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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 5, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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interactive feel like glout you're in the ring with us? download the election hq 2016 app. don't forget to watch the debates tomorrow 5:00 and 9:00 eastern. "special report" is next. a little more than 24 hours from the first primetime gop debate we're putting the finishing touches on the set while candidates hunker down for their final preparations. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm bret baier. we're coming to you live tonight from cleveland, site of tomorrow's first pair of debates in the 2016 presidential race. we're inside quicken loans arena. right behind me you can seat stage where the candidates will be. the undercard featuring candidates outside the top ten begins at 5:00 eastern. the main event with donald trump leading the way begins at 8:50
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p.m. chief political correspondent carl cameron is here in cleveland as well tonight and tells us about a new kinder, gentler trump? >> the gop debaters arriving in cleveland and holding campaign events ahead of tomorrow's debate. >> i came in early today, trying to convince lebron james to come back to miami. just wanted you to know. >> having shot to the top of the polls after calling his rivals among other things weak incompetent losers gop front running billionaire donald trump now hopes they'll be civil in tomorrow's debate. >> i'm not looking to hurt anybody. i'm not looking to embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies i'll bring up deficiencies. but certainly i'm not looking to do that. >> donald trump has the most to lose because he's the frontrunner. >> if hearing that irks the number two in the polls, jeb bush is trying not to show it. after an unforced error in a baptist convention. after slamming planned
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parenthood he questioned today whether the organization's entire half billion dollars funding could be used by others. >> you could take dollar for dollar. though i'm not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women's health issues. but if you took dollar for dollar there are many extraordinarily fine organizations, community health organizations that exist, federally sponsored community health organizations, to provide quality care for women on a wide variety of health issues. >> hillary clinton seized only on the words "i'm not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues and pounced tweeting" jeb bush you're absolutely une quick okayquivocally wrong. "bush fired back. a short while later the initial statement was described as an inadvertently sent draft and the words "i misspoke" were added. clinton zeroed in. >> he's got no problem giving
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billions of dollars away to super wealthy and powerful corporations. but i guess women's health just isn't a priority for him. >> the 2016 race is really beginning to heat up. and now comes a federal campaign fraud investigation from the 2012 campaign of then texas congressman ron paul the father of the current kentucky republican senator who'll be on the debate stage last night. three former ron paul staffers were indicted today on federal campaign fraud charges. one of him is named jesse benton. he is now running the superpac supporting kentucky senator rand paul. benton's defense attorney says this is politically timed, clearly in advance of tomorrow's debate where rand paul has said he finds it suspicious they all do and this has nothing to do with the 2016 rand paul campaign. it's the 2012 campaign. and it's the last the kentucky senator will be talking about it. unless he gets asked questions about it tomorrow night, bret. >> that's right, we'll see. carl cameron outside the queue.
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thank you. we are less than 24 hours from the first of two debates tomorrow. the opener begins as we said at 5:00 eastern. coverage of the primetime event starts at 8:50. self-described socialist bernie sanders has pulled even sort of with hillary clinton. in the latest survey of new hampshire voters and that's just one of the things clinton has to worry about this evening. the other, fbi agents digging around trying to learn more about her private e-mail server. here's chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> reporter: when your team has to again stress technically you're not under criminal investigation as hillary clinton's allies did today for the second time in three weeks, it's a sign your campaign has hit major turbulence. clinton's self-inflicted wound are helping socialist democratic senator bernie sanders. he vaulted to within six points of clinton in new hampshire. in a new wumur survey. since the margin of error is 5.9 points the station's pollster
