard nothing about breastfeeding. for 10%, nothing on vaccinations. what are questions new moms absolutely immediate to ask? joining us now the pediatrician.
4:25 am
thanks for being here. when you read that, moms are leaving with the baby but not getting a lot of information. it's startling. for moms heading to the pediatrician, you say the first question is what? what is the recommended vaccine schedule? >> it's important to ask your pediatrician about vaccines. vaccines are simply best way to protect your child from harp. there's a vaccine schedule. it's important you know what the schedule is. there's a reason for that schedule. you want your child to stay on that. it's based on research, safe and effective. >> when the child gets home, where should it sleep? >> sleeping. in your room but not in your bed. cosleeping is not recommended. have a bass net near your bed but not in the bed. >> another mom may ask about sleep position. some say my baby sleeps better
4:26 am
this way or that way. you say what? >> you should lay your baby on their back always. not on their side and definitely not on their belly. what's really important for pediatricians to tell you if the baby goes to somebody else's house, they know the same thing. it's dangerous to have a baby that always sleeps on their back to suddenly sleep on their belly. high risk of sids. >> and recommendation on infant to toddler car seats. >> babies need to face backwards to at least two years of age. get a car seat that will fit this your car until the baby is a lot bigger if you can. you avoid buying many car seats. >> install it properly.
4:27 am
you can have the best in the whole world, but if not put in properly, the baby is at risk. >> absolutely. read the directions. >> thank you for joining us today. great work for moms. now this coming up. the fox news alert. desperate race against time to find two teenagers lost at sea. could they be drifting on a makeshift life raft? we're live with the united states coast guard next. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice for pain relief. more than the medicines in tylenol or aleve. use the medicine that pharmacists use most for themselves. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. withof my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed...
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i research. i dig. and dig some (trader more. search.
4:30 am
because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. rescuers frantically searching for any sign of two 14-year-old boys last seen venturing out for a fishing trip off the coast of jupiter florida friday. >> the capsized boat was recovered 67 miles from the shore north of jupiter sunday. still no sign of the boys. >> no one is giving up hope. here joining us with the u.s. coast guard. captain, what can you tell us
4:31 am
today? what's your focus? >> our focus today is to continue the search efforts for austin and perry. to date, we've conducted 36 different search patterns both aviation and surface patrols. we covered 28,000 square miles, roughly the size of west virginia. we'll continue to search. we'll value wait our effectiveness and prospects if for moving forward on a daily basis. >> given the experience, those that know the boys well, say they had time on the water. how long could they last on the water in your estimation? >> going to sea can be a dangerous prospect for even the most experienced mariners. we always encourage especially recreational voters, you file a float plan. tell someone where you're going, when you expect to be back. have a radio, flairs, personal
4:32 am
flotation devices, electronic beacon. keep good eye on weather n. south florida, weather et can turn on a die. kids can certainly survive a few days. we'll continue to search and hold out our efforts. we're facing a dangerous situation. >> are you asking locals in the community to get on their boats and help you this the search? >> we're not asking locals to do that because what we don't want to happen is for additional boaters to go out with varying degrees of experience and maybe get themselves in trouble in one of the squalls that pop up every afternoon. i think it would be more effective -- we know people are walking up and down the beaches looking for debris. that would be a better effort. >> captain, we've got 15 seconds. when you talk about the weather changing quickly and patterns,
4:33 am
how rough are the waters to give people a sense of what these boys would be dealing with? >> pretty calm. one to three foot seas. however, in the afternoons in south florida, squalls come in quickly with heavy winds and high seas. weather can change on a dime. >> are we wrong to think the fact that the life jackets are not around and the cooler was not near the boat that they are using that to stay float? >> we certainly hope so. chances of survival would increase with any flotation device they have. >> do you think it's odd the life jackets and cooler are not around or is that typical with the current? >> you don't moe. things could get easily separ e separated from boat and individual. it's not surprising to us. it's easy to get separated from the boat and equipment in it. >> great work your team is doing. everyone is holding out hope
4:34 am
