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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 29, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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massive trunk come tumbling down. >> it was a lot of commotion. almost slow-motion. >> by the grace of god nobody was under the column of that tree. you could not survive. >> six of the eight children injured in the freak seaccident were treated at the scene. all are alert and able to talk. the desperate search for two florida teenagers who dispiered stretchling north of south carolina. crews covered 31,000 square miles looking for the 14-year-olds austin and perry. they went missing on a fishing trip friday. austin's father says he's still holding on hope. >> the ocean is so big. it is a needle in a haystack. i won't give up. i need answers. hopefully the lord will show me the way and show me the light in the tunnel here. >> right now the boy's family
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have 20 private planes scouring the ocean searching for the teenagers. to another fox news alert a horrific home grown terror plot foiled. an isis sympathizer planned a plot in florida. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, heather. this man was an isis sympathizer planning attacks on u.s. soil. yesterday he plotted a backpack bomb. he had just been charged with attempting to use weapons of mass destruction in the united states. the fbi says that he hit their radar on facebook. he was posting status updates promoting isis and extremist rhetoric in a statement. the department of justice said there is no room for failure
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when it comes to using a weapon of mass destruction. we ask the public to be vigilant and report suspicious activities to law enforcement. this comes the same day another isis sympathizer was sentenced to federal prison for 15 years. former mayor rudy giuliani says there's no immediate connection between these two men but both inspired the same extremist ideology. >> it is horrifying but it is part of a conspiracy. the lone wolf thing is way gone it is a pack. the conspiracy is to impose the islamic religion on us. they buy into it and kill as a result of it.
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>> in the last month they have ties to isis. >> right now the u.s. is seeing a surge in syrian refugees and asylum to the country's civil war there. there are growing concerns of whether they can vet and track them. what can you tell us about what? >> according to the state department nearly 900 syrian refugees have been reset elled in the u.s. this year alone. normally that number is under 30. we have seen a huge increase since the start of the syrian civil war. the home land subcommittee says a vast majority do not have ties to terror groups. there's a number of concerns especially since they continue to grow. >> new details in it the prison break that mark the 3 week multi state manhunt.
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she pleaded guilty to helping rich afterward matt and david sweat escape. matt was killed sweat was captured when matt befriended her and saying he was nice and made me feel special. the married prison worker confessing she did have a sexual relationship with matt and passed him nude photos to get to sweat. the trio plotted to kill mitchell's husband. she was supposed to be their get away driver but she got cold feet and bailed. she faces up to 7 years in prison. >> new details about the final resting place for her daughter bobbi kristina. she will be buried next to her mother on monday. bobbi kristina died sunday six months after being found unresponsive in a bathtub in her georgia home. >> the battle between tom brady and the nfl is now being held in federal court. deflate gate suspension saying he cheated and destroyed evidence.
