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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 5, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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especially when it is left wing celebrity versus a conservative in any walk of life. thanks everyone to who responded. >> let us know what question you'd ask the candidates tomorrow night, "fox & friends" starts now. good morning, today is wednesday, august 5th, i'm kimberly gill foil in for elisabeth haasing beck. the stage is set. donald trump already issuing a warning. >> i'm not looking to hurt anybody, i'm not looking to embarrass anybody, if i have to bring up the deficiencies, i'll bring up deficient sis. >> we're live in cleveland with who's in and who's out what with what you need to know. tax payers paid for this anti-white, racist speech. >> white, racist cop coming down
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the street, behave yourself. teaching a black boy to behave or murder. >> believe it or not, he's a comedian. now the federal government giving big bucks to that comedian, calling cops murder s murderers, how in the heck did that happen and who let it happen? and stuck for hours in traffic with nowhere to go. get out the lawn chair and get raies. the driver that went sunbathing. they tell me mornings are better with friends. >> oh yeah. hi everybody, welcome to studio e this morning on this wednesday morning, we've got kim berfully for brian and -- kimberly in for brian and pete in for elisabeth. >> interesting. >> kimberly has something going on in the last hour or so. she could not get a car to bring
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her to work. so she had to hitch. >> yes, thank you very much. >> how many people stopped to pick you up? >> well, my doorman was being very help to feel me, couple guys working down the street, we made it here. i think this is why i've got to get a bicycle. >> great to have you both here and we're glad you will join us as well because the line-up for tomorrow's big debate is officially now set. >> if you're wondering who's if, who's out and what to expect once they take the stage. >> james rose season live in cleveland to break toe it down for us, james. >> hey kimberly and steve, good morning from the quicken loans arena where tomorrow night, the ten candidates who were chosen for this debate will take the stage. let's tell you right away who's going to be on the stage. occupying center stage because he is the front runner in most national gop polls, real estate mogul and full time man, donald trump. then we'll also see former
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florida governor jeb bush, son and brother to two presidents of the united states. scott walker who has survived so many challenges from the union in his home state. former arkansas governor, mike huckabee, well known to viewers of the fox news will also be on the stage. retired surgeon, ben carson. texas senator ted cruz, florida senator, marco rubio, kentucky senator, rand paul, new jersey governor chris christie, and then, perhaps the biggest surprise of this field, ohio governor, john kasich here in his home state, won the last entrance into the crowded field. averaging 3.2% in the five major recent national polls that fox news consulted in order to arrive at these positions. he edged out former texas governor rick perry, who averaged about 1.8% in the five polls. here are the seven candidates who will be participating in a candidate's forum also here in
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cleveland at 5:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow night. as i mentioned, rick perry, former pennsylvania senator, and the winner of the 2012 iowa caucuses, rick santorum, bobby jindal, serious thinking on health care. carly fiorina, and former ceo of hewlett packard. senator lindsey graham of south carolina, well known as a foreign policy expert. former new york governor george pataki who helped that state survive and endaughter and prosper after 9/11, then jim gill more. now, the cynical minds among us make a connection, the next big event that's taking place here, i kid you not, motley crew, back to you in new york. >> thanks for not saying the motley dplu new york, james rosen, thank you. listen, i just downloaded this. i want you to -- if you want to grade the candidates during the
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debate, download the fox news election headquarters 2016 app for your iphone or android. it's on the apple app store or google play, and during the actual debate, you can rate the candidates responses live during the show. >> that's fun, if you can download it, steve -- >> anybody can. absolutely free. >> everybody watch. >> all right. i'm going to get on it during the commercial break. now it's focus time. >> it is. so how many people aretchin? well, the experts are estimating that the audience watching fox news tomorrow night for the first republican debate will probably eclipse donald trump's finale on the celebrity apprentice which was 6.1 million. some are as high as 10 million people watching the american election headquarters coverage of the debate live from the quicken loans arena there in cleveland. that hall is set up to hold 20,000, but for tomorrow night's event, 4500 tickets were sold
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out by the republican party of ohio. >> looks great. all the preparation's under way. top talent there from fox that's hosting these debates. i think people are excited. i have not seen this level of enthusiasm in a while in terms of wanting to listen to the candidates and talk about the issues. >> we know where the spotlight's going to be. it's going to be right at the middle of the ten candidates with donald trump. the question's going to be, is it going to be on policy or back and forth? attack each other? pop the popcorn, this could be a fight. >> absolutely. >> bill o'reilly sat down with donald trump less than 48 hours before the big show. so what's donald going to do? here he is with this. >> i want to be right down the middle. i want to talk about policy, i want to talk about the wall, illegal immigration, i want to talk about bad trade deals. i may say that i can negotiate better than any of those folks, i did write the heart of the deal. and i have certain abilities to that do not happen.
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i'm not looking to hurt anybody, i'm not looking to embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies, i'll bring up deficiencies, certainly not looking to do that. i'd rather go straight down the middle. you don't know what's going to happen. >> i can assume that you are not going the launch the grenade, but if they come after you, you'll go after them. >> i think you can assume that, yes. >> why do i think it won't be a grenade, it'll be heavier than that. >> i bet going in, donald trump has ever attention of not letting them have it, but if somebody attacks him, he's donald trump. >> yeah, that's all i've got to say. this is interesting, i think he wants to hit the issues, wants to talk about the wall, don't forget that. but you know, the interview with o'reilly was like a nice precursor to talk about what he was going to be like, kind of the attitude, and he's going to to want debate. >> he is. o'reilly kept pressing on policy.
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people are following trump right now because of policies, leadership, charisma, it's what, that's what they're looking at. there's another candidate, ted cruz. he's also the candidate who hasn't been critical of donald trump, and some think maybe there's a deal, he answered that question on the kelly file last night, is it cozy between ted cruz and donald trump. >> there is no deal, but we've met a number of times, and a lot of the republican field as you know has fallen all over themselves. to smack donald with a stick. they are really frightened by what he's saying, and not only refused to do that, but i've commended donald for having the courage to speak out and particular shining out on the problem of illegal immigration. >> he's one to watch. >> no deal, but nevertheless, he knows he's the beneficiary of also kind of that trump enthusiasm message. he's going to take what he can
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get. >> and he's one to watch. i mean this guy knows how to deba debate. and we will see thousand comes out. >> oh man, it's going to be a good show. things kick off and 9:00 eastern for the big show. meanwhile, hillary clinton on the democratic side, she didn't want to open the paper today. it's announced that the fbi is now investigating the security of her private server. they've also contacted david, her private attorney. hey, you know that little thumb drive you have with the secrets on it, where is that exactly? meanwhile, her, hillary's press person says she did not send nor receive any e-mails that were classified at the time. which is a perfect dodge because at that time, they weren't because she had a private server. because the reason government officials use secured servers is so that they can be vetted, the e-mails going out before you get it.
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that never happened. >> of course, she made it so it was impossible to do. they countered back to say well the state department has possession of the e-mails. >> parting the building. this isn't something we've seen before, is it? >> speaking of that, lindsey graham had an interview about the clintons in new hampshire, and this is what he had to say. the past and the current with the clintons. >> i'm fluent in clinton speak, do you want me to translate? when he says, bill says i didn't have sex with that woman, he did. in which he tells us, trust me, you have all the e-mails we need. >> he went there. >> yeah. >> was that fair game? >> yeah. >> it's got to be fair game, it's a trust gap. it was a trend. develop it once, twice, a thousand times, soon you have to realize what they say isn't actually what's happening. >> that's the problem, america, the clintons have a loose relationship with the truth.
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>> sure. and is it taking a toll on her? yes according to brand new poll in new hampshire yesterday. she is in a statistical tie, tied with bernie sanders, the socialist. >> yes. steve did not stutter. this is a true story. >> she is the statistical guy. there he is. he's got to be happy. all right. meanwhile -- >> heather's happy. >> always happy to be here in the morning, good morning, good morning, pete, by the way, i wanted to ask you, welcome, have you been to camp shelby in mississippi? >> i have not. okay, there is a massive manhunt under way still at this hour. police are hunting for the man who opened fire on soldiers training at camp shelby in mississippi. no one was injured. and now that facility is set to be secure. it is still not clear if soldiers were the target of that shooting, but people nervous this morning. first multiple reports of a maroon pickup truck seen leaving the scene with two men inside. police track down the truck, but
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they were released. we are following the story as it develops. here illegally, arrested four times, and now accused of another heinous crime. victor martinez ramirez is under arrest for sexual assaulting and attacking a woman with a hammer while she slept in her home in santa maria california. she died days later of her injuries. ramirez's prior drug arrest, he remains in jail on $1 million bond. overturned dump truck causes a big traffic jam on the new jersey turnpike. cars were backed up for miles and miles, and look at all that smoke right there. drivers were stranded for hours and hours, so you know, kimberly, steve, you have time on your hands. why not work on your tan? this woman spotted reading a book under the hot sun. she was making the best of a bad situation. other guys were throwing around footballs, having a good time. and those are your headlines, see you back there. >> what issue was that? >> which exit.
