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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 3, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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brotherly love doesn't extend to robots. the experiment is not over and they'll release more details to see if the robot can make it across the country in one piece. >> no chance that nascar car hit it is there? >> possible ran right over it. >> see you tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. on bill: a fox news alert. donald trump surging in a poll three day before the big presidential debate. good morning. hope you had a good weekend. martha has some time out. >> reporter: trump is in first place with 19%. walker 15% governor bush 14%.
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>> i'm not a debater. the politicians are debaters. i do a lot of things and maybe my whole life is a debate. but the fact is, i'm not a debater and they are. but i look forward to it. we'll see what happens. who knows. >> reporter: how is trump positioning himself at this point? >> reporter: he does seem to be setting expectations somewhat low. some say it's a newer donald trump as he talks about his lack of debate experience. what is yet to be seen is that's a positive. he's said to have attacked
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fellow republicans. >> they attacked me first and i hit back maybe harder than they hit me. >> reporter: a number of candidate caught in the packer. >> not able to make the debate, that first-tier debate are trying to explain how they will stand out or even why making the top ten doesn't matter. >> how you do in new hampshire and south carolina will have more to do with who make it on the 15th. >> reporter: trump won't be there stealing the spotlight that we have seen. >> reporter: there is lots of buzz about another big headline. what about the possibility of vice president joe biden jumping into the race?
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>> reporter: we have seen more and more smoke signals of important people joining the pack draft biden. this latest round started reporting by ed henry. they were seen the a private lunch last week in d.c. team biden has done nothing to quell the rumors. even though we are all talking about election 2016, it's important to keep in mind iowa is 5 months away. bill: you will hear from all the candidates thursday. a thin margin separates chris christie. later this hour governor rick perry's turn, 9:40 a.m.
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and we team up with facebook at 5:00 eastern time submit your questions going to president obama set to unveil stiffer power plant emissions regulations. some states threatening not to comply. joining me now from the north lawn press secretary josh earnest. 32% cut in carbon emissions by 2030. what is the effect of this new rule? >> this is the most substantial
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step the united states has taken to affect climate change. we want to work the industry to make sure we are fighting the causes of climate change in a way that protects the health of the american public and lowers costs for consumers. but ultimately we are asking them to make a significant commitment. for to go long washington, d.c. politicians have been put off confronting directly the most significant causes of carbon pollution and climate change. >> the critics argue there will be a lot of jobs. they argue the effect is against the economy and not against the environment. >> i would say we are giving states an incentive to invest in clean energy. if we do that, that will make
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our economy stronger and create jobs in the clean energy sector and it will save consumers when they are paying their utility bill. the cleanest kinds of energy bill energy we don't have to use. if we can invest in solar and wind power we can create jobs and make it more affordable for consumer when they are paying their month live utilities. bill: how effective can this be if russia and other emerging markets are not doing the same thing? >> it can be helpful but we'll need to seether countries come along. we can leverage our influence around the world convince other countries to take similar steps. china has been a terrible flute early. but when the president travels to china back in november the president was willing to link up steps that we are taking this
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country with steps china has taken. bill: you are right about that, a terrible fluter. can you trust them? >> what we are seeking to do is by the end of this year at climate negotiations in the paris is to get countries all around the world to make significant commitments. when the president hosted the president of brazil. they committed to substantial steps that would reduce carbon pollution in brazil as well. bill: the proof this their reactions and that's yet to come. governor mike pence says he will ignore the regulations. >> that would be irresponsible and wouldn't be in the best interests of the people of indiana. we are making sure we are working hands in hands with
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states to take this important stem. this sets a target so states can device their own plan. they don't have to start implementing this plan until 2022. but ultimately we want to see results. and by 2030, we want to reduce carbon pollution by 32%. if we can do that. we can strike a blow againstate change and make the investments for tour economy and good for public health. joe biden will make up his own mind. he indicate he's thinking about it. in 2008 when president obama then senator obama shows
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somebody with a long career fighting for the middle class. when he served in the senate he established relationships around the globe that have been useful. he has used those skills and experience to advance our interests. he's against an historically good vice president. bill: you said he's thinking about it. >> he said he's thinking about it. bill: would the president like to see that? would he support that? >> the president wants democratic voters to decide. the president believes a spirited contest would in the best interests of our party and country. but ultimately they will be best served by candidates deciding for themselves to decide to run for president. there is still able time for
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them to make that decision. joe biden has earned that right to make that decision. >> reporter: we are just a few days away from the first republican national debate. governor chris is i is here live. he will tell us the importance of this first faceoff and the trump factor. bill: hillary clinton under fire accused of double dipping and taking tax dollars to do it. >> reporter: a summer storm turns deadly in chicago. lightning and hail sending people scrambling for shelter. then the strong winds blowing that shelter away. >> the tent blew off in the sky and somebody was on the floor and you shared the screaming and
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uma: a festival turned tragic in the chicago area when a tent collapsed sunday. one man was killed and 17 people were reportedly injured when authorities say a storm blew that storm over. at the time it was lightning and hail coming down so people were looking for shelter. witnesses describe a horrifying scene. >> everybody was on the floor and you heard screaming and
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crying. and i fell on the floor, and my friend's harm was cut her name was jacqueline. i was trying to get cops to come over by her. uma: wind gusts were reportedly up to 50 minneapolis when d50 miles per hour when the collapse happened. bill: recent polling showing donald trump leading in the the pack scott walker second and jeb bush in third. what's happening governor? i know you have been in iowaen in new hampshire. what do you think? >> i'll be there thursday night. bill: do it really matter?
