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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 5, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you tonight from the rock and roll hall of fame and museum in cleveland, ohio. two nights from now we will host the first republican presidential candidate debates of the 2016 campaign season. we can now announce the ten candidates who will appear on stage for the primetime debate thursday night. and the seven who will be invited to the earlier debate on the same stage here in cleveland. anyone on either stage could be president of the united states. i'm joined by my colleagues and co-mod rarts, meghan kelly from new york and chris wallace from washington to make the announcement. okay guys the position of your
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candidates as we've talked about on the stage correlates with their position in the average of polls in the first spot directly center stage, billionaire businessman donald trump. after trump you have former florida governor jeb bush seen early as a frontrunner, now it's a different situation with 17 candidates declared. next to trump on the other side wisconsin governor scott walker came in at 10.2% in the polls. and next to bush on the other side former arkansas governor mike huckabee. in the fifth spot newcomer to politics neurosurgeon dr. ben carson. we should point out the five polls included in the average were conducted by the following organizations. bloomberg, cbs, fox news monmouth university and quinnipiac university. meghan. >> coming in in the next five this is where the real drama has
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been. because the question has been who will make it into the tenth position? and appear on the primetime debate stage with the fox news anchors at the debate? the list begins ted cruz. he's at 5.4%. senator ted cruz of texas. senator marco rubio also coming in at 5.4%. senator rand paul at 4.8%. governor chris christie at 3.4%. and the tenth participant who will appear on stage at the fox news debate this thursday night is governor john kasich with 3.2%. the governor of ohio. which will be the state in which the debate is held. that edges out governor rick perry who had been in that position up until recently but did not average into the top ten according to these polls that include over 2400 interviews contained within five polls that the statisticians have looked at and appear to leave in john kasich will take that tenth position. chris wallace? >> well it's going to be a
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fascinating debate the primetime debate at 9:00 p.m. obviously the stunning news or that we're kind of gotten used to it in the last week or two, donald trump, the billionaire developer, is going to be front and center in the prime seat as the leader the frontrunner at this point, for the republican presidential nomination and then flanked by the other two top tier candidates who also were in double digits. jeb bush and scott walker. and that is a very interesting you talk about odd couple. an odd trio. the three of them. i think it's will go interesting just looking at that group to see that the two senators who a lot of people thought would be in the top tier marco rubio and ted cruz are not. they're back in the pack at about 5, 6%. then interesting news as you pointed out, john kasich the governor of ohio where this debate is going to be held jumping into the top tier announced very late. got kind of a post-announcement bounce.
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and he's made it onto the stage for the primetime debate. now, there is going to be an earlier debate 5:00 p.m. eastern. candidates invited to be on stage for the 5:00 p.m. debate include rick perry. he finished 11th. but he will be in the number one position for the earlier debate. rick santorum another person who ran in 2012 both of them at least so far have not caught on. bobby jindal the current governor of louisiana, carly fiorina, the only woman in the pack former ceo of hewlett-packard. lindsey graham senator from south carolina running very much on a foreign policy platform of engagement hawkish. george pitaki former governor of new york and the former governor of virginia jim gilmore, who also ran previously. and at this point is well under 1%. you guys your thoughts about that group. >> well i tell you, it's going to be interesting.