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jackie ibanez joins us live with reaction. >> the smoking gun is brady's cell phone. he ordered to destroy it less than 24-hours before his meeting with reege investigator ted wells. that was in march. he was recycling his phone but didn't admit it was gone until june. on it thousands of text messages requested for the investigation. roger godell knew he was using under deflated balls in the championship game against the colts and tried to cover it up. in a statement goodell saying he went beyond a failure to cooperate in the investigation and supported a finding that he stopped to hide evidence of his own participation in the scheme. he has maintained his innocence since the beginning. >> i have a process need to do. i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrong
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doing. >> brady's agent saying the decision is a sham. it is causing a firestorm on social media. >> tom should be suspended for a season and lose all rewards of super bowl as well as the rest of the teammates. >> richard says tom destroyed evidence. i hope tom retires. 49ers wide receiver tory smith tweeted you can't say cheaters never win. >> participating in patriots training camp starts tomorrow as well as the preseason. >> jackie i banez live in the studio. >> another defending tom brady saying the lack of proof could leave the nfl in hot water. >> tom brady never asked for never demanded footballs to be under deflated anything less than what is the standard under the bylaws of the national football league. this is by far and away the most
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ridiculous, the stupidest the dumbest thing the national football league has ever decided to under take and been involved in. the whole thing it is a shame and a sham. >> edward snowden will have to hang out in russia. the we the people decision launched two years ago after the initial leaks were published. the u.s. calling snowden's actions dangerous and compromising to national security. >> highways and heros. the highway bill includes provisions to keep the nation's va hospitals open until october. the bill is expected to be voted on today. it expends federal highway funding through october and also shift to the department of veterans affairs care in the program. state officials vowing to help members of the military to protect themselves on the u.s. soil in the wake of the tragedy
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in tennessee. the seal carry permit for active service members and veterans after four marines and one sailor were killed in the attack on two military facilities in chattanooga. putting body cameras on allstate troopers. it is necessary to maintain trust between law enforcement and communities. the policies the hot topic issue after last year's death of michael brown in ferguson. south carolina has a similar law and connecticut and alabama are discussing the ideas as well. >> severe storms could wop up in the midwest today. >> maria molina is tracking it all for us. >> we are looking at the threat of severe weather. that will be associated with high temperatures in the south. we will see numbs in the triple
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digits across texas. high temperature 99 degrees even along the east coast that heat wave is building in atlanta and raleigh. you think of the areas it is a lot hotter than that. we have a number of heat advisori advisories. we have parts of the midwest all of the way down to the gulf coast. the main concerns are damaging winds. more of a marginal risk of severe storms but it will be there through out the day today an tonight. in places like cincinnati, memphis and down into new orleans you will have a way to get the warnings through the day today. we will see warm air eventually as it moves eastward. low humidity behind the front but temperatures feeling summer like. >> i don't think i have seen us have hotter temperatures than
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florida in a long time. >> and humid. >> 9 minutes after the top of the hour. a dentist under fire for killing one of africa's most beloved lions. the hunt is legal. so why is he getting desperate? >> a school district slapped with a heavy fine all over prayer? why the superintendent says she is not backing down. >> she blew the lid off the white house scandal. >> i told them there was no sexual relationship between me and monica lewinsky. >> linda trip breaking her silence. why she says hillary should never be president. >> katie perry performed at a fundraising gala this week where she met george w. bush and hillary clinton. it gotta some when katie said did you just grab my butt? is he was like, sorry, over reached.
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>> welcome back. a minnesota dentist hiding and forced to close his practice after killing zimbabwe's lion. cecil the lion was protected. authorities demanding answers from the dentist. >> walter paul more a minnesota dentist seen in this on-line commercial finds himself in the mid he ha middle of an international firestorm. angry protestors at his office calling him scum making death threats and on-line reaction even uglier. >> i think it is terrible. i can't believe any one would do that. if he did what he is accused of doing, he should be punished for it. >> palmer outed as the big game hunter who took down cecil the lion a beloved and protected cat in one of zimbabwe's national park. animal rights and conservation
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groups are outraged. palmer and his guides allegedly skinned the animal and tried destroying the collar. african authorities filed criminal charges. he owns the hunt club in fire lake and has hunted big game in africa. >> this was allegedly a bait situation. typically that would be common with cats that you would use bait. >> that would be legal? >> it would be legal, absolutely. >> in 2008 he was busted for poaching a bear in northern wisconsin. palmer releasing this statement about what happened in zimbabwe. >> to my knowledge everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted. i had no idea the lion i shot was a known local favorite and collared and part of the study until the end of the hunt. i relied on the expertise of my local professional guide to ensure a legal hunt. i have not been contacted by