austin and perry come back safely home that their families. thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. thank you. two young boys from oklahoma in a texas burn unit after suffering severe sun burns. the parents blaming the daycare for running out of sun block on the trip to the water park. we are live in texas with more on their condition today. good morning rob. >> good morning elisabeth. i don't think i recall a case someone had to get air lifted to a hospital because of a sun burn. that goes to show how severe this case is. the 5 and 7-year-old suffering second and third degree burns. the pictures the families put on facebook so graphic we can't show it all. in one picture, looks like a tennis ball size blister. this happened friday. this was a daycare in oklahoma. the grandfather tell us they were not making sure kids or brothers had shirts on and did
4:35 am
not apply sunscreen because they ran out. the mother took boys to local clinics. conditions got worse saturday. one had trouble breathing, eventually the hospital. here they're getting world class care. mean while the investigation going on in oklahoma. the police and department of human services interviewing the parents and daycare. this could be a case of child neglect. >> thanks for that story. obviously we hope the kids recover quickly. >> feel bad for then. that's awful. >> how do you run out of sunscreen? got to be kidding me. is there a rite aid around? >> that's quite the story. 35 minutes after the hour. couple of headlines to bring you now. the illegal alien who murdered an innocent woman on a san francisco pier is due in court today. sanchez is expected to set a date for his preliminary hearing. now he's held on $5 million bail for shooting and killing kate steinle. before that shooting, sanchez had been convicted of seven felonies and deported back to
4:36 am
mexico five times. that elusive milwaukee lion may have been spotted once again. police swarm a neighborhood after another person reported seeing the big cat like creature. they didn't find anything. it was reported to be seen in a ravine over the weekend. the cops bring out a big gun in hopes of tranquilizing it. they didn't have work. we spoke to jeff to see how the lion could have gone loose in the suburbs. >> there are many hundreds if not thousands of large predatory animals that are kept as pets often illegally. i'll the ell you if i lived in milwaukee and had a large lion as a pet and it escaped, i'd stay under the radar screen. >> no one knows where this came from. some report it was seen with a cub in a park last week. it's been eight days since this
4:37 am
was first spotted. what happens when a drier, stove, water heater race? >> down goes the range. >> there goes the drier or whatever that is. things got cooky at a west michigan may mor league baseball game. kids dressed up for the emergenenergy race. turns out running in a costume is not as easy as it looks. >> the drier didn't have a shot. the stove. i had money on it. >> it's the precursor to other game capturing the country. >> it reminded me of it. tossing outside to maria. how's it going out there? >> going great. great day in new york city. temperatures start to heat up out there. expecting highs in the 90s.
4:38 am
that's all associated with the building heat wave in parts of the east coast. heads up. temperatures start to feel summer like, even dangerous in other areas. some areas experiencing 90s today. triple digits in texas. when you factor in humidity, heat index climbing to 100 to 110 degrees. we have heat advisories and excessive heat warnings in effect louisiana to parts of missouri. the other big story in florida is the ongoing flooding in parts of west central florida. out there we received up to a foot of rain, some reports. more rain in the forecast over the next few days as the slow moving front continues to bring in moisture across that part of the country. otherwi otherwise, severe weather is a concern in the west. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornados. some storms will be possible in parts of new england. watch out for isolated severe
4:39 am
storm there is. that's what's going on with the weather. if you checked your calendar, it's the last week of july. coming up, we have august. august marks national sandwich month. it's never too early to start celebrating here at "fox & friends." we have a 15 foot long blt sandwich to rain in august, national sandwich month. and new bottles. squeeze all the way down across the blt. 15 foot long blt sandwich. get this cool new bottle. now back in side. >> thanks for helping us put that sandwich together. >> they were out there late last night and early this morning. >> it's gluten free by the way. >> howm i? >> my son was saying this. why has heinz not created a
4:40 am
better squeeze bottle? >> by the way you never hit the bottom of the ketchup. hit the side. >> you put finger on the 57. >> is that true? there was a time there were no squeeze bottles. congratulations to scientists that came up with this. now get us a new space shuttle. coming up, she's breaking up the boy's club. what this woman is doing that's never been done before. might be the craziest photo you've seen. a model's photo shoot is interrupted by a group of illegal immigrants storming the beach. take a look. my goodness. ♪
4:41 am
fans, your going to get a kick out of this. we'll reveal 15 things you didn't know about the iconic sneakers like how they sold over a billion pairs. we'll have that story today at 2:00. i think she tried to kill us. no, it's only 15 calories. with reddi wip, fruit never sounded more delicious, with 15 calories per serving and real cream, the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. pwhat've we got? 5. bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on.
