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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 5, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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or pork pines. these needles don't come out. this is an african hedge hog. >> thank you dr. pol. we'll be watching you. >> "fox & friends" for our after the show show. look at my new little -- bill: morning everybody. the stage is set in cleveland. this fist one of the first looks you will get inside the cleveland arena. the candidates are ready to face off and make their case for your vote. you push yourselves away from the emails and twitter feed. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: the top 10 candidates to
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take the stage front and center. because he's in first place is donald trump. then you have jeb bush. scott walker, mike huckabee, then the retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson in number 5 senators ted cruz, marco rubio and rand paul. back it out more, you have got governor chris christie andio governor squeaking in at the last minute governor john kasich. james rosen in cleveland. 10 candidate up on stage. what should viewers and voters be looking for? >> reporter: this big debate will occur at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the chief goal will be to
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differentiate themselves and also avoid direct entanglements. trump told bill o'reilly that he isn't out to embarrass anyone, he just wants to be himself and talk about immigration and his skills. senator ted cruz said to megyn kelly that he's the lone voice refusing to attack trump. cruz appeals to the same sets of voters as trump and he wants their support with the trump camp drops out. kasich's early appeals targeted jeb bush saying he failed to catch fire after that jolting entrance into the race.
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there are lots of other dynamics to watch for. martha: there will be advantages to participating in the earlier debate. beside being able to talk to myself and bill hemmer. >> reporter: any time you are appearing on fox news channel it won't be a harmful thing if you are looking to expand your exposure to the national electorate. former pa senator rick and tore actual governor bobby jindal, carly fiorina the only woman in the field.
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lyndsey graham known for his views on national security and george pataki and jim gilmore. that tweet was posted bid governor perry the former governor of texas. in he sense that's his way of saying i'm glad to not be on stage with donald trump so it won't be a circus. rich, good morning to you. pick up on james' last point. are some happy they are not on that stage? >> i think most of them would prefer to be on the 9:00 p.m.
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stage. if you get the killer line or you have a great moment, you will be able to tweet it out and send it out on facebook. bill: the kasich candidacy played out for him. here is karl rove on trump. >> things that change quickly tend to be things that aren't solid and they could change back quickly. that's why the pressure will be on him tomorrow night. i thought the point about him being the front runner and him being the focal point is right. people will expect him to perform like a front runner should. >> the risk to trump is he visibly flails on questions he doesn't know that much about.
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the risk to candidates is he punches them in the mouth. bill: you are staying away, taking the rope-a-dope. bill will be. >> he does thrive and being provocative. it doesn't mine he has to be provocative every single moment. i think he need to be serious and substantive and show he's not a side show. bill: we are used to him saying you are fired and you are stupid and that's a silly idea. >> i doubt he will say it tomorrow. bill: is there a possibility if you look at the earlier evening at 5:00. they wanted to be on at 9:00.
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they did not have the numbers to make it. how do they break through? >> if you are consistently a good performer not just on these debate stages if it's the 5:00 p.m. stage and you are catching people's manage nations out on the stump you are going to rise. donald trump rose from almost nowhere to the top of the field without doing debates because he captured people's attention and manage nations. the others aren't a natural showman the way he is. bill: is make an impression? >> you look at all the primary debate last time around. there are so many complaints about how many there were. it's hard to remember memorable moment. you have the rick perry oops.
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so they are unpredictable. you never know when they are going to come. that's why everyone on that stage -- trump talked about how he's going to be nervous. they will all be nervous. >> we'll have it tomorrow night on thursday in cleveland. martha: the rnc communications director sean spicer will be here. the big day is tomorrow. debate day. we team up with facebook to bring you the first republican debate of the 206 races. all this kicks off tomorrow night in cleveland. don't forget you can download the 2016 app and score the candidate yourselves. you can put the app in and score everybody.
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you can see at the end how you feel about how everybody did. it's going to be quite interesting. bill: you can hit a like, a yes or no and record that in realtime. it's a new feature, check it out now. bill: a fox news alert. the f.b.i. is now investigating the security of hillary clinton's private each server. clinton under fire since it was revealed she used a private email address as secretary of state exclusively. officials concerned that hundreds of emails passing through that private server in her new york home contained classified information. kristen fisher is with us live on this. what is the f.b.i. making part this investigation that they have begun. >> the f.b.i. is investigating how that private email server
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was physically secured. initially she said it belonged to her husband and was guarded by secret service in her office. but it turns out that may not have been the case. she may have switched over to a new server that was used during her presidential campaign. finally the f.b.i. is asking clinton' attorney about securing a thumb drive in his possession with clinton's emails. that same attorney issued a statement about the latest developments. he said quite predictably the government is seeking assurance about the storage of those materials. we are actively cooperating. martha: why is the f.b.i. investigating now? is there a criminal investigation element to this?
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>> the f.b.i. is investigating now. the up tell jones community inspector general referred the matter to the justice department. let's be very clear here. this is not a criminal investigation. with that said, make no mistake about it. this ups the pressure around hillary clinton and her campaign. here is the chairman of the republican national committee on the "today show." >> hillary clinton has a lot of problems being associated with the state department that didn't get things done overseas. she has a lot of problems generally. if you look at the polling numbers, not even women with gravitating toward hillary clinton. >> this email probably isn't going away soon. clinton has to testify on capitol hill. bill: questions whether planned
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parenthood is breaking laws, and if so, will it lose federal funding. >> reporter: super bowl mvp tom brady's testimony has been revealed. what he said at the deflategate deposition before that four-game suspension was upheld. bill: president obama making his push to get the iran deal through congress. we'll asked rudy giuliani whether we should get behind this deal or newark it all together. >> the nuclear deal with iran paves iran's path to the bomb. worse, it gives iran two paths to the bomb. clorox handles the germs.
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bill: at least 24 dead and dozens injured after at least two trains slid off the tracks. india is in the middle of monsoon season. martha: we are waiting for confirmation from french authorities on whether a partial wing that washed up on an island in the indian ocean is from may have --from mh370.