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authorities in the u.s. or zimbabwe about the situation but will assist them in any inquiries they have. >> what do you think? weigh in on facebook, twitter or send us an email at london police are in contact with australian authorities after a young girl's body was found in a suitcase. police say it is unlikely the body is madelein mccann's. she was last seen back in 2007 sleeping at her family's vacation home in portugal. a woman he declared dead wakes up screaming in a funeral home. a caretaker thought the 92-year-old woman stopped breathing in germany in march. hours later an under taker heard her groaning inside the coffin. the under taker passed out with
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shock when the woman asked where am i? she died two-days later from unrelated heart disease. a shocking revelation from the department of defense. the number of labs that were accidentally sent live flax, it has doubled 192 labs in eight countries received samples of the virus since 2003 including the u.s. and washington, d.c. 31 americans may have been exposed. so far no one has gotten sick but they are taking medicine as a precaution. >> she is the former west wing assistant who outed monica lewinsky, remember linda trip? she is speaking out for the first time in 20-years. tripp was vilified by the clinton administration. >> i told him there was no sexual relationship between mu and monica lewinsky. they had been up all night with
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linda trip the trader of monica will you wine ski stabbed her in the back and gave all of this information. >> tripp is firing back saying hillary clinton should never be president. tripp says it was history in charge of the white house pulling the strings. when i came forward it was not simply because of monica lewinsky it was the culmination of years of so much corruption. the person who orchestrated the coverup is running for president of the united states. hillary would rather be part of the coronation rather than election. >> windows 10, it is finally here but will the upgrade live up to all of the hype? lauren simonetti is here with what we can expect. >> windows 10 is finally here. you can upgrade for free if you have windows 7 or 8 on your pc. microsoft's new operating system is universal. it will eventually run on everything from smart phones to xboxes to laptops. the classic start button is back
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and there's built in security. they hope to attract a billion users in three years. what's not free? commercials for the super bowl. ads for next year's big game will be broadcast and streamed by cbs at the same time. th that means they are selling the ads as one buy. they suspect $1 million or more per spot. >> this morning 5@5:00 airports with air fair. philadelphia average fairs there $267. number 4 chicago o'hare at 265. it is a tie between laguardia and dallas air fair 251 bucks. atlanta second place 231. cheapest fairs at cincinnati northern kentucky international. less than 200 bucks. >> to find the fox business network log on to thanks, loren. >> -- lauren.
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>> the time now is 20 minutes after the hour. does it logo offend you? is marine corps emblem must come down and you will never believe the reason why. >> he took a potential buyer on a test drive and ended up getting kidnapped. the dark story that ended up unfolding at a car dealership. >> nas national average $2.67. that's down from two weeks ago.
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>> a plane with only three minutes of fuel left was told to land in an airport 20 minutes away. the allegiance airlines plane carrying 150 people missed
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scheduled landing time after leaving lakes of las vegas for the airport. far go had just closed the runways when air traffic control got this we are on dwind egg will fuel here. the only way they could make an exception was if he declared a mid air emergency. the pilot did and the plane landed safely. >> big trouble at the tower of the americans in san antonio. 14 people were stuck for two hours when an elevator suddenly stopped working 200 feet in the air. firefighters helped everyone out of the car and they climbed down to safety. this is the third time the tower has broken this year. >> a facebook picture honoring the chattanooga shooting victims has to be taken down because it
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violates his taken down. the black ribbon says in remembrance. not only did facebook take the photos down its page was unpublished. he says he is beachless. he doesn't know how it viacheslav lated the standard and is ready to take down a new page. you can send it to facebook . five minutes to the top of the hour. a beach bomb squad on our own soil kwhafted. >> this lone wolf thing is way gone now. this is a back of wolves. >> more on the dangerous reality of isis. >> they have to answer to ahigher calling after having to rob a church. how the passenger stopped him in his tracks. >> president eisenhower
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>> it is wednesday july 29th. fox news alert. summer camp tragedy. eight children crushed by a falling tree. what we have learned about their condition. >> if he ran again he would win that's what obama says. >> donald trump doesn't see it that way. >> obama would get creamed if he ran again. >> guess how long it took a new driver to squeeze into that parking spot in what might be the worst parking job ever. >> good morning to you and your family.
