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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 28, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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the nba draft. why kids don't play and why they did. >> incredible lineup. log on to our website for after the show show. soon to start. see you all tomorrow. >> thanks for having me. bill: thank you, guys. moments away fox news alert the obama administration takes its pitch for the iran deal. with skeptics on the house side of congress. jack lew earnest moniz, testify before the committee an hour from now. we'll talk with ed royce about his big question, just about 15 minutes away. meanwhile presidential candidate mike huck buy defending his controversial comments compare you the iran nuclear deal to the holocaust. there is so much reaction across the gamut. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. huckabee refusing to back down after facing criticism saying that the agreement reached with
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iran is essentially marchs israelis, quote, to the door of the oven. very controversial comment. here is what he said on "the today show" just about this a little while ago. watch. >> the response from jewish people has been overwhelmingly positive. the response from holocaust survivors, from the children of holocaust survivors. i was last night in an event, i was probably one of four gentiles in the entire event. it was a jewish event. people were overwhelmingly supportive. matt we need to use strong words when people make strong threats against an entire group of people as iranians made towards the jews. bill: we have michael warren, staff writer, "weekly standard." good morning to you. huckabee is everywhere. he was on fox business for an hour. he was on o'reilly last night. he is not backing down. >> that's right. more cynical people would say all of the talk about iran deal and holocaust is political gambit. he had struggles with fund-raising over last few weeks. he hasn't really moved in the
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polls. this might do some good for his campaign. look, i think he sincerely believes this is serious issue facing not just the united states but israel. mike huckabee has been an ally evangelical christian ally to israel over the years. so, look he is bringing up a very important point which is that iran is hell bent on defeating and destroying israel. bill: here are the comments on saturday. listen closely. >> this president's foreign policy is the most feckless in american history. he is so naive he would trust the iranians and i would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. bill: that last phrase ask what has everybody reacting to. jeb bush has responded. president responded. what did you think of the president's response on this. >> the president is in ethiopia. talking about mike huckabee. he loves this, he can exploit this to push forward supporting
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this iran deal by saying look at these crazy republicans like mike huckabee who are saying these outrageous things. you must, you know agree with me on this iran deal. but i thought it was a little outrageous for him to do it, you got him, criticized tom cotton, the senator from arkansas and other iran deal critics in a country where there is not a lot of democratic values or certainly dissent, that is ethiopia. look, republicans, other folks, democrats critizing iran deal engaging in the democratic process. can forgive -- bill: not just democrats. ambassador from israel, ron dermer said are words that i would use or are not i think appropriate. >> he is diplomat. if i was as vice mike huckabee i wouldn't say these things but
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the outrage is not the high per below, but iran deal allows iran getting closer to nuclear weapons capability. they get billions and billions of dollars in economic money and activity out of this deal. there are toothless sanctions coming out of this. the regime in tehran is hell bent on destroying israel. if they get the bomb what is their first target going to be? the israel and the jewish homeland. let's focus on the important thing which is the iran deal and debate going on in congress. bill: mike warren from washington. setting the table and leading our coverage. thank you again timely for this iran hearing which begins 55 minutes from now. martha: everybody is scrambling for attention in this huge pack of 16 candidates. so we'll talk about the political implications and implications for israel as well. meantime new details in the irs targeting scandal as a top republican is calling on president obama to fire the hedge of that agency. house oversight committee
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chairman jason chaffetz says the irs commissioner john koskinen must go. he says he has obstructed congress's investigation. if president obama refuses to fire him congress will take action. >> you can not come to congress, give false statements and keep your job. congress has the duty and responsibility to get after it and hold him accountable. that may include a variety of different remedies but he lied to congress. martha: kristin fisher live in washington with more. kristen, what is exactly congressman chaffetz accusing koskinen of? >> reporter: he is accuses him of repeatedly obstructed investigations. by failing to testify truthfully failing to comply with subpoenas and failing to preserve more than 20,000 emails that pertain to the irs probe. at best koskinen was derelict in his duties and at worse he
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participated in organized plan to obstruct congress. he asked president the fire the irs commissioner after just over two years on the job. >> it's time for the president to remove mr. koskinen as the irs commissioner. it is imperative that this committee pursue all costtutional remedies. that may include contempt and it may even include impeachment of mr. koskinen. >> reporter: president obama refuses to fire him chaffetz is saying congress will take matters into their own hands that would include potential contempt proceedings or even impeachment. martha. martha: there is a lot of back and forth difficult to discern. servers that existed and different exist and koskinen proclaimed were destroyed and they weren't. what has been the is response to this kristin? >> reporter: irs says it has
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been cooperative and truthful throughout all the investigations in the a same yesterday the irs says quote, agency produced more than one million pages of documents in support of the investigations, provided 52 current and former employees for interviews and participated in more than 30 congressional hearings on these issues. this has been going on for a very long time now. the house oversight committee just released this video, basically a timeline of the scandal dating back to may 2013 when it became public, is specially non-profits with a tea party group seeks tax-exempt status received extra scrutiny. two years later congress still trying to get to the bottom of it. martha: still looking for answers and emails. kristin. thank you very much. >> reporter: you got it it. bill: helping two convicted murders escape from a maximum security jail. joyce mitchell is accused of
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helping david matt and richard sweat. rick leventhal in plattsburgh, new york. what happens today there rick. >> reporter: just mitchell is in the building. she arrived at the clinton county courthouse in the back of a sheriff's deputy vehicle. she was dressed in the black and white stripe prison jumpsuit. she didn't say a word as she walked inside. expected in court at 10:30 this morning along with her attorney steven johnson and. we hear they could be negotiating a plea deal. mitchell is expected to waive the right to have charges presented to grand jury which could save time and move the to a possible trial. she is being held at 110,000 del cash bail. that prison is 15 minutes from dannemora, where she refriended the killers, during time in a taylor shop where she worked. matt was killed three weeks