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>> reporter: our contacts are saying we could get word in the next couple hours whether this is from the doomed flight mh370. over the weekend officials were saying they believed the wing flap found on reunion island is from mh370. but officials have to look for a serial number or part number. it's happening in toulouse in southwest france. among the experts looking officials from boeing and ntsb. on you union island there is more debris wash up all the time. someone saw something today that they thought looked like an air
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plane window. a lot of stiff washed up on that beach. some of it important some not much. martha: if they confirm this is from mh370 what's next in this investigation. >> reporter: that would be very significant. on reunion island the rampup for more debris will be found. also the search on the sea bed off the south coast of australia for the main wreckage will continue as well. experts say the find on you union island shows they are looking in the right place. they will use x-rays, sonograms and study the barnacles and the paint. it could further pinpoint where the plane crashed and why and how it crashed. a lot of answers to be dealt
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with very important for the families of the victims. the 239 victims of this crash. bill: 19 past. lineups are in for the first presidential debates. you will see them only on the fox news channel. in a moment refracts rnc about this. >> what we are learning about whether organizers obtained proper permits before a deadly circus tent collapse in new hampshire. >> it's heart wrenching.
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bill: we now know the sir kiss did 23409 -- did not apply for a permit before the deadly tent collapse. officials blame it circus for not check the weather forecast
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before starting it before the storm. >> sirens were going everywhere. >> you could tell the people were quiet in the couple stores i have got already. it's sad. bill: a far it and his 8-year-old daughter, they were killed when that tent came down. martha: planned parenthood allegedly alters pricing to meet the demand of customers. this in the fifth undercover video. this woman you are about to see is the head of research for the gulf coast planned parenthood and may be break the law by delivering full fetuses. >> if we alter process and we are able to obtain intact feet at cadavers, then we can make it
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part of the budget that martha: all just a matter of line items. jeb fisher is on the commerce and transportation committee. your reaction to this latest video. >> i think many americans are find these videos to be alarming and appalling. the more we snrern, the more disgusting we are to find what's happening. to hear them talking about manipulating the unborn child so they can sell their body parts to improve their bottom line.
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martha: the vote to defund did not go the way you hoped. what's next? >> it was disappointing but we were able to have a bipartisan vote. but bipartisan support. what's next, we are going to move ahead of, the judiciary committee will be holding investigations the finance committee will be holding investigations. we need to get to the bottom of it. it looks like laws were broken with manipulation of the pro see diewfort unborn child. and the selling of body parts. that's against the law. that is a misuse of federal dollars when we give those dollars to an organization that breaks the law. martha: planned the parenthood says they have done nothing illegal. so sit looks like a fight and showdown on in the meantime there is the political debate over this, and
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democrats have begun to say that you all are launching once again a war on women. this is a women's health issue they want that funding protected because they say that the large part of their business -- and this is very controversial and debated -- goes towards women's health. >> that's a classic attack from the other side that there is a war on women. the bill senator ernst introduced and i co-sponsored, this is a bill that redirects that money to community health centers. in nebraska we have six community health centers 36 clinic sites across the state from the panhandle to the metropolitan areas in our state. those are the centers that truly reach out and meet the health needs of women. that's where the money is going to be redirected. it's not cutting any funding for
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women's health, it's prioritizing women's health to make sure we can meet the needs of women across my state and across the country. what we are hearing are the same tired comments from the other side where they like to say there is a war on women. >> you will hear you are twisting their words. what's going to be your answer to all that? >> my answer is the american people can see what's going on. they can see the full length version not just edited versions of the videos. it's not a pro-life or pro-choice issue. this is an issue all americans
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are getting hit in the face with and taking a stand on it and they want to get to the bottom of it. by using those fired phrases like war on women or extremists are doing it, that's not going to work. let's look at the extremist here. bill: president obama making a hard sell on the nuclear deal with iran. he says it's this deal or war. martha: emotional testimony in the james holmes murder trial. jurors will decide whether every faces the ultimate price for gunning down 12 innocent people who were going to watch a movie. what they had to say in court. >> it's not easy. i don't have these monumental occasions, i don't have -- my
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sister is not going to be there.
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bill: president obama will sell his iran deal to the american people today. rudy giuliani is with us. he will point out the same people who supported the war in iraq are against this deal in iran. >> first of all who cares. it has to be evaluated on whether it's a good deal or bad deal. we are putting money into the hand of a man who wants to
6:33 am
commit murder is to me highly irresponsible. secondly why the president trusts the ayatollah to keep any of the commitments that he supposedly has made indicates the president is being naive. this is a recipe for war. >> he said if the deal is struck down by congress war could be the next step. >> when you take the military option off the table you take your lefnlg off the table. i want a president who can protect us. not a president who drew 12 lines on in the sand. and says if assad uses chemical weapons i'll do something but does nothing.
6:34 am
i have done this five times. i say if anybody in this audience that thinks the ayatollah is afraid of obama. i get giggles. i have gotten it in germany and south america and new york. the president of the united states has to protect us. we live in a dangerous world. we live in a world where people are plotting and getting darn close and in some cases succeeded in killing us in america in the name of islamic extremist terrorism. he's going to put billions of dollars in the hand of the person and he's going to give him i believe the nuclear capacity. bill: you know where benjamin netanyahu is on this. this is part of what he said in the last few hours. >> it's like the police giving a drug dealer 3 1/2 weeks notice
6:35 am
before raiding his lab. you can flush a lot of nuclear meth count toilet in 24 days. bill: that's the warning period apparently written into the deal. others have said it's longer. >> this would be -- i go back 0 30 years -- i go back 20, 30 years as a u.s. attorney. i have a search warrant for a mafia dug dealer and i tell him i have 22 days. the residue could be from two years ago three years ago four years ago. even if there is residue you won't know the exact length and breadth of that facility. don't you think in 24 days they will get rid of that residue?
