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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 5, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. >> a fox news alert. 1 o'clock p.m. eastern time. the president making the case for the iran nuclear deal to the american public and also the world. it was a wide ranging speech that went item by item through the criticism of the deal and made a compelling argument for the deal. as you know and we have discussed, plenty of skeptics remain on this. one of the things that the president did address specifically the united states and the relationship to israel. we wanted to make sure we had appropriate reaction to the comments and also comments made
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by secretary kerry in a interview published today. joining us is a fox new contributor and ambassador, there is a delay because we are talking to you from the city of tel aviv today. we will talk about the big comment he made on israel. one in the beginning of the speech he said something to this effect. this is a strong deal referencing the iran deal every nation that has commented publicly with the exception of the israeli government has expressed support. so he made sure to mention that the israeli government does not support this. and he went on to say that he more than any other president, has done more than any other president for israeli security. i want you to comment on those
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two specifics, what do you think, ambassador? >> i listened very carefully and watched the speech and i heard the applause at the american university, i just fear the biggest applause and celebration is in teheran and in iran. here is the president of the united states, the greatest country on earth and leader of the free world being apologietic for american foreign policy over the years and describing how poor america would be all alone if the deal doesn't come through and accusing israel of opposing the deal. he pointed out every country in the world except israel supports it, and i am not sure that is true. israel is the only country in the world that iran threatened time and time again, including
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from their president and a yatolla to wipe off of the face of the world. what if the president is wrong? what if his belief is wrong? he was wrong in syria and libya and egypt. for him, it is another speech that maybe didn't go so well. for israel it is, extential. and i think the prime freedom of israel is right to oppose. this is not politics. it is out of anxiety and belief that he is prevented to prevent a second holocaust. president has done a lot for israel security, but if iran becomes nuclear and the deal could end up with a nuclear iran, then all of that help will
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be absolutely no use. and israel will be the target of iran and you know what i ask americans to do is not to believe us and not just to listen to us? listen to the iranians and what they say when they chant death to america and wipe israel off of the face of the map and denotice the holocaust. they have lied before and they will lie and cheat and try to deceive the world and become nuclear. >> ambassador, the administration and white house disagrees with the sentiment but they are sensitive to israel feeling besieged. that is the language that secretary kerry used in the interview with the atlantic. i want to read you a small part of the interview as it pertains to israel and this is what secretary kerry said about the
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iran nuclear deal. i have gone through it back wards and forward this deal as pro israel and pro security it gets. i believe that just saying no to this, in fact, reckless. why do you think secretary kerry is wrong? >> i have great respect secretary kerry. but in the end of the day secretary kerry will be in washington d.c. or massachusetts. he does not live in israel will and his children do not serve in the israeli army and face iran in the south and in the north and form of hesbollah. those evil forces that are nothing but the bloody tentacles and extension of the evil minds in teheran. we are the ones that live there
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and face danger and always the cainary in the coal mine. and with with all dow respect to secretary kerry, this is a statement that sounds good, but in the end of the day, our worry and our fear is very real and by the way with, it is not just for us. if iran becomes nuclear neither secretary kerry or president obama or citizen of the world would want to live in the horr ebl world with with the evil extremities regime becomes nuclear. they want to destroy not only israel but civilization as we know it. and we believe this deal will enable them to do it and we feel strongly about it. this is again, not about politic its but about life-and-death. and you know, that speech today was a big mistake. it is not about speech making. it is deal making. it is not about eloquence, but
