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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 5, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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this is it in this arena it starts tomorrow. we will be at the stage and all the candidates will be right in front of us. we'll face off. hope you join us see you tomorrow. tonight. >> this is a big league deal. there's no question about it. everybody's talking about it. >> the republican debate stage is now set. what can we expect from donald trump and the other candidates? >> i want to be myself. i know the subject manner very well. >> a special review with moderator bret baier. frank lunts is back with more from the focus group reacting to the 2016 gop candidates. >> the young people of today like a handsome guy in office. >> a lot more trouble for hillary clinton now the fbi is looking into her e-mail server. "hannity" starts right here right now. we're less than 24 hours away from the first 2016
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republican debate that will air here on the fox news channel. here to explain how the candidates are prepping is carl cameron. it is super bowl world series stanley cup time for those of us who love this carl. >> it is. it's for an awful lot of voters. here in ohio the bellweather swing state. all 17 candidates will be here. one of the things they've been working on in a variety of different ways is brevity. they're used to talking as long as they want in their speeches and town halls and rallies. tomorrow the timer is on and they're limited to a minute a piece and 30 seconds to rebut if somebody calls them out. for donald trump, it's a huge deal. as the frontrunners. they're always the big target and have the most to lose since they're at the front of the pack. trump has to show he can be credible and respect the office and have the kind of demeanor that's worthy of somebody who will have their finger on the button. in second place is jeb bush. the father and son of the last
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two republican presidents. he has to prove he's his own man something he's been saying over and over. he has to show there's a fire in that belly. a lot of republicans see him as tame compared to trump as well as the rest of the field. another guy to watch is scott walker. he's been polling in third place. sometimes tied with bush for second. the wisconsin governor is very popular in the leadoff caucus state of iowa and will need to show across the country that his appeal can extend past the heartland and get to some of those yankees in new hampshire and the south in south carolina. a long way to go. they're all practicing. some hitting the books. others trying to relax. walker tomorrow will be opening the wisconsin state fair and then coming here for the debate tomorrow night. >> they'll have a couple of fried pickles and oreos. perfect way -- >> anything on a stick. >> we've been through this process a lot together. when you think about it, there's
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a lot at stake tomorrow. somebody could stumble. remember rick perry, the last election cycle he was a front runner. people are going to be looking to see if you're forceful whether you have a sense of humor. if you can be forceful and not mean. there's a balancing act out there for all of them. >> you know the period up until the first debate is usually sort of referred to the invisible primary. there's a little bit of campaigning on the trail and a little bit of tv. everything changes now. and when that happens, there's something different this year. the iowa caucuses used to have their straw poll. usually this month before their state fair comes. that had the effect of taking the field of the candidates and chopping it down to less than seven or eight. there is no straw poll anymore. in a lot of ways not to raise the expectations too high on
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brett and chris for tomorrow tonight. they are worried a poor performance could have a same effect and winnow them out of the field taking out their ability to raise money and being heard in a crowd this big. >> thank you for being with us. donald trump who is dominating in the early polls he's going to be center stage for tomorrow's big debate. trump was on my radio program earlier today. here's what he said. what he'll do if he's attacked by the other candidates. listen. >> what is your strategy going in? >> it depends on how i'm treated. you know it depends. maybe people will attack me in which case i will attack back. you know every one of them have problems. and i will certainly attack back. i respect some of the people up there. i won't tell you who. but i do respect some of the people up on the dayts. joining us is our panel. good to see you. >> good to be with you.
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>> stevione i know you're a trump critic. that seems fair if they attack him he'll attack back. >> that is fair. that's one of the most reasonable things i've heard from donald trump. >> you don't think building a wall is reasonable. balancing the budget and -- >> no, i think building a wall is perfectly reasonable. i think declaring that you're going to make mexico pay for it without having much of a plan less reasonable to me. look i don't blame donald trump for that position for that stance on his approach to the debate. i think it's smart. i think if you look at his rhetoric over the past couple of days he seems to have toned it down a little bit. he seemed to appreciate the fact that this is a serious moment. that he see going into the first debatets debate. he seems to have a different tone. i think than he has sort of bombastic tone from the past couple of months. >> charles, you've been a trump fan.