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bill hammer and martha will be running the show from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern time. it's important to point out that any of those candidates could bump up later on and be in a different position in a different debate. from 9:00 to 11:00 the focus will be on those ten on stage. and we've been working in that cocoon of moderators guys to come up with those questions to try to take them off the talking points meghan. >> i think the 5:00 exchange will be interesting. because those are the folks who really need to sling some arrows. they want to get out of those lower polling positions and into the top tier. so there may be some sparks flying. however, all the marbles are going to be out beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern on thursday night when the top tier candidates are going to have to fight to see who's in that top position. i think donald trump, many people thought he was a flash in the pan and that his poll numbers would fade already. and he has proven that he has staying power and has a significant section of the republican electorate behind
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him. so he's obviously going to be fair game for those other gopers up there, many of whom are already saying they're not going to attack. he's saying he's not going to attack. but the three of us sitting right here all know yes they are. they are, too. >> it will be fun. it will be interesting. i'm warming it up for you. i know you guys are coming in tomorrow. we're at the rock and roll hall of fame tonight. it will be interesting at the queue. incidentally also the site of the rnc convention july 2016. last thoughts chris. >> well i think one of the points you made is absolutely essential. and that is yes there's the primetime debate the earlier debate. but this is still what almost seven, eight months before people actually start voting in iowa. so this is an opportunity, these two debates, so or the out this enormous field of 17. and i agree with you. some of the people in the top tier will fall back into the second tier. and some of the people in the second tier will come forward. and people -- we don't want to make it the donald trump show
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but it is. everybody is fascinated that he is the frontrunner for the nomination now. as opposed to these other most of them career politicians except for ben carson and carly fiorina, we just don't quite know how donald trump, will he be the bombastic reality show star? or will he because he's now got a lead to protect, be a more conventional politician? we'll see on thursday night. >> meghan we'll see you tonight at 9:00 p.m. for "the kelly file" and we'll see you both here in cleveland tomorrow. thanks. >> i'll tell you one thing, bret. the one thing i'm disappointed about is that somehow huckabee landed in the top ten. as the viewers all know i'm really hoping i don't have to actually introduce him. had a little trouble with his name. >> we won't go back to that moment. >> it's a family show. a family show. >> he's just kidding, governor. just kidding. >> he knows that. >> well listen cleveland will be the center of the political universe for the first time
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really in the next few days. and of course you're seeing right here crews setting up a debate stage at oracle arena, home of lebron james and nba's cleveland cavaliers. when we get done with the arena they'll tear everything down and get ready for the next big show motley crew final tour same place. how about that? debate to motley crew. now that the jockeying for debate assignments is over the candidates are focusing on preparation. chief political correspondent carl cameron tells us tonight from washington the methods of preparation vary. >> reporter: the southern baptist convention nation's large echt gathering of christian conservatives, invited the entire 2016 gop field. only two took part. jeb bush appeared in person and won applause when asked about planned parenthood's sale of body parts from aborted fetuses. >> the next president should defund planned parenthood. >> reporter: marco rubee pretaped a satellite interview.
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two others were no shows. john kasich turned questions about thursday's fox debate in his home state of ohio back to granite state voters. >> these debates matter. but these elections are won in the trenches. they're won with the folks out here. >> reporter: most of the field took part in a high-speed new hampshire cattle call with five interviews last night. donald trump skipped it telling the newspaper he didn't expect their endorsement. his absence focused on bush. to knock bush's economic goal of 4% growth as p too focused on the well off. >> i think it's very important that with economic growth comes responsibility and ability to help people who live in the shadows. our whole purpose has got to be to give everybody a sense that the american dream is alive, that we all can rise. >> i'm a new fresh face versus a name from the past. i'm someone from outside of washington with a proven track record. >> reporter: several tested out new obama-clinton zingers. >> i'm fluent in clinton speech. when bill says i didn't have sex
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with that woman he did. when she tells us trust me you've got all the e-mails you need we haven't even scratched the surface. >> give bernie sanders credit. at least he's honest enough to call himself a socialist. the hillary clinton and president obama are no better. they're just not honest enough to call themselves socialists. >> short appearance last night may help in thursday's debate. ted cruz may have an edge as a principle ton hall of fame debater with several national and team national championships. cruz rubio and paul appeared via satellite from d.c. where they are fighting unsuccessfully to pass paul's legislation to defund planned parenthood. this morning paul suggested if the president and others continue to block planned parenthood defunding it could run into another government shutdown. the republican candidate debates will be held thursday here in cleveland as we mentioned, the first event begins at 5:00 eastern time with my colleagues bill hammer and martha maccallum. coverage of the primetime debate
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starts at 8:50 eastern time. set the dvr. fox exhibit inside the rock and roll hall of fame. a lot of cool stuff in here about the there is of rock and roll and its tie to cleveland. we're here for presidential politics this week obviously. one interesting tidbit in here. in 1980 joe walsh of the eagles and the james gang ran for president. it was kind of a joke. but you see he has a bumper sticker. we'll be taking it easy here at "special report" returning after the break from cleveland.
