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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 3, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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in the race for the white house. months of campaign launches and fund-raisers and town hall events all leading to this the first gop debate in the 2016 presidential race. hope you're off to a good day so far. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. we're days away you will see right here only on fox news thursday night. but before the nation turns its attention to cleveland, 14 of the republican candidates will gather tonight in new hampshire for a candidate forum that will be shown live in multiple early primary states. bret baier anchors "special report" every tight at 6:00 p.m. on fox news channel. he will be one of the three moderators at thursday's fox news debate. i'm sure you're getting prepped liked candidates are the b how critical is this first debate? >> it is first time jon, we'll see all u all 10 on the same stage. the 10 from 9:00 person time and
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the remaining seven at 5:00 p.m. from cleveland as well with colleagues bill and martha. a lot of people say it started so earlier just a reminder first debate was in may in south carolina. this is a big moment especially because the first time we'll see donald trump on a debate stage. i think there are a lot of people interested in how that all will transpire but every candidate i think is anxious about this two-hour debate. in the top 10, to see how, you know they can position themselves. really answer substantive policy questions. jon: rick perry was on "america's newsroom" this morning. said that he doesn't see this as a make or break moment. it would be better to be in the big debate with the top 10 candidates than not, but he says it is a long haul and you don't necessarily have to be one of the top 10 right now to go ahead and win the nomination. case in point mitt romney wasn't on the stage for the
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first debate when he ran last time around. >> no, that is exactly right. and listen, there will be arguably 12 debates. there will be another one next month. and candidates will have a chance to position themselves even if they're not in the top 10, to be in the top tier for the next time around. i do think that it is starting to be that the nation's paying attention. you get the sense as you go around the country people are starting to really be into it and you will start to get a lot of people, paying attention to what people are saying on policy and on substance. jon: eli stokel from the "politico" website, put this in his line in his piece today and i thought it summed off. should a long shot candidate pull off a breakthrough with memorable performance or far
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exceeds the audience's low expectations. it could serve as rocket fuel. at the same time a poor performance on the prime time debate stage or failure to earn a place rat the adult table dropping outside of the top 10 could create a hole that is impossible to dig out from. i suppose that pretty well sums up the stakes. you don't want to make a critical mistake that is going to dog you for the rest of the campaign. >> sure. and i think, you were talking about governor rick perry. obviously his past four years ago debate time was not a pleasant experience for him. he is anxious to get redemption and to show people he is a different candidate. i think others are saying, they want to make their mark. but there will be opportunities of the last cycle you remember, it went up and down. herman cain had a good debate appearance and he shot to the top of the polls. newt gingrich had a couple of good debate appearances and ended up winning south carolina. so i think there are a lot of
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things that can happen. we do have a long way to go before the iowa caucuses in the first part of february. jon: on the democratic side hillary clinton is about to start an advertising campaign and "the new york times" and other outlets are writing that she is eyeing the possibility that the vice president joe biden might actually get into the democratic race. how nervous is the clinton camp over the possibility of joe biden jumping in. >> well, i think they're worried about it. i think you know, it is speculation but part of this ad campaign may be dealing with that. all these stories that joe biden is really considering getting in this race. the other part of course that the focus, this week on the gop in cleveland and she will want to counter that. i do think that the going bet now is that joe biden is really leaning heavily to jump into this race.
