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tv   Greta Investigates  FOX News  August 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> they have to tap in but not be angry themselves. >> correct. >> channel their anger but not be an angry person. >> have a positive view on the future. >> that's all the time we have on this sunday, august 2, 2015. thanks for watching everyone. m. good night from washington. they are the lone wolfs of they are the lone wolves of terror. >> you have packs of wolves but also individuals that hunt alone. >> radicalized and hell bent on murder. >> jumped out of the car and shot at him ten times. >> now charged with terror. in chattanooga, an american attacks the u.s. military. >> we heard boom, boom, boom. >> that suspect made his cowardly homicide intent clear. >> the debate rages.
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is it murder, violent extremism or terrorism? >> now from studio j at fox news headquarter, here is get at that. the threat of lone wolf terrorism is on everyone's mind. new and real threats against the u.s. military here at home, but this type of terrorism is not new. chief intelligent correspondent catherine harris looks inside the world of lone wolf attacks around the world. >> lone wolf, by and large, are individuals that are inspired idealogically but may not have a formal connection to a terrorist organization. >> frank saluppo is the director of the homeland security policy institute at george washington university. he has researched the very dangerous phenomenon of lone wolf terrorists. >> that's why these are some of the most difficult cases, because they're not necessarily going to come under terror surveillance, won't be interact
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intelligence, james clapper, spoke about the radicalization of lone wolf. >> the problem with us in intelligence is with the way people radicalize on their own or radicalize via social media, where they don't lead a signature, publicly they are now investigations in every one of the 50 states. and this is a real -- it's a real worry, a real concern for us the. >> the first time i remember really discussing lone wolf is with the unibomber, ted kaczynski. timothy mcveigh was one of the so-called first lone wolfs. the d.c. sniper, that is clearly a lone case. >> in 2002, the beltway sniper attack s terrorized the capital.
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>> i was working at the white house. it clearly had a significant psychological effect. >> this man john alan mohammad along with his accomplice shot 13 people in the d.c. area killing ten. the seat of the car actually lifts so that malvo or mahammed were able to crawl into the trunk and shoot without ever leaving the vehicle. >> really, he was idealogically motivated. >> mohammed wasn't a member of the terrorist organization, but he was motivated by his hay tret -- hatred for america. after the two were captured in october 2002, malveau testified it was extremist. >> it also connects,
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unfortunately, to very dark corners of the west. >> there are ominous clouds gathering in your horizon. >> anwar alamaki with his online sermon. >> america as a whole has turned into a nation of evil. >> one follower was this woman, rashawana, a 21-year-old british student from east london. in the uk, lone wolfs are sometimes referred to as nike terrorists, or just do it jihadi. on may 14th, 2010, choudry heeded the call. she tried to kill steven thames as he met with his constituents. these security camera images show chaudry just before the attack then taking out the knife before being tackled by a bodyguard. thames was wounded, but survived. >> this was a young woman who was inspired idealogically the internet and acted on her views.
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>> choudry wasn't the only individual who was inspired jn -- inspired online and acted as a lone wolf. >> obviously, at the top of the list is nadal hasan. >> nadal hasan at some point turned into a lone wolf. he sent the cleric 18 e-mails. at some point he turned to a lone wolf. he bought an fn-570 semi automatic pistol and a large amount of ammunition. on november 5th, 2009, he opened fire on ft. hood, killing 13 and wounding 30 others. >> nadal hasan was clearly idealogically motivated. it was active jihadist-based terrorism. >> now in the disciplinary barracks. he waits his i death sentence. the video may have played a role in the terror attack s
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in chattanooga, tennessee. >> there are still those motivated by the alaki poison that bounces around the the internet. >> everyone thought mohammed abdulazeez was the boy next door. >> there was a call put out for lone wolf attacks. >> they're playing a psychiatric logical war. we have to call them for what they are, rats. >> joining us, lieutenant current oliver north, catherine harris and frank salufo. director of homeland security. first to you, does isis have a standing order on the internet to kill? >> yes. they've done it by name in some cases where they've collected the names of these penetrations of the internet. they've actually named the families of members of certain units down in norfolk, virginia, and eggland air force base. look, it's not just a lone wolf problem.