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a pro-life group has released a fifth video alleging planned parenthood breaks federal law by selling body parts from aborted fetuses. hear a planned parenthood official discusses the organization's he policy on
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altering aabortion procedures to help buyers. >> if we alter our process and we're able to obtain intact fetal cadavers then we can make it part of the budget that any dissections are this and splitting the specimens into different shipments is this. i meanst that's all just a matter of line items. >> yesterday senate democrats and one republican defeated a republican measure to defund planned parenthood. but republican lawmakers vow to keep trying. back to politics overall in 2016 and the growing interest in the potential possible candidacy of vice president joe biden. tonight chief white house correspondent ed henry looks deeper at what it might mean for hillary clinton. >> reporter: president obama just smiled today when asked if
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he wants his vice president, joe biden, who was standing just a few feet away to challenge his former secretary of state, hillary clinton. though brother frank was far less cautious telling the palm beach post "i'd like nothing better. i make no bones about the fact that i'm one of the voices in the big clan that says go joe, go." that encouragement comes as clinton took her biggest hit yet in the polls. a "wall street journal"-nbc news poll revealing a majority of white women, 53%, now have an unfavorable view of clinton. shocking for someone running to be the first female president in american history. so clinton is rushing to deal with the enthusiasm problem. after initially using the word "disturbing" to describe the undercover videos that reveal planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue clinton is now sharply defending planned parenthood as she released a campaign video reviving the charge republicans are waging a war on women. with monday's unsuccessful vote
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to cut off the group's taxpayer funding. >> if this feels like a full-on assault on women's health that's because it is. >> reporter: leading republican candidate chris christie to call clinton out. >> do you support the causes of planned parenthood in the killing of children in the womb in a way that maximizes their body parts for sale on the open market? >> reporter: also very telling, clinton's first two tv ads out today. >> when i think about why i'm doing this i think about my mother dorothy. >> reporter: it's all about reaching out to female voters which tells republicans the candidate is in more trouble than her campaign is admitting. >> it's very late in her political life to be reintroducing herself to the american people. >> reporter: though a form clinton adviser notes if biden does get in he and senator bernie sanders may actually help clinton steady the ship. biden will divide with sanders the anti-hillary vote which is substantial. >> doug stone added if there are
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any more self-inflicted clinton wounds, biden is more dangerous to her than sanders because the v.p. is seen as a more credible alternative who could actually get the democratic nomination. >> ed thanks. anything rock and roll you can find it here at the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland. right behind me one of the many guitars for jerry garcia with the grateful dead. did you know there are 12 inducted members of the grateful dead here in the rock and roll hall of fame? as you look at this guitar 12 inducted members. that is still less than all of the candidates who will be on stage here in cleveland thursday for the debate. 17.
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a busy birthday today for president obama, and one thing he may be wish forg when he blows out the candles is a little more support for his legacy iran nuclear deal. correspondent kevin corke has details from the white house tonight. >> reporter: the president spent part of his 54th birthday welcoming u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon to the oval office. climate change syria even isis among the topics of conversation. but hours later his focus shifted to the iran nuclear agreement as he welcomed jewish leaders to the white house to address their concerns about the deal. >> he will reiterate his view that agreement is not based on trust but rather based on our ability to impose the most intrusive set of inspections ever conducted against a country's nuclear program. >> reporter: how and when those inspections are conducted remains a major source of concern for america's closest ally in the region israel.
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today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu told a live webcast audience that with more than three weeks to prepare for a visit by international atomic agency inspectors the iranians would have ample time to do away with any evidence of nuclear activity. >> it's like the police giving a drug dealer 3 1/2 weeks' notice before raiding his lab. believe me you can flush a lot of nuclear meth down the toilet in 24 days. >> reporter: hand wringing about the deal wasn't limited to israel. back on capitol hill lawmakers made no secret of their suspicions of the iranians and apparent side deals made between inspectors and the regime. >> they expect us to just trust the iranians and iaea. i think the fact that they are unwilling to provide side agreements is a serious problem. >> reporter: meanwhile, house foreign affairs committee chairman ed royce unveiled legislation to des approve of the iran deal. royce writing "this deal gives
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up too much too fast to a terrorist state, making the world less safe less secure, and less stable." tomorrow the iaea's director general is expected to be on capitol hill. while he's there he's supposed to be meeting with members of the senate foreign relations committee to discuss the agency's role in monitoring and verifying iran's nuclear activity. bret? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn thank you. reuters reports determinations by the u.s. government experts that cuba should be ranked in the worst group of human trafficking nations have been overruled by the state department. this comes as the obama seeks to restore diplomatic relations with cuba which it also took off its list of nation that is sponsor terrorism. reuters says china was also supposed to be in the worst group, but like cuba was promoted despite the conclusion of analysts. this afternoon the state department says it stands by the process.