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see you later, thanks. coming up on this wednesday, your tax dollars paid for this racist rant. >> i've got three sons, and i would never tell them, when you see a white, racist cop coming down the street, behave yourself. you're going to teach a black boy to behave and murder. >> the federal government paid big money to the comedian who called cops murderers. the controversy brewing, that's coming up next. and he thought he made the cast of the season -- catch of the season. the major league fail ahead. >> i'm telling you, it's in there. >> oh, look at that. >> don't you hate when that happens. >> that's never happened to me. ♪ i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital
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controversial comedian and activist was paid by the fromt to give a black history month speech to workers. this is how it went. >> behave yourself, stay out of trouble and you get a good job and be rewarded. obama did that, and they treat him like he's dirt. are you crazy? huh? he went to law school. all the way to the top.
3:18 am
treat him like he's a red neck cracker that can't read or write. >> my goodness. well that's just part of the inflammatory speech, and here to react, blogger, crystal wright, thanks for being with us this morning. you can't believe it. that was supposed to be funny, well inappropriate and our tax being squandered on this. >> i don't know where to begin, kimberly. all i could do is laugh out loud. i mean, dick gregory, you know, was paid by the u.s. census government, a government agency that should entertain its employees, right, and then the employees were offended because he went on this racist rant, right? but, i think what we should be outraged by is that whether it's a dollar or $1400, whatever dick gregory was paid was way too much money of a tax payer dollar. if somebody wants to go see him and his racist rhetoric and i don't even know if that's
3:19 am
comedy, they should pay for it on their own. we shouldn't be paying for it. >> didn't think anything was funny there there, sounded like reverend jeremiah wright speech. here's more of it, get your reaction. >> i've got three sons, and i would never tell them, when you see a white, racist cop coming down the street, behave yourself. you're going to teach a black boy to behave the murder and filth. >> again, not much comedy there, crystal, but inflammatory. >> kimberly, are you really surprised? we have the president of the united states of america who is pushing out this pro-thug, anti-cop rhetoric. he's been doing that the last three years, trayvon martin, and michael brown. dick gregory gets his talking points from the president of the united states, sadly, i'm not surprised, but tax payer dollars should in no way be paying for racist to entertain government employees.
3:20 am
the census should stick to its job of counting the population, how about that? >> and speaking, the defense is going to read their statement. he was invited to speak in a way that would be appropriate for a federal workplace. we have informed that it was not appropriate. we have taken steps to revise our policy preventing outside speakers. so quick comment. >> well, you know, how about this u.s. census, you've seen dick gregory's spiel before, why would you think he's somebody that would represent the civil rights movement or black history month, and hey, stop wasting our dollars. okay. government workers need to work, not be entertained. >> absolutely. this is important to point these things out, crystal wright, thank you so much for your time. >> thanks. and coming up, first it was regular coke, okay, now diet coke is as dangerous as cocaine? this is what they're saying. dr. debbie is here to break down fact versus fiction when it comes to the affect of soda. that's next. ♪
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good morning, some entertainment head lionels now for you -- headlines for you. lenny kravitz brings down the house, not music, but wardrobe malfunction. steve, you get down low like that sometimes. and signature skin tight leather pants, well they ripped. and to top it off, he wasn't wearing anything underneath. >> and all right, all right, all right, that's my terrible matthew mcconaughey, his
3:25 am
brazilian wife is officially an american citizen. he tweeted this photo from inside the court house writing congratulations, another fellow great american. gavin has a man crush as we know on mr. mcconaughey. all right. well fist it was coke, now the diet coke on your body and what the internet be storm. a lot of talk about this. >> here to break it down and separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to these drinks. >> we've got dr. debbie from the new york university school of medicine. >> that was perfect. >> she helped me out, all right, all right, all right. now, we're talking about diet coke, but really it's any diet sodas that haves a pertain in it. let's say we were to have one right now. what would happen to us about ten minutes from right now? >> well ten minutes you start getting the affects on the sugar and stuff -- >> that's what you want.
3:26 am
>> well, ironically, so you actually want, you want to trick your taste buds, right, that you feel like that sugary taste, but you don't want to trick your body. that's what happens there. at the same time, just a little bit before that, we worry about sugar damaging your teeth, let's just think about it, we think that the diet coke or diet pepsi might -- >> it's not real sugar, so probably no. >> that's what most people think. you knew that was a trick question. actually, so it does damage your teeth, but in a different way. it's because there's a sid in there. and so what happens, it weakens your teeth and bones, sucks the calcium out. >> 20 minutes good effect. >> that's when we talk about the difference. so actually again, here's another factor for your question, because it doesn't have sugar, you think it affects your blood sug sugar? the answer is question -- >> these trick questions. >> well, it does affect your blood sugar and the problem is,
3:27 am
you know it, tricks your body as well. it makes you think you're getting shug aeroand as a result your blood sugar goes up. probably something with the gut bacteria. >> also tricks your body into storing fat which sounds horrendous. >> it's a diet. >> good for you. >> it says diet. >> well, with that, what is happening is because you have the sugar spike, you get a relice of insulin, that's normal, but the insulin overshoots, and what it does, it's like chaining the fornl of the sugar. it's storing it as fas and muscle, muscle too, but mostly fat. when you think about that, we worry about diabetes and that sort of thing. >> disastrous, just 20 minutes, and so 40 minutes into having one of these delicious beverages with, you're addicted. >> that's when something good kicks in. so there's a little bit of both -- well, you start to feel a little better, so we have to
3:28 am
be careful when we say habit-forming. dopamine is release. when people like caffeine, they like to have more. that's what's happening in 40 minutes. so the thing is, people compared it to cocaine. so there's a little bit of fact to that in the sense that it is something that you enjoy, so you might want more, fiction is that it's obviously not as dangerous. >> and, finally, on this little bad news about your diet soda is 60 minutes in, it depletes nutrients from your body, makes you hungry, thirsty, which means you drink more of the thing that did stuff to you. >> it has salt in it. you want to drink more. and you get bloated. i'd rather go have a burrito bowl from chipotle if all this is going to happen. >> and you want to the have another diet coke. >> one can or in moderation is not bad. if you're drinking a lot, then you can have more of these things. >> that's what coca-cola said, diet coke contains a zero
3:29 am
calorie sweetener, this is not something we hide. both thinks, both soft drinks both with and without calories can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced lifestyle. >> if you have one every once in a while. >> exactly. it does have the affects, but the thing is your body can adjust to it for something that you're having. >> caffeine, which early in the morning -- >> exactly. >> straight coffee. >> coffee has the same things. coffee has caffeine too and it releases dopamine as well. that's why every morning, you want to have the same cup of coffee, if you don't have it, you don't feel good. >> eight cups is the problem. >> yes, this is the issue. well dr. debbie, i mean, mornings are better with friends, but apparently not diet coke. >> save that for cocktails. >> coffee. >> thanks. >> thanks. coming up on this wednesday, don't mess with the donald, he could turn the tables on you,
3:30 am
like this. >> this is donald trump, and i'm running for the presidency of the united states of america, with your help and support, together, we can make america truly great again. >> yeah. the donald's response to lefty blog that released his cell phone number. we're going to tell you more about that. and are you hungry for work? sheryl has the top jobs that companies that combine good money. first, happy birthday to actress maureen mccormick, marsha brady, she's 59 years young today. >> marsha, marsha, marsha. happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday. >> it is back to normal. it's me again. and now the world can look me in the face and i can look back. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure... but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head.
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got called that, hey, didn't this guy call me like four years ago, yes? he called me three, four years ago, lindsey graham, i didn't know who he was. and he gave me his number, and i found the card. i wrote the number down, i don't know if it's the right number, let's try it. >> as it turns out, it was the right number. so after -- >> he does. >> donald trump gave away lindsey graham's telephone number, apparently the lefty blog called gawker, and all points bulletin was put out, hey, let's find donald trump's cell phone number. well they found a number, and they published it, donald trump later said apparently, apparently that was the number i had a while back, not one of them. he also tweeted this out, thank you, gawker, call me on my cell phone. so we're going to do just that. because apparently -- >> he said i'll put out my own number. >> experiments are always
3:35 am
interesting. >> no pressure. let's see. >> hi, this is donald trump and i'm running for the presidency of the united states of america. with your help and support, together, we can make america truly great again. visit me on twit @realdonald trump. hope to see you on the campaign trail. >> the gawker -- >> good-bye. >> oh, mailbox is full. >> mailbox is full. >> leave him a message. >> how cool is that? let me turn this around, thank you so much and gets them right in the face. it's a campaign ad for him now. >> he knows thousand work it. -- how to work it. >> making america great again, what do you think, heather? >> i haven't called it. >> let's try it again. all right, good morning, good morning to you all. couple news headlines i want to bring you right now. the fbi is issuing a frightening
3:36 am
new warning this morning to our men and women in uniform. there are reports of suspicious middle eastern men who are approaching military families outside their homes. those suspects are apparently trying to intimidate family members into handing over personal information. the alert specifically mentions the cities of cheyenne, wyoming, and greeley, colorado, they insist that all american's families, all families rather should remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to the fbi. well enraged driver sends a california grandfather flying into the air. we want to warn you, the video is hard to watch. >> oh, look at that man go flying. the driver of that vehicle, cheering moments after he hit the 53-year-old. he left him on the street to die. he an another man has been arguing right before a driver stole his car, and then ran him over.