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why are all these people so asleep, yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia, the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me
4:44 am
from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. quick headlines and we'll get to illegal immigration talks. cardinals making history in the off season. nfl team hiring the first female football coach of any i kind in league history. jenn welter will be joining the cards as insidelinebacker coach. battler tweeting, quote, i'm honored to be part of the bird game. screw up in the minor leagues. check out this player knocking a home run out of the park. one problem, he was so excited he forgot to touch home plate. he celebrated and misses the plate. it changed the outcome of the game. the birds lost because of that
4:45 am
play. he's been forced to choose another sport. >> that's okay. >> it's not okay. take a look that the video. unbelievable. a model's miami beach photo shoot interrupted by a group of illegals storming the beach. dennis michael lynch who made three films on illegal immigration. his latest. they come to america, coast of obama's legacy, releases next month. you see this video -- >> certainly illegal aliens. i can tell the way they disperse off the boat. what happens once they hit the beach, they all break off. >> let's watch this. >> the mentality is gang rush. if they catch one, they can't catch all of us. >> they're going wide left, wide
4:46 am
right. >> if there's a border patrol agent, he's only going to catch one of us. >> they're a group of friends that got in a terrible fight or -- >> you're telling me people that swim in miami don't swim fully clothed? >> they're leaving behind that $60-70,000 fishing boat. that's why there's no 11 million people in this country illegally. even if they were to app re -- apprehend, look how many get away. >> they put out a statement responding to this. they say they respond to smuggling event in the same area depicted in the video. they say quote, border patrol agents did respond and currently investigating the smuggling event with fellow dhs partners. they're not confirming they're illegals. >> here's the problem. less than 100 border patrol
4:47 am
agents in the miami sector, hundreds of miles to protect. >> when was this video shot? >> i don't know. we should focus on the model. >> you said the number of illegal immigrants in the united states could be close to 30 million. if we go on this number here in front of us, 11.3 million in 2014. that outnumbers 9.6 unemployed in the same year. if we look at your 30 -- >> when reagan gave am necessary thank y -- gave amnesty, he thought it was 1 million people. go to look at real estate forms. you don't do that for 11 million people. you do it for r 30 million. when you go back to jobs, that will really explode in 2016 when the obama care business mandate kicks in. businesses will have to hire
4:48 am
people and give them the insurance. now they'll go the illegal alien route. >> you've been on the boarder and have seen this. >> i appreciate donald trump been the first person to depoliticalize it. he has to tell me how you stop that with a wall. a wall is like putting a band aid on cancer. the only way to stop this problem in its tracks and remove the insensitive to come here illegally. until you do that, this will continue. i'll show you the biggest walls in the world. they cut right through and get through. >> countries are so economically depressed, people are desperate for something. to get here, they're going to try it. >> we have people in this country that are struggling and want a better life. if we focus on taking care of americans first when everyone is on the pathway to american dream, then we open to rest of the world. i'm all for weather. >> tell people how they find
4:49 am
your movie. >> we give away more free dvds than we sell. hopefully i'll be back with you. wait until i show you the northern border and what's coming. >> most folks think it's only the south. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. they say there's no such thing as free lunch. if wills, if you work for one of the top companies in america. where you should apply next. and 1978, number one song on the play list "shadow dancing." ♪ flonase allergy relief nasal spray outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance, flonase controls six. so you are greater than your allergies. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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are you looking for work? how do you feel about b perks, free stuff, arcade games, free cruise as a reward for doing a good job? does that sound good to you? all those companies are hiring. here to tell us more, cheryl. you round up five companies. >> i did. this one there's checkers and rallies. one of the big discounts, discount on food, games and all that good stuff. more than 2200 open positions thousand. they're a popular restaurant chain. you get sick vacation holiday pay. if you're in top 10%, you get a free cruise. >> doesn't that make you worry about the job when they tell you how great it would be not to be at the job. how would you like six weeks paid vacation not to be here? tutor doctor is open. >> basically tutors are getting
4:54 am
paid 17 to $20 an hour. if your kid needs tutoring, expect them to pay. if your kid is smart, get them to go tutor. you can make up to 50 grand a year. >> you talk about keeper security. this is a password protected secure vault. >> i love these companies. i'm all about the perks. >> how about come here 9:00 to 5:00. dave and busters, most diverse restaurant in america. >> again, all about the food. discounts on food, access to free games. 1600 open positions plus 80 manager positions they're trying to fill. a lot of managers started in lower positions. they're big about promotions. >> you have sports bar there. then you have bowling alley in some cases and then legitimate
4:55 am
two restaurants. you take your teens and say go play games and pretend to win a prize you don't want. have a good time at the end of the night. then batteries plus bulbs. >> one good thing. it is what it is. batteries and bulbs and they install stuff. in the corporate office they built a happy room. you can sit and watch sports and work on your laptop if you want. dress is casual. that's the important part of the company. they're hiring as well. several jobs are open in new stores. >> many are wondering when you'll get a chance to act again. >> i'm going union. >> you looking for some sort of oscar situation, i don't know. last performance was excellent. we're looking for new ideas as well. >> cheryl, thanks so much. we'll watch the business channel. you're fox's own personal
4:56 am
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good morning to you. today is tuesday, july 28. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. they could still be alive. two florida teens lost at sea.
