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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 4, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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brings winds and knocks down a packed tent. >> two people are dead dozens more injured. let's get to kelly wright. >> storms were there but no one expected this. it caught those at the lancaster fair grounds for circus under the tent completely off guard. >> the flaps on the side of the tent they were open. they weren't down with my polls or anything. they started going crazy. rain was coming in. thought we were going to leave. next thing you know wind picks up. >> they described the frightening ordeal for 100 people caught in the middle of a severe storm. strong winds roaring through the
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big 10. killing two people injuring 22 others. during the frightening moments he was focusing his efforts mainly on one thing. >> get my kids safe. that's all i want to do. they were about 6 feet up they were trying to get everybody down. luckily enough we all got down. >> in chicago a tent blew down killed one man and injured 12 other people. new hampshire governor is keeping an eye on the situation. the governor says the state's emergency operation center had been vak vated to help those in need. >> kelly wright live for those -- live in the studio. >> heavy rain forcing people to
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evacuate their home. >> five women are rescued from an elderly care facility. the water dangerously high. >> 40 others pulled from the water there. up to a foot and a half of rain has fallen in the last two weeks. >> there could be relief in sight. maria molina is here tracking it al all. >> it has been a day luge of water out there. it has been in place through central florida. tropical moisture helping enhance thundershower activity. many areas reporting 20 inches of rainfall out there during the month of july. now we are into august and continue to go see the slow moving weather pattern. the system is finally going to start to move as we head into tomorrow and we will turn to summer like conditions across central florida with pop-up showers and thunderstorms in the
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next few hours. across the plains today it is a slight risk. isolated tornadoes large hail damaging winds possible with the storms. temperature wise very summer like across the southeast and the plains. temperatures in the 90's triple digits for many of you. heather and ainsley. >> thank you maria. well, it is decision day. the top 10 gop candidates set to begin in thursday's big debate will be announced today. nearly all of the candidates will be appearing except for donald trump as he talks yet another poll. exciting news for all of us. >> they will use the average of 5 recent polls. many others can participate in earlier debates. donald trump makes the top 10 in fact he dominates.
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it has him up 15 percentage points. jeb bush at 16. scott walker down 6 points since last months at 9 percent. ben carson falls at 7 percent. cruz and huckabee are at 6. marco rubio and rand paul are at 5. chris christie and john kasich rounds out the top 10. carlie fi carlie fy fiorina dropping in t polls. >> 71 percent of federal spending is between entitlement and debt service. it is not the american people failing the entitlement system it's the leaders of the country failing by not telling the truth. >> i would take the advice of the military very seriously. we need a strategy first. this president for two times every minute we don't have a
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strategy for isis pretty amazing. >> how long do we talk about the border being insecure? 30 years. how long have we known? 30 years. >> very likely much less controversial. we will be watching. to that one question why didn't donald trump attend the forum in new hampshire? >> one of the sponsors of the forum says trump declined to offend because of a piece critical of trun that appeared in the newspaper. union leader unlikely to receive its endorsement anyway. >> sticking to his guns. that's why a lot of people like him. thank you, rich. have a good day. >> with all eyes on trump ahead of thursday today weekly standard writer steve hayes says he has been able to do something special. he needs to do one more thing before he becomes a serious candidate.