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they were cheating in '0 and '05 and bragged about it. now we are giving them 24 days and it can be stretched to 50. they have done a good job of killing off some of the n.e.k. and breaking their promise and keeping them in iraq. bill: tim kaine said i'll support the beale. barbara boxer says she'll vote for it. we have not heard from chuck schumer. what's he going to do? >> he has a tough choice. he knows where his constituents are. this man is calling for the destruction of the jewish people. one of his remarks is it's convenient there are so many jews in israel because we can
6:37 am
kill so many. so mike huckabee's comments aren't at off shine as a lot of people think they are. the guy made the k comment the jews are all concentrated. that gives us a better opportunity to be successful. bill: chuck schumer is key on this. it's my sense this vote goes through. they cannot get the 60. ways your sense? >> you are right. the majority of the congress will vote against it. the majority of the senate, 54 republicans, 2 or 3 democrats. probably get it up to 57, 58. we'll certainly have the house vote it down. but we won't have the 60 to get it out of the senate. i hope that's not true by the way. martha: family members of his
6:38 am
victims take to the stands at the james holmes murder trial in colorado. the jurors will decide whether he gets sentenced to life in prison or death. some of the survivors and families of the victims tell the court how their lives have been affected. >> i held up his picture. i said i can't find him i don't know where he is. i said can you please help me. >> i miss my sister. i miss having somebody to talk to and have somebody to call. i miss my grounding force. martha: dan springer is live. how do the jurors react to this testimony? >> reporter: this was tough for anyone to listen to. according to our producer in the courtroom, several of the
6:39 am
jurors -- 9 women and 3 men many of them were wiping away tears throughout an emotional day. these jurors heard from several witnesses, including several women who say they will never be the same. >> i lost half of way was put on earth to do is raise my children. and was one of the two best things i ever did. now my life is basically half of what it was. >> reporter: all of the witnesses spoke about the chaos and anguish the hours and days after the movie shooting in aurora. there was chaos. one father talked about how frantic he was searching for his son. i've said i think was in the
6:40 am
theater, but if anybody knows please have him call me. i shouted out my phone number. they started to pull me away. i said it's his birthday for got's sake. >> reporter: alex along with 11 others were dead. 70 more were injured. jurors may hear from james holmes though the defense has not said if he will testify. closing arguments could be as early as tomorrow and then it goesgoes to the jury for a third and final time. bill: the final presence for the first rnc republican debate. martha: back to the future? it many finally here.
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martha: a bus in tampa turned into a boat. riders said they had to lift their feet to keep dry inside the bus. eventually it was able to drive off to drier land and nobody was hurt. bill: big day tomorrow. first big republican debates in cleveland. these 10 candidates on screen will take center stage at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. these 7 candidates face off earlier in the day at 5:00 eastern time and martha and i will manage that hour.
6:45 am
you have taken some hits for the process. some folks are giving you a lot of compliments. how do you think at the rnc it turned out now? >> i think fox should be complimented for having the most inclusive debate night in the united states. this is more than has ever been part of a process before. for the average viewer they need to be reminded over 140 people timed to seek the republican nomination for president. we have spectacular candidates. i think either party has ever seen. fox found a way to get them involved. it's not a perfect system before it allows everybody to have a voice in the process.
6:46 am
bill: rick santorum is not a fan. he says national polls in september are meaningless. >> the greatest number of candidates ever on a debate stage. fox took an extra step to make sure the top 17 are included. i can understand why somebody who is not in the top 10 is upset they are not on the top 10 stage. he worked hard last time and went through all the 99 counties in iowa and was able to pull off a victory. the debates are just one part of the process and senator santorum knows that. bill: rick perry sent out a
6:47 am
tweet. he wanted to be in the top 10 and did not make it. carly fiorina i look forward to answering questions thursday in cleveland. what do they stand to gain in the earlier format? >> i think there is a lot. there is an opportunities -- there is fewer of them so they have have more opportunity to expand on their views. there is less of an idea of taking somebody down. when you have got a couple front runners the people who are 8 9 or 10 want to take down the three. it's an opportunity for themselves to shine to introduce themselves to sures in a much different way. so there is a different dynamic at hand and it could be beneficial. bill: bloomberg -- with regard
6:48 am
to donald trim' he says as long as the rnc is cool with me, i'll be cool with them. where is that relationship right now? >> it's cool. at the end of the day our job is to be a fair and equitable partner to all of these candidates and treat them all fairly and insure we set a series of rules out and everybody has a fair shot at winning the nomination. but at end of the day it's about the voters. whether it's the early stage. the voters decide hog they want to serve and ultimately us at rnc embracing that nominee. bill: a few months ago your boss had a conversation with reince
6:49 am
priebus. >> he shares with all the candidates as he did with trump on that particular day. all he said to him is we want to you run your race, we'll be here for you when you win the nomination if you happen to be that person. viewers and voters download the and. stay connected live during the debate. you can score the candidates. so now you know. there is an app for that. which will be fascinating to get the immediate results from folks on a new medium and platform. the answers and also the questions. >> he's front and center. it all gets rolling tomorrow.
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bill: eat your heart out marty mcfly. lexus is unveiling a hover board. they didn't have wheels, but they had air to glide on. when they did it was magic.
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was it? not so much. it works with magnets. the part has meting underneath it. martha: you carry that with you everywhere you go. bill: liquid nitrogen kooms the magnets down. i know that because i just read that. martha: carry a super magnet underneath you everywhere you go. patriots quarterback tom brady denying any wrongdoing in the deflategate scandal. brady's comments coming from a newly released transcript of a hearing looking into his suspension. everybody is digging into these word. what are you finding?
6:55 am
>> this dispute will be heard in federal court and the denials have been made public in this 172-page transcript of tom brady's hearing in june. he spent 11 hours denying repeatedly he had anything to do withunder inflating the footballs he played with. he said he always gripped his footballs as loosely as possible. he says it's like a golf club. you don't squeeze the golf club, and that's the way i handled the football. during your whole career have you ever asked anyone from the patriots to alter the footballs after he approved them. no. have you ever told anyone on the patriots they should change the
6:56 am
inflation level after you approved them? no said brady. but attorney ted wells says brady ruined his own case when he refused to turn over thousands of text messages and destroyed his cell phone calling it one of the most ill advised decisions i have ever seen. the lawyers brady and commissioner roger goodell will all be in u.s. district court next wednesday. martha: that's interesting to watch play out. we'll look forward to it, rick. i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. .
