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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  July 31, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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er investigators connecting the dots on another hillary clinton scandal? this one involves a swiss bank, a shaky legal deal and millions of dollars in donation and speaking fees. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. coincidence or connection? that is the question again tonight on another emerging scandal involving hillary clinton, her role as secretary of state, and a sudden increase in money to her family's foundation and her family's bank account. this comes, of course as republican presidential candidates strive to move up or solidify their positions ahead of next week's first of the
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campaign debates. we have fox team coverage tonight. carl cameron on donald trump's continued domination of the polls and what it's costing other gop candidates. but we begin with chief white house correspondent ed henry and plenty of interest over a possible conflict of interest for hillary clinton again. >> good evening, bret. more questions about that ethics agreement barring foreign donations to the foundation being broken. as fox has learned new information tonight. but the clinton camp getting nervous about joe biden getting into this race. >> as hillary clinton today e merged from a meeting of top afl-cio officials without the presidential endorsement from organized labor she's hoping for, the former secretary of state also had to deal with fresh allegations the swiss bank uvs sharply increased donations to the clinton foundation after she intervened to help the company in a tax evasion case. >> i would say that any implication that is attempting to be made along those lines is categorically false.
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>> the "wall street journal" reported the bank also paid bill clinton $1.5 million for a series of speaking engagements. in fact uvs wealth management has been the biggest source of speech income for the former president. and her help for a massive bank will only provide more fodder for socialist democratic senator bernie sanders who last night had a massive virtual town hall with 100,000 supporters. >> tonight what we're going to focus on is building a strong grassroots movement. that's how we're going to win this election. >> there are new signs the clinton camp is worried vice president joe biden may be inching closer to getting in with democratic sources telling fox, eyebrows were raised among clinton advisers when they learned a top aide to biden was spotted having breakfast with a major democratic money man. biden chief of staff met with lewis susman, a big fundraiser for the presidential campaigns of john kerry in 2004 and barack obama if 2008. question is the vice president
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raising the necessary cash. susman who served as an ambassador to the united kingdom under obama says it was a personal meeting because he's known him for years "i'm not planning anything. hillary clinton's our candidate now" in the wake of his son's death, a biden spokeswoman said "the biden family is going through a difficult time right now. any speculation about the views of the vice president or his family about his political future is premature and inappropriate." meanwhile with the state department poised to release more official e-mail on friday there's information from five different intelligence agencies including material from the benghazi terror attacks as clinton pointed a finger at the state department for the slow pace of the e-mail release. >> this is really a question for the state department. they're the ones that are bearing the responsibility to sort through these thousands and thousands of e-mails.
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>> a new quinnipiac poll today shows biden running as well or better than clinton in head-to-head matchups against various republicans including donald trump. both men like to chuck out the scripts, speak bluntly. we are one week away from what could be the first major defining point in the 2016 presidential campaign. most republican hopefuls are off the road preparing for a doedebate in cleveland. as has been the case for a lot of this cycle, donald trump had his own plans. chief accomplice cal correspondent carl cameron has tonight's top story. >> reporter: claiming the world asked him to be there despite his controversial remarks about illegal immigrants donald trump arrived at his turnbury resort near glasgow, scotland to host the women's british open and told reporters around the world he expects to be president of the united states. >> illegal immigration in the united states is a huge subject. and i brought it to the fore. and everybody's thanking me for it. i think that's one of the