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in tonight's regulation nation report possible not so funny business involving president obama's push to radically change the way america gets its energy. correspondent doug mcelway is live in our d.c. bureau good evening, doug. >> good evening, bret. fox news has obtained numerous e-mails that appear to show collusion in drafting the clean power rule. the energy and environment legal institute which filed a lawsuit to obtain these e-mails believes the collusion is illegal. >> we have a process under our laws very specific very precise, detailing how agencies are allowed to write what is in effect law. you are not permitted to write rules in the back room with your buddy or on yahoo! accounts with your buddy. >> reporter: in one e-mail sierra club lobbyist jokes to
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two senior epa executives concerning jena mccarthy's speech in which she said coal will continue to provide more americans security than any other fuel source in 2035. >> they all knew this was a lie. they were saying what they thought they would have to say just to get by. >> reporter: in another memo an epa staffer writes a colleague "is it possible for you all to put together a short summary of the arguments that the sierra club made on why greenhouse gasses are currently regulated under the clean air act? jena would like to get a copy. in yet another, a sierra club lobbyist writes how epa can craft a standard that no coal-fired plant can meet while an epa lawyer responds on his yahoo! account saying attached is a memo i didn't want to send in public. epa administrator said they reached out to a full spectrum to craft the clean power rule. >> you know how i know we got
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this rule right? because we listened. before we even put pen to paper on our proposal we held hundreds of meetings and conversations. we received 4.3 million comments on our proposal. >> the epa did not respond to our request for comment. the energy and environment legal institute says it will file a suit to stop the clean power ruling. bret? >> doug thank you. a plunge by apple stock sent markets down slightly today. the dow lost 47.5. s&p 500 dropped 5. the nasdaq was off 10. you can see just about anything here at the rock and roll hall of fame. the history of rock and roll. check this out much the actual hand-written lyrics "born to run" bruce springsteen on these notebooks, handwritten "out in the street" "born in the usa" the title washington? the award the kennedy center honor to bruce springsteen in 2009.
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we'll see if any of these candidates are born to run thursday on the debate stage. back from cleveland after the break.
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welcome back to cleveland. it is an interesting city a tough midwestern rust belt city that boasts jewels as diverse as this. the rock and roll hall of fame
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museum and the world renowned cleveland clinic. it also has people just like you working hard raising families trying to figure out who best to lead the nation in the years ahead. >> can't, not with apostrophe. >> reporter: michael jaffe is a patent attorney in suburban cleveland. his wife ace teacher, and they have two sons. >> there are two things i think that are really big for me. right now i'm concerned about foreign policy and this whole iran deal. >> worried about it. >> what's that? >> worried about it. >> yeah. yeah. worried about what that's going to lead to. and also about the economy and the out of control spending in washington. >> reporter: michael says he's worried about america's standing in the world and the nation's ability to protect its people now. >> i'm very concerned about this deal with iran and what the billions of dollars of unfrozen
1:33 am
assets could do with respect to the growth in terrorism. i'm concerned about isis and their expansion throughout the middle east. >> reporter: he says he'd like to hear more from governor scott walker and rick perry and senator marco rubio, especially on foreign policy. but he says he's open to others. and it's early. >> i'd like to see a candidate that can establish a new vision for the country that's based on conservative policies. and be able to articulate why those policies would be helpful to americans, especially those who maybe are not typical republican voters. >> javon jackson is 35 years old. he has two kids and lives in downtown cleveland. >> you're a republican. but your family growing up everybody around you, democrats? so what happened? >> well when i was a kid a lot
1:34 am