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after the men escaped. she had sexual rips with one or more of the man and put tools inside of pieces cardboard and raw hamburger meat. mitchell agreed to be getaway driver but apparently got cold feet on night of june 6th afterring a chinese dinner with her husband. she did not pick up the men but checked herself in a hospital with signs of a panic attack. she will be in court this morning. bill: thank you, rick leventhal watching that story. next hour, headlines from there. thank you, rick, plattsburgh, new york. martha: horrible story this week. two teenagers lost at sea. the frantic search to find them now in the full day four. why family and friends of these two boys firmly believe they have every reason to think they could be hanging on out there. bill: a lot of hope right? ohio governor john kasich coming out strong since he kicked off
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the campaign making big gains in one critical state. is the dark horse in 2016? we'll debate it. martha: secretary of state john kerry on the hot seat less than one hour from now once again. lawmakers want answers on the iran deal. the committee chairman who is leading that hearing, congressman ed royce will speak with us first before they get started this morning. meanwhile, senator ted cruz slamming that steel -- deal. >> on to the obama nuclear deal, over $100 billion will flow to iran. iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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(announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. martha: it is a race against time in the search for two teenagers. they went missing off the coast of florida during a fishing trip friday afternoon. the boat was found capsized 70 miles from the shore near daytona beach. no sign of the boys yet. the coast guard is now expanding that search. >> currently we use drift models which take into account environmental concerns like drift patterns. we're looking at currents wind speeds and what not that helps us determine the best course of action, the best place to put personnel and assets. >> since we moved up the coast to jacksonville we extended that search area. currently we searched an area the size of the state of indiana. martha: wow. the victims families still holding out hope. they say the teenagers know what they're doing. they could have strapped
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together a cooler and life jackets and could be floating out there. so they're holding out hope. >> i wouldn't let this president buy a car from me. that is like walking into the showroom, listen to the salesman, i will buy a car today no matter what. now let's negotiate price. it's over. it's over. might as well empty your pockets. that is what we've done with american treasure and american lives because iranians will continue to use the money we're giving them for terrorist activities as biggest state sponsor of terrorism. bill: you know where the new jersey governor stands. chris christie talking with sean hannity about the iran deal. less than hour from now three of president obama's secretaries back on capitol hill trying to sell the agreement to a skeptical congress. chairman of the committee is ed royce from california. he runs the hearing. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> good to be with you bill. bill: your statement says this iran deal is one of the most important in decades. your critical question you need answered today is what then,
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sir? >> well, our critical question, how does this make the united states more secure, when you have in this agreement at the 11th hour this inclusion of a lifts of the arms emlabarga go including the embargo on intercontinental ballistic missiles for iran. in eight years time iran will be able to develop icbms, with the help of russia. russia can tell the technology to iran. we can not figure out why this administration would get rolled on that provision. bill: why do you think? >> well i think, i think it is because they got into the habit, you know, first it was the question of vary if i dyings. and 24 hours bill 24 days. then it was a question whether we lifted the sanctions up front with signing bonus or over time. iran got its way on that. then iran didn't have to answer the question, about the 12 specific items that the iaea
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the international inspectors, wanted to know. as they won one concession after another concession the deal goes multiple decades, they finally latch on to this final agreement. then why not go forward with our ballistic missile program? biel have the money to do it. and instead of coming to the congress on this, this administration negotiates that and then goes to the united nations for their approval. bill: you've got a lot of issues with this deal. now i'm not so sure based on that answer you will agree to this deal in the end anyway. i'm not so sure secretary kerry can say anything to convince you, is that right? >> think about it for a minute, we sent a lexer 84% of us in the house of representatives, majority of the democrats and almost all of the republicans stating what i said in terms of those four issues. don't give those four points away to the iranians in this
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negotiation. we knew what the iranians would be pushing for. we wanted the administration to push back. they did not push back. as a consequence of that, iran got a tate of how easy it is to roll this administration. once they were on a roll, they end up with the last provision which obviously is the most galling to me. we heard the secretary of defense i for icbm stand for intercontinental as fly from iran to the united states. this is an administration that is scrapping our anti-ballistic missile defense system while at the same time going forward with empowering iran so they can buy the technology from russia. this does give me crave concerns about this deal. bill: give me a moment. a couple quick questions in here. >> yes. bill: are there any republicans that you know of now that will vote in favor of this deal? >> you know i do not know at this point because we're starting the process but i do
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know the concerns that my fellow republicans have because they share those with me. i think all of us are quite surprised at the length and the breadth of the concessions to the iranians in the agreement. bill: what about your democratic colleagues, will they vote against this. >> there has been bipartisan concerns expressed. i don't know once the vote comes how that will resolve itself but right now there are many, many bipartisan concerns. as i say the letter that i and my ranking member sent to the administration had the signatures of 84% of the members of the house of representatives. that shows you the bipartisan concerns with the way the negotiations are going. bill: a high number. ed royce, thank you for the preview. we'll watch for more. thank you, sir. >> thank you, bill. martha: more on that coming up, meantime a wild police chase with a very dramatic ending. we'll show you what led to that. bill: also a huge satanic statue
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unveiled in major american city. protesters say there is battle for our country's soul. father jonathan morris on that controversy next. >> you know we support anyone's firstment right to practice whatever religion they want or to come out in protest against their freedom of speech. we're there basically to protect the rights of everyone.
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bill: a kurt in libya sentencing the son of the late leader gadhafi to die. one of several sentenced for the actions during the libyan war. qadaffi was killed in the revolution in 2011. martha: there is battle over religious expression. check this out, a nine-foot
6:24 am
satanic statue being unveiled in detroit next to a planned display of the ten commandments there. hundreds of people father -- gathered for the unveiling of statue. it was billed as quote, the largest public satanic ceremony in history. >> a sculpture of a piece of art or a tribute to something they don't understand is not necessarily going to impact their religion or their beliefs. martha: okay. so father jonathan morris is the author of the brand new book, "light in the darkness." it is his latest book. we congratulate him on that and fox news contributor as well. good to have you with us today father jonathan. what is this all about? >> the good news of this group maybe, 700 people, the largest gathering of satanic, worship, expression in history. 700?