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these are solo jihadis. for whatever reason, the administration can't call them radical islamists. they should, but they don't. the reality is orders have been issued to kill american policemen, military personnel and their dependents and that's what we're seeing happen. >> i was going to say, one of the key things we're seeing now with the standing order is that it's up to the discretion of the operatives with the time, place and method of attack when they think they're going to have the best method of success. that means no phone call, no texting today is the day and that's what made disrupting these plots so difficult for the fbi. >> it seems to me you had the direct order, that's one thing. but we had the far more devastating or sneakier thing, the inspiration. >> sure. >> that's dangerous. >> the single common denominator of all these cases is the ideology.
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it's the jihadi of the ideology we are seeing more do it yourself jihad. so they're putting out, in essence, the objective and then it's up to others to figure out how to achieve that objective. and i think colonel north touched on something that's important. before you can get to a prognosis, you have to diagnose it correctly. and the reality is we are dealing with a threat in this country and we have to acknowledge that and start handling it. >> so how do we stop it? are we all going to sit and comb the internet? the fbi spends a lot of time on the internet. >> there's a lot of things you can do in terms of force protection that we're not doing. you have to decapitate the snake. the reality is that young people have been motivated, some not so young, some a bit older to join this effort because of the success that isis has enjoyed and before that it was al qaeda. it doesn't matter what they call themselves. they can call themselves al shabab, abu shaieff. it's the ideology that motivates people to do it and furthermore, the successes of that.
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if you want to stop the problem right away, decapitate it. no safe havens for any of them. >> what i hear particularly from law enforcement is they see something a fundamental revolution going on on the internet. this generation that's grown up with social networking and social media is able to establish a contact online that is really intimate, helps them get over there threshold to violence. pre9/11 you had one on one contact and mentoring thing. that's gone. when you look at the majority of cases, it's not an accident that the average age of the suspect is 24 years old. this is the target generation that has grown up in this digital jihad. >> so it's the internet? >> the internet plays a significant role in spreading the propaganda, but for trade craft purposes. >> the difference in al qaeda a
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few years ago and isis today is the means they're using to facilitate this information. think of al qaeda as blair witch project, think of isis has hollywood, as xbox. it's rapid and it moves fast and we have to do more to push back. >> if there's one final idea, what you hear from the fbi is that a decade ago, it would sometimes take a year, 18 months for someone to do the flash to bang, getting radicalized and committing an act of violence. now what you hear from fbi director comey is that the flash to bang can be a matter of weeks or even days. coming up next, the attack on our military in chattanooga. it shocked the nation. who was mohammed abdulazeez and could he have been stopped? mohammed
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four marines and one navy s.e.a.l. are gunned down in chattanooga by a lone wolf terrorists. surprising information about the shooter. >> reporter: the silver convertible mustang and he was just unloading some type of large rifle. >> then we heard boom, boom, boom. >> i saw people from all the businesses around here running toward the national guard facility. lots of noise. lots of cars going every direction. >> put another set of ten or 20 in the window. he backed up, took off and came around here. >> i know he had saw me and i didn't want to get hit, so i pulled off. >> it was another terrorist attack on american soil. july 16th in chattanooga, tennessee. the killer was this man, 24-year-old mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. he had been living in this area.
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river city since he was 6 years old. >> what kind of kid was he? how did you know? >> he was a nice kid growing up and he never caused any trouble in the neighborhood. >> mohammad, like any american boy growing up in tennessee, he often referred to himself as the arabian redneck. >> we used to ride go carts and play xbox. all the kids in the neighborhood use to hang out. >> it was really a nice family. i was really surprised that anything would happen. we knew the mom and dad real well. >> but there were problems in the abdulazeez household. in february 2009, mohammad's mother filed for divorce from her husband citing verbal and physical abuse. she later withdrew the complain after the elder abdulazeez agreed to counseling. he had been under investigation for terrorist ties and had been on a terrorist watch list.
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in the seemingly normal american college grad with an engineering degree from tennessee began to change. mohammad's diary show in 2013 he was thinking about islamic martyrdom as early as 2013. >> the investigation is ongoing, so we'll find out more information as that. the uncle in jordan has been detained and is being questioned. >> friends who didn't want to appear on camera told me while he hated isis, he began change after his trip. he learned more about his palestinian background and was enlightened about who he was and where he came from. >> this is something that he sort of evolved into, sort of a radical, radicalized some way. >> mohammad was watching online videos of the deceased american born cleric anwar alwaki.