5:00 am
are they floating on a makeshift life raft, they ask? two of their friends will be with us live. moments ago the president making bold prediction about a third the term in office. >> i think i'm a pretty good president. i think if i ran, i could win. >> but he can't. he says he could run for a third term. could he win? laura weighs in on that. turns out your summer barbecue is sexist. the claim from the pc police. and the feminist behind the movement is a man. >> traitor. >> we done? >> i didn't mean to interrupt. sorry brian. mornings are better with friend friends. we have a lot to discuss this final hour. >> we're thankful you're with us
5:01 am
on the east coast at "fox & friends." henry great to have you. brian kilmeade. >> tomorrow you're back to hillary? >> back in d.c. late tonight. steve doocy will be here tomorrow. >> a lot to cover in this hour. we'll start with heather. good morning to you. >> good morning. we just rooeed received an from the coast guard on the search for two missing 14-year-old boys. rescuers believe austin and perry could survive four to five days in the water. the boy's boat was found overturned. their parents believe the friends may have created a float using life jackets and cooler on board the boat. earlier the coast guard told us it is possible. >> chances for survival would increase with any type of flotation device they may have. these kids could certainly survive few days.
5:02 am
we'll continue to searching and hold out our efforts. we're facing a very dangerous situation. >> the navy also joining the the seven. coming up in ten minutes, we'll hear from two of the boy's friends. one was supposed to make the trip on friday. another fox news alert to bring you now. the son of the slain leader has been sentenced to death by firing squad. a tripoli court handing down the ruling for killing of protestors in 2011. he wasn't in court today because he's currently held by a militia group that's refusing to hand him over to government. today activists from more than 50 cities around the country rallying against planned parent hood after video surfaced showing doctors talking about the controversial abortion practices and allegations of selling baby body parts. the group is marching under the banner women bestrtrayed.
5:03 am
they're demanding prosecution of information in the videos. i'm issuing an execi ivutiv order. jon stewart can't leave the show. >> in october 2011 and february 2014 stewart was asked. they wanted to make sure he was on their good side. could see that more often. >> he stayed on their good side seven years. >> that's right. good morning laura. >> hey guys. good to see you. >> how many invites did you get to the white house? >> under bush or obamobama? >> none.
5:04 am
>> okay. does it surprise you jon stewart was invited? >> no. he was probably one of his biggest bundlers of audience and supporters. he might not have raised money for him, but he certainly raised passions for obama and support over the years. doesn't surprise me one bit. >> might be out in the cold another four years. the president said in africa he thinks if he ran for another term, he would win. >> well, who today in the field would beat barack obama? there's an interesting question. you probably get these e-mails like i do. one is barack obama will never leave office. people see him as -- look, he may not be great at negotiating deals with iran, china, getting
5:05 am
people off disability and food stamps or reinforcing the border. he's good at campaigning. who do republicans have who's as good as barack obama as a campaign senator jeb bush was joking last week saying i wish -- he said you have to admire barack obama. he has skills that are envy of a lot of politiciapolitician. bush is right on that. >> proving it here from africa he says if he ran for a third term, he would win. >> i think if i ran, i could win. i don't understand why people want to stay so long. especially when they've got a lot of money. >> the president was trying to make the point african leaders should reform and shouldn't stay in office 20 or 30 years. saying if i ran again, i'd win, but i'm not allowed to.
5:06 am
this is one case the president is following the constitution and you probably want to congratulate him. >> look, i think the president is now in legacy burnishment mode with the africa trip. hei he's basking in the glow. this has been a big year for obama. got the trade promotion authority. numbers have climbed as republicans have stalled in congress or gone down. he's gotten mcconnel and boehner to work with him. they're certainly not going to overturn obama care. obama, after the republicans took congress, is riding high. you can't blame him for doing a victory lap even if we have record numbers of people on disability and food stamps. this has been a great year for obama. >> you mentioned he's a great campaigner. may not be great at negotiating with iran. these were original statements about the job the president is doing. watch. >> we know the last time the
5:07 am
world did not take seriously the threats to jews, 6 million of them died, bill. for us to pretend that these are just empty threats -- i've seen this movie before. it does not end well. america can do better than that. we didn't get the four hostages out of iran. >> do you have a problem with anything the governor said? >> he was doubling down from original comments about the holocau holocaust. >> i think he's learned from trump, don't back down because elites are saying you went too other far. look, i think mike huckabee, everyone knows him. wonderful person, governor of arkansas, strong social conservative. he's a bit of populist on trade and immigration issues. and maybe some wouldn't have worded it the way he worded it. i'm not a candidate. they're walking in a mine field.