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declared it's basically a statistical tie. >> they want a movement that stands up and says enough is enough. >> reporter: sanders made clear he has no plans to attack clinton. and he may not need to stoke the flames which are already burning. as fox confirmed the fbi has now launched an investigation into the security of her personal e-mail server. and the fbi has asked clinton's personal attorney david kindle about the security of a thumb drive he has with copies of her e-mail. kindle telling fox in a statement "we are actively cooperating." advisers to clinton stress she's not the target of a criminal investigation. similar to last month when it was revealed two inspectors general had determined there may be hundreds of classified e-mails in her server. with clinton's chief pollster today telling reporters -- >> we expect more attacks. i suspect we'll probably hear some during the debates again. that's the pastime of republicans. >> reporter: except republicans are not driving the fbi review. and while it is starting as an investigation of the server
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that server was set up by clinton. and she could ultimately become the target. at the least, clinton will face political fallout from promises she made at her march news conference that turned out to not be true. >> the system we used was set up for president clinton's office. and it had numerous safeguards. it was on property guarded by the secret service. and there were no security breaches. >> reporter: the "washington post" reported the fbi has learned she moved her e-mail to a different server and it was not always reliable. clinton allies say the new hampshire poll actually shows sanders' support is leveling off. as for the republican debate aides say hillary clinton will be on a plane at 9:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow so she will not be watching at least not live bret. >> ed thank you. officials in nashville are tonight trying to figure out why a man with a gun and a hatchet went into a suburban movie theater and apparently did not
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open fire at least at movie goers. the man was killed by police. senior correspondent rick leventhal is trying to piece things together for us tonight. >> reporter: the call came into nashville metro police as an active shooter situation. fortunately for theater goers and staff at the hickory hollows cinemas, the gunman didn't pull his trigger until officers arrived on scene. the only person shot was the suspect, a 51-year-old local white male whose name has not been released. this happened around 1:00 p.m. local time when officers were responding to a car accident heard there was a man with a gun inside the theater where "mad max" was playing. the officers ran inside and after clearing the projector room one of the cops encountered the suspect who raised the gun at the officer and pulled the trigger according to a police spokesman. the officer returned fire at the suspect and retreated. officers found a man and woman fleeing out the front door all of them doused with pepper spray. the male victim had a superficial wound to his
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shoulder or arm where the suspect had hit him with an ax or hatchet. that's when the s.w.a.t. team moved in donning gas masks. other officers set up at the rear of the building and came face-to-face with the gunman. ultimately the suspect, who i am told was wearing a surgical mask came out of the back door of the theater. metro police officers at the back of the theater of this "mad max" theater outside engaged him. he was shot fatally wounded, has been pronounced deceased here at the scene. >> reporter: the bomb squad unit was called in along with devices from the fbi and atf who detonated at least one of the two backpacks the suspect carried with them. the tennessean newspaper reporting the backpack he had strapped to his chest was a hoax. tonight we don't know if this man intended to kill others or who simply wanted to die at the hands of police. bret? >> rick leventhal in new york rick thanks.
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in the spin room you're looking at chris wallace getting ready for a shepard smith live shot. we're in the spin room. this is the spin room. this is the place the candidates will come after the debate. they will talk to reporters. this will be packed with people right after the debate. this is the spot. and then over here is facebook. you can see some of the data on there. they have a lot of date that we'll be using in the debate on thursday. finally over here is the press area. we have hundreds of press credentials that have been issued. it is packed. we expect a lot of attention come thursday night. we'll see you after the break.
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welcome back to cleveland president obama's efforts to win support for his controversial iran nuclear deal took him across washington today to american university. and he was taking no prisoners
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in his attack on critics, critic whose now say those attacks were over the line. correspondent kevin corke has the story from the white house. >> the choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war. >> reporter: with that president obama drew the starkest contrast possible between his vision of a nuclear weapon-free iran and one in which an emboldened tehran pushes the world toward military conflict. >> i've had to make a lot of tough calls as president. but whether or not this deal is good for american security is not one of those calls. it's not even close. >> reporter: the president's speech today at american university was meant to debunk arguments against the iran nuclear deal. and in many ways mirrored president john f. kennedy's famed strategy of peace speech delivered in 1963 on the same campus. >> the pursuit of peace is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war. but it's so very important.