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>> i think to be there on the stage thursday night is an important first step and we'll be happy to be there. bill: you said anyone can do well in this business for a month. you were talking about donald trump. what's going going on with him. he's obviously a bright guy who has been successful. i like him a lot personally. but no one can determine success or failure a month into this race. so let's just -- everybody take a deep breath. no one is voting for 7 months. bill: he's got talent and personality. >> that's not a newsflash. he has been successful because of the businesses he made and
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because he's a guy who knows how to go on this medium and do well. way was saying is not that he can't, but someone new to the business like he is, anybody can do well for a short period of time. it's a test for a long period of time how do you do. a blue state in the toughest media market. i'm getting ready to be myself thursday night. in a debate of 10 people you can't pick one person you want to square up against. so what you have to do is get yourself ready for the message you want to deliver to the american people. a strong america around the
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world who has a commander-in-chief who wants to fight terrorism. bill: you just heard an interview are josh earnest. is this something you would support. >> i have gone on record opposing it. last year the obama registration is the greatest regulating administration in the history of the united states and it can kill american business and jobs. this is the worst recovery from a recession since world war ii. bill: planned parenthood the senate will vote today. what should happen here? >> i voted six years ago to veto funding for planned plairnthood. -- parenthood.
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they get to discuss things and vote on things, governors actually have to do something. there has been no public planned parenthood funding in new jersey the last six years because of actions i have taken. bill: does anything change? >> i don't think it does. i don't know how you can continue to fund a group that's sitting and openly discussion the best method to kill babies to increase their profit by selling body parts. it's extraordinary to me and disgusting. bill: we are asking our viewers on facebook. and they are talking. what do you believe will be the greatest national security threat to the country in the next four years? >> the president of iran is lie
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together american people. people can wait 24 days before we get to see if they are cheating in a particular spot. i'm end old prosecutor. going to the house saying i have got this search warrant i'll be back in 24 days? even the dumbest criminal in new jersey would get the evidence out of there and the iranians are not dumb. it's a threat to israel and the united states. bill require's iran, not isis. >> iran is the biggest long-term threat to the united states and to world peace and stability. bill: we'll have a lot more to talk about thursday. governor chris christie. i have got a cold so i'm trying to keep the germs to a minimum. we are live in cleveland. start at 5:00 eastern. we want you to be part of it.
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bill: police in new mexico investigating two explosions rocking two churches. the first was a device in a mailbox, the second in a parking lot two blocks away. investigators say the two cases are possibly linked. >> we'll look at them to see if they are connected. bill: there was minimal damage to the churches. police are asking for the other churches in the area to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. uma: a man opportunity in memphis after someone shoots and kills a police officer during a traffic stop. the suspect is a 29-year-old convicted bank robber tremain
6:26 am
willwillburn and he's still on the loose. >> reporter: police say was on supervised release after serving a federal prison sentence. he was reportedly a passenger in the car that officer bolton was investigating. but a citizen used the fallen officer's radio to call for help. >> please, please hurry up. police [inaudible] he's shot. >> reporter: the driver of the car turned himself in to authorities and helped police identify the suspect in the shooting. uma: what do we know about that fallen officer?
6:27 am
>> reporter: a horrible waste of a life. the 33-year-old was a father and former marine. they say he gave his extra money to charity. the police force is taking his death very hard. >> there is a theme do black lives matter. at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves do all lives matter no matter race, creed or profession all lives matter. this is a reminder of how dangerous this job is. >> reporter: bolton is the third memphis police officer to be killed in the line of duty in just over four years. >> thank you very much. bill: and watchdog report find one of hillary clinton's top aides took too much of your
6:28 am
taxpayer dollars. uma: nearly two dozen wildfires raging through california forcing thousands from their homes. >> me lost two dogs and my grandparents home is gone. everything around my parents' home is gone.
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bill: evacuations in california. firefighters battle nearly 20 wildfires in that state. the biggest one near if san francisco. two dozen homes already burned to the ground. california's governor declaring a state of emergency. a fire spokesman said it's jaw dropping see the things the fire has done so far. keep an eye on that.
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uma: hillary clinton's campaign under fire under allegations a top aide was overpaid by about $10,000. senator charles grassley of iowa has been asking for more information about another investigation looking into it. there are concerns that government rules were routinely bent to benefit mrs. clinton and her aides. you send the letters say the inspector general found quote a reasonable suspicion of a violation of use of public money and a conflict of interest with overlapping employment when she was working with the clinton foundation. >> i'm glad you stated those two
6:33 am
specific questions that we have. this is really a broader issue as far as i'm concerned. whether the state department that is making use after special program for the government to call on people outside of the government to maybe work for the government part time or full time and still in this case be in a business of their own. is this program operating the way it was intended to work and oversight of the program of. this is one example of concerns we have about this program and we won't know whether laws have been violated until the investigation are over. if the investigations are over right now then it seems like the state department ought to be able to resphonld sponld to our questions that we have. they speak about inaccuracy in my letters to them. if there is inaccurate information that i have, they can help us clear that up. we are willing to be corrected.