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26%, 26% 24%, 21%. that's his recent polls. >> the big argument we have heard from all the experts around here as been there's this tremendous ceiling that's the highest he can get. this may bear out to be true. their argument is he'll never get above a certain threshold. what i think is most interesting out of that wall street journal poll from last week you had his basic poll number. but then the question -- the next question was, who would be your second candidate? and trump wasn't number one in that. but he was number two. 11% of gop voters who supported other candidates said trump was their second choice. that tells me there's actually some movement in whatever ceiling there is. >> charles, i would agree. remember the early polls show that 57% of republicans said
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they'd never vote for him under any circumstances. that number was cut in half. >> i think it has to do with he has some staying power. as steve pointed out he has moderated his behavior a little bit and his temperment to match the serious of the situation. who knows, you know if he continues to do that it could be you know we could be looking at a real sort of political juggernaut here. >> it would be interesting. i got an honest answer out of trump. i asked why did you donate to democrats and hillary clinton? you know what his answer was? because i know that in a couple of years if i need help they would move heaven and earth to help me. so i said basically you were buying influence. he said that's the way the business world and political world works today. we on this panel all know that's true. nobody else would ever admit that though. what do you think of that answer? >> well everyone loves the fact that he's very blunt and honest.
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and he'll tell it like it is. he's blunt about the fact that he was supporting people in any party to have an open door. what he's promising is that he's not going to be tethered to any special interest any big money donors or any lobbyists. especially that's the threat of the third party run, right? if the rnc doesn't play fair he's still not ruling out a third party run. >> he's not going to run third party. >> has he promised that? >> i'm confident the answers i've gotten from him, i'm confident he'll never run third party. >> okay. well he is appealing in a republican party primary electorate by saying he's not beholden to those people. the people he gave to would have given him some access. that's the power of donald trump. that's why the idea though sean of a third party run is threatening to the republicans. because if he runs as an independent, even if he's not going to win, it's a powerful
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message -- hillary gets elected. it's a powerful message from the electorate -- >> i got it t.. let me go back to steven hayes. it's a basic question, but i went back to it today. he see he's a billionaire that's funding his own campaign. i said why, why do you want to run and be president? here's what he said. >> what motivates donald trump to want to become president? i'm very interested in that answer. >> so i'll tell you what. it's a very basic very simple answer. my theme and the whole theme of my campaign is to make america great again. and i love this country. i'm seeing our country go into the ground. it's going in such a horrible direction. we're not going -- between mowno
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borders weakened military between no taking care of our great vets that have to be taken care of. so many things. you could just go on. >> i would put out to you, steven and suggest to you that if he gave an answer like that tomorrow that's appealing. because i think most americans feel that way. and they feel washington is broken. and they feel it's not working right now. what's your reaction to it? >> yeah, i agree with you entirely. i remember you and i talking back during the 2012 cycle about the fact that mitt romney didn't do enough to make that case. to say we're losing america. and in an emphatic way. had he done that he might have had a better result. donald trump, this isn't the first time he's looked for running for president. he looked in 1999 after years of bill clinton in the white house. he looked again in 2012 after barack obama in the white house for a few years. he certainly was critical of george w. bush. to go back to your third party point. you have pushed him on that question.