5:08 am
look who's come out to criticize him t the president and jeb bush. that's interesting. why shoot at huckabee here? i don't think that comment is going to lose him republican supporter who is believe there's an existential threat with this deal. >> let's talk donald trump for a second. mavericks owner, mark cuban, fellow billionaire, they do not like each other. he said this. i have to honestly say, he is probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long type. i don't care what his positions are. i don't care if he says the wrong thing. he says what's on his mind. he gives honest answers. this is more important than anything candidates have done in years. what do you think about this assessment? >> i think cuban is a brand guy. he understands how to build a
5:09 am
brand. donald trump, i wrote a piece yesterday about schooling other republicans and media types about brand development. whatever you think about trump, he's showing a lot of other guys apprentices. they're the apprentices. he's showing them how to build a brand. i don't know if trump is in the race for the long haul or not, but what we see is all these predictions of his political demise, because of comments about mccain or because he said something that was exaggeration, have all proven to be false. he has double digit lead in races. a lot of polls are confirming that. i think he's onto something. > >> true. do you think he's hurting or helping gop? >> gop hurt the gop brand. they spend more time what the new york times and elite think about their position than they do about the grass roots, people
5:10 am
that turn out to vote. here's an idea for gop. actually do stuff republican voters want and you wouldn't have to worry about donald trump. republicans don't. they do a lot democrats don't thousand. we talked about obama's approval numbers. that's why the republicans are a mess. it's not because of trump. republicans are in a bind because republican decided to work with president instead of oppose him on key issues. i think that's where republicans have gone wrong. doesn't have to do with trump. >> we've got sad news for you. there's a war on summer barbecues. i don't know if you're watching. >> i'm upset. >> there's a blogger saying this is a sexism. >> he's a male feminist that's
5:11 am
sad. >> he's suffering from gender guilt. don't you think? >> another reason to log onto where else are we going to get this analysis? we're now so worried about gender roles, it's intruding on summer fun. again, these are the types of things that properly disgust, used and joked about on the campaign trail could actually entertain audiences. all i know is i like it when someone else grills. i handle stuff in the kitchen. open flames, i like when someone else handles it. put me in that camp. >> everyone agrees. you're happy because we don't have to deal with the meat. men come in proud of what they're doing. >> kilmeade and all guys love
5:12 am
the fact they're out there pounding the brew outside. >> i go outside with a dozen burgers and and a funnel. i am like a fish. >> they come back in a great mood. it's a win-win for everybody. >> i agree. >> she said gender role. she meant rolls. >> micro aggression. i don't like it one bit. >> we want a rebuttal on life about grilling. >> no problem. we're coming at you. >> thanks so much. >> good to see you. one week from the debate, going to heat up now. we told you about governor huckabee's comments on iran and donald trump stirring critics with his slam last week on senator mccain. how can they spin these gaps? some say they are pluses. frank luntz answers that soon.
5:13 am
and a message for a thief. >> we're going to find you, arrest you, put you in a small cell. after that, i'm going to have a cheeseburger with fries and a coke. >> more from the tough-talking lawman coming up. >> he's not afraid to grill. ♪ toenail fungus? seriously?
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5:17 am
we just told you about governor huckabee's comments on iran. here's donald trump stirring up critics with his own slam on john mccain. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay. i hate to tell you. >> the results are in. washington insiders could not have been more wrong. comments did not really hurt trump. he's leading in the polls, at least for now. what does it take to survive a gaffe like that? we heard your voice there. you asked donald trump the question. let's start with, are you surprised this didn't hurt donald trump? >> yes, i'm surprised. i thought you could say about anything about anyone but not someone that spent five and a
5:18 am
half years in the prison of war camp. i was proven wrong. i'll tell you, there's something about donald trump's persona. you fautalked about it with mar cuban's quote. he gets away with things that others wouldn't get away with. when ronald reagan grabbed the microphone in the great republican gaffe fest early in the campaign and misquoted and misidentified the moderator, his grabbing the microphone saying i paid for this. everyone forgave him he got the guy's name wrong. he showed he was a leader, was tough the, and nobody was going to push him around. >> i want to push forward to the fox debate coming up. let's look back first at the political context and how it's deemed on the screen. >> california, texas, new york.
5:19 am
going to south dakota, oregon, washington and michigan. and then we're going to washington d.c. to take back the white house. >> now frank, his staff says it was taken out of context because on tv it sounded crazier. in the room, they didn't hear it the same on the mic. bottom line, he never recovered. >> i was there with the press when that happened. everyone had been on laptops, looked up, stared at him shocked. they looked at each other three seconds and everybody burst out laugh a laughing. you saw because the press thought it was ridiculous, they translated it to the people. >> listen to this.
5:20 am
who believe the government has responsibility. believe they're entitled to health care, food, whatever. >> frank, i talked to republicans who say he didn't fight back, let the president define him after that. think ahead to the debate. you've got 30 seconds. >> three quick lessons. >> number one, it's the sound bite that matters. number two, got to be tough. you'll break through nine other candidates. number three is that it has to residennate with angry american. going to be doing a session right after the debate. if viewers want to participate, go to luntz they can react to those candidates and gaffes we know
5:21 am
they're going to make. >> we'll look forward to those gaffes. the coast guard searching for two teens found at sea. one of their best friends supposed to be on that boat with them is opening up about the horrible situation live. that's next. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at! so, what did you guys think of the test drive?! i love the jetta. but what about a deal?
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i'm lauren, and i've got your back.