6:34 am
but right now the whole idea toys oversee this program to make sure it's off rating according to law according to intent and it's not being misused and maybe this is one example where it has been misused. uma: you say lots of her communications were sent blue mrs. clinton's private server. >> we get a lot of information from whistle blowers and it seems like it has credibility. when we are raising questions about how the private email is hand you get back to was that the right thing to do in the first place and that involves a bigger issue a lot of other members of congress are involved in whether a private server ought to be the right thing not only for relationships miss
6:35 am
abedeen and mrs. clinton and whether classified information was in those emails as well. that's another investigation i'm looking into. uma: she is contesting these allegations and has formally looked for a review of the situation. she denied any wrongdoings. she says from her attorney that her attorney saying she is widely known as one of the hardest working people in all of washington during the nearly two decades she was in public service. the central charge ways she owed back pay for work while on leave. it simply does not add up. see your reaction to that, sir?
6:36 am
>> my reaction is this is something that, be worked out. we need to get through this. these are the questions we are asking. and we are just trying to get the basis of fact. but we are a country based upon law. nobody questions whether she works hard or doesn't work hard. that's not the issue of. the issue is whether this program she is part of and not just her by herself but the entire program is it work the way congress intended it to work? >> how do you answer congress saying republicans are using this oversight rule to hurt mrs. clinton politically. >> i think over a long period of time my reputation for the 30 years i have been in the united states senate is i'm have much take my constitutional responsibilities of oversight of the executive branch and that go to the covers institution at role of the executive branch to faithfully execute the laws,
6:37 am
spend money according to congressional intent, i have got a reputation whether they are republican or democrats of being an equal sphunlts overseer. -- even equal opportunity overseer. bill: a driver plowfg into his own pit crew. he was pulling in for a pit stop at the poconos raceway in pennsylvania. two men were hit neither was injured. not bad when you have see that.
6:38 am
uma: another scare in the air at jfk. the faa investigating another drone sighting prompting security concerns. bill: the former texas governor promises to continue his campaign and more. >> as a lot of people recognize this is not a one-shot pony here.
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6:42 am
last year. bill: republican presidential contenders face off for the first presidential debate. out of 17 contenders only 10 make the prime time cut. according to recent polling averages he's fighting for that last spot right around 11th place. governor welcome back to america's newsroom. you are right on the cut line. how important is that for you? >> obviously being at the top 10 would be a good place to be. but this is a long game for us. we have been at this for a long time now. that's where this game is going to be decided. debates are important. i don't get confused about that. but one debate won't make or
6:43 am
break a candidate. our intention is to be on that stage and lay out that record of economic success in texas. what we have done on the border in border security. it's a show me elect and i think people will be looking for an executive that has result that are good economically and somebody who will stand up on the foreign policy side and security side that has the background of doing it. bill: what you are saying at this point is it does not matter to you whether it's top 10 or not. >> i won't say it doesn't matter. but in the long haul it doesn't make that big a difference. this is about who's going to be showing in iowa, who is going to come into new hampshire. who is going to win south carolina. as we know that's where the real trajectory curves. it's not just on a debate.
6:44 am
bill: you were going back and with donald trump for some time. this is a challenge you laid down. watch. >> let's get a pull-up bar out there and see who can do pull-ups. bill: that would be must-see tv. >> this was my response to what i considered to be not particularly high level consideration with mr. trump at that particular point in time. he was making fun of my glasses. i don't know what he was making fun of. it was an aside. let's take it down to the playground-type rhetoric. people are interested in who is going to secure the border. who has got the real background and record for doing something like securing our border. who is going to sit in the oval office and make the decisions that matter. that job creation, the border
6:45 am
security record is unparalleled with anybody sitting on the stage. bill: back to trump for a moment. the "wall street journal" comes out with a poll that shows him in first place. what do you think is going on with him and his candidacy. >> i think celebrity is a big drive for anybody that's putting themselves up for political office. one of the things i try to remind folks that you have got to remember back in '07 the entirety of '07 rudy giuliani, the mayor a celebrity in his own right. he and fred thompson. i think as americans focus in on what are the characteristics. what do these people believe in. when they get a chance to look at mr. trumps record and see
6:46 am
this guys for single pair healthcare they will see reality tv was interesting. but single-pair healthcare not for us. bill: we have been asking our viewers to send us questions, and man did they send us questions. would i like to know your position on illegal immigration and how you will deal with the illegals already here when you are president. >> i said, listen, that's the place that i don't think americans want to go at this particular point in time. they want to see the borders secure. all way back to ronald reagan we saw this conversation that was had that we would allow these people to come into this country and give them amnesty and we'll secure the border. now we are 30 years away from that and we still haven't secured the border. you put the personnel on that boredder in the right places. you have the strategic fencing in place.
6:47 am
you put aviation assets in place 24/7 looking down, analyzing everything going none that border. when you see activities that are clearly illegal or suspicious. if that particular point in time you can secure the border, then we have have a conversation with the american people and congress about how to deal with it. bill: it's security first. i did not hear you say you would build a wall. >> it's about border security. i go back to the ebb tire wall issue. you can build a virtual wall. but to build a wall i think some people are talking about how much time is it going to take? how much will it cost? bill: the senate may take up a vote into defunding planned parenthood. what should happen here?