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martha: here we go, everybody. final preparations underway before tomorrow's republican presidential debate kicks off
7:00 am
the season. 10 candidates make the prime time cut as donald trump in the center as top ranking person in the polls. that is where he gets to sit or stand, rather. welcome brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. after all of this, trump is there in the middle. excitement in cleveland. fox revealed 10 candidates at 5:00 eastern based on seven national polls. seven other candidates appear at earlier debate time at 5:00 eastern in cleveland as well. martha: chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor. he joins me now. good morning here in cleveland. good to see you there chris. talk about the top 10. what will you be watching tomorrow night? >> everybody has different priorities. if you're donald trump you need to look presidential. you need to say i have a big boom in the polls you i need to do more than that i can do more than talk tough. if you're jeb bush, you need to show you have fire this bellly, you're engaged.
7:01 am
if you're scott walk i you need to be able to "stand and deliver" and answer tough questions. as i know these questions will not be any patty cake. it will be tough stuff. martha: in terms of back and forth what do you expect? the rules are, if you call somebody out, that person gets 30 seconds. do you expect them to do that? >> well i expect there will be interplay. remember republicans intentionally delayed start of nominating process in ernest. we were on the third debate this time four years ago. there is pent up there is reserves of friction that are going to have be aired. we want to see what marco rubio and jeb bush have to say to each other. we want to see what donald trump has to say to scott walker who he has thrown tough jabs at him. if you remember from previous cycles. the question before, you said it in a tweet, are you willing to say it to his face? that is different thing. martha: that will be really interesting. let's talk about the 5:00. bill and i will be moderating the 5:00.
7:02 am
there is a look at people in that. some very interesting individuals in this. do they have a shot at the top, you know? do these people still have a shot, chris? >> well it's late but it is still early in the sense that it will be february before anybody expresses their preference, before anybody goes to vote. so there is time.'m looking at in your debate aside from you guys who will ask pretty tough questions. definitely rick perry. i want to know if rick perry is ready to do the debate thing. he has a lot to prove. this format will be a chance for him to do it. the other one is carly fiorina. republicans love her. her favorable ratings are high high, high. donald trump surge hurt her as another business person and non-politician. when she gets out there is she ready to mix it up with fellow republicans? i think she will be. martha: she has groundswell interest and people supportive of her really has not showed up though in terms of the numbers.
7:03 am
>> well it's tough because again donald trump's surge means there is less space available for other candidates who are trying to get a toehold. if you want a business person, want an outsider somebody tough on immigration, somebody not afraid to take on hillary clinton, well donald trump is getting a lot of attention. carly fiorina is that candidate too. i expect she will acquit herself well because she has done well in all these other settings. i expect her to get a bounce. martha: they will watch donald trump because if he falters or doesn't knock it out of the park that makes him the most vulnerable guy in the room. when you come in as number one you're expected to knock it out of the park, chris. >> donald trump can do a lot of things. there is only one thing he can absolutely, postively not do, act like a politician. if he is up there doing word salad and mumble mumble. they will not dig it. martha: everybody else has people prepping them, getting
7:04 am
them ready for this, i don't do that. fascinating to play out in that kind of arena with the rules set before him. chris, thank you. see you soon a few hours away. >> see you soon, my friend. bill: we're not fans of word salad. starts thursday, fox news teams up with facebook starting 5:00 eastern time. we would like you to be a part of it. download the fox news hq 2016 app. it is brand knew. stay connected with live debate participation. you can score the candidates on that app. it's a free download available in the apple app store and google play. now there is a app for that. i say hold your fire until friday morning when the smoke clears. martha: i say make a night of it. 5:00, lindsey graham called it happy hour. we'll go along. we won't be having cocktails but somebody at home. bill: 9:00 a.m. eastern we'll be in cleveland tomorrow morning with "america's newsroom" with full coverage there. it will be a big, big day.
7:05 am
we set the stage and launch this campaign. hope you join us. martha: get your tv dinner ready. bill: new developments now in the controversy over hillary clinton's emails. the fbi is on the case investigating her private server. lawmakers want answers. there is a hearing now underway in the senate judiciary committee. can see that on screen. all of this concerns some emails passing through the server may have been classified. ed henry has been watching this from the very beginning live in washington d.c. ed good morning there. what do we need to know? about the latest development from the fbi? >> reporter: on one hand while the clinton campaign is confirming to fox that the fbi started asking questions and opened inquiry investigation, they are noting accurately this is a natural outgrowth of what happened a week or two ago when two inspectors general referred this to the justice department. naturally they're going to ask the fbi to do some digging. this does not necessarily mean there will be a criminal probe. does not necessarily mean
7:06 am
hillary clinton is the target right now. however this just adds even more pressure on her. this is not republicans on the hill investigating her. this is the fbi. this is serious stuff. what they're looking for is the security of the server. how secure was it? who was in charge of it? as you say, was there classified info in there? hillary clinton's attorney david kendall confirmed all of this says they're cooperating, part of this you see him there, you remember him from the monica lewinsky days been with the clintons through the scandals and controversy, he has a thumb nile with hillary clinton's official email. part of the inquiry is that email secure, that thumb drive secure? i think very bottom line here this guaranties that the clinton campaign which had a rough few weeks will be under the microscope for a lot longer with the fbi now on their case. bill: all this happens now while she takes another hit in the polls and some of this frankly has a lot to do with that, right ed? >> reporter: no doubt about it. we've seen again and again on
7:07 am
the question whether she is honest and trustworthy, many poll including the fox poll suggest she is underwater. "wall street journal/nbc" poll yesterday saying even among white women she has 53% find her unfavorable. late last night broke from wmur, from new hampshire, first in the nation primary state that bernie sanders is down only six points. nearby vermont, maybe that gives him a leg up. the clinton camp never thought that would happen. what is fascinating the poll has error of 5.9 percentage points. their pollster said they think this is basically a statistical tie. does that lead joe biden or someone else to say, she's beatable and actually get in here, bill? bill: that is an earth-shaker. ed henry watching that from washington, d.c. we'll see you room soon, thanks. martha: extreme weather going out there.