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>> you look at favorables it is something difficult to do which is turn around those numbers in a short amount of time. the challenge for him now is to convince people he has ideas. anger and frustration can be a great motivating factor. nothing wrong with exploiting that. you also have to have plans and ideas. you have to have actual ideas and a plan. shouting about the problems in the country p won't get that done. >> a two-day manhunt for a cop killer in memphis coming to an end. will burn turning himself into u.s. mother shalls wi-- u.s. mo
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shalshal marshals. he was killed on saturday night after interrupting what appeared to be a drug deal. wilbourn set to be arraigned today. a muslim charged in the murder of a 19-year-old student will be arraigned on terror charges. he admitted to shooting a man 8 times while he was stopped at a traffic light. he was on a bloody jihadi crusade to punish the united states for foreign policy. it is the first ever murder in new jersey where a defendant has been charged with terror. a routine training exercise turns deadly at a florida military base. one airman is dead and another in critical condition after a parachute accident in the panhandle area. air force officials have not yet released their names. the largest of 21 wildfires causing even more problem bes as a jump to highway 30 as a
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containment line. it has tripled since the weekend now starting with the 62,000 acres. tender dry conditions and wind allowing it to spread quickly thousands of firefighters are trying to tame the flames. the fire is only 12 percent contained. but two dozen homes have been destroyed and at least 5,000 more are still at risk. 13,000 residents flee their homes. tom brady and roger goodell again. he will go to a courtroom august 12th. last week goodell upheld his position after the quarterback initial appeal. he filed a complaint seeking to vacate that suspension. a federal judge encouraged both sides to reach the settlement. >> this incredible come back was well worth it. >> on the one. still going. ball game is over. are you kidding me?
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>> the graves beating the giants with a oning off two run homer in the 129 sinniinning. they came from behind and sealed the deal beating the giants 9-8. it is now 9 minutes after the top of the hour. ripped off the train tracks with seconds to spare, who made a heart stopping save just in time? >> a sunday service is anything but ordinary when a man tries to rob churchgoers at gun point. >> what the pastor did that proves god is always on his side. >> i couldn't help but notice you look a lot like my next girlfriend. >> pickup lines that can be hit or miss. we have the ones that actually work. >> recent interview hillary clinton says one of the jobs that prepared her to be
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>> the student ringleader, lawyers filing motions to release the suspect back to libya arguing last year's arrest was illegal. the u.s. finally did it right by moving him into a slow moving ship. they have not commented on the motion. a disturbing string of crimes at the southern border against immigration agents. a 16-year-old illegal immigrant in texas caught a cop on fire pulled a rifle on police and
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took them on a 30 minute chase. he was arrested after crashing and he did it to wage war against the government for illegals and he was tired of people shot by police. well, he said god is on his side. a pastor down in florida takes down a man trying to rob churchgoers during a sunday service. pastor was in the sermon when police say john grace pulled out a gun held it to someone's head and demanded cash. >> please give me money. >> but grace picked the wrong church to mess with. >> it was absolutely horrifying. i dropped the mike i grabbed his shoulder. >> he realized it was a bee-bee gun. grace is charged with armed
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robbery. >> don't look down. the second longest escalator in the western hemisphere. they just unveiled this fastest moving staircase it rises 106 feet along the diagonal and takes three minutes to get all of the way to the top or bottom. >> there's new evidence that is helping them hunt for the killer of the hitchhiking robot who traveled the world only to be murdered on the streets of philadelphia. a horrible tral de unfold. >> good morning to you. we have this video. it is unclear whether or not it is official surveillance video. you can see the attack it all happened here on alfred avenue the most historic alley in the
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city of philadelphia. this person in the eagle responsible for the robot's demise. we don't know for sure. the video was shared with us by a local prankster. he got the video from an art gallery on the corner. the gallery says they don't have sur have i le-- surveillance on outside. philly is out to redeem itself. one tech company in west philadelphia is ordering hearts and -- parts and is going to try to give the bought the reboot. a tribute philly loves hitch bought. hitch boug hitch bot creators was trying to do a social experiment and it is not over. what can we learn? they will have future add vvents for humans and robots. >> thank you, jennifer.
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if you ever paid using a square reader hackers are using them to steal your credit card information. lauren simonetti is here to tell us what is happening here. they can turn it into skimming devices. they can disable square's enkripgs and use it at a later date. watch your credit card statements. >> apple wants to be your phone carrier. the tech giant reportedly launching what's called a mobile virtual network operator where it leases space from established carriers so instead of paying your carrier you pay apple for calls texts and data. insiders saying apple wants to launch what is called icloud voice mail automatically transcribes your voice mail into sex using suri.