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leadership. it is not about using a teleprompter but using the power wisely. and the president quited j. f. kennedy several times. kennedy said we have come too far and sacrifice too much to disdain the future now. and future with the nuclear iran is a future none of us want to live in. >> this is a big topic from today onwards, ambassador. we appreciate the perspective and the perspective of israel. we appreciate it very much, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> we are going to have more on the iran nuclear deal in a moment. there is big news happening here. a military training facility in mississippi is on high alert after reports of shots fired in two days. >> there is a manhunt for the
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subject as the government said statewide for people to defend themselves. >> you have to come cross as who you are. >> down to the wire. first republican debate of the 2016 campaign, fox news announces ten candidates that take the stage for the first prime time face off. >> plus, high desert manhunt. >> we have to have a search slow and methodically. >> a murder suspect on the run after a violent confronting a with a swat time. >> they encountered a suspect who opened fire on the deputies and there was an exchange of gunfire. >> this helps find suspects. >> five scanning technologies use to track terrorist now employed to help find missing children, including high profile cases like the disappearance of
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madeline mccann. it is all happening now. >> we'll begin with final prep underway for the 2016 republican field as the stage is set for the first presidential debate. the stage is literally being set right now. i am jenna lee. >> and a big stage it is. i am jon scott, fox news channel announcing the line up for the prime time debate. here are the ten candidates making the cut. based on the average of five national polls. seven other candidates invited to appear on the earlier debate 5:00 p.m. eastern. >> in the meantime the fbi is investigating the disappearance of hillary clinton's e-mail server amid questions about the e-mail information improperlily
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stored. we have ed henry on the latest clinton e-mail situation and we begin with carl came ron live in cleveland. >> reporter: hi, jon. you said it. donald trump is the front runner and in the center of the stage and attention tomorrow. and he's now trying to limit the expectations. he's dialling back his hot rhetoric and on the o'rielly factor, he told bill he wants to have a civil discussion about politics and policy and stay away from beating up on his rivals. big change when he said all politicians are losers. >> i want to be down the middle and talk about the policy and wall and illegal immigration and bad trade deals, i am not looking to hurt or embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies, i will bring up
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deficiency,but certainly not looking to do that. >> trump has to prove he is a credible candidate for the highest guy in the land. and that puts pressure on florida president jeb bush. he is second and there is a lot of misgiving about him. conservatives are concerned that the last name and positions on immigration will be a problem. and so in jeb bush's case. he has to prove he is excited and fire in the belly, but approximate he does understand and community the principles of conservativism. and scott walker, it is time for him to show he is an outsider and has a record of achievement and he's new to the national stage. some of his positions have seemed to evolve over time and vague in describing over
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occasion. he will need to be crisp. and they have set their own rowels and time tables. and tomorrow one minute for worry and 30 second for rebuttals if they are named by someone else. >> carl, thank you. >> the president making his sharpest pitch for the deal stopping iran's nuclear weapon. and framing the vote in congress. we'll examine that argument coming up in a moment. and two intruders break in a house. and hear what happened after the boy, called for help. >> i think they might be inside. >> where are you at? >> i am in the closest. >> you hear them in the house?
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>> reports that hillary clinton's private e-mail server may not be exactly what it is. it comes as the fbi opens an investigation in the security of the server which hillary clinton used to send e-mails during her time as secretary of state. ed has more. >> reporter: good to see you, jenna. when you have to insist second time in three weeks that your candidate is not under criminal investigation, you know your campaign is in trouble and that's what happened for hillary clinton's camp. the fbi investigating the security of the e-mail server is a natural outgrowth and they forethere are hundreds of e-mails with with classified information and they wanted the justice department to look at that.