5:24 am
quick headlines now. the prisoner worker accused of helping two convicted killers break out of a jail will be arraigned today. talking about joyce mitchell. her lawyers are hoping to strike a plea deal. if convicted, mitchell could face eight years behind bars for helping sweat and mat escape. one of them is dead. fbi is investigating after a suspicious male turns up at the courthouses in oregon.
5:25 am
one sheriff was hospitalized when he opened a letter with a laced substance and develop aid rash on h -- developed a rash on his arms. he's since been areleased. hope that two missing boys will see light and come home. austin and perry vanished friday on a fishing trip. their boat capsized 60 miles away and two life jackets missing. join joining us now, two of their friends. the thank you for being here. olivia, you knew austin since the third grade. can you tell us about him? >> i've been very good friends with austin. like, we were best friends through third grade to eighth grade. he is so smart and so funny. he made everyone so happy.
5:26 am
like even being around him, you couldn't help but smile when you saw him. he made -- >> you're talking and i see your sweet smile. i sense hope if you that he can make it. you were on a boat together wednesday before he went missing. did he mention anything about this trip to you specifically? >> all he said was that they were going to go fishing. they said something about the bahamas, nothing too much. didn't really talk about it that much. >> is this common for someone that's 14 with this much skill like austin or perry, to head out without a grown up? some say how could the parents let them go alone? do they have what it takes to survive throughout? >> yes. kids in jupiter go on boats by themselves, have fun, go
5:27 am
fishing. it's not rare for two 14-year-olds to go out by themselves. austin knows what he's doing. >> when i hear about perry, megan, you've known him three years now. tell us about him. >> he was always happy and making everyone laugh. he loved fishing and boating. he would talk about it all the time and tell me all of his fishing stories. he was just always so happy and smiling. >> are you hopeful that they're okay? >> yes. >> megan, what's your worst fear? >> that they don't come back. >> you olivia and megan, both say they have the skills to survive. the coast guard with the active search say they could survive with the makeshift raft four to five days based on their skill level. we talked to a coast guard official who said the waters are the best search-type waters now.
5:28 am
what is your message for people now? what do you want people to know about them and pray for? >> stay positive, keep them safe and pray they'll come back. jupiter would never be the same without them here. >> olivia, you tried to get in touch with austin's mom. is that correct? when you found out he was missing. did you get in touch with her? >> yes, i've kept in touch with her all four days. >> what was your conversation if you can share with us. is she as hopeful as you are? >> she's very hopeful. she's staying positive, doing everything she can to be positive, nothing negative. same with his little brother, all positive. >> absolutely. li olivia and megan, our prayers are with you that your friends come back safe. thank you for being with us today.
5:29 am
gosh, good girls talking about their friends there. this coming up next, 911 call shocking. teens fighting to save their friends life when the dispatch area says call someone else. >> oh my goodness. even more shocking, the teenager died as a result of that. the latest on the investigation into that dispatcher next. struggling to find the cash to send your kids to college. well, just send them to prison. a white house push to give convicts college cash. i'm not kidding. straight ahead. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts
5:30 am
specially mixed for people with hearts. planters. nutrition starts with nut. when pharmacists are in pain the medicine in advil is their #1 choice for pain relief. more than the medicines in tylenol or aleve. use the medicine that pharmacists use most for themselves. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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5:32 am
three, two, one.
5:33 am
>> slow motion. slow motion. >> the bouquet toss at a wedding going bad with a baby going south. the woman who is seen holding the baby for a moment before the bouquet drops the baby to the ground. >> another reason not to bring kids to weddings. this is it. >> come on. you could be a multitasker if you're going to do that. >> that's a hyper focus on a bouquet. dropping the baby in the meantime. we can give guys the hard time, with the guy going to catch the ball with the baby. >> do you know anyone that caught the bouquet and got married next? isn't that the whole thing? has that ever worked out. >> if you have caught the bow -- the bouquet and got immediately married, let us moe. heather, have you caught a
5:34 am
bouquet? >> i don't think so. goond morning. this is a shock display of misconduct from an albuquerque firefighter who may have contributed to death of a teenager. chavez was gunned down at a party last month five minutes after he arrived. his friend tried performing cpr on the 17-year-old. he was barely breathing while on believe how the . responder reacted to him. >> i'm not going to deal with this? isn't that the person's job? chavez died a short time later. after the hangup, police believe he was the victim of a random attack. the dispatcher pulled from his
5:35 am
job. an investigation is underway. >> developing this morning. now paul is arrested on charges of fraud. he received government benefits claiming he was disabled and unable to work. except, a little fact that cameras don't lie, at least not on reality television. wow. should taxpayers foot the bill for prisoners to get a college education? the obama administration is planning to restore federal funding for pell grants so that inmates can take college courses behind bars. the plan will allow thousands of prisoners to apply for the grants. they're the main form of federal funding for low income students. last time the grants were allowed for prisoners back in 1993. it cost taxpayers $34 million each year. supporters say inmate who is get the education are less likely to return to a life of crime.