3:37 am
police are now looking for the suspects. incredibly, he is expected to be okay. you can see him right there with his grandson. great baseball play goes wrong. atlanta braves outfielder perez dives, except he didn't. and he held up his dplov in celebration. he runs for the ball. once he realized it wasn't in the glove, oh, the giants batter ended up on second base. what a bummer for that guy. and those are your headlines. it happens to the best of us. >> no kidding. >> thank you very much. all right. are you hungry? hungry coming home from work? the restaurant industry might be the place for you, indeed. steve. >> added over 10,000 jobs to the economy in june. that's where the jobs are. >> fox business network on our closet with some of the top restaurant franchises hiring today. >> yeah, guys, there's two things i love, getting people jobs and finding good food. and restaurants across this
3:38 am
country are hiring and serving up good food. i want to bring in gigi butler, he's the founder of gigi's cup cakes. >> between 200 and 300 this year. >> what kind of jobs do you have open? >> bakers, we have management, we have front of the house, we also have decorators. >> okay. indiana, tennessee, north carolina, chicago, and florida. these are your grandmother's recipe kps. >> they are. >> the other thing, that's fresh goods, baked goods, things like that. i want to bring in gary price, you're the president, you started this in chicago. >> we can in 1991 on the corner of bark and grand. >> how many open right now? >> bee going to build about 30 stores this year, 30 next year, 1,000 to 1500 jobs created nationally. >> supervisors, and you have, you have two titles, what's that second title that you have? >> our employes who work in our stores, we call them breadhead, they are making it happen every
3:39 am
day. >> if i'm a breadhead, what does that mean? what do i get out of it? >> we have a president's council, and any idea that you come up with as a breadhead that helps to improve the system, there's large prizes up to $5,000. >> and atlanta, maryland, indiana, arizona, california, portland as well. okay, let's move on to fresh mexican grill, this is terry jennings, good morning. >> wonderful to see you. >> the most impressive thing about you, besides mexican food, you're in the arizona market. that's tough competition. >> say hi to our friend weston stewart and his team down in tuson, arizona, they're located on river road. he's one of three that opened a new market in the last 30 days. we have chicago, and scott dickenson up in vancouver, washington. >> and this is fresh mexican, meaning everything is authentic, made from scratch, right? >> including the tortillas, over ten million tortillas this year.
3:40 am
all are sourced from authentic. no preservatives. >> 750 jobs and gms can make 60 grand a year. >> plus bonus. >> that's good. i'm getting away from the guacamole, terry. last but not least, this is east coast grill. she is the vice president there. and you've got one type of wind that you say is crazy, what is that? >> it's the insanity wing. >> it's a whole bunch up in there. >> the people have to sign a waiver to eat this at your restaurant? >> they absolute deploy, and if they complete eating the insanity wing, aka, the insanity challenge, they go up on the wall of flame. virtual wall. >> wall of flame. 240 jobs nationwide, bartenders, servers, where are you expanding? >> we want to fill out the north carolina market, south carolina, tennessee, and circles arounded there. we'd also like to get in the dallas market. >> did you bring any wings with you more importantly? >> i didn't.
3:41 am
>> okay. >> they look a little difficult, i'm just saying. thank you very much. all right guys, there you go, these are where the jobs are. restaurants hiring across the country. small businesses, those are where the jobs are coming from in the country, and i'm going to try an insanity wing hopefully soon. i'll get back to you. >> they're delicious, they're insane. they're that good. >> i love wings. >> if you would like more information, go to our website, we'll have all the information up in about five minutes. also see cheryl on the fox business network. >> and here on fox news. >> of course. >> thank you, i'm hungry now. >> me too! do you have a wing in your pocket? >> excuse me? >> sorry. >> what is that? >> oh, i see, it's for contacts. >> okay. coming up, u.s. nav its physical fitness test to pass? it's easier than the army, i'll
3:42 am
be honest. fair and balanced debate, right ahead. and jeb bush and marco rubio speaking in front of thousands of cluns yesterday going after the e van jell call vote. the man who hosted that vote, he joins us live next. ♪ .
3:43 am
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some quick headlines now. would you like to know how much your boss makes? soon you'll be able to find out. the securities and exchange commission finalizing a rule that'll force public comments to display the pay gap. and netflix will let moms and dads take a year of leave. a new company policy offers unlimited maternity and
3:46 am
paternity leave to employees for the first year after a child's birth or adoption. what do you think about that? e-mail us. all right, thanks very much, kimberly. marco rubio and jeb bush faced evangelicals yesterday, two days ahead of the debate you'll see here on fox. nearly 25% evangelicals make up one of the largest religious groups in the united states, and over the years, they have played an important role in politics. >> i think we need to explain to people, it's not simply the right to believe anything you want, it's the right to live, according to those teachings. if you have the opportunity to discredit to others and live it in your every day life. >> people will say, it's okay to be religious, just do it in your church and do it at home, but don't act on your faith in the public square because that's discriminatory against others that may not agree with it.
3:47 am
this is the foundational freedom in our country. >> right now, dr. russell moore, he hosted rubio and bush at yesterday's event at the ethics and religious liberties commission of the southern baptist convention. also the author of a brand new book called "onward," good morning to you. >> good morning. >> why did you invite politicians out to the nashville? >> we invisited several, including hillary clinton, i wish hillary clinton had accepted the invitation, i think we could have modelled a good, civil conversation, even where we disagree. but we wanted to have a conversation about issues that matter to evangelical christians, including religious freedom, not only at home, but also around the world. so that's what we did. we had a conversation and modelled that in front of about 14,000 evangelicals gathered here in nashville. >> what about jeb bush yesterday? >> both governor bush and senator rubio were strong in their affirmation of religious freedom, but this isn't, this isn't something that is a
3:48 am
government grant, but this is something that is a natural right. and that's, i think that's probably the primary issue on the minds of evangelical christians this year. and we have seen situations over the past several years that we never thought we would ever contemplate. little sisters of the poor having to go to court to not have their consciouses paved over, for instance. so a strong affirmation of religious freedom, not just for us, but for everybody, is key and critical. every candidate is going to have to talk about that this year. >> speaking of every candidate, right now at the top of the republican gop race to the white house is donald trump. we had somebody, i'm sure you know, dr. robert jefferies from dallas on the program a couple of days ago, and he had this observation about donald trump. >> i believe evangelicals like all americans are so concerned with the downward spiral of this country, many people believe we're in a mess, we need a leader to lead us out of that
3:49 am
nest and rightly or wrongly, many believe donald trump can be that leader. >> dr. moore, what do you think about that? >> well, i haven't seen many evangelicals jumping on the donald trump band wagon and for several good reasons. one of them being donald trump has had an attitude towards evangelicals in the past that is hardly favorable. missionaries affect bid ebola, donald trump said they shouldn't be let back in the country, and ought to pay the consequences for going overseas. that does not resinate with evangelical christians. he's also a casino industry leader in an industry that evangelicals believe is predatory upon poor people. and at the same time, says he has nothing to apologize for. i don't think that's going to fit well. >> brand new bloomberg poll that came out yesterday, showed that donald trump was leading the evangelicals, but that's another day to talk about that.
3:50 am
real quickly, what is your book "onward" about? >> it's about a new way of christians engaging in all of these questions of social and political action as well as what it means to be christian in america right means to be chrisn america now. the landscape has changed dramatically. we can no longer assume our neighbors agree with us on even the most basic issues. we have to learn how to persuade and speak to people, even those that disagree strongly. >> you're right about times changing. >> the book is "onward." thank you for getting up early. >> thanks for having me. >> you bet. coming up, the navy shaking up standards for physical fitness test. they're making it easier for people to pass. is that a good idea or down right dangerous? a debate coming up next. ♪ this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
3:54 am
. the number of sailors discharged for failing fitness tests continues to rise. rather than keeping the standards strict, the navy issued the policy. part of the policy is harder to fail body fat tests, and the waist only tape test for those who don't meet standards. should we really ease standards? general, i'm going to you first. i went through school of the army. we took a tough test. some washed out. why are we lowering standards now? >> what's go back to mission of all services are. fight and win wars.
3:55 am
it's that simple. services have done an incredible job for years. now what we're seeing is services are are having trouble retaining good people as well as recruiting good people. all services on one way or another are lowering standards for recruiting and retention. this issue of reducing the body fat standards in the navy i think is another indication of declining readiness of our military. >> general, why are they having trouble retaining people? >> social experimentation, budget cuts, no strategy, and all out assault on religious liberty on restraints of our military. >> sean, you are a navy vet yourself. you support this policy change. what do you see on the flip side, why do you see this as a good development? or do you? >> i see this as a good devel development. this increases readiness.