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reasons -- i think that's one of the reasons i became number one in the polls. >> reporter: the latest quinnipiac poll has trump ahead of scott walker and jeb bush the only two also clearing double digits. there's a six-way virtual tie at 5 and 6% and the rest are at 3% or under. aides say trump's not prepping for the debate next week but knows in addition to illegal immigration rhetoric he'll need to address his past support for democrats, universal health care abortion and his attacks on john mccain and most of the gop field. >> anybody, i don't care who it is takes a shot at the veterans of this country that make statements like donald trump made about our pows? i'm not going to be quiet. >> the other day when he went after me specifically i said hey he can speak for himself but he's using the talking points of the democrats. >> reporter: walker's broken away from the middle of the pack and become a fixture of the top tier. he's been aggressively boning up on foreign policy for months in advance of next week's debate. all the candidates have been overshadowed by trump's antics,
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but it's jeb bush who still maintains a big edge in cash raised by his campaign and independent superpac who got elbowed out of the lead. bush knows his stances on education standards and imgame reform targets, too. >> he doubles down on amnesty. i think the gang of eight, the amnesty approach is wrong. i think the jeb bush approach is wrong. you've got to secure the border. >> reporter: today the 2016 field of 16 candidates became 17. >> hello. i'm jim gilmore. and today i'm announcing my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of united states. >> reporter: gilmore told fox news today he recognizes the challenges of entering such a crowd race but has a lot to offer as a former governor of virginia a key swing state, and as past chairman of the republican national committee. before gilmore, the last candidate to end erp the race was john kasich. polls suggest strongly he got an immediate bounce into the middle of the back. he's a governor of the bellwether state of ohio where the debate takes place next week. so kasich's now looking for a second boost from the debate to
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launch him he hopes into the top tier bret? >> okay, carl, thank you. coming up at the bottom of the hour the newest entry into the republican presidential race. former virginia governor jim gilmore in our center state. the pro-life group waging a media war on planned parenthood fired another shot today. the fourth and latest video seems to expand on the narrative that the women's health provider sold fetal body parts and tried to cover it up. correspondent kristen fisher has tonight's story which contains graphic images you may find disturbing. >> reporter: this is undercover video of a meeting between a planned parenthood vice president and two people posing as fetal tissue buyers. listen as the vice president explains why any potential contract between the two parties should be done in the name of research and not a quote business venture.
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>> reporter: the planned parenthood executive also discusses payment rather than one flat fee for each aborted fetus, she agrees to price it body part by body part. >> reporter: the director of priests for life father frank pavone said "in order to sell baby body parts there first has to be a baby. it's time for those who have been denying that fact to admit it and for those who have been admitting it only in private to admit anytime public as well." this is the fourth video released by the center for medical progress. in tuesday a court in california banned the group from releasing any footage of three high-ranking members of a company that provide aborted fetal tissue to researchers. but that temporary restraining order does not apply to planned parenthood officials. today planned parenthood maintained it's done nothing
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wrong and nothing ill leeegal and called this latest video "another misleading and deceptively edited video being publicized by extremists who entered our facility based on misrepresentations". in florida governor rick scott is ordering an investigation into every planned parenthood offers in the state that performs abortions. and on capitol hill senate republicans are pushing a bill to defund planned parenthood a bill that the white house has said it will not support nor will the democratic frontrunner for president, hillary clinton. >> i think that it's another effort by the republicans to try to limit the health care options for women, and we should not let them succeed once again. >> reporter: the senate majority leader says he hopes the first procedural vote on this defunding bill will be monday but republicans aren't sure they'll have the 60 votes they need to bring this bill to the
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floor. bret? >> kristen, thank you. up next is it american corporate tax code unamerican? first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 27 in charlottesville as three university of virginia graduates and fraternity members are suing "rolling stone" magazine over a debunked account of a gang rape. the men are also suing the writer of the story and the magazine's publisher. they say they suffered vicious and hurtful attacks because of inaccuracies in the article which the magazine retracted. fox 11 in los angeles with the coast guard's efforts to determine the source of a three-mile-long oil slick floating off the santa barbara county shoreline. it's about 1,000 yards from the sand and beaches. they do remain open. this is a live look at sacramento from fox 40 out there. the big story there tonight, a fast-spreading wildfire in lake county doubles in size overnight. a cal fire spokeswoman says the blaze is threatening dozens of buildings. at least 500 people are being forced to evacuate.