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it is only natural that the investigation would be happening and today not the target of a criminal probe. we don't know where it is all going to lead. and number two, hillary clinton's story for march 10th has been unravelling. she said there was no classified information and now acknowledging there was class foyed information and didn't have markings so she didn't know it was classified. her attorney david kindle is under investigation. he's been around a long time working with the clintons and he has a thumb drive with hillary clinton's e-mail and the fbi asked him about that to make sure it is secure. he said they are cooperating and march 10th, hillary clinton said something that might not be true. snshg the system we used was set up for president clinton's
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office and had numerous safe guards and on property and guarded by the secret service and no security breaches. >> a different story from the washington post that broke the story about the fbi investigation. it started out she was using the former president's server and then decided to use another server left over from her 2008 campaign and advoiced as secretary of state she would need a server with more capacity and more secure. it had issue ands may have broken down a now times. this is hurting her with voters. look at the poll overnight. wmr suggested that bernie sanders is just within six months of hillary clinton. that is broader numbers of who favors hillary clinton and in a direct head-to-head match up,
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it is a six point difference. that suggests trouble. >> joining us with with reaction. jamie, and matt, publisher. i am sorry not publisher. but from the washington free beacon. shane, the constant drip, drip around it is e-mail situation is that the reason or bulk of hillary clinton's poll numbers dropping. >> i don't think the headlines over the e-mail and do naugzs surrounding the clinton foundation, that has taken a toll on the numbers. and when you look at numbers not only in the key primary states and the most worrying thing for many democrats and should be for the clinton campaign. you look at how her numbers are
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eroding in the key battleground states and hypothetical general election match up. that is a huge concern for the campaign. the clinton campaign is on the defensive and that is a terrible posture. >> sticking with you, for the moment, shaun. is that enough. is here campaign off of the rails? >> i don't know if it is off of the rails, but democrats are clearly concerned and more concerned looking at the general election. when you look at her path through the democratic nomination. despite the rise of bernie sander ares and the mri poll. i think there is a lack of alternatives to hillary clinton in the primary. i don't think unlike 08, there was an underdog barak obama, bernie sander ares is no barak obama and martin o'malley is not
10:21 am
either. but the concern is her electability come a general election. >> and now matthew, from the free beacon. hillary clinton's campaign said it is much ado about nothing. >> that is not true at all. they have said a lot not true. fbi investigation connected with an e-mail server in your house. if you are a political operative or candidate you better start worrying. this is a big one in furthering the narrative that hillary clinton is not trustworthy and that is in the polls. and a legal one. these laws against having classified information that is accessible to others have been enforced and rigorously by the obama administration. this is a problem for her politically and legally. >> matthew and shane, stick with
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10:26 am
has a slip up and that is magnified and someone a lower tier candidate and polling down to the bottom tier can have a moment and that can galvanize the campaign. i think the big question for thursday is the trump affect, right? and which donald trump shoes up on the stage. fire breathing trump or softer issued trump? >> matthew, the kinder donald trump was tamping down expectations and he doesn't debate and he might not do as well as they might. what should we expect. >> classic front runner behavior. which donald trump is. he is a front runner for the nomination. i think he will play it nice. and i think he will not be on the offensive like the other
10:27 am
candidates and he will only attack them if they attack him first. if i advoice the other candidates. make your case like in the farm in new hampshire and don't engage the donald, because chances are, you will lose. and a couple of guys on the stage, chris christy and john kasich who are combative from time to time, do they go after him, matthew? >> for both cases of those governors, they want to stress their records and tell the country how they would run the country. when you fight against trump who is a national celebrity and knows how to portray himself in the media and not afraid of anyone or anything, you are in a bad position as a republican challenger. >> and would you offer the same advice, shane? >> i think if you are scott walker or jeb bush.
10:28 am
there is not much to be gained by engaging donald trump and certainly not going after donald trump. if i am one of the lower tier candidates maybe i do go after trump and that is part of my strategy to share in the trump spotlight. it depends cam bien by campaign. this is everyone's chance to really give their elevator pitch and i think focusing on another candidate and making it too trump centric doesn't help the stage. >> and shane and matthew, thank you we appreciate it. >> be sure to tune in for the first republican primary debate for the presidential race right here on fox news channel and starts live from cleveland, ohio. fox news is teaming up with facebook to allow you to take part, news. tell us what you want those
10:29 am
candidates to answer. >> a fox news alert. an all out manhunt. authorities are braving triple digit temperatures. there is a deadly shooting. they are following this from the west coast, william? >> reporter: jenna, day eight of the hunt, searching on the ground and by the air for the suspect, described white male and blue eyes and dark hair and glasses and brown hat and green fatigues. the suspect kidnapped three men in the cab. they escaped and two days later, there was a retired dentist murdered 2 or 3 miles away. and saturday night as deputies closed in on the mobile home, the suspect wounded two in a shootout. both are expected to recover. >> what is next is determined by the suspect.