of times the democratic candidates would come to the church and they'd do a fiery speech and talk about everything they was going to do. i was a little kid and i would on everything and i would take notes. he's going to do this and that. then four years later, bret it still looked the same. then older and older the issues in our community got worse and worse. then they would come back and say the same thing they said when i was eight. and i was like they're lying. and then i kind of moved away from them a little bit. >> i mean to be a republican in downtown cleveland is not an easy thing, right? >> yeah. but you got to sign up for your beliefs, though. >> reporter: he's excited to heart candidates debate in his hometown especially on the issues of the economy and shoring up the u.s. military. he's looking closely at senator marco rubio and his own governor john kasich. >> he's doing a great job. >> so if you had any advice for
1:35 am
the moderators what would it be? >> pay attention to governor kasich. >> you like him. >> yeah. he's a good go. he'll be a good president. and rubio will be a good president, too. both of them. >> i'll get loaded. i'll walk over here and do the paperwork and all that. >> jim logey is a truck driver and a dad. he's divorced raising his three kids two sons and a daughter, in cleveland. >> you got to get up you. got to do your job. as long as you're trying to do that everything should keep going. >> jim's concerned about the economy and energy issues he says go hand in hand. >> i run a small business a very small business. i own my own truck. when fuel prices down it hurts. it takes out of my money. taxes hurts when you're taxing everybody to death it hurts. i want to take care of my family. tax me what you need. learn how to -- i got to live within the budget. the government should learn how to live within a budget.
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>> jim says when it comes to the gop field he's drawn to candidates who have run something. he has his eye on two candidates so far. texas governor rick perry, because of his experience on immigration and creating jobs. >> i like him. of course i like donald trump. >> you do? >> i do. because in this politically correct atmosphere we've had for quite a few years, he's kind of refreshing. i like listening to somebody who just says it as it is. >> sadie moore stewart is a u.s. air force veteran, a mother of an adult son, and an independent. she voted for president obama in 2008. she didn't vote in 2012 because she didn't like her choices. but she's paying attention in 2016. >> the top issue for me is prereform in the political process. because the will of the people is the most important thing that we as americans need to be concerned with. >> so when you tune in thursday night, what are you looking to hear? >> i'm looking to hear someone speak broadly about the problems
1:37 am
and not just stand there and talk about democrats. >> sadie, too this her governor kasich is well positioned for a presidential run. but she's ready to hear from others as well on the gop side. while admitting she may still vote for hillary clinton if she's the democratic nominee. sadie thinks politicians in general are not talking enough about cleaning up government waste. >> i've worked in so many different areas of government work. corrections officer, public defender military. and i see a lot of waste. and i know that we can do better than that. and before i want a candidate talking to me about raising taxes or doing anything there needs to be a serious discussion about waste. >> in government. >> in government. >> our thanks to those four voters all of them said they willen glued to the debate thursday night. we hope you are, too. the lineups are now set. so what can we expect in the
1:38 am
fox news debates? we'll ask the panel back in d.c. after a quick break.
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welcome back to the rock and roll hall of fame museum in cleveland. the ten are now set for the primetime debate 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. eastern time. you can see their positioning on the stage based on where they
1:42 am
finished in the average of five polls, five recent polls, the most recent. and there you see the lineup. one of the people who did not make it to that tenth spot is former texas governor rick perry. he just moments ago tweeted out, "i look forward to being at fox news 5:00 p.m. debate for what will be a serious exchange of ideas and positive solutions to get america back on track." let's bring in our panel back in the studio in washington. syndicated columnist george will, ron fornier of national journal and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, thoughts on the ten and thoughts on the debate as we get closer. >> well obviously the most interesting and unexpected as of a month ago is trump in the center. but i think the more recent surprises, first of all, are kasich that he makes the top ten. he came in very late. he holds down the left wing of the gop.