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he has given a more definitive answer over the past couple times he's been asked. it's hard to put too much faith in one answer from donald trump because his answers on a whole variety of issues whether they'll political tactics or overall strategy or change regularly. it's hard to put that much faith in what he's saying. >> charles quick answer we got to take break. >> that's why so many people are attracted to donald trump is because, you know they'll take him any day over the politicians. they're tired of the politicians. they're tired of the professional people around here who have done this to our country. they want something different. anything different. stay right there. we'll have more with our panel after the break. when we come back bret baier, here is one of the debate moderators. he will join us. we will get his take. after the debate tomorrow night, midnight eastern a post debate recap show live from cleveland. we'll have interviews with the likes of donald trump and scott walker and ted cruz and marco
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rubio. they're all confirmed for tomorrow. coming up tonight on "hannity"." all of us are running owe voters an explanation of who we are. that's what i plan to focus on. a lot more on how the candidates are preparing for tomorrow's primetime debate. later tonight. >> everybody lets trump get away with everything he wants to say. the minute somebody brings up jesus, says jesus christ without being angry, everybody gets in an uproar. that is too much religion in politics. >> frank lunts is back to reveal what new hampshire voters think about the gop candidates like marco rubio. the fbi is investigating hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. we've got all the details straight ahead. steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. ♪ every auto insurance policy has
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good evening and live from "america's news hq" i'm jackie ibanez. police stopping a hatchet wielding attacker. he's been identified as a 29-year-old. he was armed with a pellet gun and was wearing a fake explosive. the incident comes two weeks after a gunman killed two people at a louisiana movie theater. the partial wing found in the indian ocean is from flight 370. investigators involved in the situation are more cautious stopping short of confirming it's from the plane. the boeing 77 was carrying 239 people when it vanished. now back to "hannity." ♪
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welcome back to "hannity." the first 2016 republican presidential debate airs tomorrow night here on the fox news channel. how are the top ten candidates preparing for the big event? watch this. >> i think all of us who are running owe voters an explanation about who we are and what we plan to do if elected. i hope that's what i plan to focus on. >> i think what works for me that is to be authentic and know what i believe. you know to spend some time in prayer spend some time not thinking about the debate. >> once you get on the stage it's not going to matter if you're number one, five or ten. you'll have the opportunity to make your pitch to voters across america. >> i'm going to talk about what i'm for. i think people -- voters are tired of politicians who tell you what they're against and who they're against. they want to know what you're for. >> i'm looking forward to the debates. a lot of the information that has been disseminated about me is not true. people will have an opportunity to say, wow, this guy actually does know something about
7:17 pm
foreign policy? >> joining me now one of the moderators of tomorrow's debate my friend bret baier. some are predicting these could be the most watched primary debate in history. i don't know if it's true or not. but we'll have a big audience here. does that make you a little nervous? >> you know i'm excited. i'm sure when i get to tomorrow and get on the set, and look at megyn and chris. you want it to go off without a hitch. there are a lot of variables. as we talked about the other night on the show that we're trying to game out. it's exciting i think. there are so many things to talk about. we wish it was a four hour debate. >> you know what, i bet they probably don't. >> they probably don't. >> i know you you're going to do great. you have a challenge. you have ten people you have two hours. that's not a lot of time to get
7:18 pm
deep into the substance. i'm sure of the things you want to discuss. how do you manage that? >> well you take a lot of the preamble the talking points out of -- you try to in the framing of the questions so you kind of assume what they're going to say and you build the questions that way. so that kind of tightens them up a little bit. hopefully. and you know they have a minute. and then you have 30 seconds rebuttal time. if they mention another candidate that person gets 30 seconds. it's going to move quickly. it's not a ton of time when you add in commercials. it's about 115 minutes. we will be taking realtime track of how much time each candidate talks. how many questions each candidate gets. >> it's definitely challenging. i know you'll do great. i had donald trump on my radio show earlier today. we were talking about the debate. here's what he said. >> there are a million questions
7:19 pm