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that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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does the u.s. corporate tax code actually work against u.s. corporations? that was the question of the day for senate investigative committee looking into whether the people best served by american policy are not even americans. here's correspondent rich edson. >> reporter: it's uncompetitive, a villain, a huge convoluted mess and a travesty. those are only a few of the recent reviews of the u.s. corporate tax code one that features the highest top rate in the industrialized world. this month the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations examined the impact of the u.s. tax code on the american economy. the findings from the committee's majority staff "u.s. firms too often have a significant incentive to
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relocate relocate their companies oversees to create value simply by restructuring the affairs of the target companies to improve their tax profile." >> it's not uncommon for me to receive visits from investment bankers interested in facilitating the sale or the merger of boston beer company to foreign ownership. one of the principal financial benefits of such a transaction is to reduce the tax rate we pay. >> reporter: and executives say when foreign companies buy u.s. businesses they cut american jobs. >> the amount of job losses that occur are significant. when the u.s. companies are acquired jobs in the corporate and also manufacturing locations, the r&d locations, you lose jobs. no one likes that. that's what the tax code does. >> reporter: the committee report cites about 10,000 job
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cuts as a result of five recent foreign acquisitions. now lawmakers again pledged to overhaul the corporate tax code. >> i think there are lots of opportunities, but in this case we do have some momentum. the three of us the house under paul ryan our proposal and the treasury department proposal are not that far apart. >> reporter: senior lawmakers say they're hoping to rewrite the corporate tax code by this fall. standing in their way are question questions and arguments over how much to lower rates and an intense defense by some businesses to tax breaks. the gross domestic product in the quarter was up 2.3% annual rate to june. but revised figures for the past three years show the economy's already modest growth since 2011 was even weaker than thought. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 5, s&p 500 a fraction higher, the nasdaq gained 17. the senate has passed a
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three-month highway funding bill and sent it onto the president. the house passed it yesterday. the bill keeps highway and transit money flowing. lawmakers are promising to work on a long-term fix after summer vacation. the now fired university of cincinnati police officer charged with murder is facing a $1 million bond tonight. ray tensing pleaded not guilty during his arraignment today. he's accused of killing samuel debose during what began as a routine traffic stop. tensing's lawyer insists the much viewed video of the incident can be interpreted differently than the prosecutor's version of events. lawmakers said the president's decision not to point the finger at china for a massive data breach of government employee information is going to make a bad situation worse. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us why tonight. >> reporter: a growing number of lawmakers say the obama administration's decision not to publicly call out china for the opm hack will encourage more and
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severe cyber attacks in the future. >> according to the defense department's own cyber doctrine a report that was issued this spring key element of deterrence. if you don't admit it's a big deal and who did it you'll embolden lots more attackers. >> reporter: writing today he said "this refusal is a strategic mistake. and the fact that we're making it may indicate things are even worse than we've been led to believe" in what may be a significant split with the white house, the nation's top spy now says no response may embolden the hackers. >> i think the next wave if you will, will be data deletions and data manipulation which will also be very very damaging. >> reporter: this week investigators linked a breach at united airlines to the chinese harks behind opm, who are believed to have the backing of military units housed in these nondescript shanghai offices. the republican chairman of the house homeland security committee recently told fox the same group of chinese hackers
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also stole medical records from anthem and care first. >> they're all linked together in an attempt to put all this big data together and exploit it for espionage purposes. >> reporter: unlike sony where the white house publicly vilified the north korean regime and assigned blame, a spokesman told reporters today their security team advised against attribution in the opm case. >> they have concluded it's not in our interest to do that. if that changes we'll let you know. >> reporter: in classified briefings fox news is told officials are reluctant to place a cap on the number of americans affected by the breach at opm, suggesting the number does exceed 22 catherine, thank you. the u.s. fish and wildlife service says it wants to talk to the minnesota dentist who killed a protected lion near the border of a national park in zimbabwe. a spokesman for the service says multiple attempts to contact walter palmer have been unsuccessful. palmer sent a letter to his patients essentially blaming his guides for what he thought was a