1:43 am
he's a bleeding heart conservative like jack kemp and he's there. and i think he has the kind of experience in debates, political experience going back almost 20 years, where i think he could handle himself really well. the other surprise marco rubio is in the group but relatively low down. he's slipped over the last couple of weeks. the last is dr. ben carson. you would have thought that with trump taking all the space with a nonpolitician, carson would suffer. but he's going to be two people over. he's going to be almost in the middle. and that i think is remarkable. he's sort of the hare in the race. no he's the tortoise actually. that's not hard to mix up. he's slow he's steady he's quiet. but he's staying there. and he's got staying power. >> ron, your thoughts. >> i agree with everything there. i think the one big dynamic we have going on this election is that with everybody jockeying to
1:44 am
get into the debates we have the flame throwing that's dragging the candidates to the right, dragging them to the bottom. comments like the president leading of israel to the ovens and questioning the president's christianity the kind of things i think over the long term both nationalize the primary process where it's better off if it's localized and brings it to the extremes. >> george? thoughts on the stage? >> i think a lot of people are probably disappointed that carly fiorina isn't on the stage. a because she's a woman and goes against the democrat's recycled narrative this time about the war on women. and also because she's quite articulate and quite good. the person who has the toughest job it seems to me is bret baier. because you've got 120 minutes. if you take out ten minutes for housekeeping welcome to cleveland, thanks for watching here are the candidates and the time it takes to hand off the questions one to another, you're down at least to 110 minutes. now, i'm not a math major.
1:45 am
but 10 divided into 110 is 11 minutes per person. there are limits to how much good or damage you can do to yourself in that time. each candidate has to think carefully about what impression he wants to leave in ten minutes. i think that most of them have been working hard on this. donald trump says that he's not preparing for this since he's running as far as i can tell a fact-free campaign i can understand that. >> there you go. let me point out that the other stage earlier is 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. my colleagues bill hammer and martha mccallum seven candidates on that stage, includes carlie fiorina. that includes the positioning based on polls and where they stand in the average of polls. charles, interesting in this debate. there will be efforts to try to make points so that the next time around the next debate perhaps they're in the top tier. it's 17 candidates.
1:46 am
>> if you go back to '08, all of the candidates were on one stage. but mike huckabee was considered hardly one of the front runners way back in the pack. but he distinguished himself in the debates and he catapulted into the the top tier. so it can be done. of course it's different when you have two separate debates. but i would look for fiorina, she's extremely articulate. she's not that well-known. she had a real uphill struggle to make the ten. she doesn't have the name recognition. she could distinguish herself and end up later on in the top tier. and also rick perry. he's much improved over 200012. and he's got the glasses. and that could take him a long way if he does well. >> yeah. ron, you listen to those ohio voters. and they come from different positions, what's important to them. a number of them mentioned rick per perry. and people are engaged. they really want to see what
1:47 am
happens on thursday night >> yes i mean i don't care whether you're wearing a red or blue jersey. you're so tired of the leadership we're getting right now, you're hungry for something better. and look what this 5:00 debate shows just how deep this republican field is. if i'm counting right there's four governors or former governors all accomplished. there's two current or former senators. a very accomplished ceo in ms. fiorina. i would like to think these men and women live up to their accomplishments and don't pander to the least common denominator. >> george. >> the question hovering over all this will mr. trump play nicely with others. a veteran republican consultant now working for governor kasich said it's like 16 stock car racers entering a race where they know the 17th driver is going to be drunk. which is to say you don't quite know what you're dealing with in mr. trump. >> you know but george you say
1:48 am
that. and he is so far up in these polls. not just the fox poll but across the board. and you have 17 declared candidates. yet he has this huge lead. i mean how do you explain that if as you say it's fact free? >> well i think you explain it by the fact that it's all tone. people like the fact that someone said in the piece you used to set this up that in an era of suffocating political correctness and synthetic indignation about this that and the other thing, it is to many people refreshing to hear a man who simply doesn't care what people think about what he's saying. >> all right, panel, next up president obama working hard to sell the iran nuclear deal. mom has always been one of those people who needs to keep busy. if she's not working in her garden, she's probably on one of her long walks with bailey. she was recently diagnosed with a heart condition.