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>> reporter: important and definitely political for the president, who today likened opponents of the deal on capitol hill to ranbble rousers in iran. >> it's those hard liners chanting "death to america" most opposed to the deal. they're making common cause with the republican caucus. >> reporter: that republican caucus in the senate is 54 votes st democrats and two independents in the minority needing 67 votes to override a presidential veto gop need to flip 12 senators by september. meanwhile three house democrats, including steve israel have joined the gop majority in opposing the deal. new york's nita lowey saying "in my judgment sufficient safeguards are not in place to address the risks associated with the agreement." inspection transparency remains a major issue. during his visit to capitol
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hill the international atomic energy agency director general said the portions of the deal reached between the iaea and iran can't be studied by u.s. lawmakers. that shouldn't be a cause for concern. >> i'm confident that we have the expertise and experience to do the job. >> reporter: tonight the president actually took to twitter to defend the iran deal. in fact in one tweet he wrote, "this is without a doubt the strongest nuclear agreement ever negotiated" bret? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. thank you. breaking news tonight from washington. we are getting a first look at a long-awaited senate report on the irs targeting scandal. correspondent doug mcelway is going through the documents right now. hi doug. >> reporter: good evening, bret. today's bipartisan report is the culmination of two years by the senate finance committee, some of it delayed because the irs claimed to have lost thousands of lois lerner e-mails. the report is broken down into
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three reports, combined findings and separate majority and minority staff views which are dramatically different. among the combined findings u the irs screened more than 500 organizations resulting in delays up to five years. but many top level managers were unaware of it until two years later in 2012. though they were sent important case reports as early as 2010 by lower level staffers top managers never read them. some key employees worked from home as often as four days a week with managers supervising employees from 2000 miles away. some managers in the exempt office which lerner headed were not trained in the very areas they managed including one who completed no technical training in her ten years there. no audits were performed on any groups alleged to have engaged in improper political activity. when the irs improperly disclosed sensitive tax information for foya requests those responsible were not disciplined. because of a union contract that required instant messaging not be saved, many written
3:17 pm
communications that could have shed light on the problem were never preserved. >> if you add it all up it's a very partisan agency that should not be partisan at all. it should not have anything to do with partisanship but they're unionized. 50,000 irs employees are unionized. 95% of their dues and money go to democrats. so it's not hard to see why they're not very fair or they weren't very fair on these particular instances. >> reporter: committee democrats have a very different view maintaining that the actions by the irs quote were not politically motivated and that under federal tax law the irs's scrutiny of tax-exempt applications showing political activity was completely justified. but democrats admitted that the agency was plagued by quote inefficiency bad judgment bad management and unwarranted delay. bret? >> doug thank you. still ahead, how do the presidential candidates pay for all the tv ads, travel and other
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expenses? we'll look at the money chase. first, mark levin and george will. yes, they're on together about what to expect tomorrow during the debates.
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welcome back to the quicken loans arena in cleveland. this is the site of the republican debates on thursday. we are in the spin room. this is where people will come right after the debate and talk to the press. little preview of this debate mark levin. he is radio host and also author of the new book "plunder and deceit big government's exploitation of young people and the future." and in washington tonight, syndicated columnist george will. mark let me start with you.
3:22 pm
your thoughts heading into this debate kind of the state of the republican party, looking at all of these candidates and what they're thinking about heading into the debate. >> i think the state of the republican party is not that great. i don't think the state of the democrat party is that great, either by the way. but that said we have 17 candidates. i guess we could have 717 candidates. people are now vying for control of the republican party. so this is very very important. for me a conservative who worked in the reagan campaigns and the reagan administration we're seen something like this before. not the numbers of candidates but there is a fight now on for control or at least perceived control of the republican party. that's important. so you see a number of the conservatives in the party, you see a number of the more establishment republican types, you see obviously trump out there who's resonating somewhat. so that's how i see it. i see this as a fight for the republican party first and foremost. >> george your thoughts. >> well the republicans have
3:23 pm
been fighting with one another since teddy roosevelt split with william howard taft in 1912. on thursday night, it's going to be like three dimensional chess. because you have ten candidates on stage, each with their own needs, and you're going to have at least two important audiences. one audience is the republican base whose mood at the moment i think can best be described as volcanic. this debate takes place in the shadow of the planned parenthood imbruglio in washington. the republican base simply cannot understand the reasons. there are good reasons. but they cannot understand the reasons why they send republican majorities to both houses of congress and still can't defund planned parenthood. so i think they're looking for a candidate who will affirm and validate their anger at the moment. another group of republicans watching this debate will be looking for someone who can get to 270 electoral votes.
3:24 pm
that is they're simply trying to find someone who's the most plausible candidate to defeat the most likely democratic nominee, mrs. clinton. so you have ten candidates different needs and two audiences with somewhat different emphases. >> mark talk about the battle of electability someone who can win against the democratic nominee. how important that is to the base of the party? and does george accurately say that arrange describenger describes the base? >> i don't think anger describes the base. i think disappointment and frustration describes the base and rightly so. we have a republican congress that keeps surrendering its constitutional powers including the power of the press when they keep announcing we're not going to shut down the government. they may not want to but they shouldn't surrender these constitutional powers against the most lawless president in my lifetime. and that said i don't see this as mutually exclusive that the conservative base can't support a candidate who's electable.