you can take all the questions. if they're going to ask tricky wise guy questions that would be very unfair in my opinion. because there's plenty of them you could ask and that would be unfair. i'm sure they'll be called out whether it's me or somebody else. if they're going to ask -- like let's study history from 22 years ago. we'll find out what they're going to ask and see if they're well-intentioned or not. >> you're not planning any tricky wise guy questions, right? >> i don't think the history from 22 years ago is a worry. i think there will be some pointed questions. that candidates how they handle them it will be interesting. you remember last cycle where we had five primary debates. we asked those pointed direct questions about somebody's record, something they've done or said. and hopefully it illuminates from there their ability to deal with you know tough stuff. it's not an easy ride to the white house as you know. and if you're going to possibly face a clinton machine you'll
7:20 pm
have to face tough questions along the way. >> well said. it's going to be a great debate. you'll do a great job. thanks for being with us. >> thanks sean. back with more reaction from the weekly standard steven hayes from the washington times. charles hurt and associate editor columnist for the hill ab stoddard is with us. let me go to the idea. that was funny, tricky wise guy questions. i remember back in one of the last debates. newt gingrich a couple of times went after moderators in debate. and it seemed to be effective. the crowd responded more in newt's favor. >> right, obviously the tricky wise guyness of the questions in the eye of the beholder and there is a risk on jumping on the moderator. it can help you if the audience perceived the question to be unfair. for newt gingrich to question his multiple marmshriages or divorces is pretty shrewd. if he's asked for substance and
7:21 pm
doesn't give it. if he's asked for details, he can't get testy. he's got to cough up substantive answers. >> this is the challenge the moderators have. steven let mooege go to you. ted cruz was a national debate champion. his message will resonate with the conservative crowd. you have governors like walker and former governor bush and john kasich. you know krchris christie is bold and out spoken. all the guys on the stage -- understated is ben carson because he's soft spoken. what do you expect from these guys? >> what's the old saying quiet waters run deep? you know i think ben carson has a chance to make an impression by being quiet and different. pler particularly if it gets heated between trump and bush or chris
7:22 pm
christie. the answer for most of the candidates is the answer they've been giving. this is not something where they feel like they have to make a huge impression on the first night of the first debate. most of them anticipate being in future debates down the road. and want to -- i think, basically avoid screwing something up in a significant way. >> i would say, charles, if i'm marco rubio or rand paul i'm going to want to be noticed in the debate. >> that's the number one question that each of these candidates has to determine right now. do i try to go out donald trump? or do i try to make nice with him or try to ignore him? you know what has happened so far is people have kind of -- nobody's landed a good punch on him. and he's kind of run away with it. i think that until they start landing punches on him and as you know you pointed out, you know i think it's going to be through, by -- >> here's my prediction. they are going to stay as far
7:23 pm
away from him thazas they can get. i think there's a certain fear it might come back and burn them. >> there's a real dangerous thing to go in there and try to tangle with a guy like that who is so good at turning any situation in his advantage. >> guys thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it it will be fun. coming up next tonight here on "hannity." i'm old enough to remember when john f. kennedy was a senator and fran president. marco rubio reminds me of him. >> frank lunts's focus group has advice for donald trump. we'll look at marco rubio and john kasichism. tonight, the fbi is now officially investigating the security of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. ed henry will have a full report. we'll check in with judge napolitano. could she be in major legal trouble? straight ahead.
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so with the highly anticipated first gop debate taking place tomorrow night. we sent our team of producers to new hampshire for a focus group. take a look at what the group had to say about marco rubio. >> he can beat the pants suit off hillary clinton. >> he resonates with the common folk. he talks about student loans and his own personal struggles with wealth. >> he's got blue collar parents who were cuban, spanish. >> he will resonate with younger votesers voters. >> he's popular in florida and he's very appealing to young people. he gets at the heart of the message. it's not because he's young that he's appealing. he's apiling to our issues. >> this is your first vote, right? >> yes. >> at this point is he your first vote? >> he's tied with it. >> he lost me on immigration a couple years ago. but he also lost me that he's not very good with his own finances. that troubles me. >> he's very young. he's a senator. not a governor.