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secret behind the scenes deal is incorrect. it's very common for these deals-you-these types of agreements to exist is. there is nothing secretive about them. we have been briefed on them. we are confident and understand these agreements are fine. >> the state department defending themselves about are pushing hard to get this iran deal through congress. we are back with our panel. charles, what about this? how it's sitting and what we are hearing about the positioning of the administration. >> i think what's most remarkable is the change of public opinion. quinnipiac had a poll, the latest one came out yesterday showed a two to one against the deal. 58% to 27'%.
1:53 am
and that's -- what's happening is the more people learn about the deal, and this is also reflected in congress the more astonished they are. and it's essentially a couple of elements. one is the sun set provision. people are beginning to understand at the latest 15 years, iran is going to be welcomed into the nuclear club with everything but an induction ceremony. and, second, the inspection regime is simply swiss cheese. it is not serious. jackie mason said that the new york city restaurants have more intensive inspections than iran is going to have. they get any time, anywhere inspection to prevent a bad tuna sandwich. the iranians are going to get almost a month to look for their nukes. so i you think as the knowledge is sinking in, you get a lot of public opinion the question is are there enough democrats who in the end will go against the president on this, which is his signature achievement so-called of his presidency. that's still in the air. i you would say the odds are
1:54 am
probably two to one that obama is able to sustain the veto, but he is slipping. >> ron a couple of democrats saying they will support the president but it is an uphill battle. >> i think charles is right. i have talked to some republicans in the senate. they also believe that the chances are very high the president is going to be able to sustain this deal. but it's going to come at a cost. it might actually put the sanctions relief on the slow track. you look at someone like senator schumer look for him to, at the end of the day, oppose it for political purposes but maybe even consider whipping in favor of it. so voting against it but helping the president out. i know that sounds awfully cynical but i you think he is capable of being that cynical. >> okay, george. >> it's part of the president's ongoing constitutional vandalism that this is not submitted as a treaty and therefore would not be subject to a president sustaining a veto with one third plus one member of either house of
1:55 am
congress. the president is going to un -- what still considers a heavy artillery of his persuasive powers which are not in five years succeeded in making the affordable care ability popular. the republicans are counting on getting the 13 senators that they need from the democratic side because they expect when they go home the polls will be ratified by the behavior of the people who show up at the members town meetings. the republicans also say that democrats are much more critical of the agreement when they are in the secret briefings on the side protocols and other matters than they are when they come out and deal with the press. and perhaps the most vulnerable part of this is the fact that the president believes like woodrow wilson open covenant openly arrived at, is going to have to make all of these open. >> george, ron charles as always thanks a lot. brady bunch style from washington. that's it for the panel. but stay tuned to see why
1:56 am
one republican leader is
1:57 am
finally tonight, chawrm of the republican national committee, reince priebus is making television rounds ahead of thursday's debates. news anchors are asking him about the 2016 candidates, of course. but one question they should probably ask how do you pronounce your name? >> coming up at 7:00 on
1:58 am
towed, an exclusive interview with ri rinse priebus. >> here with what pribus. >> he is way bigger than reince priebus. >> rnc chairman ryans pubis. [cheers and applause] >> we always get it right. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid our thanks to the rock and roll hall of fame, an amazing place. you should check it out. there is a lot here. don't forget the debates thursday night. see you then.priebus >> it is wednesday august 5th. the line of candidates just
1:59 am
reviewed and donald trump is center stage. >> i am not looking to hurt anybody. i am not looking to embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies i will bring up deficiencies. >> who is in and who is out? we are live in cleveland. >> hillary clinton may be asking himself this question. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> why the presidential candidate is being questioned by the feds. >> kelly osbourne apologizing after making these comments. >> if you kick every latino out of this country who will be cleaning your toilet donald trump. >> is there a double standard? >> "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
>> a little bruce this morning to get us started. it is dark out there. good morning to you. you are watching "fox and first. continues it is wednesday. you are halfway there. >> the stage is now set. the lineup for the first republican debate now revealed. >> the republicans qualified for the prime time are donald trump, jeb bush governor scott walker mike huckabee ben carson senator ted cruz senator marco rubio senator rand paul governor chris christie and finally governor john kasich. >> let's go to james rosen live in cleveland to break it all down for us. >> heather and ainsley good morning outside of the quicken loans arena where the debate


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