5:17 pm
>> we'll look at every possible aspect to include his use of social media. we want to know what his thoughts were and/or who else he was associated with at the time. >> reports indicate that his conversion to radical islam was accompanied by heavy drug and alcohol abuse, including a dui arrest in april of this year. at the same time, he was practicing his gun skills at this gun range in the hills of chattanooga. >> he came here with his friends to shoot guns on multiple occasions and perhaps the reason was because unlike the gun clubs outside of chattanooga, many of whom only allow handguns, here you can fire a long rifle. on july 16th, the skills he learned there were put to use. that day, mohammad first drove to the armed forces career center and began shooting. fred fletcher, chattanooga police chief, spoke of the response. >> when the call came out of a gunman, police officers immediately responded.
5:18 pm
>> mohammad drove seven miles to the navy and marine corps reserve center. chattanooga police officers immediately began following and chasing that vehicle between the first and second location. >> at the reserve center, 20 uniformed personnel were on duty and those working weren't authorized to carry weapons. a heavily armed mohammad opened fire. >> eventually, officers he encountered the suspect at the second location. they engaged that suspect aggressively. >> he killed four at that location. a fifth victim, petty officer smith died two days later. the terrorist was shot by law enforcement on the scene. >> it's crazy to hear it in your home town. you never hear about it in your hometown, but someone you went
5:19 pm
to school with. we're all pretty shocked. >> chattanooga and the entire nation mourned the fall. >> they're here to recruit and help make our army, navy, marine corps, national guard stronger. they take a loss and it's unfortunate they have to take it on their own soil. >> i certainly believe all military installations around this country need to be armed. so it doesn't happen again. >> i'm at a loss for words. why would you hurt your own protectors? >> those service men and women also grieved. >> when you're in the military, sometimes it does feel like the rest of the nation is not behind you. not only is our community strong, but people respect what we do. >> so is the shooter abdulazeez a terrorist, an extremist or just deranged? our panel is here next. zreechli zreechli just deranged. do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief.
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the attack in chattanooga killing five members of our military. how could this vicious attack take place on our soil and against our military? i'm back with the panel. frank, can you listen to the description, everyone says he's a nice kid, he's a neighbor. then he goes out and kills five of our military, guns them down. >> clearly, he's a terrorist. and at the end of the day, one of the things we do want to be able to get more information on, given it's an ongoing investigation, is whether or not he was further radicalized when he traveled overseas. this was still -- this is still one of those unanswered questions. the tsarnaev
5:24 pm
brothers, as well, at least the older brother when he went to travel in chechnya. we have americans who have traveled or attempted to travel to be alongside isis in syria. at some point, they come home. europe is finding this is obviously a major security risk and we need to be concerned. >> catherine, he was sort of a, quote, normal kid. he was a nice kid in the neighborhood and he has parents who have domestic troubles, but lots of young people have that problem, some parents that are divorced. something happened. >> let's be clear on who the victim was in this. the victims were the five service members not abdulazeez. he was reading and viewing the sermons of the american cleric anwar al awaki online. there are two groups from my experience that look at videos. fbi investigators who are trying to find terrorists and terrorists view those videos, okay? what we heard from some members
5:25 pm
of law enforcement was that they were trying to understand why he was viewing the videos. they should not be disconnecting the dots here. >> everybody knows from the world they're unarmed in the united states. now we've made them sitting ducks. >> let me make an important point going back to what katherine and frank have said. there's two ways to stop an attack. the fear it's about to be conducted and number two, hardened enough. there's been bad things said about the obama administration, what they failed to do. let me read to you dod directive. dated 1 april, 2011. important point. 15 pages long. qualified personnel shall be
5:26 pm
armed when required for assigned duties and reasonable expectation dod property or personnel, lives, dod assets will be jeopardized if personnel are not armed. further, overriding factors determining whether or not to arm them is mission and threat. here's what that means in short form. commanders, you will protect your troops. when my wife and children were targeted for assassination, department of defense picked us up, moved us to military insulation. every single military insulation today and guy in uniform is a threat. why commanders are not ordering -- >> why aren't they? katherine reported how military have been threatened on the internet. we know they're threatened here. >> indeed. it's guys wearing blue and green suits to work with stars on their shoulders, that's where it