7:27 pm
hasn't really had much work with budgets and so forth. >> i'm old enough to remember when john f. kennedy was a senator and ran for president. marco rubio reminds me of him. >> jack kennedy, he was a pretty boy. marco rubio, he's a pretty boy. you know and that -- the young people of today like you know a handsome guy in office. but he doesn't have what it takes. >> joining us now our pollster out of cleveland tonight. you've got to love people. because they are just brutally honest. i thought that was favorable. rubio seems well-liked. the polls show that. blue caller background. comes across well. that seems to bode well for him long term right? >> and that's the point. he's not doing that great in the polls right now. he's at 6%. most surveys have him somewhere around 7th or 8th. what rubio has he's everybody's second choice. he's got the highest favorable
7:28 pm
to unfavorable of any of the presidential candidates. and the highest would consider vote. so what you saw there are people who are not yet convinced. but they're absolutely giving him an open mind. he's one of the candidates i'll be watching for tomorrow. can he deliver the goods to people who like him and want to love him? >> let's look at the dials on rubio talking about terrorism and see how the voters responded. >> it's not radical presbyterian terrorism. it's radical islamic terrorism. i want you to know why it's fair. it's not fair to the non-radical islams. it has to be defeated home and abroad. we have to defeat the idealogy online. we have the capability in this country to go after them. why do they have a twitter account up? why do we allow isis to have online social media networks? >> both conservatives and moderates at the 80s. some of the highest marks we've
7:29 pm
seen. >> sean, the republican primary vote rszrs are looking for solution and results. any senator has a disadvantage. what helps rubio get over that, everything that he says is a solution oriented answer. he's focused on making a difference for people. i think that will overcome the concern they have that a, he's too young and b, that he comes from the u.s. senate. >> you asked the focus group about governor john kasich. i was s of the answers that a lot of people weren't familiar with him h. let's go to the tape. >> we don't really know much about him. >> we know he's a great governor of ohio and he got jobs. he's a little religious too me. too much religion. >> he's running for the vice presidency presidencies. >> you'll hear him speak. i heard him speak twice. eyes keep creeping anything. eye i, when i. we want to hear what he's going to do. >> when i was listening to him
7:30 pm
and i've been anxious to hear him, i just felt like he was a victim. i agree with you. it was a lot of i and all the negatives that happened to him. look i picked myself up. >> he's accomplished a lot as the ohio governor. i hear him speak and see him on tv it's not inspiring. he does not inspire people. >> maybe a great governor and would be good at balancing a budget. foreign policy is an issue. >> he has foreign policy experience. when he was in congress he sat on a foreign affairs board. he has a lot of support. >> he's your candidate? >> he's upthrop there. >> sitting on a foreign policy board doesn't give you foreign policy. it just makes you get the read all of the classified documents. >> i think there's too many other candidates that are better than him. >> yeah. he got in too late. >> he got in way too late. >> it sounds like he needs to introduce himself more to people. >> they don't know him in new hampshire. they may know him a little bit better in iowa. he did wait until july to
7:31 pm
announce. what he did in washington seeking to balance the budget and what he's din in ohio is significant. if voters don't know it, it doesn't matter. >> for a fun thing before we go to some of the other candidates. you asked your focus group to give advice -- not that he'll take it -- to donald trump. let's watch this. >> put a plan forward so that -- and stop criticizeing john mccain. >> provide details on your policy platform. >> don't be insulting to whole races and ethnicities. >> don't just use rhetoric. >> roll out all your issues and what's you're going to do. >> learn to be a statesman. >> engage your brain before you shoot your mouth. >> stop namecalling. >> go back to the apprentice. >> keep doing what you're doing. >> tone it down. >> run as a democrat you're not a conservative. >> roll out your plans and be more respectful. >> keep it up. >> let us know what the plans
7:32 pm
are. >> do not do third party. >> he owes john mccain an apology. >> be more factually and stay on track. >> don't change. >> stay the course. >> what would your advice be listening to that focus group to donald trump as he prepared for tomorrow's big debate? >> in a word humility. i would have him say, look i'm going to be straightforward and tough and you're not going to like all that you hear. but i'm going to tell you what i think. i'm going to tell you the truth. if i make mistake, i'm going to acknowledge it. if he shows humility which is tough for him. he will take that 22% that he has he can go to 30%, 35%. he'll have to have humility. not just this bombast that he's presented himself up to this point. >> we'll look at rand paul and mike huckabee and some of the other candidates as we continue from cleveland. he'll explain what the focus