7:08 am
fast moving wildfire tearing through california for 100 square miles. look at shots of these fires threatening thousands of buildings and homes. authorities are saying there is some progress against this but they expect it will take several days before they get those flames under control. >> this is the number one priority fire for the state of california and it is getting the lion's share of the other resources. martha: claudia cowan. she is live from lake port, california, with the latest for us this morning. hey, claudia. >> reporter: hi, martha. well, one week after it started and thanks in no small part to some rain we had out here yesterday the stubborn rocky fire may be turning a corner. crews have a line around 1/5 of it, 20% containment. they say they hope to have the fire fully contained by monday. they finally got upper hand thanks to higher humidity and lower temperatures yesterday just a break they needed as flames cross ad critical
7:09 am
containment line. veteran firefighters said they never seen anything like this wildfire. some used words like insane and unprecedented to describe its unpredictable behavior day after long, hot day. even though it wasn't much, it slowed the fire's progress and gave ground crews more time to build containment lines. that is tough with the dry conditions with four years of drought. >> relative humidity is very low and so we have a fuel that is so ready to burn. gets an ignition source and it is really off to the races. >> reporter: erratic winds remain a concern. eastern gusts that could push this fire west towards the town of clearlake forcing more evacuations. thousands of residents still can't go home. several schools were supposed to open this week are delaying the start of the school year because they're being used as evacuation centers. more than 10,000 firefighters are battling 24 active fires up
7:10 am
and down the state. many were sparked by lightning. the cause of the rocky fire here under investigation. the governor has declared a state of emergency and is keeping the president apprised how it is going here and how much it is costing to fight all the wildfires. price tag here martha on the rocky fire, $14 million and counting. martha: wow, unbelievable. claudia, thank you, a lot of action still. a comment on planned parenthood jeb bush says is taken out of context. >> i'm not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. bill: democrats pounced on that. the new war of words between hillary clinton and jeb bush. we'll let you know what is happening between them on that. martha: new controversy over drones, after somebody used one to drop drugs into a jail yard. bill: happening time, wasn't it? donald trump literally taking center stage tomorrow in cleveland. could this be the campaign he needs to prove that he is the real deal?
7:11 am
>> i've never debated. my sort of my whole life has been a debate but i never debated before. these politicians, all they do is debate.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
finished products. the injuries, however, luckily are not life threatening. >> donald trump tells bill o'reilly he considers tomorrow's debate a big league deal but is mr. trump the real deal, someone who can go toe-to-toe in a formal debate setting? >> i think you have to be yourself. you have to be who you are. i don't have, i don't have any pollsters. i know the other folks have pollsters and everything has to be just perfect. the fact the pollsters often times they don't work. if they weren't any good, why aren't they running? i really want to be myself. martha: just wants to be himself. alan colmes, host of "the alan colmes show," fox news contribute tomorrow. brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. probably pretty good advice for anybody who is running for office. you have to be yourself. people get over handled and overmanaged. hard to say what they memorize and come off flat, alan. >> i agree.
7:16 am
donald trump is what you see what you get. he is who he is. he is the full donald. that is appealing. the fact he doesn't have pollsters or handlers telling him what to say, what to do. people get a sense he is speaking from the gut. that is why he is almost bullet-proof comes to his position which haven't been fully articulated but that almost doesn't matter this is attractive to people who like him because he is is who he is and that is important. martha: it takes a little while and let's listen to it and we'll get brad's response. >> you've been tough on jeb bush particularly. tomorrow night he will be next to you i believe. he will stand next to you. will you say we don't need another bush, get out of here get off the stage, will you do that? >> i don't know if i want to do that. i will be right down the middle. i want to talk about policy, i want to talk about the wall. i want to talk about illegal immigration. i want to talk about bad trade deals. i will say i can negotiate better than other folks.
7:17 am
i wrote, art of the deal. i built a phenomenal business. i have abilities they don't have -- >> do you plan on singling out bush or walker or any of the others? do you plan on singling them out? >> i'm not looking to do that i'm not looking to hurt anybody. i'm not looking to embarass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies i will bring up deficiencies certainly i'm not looking to do that. martha: if there is deficiency you have to bring it up, brad, what do you think? >> there is no doubt -- donald trump has been the schoolyard bully. he has been running around calling people losers. calling people he is running against weak or indecisive. look, trump needs to be trump in order to continue this ride. and if shows up and he is not donald trump when he is on the stage, standing next to the people that he has called out when they weren't present, they were people will say, is trump the real deal? so there is a big burden on trump being a leader but also in the polls that, by the way he doesn't like but he quotes polls almost non-stop, if trump
7:18 am
doesn't show up, he loses. people expect that trump needs to confront these people and if he doesn't do it then he is going to let his constituency down. martha: brad, are you warming up to him at all? >> me? no. martha: alan? >> a little bit. i like naturalness of it. i like fact he is not establishment. i don't agree with him on policy the problem with his policy he will say stuff i will build a wall like he told bill o'reilly i will build a great wall, and mexico would pay for it? he doesn't talk about how mexico would pay for it. said he would deport everyone documented immigrant. doesn't say how he would do that. he at some point has to get more specific. martha: that is rap against him when pressed on some of these he wouldn't give specific answers how i would do it. i think he will have to have a couple of those ready to dispel that notion. >> exactly. at some point he says he wants to talk policy, he has broad ideas about the way things
7:19 am
should be but not exactly how he would implement them. saying i'm a great negotiator, i will get it done, is not enough. martha: move on for a moment we have left here, brad, who do you look to stand out, whether 5:00 p.m. or 9:00 tomorrow? who will be the person we're talking about on friday morning? >> well in the prior debate at 5:00 look these folks have an excellent opportunity to move up. and all they need to do is define themselves and have a breakout moment that will get them to the next tier. now as far as the 9:00 debate goes, if i'm watching the debate i'm looking for john kasich. john kasich is hometown favorite. he is successful governor of a must-win state of ohio, and he is more plain talking, more moderate. and i think very appealable. so although he is new he may be the freshest face on that stage. of course there will be a lot of pressure on jeb bush. whether jeb bush will be able to have a breakout moment himself and start getting above the
7:20 am
trump surge is also another thing i think everybody will be watching. is jeb bush going to be able to define himself tomorrow night, yeah tomorrow night? martha: thanks guys. alan give you more time when we do the democratic debate. a little short trip. >> we're on. bill: good stuff, interesting, right? quiet neighborhood now erupting in chaos overnight. what start ad massive house fire that many people off-guard. martha: more than a dozen law enforcement agencies hunting down an unidentified suspect murder and kidnapping. they're now searching remote terrain near southern california as they look for this killer. >> obviously in this area it is pretty rugged. they have to be worried about their footing. things they can see, can't see. so may slow down a little bit. of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never
7:21 am
met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at
7:22 am
7:23 am
my name is rene guerrero. i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california.