5:27 pm
should begin. >> one thing i'd like to add, when you look at t this issue with the military, people say we don't understand abdulazeez and his motives. he went to the center and sprayed it. he could have continued spraying along the strip mall. he stopped and drove across town to a second military target. >> seven miles away. >> that's right. this takes premeditation, a mission. this was not an accident. to suggest it's not understood what his goal was and his target i think is really disingenuous. >> can i pick up on that? isis' spokesperson put out an actual message thou shall attack military personnel and law enforcement. one thing we've seen is not only
5:28 pm
they use social media but using it to counter intelligence on the good guys. >> why this kid? he's the guy you grew up with, have been a neighborhood barbecue and the next day something so different. why was this kid radicalized? >> a lot of unknowns. there's no single path to radicalization from concept to actually acting on that other than ideology. once he's viewing videos regularly, that should have been enough to raise flags. >> being able to predict the next attack -- >> and there will be another attack -- is almost impossible. it's great to build a profile, 24 years old, probably engineer or math student. the reality is there will be more attacks. the smart thing to do is protect the people that are targets. we know targets are people
5:29 pm
wearing uniforms. take them in and put them away. >> we talk a lot about isis. a quarter of cases are connected to this american cleric alwaki. fbi had him and let him go. think how history would have been different in chattanooga, tennessee and fort hood in texas. >> more coming up on lone wolves in america. you'll hear about one man's cross county trail of terror that cost four innocent people their lives. stay with us. stay w school starts tomorrow, and they're not ready. with staples they'll be 110% ready. notebook, folders, glue sticks. 25¢, 15, 50¢. aw, now i'm not sure if i'm ready for them to go back. i'm so ready. make low prices happen. make 110% ready happen. staples. make more happen. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues.
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fire north of san francisco. it scorched 71 square miles so far and shows no signs of slowing down. more than two kdozen homes and destroyed and 5,000 threatened. first two days of august seeing 11 shootings, two fatal. seven were shot in one incident today. baltimore's act i have police commissioner believes it was retaliatory act of violence this was the most killings in a month since 1972. now back to get at that investigates here on fox. van s. more news all night long. welcome welcome back to "lone wolves, enemies among us." four young men murdered by an american-born self-claimed
5:34 pm
jihadist. now the accused killer charged with terrorism. in the early morning hours of june 26, 2014, the body of a 19-year-old livingston, new jersey resident was found shot to death in the family's jeep. the suv had been abandoned here at the apartment complex in west orange, new jersey. home for the summer after his freshman we're at the university of richmond in virginia, the popular student and lacrosse player had been shot eight times. >> when his body was found, it was collapsed into the floor of the passenger seat. >> pulitzer prize nominee is a reporter for the star ledger newspaper. >> this is shocking in its location to many people. >> it was on the athletic field where he attended high school
5:35 pm
that i met up with his grieves parents. he had spent the evening at a friend's house that faithful night and texted his mother he was on his way home. >> what time did you get the text? is. >> 11:32. >> four hours later, the police knocked on the front door. >> i just could see on his i face when -- i think i grabbed him and said, oh no. no, this not brandon. he said yes, brandon. he was murdered. >> the murder of brendan had police baffled. what no one knew is a self-proclaimed armed jihadist had taken refuge in the wooded area. living in two makeshift camps in nearby crest ridge apartments was brown. brown is a convicted sex offender with direct ties to a
5:36 pm
terror camp and radical islamists in the pacific northwest. no one knows how but june 29th he made his way to point pleasant beach, 60 miles west of orange. >> he attempted to carjack a man outside the coffee shop. he pulled the guy out of the car at gunpoint, jumped in the car and realized he couldn't drive a stick shift. >> brown was later caught on a security camera where he left behind a bag in the men's room with a .9 millimeter cartridge and fingerprints. he made his way back to the apartments to rob a man. >> police began to search that ridge up there and apprehended him. >> brown made a stunning confession. he said he picked brendan at random at this intersection as he waited at the traffic light. brown pulled up behind him in the car with two other men. >> brown jumped out of the car, went to the passenger side and simply opened fire on him and