3:25 pm
i heard that before with reagan against ford and reagan against bush. we had two massive landslides. i don't know how many more times we have to nominate the person who's most electable and gets slaughtered in these elections. i think the conservative message is a broad-based, strong message. and we need to try it now and then. nobody -- if you're 45 years old or younger, you've never had an opportunity to vote for an actual conservative for president. you've voted for republicans, you've voted for establishment republicans. but just in general, the nomenclature conservative you have not had that opportunity. my view is i think a lot of people in the republican party are going to be looking at this debate trying to find the conservative that they want to support. >> well quickly, mark do you think donald trump is that conservative? is he conservative? >> i think we're going to find out. you know people want to write his epitaph right away or throw him on their shoulders right away and march him around. it's a candidate among many
3:26 pm
candidates. he's at 26% which is very impressive. but that tells me there's 74% out there who haven't decided on him yet. my attitude is why don't we let them debate a few times and then we'll make a decision about whether he or somebody else is viable. because that's what it's going to take. >> all right. quickly, george any surprises or any things you look for before tomorrow? >> i think that two candidates who have to look at this as a moment to regain some ground. one is ted cruz who's lost a lot of ground because he had staked out the position as the man most angry at the republican establishment and has lost the most ground probably because of the entrance of donald trump. for jeb bush this is a chance for him to stand on stage with other republicans and say i'm not different, i am a conservative i have a conservative record and need to be judged as they are by the normal conservative catechism. >> george mark, thank you again. the book "plunder and deceit" number one on amazon. mark thanks for being here.
3:27 pm
and we'll see you both tomorrow. be sure to tune in tomorrow. the first debate starts at 5:00 eastern as we said. the primetime event begins at 8:50 p.m. this is really behind the scenes and it's really where it all happens. this is the mobile production truck. this is where all the shots will be taken from. the production team will be here seated throughout the debate. right behind me vinny the director he'll take all the shots, the different cuts. and it should be interesting. we're working over all the different shots right now, practicing getting ready for thursday night's debates. "special report" continues after the break.
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welcome back to cleveland. we are just a day away from the first republican presidential debates of the 2016 season. but the candidates and their supporters are already in mid season form when it comes to the quest for the fuel that drives the political engine. cold hard cash. correspondent william largeness looks at how that process works. >> reporter: to win, a candidate needs votes. but to run they need money. >> superpacs are the name of the game now. >> reporter: not long ago, campaigns raised cash at $2,000 a plate dinners. today their political action committees can raise millions in a single phone call. >> with superpacs, corporations can give individuals can give. they can give any amount as many
3:32 pm
times as they want. >> reporter: rick perry raised 1 million the old-fashioned way but his pac raised 11 million from just two billionaires kelsey warren and entrepreneur darwin deeson. ted cruz pacs raised more from two investors. >> you have to have enough to get your message out. >> reporter: scott walker's pacs raised 26 million, much of up from two million. roofing millionaire diane hendricks and chicago cubs jeb bush raised a record-setting 103 million pac dollars. 26 donors gave at least $1 million each. but fortunes could change after thursday. >> if somebody makes a big mistake in the debate and flubs something, it could have an impact. the money may dry up or slow down. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton raised 47
3:33 pm
million. 62% came from individuals giving the maximum $2700. her pac took in 25 million. big donors include entertainment exec haim saban and billionaire george soros. superpacs are the lifeblood of this campaign. according to a.p. roughly one-third of all the money raised so far came from just 60 donors. bret? >> william, thank you. the people fighting a huge wildfire in northern california say it will be several days before that blaze is contained. more than 13,000 people have been required or urged to leave their homes. vacation cabins and camp sites. the fire has consumed more than 400 square miles including dozens of buildings. about 7,000 more structures are said to be in danger. malaysia's prime minister says analysts in france have confirmed that the wing fragment and other debris found last week on an indian ocean island are from the plane that disappeared
3:34 pm
a year and a half ago with 239 people aboard. us and french officials stop short of a full confirmation. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 10 the s&p 500 gained 6.5. the nasdaq finished ahead 34. this is the debate desk. you've seen it over my shoulder during the show. this is where i'll be sitting on this side. meghan kelly in the black right there. and then chris wallace on the side. this is the desk this is the stage. it's a big expansion he area. you can see me down here. there's about 4500 seats. it will be packed on thursday night. we're running through all the practices now. logistically technically. that's why we have these wonderful volunteers from cleveland. there's governor john kasich over there. you can see the two name plates. that's because we have two debates. we have the primetime from 9:00 to 11:00 then the other seven from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. with bill and martha. you see mike huckabee jeb bush and of course center stage donald trump. you feeling good donald?