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legal hunt. his practice is shut down due to backlash. still ahead, your chance to ask a question to the newest republican presidential candidate, former virginia governor jim gilmore. first, how close are we to determining whether this wreckage is from the malaysian airlines flight that disappeared last
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investigators on an island in the western indian ocean are tonight looking at what could be debris from the missing malaysian airlines flight that disappeared a year and a half ago. correspondent benjamin hall has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: overnight, a sea-crusted wing fragment and a battered suitcase were found
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washed up on the island of reunion off the southeast coast of africa a fragment which boeing investigators have identified as the trailing edge of a boeing 777 wing. there is only one 777 missing in the world. the island of reunion is 3500 miles from the last-known destination of the mh 370 as it flew from kuala lumpur to beijing. nothing is known about its last fateful movements. an operation involving eight countries took place following the disappearance. nothing, including those all-important black boxes, were ever found. part of the difficulty was the massive 22,000 mile search area roughly the size of west virginia. families of the 270 victims had until now held out hopes the plane might somehow have survived. jeannette mcguire from brisbane australia lost her sister kathy on the flight. >> we're all wanting and waiting so much for any sort of news
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that is valid, but when we get it i think it's going to be another emotional roller coaster as well. >> reporter: authorities were urging caution, though with australia's deputy prime minister warren truss saying "it will require examination by experts to prove established positively that the parts are indeed from a 777. >> reporter: investigators from boeing and malaysia air are now on the island of reunion. there they will examine the fragment before taking it back to boeing headquarters in toulouse in southern france. that will take about 25 hours. >> benjamin thank you. afghanistan's taliban is confirming what we reported yesterday. that secretive leader mohammed omar is in fact dead. he is being replaced by his long-time deputy. the taliban also says it is pulling out of scheduled peace talks with the afghan government. the u.s. is sending eight
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advanced f-16 jet fighters to egypt tomorrow today and tomorrow. the u.s. embassy in egypt says the upgrades are critical in light of the country's intense efforts to confront terrorism. it says four more planes will be deliver in the fall. iraqi officials have declared a mandatory four-day holiday because of an unprecedented heat wave. temperatures hovered around 126 degrees fahrenheit today in baghdad. the situation is magnified by chronic electricity, water cuts in iraq. if you're a regular viewer of this program you've probably noticed an increase in stories about arrests of isis wanna-be terrorists particularly here in the u.s. tonight correspondent david lee miller looks at some of the numbers and the reasons. >> reporter: when 44-year-old american-born arafat naji was take noon custody this week in no, he became the 49th u.s. resident to be charged in connection with supporting isis so far this year. that's more than double the number of arrests compared with all of 2014.
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speaking about naji's arrest the u.s. attorney had another disturbing statistic. >> isil has recruited upwards of 20,000 foreign fighters with some estimates being perhaps 50% more than that. >> reporter: the recent spike in isis-related arrests is partly attributed to increased vigilance surrounding a feared july 4th attack. law enforcement is also changing tactics. unlike al qaeda, isis is focused on smaller-scale terror attacks. that require quicker action. >> isil tends to operate more with a lone wolf approach. for that kind of a person you don't have as much indication of when they might strike and you don't have as much benefit by waiting. >> reporter: there are also more arrests because there are more terror suspects. this month alone, there have been arrests in italy, the u.k. egypt, kosovo and turkey. terrorism experts say isis's sophisticated use of social media has helped recruit fighters few of whom are turned away.
1:28 am
>> they will try to motivate people that al qaeda would never touch. and al qaeda would not use as an operative someone who would use drugs, someone who's mentally unstable. >> reporter: isis also has what some have called five-star allure. it promotes its self as an islamic state that all muslims can call home. it boasted about taking over a luxury hotel in iraq where on opening day all believers could stay for free bret? >> david lee, thank you. former president george h.w. bush today tweeted a picture of himself wearing a neck brace. mr. bush fractured a bone in his neck earlier this month. he tweeted "who knew jumping out of planes was safer than getting out of bed? thanks to all for your kind get well messages." now a fish tale that really happened. fisherman ben chancy reels in a 400-pound 7-foot goliath grouper from a paddle board off a florida coast. the giant fish actually pulled him into the water but he held
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on. after posing for some pictures chancy let the fish go. no grapevine tonight. instead, the newest edition to the republican presidential candidate roster former virginia governor jim gilmore in our center seat.