7:24 am
martha: lightning storm sparked a massive house fire in maryland. crews responded to the scene in early morning hours and saw flames shooting through the roof. neighbors just looking on in disbelief. >> all of a sudden a big explosion. i thought oh, my heavens what is that? i look out my window my neighbor's house is on fire. i was hoping they were out of the house. they're an elderly couple. i got dressed right away to run over there. martha: good neighbor, right? thankfully the couple made it out safe and sound. red cross is helping them get back on their feet. one firefighter sustained minor gin you areries. bill: there is a manhunt underway in southern california. authorities combing through rugged terrain searching for a suspect wanted for murder and kidnapping. investigators saying he managed to elude capture for days, even escaping a close encounter with police. >> the last thing we want to do is rush into an area and have
7:25 am
the suspect waiting for us and ambush a deputy or a team. so after the shooting that occurred on saturday night we're making sure we just do a slow, methodical search. bill: they need some help now. william la jeunesse live on the story in the west coast newsroom. william how did this all begin? >> reporter: well, the shooting that that officer eluded to wounded two swat deputies saturday look for the suspect described as white male, blue eye, brown hair, 30, 35 glass brown cap, green fatigues. the search began last tuesday after the suspect kidnapped three men in a cabin near bakersfield. they escaped. two days later, police found a retired dentist murdered at another cabin about 10 miles away. then saturday night as deputies closed in on a trailer, the suspect wounded the deputies in a shootout. >> what is next will be determined by the suspect. obviously our ultimate goal is
7:26 am
public safety, safety of the deputies and officers involved. of course our hopeful outcome that we're able to take him into custody safely without further violence or injury to anyone. >> reporter: one deputy was hit in both arms another on the side of the head but both bill will be okay. bill: tell us where the area is they're searching? where is this unfolding? >> reporter: roughly you have 100 officers, federal, state local who are involved in the manhunt. they're using tavs k-9s and of course helicopters equipped with night vision and infrared to pick up body heat. police believe they have suspect contained in roughly five area mile area but, it is remote. you have mountains and desert, canyons and creeks, there are plenty of storm drains mines caves, cabins to hide in. >> appears at this point this suspect may have some knowledge of this area. he is obviously been able to elude us for several days. it appears he has some skills as far as living in the outdoors
7:27 am
and being able to survive. >> reporter: so this survivalist, he got off three shots hit two cops and escaped. he has a shotgun a handgun and probably more. he knows what he is doing, he knows the area, and cops bill are going to be slow deliberate and careful. we don't know how it is going to end. bill: william la jeunesse thank you. stay on it live in los angeles thanks. martha: the fbi director revealing what he worries about. >> what keeps me up at night is probably these days the isil threat in the homeland and i worry very much about what i can't see. martha: james comey says isis is a threat clearly to the homeland but there is debate whether al qaeda is a bigger threat to america. lieutenant colonel ralph peters weighs in next. bill: also president obama defending his nuclear deal with iran you will hear from him in about an hour. major speech one hour from now as he campaigns for support
7:28 am
around the world but will he get it. >> but the bottom line is this. this nuclear deal meets the national security interests of the united states and our allies. it prevents the most serious threat iran obtaining a nuclear weapon. ooh pizza rolls! ahh! they're ready! make summer awesummer with totino's pizza rolls. and get a free movie ticket when you spend $10. ♪ look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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7:31 am
bill: fox news alert. he want to take you to camp shelby, mississippi. second day in a row a shooting happened near the base. this is the description we have right now, 8:00 a.m. local time soldiers training at camp shelby report shots fired in the area. the same area where soldiers reported gunfire from motorist yesterday at left:45 a.m. -- 11:45 a.m. same incident as yesterday's incident, driving a red pickup truck. they're on heightened state of alert.