3:35 pm
>> feeling great. >> as you keep on going down the stage, the other ten. it is going to be very exciting come thursday night. we'll see "special report" on the other side of the break. i accept that i'm not 21. i accept i'm not the sprinter i was back in college. i even accept that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept giving it less than my best.
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anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies i'll bring up deficiencies. but certainly i'm not looking to do that. i'd rather go straight down the middle. but you don't know what's going to happen. you don't know what's going to come at you, what the other people are going to come. the three folks asking the questions are going to try to trip you up. which is unfortunate. all of that has nothing to do with being a great president. but i'm doing it because it's something you have to do. >> donald trump talking about debate preparations as he gets ready or maybe doesn't. he's going to be here in the middle of the stage. and it's less than 24 hours from now. let's bring in our panel here in cleveland, steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard kirsten powers "usa today" columnist, and fox news senior political analyst brit hume. brit you heard donald trump there. what about that and his positioning as he heads in? >> i think he means it. i don't think he plans to attack his opponents unless attacked.
3:40 pm
and if you look at it from the perspective of his opponents, in all there are ten candidates. two-hour debate longer than some. but still doesn't leave a lot of time for any one of them. they're going to be -- are going to each have some things they want to get across. this is the biggest audience that any of them will have had yet this campaign season by far. and there are some things are going to want to get across to the audience. and they will do the best they can to do that. and if you compute how long it would take for a handful of points to get across plus dealing with the questions as asked, i think they will try to avoid donald trump unless he says something which is just so howlingly off base and so likely to be politically dangerous that one of them says this is an opportunity i can't miss. i got to take it. but i wouldn't bet anything that that's going to happen. >> kirsten, you buy that? >> i guess i buy the concept that trump is not going to go into it necessarily with the intention of going after anybody. but i'm not sure they buy the
3:41 pm
idea that he won't end up going after somebody. because he has so little filter obviously, which i think is what makes him interesting to a lot of people. and i suspect that it's going to be less conventional type of debate probably with him in it. and if i'm the other candidates i'll be a little nervous about having him here. we kind of have these rules we play by. trump doesn't play by those rules. >> even the audience democrats are sending out e-mail chains. i saw one with barack obama's name on it saying watch the debate. >> yeah. >> it's going to be a big audience. >> yeah. i think trump is probably going to attract some people to the debate that wouldn't normally be watching it because he's somebody who's known outside of the political world and because there is this idea that it's maybe going to be a little more exciting. maybe it won't be. maybe because now he's ahead in the polls he'll start to tone it down. that's another thing to watch. it's easy to kind of be spouting off until it becomes real. and then oh, maybe i could be president. maybe i'll tone it down a little bit. >> steve. >> i agree with that. you get in this hall and standing up there, there's a
3:42 pm
sort of seriousness about this and the process we haven't seen from him again. that's what draws people to him, right? he takes the process people have been so accustomed to and turns it on its head in an effective way. if he doesn't follow the rules tomorrow night it will reflect badly on him and i don't think it will work. >> what about, brit the thing said earlier in the show this is the beginning of the fight for the republican party and the heart of the republican party? >> well that happens to some extent every four or eight years, depending on whether there's an incumbent republican president. and it's been going on for as long as i can remember. and for as long as i can remember there's been a segment of the republican party which is disaffected with the president and doesn't think he's conservative enough. it happened although a lot of people don't remember it this way, it happened with reagan. it's happening now. and mark levin and others like him and his listeners, who are numerous he said they're not
3:43 pm
angry. yes, they are. i hear from them a lot in my twitter feed >> yes you do. they don't like me. yes. >> i get a few. >> they don't like me. at this moment they're not caring much for you, steve. they say you're not a conservative. >> but this brings up a key point. i think the framing of this discussion about donald trump has been wrong. i mean sometimes it's accurate to say just for the purposes of generalization it's the establishment versus the insurgents or the nonestablishment. that doesn't really work this time. you have so many people would aren't a part of the establishment who have at least raised questions about donald trump or expressed somekepticism. sort of the face of the anti-establishment conservative movement. it doesn't fall neatly along those lines particularly when it comes to trump. >> there will be agreement likely among all ten candidates about this speech today. president obama on iran dealing with his critics. >> just because iranian hard liners chant "death to america"