5:37 pm
shot at him ten times and hit him eight times. >> brown described himself as a devout muslim and said it was a quote a just kill, unquote as a pay back. >> authorities arrest brown and two accomplices. 19-year-old jeremy and 18-year-old eric williams for the murder of tevlon. the two younger men charges were dropped. brown is charged for murder and is a host of other offenses. when authorities took a closer look at brown's background, they realized they had seen just the tip of the iceberg. ballistics testing linked his .9 millimeter handgun to three homicides committed on the other side of the country in seattle, washington. on the night of april 27, 2014, 30-year-old leroy henderson
5:38 pm
walked home in seattle when he was murdered by ten bullets. one month later, early june 1st, two men were murdered in the neighborhood. >> terrorism came to my front door and took my son. >> anderson young's mother and grandmother shelly shared memories of the young man. >> she was the son that everybody wanted to have. he didn't wait for opportunities to come to him. he created his own opportunities. >> as he grew into his own, he was struggling with his sexuality. he came out at 14 and told me that he was gay. >> on the night of may 31, 2014, his friend, a 27-year-old somali american offered him a ride home from the nightclub. he also offered a ride to another man who according to reports he had met on a website.
5:39 pm
that man was brown. >> they got in the car, and that's the last they saw of them alive. >> these charging documents state brown pulled out his .9 millimeter handgun and executed duan and the other man inside the vehicle. >> he is a terrorist. he was going to kill him that night. i don't know if it was because he had a muslim name, he was gay, i don't know. duan was a bonus kill. >> was brown radicalized in a seattle barbershop? stay tuned. ♪ [music] defiance is in our bones.
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to take care of my heart.s that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar. our team digs deeper in brown's past in seattle. we found even more crimes authorities say he committed. take a look. brown left a trail of depraved crime and violence. court documents show he was charged with child rape before pleading guilty to three lesser counts of perpetration of minors for immoral purposes. >> this 2004 with with brown, we were looking at fundraising for
5:44 pm
overseas support for terrorism. >> at the center of the investigation was this 20 by 20 foot barbershop. brown hung out there during his teen years during the owner, notorious convicted drug dealer. >> he was a prison convert to islam. reuben was attempting to indoctrinate youth in the area and do radical formers of islam. >> i had a piece of that investigation that involved the mosque. they were attend the mosque. the heman we surveyed him going over. >> he was feet from the barbershop. >> in 2004 after the two and a half year investigation, the barbersh barbershop was raided.
5:45 pm
>> among those arrested was brown, his two brothers and another coconspirator on the football institution fraud. >> at the time of the raid, he was already in jail for soughting the osoughassault. >> they were convicted of fraudulently depositing checks in accounts, withdrawing and spending the money basically. >> brown's older brother claimed the money was to help our muslim brothers and sisters in the cause because you can't go to war broke. brown was sentenced to two years. >> the fbi was unable at to prove any of the monies were sent overseas in a material support of terrorism. >> in november 2006, the seattle fbi received a phone call from war torn somalia. it was fugitive william shumpter from the barbershop.
5:46 pm
>> it was a taunting type of phone call that your efforts fail ad failed. >> two years later, william was dead. >> william died in somalia in a missile attack directed by united states forces in a villa he was living. >> brown served 84 days of his two year bank fraud sentence stemming from the valley roundup. in 1999, then 15-year-old brown may have tried to attend one of the earliest training camps on american soil in bly, oregon. >> it was the original inspiration of the converts that we started to investigate around 1998-1999 with the james ojama
5:47 pm
case. >> seattle entrepreneur and radical cleric. he was convicted may 2014 and sentenced to life in prison. >> today they are led by the jews. >> james' inspiration came not from video but he actually went to the mosque and was tutored by him in the ways of violent jihad and attempted to bring that back, that original group of converts, some of whom stayed on and worked with the crescent cuts case. they tried to set up that ranch. >> i believe brown at some point travelled to bly, oregon prior to his arrest for the financial institution. >> they went down there and shot some weapons at the ranch.