10:30 am
our ultimate goal is public safety and deputy and officers involved. we hope to take him in custody without further violence or injure to anyone. >> reporter: they are using a tv's and helicopter and infrared and night vision to pick up body approximate heat. the terrain range from mountains and desert and canyons and creeks and near caves and mines and cabins to hide in. >> it appears that the suspect may have knowledge of this area. he's been able to aloud us for several days and appears he will have skills to it be able video survive. >> the police believe that the fugitive is armed with the handgun and probably more. they vow not to quit until he's caught. back to you. >> we'll watch it, back to you.
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>> out west. wildfires continue to wreak ha voc and there is another one forcing the evacuation of an entire town. vo: today's the day.
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10:35 am
it is taking aim at southeast china. the typhoon is moving to parts of japan and the storm slammed in the island of sapan g on monday. you can so an overturned car and power line and trees down. hundreds of resident are in shelters, but so far, no fatalities reports. >> out west with, they need rain with wildfires raging xup down the coast. one entire town was evacuated in washington state. in drought- stricken california, there is some problem in the state's biggest wild wild. scorching 100 square miles. and threatens thousands of homes and businesses. claudia? >> reporter: jon, crews have
10:36 am
the fire 20 percent contained and hope to have it fully contained by monday. but those containment lines will be tested. it is very warm. it is 70 degrees and hot dry weather combining with the erratic winds we have been seeing could mean conditions we have seen on monday. the four jumped a critical containment line. the fire has burned about 68000 acres and that is roughly the size of san francisco and washington d.c. combined. 13000 people under evacuation order and postponing the first day of school because they are used as evacuation centers. much of the four fight is happening in front of computers and maps. this is the science part and infrared flights and determine the attack plan. >> they are important.
10:37 am
they can give us information of where the hot and edge of the four is and give us information on where the most intense part of the fours are. and from those intense part of the fires, we used those to calculate the spread from there. >> this is one of 25 active fires burning up and down the state. many of them were caused by lightning. the forecast now calling for more thunderstorming later this week. and we had rain yesterday and that certainly helped. the concern is that the next systems bring lightning we'll see more fires. >> it is scary types in the west, claudia cowan, thank you. >> the president said if the u.s. rejects the iran nuclear deal, it will affect.
10:38 am
he gave the speech in the height of the cold war and take a listen. >> between now and congressional mode. you will hear a lot of arguments against this deal. that is backed by tens of millions of dollars in advertising. and if the rhetoric in these ads, and the accompanying commentary sounds familiar, it should. for many of the same people who argued for the war in iraq, are now making the case against the iran nuclear deal. >> we are joined by johnathon, vice-president of the research for the defense of democracies and lacy heely partner in the trumman national security project. it is great to have you both. >> you recently wrote about the comparison to the iraq war and the president said those who supported the iraq war are the same ones who don't like the deal and therefore, they are
10:39 am
wrong. you say the president has a lot in common when it comes to the thinking of the iran deal and parallel to the iraq war. explain that to the viewers. >> that's right. it is interesting that the president who said those who are against the deal are fear monger ands if you don't sign our deal, there will be war. the president is engaging in if fear mongering himself now. but we are hearing from the president. he keeps saying every pathway to a bomb is cut off. this sounds like a slam dunk proclamations of george teinant saying it was a win for the united states. this is that kind of crowing that we are hearing from the administration. and on top of that, reloyance on intelligence. the president talks about how they will alert us if iran cheats. it gave assessments about the
10:40 am
iraq war. and the more broadly, the desire to change the middle east. getting iran to the table, the mess might go away. this is the thinking we saw in the iraq war. >> what do you think of the comparusson, that it is the same thinking that the president isute likewising as did those who advocated going to war in iraq? >> the president has been very clear in his arguments and was clear today, that this is not a perfect deal, but this is the best and the strongest nonproliferation regime. and the strongest negotiated and verification that we have seen and much stronger than anything that we have had on the table before and will allow inspectors to stay on the ground and monitor iran's program. the president said the opponents
10:41 am