3:44 pm
does not mean that that's what all iranians believe. in fact, it's those hard liners who are most comfortable with the status quo. it's those hard liners chanting "death to america" who have been most opposed to the deal. they're making common cause with the republican caucus. >> so "death to america" brit common cause with the republican caucus. >> the problem with that is among the people calling crying "death to america" are the leaders of the country. it's not as if there's just some minority rabble in iran that cries "death to america" the very leaders do. the very people he just made a deal with do that. so that entire speech of the president was so characteristic of him. it was dishonest. it was partisan. and in the end it was insulting. >> kirsten, he's trying to rally the base to try to get this thing through congress. is that way to do it? >> i have to agree respectively with brit. i thought it was a masterful speech quite an excellent speech. >> you mean disagree.
3:45 pm
>> did i say disagree? i meant disagree with you, sorry. i thought it was masterful. i thought he laid out the case i thought he made a lot of good points in explaining the importance of diplomacy and how diplomacy has been used in the past. >> even with the attack on republicans? >> if i could strike one thing from the speech it would be that. otherwise i think the speech was really well done and made a really excellent case for the deal with iran and for the historical view of let's use diplomacy and not use military force to resolve our problems. >> shaking your head? >> i'm sorry. it not only wasn't a good speech i think it was the worst speech of the obama presidency. and one of the most unpresidential speeches i've heard in recent memory. the president beyond his sort of partisan attacks which we've grown accustomed to beyond his misleading claims about republicans, he seemed to be creating this fantasy world that he's living in with respect to the iranian leaders.
3:46 pm
it's the leaders leading the chant of "death to america" you can't separate that. at another point the president said i realize that resorting to force may come from the behavior and rhetoric that emanates from parts of iran. it doesn't emanate from parts of iran. it comes directly from the leaders of iran that. rhetoric and that behavior has meaning. they've been that are getting americans for the past two decades, longer still. the rhetoric actually matters. what they're saying they're saying for a reason. and for the president to pretend otherwise, this is just sort of emanating in the passive voice, i think is insulting and it's dangerous. >> brit quickly, with this speech with the lobbying effort they're making on capitol hill do they have success with democrats? >> they only need what 34 democrats in the senate or third plus one of the house of representatives. so that's not a very high bar. and my guess is that in the end, chuck schumer and all these people are pretending to be agonizing, they'll all fold. >> agree?
3:47 pm
>> i think that's right. >> you agree on that. >> we agree. >> there we go. >> do you agree? >> it can be done. >> panel, thank you very much. next up journalists from here in ohio give us their take on the presidential race. one of the foot's favorite rituals happens at the water's edge. here, they must look their best. test test test. test test test. test test test. test test test.n you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new
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i'm particularly concerned about funding for the veterans. and i think that one of the real issues facing the military is the potential cuts. >> i you have been hauling steel for a lot of years. i have seen a lot of businesses the last seven years go out of bususe of healthcare, because of energy costs no jobs. >> i you think we should really focus on our military the debt, and getting the economy going and let the states figure
3:51 pm
out those social issues. >> we have never had deficits this high before. you know, you see what's happening in greece. it's just scary. >> some voters here in cleveland we talked to this week talking about some of the issues that matter to them. we are back here in cleveland with a trio of ohio journalists tonight julie smit is the ohio state house correspondent for the associate the press. dave spiegel is news anchor for fox 8 here in cleveland and christie thompson is is the politics reporter for the cincinnati enquirer. thanks for being here, everybody. julie, let me start with you. a feel of this debate as we head in. the attention it's general rating here in cleveland in ohio. just kind of set the table for us. >> i you think it's extremely exciting for the state. a lot of voters here don't pay close attention early in the race but this sort of a big event is going to capture their attention and really get folks going in ohio. this is far out from the
3:52 pm