5:36 am
this is perhaps the best story of the day. crooks around louisiana must be shaking in their boots after this cop's report. catch this. >> if you're the man that committed this felony, look at me son. i'm talking to you. the sheriff likes this restaurant and i do i. the food is good and folks are friendly. we're going to identify you, arrest you, and put you in a small cell. after that, i'm going to have a cheeseburger here with fries and a coke. >> at stelly's warning a thief that his days are numbered. the thief stole $800 from the family restaurant. the post is getting more than a million views. hi heather and everybody at
5:37 am
home. heat continues to build. look at high temperatures for today. very hot out there. triple digits, upper 90s across parts of the plains and east coast. places in northeast start to heat up to 90s as well. that's going to last two to three days. we have heat advisories illinois and even iowa. combination of hot temperatures and high humidity levels produce heat index values to 100 to 110 degrees. going to feel dangerously hot. across the central parts of florida, we have a soft frontal boundary with moisture with it. unfortunately we're looking at the forecast for that to continue as well. several more days of more storms in central florida. we have flood watches in eftfec. parts of upper midwest and across the great lakes region, we have the risk of severe storms today. stay weather aware. let's now head to elisabeth and
5:38 am
ed. >> thank you for that. time to spruce up for summer. how can you add value to your home without breaking the bank? here with us, jonathan scott. >> i love that you guys do the competition. you're in the city for something special is. it has to do with mr. clean. what is it? >> most are moving now to new houses or looking to list their house and sell it. they teach people what they can do in 15 minutes without tearing out walls, painting and all that. >> we're going to.c do it in fi minutes. >> you have a place you want to sell. you don't have to take out appliances. i call it it factor. this is what it looks like after elisabeth cooked a meal. there's stuff all over it. have you ever used this?
5:39 am
>> i've got three kids. are you kidding me? >> get it wet. anybody who knows a magic eraser. it does anything. i tell people, don't bother ribbing out a bathtub, take out appliances. when you go in a house and around the light sockets it's got the grime and everything on the wall, do the same thing. magic eraser takes off anything off the wall. give it a wipe. >> what about hardware? >> same thing. >> should you switch hardware if looking to sell your home? just spruce it up sm. >> if you've got polished brass hardware, you have to switch it out. nobody wants to see that. if you've got home with character in it, sometimes that adds more value. look at doing something like painting the door.
5:40 am
take the exact door and add a pop of color. this is a kid's room. dress yourself up too. whatever you want to do. >> those are simple updates to make a door pop. >> you don't have to replace the door. thanks for coming over. >> happy anniversary. wow. >> you're talking about accessories. how do you accessorize your house? >> nobody moves in to places and wants the dream home to be boring. i love cleaning things up with the cleaner and doing the 15 minute rounds. sometimes you have to refinish or repaint like an old table or chair. prime example. if you've got something with tears in it or born down. take it on as a weekend project. so easy to reupholster. pop the seat off. use the old material as template. i repainted these lamps?
5:41 am
>> you can buy the lamp shades individually. find something that will add character. i go in all the time and tell people -- they walk in and say i love it. they don't realize it's their existing furniture i reupholstered or painted it. something like this would look incredible if refinished. >> how would you do this. >> saint, rough it up to get a bond surface. if it's solid wood, restain it. use a stripper to take that off and roadweapply a new coat. >> this is a good looking piece here. >> the biggest problem i had was overspending when doing investments originally. people want it to be nice and think they have to replace. first things first, clean it up. you would get thousands more for your house if it's just clean.
5:42 am
>> thank you. property brothers is a hit. this is why. you give us tips along the way. thanks for visiting and wishing everybody. coming up, she's becoming the nfl first woman coach. is football ready for women leadership? >> we're headed to time square with brian to see what people think there. brian, how you doing? >> reporter: i'm doing great. going to be with you shortly. ♪ you pay your auto insurance premium
5:43 am
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i needed work done around my house at a fair price.f sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni... we've been telling you how the cardinals hired the first female nfl coach. nfl tweeted congrats to jenn welter who joining as the preseason intern coaching inside linebackers. we've got brian kilmeade at time squa square. >> we sure do. what do you think brian, and what do your friends think?