3:56 am
the new standard gives us two strikes rather than three strikes before you're out. it gives us continuous readiness rather than two tests a year. it gives us fitter sailors, leaner budget and safer america. who wouldn't want that? >> general, what do you say to that? >> thanks for your thoughts on. that i support the fact you can believe that, but i must tell you i disagree. we should build the best force possible. given, like the army for example is losing another 40,000 people. the 40,000 is significant. the people we have in the ranks of our military, all services, should be the best we can recruit and retain. we should be doing everything to maintain higher standards, not lower standards. i would have enjoyed this body fat thing. i always wanted to be a fat boy when in special forces.
3:57 am
i had the discipline not to be. >> thank you. not a lot of time. certainly important debate. thank you both. coming up, you heard the phrase whistle while you work. brand new information about the office. does it help or hurt? ♪ as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®, which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch, the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk. levemir® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar,
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4:00 am
good morning. today is wednesday, august 5 th. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. stage is set and we're less than 48 hours from the first debate on the fox news channel. campai candidates are in campaign crunch time. we have what you need to know. can he back proposals? >> are you ready to do that? >> so simple. >> totally ready. guys, maybe you've heard
4:01 am
your lady say something like this, oh nothings out that is a. what women really want when they say something like that. guys say something wrong too. it's fair and balanced. live from "fox & friends" on a wednesday. we're going to talk about that in just a moment. it turns out women do a lot more lying online than guys. >> we'll see about that. >> come on. >> we're going to question everything. >> then the facts. coming up, lineup for first republican debate has been unveiled, last night at 6:00 p.m. eastern type. >> it is going to be great. who's in? out? what can we expect? >> james is live in cleveland to break it down. good morning. >> reporter: kimberly, good
4:02 am
morning to you, steve and pete. they say you get one chance to make a first impression. for the crowded gop field for 2016, that opportunity comes tomorrow night at the quicken lo loans arina. on the stage, real estate mogul, reality tv star, front runner in most national polls donald trump. jeb bush, brother and son to two presidents of the united states. and wisconsin governor scott walker who's won three state-wide elections in four years in his home state against heavy opposition. also on stage, former arkansas governor and fox news host mike huckabee, winner of iowa caucus in 2008. retired neurosurgeon, ben carson, famous for separating con joined twins. cruz from texas. florida senator marco rubio,
4:03 am
cuban american, leading voice on immigration reform. rand paul, libertarian maverick in his party. new jersey governor, chris christie thought to be a candidate four years ago. home state ohio governor john kasich who just edged into the top ten with 3.2% average among five polls from the fox news decision desk to make this decision about who makes the cut. the seven remaining candidates who will participate in a forum of their own at 5:00 eastern time tomorrow include rick perry, rick santorum, louisiana governor bobby jindal, carly fiorina, the only woman in the field. senator sfr south carolina lindsey graham, pataki and former virginia governor jim gilmore. some of the toughest challenges they will have is differentiating themselves from each other and also trying to
4:04 am
avoid entanglement from donald trump who shoots from the hip style. >> in the center square will be donald trump. we were talking a few moments ago with dr. russell out in nashville about the evangelicals vote. i brought up the bloomburg poll. you heard donald trump is leading now but people who are interested in him, it's not broad support. actually according to this bloomburgle ll ll lle -- bloom he doubles the second person jeb bush. he leads in every demo. he leads with men, women, younger than 45, older than 45, seniors. he leads with voters with no degree other than high school. voters with a college degree. leads with affluent, born again voters. >> i love that, born again
4:05 am
voters. >> born again voters. the only demo he does not win is moderate. >> he's got the support. question is people want to know about the specifics. they like the general approach, ideas, populist message resonating with voters and working in the polls. bill o'reilly was like, let me talk to you about specifics. >> how you going to do it? >> so simple. >> are you ready to do that? >> totally ready to do that. great wall of china built a long time ago is 13,000 miles. you're talking big stuff. we're talking about peanuts by comparison to that. mexico will pay for the wall. i will make sure it gets done properly. >> how is -- what are you going to do? what are you going to say to them, you have to pay for the wall to the tune of $2 billion? he's going to say hey, forget
4:06 am
it. >> bill, bill. they're making a fortune in the united states. it's becoming the new china in terms of trade. they're killing us at the border. >> you're not telling me how you're going to make them pay for the wall. how? >> it's simple. they're taking in billions and billions of dollars. they're building the ford motor company -- >> you going to stop all that trade with them? >> no. i'm going to say mexico, guess what. this is not going to continue. you're going to pay for the wall. i've said they're going to pay for the wall, and they will pay for the wall. >> i love it. >> incredibly entertaining. bill o riley is pressing on policy. people aren't following. they're not in with donald trump because of policy. it's strength and clarity. he's not apologetic. he's ahead with hispanics. >> the best part is he loves wall. he said univision thank you. i'm going to make money off you
4:07 am
and get the hispanic vote. >> he also said to bill o'reilly he's app henrehensivapprehensiv. when we had him on our show, we asked if he was nervous? he said a little. >> there are rooms of people getting coached. he said i'm not a debater. he's underdelivering or underpromisi underpromising. >> he says i already know what i'm going to say. that's what people love, he shoots from the hip. >> you're going to see it all from the fox news channel. the undercard 5:00 p.m. eastern with bill and martha. big show tomorrow night at 8:50. be sure to download the fox news election 2016 app. it's next year. it's great because then you'll be able to score them as the show progresses. >> yeah. it's interactive.
4:08 am
people love it. it's the great interface to have going on. good morning to you heather. >> hi pete. welcome back. great to see you all. couple of headlines to bring you. let's start in the south. police are hunting for the man that opened fire on soldiers training in mississippi. no one was injured during this. the facility is said to be secure. it's not clear if the soldiers were the target. at first there were multiple reports of a maroon pickup truck similar to this leaving that scene with two men inside. police then later tracked down the truck. the men were released without charges. folks on high alert down there in mississippi today. this plan, here illegally, has been arrested four times in two years. now he's accused of another heinous crime. you can see a him there. he's under arrest for sexually assaulting a woman and attacking her with a hammer while she slept in her home. the woman died of injuries days
4:09 am
later. ramirez' prior drug arrest. he remains on $1 million bond in jail. a boy's 911 call when men broke into his house. here it is. >> that poor thing. a brave 12-year-old boy trying to keep calm as two strange men break into his house in scottsdale, arizona. the men made a run for it when she spotted him hiding in the closet. the 911 dispatcher stayed on the phone until police arrived. they did catch criminals. if you want to do better at work, take a hint from snow white. ♪ >> whistle while you work ♪
4:10 am
>> listening to music can help you become a more effective employee according to the university of texas researchers. a study they found surgeons who listen to favorite music worked faster and made fewer mistakes. boy, when i was having my second child, my doctor played "king of pain" from the police. i was like stop that, turn that off. loved the doctor. got a kid as a result. >> instead of baby love or something. >> bring your own ipod next time. >> i'm listening to "dream on." >> turn it up. let me hear. ♪ >> while i'm working with you guys, i've got it in my ear. >> keeps you focused on the game i'm sure. control room in the other ear. >> one of the songs in my iphone is from back when i was a lad.
4:11 am
remember this? we were listening on a.m radio. >> oh boy. >> mine is a mystery revealed. >> you'll do it in the next hour. >> i'm going to do it in the next hour. you keep it here to hear what my favorite song is. e-mail us what your favorite song. yesterday we were talking most effective pick up lines. today another survey reveals as it turns out, online women are the biggest liars on social media. men lie to make themselves feel better. women lie to make other people feel good about themselves. >> selfless lying to make others feel good. that's what women do steve. >> these are the biggest lies women tell. >> that number one there is indeed the biggest lie. all the time. >> nothing's wrong. i'm fine other. you know what that means?
4:12 am
it means super angry, fury. get your rage on is about to happen. >> and just like female nothing is wrong. i'm fine. number two, this will be my last. >> the best is last one. lies men tell. no, your bum doesn't look big. first of all, i've never had a man call it my bum. >> this is from "the daily mail." >> there you go. i would be offended if someone said it. i'm a puerto rican. i want to look sizable. there you go. >> i can respect that. >> steve, remember that one. >> that's hilarious. >> i had no idea. any way, what's the biggest lie
4:13 am
the person at your house tells you. let us know. >> yeah. coming up, the youth basketball team shows up ready to play. the organizers kick them out because one of the players is a girl. is that fair? >> the answer is, it is not. no. donald trump issuing a warning ahead of tomorrow night's debate. listen. >> i'm not looking to hurt anybody, embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies, i'll bring up deficiencies. >> what can other candidates do? we have an expert debate coach live next. stay with us. ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes too.
4:14 am
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so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital.
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we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business. tough talk helped him soar to the top of the polls. donald trump's strategy is unpredictable. how do you debate the donald? joining us debate coach from northeast university in boston. good morning. >> hey steve. >> for the other nine people on the stage, you're offering up advice. you say the other candidates should just ignore him.