6:25 am
this weekend 50 million americans went to church. that is the good news. martha: that is the good news. when you look at this sculpture that they have put out, it has got like a goat head and has satanic symbol behind it. there is these two little adoring little children on either side, looking up at him a dooringly. this is coverageed under religious freedom,. >> absolutely. let them do it. they are provocateurs. they tried to get the statue at the oklahoma state capitol. why? they want to get rid of 10 commandments. oklahoma said no 10 commandments in front. now they want to do it in front of arkansas say capitol this is about helping us go in empathy and love an inclusion.
6:26 am
martha: how does that work. >> i don't know. martha: they say the mission of the satanic temple is encourage benevolence and empathy among all people? >> i think i think their words speak for themselves. if you're trying to get rid of the ten commandments because other people believe in it, because it has huge historical meaning for western law, for our constitution, i don't think that is very honest with that statement. martha: so the book is called, light in the darkness." tell us what your message is in the book. how many books have you written? >> this is my fourth book. martha: what did you want to say? >> there is on organization called the chris percent founded by james keller who had that very simple motto it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. when you walk into a dark room with a candle, it lights the whole thing up. what i try to do in this book is pass on that message. in your own life, very simply how can you be light and sometimes very dark world. this is kind of like a daily
6:27 am
meditation. i hope it's a blessing to people. martha: i hope it is too. i'm sure it will be. father jonathan, thank you very much. always a pleasure. thanks for coming in. bill? bill: 27 minutes past the hour. race for the white house is red hot. one candidate might be starting to make a big move in a key state the as ohio governor john kasich the new dark losser? martha: plus the family of colorado movie theater shooter james holmes taking the stand for first time trying to get a jury to spare their son's life. the emotional testimony from his sister, next. >> main difference i noticed in his eyes, they were almost bulging out of his head. carpenters and piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we're making hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. you don't have to be a member to buy
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put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. planters. nutrition starts with nut. bill: so now the family of the cop vicked colorado movie theater shooter is attempting to convince them not to give him the death penalty. james holmes sister was on the
6:31 am
stand saying her older brother was a kind person at one point. >> did he seem different at all to you? >> yes. >> how? >> his eyes seemed a lot different and his whole demeanor in general was a little bit different. bill: alicia acuna is live in the courthouse today. a lot of tears during some testimony so far through this trial and difficult stuff. how did the jurors react to the sister's testimony? >> reporter: very interesting, bill because there was no apparent reaction or visible emotion from any of the jurors. according to our fox news courtroom producer who has been sitting feet away from james holmes, his family and the jury. james holmes and his sister chris appeared to share a smile as she identified him as her older sibling. she brought family photos of holidays, school graduations and such all including the man who would eventually kill 12 people in movie theater. she explained how upon hearing
6:32 am
of killings removed photo of herself with her brother from the collage of the wall. she thought the fbi would come to take all of her things away to do with james. >> i wasn't sure if the fbi or whoever was in my home at the time was going to take everything from my house. so i wanted one thing left. i just wanted one picture. >> after it all do you still love your brother? >> yes. >> and do you still love him? i still love him. >> reporter: chris holmes said it was out of character for him. the defense plans to wrap up calling all the of their witnesses. bill: alicia acuna live there in centennial colorado, with more. martha: so the white house hopefuls zeroing in on the early primary states. that is their focus.
6:33 am
donald trump spending time in iowa yesterday, trying to get ahead of wisconsin governor scott walker who has had a lead there for some time. watch? >> i can't believe i'm in second place. folks will you please put me in first place so i feel better? [cheers and applause] martha: classic trump, is it not. meanwhile ohio governor john kasich a late entrant to the party, he is trying to make a move in new hampshire right now. big ad buy there. here is what i is doing. >> i was one of the chief architects of balancing the budget, first time we did it since man walked on the moon. we haven't done it since. it can happen again. martha: hmmm. we have the washington editor of national review. mark hanna was an aid on the obama campaign in 2008 and kerry campaign in 2004. welcome to both of you. good to have you both here. look at john kasich first. look at this monmouth poll.
6:34 am
because he has got some movement when you have 16 people in the mix here, you're in single digits most of them. john kasich is tied for third in new hampshire after just entering. what you do make of it? >> new hampshire is wide open. i think kasich's movement in the poll coming out of jeb bush's take in new hampshire. people moving to kasich they're not coming out of anybody else's polling. these people going to case i can and going to christie coming straight out of jeb bush's voters in new hampshire. martha: mark. when you look at that you've got chris christie who has put a ton of time and effort into new hampshire. cruz, rubio all of those, hope to be in the top third there but donald trump has seriously changed the game in new hampshire, and in way waa of course. you know when you look at the stack with kasich moving you, what do you think? >> i think he could be a dark horse. new hampshire represents a
6:35 am
natural constituency for governor kasich. it is largely working class largely blue-collar voters. he is governor of ohio, remember and grew up in western pennsylvania. they're very educated and independent-minded. they're more practical than idealogical. that is what governor case i can sort of offers republicans. other republicans like ted cruz and donald trump making speckles of themselves, kasich is connecting with voters flying below the radar. i think he will make impression when he joins debate next thursday on fox. martha: clearly a stark contrast, to donald trump. part of his way selling himself is humility. i'm a failed man. i try to do my best and you compare that with donald trump who is like, i'm the best, i own everything i'm rich. there couldn't be a more strong contrast? >> absolutely. i think kasich, he has it in him to make a little bit of a spectacle of himself. he has a little bit of trump in him. he has the ability to tell people he doesn't care what they
6:36 am
think and he has got some bristle and some brio in him which voters in new hampshire in particular really connect with. remember in 2008, mccain won new hampshire with more independent voters than republican voters. i think kasich has the ability to really connect with those sorts of voters. martha: that's interesting. so as i said he has a big ad buy there. he has a pac going. $11.5 million in ad buy in new hampshire. lined up a couple of big names in terms of people working for him there. some who worked for mccain and also senator sununu giving him support. no word on governor sununu who he is backing. in new hampshire, those are names that matter, mark. >> absolutely. he is drumming up support among political power brokers there and there is a reason. he is his himself a political power broker. say hypothetically he doesn't get the nomination. he is former governor of ohio which is importantly critical swing state and important political state. so he knows how to play the game of politics. this guy is an operator but he is also knows how to speak to
6:37 am
the base and conservatives. people paint him as kind of moderate or establishment candidate similar to jeb bush light. i don't think that is naturally the case. he might have supported the president in expanding medicaid in his state but he also is staunchly pro-life and opposes a woman's right to choose which riles up people like me on the left. martha: yeah. >> as democrat i'm more intimidated kasich candidacy than i am by acanda sy by scott walker or ted cruz i think he is more formidable opponent to hillary clinton. martha: i will leon that, stack up case i can, scott walker and bush to me, who is the strongest? >> challenge for kasich and jeb bush the conservative reforms they have to point to, no one win get nominated without support of true conservatives, the conservative reforms happened a long time ago. people have short memories. kasich talks about his time in congress. bush talks about his time in florida. that is the equivalent of 100
6:38 am
years ago to voters. they have done things in the interim. kasich expanded medicaid. jeb bush tuted conservatives on stances for gay marriage. people tend to remember that as opposed to conservative things they did. they have obstacles to remind people that they are really conservatives. >> martha, if i could jump in people remember personal stories. i think people will connect with kasich, won't with bush. he was son of a mail carrier. grew up with middle class upbringing people can identify with. he doesn't shy away from telling his own story. martha: no, he doesn't. >> jeb bush does. jeb bush is trying to sweep that under the rug. he doesn't want people to know he grew up as a son of privilege. people are sick and tired of the rich elites run the world. martha: we'll see. eight days to the first big debate in cleveland, which we're all looking forward to. mark, thank you very much. ileana thank you as well. >> thanks, martha.