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if that happens, jon, it will shake up the democratic primary. the primary challenge for hillary clinton is bernie sanders. he has been gaining in the polls in new hampshire. joe biden would add totally different dynamic. president obama said overseas he thought he would win a third term. some in the administration would be the best position toed take the obama administration torch forward. jon: said one of his son beau's dying wishes for him to go ahead and run which is pretty good exhortation to get yourself into the race. bret baier, get back to your homework. you have plenty of it i'm sure. >> i do. jon: thanks, bret. >> thanks, jon. jon: thursday night is debate night. fox news and facebook will bring you the first major republican presidential debate of the 2016 race. live from cleveland, starts at 5:00 p.m. eastern. submit your questions going to news. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. for all your election news on
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the go, download the fox election news hq app or iphone or android. jenna: a lot to look forward. a top democrat on the fence comes in favor of a nuclear deal with iran. house congressman adam schiff is saying giving thumbs up to the deal and congress should approve it and work to strengthen it. a majority of americans oppose president's deal with iran by a wide margin. quinnepiac survey finds only 28% of the support the deal with 56% opposing. 56% don't approve of the way president is handling nuclear situation with iran. that is the highest number since quinnepiac began asking that question. jon: new action on capitol hill after those explosive undercover videos at planned parenthood. as we await a procedural vote in the senate on a bill to defund planned parenthood and rerout
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taxpayer dollars to other women's health services. shannon bream is live in washington with all of that. shannon? >> reporter: jon today will be the first test for the defunding plan. what senate republicans are proposing keeping dollar amount of funding for women's health at same level but stripping money away from planned parenthood, rerouting to other community health clinics and hospitals. skeptics say they do not expect the bill to get past the initial 60-vote threshold it has to have to move forward. as both sides lobby for critical votes. senate minority leader harry reid took to the floor and said the republican you bill pretends to be for women's health, limiting federal funds going to the organization of health care backbone for women's lives, when what it ends up being is an attack on women's health. >> let's not filibuster women's health in order to protect special subsidies for one scandal-plagued political
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organization. why don't we join together instead to bring something positive for the american people from a terrible situation. >> reporter: so there are the two sides. keep in mind there are only 54 republicans and not all gop senators are vowing to vote for the measure. there is focus convincing those republicans like senator susan collins of maine and others to lobby more conservative democrats like senators bob casey and joe manchin. there is separate effort in the house aimed suspending any federal funding to planned parenthood while congress investigates there. are at least two committees already commit toed those investigations. we'll watch for the first vote in the senate tonight jon. jon: we'll watch it indeed. shannon bream in washington. thank you shannon. jenna: manhunt in memphis is ongoing right now for the suspect in the deadly shooting of a police officer. authorities say tremaine willbourn is armed and brings. he is stands accused of gunning
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down officer sean bolton. jonathan serrie has parts story from the atlanta bureau. what do we know about him? >> reporter: police identified him as a 29-year-old by the name of tremaine wilbourn. no stranger to the law. he was on supervised release after serving a federal sentence for robbery. he was a passenger in the car that the officer was investigating saturday evening. he then fled the scene after the shooting. >> so i think it is safe to say when you look at this individual you're looking at a coward. wees have a community must come together and remember that all that all lives matter. not just black lives. not just white lives. but all lives matter. >> reporter: now the driver of that car turned himself into authoritys and apparently helped them identify this suspect.
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the driver has been released with no charges. jenna? jenna: take us back. what were the circumstances of the shooting? >> reporter: yeah, it started out where the officer was on routine patrol saturday night. he noticed this illegally-parked mercedes and then came up to it and shined his spotlight on it. investigators live the officer may have interrupted a drug transaction because when they searched the car after the fact. they found digital scales and a bag containing less than two grams of marijuana. as officer approached vehicle police believe the passenger in the car got out and confronted him. they believe a brief struggle ensued and multiple shots were fired by that passenger allegedly. a concerned citizen used the fallen officer's police radio to call for help. highlights of the call have been edited for time. listen. >> please, please hurry up. >> what complex are you at? north side or closer to the street?
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>> he is shot. >> officer is shot? >> reporter: 33-year-old officer sean bolton was a former marine. fellow officers say he was soft-spoken and a hard-worker who donated his extra money to charity. he unfortunately is the third memphis police officer to die in the line of duty in just over four years. jenna? jenna: wow. we'll see where it goes from here. hopefully police find the suspect in question. a story we'll watch. jon? jon: what a judge in oklahoma is saying about two brothers charged with stabbing their parents and three siblings to death. then danger in the sky. drones raising major security concerns at our busiest airports. we want to hear from you with the big gop debate on thursday, what questions would you like to ask the presidential candidates? our live chat up and running. go to we would like to know what you would like to know.
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jenna: now to the latest on some crime stories we're keeping an eye on. police in arizona say 43-year-old keneth wakefield decapitated his wife and two dogs. he is charged with first-degree murder and animal cruelty. police arriving at home describe the scene absolutely horrific. the household had history of mental illness and domestic. trial of officer randall kerik. he is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed black man, jonathan farrell, back in 2013. he faces up to 11 years in prison if convicted. jon: yet another mysterious drone coming too close to comfort with an airliner at one of our busiest airports jfk in new york.