7:32 am
we're working on this information. we're in touch with those on post. when we get more we'll pass it to you here in "america's newsroom." martha: president obama set to deliver today what the white house is calling a major speech on the iran nuclear deal. the president will speak at american university today in washington d.c. the location is symbolic, meant to echo president john f. kennedy's 1963 commencement speech there where he famously called for cold war diplomacy and nuclear test ban treaty. rich edson joins us live from the white house. rich what is the administration hoping to accomplish with this speech today? >> reporter: good morning, martha. the white house is looking to confront open points of this nuclear deal. according to a white house official say those opposing the deal are same ones according to the white house that supported war in iraq and doing so opposing this deal would be an historic mistake to squander such an opportunity. this is the venue where president john kennedy in june
7:33 am
of 1963 delivered famous speech extending olive branch to the soviet union which led to the signing of the nuclear test ban treaty signed 52 years ago today. white house says this is also represents a historic agreement. >> president obama entered into diplomatic agreement with the international community with one much our adversaries to advance the security interests of the united states. >> reporter: the white house adds according to earnest the difference in this deal the united states is not conceding anything on nuclear or weapons program. opponents point out that the united states is conceding billions of dollars of sanctions on iran's economy, martha. martha: there is still a lot of fierce opposition to this deal. >> reporter: particularly in congress and they will vote in the fall whether or not to try to block this deal and consistently from israel's government. >> it's like the police giving a drug dealer 3 1/2 weeks notice before raiding his lab. believe me, you can flush a lot
7:34 am
of nuclear meth down the toilet in 24 days. >> reporter: more opposition among the american jewish community. representative steve israel, he is the highest ranking democrat or jewish democrat in the house, his office confirms a new york news day reports that he will oppose this deal to try to get his colleagues to vote against it. the house majority leader announced last night that the house will vote to block the deal in september. the only way they can actually block the deal by override of congress. that takes 2/3 majority in the house and senate. back to you. martha: that is a tall order. rich, thank you very much. ♪ >> the threat that isil presents poses to the united states is very different in kind, in type, in degree than al qaeda. isil is not your parents aal qaeda. it's a very different model. by virtue of the model it is currently the threat we're worried about in the homeland
7:35 am
most of all. bill: that was weeks ago, james comey about growing threat of isis speaking at a forum last month. there is a debate in the administration, what is a bigger deal, what is a bigger threat? is it isis or al qaeda? lieutenant colonel ralph peters good morning to you, where do you come down on that answer within that debate? >> it's a totally empty debate. who is the greater threat, al qaeda or islamic state? which do you want, bone cancer or brain cancer? you can't pick. you got to destroy them both. they are both branches on the same poisonous tree. they're certainly differences. al qaeda has been somewhat in decline. islamic state is certainly burgeoning. everybody loves a winner. al qaeda is obsessed with hitting the united states. islamic state's top priority right now is establishing the caliphate. but in the long run a deeply-rooted caliphate in the middle east would be even greater threat than al qaeda.
7:36 am
so the bottom line you have got to get them both, i got you colonel. you may be right about that a lot of debate and answer in this debate goes towards how we go about the counterterrorism effort. ultimately where we put our resources and where we put our money. >> you put your resources in bombs that go right on target in the middle east. you can not win playing defense. we can not, we just don't have the resources to defend every possible target in the homeland at all times. you have to take the war to the enemy. and the place to kill them you know isn't in memphis, it is not in st. louis, missouri it is not in massachusetts, the place to defeat them, kill them, destroy them is the greater middle east. if you don't go after them they will certainly come after us. bill: you know how much attention is given isis. it is social media and we understand the threat. while that is happening, do you sense that we're ignoring al qaeda? are we ignoring what is
7:37 am
happening possibly inside of countries like yemen? >> well, i think a lot of the political elite has very short attention spans but intelligence professionals and military professionals are well aware of the scope and scale and deep roots of this threat. we let it metastasize so long during the rein of president obama. bill: you say go after both right now? >> you must. bill: we're not colonel. >> i'm with you bill. in world war ii we had to fight the japanese and nazis. we couldn't pick or choose. we had different priorities on battlefield at different times but you had to destroy them both. i'm just saying that the obama administration's efforts have been largely cosmetic. some have made a slight difference but they have been woefully and consistently inadequate to address the threat to the united states and to the world. bill: well, colonel, thank you. this will come up on thursday in cleveland. ralph peters in washington, d.c., thank you, sir.
7:38 am
>> thank you, bill. martha: speaking of that threat, new terror charges overseas. british authorities accusing two men of inviting support for the islamic state. one of the suspects is radical preacher who you have seen on the air on fox news in the evening. he is a former head of another banned extreme group in the country. the other man is mohammed rahman. investigators say the support came in form of lectures published online between june of last year and early march of this year. both of these men are set to appear in court today. bill: developments on that coming up. 21 minutes before the hour. jeb bush fending off new attacks from hillary clinton after a remark about planned parenthood and women's health in america. what he said and what she is now. >> jeb bush said he is not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. now he has got no problem giving billions of dollars away to super wealthy and powerful
7:39 am
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7:42 am
martha: war of words erupting between jeb bush and hillary clinton over comment bush made about women's health issues. during an interview on tuesday governor bush answered a question about defunding planned parenthood. this is what he said. >> not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues if you took dollar for dollar there are many extraordinarily fine organization, community health organizations that exist. martha: democrats jump all over that. hillary clinton accusing the republican not caring about women's health. in a written statement said he misspoke, quote, with regards to women's health. funding broadly i believe there are countless community health centers rural clinics and other women's health organizations that need to be fully funded. julie roginsky, former political
7:43 am
advisor to late new jersey senator frank lautenberg. kevin mccullough, host of late night with kevin mccullough, author of no, he can't. how barack obama is. that is long handle. will come to you this morning. i want to pull up the tweets as well. jeb bush came back what he said hear is what hillary said after the explanation by jeb bush rather. with regards to women's health funding, broadly, i believe there are countless community i'm sorry. that, he said. he said you're absolutely unquiverally wrong about that. then he came back with what is absolutely unequivocally wrong giving taxpayer dollars to an organization whose practices show no regard for lives of unborn. julie first, what do you think? >> if i were putting my political consultant hat i would not go after planned parenthood like this if i were jeb bush he probably will be the nominee. great to do it in republican
7:44 am
primary. doesn't need to do it on -- plan the parenthood recent nbc news "wall street journal" poll, planned parenthood has highest approval candidates above nra, above jeb bush, certainly above anybody running 45% approval rating from american public. it is you know, you're going after a brand that is very entrenched for a lot of women. most women don't affiliate planned parenthood with abortion. >> julie, you have a good point. kevin, in terms of that is it political mistake? >> no. i don't think anybody was confused that he meant to defund women's health issues overall. he is correct. there are 9,000 plus community health clinics which now do fund through federal health programs and the only delineation between they and planned parenthood the fact that planned parenthood practices abortion. martha: julie says they don't read it that way. many people hear planned parenthood.