6:39 am
bill: watch august 6 the first presidential debate. we're live in cleveland. submit your questions at news. tell us what you like to ask the candidates news. we get a done every day and really good questions. martha: keep the comments coming and we're interested. we take a look at them. bill: high-speed chase ends in dramatic fashion. who officers were pursuing when this went down, bam. martha: a leading republican is calling the irs commissioner, a liar and saying that john koskinen should lose his job but will the white house respond. >> if the president wants to do which he told the american people he would do work hand in hand with congress because he should fire this mr. koskinen because he is not working. 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation.
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6:43 am
three libyan soldiers killed according to this report. of help ven wounded in a suicide bombing in central benghazi. we'll keep a close eye on this developing story. we'll bring you more detail as we get it. ♪ >> should be fired. and -- >> is he going to be? >> well congress has some remedies and congress needs to get more aggressive and stand up for itself. >> like what? >> we may hold him in contempt. other constitutional remedies, perhaps one of the things we're exploring is impeaching the commissioner. that is something in our rep paer to. hasn't been used since the 1800's but something maybe we should do. bill: these are strong charges. house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz calling for impeachment of john coughs kin men. accusing him of lying to congress and obstruction in the irs targeting scandal. jay sekulow, center for law and justice testifying at hearing on
6:44 am
senate side. calling him a liar? >> thanks bill for having me. bill: how does he back that up? >> you look at what the commissioner said he was going to do when he was sworn in. he was going to clean this mess up. he would get to the bottom of this and work with congress. meanwhile 24 how emails later hundreds of missing tapes. no real answers and the fact of the matter is, you top that off with his boss, president of the united states saying there is no scandal that by the way despite the fact that the department of justice supposedly conducting a criminal investigation currently. so i think there is commissioner is incapable of self-correcting here. bill: what chaffetz said you can't come to congress, give false statements and keep your job. >> right. bill: what did he lie about? >> yeah. it is hard for me to believe, and really is bill, because i my first job out of law school a long time ago was with the office of chief counsel internal revenue service. i was a trial lawyer. hard for my to believe the commissioner of internal revenue
6:45 am
going under oath going to capitol hill speaking to congress, saying one thing and two days later we find completely different story. there were backup tapes. tigta, most recent report said star getting is -- target something still going on. they have not put institutional safeguards in place to prevent targeting from happening again. this commissioner puts on a nice face and smiles, tries to answer questions. he is either extremely incompetent or he is taking orders an his order is to be obstruct and delay as long as you can to run the clock out. bill, at end of the day what the white house is doing here is trying to run the clock out. bill: this is irs statement. react to this on screen. record is clear that irs and commissioner koskinen have been cooperative and truthful with numerous investigations underway. the agency produced more than a million pages of documents in support of investigations, provided 52 current and former employees for interviews,
6:46 am
participated in more than 30 congressional hearings on these issues. why is that not enough? >> because where are the emails from lois lerner? where are those emails from lois lerner? you know, bill colleagues of mine from the irs from 35 years ago got notification that in fact our employment records were hacked, when i was with the irs from the, that federal hacking that took place ought of china. those records they could find from 35 years ago but they can't find lois lerner's emails from three years ago. so you know what? they need to fess up. everybody forgets that lois lerner went to the aba, and said, we engaged in inappropriate targeting. these were her words. we made a mistake. we apologized for that which that apology is not accepted but the irs the missing emails here is an outrage to the american people, right, left or center should not matter. a government agency like this is out of control. and i think the commissioner showed weak leadership.
6:47 am
bill: at a house hearing about a week ago, that is what they basically said. just admit it. and that did not happen. >> yeah. bill: will the president make a move, listen to jason chaffetz on this? >> no. the president has got a narrative, bill. here is his narrative. he will keep saying nothing happened inappropriate. the law was confusing. only been on the books for about 45 years. and the irs was understaffed. let me say one thing i hope we don't see. don't increase the budget of the irs to engage in mortar getting. this is absurd. this was not question of resources this was political pay back to people that the white house was concerned with basically getting grass roots support going in different direction than the president wanted to see his policies go. bill: comments with greta, appears congressman chaffetz has the next move. we'll reach out to him to see what that move will be. >> great. bill: jay sekulow. with us a today. >>, thank you, bill.
6:48 am
martha: some scholars are saying saying that history books are being rewritten to promote a political agenda. stick around. bill: five marines gunned down in chattanooga, tennessee. what may be a terror attack. reports that they may not receive purple hearts. is that american justice? technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries.