8:16 am
senior cannot rick leventhal live with details on that. there seems to be an these sorts of events. >> reporter: yeah, jon. the faa is getting reports of close calls between unmanned aircraft and drones and passenger jets almost every day, 25 a month since last november. there are grave concerns about a near miss or even worse, a possible incident where a drone would get sucked up into a jet engine which could cause a crash and kill hundreds of people. there were at least four incidents past three days in the new york-new jersey area including friday when a crew of delta flight, 407, spotted an umanned aircraft on approach to jfk before 5:00. the drone was 100 feet off the ground and a quarter mile away and the plane landed safely. couple hours later, jetblue airbus 320 spot ad drone on approach but did not have to take evasive action. on sunday evening a embraer e-145 spot ad drone on left side
8:17 am
of the aircraft as it was landing runway 13 left. a few minutes earlier in sewell in washington township, new jersey a pilot reported that he had to make a turn because after drone flying too close to his plane. faa is investigating this incident and hundreds more. port authority says the drones are nuisance and serious and safety security risk. now we know that the federal government is warning homeland security is warning of a number of agencies across the country to be on alert for possibility of drones could be used in some sort of a terror attack. >> some of these incidents have happened in new york. i guess new york senator chuck schumer has an idea? >> reporter: yeah, well he has a plan. he said these recent sightings should be a wake-up call to the faa schumer says there is obvious and elegant solution called geofencing this is technology built into a drone's software that would prevent it from flying within two miles of
8:18 am
any airport or altitudes higher than 500 feet. it could keep drones flying near sensitive areas including the world trade center or empire stayed building or u.s. capitol. schumer says every drone built in america should have the software. >> faa has to act to tough enup the rules before a tragedy occurs because if a drone were sucked into a jet engine of a plane filled with passengers, untold tragedy could result. we do not, do not do not, want that to happen. >> reporter: the faa is expected to releases its new rules on unmanned aircraft sometime in the next 12 months jon. jon: rick leventhal at jfk airport. thank you. we're hearing more reaction besides senator schummer's after this latest dean incident. jack welch the former chairman of ge, also ceo tweeting when will the country set tough rules for drones? do we need an accident before we act on these flying bombs?
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jenna: days before police say he tried to strangle a female escort who ended up killing him in self-defense neil falls was pulled over by an officer in another state. we have the video. what police wanted with him. and latest on the investigation into the possible serial killer. wildfires rage out of control in northern california. the role the air force is now playing in trying to tame the fast-moving flames. we're live with that story. super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck. and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud. live loud. super poligrip. seals out more food.
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jon: busy day for president obama just hours ahead of unveiling his plan to cut carbon emission. he is speaking to young leaders from africa. they are participating in a fellowship program honoring nelson mandela. jenna: meantime disturbing new developments in the case of a suspected serial killer,
8:23 am
including video of police pulling neale falls over outside of dallas. this is days before an escort shot and killed him in west virginia after police say he tried to strangle her. the officer who pulled neal falls over was warying a body camera. we have the footage. >> you living out of your vehicle? >> no. i just went to west begin. >> you do you have a mailing address of any kind right now? >> no. >> no? is this family address or old one of yours? >> old one. >> okay. do you have the new insurance? >> no -- >> this expired in may. that's why i ask. jenna: so they have this conversation but neal falls is eventually sent on his way. eight states are investigating unsolved deaths and disappearances that that may be linked somehow to falls. police are looking for a dog
8:24 am
that may have blind to him. joining us lieutenant steve cooper with the charleston police who has been good enough to join us several times in the case. lieutenant the fbi is involved. what is latest on investigation? >> we're waking daily with the fbi disseminating information on the case and analyzing evidence. we're sharing physical evidence with some specific departments such as las vegas, the texas rangers and authorities in ohio and niagra falls. jenna: so how close do you think you are to connecting neal falls to other crimes? >> assuming that mr. false, left dna, if he did we'll connect it relatively soon -- falls. one thing that concerns he did not appear to be sexually assaulting heather that he simply wanted to kill her. we're hoping there will be dna in some of these cases that belongs to mr. falls.