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former virginia governor jim gilmore is the newest contender in the republican presidential sweepstakes. he is in our center seat tonight. we welcome him aboard along with our panel, judge andrew napolitano, julie pace and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. governor thanks for being here. >> great. thank you, bret. >> i would not want to show the -- we asked people for their questions today. and a lot of them were why? some of them were who? a couple of them are not sure why you're getting in this crowded field. thomas writes "starting to look like a new reality show. who wants to be president." rebekah types in" my head is spinning with all the candidates." sue on facebook "what makes him more qualified than all the others running on the ticket?" i put that to you, sir. >> great, thank you. look. i've looked at the race and the poem that are in the race and i've concluded that i ought to run for the presidency. i think the united states is in
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decline. it's in decline on its foreign policy national security. we're in decline in our economics. the report today was not good. i don't care what anybody says. we're not doing as well as we're supposed to do in economics. and i have the credentials to address these issues. i'm a former governor so i'm in a position to address the domestic issues. we built jobs we created opportunities in virginia. but more than that i have a background in foreign policy that the other governors do not have. i chaired the national commission on homeland security for the united states for five years. my degree is in foreign cy. i'm a united states army intelligence veteran. i was the governor of virginia during the 9/11 attack. i know what needs to be done in order to reverse this decline and get america back on track again. and i believe that that's why i should be the chief executive. >> charles. >> well what would you do to reverse our decline? let's talk about abroad. how would you approach iran, how
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would you approach isis, how do you approach the russians in about 60 seconds? >> well in about 60 seconds. first of all, i'm very concerned about the iranian deal. it does not do what needs to be done. i think the president has worked us now into a position where we either negotiate or we go to war. that's not healthy. as president i would try to undo this agreement. but what it does is it doesn't stop their terrorist activity across the middle east in yemen and in hamas in the gaza tripstrip. the activities with hezbollah. it does give them modern weapons. it does give them more money. these are fatal deficiencies with this and it only postpones the nuclear deal. >> would you with draw the united states from the deal? >> yes i would try to with draw the united states from the deal. by the time we're at '16 we don't know what it's going to look like. but the answer is yes. and furthermore, i have been assigned to nato. i've seen the russians. i was there working in europe. and i understand the danger of
1:36 am
the russian incursions. charles, this is my view. my view is that we're not sending a strong message in america today. president obama and the obama-clinton foreign policy is taking a dangerous world and making it much more dangerous. not to mention the chinese. not to mention the dissolution of the middle east. the danger of isis which must be addressed in the strongest possible terms with collective collective security in the middle east. >> julie. >> you mentioned serving with nato in europe. what would you be doing differently as it relates to the situation in eastern ukraine? would you support the u.s. and nato either directly getting involved with military action or supplying the ukranian military with more weaponry? >> i think we do have to supply the ukranian's with more ability to defend themselves. i do not think that it's necessary to try to suggest that we would put united states soldiers into the ukraine. but the fact is that they are under invasion they're under attack. and the danger is larger than just the ukraine. if you can take the ukraine and change it and say that borders
1:37 am
no longer count, if you then threaten the baltics which are in nato you then threaten the eastern european countries, this is a serious roll up of a problem in europe. the correct answer to this though is a bigger answer. the biggest answer is that we have to take the sequester off the defense budget build up the united states military. do you know that the navy isn't even planning to send a carrier later on this fall into the persian gulf because they don't think that they have enough ships and ability. the united army is reduced by 40,000 troops. the marine corps doesn't have the combat brigades thought needs. and the political message is one of withdrawal pulling back decline, and potential adversaries see this and they understand it. we have to begin to reverse that to get america back on track again. >> judge. >> governor you mentioned how dangerous the middle east is and how awful and dangerous isis is. would you introduce troops on the ground to stabilize libya, to liberate syria, to resist iran? or would you use the sort of
1:38 am
drone secret warfare, intelligence cia warfare that barack obama favors? >> well i think that the secret warfare is helping but it's not going to solve the problem. i would favor taking specialized united states troops. by the way, i was one of those when i was in the united states army with the army intelligence. intelligence people trainers specialized people some special forces people to lend a sense in the middle east that the united states is actually there behind them providing stability and backstop so that we can encourage our potential allies in that region to get in and do something about isis which judge, is why i've urged that there be a new nato for the middle east a new nato for the middle east. where you take countries like egypt, jordan saudi arabia arab emirates. as a side matter some participation and some form with the israelis in order to make it clear that an expansion by the iranians will not be permitted
1:39 am
and will not be satisfactory. and perhaps with the united states' leadership in a new nato in the middle east we can provide some stability. >> i might say one more thing on this before we go. >> before i come up with a question. >> well before. it's terribly important that we build up the united states military not for war. and i think that we've been too quick sometimes for that. i think we need to build up the united states military for peace. its peace strengthens the reagan model. >> if you do nato in the middle east that means one attack on one is an attack on all. meaning if there's an attack on the united arab emirates it's an attack against the u.s. and we're at war on the ground. that is what you want? >> as president i think i would have the ability to define this in a way i thought works best and the united states interests would be best served. no i'm not sure that we have to say that an attack on one is an attack on all exactly in the nato model in that very volatile area. but i believe to say that the
1:40 am
united states' strength and leadership will be placed in that area in order to support those people without having to necessarily make that commitment would still be a way of dealing with these issues. >> more with governor gilmore and the panel center seat after a quick break.