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you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the hour. chaos at a california summer camp when a massive tree crashes to the ground injure king eight children. >> the 75 foot pine tree fell without warning at pasadena's brookside park. witnesses saying they heard a snap and felt a massive trunk come tumbling down. >> it was a lot of commotion. almost slow-motion actually. >> by the grace of god no one was under the column of that tree. because that was -- you could not survive. >> six of the eight children were treated it he scene two others rushed to the hospital in critical condition. all of them alert and able to talk. the desperate search for two florida teens who disappeared off the coast of florida stretching all of the way north to south carolina. crews covered 31,000 square miles looking for 14-year-old
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austin stephanos and terry cohen. austin's father is saying he's holding on to hope. >> it is a needle in a haystack. i won't give up. i need answers and hopefully the lord will show me the way and show me the light at the end of the tunnel here. >> hope they find them. the boy's family have 20 private planes scouring the ocean searching for them. now to another fox news alert a her roific bomb squad foils as a bomb squad searchs. live in washington with the growing threat of home grown terror. the fbi says the man was planning to bring an isis inspired terror attack to a florida beach specifically he was plotting to detonate a backpack nails. harlem swar rez 23 years old from key west charged with
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attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in the united states. he was making status updates promoting isis. the department of justice says there's no room for failure when it comes to investigating potential use of weapons of mass destruction. they work to prevent such catastrophic weapons from it being used against our citizens. this comes the same day another isis sympathize early am nathan davis from georgia was sentenced to 15 years in prison. former new york city mayor says we are past lone wolf he says pack of wolves who may not know each other but are inspired the same ideology. >> electronic surveillance, international intelligence, this is about hard nosed local policing, and the fbi are
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14,000. there are 800,000 local policemen. 800,000 more have to become the eyes and ears of the fbi. >> especially when you look at the numbers. in the last month 10 people have been arrested in the u.s. for having ties. >> the korean civil war has created a war with refugees and as sylum speakers. >> the chair of homeland security says he's increasingly concerned. according to the report 900 syrian refugees have been reset elled in the united states. that number is normally 30. we have seen a huge increase since the sfart of the syrian war. the current protocol isn't good enough. >> kristin fisher live in washington for us. thanks, kristin. >> he doesn't even have the gop
2:34 am
nomination but donald trump is already rattling off names of people he would love to see in his presidential cabinet. doug luzader is live with the latest on team trump. good morning, doug. >> good morning. donald trump certainly keeps things interesting. he was asked if he would consider sarah palin for a cabinet post. >> i love that. she really is somebody that knows what is happening. she is a special person. she is really a special person. i think people know that. she is got a following that is unbelievable. >> trump also took a shot at president obama who had talked some what hypothetically about running for a third term. >> i actually think i am a pretty good president. i think if i ran i could win. but i can't. >> i think he would fail miserably if he ran again. i would beat him so easily. obama would get creamed if he ran again. i would love to run against him.
2:35 am
>> it is important to know the real clear politics average shows the president's approval numbers are around 45 percent. back to you guys. >> doug luzader live for us. thank you, doug. the patriot game between tom brady and the nfl now likely heading to federal court. the league upholding the 4 game deflate gate suspension saying he cheated and destroyed the evidence. >> the decision is igniting a social media firestorm. jackie ibanez is here with some of the reaction. >> good morning ainsley and heather. the smoking gun in this case is brady's cell phone. he ordered an assistant to destroy it 24-hours before his meeting with league investigator wells in march. he claims he recycled his phone but didn't admit it was gone until june. on it thousands of text messages before the investigation. roger godell knew he was using
2:36 am
under deflated balls against the colts and tried to cover it up. goodell said he went beyond failure to cooperate in the investigation and supported a finding that he had sought to hide evidence of his own participation in the scheme. he has maintained his innocence since the beginning. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrong doing. >> brady's agent saying the decision is a sham and the patriots calling it a folly. it is creating a firestorm with fans and players sounding off like this. >> chris says honestly they did not earn their way to the super bowl. such a let down to the team, the fans everything. his team should forfeit the super bowl win. instead they offered him a reduced fine and suspension. done nay stalwart saying if any team can make it without their star quarterback the first four
2:37 am
games of the season and be all right, that will be the patriots. despite the rulihe want participate in training camp which starts tomorrow as well as the preseason. ainsley, heather? >> oo now it is time for a look at some viral videos. >> we love this segment. >> look at this guy. the man catches a foul ball with his bare hand and a drink in the other. he gets a big hand from everyone around him. >> now this, the 5-year-old getting the ride of a lifetime. his reaction, it is priceless. >> look. he is in there? wow. the little boy drift racing with his father in kazakhstan. his reaction now going viral. i would do the same thing making the mother of that child pretty angry i am sure. >> no relief this sight scorching temperatures outside.