election day, of course, for everybody in the united states because ohio is a big cross section. but, the energy here is starting to get people to pay attention in an important state. >> yeah. last time around we did our first debate in may in south carolina. so this is a little later than that but you are right it's early from election day next year. gabe a big story line for you guys was your governor and the fact that he managed to get into that tenth spot. >> yeah. i credit the republican party with the strategy there. he wanted to surge at just the last moment and certainly he did. so credit his campaign team because he didn't want to fall off the cliff, if you will for some of the lower seven candidates. he sunked at just -- surged at just the right time and beat out rick perry. >> christie, your thoughts? >> ohio is such a bellwether state that a lot of the voters are going to be he focused on the economy and kitchen table issues and
3:53 pm
some of the less social issues on some of the candidates tomorrow night. that's going to be an interesting aspect as to what the early you voters in these early primary states think and then what the more general election battleground states like ohio. >> you know, we listened, julie, to some of these voters here. first of all they seem very engaged. we found some who were really into it. and they had all kinds of different things they were concerned about. what drives the day here in ohio? is it the economy jobs? really is. it's jobs, healthcare, schools. people care about the bottom line kind of issues. we are seeing social issues really waning a bit in ohio. with the gay marriage debate nationally there have been divisions within our abortion rights and abortion -- antiabortion communities in this state. a lot of sort of infighting and those issues. and so a lot of people are looking to the national race to be less about that and more about how to get the
3:54 pm
economy going. that's what our governor will try to raise the case for himself of how he has handled ohio and the economy. and, you know, whether that plays or not we don't know yet. he has a lot of critics but he certainly has brought jobs and cut taxes and that kind of thing. so that will be, i think people will be paying close attention on that. >> yeah, gabe? >> yeah. i mean you look at his resume and over the past four and a half, five years he has helped create 350,000 new jobs. he was a part of congress for 18 years. he was the federal chairman of the federal budget committee when america had a balanced budget a couple of his points that his campaign team will tell. ohio loves him had. he has done some amazing things. he has helped bounce back our economy. >> on the negative side isn't there a spending kind of concern? he doesn't get the best rating among governors on spending limits. i think he got a d from cato
3:55 pm
institute. and obviously expanded medicaid and in some quarters here that's popular and others in the republican party it's not. >> right. i think that is true that the current budget that he wrote was one of the largest we have seen. he was able to balance it. of course, we have to balance our budget in ohio because it's -- by law it has to be a balanced budget. >> christie? >> this is really the perfect debate for governor kasich because he can stand up and say here we are in ohio his message is i can win ohio. when he talks about balancing the budget or even being okay with the fact that the state budget is higher than it's been in years, that's where he can bring out his more, what he would call moderate characteristics that might appeal to the broader electorate. >> quickly down the row people are watching trump? >> i hear more trump in these early primary states than i do here in how. it's the attitude here see if he is around when we get to us. >> i agree. we don't talk about donald
3:56 pm
trump here in ohio. like moments like when ronald reagan was taking on carter and he said there you go again. we talk about moments. that's what he would hoping to see tomorrow night. >> he we are going to have many moments i guarantee you on this stage behind us. thank you all for being here. really appreciate it interesting perspective from ohio. that is it from the panel. stay tuned to see a debate volunteer and "special report" watcher with a lot of enthusiasm.
3:57 pm
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use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. as we showed you earlier in the show volunteers were on hands today as candidate stands in for rehearsal. great group. i was happy to meet them. >> the feeling was mutual. >> let's get a hug. >> look at this. how about a picture? can we get a picture? >> oh my gosh. oh my gosh. >> the price is right. somebody take a pushing. >> like -- all right. come on, come on. all right. hold on. here we go.
4:00 pm
we will send it to you. okay. >> it was quite something. i was flattered michelle. great to meet you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. here is greta. >> debate night on fox is just hours away. one of those presidential candidates going "on the record" in moments. but, first all the candidates ready to fire on all cylinders. >> i will be the greatest jobs president that gott god ever created. i tell you that. >> it is a time to reclaim the constitution of the united states. >> i mean what i say and i say what i mean and that's what america needs right now. >> we will make that journey from hope to higher ground. >> i want to be president to defeat the enemies that are trying to kill us. >> we are going to change the government into


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