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getting from new york to london faster than new york to philadelphia. they will have a hyper sonic jet that could travel four and a half times the speed of sound and use two turbo jets that would allow the flight to climb vertically at takeoff. at mcdonalds all day breakfast here. it is serving fancy breakfast in australia. they are testing a core may menu with corn fritters avocado snack platter. lettuce burgers down under. meat packed in lettuce leaves. instant bun. >> i love the lettuce wraps. great idea. thank you, loren. >> drama after death. the brand new trouble for the family of bobbi kristina brown the day she is laid to rest.
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>> a deadly league airs outbreak. city health officials are tracing it back to five air-conditioning water coolers at the tops of buildings in the broncs area. those sites have been cleaned but more people are expected to be sick. it is usually spread when someone inhales contaminated water droplets. a 9-year-old bat boy dies and they are making sure it never happens again. the baseball congress announcing
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it will not use bat boys or girls for the rest of the season. kaiser carlisle died after being hit in the head by a player's practice swing in kansas. it is possible the next season as well. such a hoaribilirrible tragedy. >> bobby brown is leaid to rest next to her mother. they are leading mourners the private ceremony was filled. they are said to be at war after pictures of bobbi kristina's open casket was sold for more than 100,000 dollars. each family now blaming the other for inviting the guest that took him. pictures of the casket were sold to the national enquirer and ran on the cover of the tabloid. hollywood heartbreak to tell you about this morning as two musical couples call it quits.
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>> after 13 years of marriage gwen staefani are getting divorced. they are siting irreconcilable differences. they will enjoy joint custody of their three sons. >> another split after 26 years. no word on why they are splitting up but they plan to still work together. >> at run time they were all in love that leads us to our brew on this. ever been cornered in a bar by a guy or girl like this. >> poof, i am here. what are your other two wishes? >> do pick up lines really work? yes. cheesy or not researchers are reviewing the five best lines that actually work. >> here they are. i forgot my phone number, can i have yours? >> i think tricky. i think there's something wrong
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with my phone could you try calling for it. >> do you believe in love at first sight or should i walk around you for three or four more times. hi, i am doing a survey. what's your name, what's your phone number? are you free next saturday? have a feel of this shirt. do you know what that feels like? boyfriend material. >> that's bad. >> the study finds 66 percent of men admit to using pickup lines. here's the thing, only 5 percent of women are insulted by them. most prefer compliments. >> what is the best or worse line you ever heard and did it work? shoot us an e-mail at "fox friends >> you must be from tennessee. because you are a ten- i see. >> cute. cheesy but keeps the conversation rolling. >> it is 25 after the top of the
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>> it is tuesday august 4th. decision day. hours from learning which gop candidates will make a main debate stage. most get a practice run. messages on why donald trump decided to stip okip out. >> shackled in school. children happenndcuffed in a classroom. the charges just filed.
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gone in 60 seconds. the major airport swallowed up by a sand storm. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "fox and friend first. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers thank you for staying with us or joining us. what should have been a fun summer night at the circus turns into chaos. 60 mile per hour winds rip the tent right from the ground. >> two people dead and dozens more injured as the storm hits. kelly wright joins us live with the terrifying details. >> so terrifying indeed. downpouring rain and strong winds began raking through a tent where 100 people had gathered to see a show. the storm literally brought the big tent down as people ran for their lives.