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bill: high-speed chase ending in dramatic fashion. philadelphia officers swipe side of a van, rolling over and landing. martha: wow. bill: up right on a sidewalk. try that again. the driver had been on the run for more than two hours. chase started in new jersey. went into philly. suspect wanted for armed robbery. is now at and in jail on
6:52 am
reckless endangerment. one lucky driver. see the way that thing ended up. martha: stun driver in hollywood. if he ever gets out of jail. bill: right rear corner. watch it go. martha: controversy over what kids are being taught in american schools. critics say the new ap history curriculum promote as liberal agenda at the expense of our founding fathers and the constitution. take a serious look at this issue because it is quite interesting. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more on this story for us. hi william. >> reporter: well, martha we're not talking about the ap test itself but more importantly the framework, materials, used by the teachers to prepare for it. framework is wrong, so is the history, which is why more than 100 scholars, stanford, harvard, princeton say in the letter that the college board's framework quote, impose as misleading account of american history. with political and idealogical biases. giving special attention to
6:53 am
gender, class, race, and ethnicity, while ignoring america's role in the world. >> conflict by race, by gender, by ethnicity. ethnicity. these are important themes but they shouldn't be elevated at expense of the fundamental story of america's presidents, america's wars america's diplomatic history. >> reporter: critics say it is wrong to emphasize social history over say the constitution which is treated as just another document in just another country. martha if. martha: fascinating. real issue when you look through these history books all through the high school curriculum. what does the college board say? >> reporter: it admits some of the criticism is valid. portions suggesting that ronald reagan was bellicose tyrant a quote. american colonies were as much about slavery and spreading disease as birth of a nation. the cold war was more about inviewedding cuba, joe mccarthy and feeding military industrial complex than containing russia.
6:54 am
one question was was analyze -- analyze how migration influenced growth of racial and ethnic identities. how gender roles relate to economic and cultural transformation. still some scholars say the criticism is overstated. that you know, america's history is uncomfortable and you just have to deal with it. bottom line, the college board is rewriting portions of the framework and changes are due out later this week. back to you. martha: you wonder how jessie waters find people who don't know answers to simple questions out there on the street right? william, thank you very much. bill: here we go. live from the hill. house hearing about to get underway on iran's nuclear deal. beginning moments from now you see secretary john kerry among others ready to defend the deal to a skeptical congress. we'll see whether or not any republicans vote in favor of this as it stands right now, martha. martha: we expect to get news on hillary clinton and her private
6:55 am
emails. the state department is expected to hand over thousands of documents to the benghazi committee. so will what they are looking for be in this latest batch?
6:56 am
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we can not filling out why the administration would get rolled on the provision. iran got taste how easy it is to roll this administration. we heard the secretary of defense say the i in icbm stands for intercontinental as can fly from. fly from iran to the united states. chris stirewalt fox news digital politics editor. >> i will a miss a couple but not anything important. john kerry was exhausted after the last hearing. what do you expect today?
7:00 am
>> i don't expect to hear anything different today from secretary kerry, lew or moniz. it is hard to getthem off their talking point. what i am looking for news is this committee we are talking about democrats who voiced concern
7:01 am
>> they want a deal. do you want a pizza? no. in this case we have a poll from the good people of cnn they had out this morning that basically says they don't like this deal. it used to be the president made the deals and brought treaties to the senate. they have given up the power to do that.
7:02 am
when you look at what iran is saying on twitter it is hard to see the intentions are good. they have no ill will or plans to create any weapons that would hurt anybody. look at this quote from july 16 from the ayatollah saying we welcome no war, nor initiate war but if war happens the looser is the aggressor and criminal united states. that is a little more than a week or so ago. we didn't put the picture on the screen but it is a silhouette of the president of the united states holding a gun to his head. what do you think? >> i think whatever the argument the administration says that is why we need the deal. iran is getting better. that is why we need the deal. iran is getting worse. that is why we need to delta encourage the informers.
7:03 am
whatever it is all circular logic. it doesn't matter if you say iran is a state sponsor of terrorism or medaling in the affairs of other countgies spreading dangerous arms and take this and do more of it. that is why need a deal. and that is why one would expect the three secretary today should have an answer because of course they are terrible so we need a deal. >> there is no doubt this will halt the progression and they think they got a good deal. a lot of folks don't agree. we will watch it live and bring you breaking news from that. chris thank you. there is a new video rocking planned parenthood. the latest undercover video describing and showing the black market of selling fetal body
7:04 am
parts. shannon is live on this in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have got to warn the viewers up front. this newest video contains graphic images of aborted fetal parts. in the clip we are about to roll provided by the medical progress center a tissue buyer is inside talking about pricing for parts and organs for a fetus that was 11 weeks in the pregnancy. >> there were three our -- or four samples we would be taking. but we don't want to do a flat fee of $200. >> and i think the per item thing works better.