6:48 am
>> just like in the state of the texas, i think you can defund planned parenthood. we did that in the state of texas. we saw this organization that was clear live outside the lines of anything the people of the state of the texas were going to support. we defunded them. washington needs to do the same thing. anyone who has seen these video ofs whether you are democrat or republican you out to be totally offend by that. defund them and send a clear message. bill: the president will propose a rule that will put strident limits on power plant emissions. is this something you support? >> the president is going to destroy people in this country economically if he continues down this path of taking our american energy away from us. we need to have -- we need a north american energy strategy with canada, the united states and mexico.
6:49 am
open up the xl pipeline. the idea that this president is limiting our ability to make america secure is putting not only tour economy in jeopardy by think our literal security is going to be put in jeopardy if this president puts these times of regulations in place. one of the first things that needs to happen is a president uses his executive authority to wipe out all the stuff this president is doing. bill: wipe out? >> wipe out. bill: governor perry thank you. >> bring the white-out. bill: thursday in cleveland fox news and facebook bringing the first presidential debate. it starts at 5:00. submit your questions at and tell us what you want to hear from the candidates. uma: another drone coming too close for comfort.
6:50 am
and another airline at one of the busiest airports. how is the faa responding. bill: why do some children tend to be picky eaters? it has nothing to do with what's on the plate. when i went on to ancestry i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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bill: the glorious struggle parent and child getting your kid to eat right. researchers say most times picky eating is harmless. but a small percentage of children selective about their food could later show sierns of
6:54 am
anxiety or depression. i can think of anxiety for a lot more things than carrots and peas. uma: another pilot reporting a drone sighting while landing at new york's jfk airport. this is the third sighting in the past few days near the busy airport. rick leaven this standing by there. >> reporter: a source with the port authority police say these drones have become a nuisance and serious safety and security risk. the most recent incident was sunday at 6:00 p.m. a pilot on shuttle america from rich monld top jfk reported a drone on the left side of the aircraft. friday there were two incidents
6:55 am
including delta flight on approach from orlando. its pilot spot an unmanned aircraft 100 feet away. the faa is getting 25 reports a month from pilots who say drones are flying in restricted air space or too close to airports and 200 reports of drones crashing near the airplanes. uma: senator schumer says he has a plan to prevents near misses. >> reporter: he says it should be a wake-up call to the faa and he has what he calls an elegant solution. a vier fuel warm and ceiling
6:56 am
built into the unmanned software. >> it prohibits the drone from flying in a dangerous area. you can build into the software a prohibition any drone going within two miles of an airport or 500 feet or going near a sensitive area the world trade center the empire state building you name it. >> reporter: he says he wants every drone built in america to have this software. bill: 20 wildfires burning in california torching everything in their path. uma: the first presidential debate just days away. >> no one can determine success or fail newer this business a
6:57 am
month into the race. lit take a while to work its way through. everybody take a deep breath.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
fox news alert. brand new hour. big week for republicans getting ready for the first debate of the 2016 campaign. 17 candidates vying for a spot on the cleveland stage. >> we will have lots of fireworks there. >> brand now hour. i am bill hemmer. >> i am uma in for martha maccallum. the top ten candidates going head-to-head and trump bush and walker are in the top three and chris christie perry and kasich are tied in the dead heat. >> byron york is here. good to have you back.
7:01 am
welcome to august. there is a little drama now as to what happens with the final spot. >> absolutely. we know that trump bush, walker rubio, all of those positions are assured but it is not at all clear who is going to get that tenth spot. you have john kasich rick perry chris christie and three reelected governors of major states: texas ohio, and new jersey. they are on the bubble and some will not make it. they will be in the earlier debate at 5 p.m. there is a lot of nervousness if they will make the primetime debate. >> there is another date in september and one on fox business in november. this stuff is going on and on. it is not necessarily a do or die. are some people looking at it that way? >> there are a number of candidates who are way down with
7:02 am
only one percent or one and a half percent and they are worried about making a first national impression. there is plenty of time and many months left before the iowa caucus. but on the idea you only have one chance to make a first impression they are putting a lot of work in >> and the news is still about donald trump. >> he is in the lead. donald trump has led all eight of the last eight national presidential polls. he has had a huge july. i think all of the candidates are trying to which -- come up with a trump strategy if he comes after them or says something outrageous what they will do. fox debates have a reputation for asking tough questions of substance. if i were one of the candidates
7:03 am
who were not donald trump i would wait for brett, megan and chris, to ask really tough questions to donald trump and try to take care of myself when i get those tough questions myself. i think the smartest thing any candidate can do is prepare him or herself and put their best image across. >> i think chris christie answered the question almost like that. the question about donald trump he said over the weekend that anybody can do this job for a month. josh ernest was with us last area and there is a lot of talk about joe biden challenging hillary clinton. how serious at this point is that talk byron? >> it is serious but it is no coincidence we are hearing the speculation about biden at the time where hillary clinton is beginning to show weakness. there were polls showing her