2:31 am
people just yelled run. you see stakes coming up from the ground and the tent goes up and over. >> brandon focused on getting his family to safety. his quick actions were no match for the strong winds and rain that caused his 4-year-old son to be among those injured. >> oo took a pole to the upper side of his left eye up to his forehead. got him pretty good. all i thought when i looked at him -- >> fortunately his son was safe and well but that was not the case for two people who were sadly killed during the storm. it was a young girl and her grandfather killed. the police are waiting. this comes one day after a storm in chicago. a tent in a music festival killing one man and killing 12
2:32 am
other people. they are keeping an eye on the situation. the emergency operations center have been activated to help those. terrible, terrible situation. kelly wright live for us this morning. thank you for the update. extreme weather. storm waters receding in tampa after heavy rain forces drivers out. >> a similar rescue at a nearby mobile home park as well. 40 people helped out of their homes. up to a foot and a half of rain has fallen in this area in the past two weeks. there may finally be relief in sight. maria molina is here. >> if you live in florida you are used to the storms that tend to fire up during the afternoon hours. in florida it has been a little on the unusual side in central florida. we have had a persistent frontal boundary across starts of the
2:33 am
state. that has been the focus of showers and storms. many reporting well over a foot of rain when you count in the days from july. this has been ongoing already for several days now. for today we have the flood watches in effect across west central florida. area of tampa could be looking at more flooding. across the northeast mid atlantic and across the plains we could be looking at potential weather. isolated tornadoes will be possible. otherwise temperature wise in the southeast and also in the southern plains we are going to be reaching in the 90's and also triple digits out there as we head into later today. >> maria molina live for us. thank you. who is in and who is out for the first gop candidates. they will be announced today. nearly all of the candidates appearing in new hampshire for one final push except for donald trump topping the polls. live in tv with the latest for
2:34 am
us. exciting day the count down is on. >> top 10 performers in five recent polls that's how fox will work this one. it will be thursday night. as an indication of where the candidates might fall in the average. latest fox news poll has donald trump well ahead of the rest of the republican field at 26 percent. jeb bush at 15. scott walker is at 9 percent. ben carson is at 7. senator ted cruz and mike huckabee tied at 6. rubio and paul are at 5 and christie and kasich are at 3 percent. rounds out the top 10. carly fiorina rajust outside of the top 10. they brought their messages to a new hampshire forum last seening. >> we no longer have seniority
2:35 am
or tenure. we can hire and fire based on merit and performance. >> i stood up to the president and said no more we are not going to let you collect our phone records indiscriminately. >> the only way we turn our country around stop the spending bankrupting your kids and grand kids. >> new hampshire union leader was one of the hosts. donald trump declined to participate in it. it was because of a piece critical that appears ed about trump in the paper. he won't get their endorsement. >> before i let you know i wanted to ask you know question. will the candidates not chosen be given a chance to speak on thursday? >> the republican field is substantial from that whole graphic we saw earlier. the top 10 debate earlier and the candidates do not make the
2:36 am
top 10 as well. >> martha mccallum and bill hemmer hosting that. >> needed to get that question. >> charles krauthammer says he shouldn't expect donald trump to throw any punches. >> i would think from his point of view when you have the kind of lead he does and the others don't have a particular incentive to attack you because it might hurt the rest of the field you have a good shot at just plain being quiet. i don't see trump coming in throwing around his results. what i do sees maybe one of the candidates on the lower running who maz a lot less to lose and more to gain might take a shot at trump. >> he goes on to say the person most likely to come out swinging is probably senator rand paul. >> a cop killer coming to an
2:37 am
end. wilbourne says he is not a could yourd a. that's how police described him. so he turned himself in to marshals. a former marine and five year veteran of the force. he was killed saturday night after interrupting what appeared to be a drug deal. bilbourn is set to be arraigned today. >> muslims charged in the murder of af 19-year-old student set to be arraigned on terror charges. he admitted to shooting him eight times while stopped at a traffic light last june. brown told police he was on a bloody jihad crusade to punish the united states for foreign policy. >> the department of veterans affairs now moving to review the status of marines affected by tainted water in camp le jeune. it was in 1953 to 1957 who developed cancer and health problems will be eligible for additional coverage.