7:05 am
>> reporter: under federal law it a crime for any person to knowingly acquire receive, or transfer human tissue for valuable consideration. the president of the organization said the organization has done nothing illegal and does receive reimbursement for the cost of transferring the fetal tissue but never made a profit. take a look at companies that provide fetal remains for purchase. the undercover video shows doctors quoting price at $30-$100 for a specimen. but you go online to a company that does business with affiliates and you will see pricing for a fetal liver at over $24,000 for a single item. the new video continues the testimony of a woman saying she
7:06 am
was hired to work inside the clinic procuring body parts. she said she wasn't told what she would be doing and fainted on the first day. >> shannon thank you. we will look for more reaction on that throughout the day. in the mean time we bring attention to the state department who is expected to hand over another batch of hillary clinton documents from her time as secretary of state. the documents are said to be handed over to trey gowdy. this is part of the investigation into 2012 terror attacks in benghazi. and peter doosey is live more. >> reporter: the word from the benghazi committee is the 5,000 pages of new documents turned
7:07 am
over sometime today will include e-mail traffic today between a few of secretary clinton's top aid of state. they will not be released publically by any committee so it will not be clear to us how far the stack of documents go in revealing what secretary clinton and her team knew about potential threats in benghazi in the days before the attacks or with when -- when they knew it was a terrorist attack. >> why did the state department release them today? this is part of the ongoing dump? >> yes, the most documents since last summer in exchange for a rain check on scheduled meeting tomorrow from john kerry's chief of staff. the committee wants him under oath to explain why everything coming out of foggy bottom is slow. now the benghazi chairman is explaining this was never about
7:08 am
a hearing but about getting the documents. the committee is not interested in drama. they want had -- the facts. but they have a lot of questions about delays producing the pages they want. if lawmakers are not impressed with today's document dump the hearing knows on the calendar for another day. >> peter, thanks. we are getting this word on the such for the two 14-year-old boys in florida. the navy is sending the search but the coast guard will continue its mission covering thousands of square miles off the east coast of florida. the uss oak hill is no longer part of the coast guard search effort. but the coast guard will continue its search. it is truly a needle in a hay stack and so much hope has been given to the possibility of
7:09 am
finding these two 14-year-old boys. a hall of fame quarterback has been part of this who is a neighborf of unone of the boys. they are hoping they found an inflatable condition and could be in the atlantic now. we are hoping for the best as well. the navy is off the job but the coast guard stays on it. nine minutes past the hour. presidential candidate mike huckabee facing criticism for comparing the iran deal to the holocaust. >> the president is so naive he would trust the iranians and take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> mike huckabee's comments and
7:10 am
the panel on whether the comparison was a good one or one he should not have made. and does turkey have a different mission in mind fighting our enemy? and the victims in the chattanooga attack may not receive their purple heart. we will talk about why. >> just like the iran deal set aside the four hostages. i have never seen an administration so callus to individuals. this is insane.
7:11 am
is iss
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
president obama wrapping up a five day trip in african and today he was addressing the african union and took the opportunity to talk about his own success. >> under our constitution i cannot run again. [applause] >> i cannot run again. i actually think i am a pretty good president and i think if i ran i could win. but i can't. >> so he was making a comment criticizing african leaders, some refusing to step down at the end of their own terms. i think you are a pretty good news anchor. >> can i have another term? >> indeed you can. the united states is planning a new military campaign with help from turkey to create an isis-free zone in northern 0.
7:15 am
but it is complicated because turkey wants to get rid of syria's president. something the united states once said it wanted too but it is not our main focus at the moment. arizona congressman, martha mcsally summed up this way: >> turkey seems to be willing to get involved but it is part of a strategy that we are dealing with in the middle east and related to the fight against isis a friend of our friend is a friend and the enemy is the friend and the different fractions make it difficult to understand it. >> we have jack keane here chairman for the institute of war and a fox news analyst. we have different goals. turkey and the united states. how does that work? >> pretty much. the situation in syria it is a
7:16 am
tough situation. you can argue on either side and make sense. what turkey and the arab allies of ours who are bordering syria want to do is end the civil war in syria and then take on isis. they don't believe you can be successful in taking on isis until you settle the situation in syria and get assad out of there and shutdown his air power through a limited air operation and move him out. whether that could be accomplished or not is another matter. but that is what they believe should be done. the united states wants no part of that. they see our involves involvement in syria -- the president passed up helping the free syrian army when they had the momentum in 2011. isis moved into syria in 2012
7:17 am
and took advantage of the situation and we have this terrible situation in iraq. turkey is now moving the united states closer to what they are trying to achieve. >> a lot of people have said turkey is really important in this fight. if we want to get rid of isis we need turkey on our side. but we remember the times when hillary clinton and president obama said assad must go. but they backed off that. let me ask you this. when you look at the arab springs, dictators who were toppled and it didn't turn out well. you end up having islamic radicals under different names taking on more powerful positions and roughing people up all over the place and gaining strength. that is a concern in syria? should you do it the other way around? >> certainly. the end state for trying to move assad out and achieve a political settlement and easy to talk about and hard to achieve.
7:18 am
the islamic radicals who have influence in syria would have to have a seat at the table. what drives me and what the turks and arabs are thinking about isis has seven affiliates and a worldwide following the base for all of this is syria. the longer pea we have put it off the more they grow and continue to execute barber brber -- barbaric behavior. >> is this strengthening ties with our allies? is this the way to do it?
7:19 am
do you see momentum building for this? >> this is a step in the right direction. whether it turns out to be a turning point remains to be scene. it has the potential. turkey has the best military in the region and the only way it turns successful is if it persuades leaders in the obama administration to accept risk and do more in syria than they are currently doing. that is what the president of turkey is attempting to do. the obama administration wanting to cooperate to establish for the first time the free zone, which is probably a safe zone where refuges can go is a step. but all of this is a step. we have to see if it turns decisive in terms of changing the civil war. >> very interesting. we hope it does lead to that.
7:20 am
>> thank you very much. big developments in the murder of kate steinle. the criminal illegal immigrant accused of killing her set to appear in court today and we are live at the court house. and good news for republican presidential candidate carly fiorina, and why she may be seeing a boost in her numbers. >> it is the height of hiproceracy for ms. clinton to run for women's right when her record of secretary of state is so abyssmal. dismal
7:21 am
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7:23 am
arizona is making nfl history assistant woman coach who is coaching inside line backers. she is the first woman to hold a
7:24 am
coaching position of any kind in the nfl. the nfl sending out congrats on twitter. walter played running back and special teams in a woman's professional league and they have a female rough as well now. >> they do. >> at lot of women making in-roads into the nfl. do what she says guys. >> drop and give me 50. this administration's blind eye to aggression has become a black eye for america. when we don't stand with our allies or confront them our friends lose courage and our enemies press forward. [applause] >> that is carly fiorina getting a bit fired up last night. she was laying out the foreign policy agenda to a packed audience in california. adam housely is live with more.