8:25 am
jenna: so viewers know, heather was the escort being attacked. neal falls had a gun and he put it down and she grabbed gun and she was able to kill him. now we're wondering if he was involved in other crimes. he had in his car what is described as serial killer exist. he had axes and in that car you found dog hair. you say that could be significant. why? >> well, it is a shot in the dark at this point but we do have information that he traveled with a dog and there was dog hair throughout the vehicle. we're hoping that maybe he was staying somewhere locally here. someone will have found the dog or if the dog was abandoned, and, possibly deceased that we'll find the remains of that dog. if we do, we think we'll maybe find some more belongings tied to mr. falls or possible evidence. jenna: as you have investigated his life and his past what stands out most to you? what sort of profile has emerged of this man?
8:26 am
>> we have found information from former coworkers and former neighbors that he was always talked about going off the grid. he made comments about allegedly made comments about doing urban night ops which makes one think he is going into cities and maybe exploring the nightlife on the back side of town. jenna: hmmm. so again we have not tied him directly to any crimes specifically but as you mentioned in las vegas, police are looking at him as a viable suspect perhaps in other murders. has any profile emerged? we keep talking about the young woman as an escort he was targeting. has any other profile emerged for what you have seen online or acquaintances of neal falls of the type of women he may have been targeting? >> yes. generally white females between the ages of 19 and 30. generally petite. no particular hair color but we
8:27 am
have run across probably more than half that are either brunette or redhead. jenna: interesting. so again we'll wait for judgment to see if he actually is directly linked to some of these crimes. as you point out, seems to be high probability, at least at this time. real quick before i let you go, lieutenant, what happened to neal falls and his body? does he have family? has the body been claimed? is it in evidence? what is the status? >> family has been in contact with our medical examiner's office i understand. he was being kept in the medical examiner's office in the refrigeration unit until someone claims the body. jenna: the family seems a part knowing the profile that had emerged of neal falls. some suggest that after his mother died this sent him down a certain path. lieutenant, always great to have you on the program. we'll look forward to another update as we follow the story. thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. jon: "the new york times" on the defensive in wake of some recent
8:28 am
reporting about hillary clinton's emails and the possibility of a criminal investigation, a story that turned out to be not correct. so what will the fallout be? plus more manpower and planes heading to northern california to battle a huge fire threatening thousands of homes. claudia cowan is standing by live with that. claudia? >> and, jon, this fast-moving wildfire north of san francisco is one of 21 big, active fires burning here in drought-stricken california. i will have a live report just ahead. n something in one room and it turned on everywhere else. but that's exactly how traditional cooling and heating systems work. so you pay more than you should. but mitsubishi electric systems give you a better way... with no waste and lower energy bills. control temperatures precisely in one or every room ... ...with no new ductwork. so everyone can enjoy ultimate personal comfort. mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal.
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jenna: right now a quick look what is still to come to hour of "happening now." one of the country's top newspapers is hot water with one of the top democrats. our media panel is here to weigh in. plummeting oil prices, how low will they go and how will it impact you. jury deliberating the sentences phase of the james holmes murder trial. we're live in colorado for that. jon? >> more reinforcements called in to keep a bad situation from getting even worse. the air force sending two c-130 cargo planes to help fight the wildfires raging in northern california. the biggest one, the rocky fire growing to 90,000 square miles, threatening thousands of homes. claudia cowan with the very latest from the front lines. claudia? >> reporter: jon, it has been a very busy morning at base camp
8:33 am
as firefighters rotate in and out to fight the flames round-the-clock. they are making progress. the rocky fire is 12% contained after exploding in size over the weekend. many say they can't recall ever seeing a fire grow so big so fast but such are the conditions here in california's fourth year of drought. at one point the fire grew 20,000-acres in just five hours. cal fire officials say that is unprecedented. since it started on wednesday the rocky fire has chewed up more than 60,000-acres of brush and chaparral and 26 homes and outbuildings. more than 6,000 homes are under some time of evacuation order. fortunately no one has been injured. across the state, 8,000 firefighters are battling flames. 21 active fires in california in all. they will get a couple of air support from military c-130s,
8:34 am
that can drop 30,000 balance of water or fire retardant and fill back up in 12 minutes. many of lightning-caused fires in northern california are almost out. that means personnel and equipment can be reassigned. >> once we bet contained they rerelease resources. an idea, yesterday we were reporting about 2000 firefighters were on this fire. today it is about 2800 firefighters. just overnight, a 24 hour period we saw increase of about 800 firefighters. >> reporter: meantime, hot, dry weather fueling other major fires in oregon and in washington state. jon, more fire weather on tap in california today. high temperatures lou humidity and those very erratic winds. firefighters are telling me there are different shifting winds on the same fire even on the same ridgeline up there which makes fighting the flames extremely difficult. jon: we hope those firefighters stay safe. very scary stuff there. claudia cowan, thank you.