have the not artillul alternative. and that is not one that is rolistic. walk away now, our partners are not with us. >> lacy summed up what the president argued in the last hour, johnathon. what do you think of the arguments about the alternatives? >> there are alternatives. it is rather simple. if the congress turns down the deal, then we ask the europeans to maintain sanctions as we do and we go back and negotiate more. the iranians may not like the fact that congress doesn't like the deal. but we are a democracy and they have to respect that. there is not to say we don't like it but the fact that iran gets ballistic missiles or the number of dangerous actors are
10:42 am
receiving sanctions relief or iran will be on a patient pathway to nuclear weapon. it should be unacceptable to congress and the american deal. >> it is showing to be unsenable to many. politicians have doubts about this. and the majority of the american people have doubts about it. look at leadership of israel. they have doubts about it. i will go back to the question we posed in the first hour of "happening now". jeffrey golden asked the question to secretary kerry. if the deal is great as you you think it is, why are so many people worried about it? >> many people are worried about it and many people are not worried about this deal. we have seen many democratic senators come out in support. not the ones we expect to but adam shipt who are moderate and
10:43 am
magmatic. >> just 15, just so the viewers know 15 remain a questionable. and there is a question of how many they will come behind this, lacy. >> 13 will be needed to uphold a vote against a presidential veto and we expect to so that veto if congress votes down the deal. ultimately though, what is important about the deal, it is an international agreement and not negotiated by congress and it cannot be negotiated by congress. and that represents individual securities. we defend on international partners to uphold the agreement and they came in front of congress and made it clear that they will not be there to negotiate a mythical better deal. and our partners will not
10:44 am
support us if we choose to walk away. >> we look forward to more debate. thank you very much. >> hi- tech camerasoused to find terrorist may be used to find lost children by looking into their eyes. art health's impor. you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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>> coming occupy the real story. bill o'rielly said rand paul has to do something tomorrow night or he's done. we'll hear what he said about the president's speech on iran. gretta will be here and give one piece of advice for every gopper on the big stage. hope they are listening. and three people murdered in florida, people calling it a ritualistic murder. all because of the blue moon. >> and technology built to identify terrorist may be now used to find missing children.
10:48 am
it is like a finger print. this camera can scan an iris 40 feet away. they will install them in airports to help find missing kids and victims of human tracking. and patrick, what is your take on this. scanning our iris, is that the same as finger printing. >> it is much better. you can do an iris match in role time. catch a photoof their iris, you can match that to a idate base and have a useful match. it is different from finger printer. you have to go out and collect that. that is a unique identifier and a far more useful one. >> how good are the cameras that scan our iris from 40 foot away. >> i know.
10:49 am
it is the resolution of the camera and software and allegorithims that the creator of the system who worked in carn gee melon put in place to make it happen. they get a high resolution picture and extract the useful information from the image to make the database match. it is something he worked on for years. he got a one.foif million dprant from the defense to make the technology. and the job of identifying particularly bad people at airports and checkpoints, now it is it a particular utility so long as parents take their kids out and have their iris scan. it is available in the database. and that is the way it has to work. if you take your kid out and have the iris scanned.
10:50 am
this particular system from 40 feet away, and it is miraculous. and so their face and get a picture of the iowa ris and perform the match. >> interesting, patrick. so much more to talk it there. we have some breaking news that has to do with some technology as well. thank you very much, john, you have that breaking news, it's a big one. >> that's right, fox news alert, because the prime minister of malaysia has confirmed that that piece of debris that washed up on a french island off the coast of africa is indeed from the missing malaysian airlines flight 370. it is believed to be part of the flapper on from the boeing 77 that disappeared on what should have been a routine flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. it went in the middle of the night and now it appears they have confirmation it went down
10:51 am
in the indian ocean. the question is where in the indian ocean. when we get more information, we will certainly bring it to you here on happening now. ♪ when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. he needed help all day so i adopted him.r. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it.