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>> maria molina is in the weather center tracking the heat and the forecast. >> let's go ahead and take a look at the weather. like you mentioned we have scorching heat across the plains and also across the east. it will be continuing for the next several days. take a look at the numbers triple dig get heat in parts of the plains. in places like memphis 99 degrees and 90's from new york city to parts of the southeast. it will be cooler across parts of florida. we have a lot of shower and thunderstorm activity out there that should be keeping things a little cooler with the cloud cover in place out there. we have the hot temperatures we also have high humidity levels. heat index values are going to be well into the triple digits from the gulf coast to the mid south. we have excessive heat warnings in place and heat advisories due to the dangerous amounts of heat forecast out there. in a similar area we are going to be seeing showers and storms and some of these could potentially produce isolated
2:39 am
severe weather. unstable weather from the gulf coast to the midwest. using damaging winds and large hail could be possible with some of the storms. as we mentioned across florida the showers and storms. here we are ef the frontal boundaries producing heavy rain out here. it will be a little quieter but the showers still forecast across parts of central florida. let's head over to you. the time now is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. a school district slapped with a hefty fine all over a prayer. why the superintendent says she is not backing down. >> potential buyer on a test drive and ended up getting kidnapped. it all unfolded at a car dealership. >> don't use company cash to pay for a stripper. he did that and now he is paying the price. shopping online...
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when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready.
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he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at! >> a judge ordered banning prayer at a school event. the district argued it did nothing wrong because attendance was not necessary at that event. despite the fine she believes teachers will still continue to pray. the pope visit to philadelphia isn't until september a few months away. one suburb declared a fastate o
2:44 am
emergency. hillary clinton dodging questions over whether she will stop the keystone pipeline. >> my opinion is it is not necessary or fair for me to prejudge in a public arena what secretary kerry and president obama eventually have to decide. therefore i will not do it. i will not express an opinion until they have made a decision. >> critics aren't buying it. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer says there's one big reason they answer the pipeline question. >> this is a preposterous position because they are weighing in another way. there is no reason for that.
2:45 am
you elect me and you will find out what pelosi says you will have to pass healthcare in order to know what's in it. you have to elect me to know which way i am on keystone. she won't say it because she doesn't want to offend the unions on one side or people on the other. >> cheryl casone from our sister network fox business here to explain. >> good morning heather and ainsley. it has been just over a year and a half since an appearance on 60 minutes led to a national discussion about drones in america. and what it would look like in our skies. we are getting a detailed look. they look at where the drone is going with the flight machines
2:46 am
directed to an on-line network base that manages the flight. executive director as the drone's fast lanes. 200 feet would be anything above that becomes a no-fly zone. the faa nasa in regards to high speed planes. heather back to you. >> thank you very much, cheryl. to find the fox business network log on to as always/channel finder. >> it is now 14 minutes to the top of the hour. a dentist getting death cletts for killing africa's most beloved lion in a game hunt. is he really to blame? your comments are pouring in. this might be the worst parking job ever. how long it took a driver to get into that spot. he's not giving up. >> steve doocy coming up on "fox
2:47 am
& friends." >> there were the two-cars parked in front of him that made it impossible. >> the two what is going on with that? new jersey governor chris christie wants to be president. he is going to join us live to tell us why he should get the job. plus she exposed bill clinton, monica lewinsky affair years ago. now linda tripp, remember that name? linda tripp has a warning about hillary clinton and what she will do to get the white house. a reporter who spoke with her joins us live. it was an exclusive. meanwhile sports superstar john grudan, brandon marshall, carlie lloyd and carl anthony towns join brian for a roundtable on sports. plus we have got this, great big battle frog obstacle course out on the plaza. they want brian and i to run it. will we?