4:18 am
why? >> well, to the extent possible because i liken him to a hungry crocodile. he's hungry, looking for something to snap on. if you stay out of his way, maybe he won't snap at you. it's going to be hard for walker and bush to do that. they're in his line of fire. >> they'll be in every 's right. meanwhile, another technique would be to denounce him. how would you do that? >> if you take on more outrageous statements he's made along the way, things that are controversial, try to differentiate yourself. i don't think walker or bush would do that, but lower ranked people that need to get into the headline, generate youtube clips, that might be a possibility. >> ultimately, if you challenge him, you say, that could pay off for another candidate. >> yeah, challenge him on his record, not his rhetoric or outrageousness. some of the positions he's taken
4:19 am
over the years are not really in line with traditional republican thinking. i don't think a lot of people know that yet. it's an opportunity for some can candidates to differentiate on the issues here and really play up his record in a way we haven't seen so far. >> sure. one of the reasons you're focussing on donald trump is because he's the front runner and he's the one all eyes are on. how would donald trump then defend himself if other candidates decide, you know what, dog pile on donald? >> somehow i'm not worried about donald trump's ability to take care of himself. i led that sound bite you played, if i have to bring up their deficiencies, i'll bring up their deefficieficiencies. i think this is for trump to come off more serious, show he's been thinking about these issues, this isn't a game to
4:20 am
him. he's viewed as more of a celebrity at this point than a plausible president. can he cross that threshold? >> because he is -- everybody knows donald trump and he's a celebrity. you say the audience is gigantic. >> absolutely. it reminds me of ross parol. they didn't know what he was going to say. live tv you've got a great opportunity to attract audience into a political show that normally aren't that interested in politics. >> he wrote the book on presidential debates. thank you very much. >> steve, my pleasure. 20 minutes now after the top of the hour. coming up, the video is ter pieing. -- terrifying. a woman attacked in a dark parking lot. how she managed to get away.
4:21 am
and how she found out her ancestors helped escape the nazis. how you could trace your family tree coming up next. ♪ here at fidelity, we give you the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and e-trade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. call or click to open your fidelity account today.
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4:24 am
fine, what if i just put up the x1 sports app right here. ah jeez it's so close. he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ time for your "news by the numbers." first, number one. >> i am iron man. >> forbes naming downy jr. second highest paid actor in the world second year in a row. next, one more fight for mayweather. he'll verse berto in las vegas.
4:25 am
and finally $33.31. that's how much the astronaut claimed in 1969 in travel expenses in the trip to the moon. bang for the buck on that one. >> i love it. our next guest grew up listening to stories of her grandmother and how her greek family helped hide and save the lives a jewish family during the holocaust. >> with the help of the website she was able to find the descendents of those her family rescued. they had the tearful reunion of a lifetime. >> spokesman and author of the book. thanks for being here. >> i'm going to start crying all over again. >> you've been stopping by the last year or so. you didn't start as a
4:26 am
spokesperson. you were trying to figure out where your family tree stands. tell us about your grandmother ask and what happened on that island. >> i grew up listening to my grandmother's story. she was from a tiny island from greece. i grew up listening to her tell me how there was a group of islanders who worked together to hide and save a jewish family from the nazis. she was one of them. when i went to write my book, this story was inspiration. i realized i don't want to just retell her story. i want to finish this story. i want to find the family and find out what they told their children and grandchildren about my grandmother. i came up empty for years. i reached out to the holocaust muse museum. i got one name. that set the ball rolling. we were able to unlock the 70-year-old mystery of what happened to this family. >> where were they? >> they were in israel.
4:27 am
the youngest girl was rosa. she was about seven when her entire family was killed by the nazis. this girl was brought to the island, hidden and saved. there she is, little rosa. >> after germans left greece, she was sent to a refugee camp two years. she was 9 years old. her family was killed. she was alone in the camp with another girl. she made it to israel. she was told you're reborn here. don't look back. >> what did the family know about what your grandmother had done? >> they knew nothing. we found them, reached out to hem. there were tears. my grandmother was your friend. she risked her life to save yours. >> you revealed so much to them about their family history. >> exactly. i set out to write about my
4:28 am
family's greek history and in the process rewrote the history of a jewish family. we all met in greece this summer. we were able to bring this beautiful family back to our tiny island. they met people that risked their lives to save their mother. they saw where they were hidden. incredible the family was honored by association of friends of greek and other foundations. >> it's been amazing. your book came out of this. also your relationship. >> exactly. it started with me sitting in my kitchen typing a name in with a cup of coffee. never imagined this would happen. >> i could look at my heritage there? >> there's billions and billions of families. >> every family has a story. >> and secrets. >> you at home can do this as
4:29 am
well. go onto the website. there's a 30% off discount with the code. type main the word fox. maybe you can find your family story. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. coming up, your tax dollars paid for this racist rant. >> i would never tell them, you see this white racist cop coming down the street, behave yourself. why you going to teach a black boy to behave. >> your federal government paying a comedian to call cops murderers. >> i'd like my money back. check this out. you don't have to cook it and don't have to drive to the grocery store to get it. delivered right to your door. >> this is an old fashioned box
4:30 am
lunch. ♪ flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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food should be good. strawberries should sing. lettuce should be dirty. dressing, clean. debates should be healthy. hatchets buried. tables should be full. and good food should be good for you. we're not saying these are the rules we should all live by. but it's a good place to start. panera. food as it should be.
4:33 am
♪ ♪ at first it started out good. it looked like cats making out. then it got vicious. >> pete, quiet down before you get in trouble. >> a kitty kiss turns into a real cat fight. you can see the white one is full of love until the feline friends start throwing paws. then the two duke it out. some cats are moodier based on color. let's say these two love to hate one another. >> what was going on there? it looked sweet at first. i was like wow. a cat paw caress. >> i think we found a video for
4:34 am
greg gutfeld for end of "the five" today. >> i was going to say where am i now? that looks like one of his bizarre cat videos. he's strange. i'm a dog person. a lot of us are. >> we love animals here on the morning show. couple of headlines to bring you. 34 minutes after the hour. rushed to the hospital, her rep describing he were condition as a setback saying she may have had a setback following her mastectomy. the 48-year-old underwent surgery this may after being diagnosed with breast cancer. her long time boyfriend andrew cuomo is said to be with her now. she's a friend of ours. she's expected to be in the hospital a couple of days. wishing her the best and speedy recovery. woman is fighting for her life after she's jumped and dragged by her attacker.
4:35 am
she had been walking her bike along side the road when a man runs up and grabs her from behind. the struggle lasts a few minutes before she's able to claw and kick herself free. police are hoping the video helps them identify the attacker. that happened in miami. this player, johnson is a girl. the charlotsville, cavaliers were in the middle of a winning streak in a tournament when the coach was told it's against the rules to have a girl on the squad. the team showed up wearing pink yuan porm uniforms. the coach is suing the league. a comedian and activist named dick gregory gave a speech during black history month. it turned into this rant against white america. listen to this. >> i've got three sons.
4:36 am
i would never tell them, when you see this white racist cop coming down the street, behave yourself. why you going to teach a black boy to behave to a murderer? that's a violation of god. >> during his speech where he was paid $1400, gregory said the government conspired to kill michael brown and tamir rice. the census is bureau later admitted the speech was n appropriate. outside to maria. >> hi heather and everyone at home. tracking several areas of unsettled weather across the nation. one of the areas is parts of missouri and arkansas where we have risk of severe storms. that's the case across parts of new england and in parts of the plain states. looking at large hail, damaging winds, flash flooding possible today and as we head to tomorrow
4:37 am
across the plains and into parts of the southeast. there's the threat for flash flooding in kentucky into missouri. we're looking at risk for several inches of rainfall. watches in effect throughout the day today. temperature wise, it is going to be a scorcher across the plains, escapely in texas. 103 your high dallas. el paso and carolinas, things heating up. now let's head to kimberly. >> all right. good morning. after a long day of work, sometimes the last thing you want is to prepare a meal. say good-bye to the pesky grocery list. now making dinner easier than ever. >> men health food and nutritionist paul. thank you for being with us. a lot of people i know try these different services. we want to simplify for everyone
4:38 am
at home to talk about what's available and what options are. let's begin with blue apron. >> this is a huge trend, meal delivery kits or as i call them super market sopping. they do the shopping for you. a guide will coach you through this recipe to your table. a lot deliver fresh ingredients to your doorstep. i think blue apron is great. we have a meal here that's noodle salad. that's a noodle you mix with crispy lettuce and tofu. >> how often? >> it depends on how many you're shopping for and how many times you get it delivered? it can be as little as $10 per person.