7:04 am
loosing in key state head-to-head match up with top republicans and polls showing her doing bad on honestly and trustworthiness and questions like does she care about voters like me. so it is no coincidence you are hearing about joe biden at the same time these worries are emerging about hillary clinton. the question is is joe biden really serious about this. >> bernie sanders is out there, too. byron york in washington, d.c. good to have you back. the white house is said to announce new rules to cut down power plant carbon emissions and supporters call it a huge step to combat global warnings but critics are warning the measures could do more harm than good. josh ernest dipped into the plan. >> we are asking them to make a significant commitment because
7:05 am
for too long washington, d.c. politics have been putting off con fronting the most significant contributions of carbon emission and climb change. >> doug is live at the white house. the white is trying to turn epa regulations from the past. >> reporter: it was last june the supreme court overruled the epa decision to ring in mercury and other toxic gases because it failed to take into account of the cost of the regulations. this time the epa built in leeway stating the specific emissions based on each state's electricity mix. states have one more to develop and submit a compliance plan. for states that don't comply the epa will impose its own plan. the epa estimates these
7:06 am
regulations will reduce carbon emissions by as much as 25% by the year 2020 30% by the year 2030 but critics say it will do little to reduce the affects of climate change globeally speaking >> we can expect opposition from the coal producers? >> definitely. mitch mcconnell has been a vocal opponent of this and last march me wrote all 50 governors encouraging them to reject the policy saying they are burden. china uses four time as much coal as the united states he claims and they are building new coal-fired power plants in china on a record pace. one new coal fire plant in the country every 7-10 days. developing countries feel they
7:07 am
have a right to the same kind of cheap energy needs that the united states had back in its manufacturing hey day. and the administration hopes u.s. leadership in the realm of renewables will help lead the rest of the world so far that hasn't happened and the rest of the world is waiting for renewables to come down in price before they adopt them. >> doug thank you for that and you are standing by at the white house. appreciate it. 14 homes destroyed and thousands of others threatened in a massive wild fire near san francisco. it nearly tripled in size over the weekend. it is one of many fires burning across the state of california. >> a lot of embers coming down. spent the day watering the roof and neighbor's grass. >> dark smoke was right behind our house.
7:08 am
we had everything in the car ready to go. >> william is live in los angeles watching all of this. what is the status today on all of these fires, william? >> reporter: bill, california has 75 new fires over the weekend most from lightning. 13 are burning out of control. the biggest and most dangerous is the rocky fire north of san francisco west of sacremento. they have 19 helicopters on scene trying to get containment. normally a fire dies down at night but that is not the case here. the rocky fire grew from 40 to 84 square miles on sunday. the shifting winds are forcing the firefighters to fight on all fronts and secondally the -- secondly the drought. there is no moisture to resist and it is burning like paper.
7:09 am
12,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes. >> it doesn't matter about the wind. it could be a matter of hours or days. >> everything is mowed and wet and everything is cleared away from the house as far as vehicles so they have good access to get in her here and hopefully they can defend my house. >> reporter: it has cost $12 million so far. lighter winds off the ocean and lighter temperatures today. 12% contained today. >> there is action outside of california. what do we need to know about? >> reporter: oregon and washington are giving us record high temperatures and giving us more mega fires. instead of one a year which is normer normal we are getting about 10. we are over 5.6 acres burned.
7:10 am
there are droughts in 23 counties in oregon. southern california is quite and dedicating their manpower up north. >> thank you william. william in the west coast newsroom. severe storms in the midwest killing at least one person. and now some areas are cleaning up serious damage. we will have the forecast. >> and the white house approving the use of air pow power to back rebel fighters in syria. could it draw the united states into civil war? and the senate set to vote on whether to defund planned parenthood but do they have the support to pass the measure? >> anyone who has seen these videos and understands what is going on with planned parenthood whether democrat or republican you ought to be offended. defund them and send them a
7:11 am
clear message.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
police officer in new jersey among a group of pedestrians injured in a crash after a driver was speeding and lost control of a minivan is hit a car. 12 injured in all. the driver tried to get away but was caught and arrested. no word on what charges that driver may be facing. president obama giving the pentagon the green light to
7:15 am
defend u.s.-backed rebels in syria. under the new rules of engagement the fighters trained and armed by the united states would have support of the airstrikes if attacked by islamic extremist or syrian government forces. kt mcfarland is here who is a fox news analyst and served as deputy of defense secretary during the reagan administration. the fact we are going after isis with syria's cooperation, the same country slaughtering their own people and we had a red line there. >> right. >> and we are saying we will go ahead and back these syrian rebels we trained with airstrike airstrikes. how is that working? >> it is complicated. think of the like the combo meals at mcdonalds. everybody gets fries but after that you are on your own. we are backing syrian rebels. they are allowed to fight isis but not assad.