7:33 pm
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and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at welcome back to "hannity." we continue our coverage of the focus group that frank lunts conducted with new hampshire voters. here's whaty thought of kentucky senator rand paul. >> he doesn't connect? >> he's very intelligent and he's got decent points but he's not effective in getting the message out. >> he's an isolation and we need to stomp isis out. put boots on the ground and take care of them. >> gorge bush protected this country. >> rand paul? >> george bush. >> he'll do the opposite. >> his principals override his common sense when he espoused
7:39 pm
the anti-patriot act thing. it was a big killer. i mean the data is going down the crapper. >> i don't know i fully agree with the spy state mentality. i feel that him standing up for our liberties is something that is refreshing. >> i think the american people are having trouble with the constitution. if you look at foreign entangle entangleabilitiesentangle entanglements george washington warned us from that's where he's coming from. people aren't getting that. >> who would consider voting for rand paul at this point, raise your hands? who would definitely not vote for him. >> frank lunts is back with us. they view him as intelligent, communication issues and foreign policy issues seem to stand out. >> they agrieee with him on economic policy. they want a smaller government. they want a washington that's
7:40 pm
more accountable. they reject his position on foreign policy. if rand paul wants to be faekt effective he'll have to say where he stands. he has to be tough. >> you actually dialled him on economics and it went through the roof. let's show our audience that. >> yep. >> i think that the 70,000 page tax code we have is chasing american jobs and chasing american companies overseas. you know burger king reincorporated in canada. canada's business tax is half ours. get rid of all the croneyism, and let's have one single rate, 14 . 14.5% for business and 14.5% for business. the one thing we do different, we get rid of the pay roll tax. you'll get $2,000 more in your
7:41 pm
paycheck. >> like rubio, high marks. >> rand paul on economic policy connects with the anti-government, anti-washington pro taxpayer. all that negativity is coming from foreign policy. the senator has to realize that if he wants to be successful. >> good advice. all right, mike huckabee. they really went after him for being too religious. i was a little surprised by this. let's roll the focus group. >> his religious views may turn off half the country. i think he's too religious. >> i agree with that. i think there needs to be a separation of politics and re relidge sgln you need someone with a strong moral campus in the white house. >> strong huckabee is a strong moral compass? >> moral compass is fine that doesn't have to do with religious beliefs. moral is one thing.
7:42 pm
re religion is another. >> most of the republicans have a moral compass but they don't have to be shoving it down our throats. he could be -- >> yeah, i don't get into it as -- >> just because he speaks his mind about faith. i don't think so. everything lets trump gets away with something he wants to say. the minute somebody says jesus christ without be angry everybody gets in an uproar. >> it's not about that. we should be talking about the substance of the debate. i don't know where huckabee stands. >> i am a christian, i do like mike huckabee as a person. i don't think he's electable. >> frank, did you ask that specific question or did that come up? >> they brought it up themselves. i want -- let's be sophisticated here. iowa voters want someone with strong moral values. new hampshire voters are more economically based. what allows you to win in iowa
7:43 pm
hurts you in new hampshire. huckabee is doing much better in iowa. he's behind in new hampshire because of the moral issues. see you tomorrow night. the fbi is looking into the security of hillary clinton's private server. so is there any chance she could be well investigated and put in jail? ed henry has a full report. we'll ask judge andrew napolitano what he thinks next. why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical
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♪ welcome back. the fbi is looking into the security of the private e-mail server that hillary clinton used during her tenure as secretary of state. the investigation comes after government watch dogs raised red flags about classified material possibly being shared on her server. >> when your team has to stress technically you're not under criminal allegation as hillary clinton's allies did, your campaign is in turbulence. fox has confirmed the fbi has launched an investigation into her server. that includes contact with a tech company that helped manage it t. she's not the target of a probe. similar to last week when it was released when two inspector generals say there may be hundreds of e-mails in her server. the server was set up by