8:35 am
jenna: from california back to washington, d.c. and the u.s.-led air campaign against isis in syria and iraq is now almost a year old and there are differing opinions whether the mission is actually having its intended effect as stated to degrade and ultimately destroy isis. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon live with this jennifer, how has the air campaign changed over syria in the past week? >> reporter: well jenna after much controversy whether the u.s. was refusing to fly air cover for syrian fighters it has train toed combat isis, the pentagon now says the white house has authorized it to do so, quote, we view the syrian forces trained and equipped by the department of defense as partners in the counter isil effort. these forces are being provided with a wide range of coalition support in their mission to counter isil which includes defensive fire support to protect them. administration is refusing to set up a no-fly zone in northern
8:36 am
syria despite turkey's insistence. a syrian warplane went down near the border of turkey killing 27 civilians on the ground. an example of how complicated skies over syria remain. since august 1st, the u.s. has conducted 4560 airstrikes in iraq and syria 78%. coaltics total. more than 5500 coalition airstrikes have done little, some say to change the size of isis which u.s. intelligence estimates at 20 to 30,000 fighters, jenna. jenna: so walk us through the differing opinions. as we approach the one year mark. is the air campaign working and will it be continued? >> reporter: if you ask the president's envoy to syria and iraq he says yes but here is the next head of marine corps. >> so you belief isis is losing? >> no sir i do not. >> do you believe they're winning? >> no, sir, i believe they're winning either. i believe they're at stalemate
8:37 am
right now. >> reporter: complicating matters the president's nominee to be the navy's top officer has expressed concern there will be a two-month gap which the u.s. will not have aircraft carrier in the gulf this fall. >> that, going to hinder our ability to carry out the needed operations in the region where obviously there's conflict taking place. >> without that carrier, there will be a detriment in our capability there, yes, sir. >> reporter: it is notable yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of saddam hussein's invasion of kuwait. the u.s. has been involved militarily ever since. the turmoil that ensued is far from resolved. jenna. jenna: thank you. jon? jon: "the new york times" under fire for its reporting about hillary clinton and what the paper claimed was a request for a criminal investigation into her use of a private email server. but aspects of the story unraveled only hours after it
8:38 am
was first published. the paper retracting parts of the story including references to the criminal investigation. let's talk about it with our media panel today alan colmes, host of the alan colmes show, nationally syndicated by the fox news radio. tammy bruce is a radio talk show host and fox news contributor. the reporters that broke the story, probably didn't write the headline but the headline suggested there was a criminal inquiry directed at mrs. clinton. the clinton campaign obviously very upset about that. that has not come to pass. your take on the walking back that "the new york times" has -- >> they didn't walk it back quickly enough. then they said, the executive editor of the times, according to a government person the government said there was criminal investigation. who in the government? what level. was it trey gowdy and his tee leaked it? what indication of the government. >> the indication newspaper
8:39 am
ombudsman it was somebody at justice department. >> that is possible. got little information from the "new york times." editors of the times have done a terrible times. this puts the lie notion somehow they're idealogical or promote liberal candidate for president. they're jumping to get a story out, to be accurate. being accurate is better than being first. being transparent is better than being first. in internet culture notion of getting out there as quick as possible is such pressure they rushed to put the story out before they should have. jon: the editor of the paper, tammy, says he doesn't fault the reporters involved or the editor who was directly involved in the story. says they did their job. >> i think this is why we're on fox news. we like being accurate and first. so not difficult to do both all at once. however, look it is interesting to me that you think it is because they went after a liberal candidate. in fact, no she is not liberal enough. that is their issue. >> whose issue? justice department.