7:16 am
we have cia-back rebels and they are fighting assad but not isis and we have the turks fighting isis but they are really fighting the kurds. and we have iraq fighting isis as well. >> what about the concern and chances of a direct conflict with syrian forces against u.s. trained rebels particularly if they are attacked by syrian forces? are we supposed to defend them and isn't this a bigger problem down the road? >> we are not talking about very many people. 60. >> they wanted 3,000 and got 60. >> no body is signing but because they want to fight assad. our air cover is limited. if your syrian-backed rebels are
7:17 am
attacking no air cover. if they are being attacked there is air power. i think president assad is going to do enough to not have his anti-isis policy fail but not enough to have it succeed. >> the isis strategy is limping along. the fact it is not consistent it continues to be piece meal we have gone into it late. where is this heading at this point where we know isis is gaining momentum? >> the administration has said their anti-isis policy is succeeding but the intelligence and pentagon is saying it isn't and it is continuing to expand and not just in the middle east but throughout the region in north africa and showing up in afghanistan even. so isis is doing very well in the region but it is also recruiting on social media to do
7:18 am
lone wolf attackers who never go to the middle east. who just get out of the basement with a machete knife, or suicide vest and try to bomb targets. >> what are you hearing about the u.s. trained soldiers? do you think they will have impact with 60 on the ground there? it seems bizarre we are making a deal out of 60. >> the whole isis strategy rest on 60 and over the weekend a couple were kid napped. there is no isis policy. >> to be continued. >> definitely to the next administration. >> thank you. hillary clinton is about to air her first major television campaign ad. have a look. >> the secretary of state is joining the cabinet of a man who defeated her because when your president calls you serve. and now a new title grandma.
7:19 am
>> i believe when families are strong america is strong. sfwl >> what does she want you to know? and guess what states will see these spots. i will tell you next. and who do you call when you need to perk up? >> ghost busters! >> when there is something strange in the neighborhood, who you going to call? ghost busters. ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at ♪ quicker smarter earlier fresher harder and yeah, even on sundays. if that's not what you think of when you think of the united states postal service watch us deliver.
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my name is mark amann. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. a 9-year-old boy who was accidently hit with a bat during a baseball game saturday in kansas has died. kaiser carlile was a batboy and witnesses say he was running to get a bat during the national baseball congress world series
7:23 am
and the on deck batter did not see him. charlie was hit in the head by a practice swing and rushed to the hospital where he later died. >> when i think about why i am doing this i think about my more dorthy and all of the dorthyey's who fight for their family and never give up. >> hillary clinton's ad set to air in iowa and new hampshire tomorrow. part of at a wave of new ads targeting voters in those state. former new hampshire governor is here and he served as the chief of staff to president bush as well. good morning. >> good morning >> what do you think this does
7:24 am
as she is ready to concede the political stage to the republicans? >> the reality is doing was in the news press released. they said they anticipated a competitive primary and were hoping to coast in the september-october period without running the ads. bernie sanders good showing is pushing and now with joe biden being touted by a lot of democratic leaders as a better choice i think there is panic. >> what do you attribute the struggle to? we talk about the issues of trustworthiness. >> that is the biggest problem. 60% of the american public thinks she is not trustworthy and it is going to get worse because people are talking about the possibility of a criminal
7:25 am
investigation into what she did. i think they are hoping to put enough positive spin on early they can coast through the bumpy road ahead. it is going to be interesting if joe biden decides to run. >> she will make these ads and see the stage when she travels to colorado later this week. how much credence do you give the reports of joe biden? >> i think joe biden is a committed political figure who loves politics. i don't agree with his positions but he has been in the game a long time. and as vice president he would be stepping in from a position of decent strength and could make it a competitive raise. >> you know how iowa works. you really to have setup the operation all over that state. he hasn't done that. she has.
7:26 am
>> but there is a lot of people in iowa that really with the turnout bernie sanders got show you there is a lot of democrats, really a significant part of the anybody but hillary game. bernie is the stocking horse and joe biden will wind up the recipients of the votes. >> i asked about this earlier with josh ernest and he said joe biden said he is thinking about and i asked him if the president would support that and he said he would. what does your gut tell you when the president would like to see the nomination? >> if is a race between hillary clinton and joe biden i think the president in his heart might lean toward his vice president. >> what if hillary clinton is the nominee? is this administration okay with that? >> they will not do anything to hurt it.
7:27 am
but the question is how much they will do to help it. frankly by that time this administration will be so discredited with its horrible foreign policy and her trying to hang her hat on the participation in the foreign policy they may hurt her more than help her by endorsing her. >> when does joe biden have to make a decision? what is the drop dead date for that decision? >> i would guess some time in the middle of september is the drop dead date. i think he will get the decision be known in two or three weeks. tell us what is going on with bernie sanders? what is he tapping into. >> say it again bill. >> what is bernie sanders tapping into that leads to the crowds we have been watching in places like iowa? >> he is tapping into the two things. the democratic party is really a coalition of the far far left. it really is. people have been playing the
7:28 am
game of asking the difference between the socialist party and the democratic party and the reason hillary clinton and the dnc chairman had trouble is there is virtually no trouble. so a lot of what bernie sanders is tapping into the is the socialist tendency of the democratic party and the anybody but hillary groups. >> thank you governor. we will see you in cleveland. extreme weather making news killing one person at a festival. where the storms hit and where they are heading next. and what is the difference between a democrat and a socialist? dnc chairman seems unable to answer coming as the 2016 candidate bernie sanders calls himself a democratic socialist. what does that mean? our political panel reacts next. >> can you explain the
7:29 am
difference? >> you know chuck, it is always fun to be interviewed by chris matthews and i know he enjoys that banter.