2:38 am
documents showed they failed to take action after tests of groundwater contamination in the early 1980 #s. more than a million people have been affected. the navy is over hauling the business assessment will starting next year sailors will have more opportunities to pass their body competition test. they can still pass with a healthy waste size or body fat percentage. those who failed will be put into a fitness and nutrition program. if you fail three times in two years that is when they will be kicked out. they hope it will promote long-term fitness. >> college students work hard but they party even harder. >> we have to do something. >> absolutely. >> you know what we have to do? toga party. >> but who parties the hardest? the princeton review named university of illinois in champagne as this year's top party school. they put the information together from students who say
2:39 am
the drinking culture is huge there when their heads aren't buried in books. rounding out the top 5 iowa, madison, syracuse. >> that's why i don't last for four years. couldn't stain it that long. >> ripped off the train tracks who made a heart stopping save just in time. >> think you will be spending yoa lot on summer get away we have ways to get free or cheap hotel stays. >> are you okay? >> i am in so much pain right now. >> stopping a hangover before it even starts. the one thing you should eat heather before you go out drinking. >> i do it so often.
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legionnaires. legionnaires . .. ..
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.. .. at school.
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>> a sheriff handcuffs children at school. >> that hurts. >> this video was taken last fall showing the sheriff restraining a boy with adhd for 15 minutes. the school officer is accused of doing the same thing to a 9 the-year-old girl. the sheriff's office hasn't commented. baltimore has a brand new strategy to stop record breaking violence bring in the federal government. baltimore police now getting 10 federal agents to help the city's homicide unit for the next 10 months. they have been trying to stop the major up kick in the violence.
2:44 am
surrounding the death of freddie gray. california wildfires raging out of control. the largest of the more than 20 fires jumping a highway serving as a containment line. this has tripled. it has tripled since the weekend now charring more than 6,000 acres -- 60,000 acres. thousands of firefighters are still on the scene. they have managed to get the fire at 12 percent containment. 2 dozen homes have already been destroyed. 5,000 more still at risk as 13,000 residents flee their home. >> check this out. there's an airport there swallowed up by a massive sand storm in less than a minute. it happened in jordan. the dark clouds covering the planes whipping winds forced a few flights to be diverted until the storm cleared up which was about 20 minutes later. >> time for your 5@5:00. five ways you can stay at a
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hotel for free. carol casone is here with the tips we need. sounds too good to be true, cheryl. >> it is not believe it or not. according to aaa leisure travel index. the average nightly stay is 6 percent higher this year than last year. 45 bucks on average. there are ways to get good deals as we near the end of the summer travel season. besides airline fare deals that may soon begin to show up tips from money watch. use credit card points. most have great introductory offers. you can rack up points quick. you can trade-in frequent flyer miles. you can ap tend time share presentations. you have usually a two-hour sales pitch. web site let's you swap homes with others. check out home or home link for that possibility. you can also check out house
2:46 am that has people who want their homes watched while they go on vacation. you can stay and maybe you will get paid. >> it all makes sense now. thanks, cheryl. to find cheryl on the fox business network log on to f. >> a viral video that has everyone watching. nothing can prepare you for one tiny dog. >> no. >> yes. >> that is the pomeranian struggling to sneeze and the noise he comes out with just priceless. this has over 6 million views on youtube right now. we have to hear that again. definitely. >> he's getting a poodle. >> it's a picture no wants to
2:47 am
see where a lifeguard is caught sleeping on the job. >> despicable ride where a minion escapes and takes over traffic. >> see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> my kids would freak out. a dream come true. coming up here on "fox & friends" in 13 minutes candidates preparing for the big debate stage on thursday night. radio talk show host mark levin weighs in. we are going to ask people what they are looking forward to in thursday's debate. it is dues on thelose. the top franchise is hiring right now. candice cameron stops by. mornings are better with friends. see you in about 12 minutes from now at the top of the hour.