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "fox & friends." a minnesota dentist now at the center of an international controversy after killing africa's most famous lion. walter palmer is in hiding. it was revealed he shot cecil the lion. he thought he was on a legal hunting trip but cecil was protected. hunting guides are facing poaching charges. the story creating outrage on line. your comments are pouring in. tracy on facebook writing he and his accomplices are nothing less
2:52 am
than poachers and should be dealt with accordingly. rafael tweets, he is a monster. the lord made beautiful animals like cecil and this guy is nothing less than a monster. let's keep talking about this on our facebook page. who is really to blame? the dentist or the guides who were approaching. a live debate after the show, #keep talking. a routine test drive turns to terror after a man kidnapped the salesman. he went to a california gm dealership and took a car out for a spin and that's when things turned ugly. >> the gentleman turned to him said we're not going back to the dealership. you are coming with me. the salesman is we're going back to the dealership. the guy grabbed his shirt and slammed him against the window
2:53 am
of the car. >> the driver totaled the van two towns over, but it was easy for police to track that car thanks to on star. a pistol-packing pastor stops a burglar in his tracks. he broke down the door of a church, he didn't expect to find the pastor with a nine millimeter. he made a move toward the pastor and fired once, he was hit in the shoulder. talk about a costly mistake. two atm company workers in new jersey leave a bag filled with nearly $150,000 on the side of the road by mistake. the workers drove off realizing with it. a short time later, a man in a van picked it up and drove off. police are searching for the driver. this is 7 minutes until the top of the hour. does this offend you?
2:54 am
facebook says it comes down. the story behind this video of baby sea turtles. >> oh, oh.
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before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. eight young children in california injured when a huge pine tree crashed down on them at a summer camp. two are now hospitalized in critical condition. a home grown terror plot
2:58 am
foiled after authorities arrest an isis sympathizer in key west, florida. and tom brady's four game suspension was upheld. brady destroyed his cell phone and failed to cooperate with the league's investigation. ♪ ♪ time now for the the good, the bad, and the ugly be. up first, the good. over 600 baby sea turtles getting a second chance at life in florida. the crittors missed their first chance. the bad, this man facing federal charges after spending nearly a million dollars from his corporate credit card on online strippers. and the ugly, this terrible parking fail out of scotland. someone captured this 17-minute
2:59 am
video of two women battling to fit their car into that tight parking spot. they nearly missed several cars. after both drivers trying, they eventually got it parked. got it. didn't give up now it is time for your brew on this responses, a facebook picture of a marine emblem with a ribbon, it the facebook ban warranted or are the p.c. police taking over social media. facebook can take that photo down but that will not cause marines to forget their fallen comrades. >> i can't see any violation in showing the p emblem. let's get back to using common sense and forget to be politically correct. and rachel says ridiculous, you would think more people would
3:00 am
quit using it and close their accounts. thanks, everyone, who responded. don't forget to talk about the african lion killed by the american dentist. "fox & friends" starts right now. thanks, heather. good morning to you, it's wednesday. july 29th, 2015. i'm ainsley earhardt. i'm filling in for elisabeth this morning. fox news alert, chaos at summer camp. a massive tree crashes down to the ground, crushing eight children. >> i could see all the roots. a tree has fallen down. kids carried out on stretchers and sent to the hospital. two in critical condition. we have the latest on their condition this morning. live from california. and is your beach safe? the fbi just busted that jihadi wanna-be accused of plotting to


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