7:30 am
7:31 am
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subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. one person dead 15 injured as severe storms sweeping through a festival near chicago. strong gust of wind picking up a tent and sending it into the crowd. meanwhile in michigan heavy rain and damaging winds pounding parts of the state spawning one tornado. severe weather snapping trees and leaving 200,000 without power. marina is in the extreme weather center now. good morning on the summer storms. >> good morning bill. hello hello everybody at home. we are tracking the storms responsible for the severe weather. i want to show you the radar over the past 24 hours. you can see the storms moving
7:33 am
through michigan chicago, indiana and across ohio. this is a powerful line of storms with damaging wind and heavy rain. the forecast for today is for the potential of more severe weather headed toward portions of the northeast and through west virginia. another line of storms as well across parts of west virginia as well. this is something to watch throughout the day today. we have the risk of large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornados from all of the storms that fire up across parts of the northeast and parts of kentucky and further west across parts of the plains. heat and humidity is out there and the systems coming through tap into the ingredients. coming up into tomorrow, we have another risk, marginal in parts of the east coast and further west across the midwest and into the plains and for your wednesday, another renewed risk
7:34 am
of severe storms from western parts of tennessee into eastern oklahoma. have a way to get the weather warnings throughout the day in the next couple days across those areas. in the pacific northwest the big story is the heat. but temperatures are forecasted to get closer to average in seattle and in montana as well. temperatures are going to cool off. >> afternoon showers popping up everywhere. thank you maria. >> thank you. what is a democrat and a socialist? what is the difference? >> you are the chairman of the democratic party. >> the relevant debate we will have over the course of a campaign is what is the difference between a republican and democrat. >> the dnc chairwoman trying to
7:35 am
shift the focus as the question comes as presidential candidate bernie sanders calls himself a democratic socialist. it is a term others in his party seek to avoid and the chairwoman couldn't explain. matt shultzs is here and mary ann ann marsh is here. mary ann what do you make of the way she is avoiding defining the difference between a socialist and democrat? >> i think she was trying to stay more on the message. but the explanation is simple. this is about economic opportunity and the difference between providing that opportunity and guaranteeing and denying it. >> why not answer specifically? >> you will have to answer that question. i am explaining the fact democrats want to make sure people have the opportunity for economic benefits. bernie sanders socialist and others want to make sure it is guaranteed and there is no
7:36 am
profit. bernie sanders is saying businesses shouldn't make a profit and democrats are denying it. the anti-establishment view you see on had left and right is fueling sanders and trump. >> matt there are those who say that one of the reasons she is not answering is because there is not much difference between the two at this moment. do you agree? >> yeah, i really do agree. there are these moments in interviews where you just feel sorry for someone and i felt sorry for the chairwoman. she can't answer or knows if she does it is offensive to the american people. the democratic party is made up of people that believe the government should have a greater role in your life. president obama is trying to make fossil fuel illegal coal oil and gas. and he wants a single-payer health care system and spending 1-6 dollars in the economy on
7:37 am
health care. there is new revelations coming out every week and they will not stand up for planned parenthood or our gun rights. >> let me let the audience know that k-2 is something i want people to see because it came up again during "meet the press" yesterday. let's listen: >> what is the difference? can you explain the difference? >> you know, chuck it is always fun to be interviewed by chris matthews and i know that he enjoys that banter the importance difference i think we will discuss in this campaign is the difference between democrats and republicans. >> mary ann, what strikes me is that if she perhaps thought or the part a thought this question might come up again you might be better prepared. it makes her look not prepared to answer the question or makes
7:38 am
it look difficult and uncomfortable to watch. how do you see it? >> it is simple. democrats want fairness and want the 1% to do their job and fair share. it is clear over the last generation no matter how much you play by the rules or hard you work you cannot get ahead. that is the difference. bernie sanders as a socialist is saying we absolutely positively want to guarantee benefits. democrats are saying we want everyone to have a fair shot at earning them. and the republicans are saying we don't want anyone having any shot at anything but us. >> and bernie sanders is getting big crowds right now talking about what is great about these european-style socialist governments that he seems to be embracing. >> the important thing to remember here is the fact that bernie sanders isn't saying that businesses and individuals shouldn't make a profit.
7:39 am
they should. that is his view. he has a different view about how the profits should be distributed. the democrats are saying everyone has a fair shot at earning the benefits and profits. that is what is difference. middle class and low income families don't have a shot any more. >> that is a nice tray. >> that is a fact. >> whether or not you call yourself a socialist, liberal democrat, or progressive, obama is all about more taxes. >> that was george bush. >>telling us how to practice our faith will not stand up to selling unborn baby parts, and will not do what it takes to make america great, and nuke nuke giving iran nuclear weapons. >> that is not true. it is to know you are doctor and
7:40 am
a nuclear specialist. >> right for all americans. >> people will be buzzing about this for a while. hopefully next time she has a better answer if asked. children at the hospital getting a surprise visit with the cast of the new ghostbust busters showing up. kristen wig and others taking time from their schedule to make it happen. >> i love that. >> will you go to the movie? >> why not. i will take you with me. >> let's read reviews first. >> planned parenthood under fire on capitol hill. could efforts to block the funding lead to a government shutdown? an intruder climbed into the a woman's bedroom who was 82 and how she fought him off.
7:41 am
>> i said i don't know what you are after but you will not get anything here. i started scratching him.
7:42 am
7:43 am
♪ have you ever thought, "i could never do that"? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank? well - you do. because the courage is already inside.