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former virginia governor jim gilmore is in the center seat tonight. what is this going for? >> it's advised by our economists. we've been working it up in a number of years. it's simply this. we need a three-bracket personal tax code. we need a tax code for everybody in the united states. we need to take all business activity and combine it in one place and charge 15%, and what will do, brets that will encourage, in fact demand investment and make us competitive with the rest of the world and eliminate the debt tax. with a couple of additional tweaks we know what the result would be. and you really have to. today's is pathetic. if you can't get in the 3.2 range, you're not making any progress. we need to go upwards and build this so people can get jobs. so young people can have an opportunity for careers. so laid off workers have a chance to get another job.
1:45 am
ft that increases the availability to get better wanls. that's why it's imperative that we do something to reverse the decline in the u.s. economy. and it's critical for national security also. >> on health care by the time the next president takes office millions of people will have health care coverage under obamacare. is it realistic for the next president to fully repeal that law, and if not, what would you do to tweak it around the edges? >> well it certainly autoto be revealed. at that point in time i don't know if it's politically possible or not. what you can do i believe, with presidential leadership is to begin to build in reforms into obamacare, to begin to address some things that will work better. now everybody agrees preexisting condition is a good reform. but removing some of the free market to offer the best services at the best possible prices has been a real problem. and frankly the ability to withdraw from obamacare unless you have over 49 employees. i make sure that way it's a
1:46 am
discouragement on people adding more people. as a matter of fact the whole policy of the obama-clinton policy on economics has been to discourage business to attack business to say things that are discouraging businesses from investigating. investing creates productivity. productivity creates more jobs which creates higher wages, and that's the free market approach that we have to take. >> so governor when they say, listen we saved. the administration saved the country from going over a cliff. that we were handed this lemon of an economy. and we saved it. what do you say to that? >> i would say we haven't saved it enough. we have a slow growth economy. . that's why sho many people are hurting today. that's why so many people are out of jobs. that's why so many people are working part time that want to work full time. just because he may have actually gotten at the top of the business cycle and began to pull us out. america can do better.
1:47 am
we must do better. >> governor switching gears a little bit, would you unleash the nsa to spy on everyone all the time as president bush and obama have done? or would you confine them to going after people they suspect of wrongdoing as the constitution arguably requires. >> well thanks judge. that's a good one. >> knew it was coming. >> fairly familiar i must say. i'm not in favor of people going in and spying on americans. i'm not in favor of that so i understand that. but i believe the danger to the country is so severe that we must give the tools to our intelligence people our law enforcement people to keep america safe. because i believe there are still bad times still ahead. if isis can get in here and an organized way, we're going to have the best defenses panel. so it would seem to me the direct answer to your question is today we do enable teem to look at potential suspects who are terrorists people who have connections to isis. people who are revealing
1:48 am
themselves as such and focus on that. >> and to ask the question less contentiously. do you support the reform in the usa freedom act, which takes the collection out of the hands of the government and puts it with private company? are you a supporter of that? >> no. i would have preferred to have a much closer entitled regulation and oversight of that as opposed to throwing away the ability to the support americans. with what kind of oversight. >> with much more oversight. congress needs to do its job to do oversight, which it has not been doing. second of all, we need oversight of the judges if they're not doing their jobs and third of all, charles, we've created a situation where we don't trust ourselves anymore. we believe that the government is the enemy. i don't like that. i think we need to be in a position to defend ourselves from the attacks and challenges ahead while preserving our liberties.