5:48 pm
again, like a lot of things james did, there wasn't a big follow-through plan. okay, we got the ranch. now what? >> over time james came to the realization that maybe this wasn't a good thing to pursue and came to assist the government in prosecution of of individuals in new york. >> brown sits in a jail cell in new jersey waiting trial on terrorism charges, as well as murder, carjacking, robbery, multiple weapon offenses. is he a lone wolf terrorist or serial killer using islam as an excuse? >> coming up, we ask the panel, can you stop lone wolf terrorists like brown and the shooter in chattanooga? get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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we're back with the panel. frank, bre we're back with the panel. frank, brendan tellen, who was murdered by ali mohammed brown, brown was charged with terrorism. that's big. that's different, isn't it? >> that is big and quite honestly, your reporting may have done, may have played a significant role in getting people to open their eyes in terms of kegting these dots. so, i think it's significant. at the end of the day, hopefully, he gets the death penalty regardless of the crime. it's important because it was an act of terrorism. hopefully this, when others are looking to that sort of activity, it should serve as a deterrent. >> the awful thing is we don't even know it's terrorism until we have a string of homicides. >> preemption is the most important thing you could do in this case. it's very, very difficult to do,
5:53 pm
particularly when you've got as both catherine and frank have pointed out, ways of convincing young people to join this movement when you can't even name the movement. >> what is with them? radical islam -- you and i know what it is. it's like pornography. i know it when i see it. this is terrorism. radical islamic terrorism. they can't say the name at the white house. >> based on report, what i see is a growing gap, daylight, between the fbi and white house. the fbi director has been very up front, very public speaking to reporters on the record about the nature of the threat and the fact that he cannot stop it. but my understanding is is that it really come frs the white house and i believe the president himself not wanting members of his administration to use the term, radical islam. the fbi director is in a slightly different position. because he's looking at another eight years. >> it's hard to defeat something
5:54 pm
if you can't even identify it and if you can't look at what the appropriate tools are to address it. so, to give you a sense of scope, there have been 60 cases this year. that is a higher up tempo than we've had at any time since 9/11. in the united states. these are home grown cases that, in terms of plots in the u.s. or american attempting to travel overseas to join up with isis and other foreign terrorists organizations. this is significant. these are big numbers. these aren't ones and twos anymore. we've got to address it and there are three ways to look at it on the internet, too, and this is something maybe your viewer ks play a role. everyone can play a role in terms of isling and flagging this material, bringing it to the authorities to start taking it down. so, you can collect the information, which we need to be able to do. you can shut some of it down. we have to move in that
5:55 pm
direction, or we can push back. i'm a bit in all three. but think of negative political campaigning. we've got to be able to expose the hypocrisies, the lies and the, and attack the enemy. >> and you've got to be able to decapitate the visible leaders of these organizations. al baghdady is clearly that leader today. if he's goerngs it makes it more difficult to find a successor, but it -- two, harden the target. they don't go after easy targets. don't go after hard targets. harden the target. protect those who are targeted. wee not doing it. >> when frank talks about the 60 this year, i imagine if we put this up against last year, the graph is going up. how is that being received at the fbi? at the white house, these numbers are groeg. >> based on our reporting, there's been a very significant shift since ft. hood.
5:56 pm
beginning if 2009, you start to see increasing examples of the targeting of the military and the next logical step, with isis, military and law enforcement as frank indicated. there's a real sense of unease that they cannot prevent these types of attacks. it was just three years ago we averaged a case about three or four weeks. that number has doubled and that is really significant. >> but if we're calling it workplace violence, and i think that was sort of the word bandied around for a while at ft. hood, you really are not facing your enemy and i think that's what that is. >> calling ft. hood workplace violence was clearly an error. this was this year. >> an error was in how they were thinking. big difference. >> i believe they were trying to package it as workplace viole e violence, but the reporting here showed there were direct connections between the shoot r and yemen and in the end, congress acted and the victims and their families at ft. hood,
5:57 pm
as well as those at the arkansas recruitment center shooting earlier in 2009, which was treated -- >> terrorism. >> got the purple heart. thank you and thank you for joining us. keep watching fox news channel. good night. it feels when you book the perfect family vacation on but i think he's kinda nailing it. (music) they don't need me right now. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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