7:45 am
>> with important exceptions planned parenthood does not do some things they do. they say they do breast exams. they don't do bret exams. they say they do all forms of cancer screenings. they don't. there is limited range. we're giving them half billion dollars. it is fungible how it can be applied. we don't have any accountability. there is no fire well. health clinics are there. fund the health clinics and get american taxpayer out of the abortion business. >> can i correct that when i was going to college, 18 years old, i wint to boston didn't have any medical care. used planned parenthood specifically for exams ob/gyn exams. they do everything you mentioned. >> they don't do mammography. >> excuse me. i'm telling you as woman who went there, not needing mammogram at the time. they did basic health care a lot of women rely on. >> all of that is done at community clinics funded in greater number than planted parenthood clinics across the country. martha: remains to be seen going down this road. if your side wants to make that point they will have to really
7:46 am
do a lot of work to articulate the difference and exactly what you're arguing. now these videos may have gone a long way to do that. >> it may open some minds. martha: they definitely opened minds on both sides i think of this issue in a large way, so that may go a bit of the distance doing just that. let's look at one of these polls where hillary is concerned. she is slipping in terms of the backing that she is getting from white women. unfavorable is now at 53% in this "wall street journal/nbc" poll. is this making jo biden look a little bit more inevitable julie. >> i don't know about inevitable. her problem she has authenticity gap. joe biden, when you like him or dislike him he is what you see what you get. joe biden in public is same in private. seems why donald trump is doing sew well among republicans. hillary has to get out there. she can't continue hiding behind staffers. meet the press, real public.
7:47 am
not just people she puts in a room that will rah-rah her. dispute the fact that she is not authentic. >> her campaign feels like it is from the 1990s, in terms how she is executing it. you just can't run campaigns that way anymore. reason bernie sanders is kind of making a surge in new hampshire and he has done very well in iowa events -- martha: pull the numbers up that kevin is referring to. >> he feels very accessible. very out front. there is not a tv camera he won't talk to. he doesn't look like he is searching for words. next to maybe ted cruz he may be the section most like convicted principled guy in the race of either party. they really believe what they believe. >> yeah. >> hillary doesn't come off. martha: you know, that makes tomorrow night very interesting. >> all the more important. >> looking forward to it. martha: it will be a big night as these candidates start to reveal themselves in different way. bill: jon scott, coming up next happening now.
7:48 am
good morning. >> good morning, bill. doing well. president obama takes the stage within the hour. he will defend the iran nuclear deal at american university in washington. as noted the same place where president john f. kennedy defended a nuclear disarmament treaty in 1963 we'll have the speech and live coverage and analysis just ahead. one day away from the first gop debate. we have polling and frontrunner. bill: see you at the top of the hour. officials at public university getting a raise critics say at the expense of students. >> a drone and what guards found what they checked this out.
7:49 am
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martha: so authorities are investigating an incident that happened at an ohio prison where
7:52 am
somebody use ad drone to smuggle in drugs and tobacco. can you believe this? officials say the aircraft flew over the prison yard last week and dropped off a little package with drugs and tobacco. they don't know who did it, according to one expert who is watching all of this, the operation would have been pretty elaborate. >> they don't fly themselves. he would have to be pretty savvy and know a lot about the scenario to pull something like that off. martha: so according to the guards the delivery sparked a giant fight that broke out on the prison yard as everybody was scrambling for this thing. that is how they decideed to go out there to see what was up. bill: they knew it was coming, right? university of california doling out pay hikes for top executives. critics are fuming. they say the move only hurts children they're there to teach. gerri willis, fox business network here now. good morning to you. how much money are we talking about here? >> 3% raise, doesn't sound like much.
7:53 am
look at money. this is chancellor pay. people running campuses for the university of california. in san francisco that chancellor getting $772,000. berkeley 441,000. los angeles, 436,000. remember these are public workers. bill: right. >> public workers who get rich pen sons and get lifetime health care. bill: the school is raising minimum wage for the lowest workers what is that about? >> janet napolitano who runs uc system wants to raise wages for worst-paid workers, from $15 from seven. keep in mind the system got huge boom from the state itself. 5% pay raise for next five years. they said they would raise tuition on students and state said, no, we'll give you more money. where did the money go right away? to the bureaucrats. bill: what do you make of this? >> i think they're paying wrong people. look these folks do not need a huge pay increase. i think what needs to happen the students need to be helped. they have seen their tuition go
7:54 am
up. they are the ones who need relief. not bureaucrats at top of the pile. bill: we'll see if they get that thank you, gerri. fox business's gerri willis. thank you. martha, what's next? martha: generous perk for new parents that work at netflix of the company offering moms and dad as full year of paid leave? the benefit is generous even by silicon valley standards. google offers 18 weeks of maternity leave. netflix says new policy applies to all roughly 2,000 people on the payroll at internet dvd by mail service company. interesting. bill: we're awaiting a major speech by the president on the nuclear deal in iran. what is being called the biggest push for the deal. what will he say and will he beex convincing at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good.
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>> kermit and ms. piggy are no longer a couple. the muppets were promoting their new show. he said he is now dating a new pig -- that is painful. and here name is denise who works in marketing. ms. piggy is taking it in stride saying she is happy with the change. ms. piggy has a lot of class. >> this is all over as well. i smell more marketing. >> they are conscious uncoupling uncoupling. >> tomorrow the presidential debate. here is how it works.
7:59 am
5:00 martha and i get the first grope of seven brett megan and chris wallace for the official debate. you can score the candidates while you watch the debate live. coverage starts at 5:00 eastern. we will be in cleveland and bring the show from the cue tomorrow. >> it will be a full fast naturecinating evening. we have prep for the upcoming show at 9:00. we have been working on questions and refining them and trying to get people off the talking points show us who they are and be revealing to the people out there and try to figure out how to define the people. >> it is the political event of the summer at this point. we will see if there is a breakout or a moment but this is a chance after all of the chatter for you as a viewer and
8:00 am
voter to sit down and focus and make up your own mind. >> family viewing. "happening now" starts now. and we start this hour with a fox news alert. the high stake battle over the iran nuclear deal is about to take a new turn. hello everybody, welcome to "happening now." i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. we are waiting a major address from president obama set to begin any moment. the president reportedly will make his bold sales pitch for the iran nuclear deal framing it as the most important vote for congress since the iraq war. kevin cork is live with a preview. >> reporter: unlike any speech during the presidency this represents a similar moment


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