8:40 am
>> "new york times." this is another issue about who is going to be liberal and who isn't. the, my on buds woman said that it -- jon: public editor. should use that phrase. >> she said it was the justice department. that was one of the sources. but they do bring up trey gowdy. find it ridiculous to think that the "new york times" would launch a front page story of that size on the word of a guy that they all hate, of trey gowdy, who is no one's favorite on the democratic side of the aisle. but we're supposed to believe that it was a partisan opposition to hillary. i believe it was in fact the doj and perhaps even the white house. we know it was valerie jarrett who moved the first story about hillary's email server. >> that is suspected. we don't know that for sure. >> it was, within the block of time where the, it was revealed that joe biden was having lunches with obama's fund-raisers effectively. this is where i think the collapse happened. it was political at the start. it remained political.
8:41 am
and what the public editor did not say, and what the editor acknowledged was that they changed it you said it wasn't fast enough? within a few hours of it hitting online because the hillary camp called them and they changed the story. >> they knew it was wrong. >> how did they know? >> they realized they got caught. wait a minute you're accusing "the times" going after hillary, doing this on purpose for idealogically reasons because she is not liberal enough for the no, times. "the times" purposely did this -- >> something clearly you admit was very wrong and was wrong enough to where they even got afraid when a campaign aide called, that she does not address the fact that the "new york times" is willing to change a story because they targeted story was upset. >> they were wrong. they knew they were wrong. there was no criminal referral. they were wrong. of course they had to pull the story. >> she also admits in her letter addressing this that five other outlets. jon: jennifer palmieri the clinton spokeswoman or --
8:42 am
>> public editor. and in her article admits that at least five other outlets confirmed it was a criminal inquiry separate from "the new york times." >> but they were wrong. >> but, they were wrong because palmieri says so because somebody from the clinton camp. >> it was not a criminal referral. we know that to be true. >> we don't know that to be true. >> the inspectors general -- jon: not all of the shoes have dropped in the hillary clinton email investigation. >> we know. but that is separate issue. jon: but you will grant not all of the shoes have dropped. >> absolutely. in terms whether that was criminal referral we know that not to be true. >> you think "new york times" was bad reporting. you don't think it was political from the start? >> you're a political conspiracist? >> i'm asking you. >> i have no reason to be political. >> you think it was horrible reporting from the moment. >> i think it was mistake to rush the press to beat the competition. they wanted, cared more about that than being correct. jon: unfortunately we're getting rush toed say good bi. we have to play a come persian.
8:43 am
thank you both. jenna. jenna: good reminder, you have to know what you're drinking every once in a while. it's a prescription drug popping up in kind of a strange place. we'll tell you about that coming up. plus oil prices are plunging again. how it is impacting our economy and your bottom line. that's next.
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8:46 am
jon: another tainted product scare out of china. more than 50 liquor companies accused spiking their booze with viagra. chinese health officials claim the companies then marketed tainted liquor having sexual health benefits. but there are concerns that the combination of alcohol and viagra could be bad for the heart. officials halted production at each company under investigation. jenna: new information on the economy as we take a look at the dow today. you can see it trading off by about 50 points as markets react in part to a recent plunge in oil prices. joining us phil flynn, oil trader, senior market analyst with the price futures group.