7:25 am
most polling shows she is not in the top ten. is she making a move? >> reporter: there is a poll showing her surging into the top 10 for the first time. she said it is difficult for candidates who punch through and get to the front of the line if you will will and get your name out there especially when you are dealing with donald trump and how he plays off the media and the sheer number of gop candidates with 16 running and she has the least name recognition of all of the candidates. she is the least known. she is the only woman in the gop field at this point. that is not deterring her. she surged in the last couple weeks and in one poll she is in the top ten. >> i would remind people at the same point in previous
7:26 am
presidential elections the polls pundits and money said carter, reagan and bill clinton and obama couldn't win. >> reporter: she hopes to continue to ride the wave in the polls. she is headed back to new hampshire, as most candidates do right now. >> she doesn't miss the opportunity of going after one candidate, does she? >> reporter: she follows the 11th reagan command. she is the first official gop candidate in the field to speak at the reagan field this election. she didn't talk about the other candidates. brought up donald and other candidates but didn't go there and focused on hillary clinton and goes after the foreign policy aspect of this. focuses on the women's issues. she has taken heat from the liberal women's group saying she
7:27 am
doesn't represent women. she is saying women are raped in countries like china where hillary clinton looked the other way. she hits on the women's issue international and how hillary clinton didn't take that. she follows the 11th commandment of reagan going after the opposition and not the other candidates. >> thank you, adam. there is a debate going on on capitol hill taking center stage right now. this is john kerry making his case one more time in front of a committee. they are testifying about the merits and will be questioned. and new reports on the five service members killed in chattanooga may not get a purple heart. some military insiders pointing the fingers for that decision so far at the with white house. >> again it is being
7:28 am
politicized for purposes of trying to not admit that first off the obama policy against this sort of thing is failing and secondally this individual was on u.s. soil in the heartland of america conducting a terrorist attack.
7:29 am
7:30 am
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whoever put crab on this salmon, that's who. with flavors like these, i'm almost too excited to eat! hey i said almost. and now that it's back get crackin' while you still can. this is the hearing of the day. john kerry on the hot seat. members of the house foreign affairs committee on both sides expressing deep reservations in only 31 minutes of testimony. here is the leading democrat on the exit committee. >> i have a concern that 15 years from now iran is off the hook and if they chose iran could produce enriched uranium and use centrifuges to advance this progression faster.
7:32 am
>> what we don't know is where the lawmakers are on the deal. the clock is running on the 60 day limit. ed royce was asked if he could name a single republican voting and he did not. and the ranking democrat on that committee has strong reservations. we will see where we go as the arguments are underway on the house side. update as the man accused of killing kate steinle is set to appear in court today. a san francisco judge expected to set a date for the preliminary hearing this morning. francisco sanchez is an illegal grant with a long wrap sheet of felony convictions who was deported five times and went to san francisco because it was a safe place to be. joining by claudia in
7:33 am
california. this is his third court hearing? >> reporter: that is right. it is supposed to be short and set a time line for the rest of the case. at the previous hearing, the suspect francisco sanchez, wore a jail issued jump suit and handcuffs. a new judge put strict limits on the camera with no shots of his face or audio. but the judge will set a preliminary hearing date. he has pled not guilty to the murder of kate steinle on july 1st being held on $5 million bail. >> a protest over the laws allowing sanchez to go free is happening now, right?
7:34 am
>> reporter: in san francisco, activist critical of sanctuary policies gathered on the pier when kate steinle died. they said not all illegals are criminals but the sanctuary cities are dangerous. >> you have illegles elevated to a higher level than our own citizens. they have created a save haven through the sanctuary cities and the problem you can see with kate steinle' death is this man should not have been here. >> reporter: the group is calling for a boycott of places like san francisco until they change the law. there are more than 200 sanctuary cities in the united states. martha while many if not most have reexamined their policy, none
7:35 am
made announcements of significant changes. reports the five service members killed in the chattanooga shooting may not be receiving purple hearts. receiving that award requires the attacker to have ties to a foreign terror organization. so far the fbi only referred to the suspects gunman as a homegrown violent extremist. one critic last night said it was clear he was a terrorist in tennessee. >> he wasn't motivated because someone pulled barny the dinosaur from pbs. they were representatives of the united states government. there is no doubt by any thinking person anyone who is rational, that this was a terror attack. if you don't find a direct link we know al-qaeda or isis it doesn't matter. it meets the criteria. >> charlie simpson from the
7:36 am
heritage foundation is here. >> good to see you bill. >> does he fit the description of a terrorist or home-grown violent extremist? >> tony makes a strong case who they they should get the purple heart because under the purple heart criteria, which is the oldest military medal is the shooter was a terrorist. the opposing argument is this. unlike the alwaki case there is nothing show this is anything more than a guy inspired by the enemy enemy. so the fbi has to sort through the actual evidence. >> it requires the perpetrator to be in contact or inspired by a terrorist group.
7:37 am
so if you found he was inspired doesn't that fit the definition? >> well it could. and i think we will have to wait to see and let the fbi go through his die diary, e-mails, text and anything that forms a retrospective picture of doing what they did. i think they could end up getting the purple heart but as it is an evidence-driven thing. i think people are not trusting the administration and that is fine. but i think at the end of the day if the evidence shows this guy was inspired -- >> do you believe the administration is hesitant to call it that? >> i do. i think when you are dealing with a radical ideaology that
7:38 am
inspired tens of thousands of people to take up jihad and you are unwilling to call it that it is disturbing. to defeat the enemy you have to define the enemy. >> six years at fort hood. what the family went through was anguish. and they were saying he was yelling allah akbar. >> there was direct evidence. your work and the work of catherine heritage called it what it was from the beginning. i was on segments with you and survivors of the shooting saying sooner or later they will get the rewards they deserve. it is not just the medal with the silhouette of george washington in the middle. it is benefits of the va that matter. these are enlisted folks and
7:39 am
that matter to them. it is more than a medal. >> there is no question. >> it is also whether it is the right thing to do. this is the one award in the military you don't want to earn but the one award if you qualify you automatically get it. no petitioning for it. >> the fbi has the say. is the fbi more tender to this issue knowing the threats online every day here across america? >> i put a lot of faith in the fbi director. he is a prosecutor and follows the evidence where it leads. i think the right thing will happening here. if the evidence points to them deserving a purple heart i think they will get it.