1:49 am
when i chaired the national commissions i wrote a letter that strongly said i was very suspicious we were going to take away our liberties and that would cause us to lose the game to the the terrorists. i think lurching the other way is wrong. >> who would trust a government that reads every e-mail and listen to every phone call. >> they were not listening to phone calls. that was not going on. the point is this if it does go on. . this they're realing our e-mail and a lot of people read our e-mail or listening to phone calls. then that ought to be a very serious felon. and the justice department ought to pursue that as opposed to pursuing regular people trying to conduct business. >> one
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and we're back with our panel. our newest republican presidential candidate in the field declared. former virginia governor jim gilmore. governor in the latest monmouth new hampshire, poll you are at less than 1%. there are some national polls that are not polling you. several are just starting to this week after you have declared. in 16% favorable. 20% unfavorable. 62% haven't heard enough. it's been about a decade since you've been in the national spotlight. how are you going to win your party's nomination? >> well we need to do a couple of things. that's to focus in new hampshire on the message. we these to focus for all americans on the message. reversing this obama-clinton foreign policy which is so
1:54 am
dangerous. and i'm hearing people tell me they agree with that. i've been there algt times and i'm going to continue to go. but your point is a strong one. i'm just getting into this race and it's true. i haven't been the governor of ia for over a decade. so i have to win this on the strength of my experience, my yes credentials, what i've been and where i'm going. right now it seems to me the political circus is not about that. and that's all i care about. >> charles? >> new hampshire is the tenth pole of your campaign. you've told the richmond times dispatch the ground there. how well do you have to do in the new hampshire primary to come out of there alive and viable? >> that's a great political question. the the more important answer is will the ideas i have on the economy and the national security grab and will it give me enough attention so people like fox news and cnn and others
1:55 am
will begin to take seriously the message. if so i can gain momentum. >> i don't think you're getting a number. >> if you look at the 17 republican candidates there's not much diversity in terms of gender and race. what does that say to the american public about diversity in the republican party? >> when i was the governor julie, i got 20% of the african-american vote in my state as a conservative republican. and i did that because i care about the church burning issue and stood up as attorney general against people attacking african-american churches. i was strong where the traditional african-american universities. i made the martin luther king holiday its own exclusive holiday, and what i was really trying to do was to send a message of inclusiveness and to talk about bringing people together. to whole theme was a time for all virginians. i think we can do that nationally.
1:56 am
i think we can reach out and make the republican party broader. not on the basis of race agenda but on the basis of the ideas i'm putting forward. >> and i will point out the republican party has the same number of women and one more african-american in the field than the republican party. test
1:57 am
finally tonight, one late night host is suggesting a movie be made about this historic
1:58 am
election and is even casting it. >> first of all, newest republican candidate mike huckabee is going to be played by kevin spacey. former florida governor jeb bush will be played by a young willard scott. i'm looking forward to that. yeah. kentucky senator rand paul will be played by late '90s era justin timberlake. democratic candidate hillary clinton will be played by david spade. that makes sense. >> my staff did have a suggestion a casting suggestion for the newest candidate to enter the race, jim belushi. i said happy what
1:59 am
we've just learned about joe biden possibly jumping into the presidential race. and beyond the badge, what this officer did that will change one family forever. "fox and friends first" starts right now. . good morning. it is friday. thank you for watching "fox and friends first". >> thanks for waking up this early with us. a fox news alert. trouble times two. passengers traveling through one of the nation's busiest airports getting the scare when two airplanes experience emergencies on the runway. >> flames could be seen shooting from underneath the plane. jackie is here with the terrifying details. >> good morning, ladies. firefighters at dallas/ft. worth were busy with these problems happening within an hour of one another. the first issue on board an
2:00 am
american airlines jet. the plane was about to leave for chicago when smoke filled the cabin. passengers had to jump from the plane using those emergency slides. three people were hurt on their way down. the 141 travelers were eventually put on a new plane and they did make it to chicago but right around the same time another problem was unfolding this time on board a spirit airlines flight landing from orlando. >> how is that? >> if you look closely you can see the landing gear on fire near the gate. one passenger says the problem started with the hard landing and then she heard a loud grinding noise. >> all of a sudden the -- it got super loud the grinding got louder and there was two large pops and the entire left side of the plane dropped. >> no one on board the spirit plane was hurt.