8:47 am
fox news analyst business contributor and guest of the show. specifically oil prices we can focus on right now oil is trading around $46 a barrel. that is about half where it was last year at same time. why so low? why is this happening to the oil market? >> well the good news and bad news situation, jenna. you know part of the reason is because the u.s. has been producing a lot of oil. despite the low prices and challenges and in the energy industry, u.s. production continued to exceed expectations. that is the good part of the story. the bad part what we're seeing in stock market and treasury yields with the yields going to lowest level in two months. fears about the global economy. we had three of events in the month of july that really has shaken up the oil prices. it is raising concerns about demand. the latest of course is the chinese stock market which has crashed over the last couple of days. so there is a concern that what is happening in china, could
8:48 am
spread to the rest of the globe. on top of that of course you have concerns about the greece economy. their stock market reopened today. it crashed. so there is concerns about europe and there is concerns about what's going to happen if iran is allowed to sell oil on the global market. could that add to deflationary pressures. three major problems really pressuring prices today. jenna: let me ask you a little bit about gas prices as well. we do see lower gas price, on average paying a dollar less than we were last year per gallon of gas on consumer side. what other benefits from the lower oil prices? >> well there is no doubt that we can get a boost from consumer spending. we've already seen suv sales go through the roof and truck sales because lower prices allow people to buy bigger cars. they're not so worried about the gasoline prices. but the bad part of this story jenna. we'll see major layoffs across the energy industry. we already heard from the big oil companies whose earnings were the worst we've probably
8:49 am
seen in 10 years. talk about layoffs and production cuts. at some point that will take its toll. now in the short term low gasoline prices are a good thing but it starts to slow down the economy that could be an issue. jenna: let me ask you quickly phil, imup against a break. president coming on in a few hours, talking about lowering greenhouse emissions. i'm curious about the alternative energy part of this conversation. when oil prices are low and that is with we're using as comparison to alternative energy for benefits of consumers and environment, what happens to that play? how does the alternative energy field look now when oil is trading so low? >> well the alternative energy space should get a boost because the government is forcing companies to switch to more alternative fuels. what it means are to the american consumers the prices you pay for electricity will be through the roof. government says prices will be
8:50 am
4.9% higher for lech tryst bills in -- electricity bills in coming years. i think it will be twice that we'll have a cost for these regulations. >> specific energy what do they look like now and also in the decades to come. always great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you, jenna. jon: colorado jury resumes deliberations today in the sentencing phase of the james holmes murder trial. a live report from the courthouse coming up. feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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jon: let's find out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at top of the hour. harris sandra, what do you have? >> happy monday. hillary clinton is trying to give her campaign a boost with her very first tv ads this time around but rumblings continue she could face a new threat
8:54 am
vice president joe biden. is he jumping in. >> plus new polls show most americans don't like the iran nuke deal as the ayatollah writes a book on how to outwit the u.s. and destroy israel. can iran be trusted? >> more tweets from the ayatollah? handwriting obsolete in the digital age. we'll show you where schools are teaching typing instead of cursive. >> plus you're #oneluckyguy, "outnumbered" at top of the hour. jon: fascinating to watch that one. >> thanks. jon: the jury in colorado resumes deliberations in the sentencing phase of the james holmes murder trial. dan springer life in centennial colorado with the late from the courtroom. dan? >> reporter: jon, the yuri arrived here at arapahoe county courthouse an hour ago. this is deciding whether or not the mitigating factors in this case the mental illness suffered
8:55 am
by james holmes outweighs the heinous nature of the theater massacre just over three years ago. 12 people killed including a six-year-old girl, another 70 people injured. the jury decided once holmes is elgible for the death penalty but under colorado law they will have to do that two more times and be unanimous two more times for holmes to be sent to death row. jury heard from holz's parents that he had a normal, happy childhood. they also said they had no idea he was capable of violence or murder. they had the defense team blaming delusions that holmes had as he suffered from schizophrenia. the defense lawyers want the jury to have sympathy for holmes. the district attorney has kept the focus on all the victims. the following day the jury will hear from 15 of the family members of the 12 people that holmes killed three years ago. jon? jon: dan springer, in centennial, colorado. thank you dan. jenna: coming up the next hour
8:56 am
of "happening now," powerful winds and heavy rains knocking out power for millions in the u.s. how long will the severe weather last? we'll have that for you next hour of "happening now."
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
national goo geographic announcing their photo win with this picture of a hump back hail cruising around with its baby on its back. the photographer who snapped this goes on an eight-day trip to costa rica. >> that looks like a painting. >> they look awfully close there to the clouds. congrats to that photographer.
9:00 am
>> "outnumbered" starts now. >> see you back in an hour. this is "outnumbered." i am andrea tantaros and here with us back from vacation harris faulkner sandra smith, jedediah bila and today's #onelucky guy, political editor of guy benson is back. he is outnumbered. welcome back guy. >> it is great to be back. >> last time you were here your book was out and it has done well. congrats on that. >> thank you. >> starting a lot of conversations. >> that is the whole goal. >> speaking of starting one let's start ours. this a big week for republicans three days before the presidential debate which you will see here on fox news donald trump is remaining the momentum


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