4:39 am
>> so $10 a meal. that's affordable. >> green chef. this is a boulder base company expanding everything that green chef sells. usda organic meats and grains, great for people more health conscio conscious. >> delicious broccoli stir fry. i like broccoli. >> i, maybe not so much. >> and how does this compare? >> because it's organic, $11-15 per person. >> maybe families want to make investment if that's important to them to get organic usda ingredients. >> absolutely. >> how about this in the orange box? >> this is my personal favorite. that's probably because men'sle health magazine partnered with them. i may be bias, but i'll tell you. these deliver big on flavor, nutrition, and what's important for hungry guys and women, portion size. a lot of these tend to be more
4:40 am
dainty. we at men's health are all about the protein. for instance, we have a delicious fish taco with whi chipotle sauce. 14 grams of protein. i don't want to tell you what it's going to be when you go out to eat. it's going to be about double that. >> nice portions. what are my dollars here? >> this is about 13 dollars a person and up. go to chef' and find out more. >> peach dish, what makes them different, they have a serving size for 8 to 12 people. it's great for special occasion. we have the ingredients for
4:41 am
rosotto. they have grass-fed burgers. >> you have to cook this? you have to make it? >> you have to make it. they have instructions though. >> invite a friend that can cook to the dinner party. >> this depends on what you're buying for. the rosotto is cheaper than grass-fed beef burgers. >> how much is price on this? >> this is your typical tv dinner meal service. it tastes really good. they'll send plans for a whole week. it's great because they can tail different things to your weight loss. even if you're a new mom, they have things for you. >> thank you for being with us. this was soup otherer help f -- superhelpful. coming up, this video is
4:42 am
disturbing. >> boy. so did the officer break the law be by handcuffing a child at school? peter johnson jr. gives us the legal low down next. does this make you normal or not? dr. keith ablow has that next. how rand paul plans to win with one day left before he takes the floor. senator rand paul is going to give a preview of how he plans to take on the contenders in the big debate. it's a must-see story today on "the real story" at 2:00. for over 30 years. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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4:46 am
>> the video taken last fall now part of a federal lawsuit alleging the sheriff restrained the 8-year-old boy and did the same thing to a 9-year-old girl. it's bring together forefront the issue of restraining children at school. the question, is it legal? here to discuss is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. >> i don't believe that's legal there. in my opinion, it's not kimberly. you're not supposed to discipline by restraints in kentucky and other states. there's no federal law on that particular issue. there's probably a couple hundred thousand people every year who are restrained. some by mechanical restraints like we saw. that boy's biceps were restrained behind his back. allegedly that went on 15
4:47 am
minutes. you know the term going medieval, in my view, that is going medieval. that's wrong and un-american and sick. >> it is. not only that, this is a special needs child. i've worked with children with learning differences and special needs. very disturbing. can have traumatic impact on a child like. that it's really difficult as a mother and former educator to watch this. what can be done to change it? >> there has been in the pipeline from a bunch of congress people including george miller and others federal legislation to state of mind this. it hasn't gotten out of committee at this point. there's certain states that have limitations on this kind of conduct to make sure you don't use mechanical restraint or that you use mechanical restraints in cases the life of the boy or girl is in danger or going to cause harm to another person.
4:48 am
we don't know the circumstances here. we know in the lawsuit in k kentucky there was another girl taken to the hospital because of an incident. we go back to 1970s. movies like "oliver." they used to handcuff people and hang them. there have been 267,000 incidents in the united states since 2012. 20 kids died over two decades. 20 kids died. children suffered all kinds of injuries including broken bones and head injuries. >> there should be a federal law to address this issue. some schools don't have the right training and resource. they are using this restraint because they don't have another idea what to do. >> they said if didn't do this,
4:49 am
these kids would be institutionalized. >> there are states limiting restraints in schools. those are red states. there you go. >> good to see you. so what is it with women and their shoes? is it normal or nuts? we're going to ask dr. keith ablow next. it's normal, come on. on this date in 1980, olivia newton john had the number one song in america with "magic." ♪ ♪
4:50 am
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4:52 am
4:53 am
so who's normal and who's nuts? still sleeping with their teddy bear? >> someone is that's sitting next to me. just kidding. it's the perfect question for dr. keith ablow. he joins us now. we have doozies and doocy. >> there you go. >> a woman forgets if she locks the front door. she says i'm always in such a hurry to get out of the house, i i can't remember if i locked the front door, turned off the curling iron or left the water
4:54 am
running. >> that's normal. we have hurried lives, hurried paces. yet, it's worth thinking, are you rushing yourself so that you don't think? you forget the curling iron, forget turning on or off the lights. what else are you trying to forget? it's worth thinking, should i take a few quiet moments just to invite the thoughts i've tried to put at distance? >> you're saying people are suppressing whether or not they turned off the iron. there's something else wanting in their life? >> exactly correct. >> maybe you're late and rushing. >> maybe you're forgetful. >> not in my office. what kind of interpretation would that be? >>umber two, the second e-mail. my adult sister cares more about her dog than any other human. she's single, has no close friends. she considers the dog her best friend and her family.
4:55 am
is this woman nuts? >> i'm going to call her normal because i don't know her. guess what, some dogs are more reliable than lots of people. you might ask your sister, hey, why are you relying on the dog more than our family? if she's honest and you listen, you may get more than just a treat. >> i love cats. i think cats are great. >> i used to have a cat, j gordon kitty. >> what is it with women and their shoes? ? my wife owns at least four dozen pairs and is always buying more. is this normal or nuts? >> it's a little crazy. >> why? that's mean. >> there's a saying the shoe
4:56 am
makes the woman. the truth is, what do models wear? fashion models wear keds. let me come to your closet and clean it out. we'll be on the road to wellness. we'll get you down to a hundred pairs. >> look at these bad boys? they're ir december iridescent. >> what is the normal number of pairs of shoes? >> 31 or less. >> e-mail dr. keith ablow. he needs your help. >> are those real python? road rage boils over, and the video is shocking. a man ran down left to die. it's all caught on camera.
4:57 am
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thanks to walgreens partnership with vitamin angels. when you get vitamins here... change lives everywhere. good morning. today is wednesday, august 5th. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. the stage is set for first presidential debate here on the fox news channel. who's in? out? what to expect for donald trump? >> meanwhile, hillary clinton has this. >> i did not e-mail classified material to anyone on any e-mail. there's no classified material. >> that's not true. hillary's past coming back to bite her and bill.
5:01 am
lady, we are calling you out. studies show you're the biggest liars on social media. kimberly. >> i know. >> we're reading your e-mails ahead. mornings are better with kimberly. >> always. >> and steve and friends. welcome back to hour three of "fox & friends" on this wednesday. we've got pete in for elisabeth and kimberly in for brian. >> that's right. >> how's brian looking this morning? >> as for the last segment with dr. keith ablow and the women with shoes. we asked how many in the commercial break how many pairs you've got. >> women lie online. let's say i'm stimulating the shoe economy. >> any way. we'll talk about women telling
5:02 am
fibs on social immediate what and guys do the same thing. the stage is set, official lineup for tomorrow's presidential debate here on fox. >> it's exciting. who's in? out? we set the stage in ohio. >> james is live in cleveland to break pit doit down for us. james? >> reporter: good morning from outside the quicken loans arena where the event will happen tomorrow night. as anticipation builds, many voters are wondering what exactly they're going to see. lincoln douglas times five? or more like a fighting championship free for all? the current front runner polls, real estate mogul donald trump. brother and son to two preponderates of the united states, jeb bush. and scott walker who's won three
5:03 am
statewide elections in years in his home state. fox news host mike huckabee. retired neurosurgeon ben carson known for separating con joined twins. ted cruz of texas who appeals to those donald trump is captivating. marco rubio, cuban american. and rand paul libertarian maverick. new jersey governor chris christie who has a shoot from the hip style of his own. and biggest surprise john kasich, one of the latest entries into this crowded field. the remaining seven candidates will take part in a forum of their own at 5:00 here at the quicken loans arena. including rick perry, rick santorum, bobby jindal.
5:04 am
the only woman in the race, carly fiorina. lindsey graham, pataki and former governor gilmore. the fox news decision desk calls state by state election results on election night made the call based on polling averages of candidates from five recent major polls. no attention, and i stress this firmly, no attention was given to how many shoes kimberly gill fo guilfoyle owns. >> the big event tomorrow night. you'll vote who's doing the best job. you'll be able to grade the candidates if you down loeds the app for iphone or android. it's on the apple store or
5:05 am
google play area. after rating the candidate's responses, you'll be able to do your own score card which is right down there. no cards so far. >> it's free. >> i just can did it. it's that easy. see this. this is iphone 6 plus. >> everybody look at the phone. >> right. go through and follow the prompts. >> score the candidates while you watch the live can debate. >> why do i feel a lot of that traffic will be about who other than donald trump? >> right. everybody wants to know how's he going to handle it? going to go on attack, lay out specifics? bill o'reilly asked him. >> i want to be right down the middle. i want to talk about policy, talk about the wall. i want to talk about illegal immigration. i want to talk about bad trade deals. i may say i can negotiate better than these folks.