7:49 pm
clinton. she will face political fallout by promises she made that turned out not to be true. that has impacted the poll numbers. you can see in new hampshire, there's a poll that suggests that bernie sanders is six points down in that first primary state. the pollster is suggesting it's a tie. clinton advisors say they think the poll shows that sanders is leveling off and in the end they'll win the nomination. >> thanks ed. joining me now our friend judge andrew napolitano. two inspectors generals not one. recommend this investigation. does the fbi do non-criminal skregz investigation? >> no they investigate potential crimes or potential exposure for national security. which may be just exactly what mrs. clinton did by transferring and moving classified information through a
7:50 pm
non-classified venue. that's a felony. for each piece of information she passed through. >> okay if you look at how this entire server e-mail system was set up was it designed purposely to avoid congressional investigations and subpoenas? wasn't she thinking that far ahead? >> i think she was thinking about history, i think she wanted to whitewash part of her tenure as secretary of state. something the statutes were written to prevent her from doing. >> she denied there were classified documents on her e mail server. >> she cannot deny that any longer. >> they saw four. is that a violation? >> it is but worse than that. i saw e mails that been revealed of the freedom of information
7:51 pm
act. she's discussing location of french fighter jets during nato bombardment of libya. how big the no-fly zone is why the no-fly zones are, and are you ready for this? the location of ambassador stevens who was of course murdered in libya. if she didn't think that is classified she has no business being in public office. >> we're told she deleted 30,000 e mails, then the server was destroyed. does that raise question of obstruction of justice? >> it depends on who destroyed it. but the time line is is what comes out. and they belong to the
7:52 pm
government. they don't belong to her. he is not authorized to possess thachl documents belong to the federal government. b, we know there are documents that appear classified. he lacks classified security clearance. >> do you mean the person that put that server up as little experience in terms of cyber security? >> correct. >> what are the odds that they can get into that e mail? >> we know that she e mails with mr. blumenthal more than anyone else and he had his e mails hacked. >> compare this to the david petraeus case. >> general petraeus was indicted for securing in an unlocked
7:53 pm
drawer in the desk of his house, confidential materials. >> he went to jail and paid a massive fine. >> correct. >> and the victim of an fbi raid purse unite to a search warrant. that is what agents of the team have had to have. >> you think you learned on a fox news alert that hillary's phone had been raided? >> i think she -- >> if i did this would you, i need a case with a file in it. right? >> yes. >> any judge -- >> sean any judge on the basis of the evidence discuss woulded have signed a search warrant. if the fbi came to that judge with an application. >> do you think odds are she's going to get caught? there are too many moving pieces here. >> it's interesting. i know you interviewed the
7:54 pm
donald on the show today. and he predicted she's going to get caught? >> you're right. . >> i may go to russia and have a discussion with vladimir and offer him money for the server because he probably has it. coming up tonight's big question of the day is next. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new, or worsening depression or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision.
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♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. welcome back to "hannity". what do you think will win tomorrow night's big debate? let us know what you think. before we go tune in right after the debate. we'll be broadcasting live from cleveland. we have several candidates and will be doing it from the spin room including donald trump and ted cruz and scott walker and many others. they'll be joining us midnight
8:00 pm
tomorrow, don't go to sleep. don't forget. set your dvr so you never miss an episode because we miss you when you're not here thanks for joining us. see you here tomorrow night. " good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's a fact that the clintons especially hillary, are very guarded. very secretive people. this has erupted into multiple controversies including the email scandal. >> and now the fbi says it will begin a probe to see if hillary clinton violated any national security obligations also bad news for mrs. clinton tipping in the polls. >> obamacare is really, i think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. >> how on earth will ben carson break through in the big debate tomorrow night? dr. carson will be here to tell us.


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