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♪ ♪ so i tell myself that i'll be gone and dreaming when they're gone ♪ a look at times square there where the lights are always shining bright. and you're watching "fox & friends first." thank you so much for sticking around with us. a california sheriff saved a man's life with just seconds to spare, and it's all caught on camera. watch as the deputy pulls the man away from his black sedan and then drags him off the train tracks near san jose. just moments later, that train barrels through and then crushes the car. the man was believed to be under the influence. heather, look at this picture. this is a lifeguard that's
2:52 am
busted for falling asleep on the job. a mother vacationing in virginia beach spotted this guy snoozing in the lifeguard stand, and now he's suspended for two weeks. a spokesperson says this one man's actions do not represent the work of other lifeguards. well, a 7-foot alligator surprises beachgoers on the south carolina coastline. this is at polly's island where matt is going next weekend. police and an independent contractor were able to tie up this beast who was flailing around all over the place in the surf. they moved him to a safe location. he may seem out of place. don't normally see an alligator in the ocean, but the police chief tells the town that they get about two alligators visiting of year because young gators get caught in the current. coming up on "f "fox & friends," we're going to talk to a woman whose family helped wrestle that alligator, keeping you safe. >> wow. i'd run the other way. >> me, too. >> thanks. well, do you want to avoid a hangover like this? >> i've never been this hungover. how are we doing?
2:53 am
>> i feel great. i ran a 5k this morning. >> really? >> no, i threw up in the shower. >> the cure could be in a pear. brand-new research shows eating it before could help you wake up without a headache, reducing the amount of alcohol absorbed into your system. keep that in mind. having trouble getting up this morning? look at this. this ejector bed might be just what you need. ♪ the youtube inventor has unveiled his ejector bed to help get you out of bed. now if only it could make breakfast. >> that would make me so mad. >> can you imagine being asleep and then that happening? it can't be real. 15 minutes a day. what you can do this morning to extend your life. >> i couldn't help but notice you look a lot like my next
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girlfriend. >> well, science now says that pickup lines really do work. we are reading your e-mails about the best and the worst ones up next.
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here's what's happening. the man accused of gunning down a memphis police officer will be arraigned today. wilbourn turned himself in after a manhunt. two people are dead, 22 others injured after a circus tent collapsed in the high winds during a show in lancaster, new hampshire. a state disaster response team is now on the way to investigate. and the ten top gop candidates appearing in thursday's big debate will be announced at 5:00 p.m. today following the release of a -- the latest national polls. let's keep talking about this debate. which issues do you want to hear most about when the candidates take the stage on thursday? logon to our facebook page to weigh in. that's #keeptalking. now it is time for "the good, the bad and the ugly." do you want to live longer? take a 15-minute walk. people over the age of 60 who walked or exercised for that amount of time were 22% more likely to live than those who did not exercise at all. regular exercise cuts the risk of major illnesses like heart
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attack and stroke. and the bad. you've heard of a runaway bride. we've got a runaway groom. he was granted bail from prison to attend his wedding. and once the couple said "i do," he bolted. police chasing the groom for weeks before nabbing him, his new wife saying she still loves him. she still loves her convict husband. and the ugly. a giant escaped minion blamed for a giant traffic jam. the inflatable balloon blew away in ireland. it is more than 30 feet tall. it had to be deflated before being carried away. poor minion. it is time now for your "brew on this." do pickup lines really work? >> i'm here. >> what are your other two wishes? >> well, a new study says that even some of the cheesiest lines really do work. so we asked what is the worst or the best pickup line that you've ever heard? did it work? >> susan says, i said, wait, i have something in my eye. and he said, you have stars in your eyes and you sparkle!
3:00 am
it worked! betty said i've got a truck and when i get it fixed, i can come see you. i don't know if that's a good one. >> nick said this one. how much does a polar bear weigh? enough to break the ice. hi, my name is nick. >> and max says have we met before? where did we meet? i remember now, in my dreams. >> aww, that's sweet. "fox & friends" starts right now. guys? >> good morning. it's tuesday, august 4th, and i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert with wild weather wreaking havoc across the nation in florida, roads turned into rivers, rescue crews rushing to save people stranded in cars and homes. and in new hampshire, a deadly collapse at a circus. hundreds of people sent scrambling after strong winds took out a tent. we're going to hear from an eyewitness straight ahead. meanwhile, a republican showdown in the state of new hampshire. 14 candidates meet in a preview of thursday night's presidential debate. bu t


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