5:06 am
i built a phenomenal business as you know. i'm not looking to hurt anymore. i'm not looking to embarrass anymore. if i have to bring up deefficied deficiencies i will. i don't want to have to do that. >> i assume you're not going to launch the first grenade but if they come at you you'll go back at them. >> yes. >> you know what -- >> he's not going to degrade and destroy, let me tell you. >> that's donald trump. that's what we expect. we had allen on in the last hour. he expects the audience to be gigantic tomorrow night. donald trump is an interesting character, leading the polls, people responding to him fa favorab
5:07 am
favorable. a lot of people that don't normally follow politics know donald trump from his tv show and being a billionaire. >> bill o'reilly was right to press him on policy. people don't like donald trump because of detailed policies. >> let the man fix it. >> we want to hear more about the wall. >> always the wall. remember last week or the week before donald trump announced lindsey graham's cell phone number and it actually was in south carolina? gawker, a lefty blog, they went out and figured out what donald trump's personal cell phone number was. it turns out, they found a number, which apparently was used way back in the day. nonetheless, donald trump is turning this into political gold. >> he often does. >> he tweeted this out, thank you @gawker. call me on my cell phone
5:08 am
9177568000 and listen to my campaign message. >> pete -- >> give it a dial. 917 -- >> folk at home, dial along as well. 756-8000. >> great number. >> put it on speaker. >> see if we can do it. >> it's busy. hit the redial. when we called earlier -- >> 756- >> okay. we're in. we're in. [ phone ringing ] >> maybe he unblocked it and wants to talk to you. >> this is one of those bizarre television moments. >> hi. this is donald trump. i'm running for president of the united states of america. with your support, we can make america truly great again. visit me on twitter @real donald trump and check out my campaign
5:09 am
website at www.donald hope to see you on the campaign trail. we're going to do it. >> look at that. >> the mailbox is full. >> you cannot leave him a message. you can hear that. pretty cool. >> he's not asking for money. he's driving more traffic to his twitter handle which is @realdonald trump. >> gawker got trumped by him turning it around. >> nice play on words. you're still sharp. >> once again, the big show tomorrow night. it starts at 5:00 eastern with bill and martha live from cleveland. then the big show at 8:50 with megan, bret, chris. >> going to be fantastic. donald trump still leading in the polls. let's see how it checks out. >> could be as many as 10 million watching. anywhere between 6 which was the
5:10 am
finale total for "the apprentice" and 10. >> where you going to be? >> at home watching. military still on high alert following the chattanooga shooting. police are hunting for the man that opened fire on soldiers training in mississippi. no one was injured and the facility is secure. it's not clear if soldiers were actually the target or not. nevertheless, people on high alert. at first there were multiple rorlt s repor reports a maroon pickup truck. the truck was tracked down. men were arrested but released. the african guide accused of leading the hunt for cecil the lion. the dentist, walter palmer, says
5:11 am
he thought the hunt was legal. an enraged driver sends a california grandfather flying in the air after he's hit with a car. we warn you, the video is hard to watch. did you hear that there? hitting the man, and the guy appears to be cheering. this happening moments after he hit 53-year-old tracey levett. he and the man had been in an argument before the driver stole his car and ran over him. police are looking for the suspects. incredibly levett is expected to be okay. there he is with his grandson. a host is in hot water. kelly osborne is under fire for calling trump's racy remarks.
5:12 am
>> who is going to be cleaning your toilet donald trump? >> really? many are blasting os born saying she was the one being racist. she took to facebook to apologize saying quote, i will take responsibility for my poor choice of words, but i will not apologize for being a racist as i am not. those are your head lines. wow. what do you think of that? >> she was trying to get someone in trouble and made it worse. it blowed up in her face. >> let me show you you're racist by saying something really racist. >> that did not work out well. tempers flair as two illegals get appointed to a town council. >> you are out of order. >> yeah. their complaints, people from the town, s of the
5:13 am
illegals be denied? should the maternity leave be extended to an entire year or more? what would your coworkers think about that? >> kimberly who? ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
this is a big one. tempers flair as history is made in huntington park, california appointing two illegal immigrants to serve on the city council. >> this is united states of america. >> i'm not out of order. you are out of order. >> despite numerous protests, the two still got the job. is this even legal? secretary of state in kansas. how is this possible? >> it's not possible under the law. one of the councilman claims as long as we're not paying them, it's legal. that's actually not rue. under federal law, it's a crime to encourage or induce an
5:18 am
illegal immigrant to remain in the united states. that's what they're doing. they're giving them position of honor saying stay in huntington park, attend the meetings. they're inducing them to remain. that's a crime under federal law. i guess they didn't bother to change the law. >> anybody going to do anything about this? how about someone investigating, bringing a case or charge? >> it's a federal crime. you expect the u.s. department of justice to issue an investigation. under this administration, they're not enforcing laws. i wouldn't hold my breath the federal government is going to come in and enforce the law. >> let's take a listen to this. this is the mayor of huntington park. this is how she's justifying it. if we're going to talk about transparency, being open, and having a community that's involved, the conversation also has to include undock documented
5:19 am
immigran immigrants. your reaction? >> you can talk about illegal immigrants and fautalk about th community. to make the argument they should take a leadership position doesn't make sense. this is a problem we've been seeing in parts of the country. in kansas, we're doing the opposite. we're one of four states that requires you prove citizenship before you're allowed to vote. they're not requiring proof of citizenship and now a city like this one giving a leadership position to someone not entitled by law to be here. it doesn't make sense is. how can they possibly be people who's voices need to be heard in city policy when federal law says they need to return to their own countries? >> commission positions are
5:20 am
those that are coveted. they're giving it to someone who's not legally in the united states. >> get more on fox thank you for being with us. terrifying moments when a little boy at home hears strangers in his house. >> where are you at? >> in the closet. >> do you hear them in the house? >> yes. >> what happened when they found out where he was hiding? details ahead. renovate your home without breaking the bank. use nothing more than wax paper and ice cube trays. i love this. making miracles happen. it's next. ♪
5:21 am
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some quick headlines if for you this morning. criminal charges could be filed in the circus tent disaster that killed two in new hampshire. turns out the circus did not have the proper license for the performance. >> now facing gun charges on capitol hill, he was arrested when an unregistered handgun was 230u7 found in the vehicle at the security check point. he was a top notch performer. summer is good time to get work done around the house. >> that's right. that doesn't mean you have to go outside under the sun. today we're going to bring you tips and tricks to help make life easier with the founder and ceo of apartment therapy maximum
5:25 am
we will ryan. >> good morning. >> good morning. i love this. the idea is this. helpful hints, things you've got around the house to make it easy. >> exactly. >> we have this in our cabinet. it's coconut oil. >> i've never known what to do with it. >> coconut oil is a great multiuse product like white vinegar. it's a power ingredient around the house. mix it with pepper mint oil, and it will repel insects. mix it with lemon and use as a furniture polish for wood furniture. >> instead of buying a $20 bottle of something. >> keep nit the cab minecabinet. you can use it for everything. mix it with baking soda and cornstarch and put under your arm as deodorant. i kid you not. >> these things often sit around and you don't know what to do
5:26 am
with them. >> how often do you really make muffins? >> not that often. >> how often do you want to keep things organized? >> the old junk drawer. i have one now that's a disaster. thumb tacks and stuff like that. >> i love this idea. take a muffin tin. if you're having a picnic. >> it's not open. >> you can use this as condiment bar for kids because they're so messy. >> ketchup, mustard. >> guess what else. you can flip this over, take cookie dough, bake it. you can pull them off and have edible bowls of cookie. wax payer. this is a time saver.
5:27 am
you ever get out of the somehho try to pull the rings across and they screech. >> wax paper is actually wax. >> slide this and it's brand new. >> i've taken down a couple shower rods for doing this. >> it was by accident. i love what you're doing. >> nobody likes to have watery iced coffee. take your coffee, pour it in an ice cube tray. freeze it. use that instead of just regular water cubes. ice cube trays are amazing. take fresh herbs, put them in vinegar and freeze. throw them into soups and stuff you're cooking. >> with basil and all that stuff? >> any fresh herb.
5:28 am
>> this is rose wine. this is also -- you don't want to have watery wine. >> it's 8:27 and we're talking about this. >> when doing the laundry. >> were you wearing those is this. >> everybody gets sad when you have an orphan left over. let's not worry about the lost one. use the one we've got and give it new life. put it over your hand. clean everything. including these plants. >> only in new york city do we dust the plants. >> it actually is very use. there's places that are hard to clean. like a fan blade on a ceiling fan. they're great. >> round of applause. >> i'm going to have some of
5:29 am
these in the break. >> you can put baby food in there and freeze it. you have have single serve units. >> i love it. thanks. guys, maybe you heard your ladies say something like this. nothing is wrong. i'm fine. turns out, that could be a lie. what women really want to say when they don't. >> and they don't. plus, do you want to -- do you know to know how much your boss makes? the government is about to make that mandatory. is this really a good idea? ♪ flonase allergy relief, the only otc nasal spray approved to
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5:31 am
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5:33 am
with flavors like these, i'm almost too excited to eat! hey i said almost. and now that it's back get crackin' while you still can. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ ain't no valley low enough live from the concrete canyon of new york city, you know, they call it avenue of the americas. really, that's sixth avenue. you're looking up towards central park on this beautiful wednesday. >> an avenue of dreams. we've got fox news debate coming up tomorrow night. don't forget about that. have a baby, take a year off. >> a year? >> correct steve. you can still get paid. netflix bringing big changes to their maternity and paternity
5:34 am
leave. we have the details. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell us what we can make out with this. >> this is pa teternity and maternity leave. it will allow parents to take off as much as they want during the first year after a child's birth or adoption. it's pressuring other companies to improve benefits as competition for hiring top talent like engineers and programmers ratchets up. >> this is for the mom and dad? >> yes. >> or one or the other or both, right? >> my wife is due next month. you're saying i could hypothetically take off a year? >> you can take off and go back
5:35 am
and change your mind. twitter has 20 paid weeks, google 18. facebook, they give you $4,000 as biological parent and 16 weeks off. app apple, four weeks off before you have the child and several weeks off after that. >> something else that's making news in the business world today. that is public shaming by the federal government. it sounds like they're trying to get companies to release the ratio, how much the person at the bottom of the food chain at the company makes and how much the boss makes. >> a lot of this information is pretty transparent. today federal regulators are expected to approve the rule to require publicly trading companies to display the gap between employees and ceos. ceos made 300 times as much as the average worker. that's about $20 to $1. most companies share how much
5:36 am
ceos make. they don't have to compare it to other employees in the company. critics of the rule say additional regulations could be burdensome. it's clear the public cares a lot about this. it's been in the news a lot lately. more than 286,000 people have commented on the website engaging in this debate. >> my goodness. >> are they doing it because they want to expose income inequality? >> income inequality is an issue. you see the ratio transform. it begs the question, what about ceo performance, should that be tied to board decisions about whether the ceo stays in place or not? >> the ceo is the guy running the ship. >> or the gal. >> or the gal. thank you. people made a lot of money. >> there's a allot to be debated about transparency. people like it. >> and people being nosey.