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months, what happened to malaysia airlines flight 370. now the malaysian prime minister is confirming that that piece of a wing found on a small french island off the coast of africa did indeed come from malaysian air 370. so we know that that plane apparently went down somewhere in the indian ocean and floated for 17 months on the current there and washed up on the beach in recent days. the question is, where is the rest of the aircraft. that, we do not know. but this puts to rest some of
10:55 am
the theories that were out there that the plane had perhaps been flown to kazakhstan, that it was in a hidden hangar being repainted with other colors. that plane is somewhere in the indian ocean. this little bit of it, a piece that happens to float because it's of aluminum construct with sealed chambers, that piece drifted around in the indian ocean and then washed up on the beach, but where is the rest of that gigantic 777? >> oliver mcgee is joining us on the phone. he's an aviation expert. that's a great question, oliver. this is very significant to know this is officially part of mh 370. we're waiting for oliver to get connected. john, i certainly rely on your expertise as a pilot. this is such a big plane. that's one of the mysteries for so many of us from the outside looking in. this is a huge plane. how did it just disappear? but this particular part of the plane is one of the parts that could potentially float, john, but the rest of it, is that a
10:56 am
big question mark about whether or not it is floatable? >> it has mystified me and everybody else since this thing disappeared. why did we not find a single seat cushion even up until now. seat cushions are obviously designed to float. it may be that the fuselage is somewhere under the surface largely intact. this is a piece from the outer part of the wing, essentially -- >> can i stop you there, john. we're looking at that animation. which part of the wing would it be? >> it's just behind and in board of the engine there as you see it. >> if you looked out the window you could see it immediately out the window? >> you would see it on landing. it's a flaperon. it's one of those things that you'll hear a kind of a screw turning as you're landing. that's the flaperons being extended on landing. it provides lifts and some drag to the airplane that helps it slow down and stay in the air at
10:57 am
the slower approach speeds needed for landing. it's a sealed aluminum box, if you will, for structural strength. there are plates in it that make the thing hollow, sealed at both ends, and it floated for a long time. >> one of the things i'm curious about and obviously there's been a lot of theories but some have suggested that the growths on the plane wing, the different corals or whatever has attached itself to the wing might actually give us a hint as to where we could find more of it. >> that's what the experts say, that there are barnacles that have grown on that thing over the last 16 or 17 months and barnacles apparently like other critters inhabit different portions of the ocean. by scientifically studying -- you see some of the barnacles there. by studying exactly which barnacles are attached to that wing, they may get a better indication of the path it has taken across the indian ocean. >> certainly breathes more life
10:58 am
into this story. oliver mcgee is joining us, an aviation expert. how significant is this find, this confirmation, in your mind? >> oh, this is great news. we've been covering this this past week. we've been sifting this down. i was on last week with john. we kind of predicted that this announcement would be here by today, wednesday. i didn't want to go on fox and say exactly wednesday in case the french and australian and malaysian officials couldn't say that but i was anticipating on wednesday there would be confirmation that this flaperon was from mh 370. earlier we were making the confirmation that it was a boeing 777. boeing officials had made that confirmation as well earlier. but today is final. this is the remnants of mh 370.
10:59 am
i wanted to talk about the barnacles or sea shells. they're going to play a big role in studying these things because the size of the seashells, you can tell them best if they have been breeding between 12 months and two years. that tells you really good biological trace evidence as to where this flaperon traveled across the indian ocean which is very consistent with drift analysis that we've been talking about all week. that drift analysis points right to the coast of africa. this is a very good, important step of the investigation. and, this investigation is going to be ongoing for a year. we're going to be looking at this for a long, long time. >> it's just the beginning. oliver, thank you very much, interesting insights about the timing of this all and we could potentially find out. >> let's hope that that relatively small piece of wing will lead to the rest of the
11:00 am
wreckage so that the families of those on board can finally have some peace about this tragedy. thank you very much for joining us. >> more on this story. the real story with gretchen starts now. we are continuing the fox news alert and the breaking news that's happening right now. malaysia's prime minister revealing that that flaperon, the part of the wing from a plane found on reunion island does belong to the missing malaysian airliner, mh flight 370. as you can see right now, this is a live picture coming out of paris where the paris prosecutor is about to give a press conference. as you can see right now they're still preparing for this. but the news just coming from the malaysian prime minister, in fact, this is part of the wing of mh 370. now the french prosecutor, remember that part of the wing was taken to france and it was analyzed and now they're coming out today at this hour and saying, in fact, it was that plane that has been missing for almost 18 months. senior foreign


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