5:46 am
>> i think it's great. this woman has 14 years experience in football. i think she understands the game, plays the game. she played last season indoor football. she's a great athlete. i think she'll do well. cardinals wouldn't do this as a stunt. this family wants to weigh in on these issues. you guys want family? >> yeah. >> what's your last name? >> freshhour. >> what's your name? wade. >> you heard about the 14 year veteran football player. she's a female. cardinals will have her as assistant football coach in preseason. will men listen to a woman when it comes to football? >> she'll have to be one tough lady. >> do you think the fact she played 14 years with just women will do that? >> it's going to be dicey. if she can stand strong, and bark like the big dogs, she's
5:47 am
going to win. >> is this your wife over here r? >> bark like the big dogs. how do you feel about a woman etch coming a man's sport? >> you know, i think it would be a real challenge. almost seems like you shouldn't mix men and women. >> shouldn't do it, leave them alone. let men coach the coach and women coach the women. >> basically they had lingerie football. hah didn't go anywhere. >> that's not surprising. >> did any football players here? >> he likes to play. >> would you have problem taking instruction from a female coach? >> i think i would need to respect her first of all. if she could demand respect and stand strong, i would definitely respect her. >> you have to wonder why people are so nice. they're not from here. they're from minnesota. glad to have you. if you have problems, call gretchen carlson. she'll help anyone from
5:48 am
minnesota. over here, i found a man from france. we wants to weigh in on the global perspective. what's your first name? >> hi. i'm paul. >> nice to see you. who's this? i'm pretty sure i got that. paul, in the big picture, how do you feel about a woman coaching a man's sport? in france, it's mostly soccer football. how do you feel? >> i find it's great, great idea. >> and do you have a female coach at a men's soccer team over there? >> sometimes, yeah. >> and finally paul, this might be a penetrating question, when it comes to grilling, do you enjoy grilling outdoors? barbecue. >> yes. >> are you afraid to admit it? >> no. >> we love the fact you gave it
5:49 am
to us, the statue of liberty. >> for sure. >> you too sir. previous generations. nice seeing you. everyone as you were. i have to go back inside. back to you america weighs in on a female coach in the men's sport. i have to get hasselbeck's opinion on this. this is going to be your dinner conversation tonight. >> just might be. good job with friends on streets of new york city. speaking up, a boston rugby alum, coached men before in addition to texas. i'm not an expert outside marrying a guy that loves it and played it. why not hear what she has to say? if she can make them better on the field. >> in nba, there was a woman running a summer league in vegas in july. spurs won the summer league.
5:50 am
she did a great job. >> time will tell and so will the tape as they watch it back after she installs plays i'm sure. the going wondered 2,000 miles away from its home missing two years. somehow it was found. rocky and his owner were reunited. we'll tell you the story next. mark is my coach by the way. morning to both of you. leading republicans want the head of irs fired. will they get their day? big day on the iran deal. we'll talk to chairman on the committee house side about b the critical question. some say trump bump is not real. we'll debate that. and a surfer on fire on purpose. you'll meet him when martha and i see you. top of the hour right here.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
it was a long journey home for this boxer named appropriately rock ri. finally reunited with his family after going missing more than two years. >> rocky turned up 2,000 miles away in indiana. why you ask in sharing more about this journey back home, rocky and his owner brittany. thanks for being with us. so nice to see you. he got out when the doorbell rang. he had a micro chip. when you found out he had been found, w45hat was your reaction? >> i was so surprised. i was sleeping and had got up to see my phone. i missed a phone call. when i had -- i listened to t voice mail and and just jumped right out of bed. i was shocked. >> you had to be and so did your son. he was rocky's best buddy.
5:55 am
to have him gone two years, how did he feel when he came home finally? he was the happiest kid ever. i don't have words to describe how happy he was. letted ed he wanted to hug him all over. >> who found him in indiana? how did rocky get to indiana? >> as far as i know, there was a woman name amanda. she had him taken to the vet there. it was noah's landing pet animal clinic. she i guess had just brought him in. i don't know how she found him. that's what i understand is that she had taken him in. they had him scanned there. that was the beginning of his journey. >> rocky hopped out of the chair a moment bag. let's make sure he doesn't run
5:56 am
away again. >> thanks to those that did the huge tailgate across the nation to get him home to you. glad you're back together. >> thank you. glad you had us on today. >> happy home. more "fox & friends" moments away. vere rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, . .re t al infections are common,
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time for a new routine.eartburn flare-ups? try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. >> thanks for working the camera. we're talk about the first female coach in the nfl. we bring you exclusive interview with four of america's greatest sports figures. carly lloyd will be there. brandon marshall with the jets. jon gruden a player himself and first pick of the nba draft.
6:00 am
why kids don't play and why they did. >> incredible lineup. log on to our website for after the show show. soon to start. see you all tomorrow. >> thanks for having me. bill: thank you, guys. moments away, fox news alert the obama administration takes its pitch for the iran deal. with skeptics on the house side of congress. jack lew, earnest moniz, testify before the committee an hour from now. we'll talk with ed royce about his big question, just about 15 minutes away. meanwhile presidential candidate mike huck buy defending his controversial comments compare you the iran nuclear deal to the holocaust. there is so much reaction across the gamut. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. huckabee refusing to back down after facing criticism saying that the agreement reached


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