5:37 am
they want to moe. >> all right. it's now 24 minutes before the top of the hour. let's turn to heather who starts with hillary clinton and her e-mail trouble got worse. >> fbi is investigating the security of hillary clinton's private e mail system. the agency contacted a denver-based company that helped manage her private server. the fbi also asked clinton's attorney kendall about one is of the thumb drives he has with e-mails on it. he says their actively cooperating with that probe. a young boy home in arizona when two men break into his house. his 911 call has been released. take a listen. >> where are you at? >> in the closet. >> can you hear them in the house? >> yes. they're running. >> did you hope the door? >> that brave 12-year-old trying to keep calm as two strange men
5:38 am
broke in his home in scottsdale. they made a run for it when they spotted him hiding in the closet. the 911 dispatcher stayed on the phone until police arrived. they caught the criminals. what a brave boy. one of the greatest free divers of all time eme is feare dead. she went for a dive off the coast of spain. free divers swim as deep as they can as long as they can hold their breath. she can hold her breath nine minutes. helicopters and boats have been searching the area she disappeared. it has depths of 300 feet. people that follow that sport say that's nothing compared to what she normally drives. the top lies for women, nothing is wrong. i'm fine. kimberly, we've never said that before. oh this isn't new, i've had it
5:39 am
for ages. it wasn't that expensive. what are top ones for hen. >> nothing is wrong. i'm fine. number two is pete's comment, honey, this is going to be my last drink. followed by no your bottom doesn't look big. >> you change that. it said bum before. you said it was "daily mail." sally writes when i ask my husband if dinner tastes good, he always replies, best i've ever had. >> maybe he finds his wife's food tasty. i like that. >> and rose says my mom lied all the time about being hungry. from her example, i said the same to my kids. that's motherly sacrifice. >> we all do.
5:40 am
great to hear from the husbands. they tell white lies too. >> according to the people that put surveys together, guys lie to make themselves look good. gals lie to make other people look good. >> this is what i've been telling you. women are loving, em pathetic, always putting themselves behind other people. it's all about their families. >> you lie and try to make me feel better, it gets worse. you say you're fine, and you're not fine. i don't know what to do. >> you're supposed to be em pathetic and know we're upset. >> i'm calling dr. keith ablow. >> he'll be helpful. it's 20 minutes before the top of the hour. let's go outside. beautiful day in new york city isn't it maria? >> beautiful day here. we're not lying about that. sunshine, pleasant temperatures in the northeast, summer-like weather. there are areas in the nation not looking good. we're going to see storms in parts of the plains, arkansas,
5:41 am
new england. there's a risk some storms could produce isolated severe weather. strong winds, hail possible and risk of flooding. tomorrow, more stoms across the southeast and plains. as far as flooding, we have the watches in effect this morning. several inches of rain forecast out there. temperatures across the plains heating up. triple digits in dallas, el paso. across the carolinas, 97 for your high in the city of raleigh. back inside. >> it sure feels like summer across the country. >> doesn't it? nice weather out. great forecast from maria. meanwhile, straight ahead. the stage is set for tomorrow night's republican debate. the question now, how will donald trump do? does he have the most to lose?
5:42 am
dr. larry sabato looks into his crystal ball. who needs a dog or cat when you can have this as a pet? >> that's a chicken? >> you can't make this up. >> call dr. ablow. is that normal? ♪ be my little baby i accept that i'm not 21. i accept i'm not the sprinter i was back in college. i even accept that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat,
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why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. we are just one day out from the first republican debate, fox news debate. all eyes on the front runner donald trump. >> really just want to be myself. i know the subject matter very well. i've been talking about it a long time. i guess i've talked about it many years. essentially talking politicians
5:46 am
all talk, no action, don't get it done. our country is going bad, going downhill fast. we have to stop that. >> trump will be sharing the stage as you know with nine other candidate miss cleveland. who has the most to lose? and who has the most to gain? here dr. larry sabato at the university of virginia. thanks for joining us. does donald trump have the most to lose? is the 11th amendment going to be bided by tonight? >> the 11th commandment is observed in the breach during the debait. i don't think it will be sweetness and like. i bet it's more positive than people think. tomorrow is unusual holiday for us political junkies. we're expecting fireworks. my guess is donald trump has the most to lose because he's the front runner. front runners always have the
5:47 am
most to lose in a debate. i think he's going to surprise people. you're not going to see donald trump attacking this one and that one. he'll respond to attack if somebody goes after him. i don't think he will go after other people on the stage if he doesn't have to. >> he talked about the counter punch. the last one to sneak in has home field advantage. what do you think of kasich in this debate? >> he absolutely does. boy, is he lucky. hard work got him there too. he squeaked into that debate. he can build on it. he's got a lot of room to grow. people are interested in the candidacy. he's from super swing state ohio. republicans cannot win the presidency in the electoral college without ohio. boy is that advantage for governor kasich? he'll have to make most of it.
5:48 am
>> big show at 8:30. before that at 5:00. people call that kid's table. big names with a lot of experience there. who would have wanted -- they all wanted to be there, but by missing out, who has to swing hard in the first debate? >> well, i'll tell you who the republican leadership wished somehow could have gotten into the big prime time debate. that's carly fiorina. she's the only woman candidate. guess what? the can democrats probably, despite biden and bernie sanders doing well in new hampshire, the candidate is probably going to be hillary clinton. they would have liked to have had a woman on the stage leading the charge against hillary clinton. she can do at 5:00 pp. somebody is going to be judged winner of that under card
5:49 am
debate. >> you can certainly swing. governor perry mixed it up with trump, was disappointed not to make it. we appreciate your insight and look forward to more of it. thanks for joining us. >> enjoyed being with you. thanks. >> you got it. coming up, they may be unusual, but can they make perfect pets for kids? talking about that dragon and tortoise. look at that thing. that's next. first, let's check with martha. >> i have a couple of those crawling afternoon my hou ining. it will be donald trump tomorrow. we're going to get you ready for the big night. fbi digs into private e-mail server. her polls show her losing ground in the key group, white women. we'll tell you about that and latest planned parenthood video
5:50 am
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5:53 am
the season premiere of the "the incredible dr. pol" garnered higher ratings than any show in the program history. now here to show off odd animals that make great pets for you at home. dr. pol here with us. great to have you. >> nice to be back. >> why is it your show is such a phenomenon? you're a regular vet. >> i'm a regular vet. this is why. what they see is what we do. nothing is made up for the show.
5:54 am
diane and i will banter back and forth. what they see with the animal is real. >> just like the kid that doesn't know she's on tv now. >> she's brought in a pet that might be good for you. it's a silky chicken. >> it's a different breed. >> show her. >> can you see this? you can pet this one. touch him. go ahead. that's the way to do it. >> that's got a sharp beak though. >> no problem. >> it doesn't bite or anything? >> no. >> he's scare add. >> silky chicken. >> pete, bring in the next. bearded dragon. >> they are very nice. they make good pets because they're quiet.
5:55 am
hang them on like an ornament. >> where do you get one of those? >> pet stores many times. >> he's looking at you. >> not going to hurt you. >> are these safe for all kids to have? >> they are as long as super vi as long as they're super vised. when you have exotic pet, go online and find out what they need. >> about to get wild in here. >> this is a very good friend but realizes these many times left the owner. >> they repeat everything you say. >> that's true. you have to clean up your language. >> you have to make sure, depending on what age you are when you get an animal like
5:56 am
this, make sure they have a home. >> look at pretty color, i want one of those. that's fine, find out what this animal requires. >> we've got two more. we'll talk about tortoise in a moment. we'll be back with more wild things in two minutes. ♪ wild things ♪ you make my heart sing cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
5:57 am
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6:00 am
these needles don't come out. this is an african hedge hog. >> thank you dr. pol. we'll be watching you. >> "fox & friends" for our after the show show. look at my new little -- bill: morning, everybody. the stage is set in cleveland. this fist one of the first looks you will get inside the cleveland arena. the candidates are ready to face off and make their case for your vote. you push yourselves away from the emails and twitter feed. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha:


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