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an 82-year-old virginia woman fighting off an intruder who climbed in bed with her. the woman thought it was a dog lying next to her but when it wasn't she screamed and scratched the man until he ran away. >> i said cooper what are you doing in my bed, held up my hand, and realized it was somebody. >> she leaves the window open at night so the cat can get in and out. her family is begging her to move but instead she is arming herself with a gun. >> i don't know how you can
7:45 am
continue to openly fund a group that is discussing the best method to increase their funding by a different way of killing and selling body parts. >> chris christie talking about planned parenthood last hour. there is a vote on de-funding the planned parenthood and it will probably not stick but setup a fight. bringing in a guest to discuss this. former democratic congressional candidate jessica urly was set to be with us but there was bad weather. you expect a vote today? how many votes? >> we will have to wait ask -- and see. >> they have to get to 60? >> i think they might have 53. they do have the make the 60
7:46 am
threshold. we don't know if any democrats will cross the line. this is something i find totally outrageous and unacceptable. planned parenthood accepting taxpayer dollars for what they are doing? auctioning baby parts and altering the procedures done in these facilities. our taxdollars not shot be funding this. >> democrats are arguing this is an attack on women. harry reid said they are attacking women's health. >> that is always the argument. what about obamacare? i thought that was the end all be all for those without health coverage. you have to take into consideration the judge that issued a restraining order against the group providing the videos. he is a major donor of president obama and a president obama appointee. so if you want to talk about politics that is a the political
7:47 am
aspect. >> the white house said it would block any law to fund this. that would setup a veto right? >> and obama said he would not sign it. so we know where he stands on this issue. he is also someone who doesn't think his daughters should be punished should they become pregnant pregnant. this whole thing is outrageous. our tax dollars going to an organization that is auctioning baby parts. >> you will get a vote perhaps you get to 53. will there be hearings when congress is back in the fall? >> i think there should be hearings and investigations on what laws these groups have broken. so that should be the first thing on the agenda for congress to initiate the hearings so americans know what is going on. >> the impact can be significant and sometimes the story goes away. what is your best sense about this one?
7:48 am
>> i am sure the left wants this to go away because they are claiming to be the victim in this instance. but the hearings should take place because we should know what is going on especially where our tax dollars are concerned. >> when you look at the 17 on stage on thursday does anyone disagree with that position? >> i really haven't heard all of the views in terms of where the candidates stand. i heard some of chris christie's interview and rick perry i believe. i am not clear on where the other individuals stand. but i tell you it is something that americans are watching. if you are not on the side of defunding planned parenthood you have will to answer to the voters. >> we will find on thursday likely if there is any distinction between the men and women on stage. thank you and we will talk again
7:49 am
soon. >> what on earth is this? a huge piece of metal washing a shore on the a beach in the united states. experts trying to figure out where it came from. why they say it fell high from the sky. ♪
7:50 am
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7:53 am
paying so much when we fly? just what the airlines for up to when jenna lee and i see you next. a large piece of metal washes on the beach near fort lauderdale and the debris may have been floating for a year. some say it appears to be part of a rocket but doesn't belong to nasa. >> we thought maybe a kit airplane crash >> markings suggest it belong do is the european space agency. how in the world did it get there? part of the gallieo rocket. two explosions rocking two churches in new mexico. the blast taking part two miles a part and within minutes. the fbi is trying to figure out who planted the bombs.
7:54 am
>> uma, that is the good news; there were no injuries after the two explosions. but they turned the sunday morning into chaos for the church goers. if first going off at 8:20 services had not started but several were inside gathering for worship. the blast shook the building and raining debris near the mailbox. the second explosion happened three miles away as the priest was serving communion. law enforcement will not say if the two explosions are related. >> we will investigate them separately but look to see if they are connected as well. it looks like they may be but we
7:55 am
cannot just assume. >> and strong words for those responsible: >> if your intention was to bring fear to those who worship you have failed. our faith is too strong and our fellowship is unbreakable. >> there have been no arrest and no one is in custody. the fbi is now investigating as other churches in the area are on alert and many are taking extra security measures. >> thank you for the update. it is a huge week for the republican presidential campaign. 17 are out meeting with voters. the first presidential debate is on thursday on fox. what to expect from the republican contenders as they prep today.
7:56 am
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>> they had a food turnout. thousands watch others jump off a ramp over a river in homemade contraptions. the event in portland, oregon. measure how folks can fly. as the saying goes red bull gives you wings. in most cases they did not very far. so many people turned out to watch the event, blocked traffic. so the coast guard -- >> something you would like to take up, right. >> that would be cool in august, anytime this year. >> futag is daily flight in german. those red bull folks think of anything. have a terrific week. >> great to be here. >> busy, busy week. >> looking forward. big debate coming up thursday. >> thursday it is. have a great monday. "happening now" starts right now. >> have a good day. jenna: it is indeed a big week in the race for the white house.
8:00 am
months of campaign launches and fund-raisers and town hall events all leading to this the first gop debate in the 2016 presidential race. hope you're off to a good day so far. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. we're days away you will see right here only on fox news thursday night. but before the nation turns its attention to cleveland, 14 of the republican candidates will gather tonight in new hampshire for a candidate forum that will be shown live in multiple early primary states. bret baier anchors "special report" every tight at 6:00 p.m. on fox news channel. he will be one of the three moderators at thursday's fox news debate. i'm sure you're getting prepped liked candidates are the b how critical is this first debate? >> it is first time jon, we'll see all u all 10 on the same stage. the 10


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