7:40 am
presidential candidate huckabee comparing the iran deal to the holocaust. some saying he went too far but is he right about a country that chance death to america and death to israel. first charles krauthammer. >> the idea invoking the holocaust in this case is a wild aanalogy aanalogy this is a reality. iran has made clear the intent to wipe israel off the map and is acquiring the ability to do that. proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available.
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welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! presidential hopeful mike huckabee standing by his controversial comment comparing the iran nuclear deal to the holocaust pointing out iran calls for the destruction of israel and strong threats demand a strong response. >> for 6,000 years jews have been hunted down and the last
7:44 am
time the world did not take seriously the threats against the jewish people just before world war ii this ended up in the murder of six million jews. this is not empty talk on the part of the iranians. this is something they consistently say even as we are sitting down having a negotiation with them and they are crying out death to america. >> leslie marshall and kevin mcculla is here. welcome to both of you. these comments are getting a ton of attention. >> good morning. >> good morning. it is good to have you beth here. they are lit a spark making some angry and others talking in defense of mike huckabee. his argument is let's not appease this enemy because the last time we did that to an enemy that wanted to destroy the jewish people they followed
7:45 am
through on the actions. >> comparing iran to germany prior to world war ii is historically in accurate and apples and oranges. does iran not want to recognize israel as a state and hate the jewish people and make threats? absolutely. the big difference is when we invoke the name of hitler or the holocaust or saying something like ovens which my relatives have died and been burned in it is offensive and not just to jewish democratic organizations. in addition to many people who just feel that is inappropriate. iran and the deal with iran, it may be a good deal for some it may be a bad deal but the threats against israel and protection of israel are the least to anyone regardless of their political ideas. but to say this and the motive some believe is political, is offensive and i am surprised.
7:46 am
i love governor huckabee but i was very offended. >> why is it offenses for coming this out for what it is? maybe you get attention and get people to see it for what it is. let's look at the tweets sent out by the ayatollah. he said this barbaric wolf like regime of israel which spares snow crime has no cure but to be annihilated. another one, israel is a cancerous tumor. and one more israel is the unclean rabid dog of the region here. kevin? >> i think governor huckabee said what he believes but i think relationship trumps rhetoric and when you look at president obama and hillary clinton and some of their positions on this i think the people of israel and israelis by
7:47 am
and large in america, agree with governor huckabee. cnn's new poll points it out. 12 300 people in time square last week mostly put together by jewish organizations last week held a rally. there was a rally in los angeles, san diego phoenix, and these are happening because people are concerned, when iran said that if they have a nuke they will wipe tel aviv off the map that rings very much memories of the holocaust and jews literally being incinerated. i think the relationship the government has with israel shows it wasn't intended to be offensive.
7:48 am
>> let's look at them chanting death to israel and death to america. what do you think they mean when they say that? >> i think they mean what they say. but we have to look at the facts. the facts are if iran whether no deal in two months, or a deal in over a year acquires a nuclear weapon and is able to build one with uranium enrichment they are doing and have been doing, the reality is with one weapon they could build with what they have now, the israeli's arsenal of nuclear weapons would make iran a parking lot in less than 24 hours. for iran to attack israel with actual weapons would be suicide. >> that is one of the reasons why in the kerry-obama agreement
7:49 am
with iran buried in the middle there is a paragraph showing the responsibility to protect iran's nuclear arsenal if and when they get it. it is in the text of the agreement. we will protect iran at israel's expense. these are the things in the deal that israelis are very skittish about. >> thank you for a thoughtful conversation. we have to leave it there. seven minutes before the hour. on a different matter. he was hanging ten here on fire. literally on fire. surf jaime o'brian is on stand by to tell us where he got this idea. ♪ i fell into a burning ring of fire ♪
7:50 am
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joyce mitchell is in a court appearance in new york and pled guilty to all the charges against her. she has waived her right to a grand jury trial in anticipation of a plea deal hoping she will get leanancy in that. more coming up on that. meet a surfer who took it up a notch by setting himself on fire. jaime o'brian was in tuhe bahamas and not in los angeles. what does it look like when you
7:54 am
are riding through a wave? >> you know it was probably one of the craziest moment of my life. dealing with the wave and the fire wrapped around my voice and the compression made it degree, and it put the flames straight out. >> what are you wearing to protect yourself? >> yeah, it was crazy. we met up with riley harper, stunt coordinate, and they set me up with thermal wear and gel suits. i had an extra 20 pound on me. it was intense. >> you said it lit up like florescent orange on inside. you got this idea from people giving you ideas online. is that right?
7:55 am
>> yeah i put out a thing for your show on red bull tv. i said anybody have ideas on instagram for a good idea and someone said light yourself on fire. >> if things got wet you could dip in the water. >> yeah tell me you wouldn't want to jump off in the water on a wave like that. >> that is an easy out, right, jaime? >> yeah exactly. an easy out and probably end your life. >> indeed. what is next? are you looking for ideas? if so what do you have in mind? >> always looking for ideas. the cool thing with the show is we let people have a say in what we are are going to do. >> what is the idea? >> the light yourself on fire
7:56 am
idea is out the window because we have that in the books. >> we will look for the next idea, all right? keep it creative and stay safe. cool stuff. >> right on. that is a big fire hose around there. we are getting new information on the irs targeting scandal as the head of the house oversight committee calls were the firing of the head of the irs. he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business. book your next stay at! la quinta! . .
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♪ [cheering] martha: is he singing? bill: lip-syncing. martha: tom cruise and
8:00 am
jimmy fallon in epic lip-sync battle. recreating a scene out of the movie "top gun." made her night. bill: fallon can do it. crews, we'll see. martha: good-bye everybody. jenna: president obama assessing his own performance at the white house as he looks to the future. welcome to "happening now," i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the president talking up democracy on his trip to africa. he weighed in on his own term limits and made an interesting comment about 2016. >> under our constitution i can not run again. [applause] i can't run again. i actually think i'm a pretty good president. i think if i can i could win. but i can't. jon: joining us now,


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